Step Daddy Season

step dad crap 2

It’s step daddy season. Yeah!

She’s on a hunt for a step father!

The simps and the beta males have taken over. I repeat the simps and the beta males have taken over. They are all over and there is nothing that we can do about it. Everyone knows that the beta males are is in an emotional wreck but the Simp Super League is evolving very quickly with the number of simps around attacking SYSBM. The simps and the SYSBM are battling back and forth because these simps are angry that SYSBM will not be in a relationship or marry these ghetto ratchet hoodrats. But anyway, it’s still Simptember and we have this dangerous harlot Brittany Renner who is looking for a step daddy.

What is step daddy season? It’s a season when a woman who is a single mother is looking for a man that will take care of her children. When it comes to these single mothers right, they are looking for a man especially a good black man to look after children which it doesn’t belong to them and these ratchet women are looking for men that are highly successful. But the thing is that these single mothers are goanna have a very time looking for a like that because that a man who successful will not choose a single mother. Because he will never in a million years will take care of a next man’s responsibility.


Oh really!?

When a childless man especially a black one say that he will not be with a woman with children, these single mothers will go flip mode and come after him. They will look at him as a villain because he doesn’t wanna be with a woman with children. And also, these simps will be attacking him as well defending their honour. I have seen this fuckery time and time again with these simps, captain save a hoes, pro wanks, ghetto soy boys and oil of olay men siding with these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles coming after black men most of the time because there are some black men will not deal with these wretched women.

As the good black man says no to single mothers, the simps who are thirsty will try to get these single mothers and be in a relationship or marry them. These simps will do the Russell Wilson method and marry these women quicker then any one can blink. These simps are hunting for these women who have children so they can live off her and not taking care of her financially. But these scraggle daggles don’t wanna be with these simps. They just use them as enforcers, henchmen and goons when black men talk about their wretchedness. They want no simp!

There are so many woman with children are looking for a step daddy. These single mothers are on the prowl for a man that can take care of their children but they will end up empty handed because there are men that will not take care of another man’s foundation and the thugs and the bad boys like Weed Man Jake, Machete Man Briggy, Ruff Cut Larry, Rapid Fire Rasta and Fuck All Night Fred. They goanna end up with the simps and that will be a huge doom for them. Or they say single for the rest of their lives.

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Simp Super League

As we know that we are in the month Simptember. People who was born in September, I’m really sorry. I have done a article called Simptember when I explain about the simps coming out this mouth simping. And also, these simps are coming after SYSBM for the love and affection for these ghetto ratchet hoodrat that don’t want them. The simps have declared war on SYSBM all because that SYSBM rather date a non black woman then be with a ghetto scraggly that these simps try to get with. We have more and more simps coming out of the wood works and more is goanna come. Trust me people, I know. And they are coming after black men who are with non black women. Ladies and gentleman, there is a league that has a smorgasboard of simps. And what is the league called you may ask Money Cultural? It called the Simp Super League. Please don’t laugh!

You must be wondering what is the Simp Super League? You know the defunct European Super League? It’s just like that but there are nothing but simps, captain save a hoes, pro wanks, ghetto soy boys and oil of olay men there. And they are celebrating the month of Simptember because it is the month that they come and celebrate. And they are celebrating the love and affection they have for these ghetto ratchet scarggle daggles that thinking black men talk about because of their they’re bad behaviour. And as these simps hear that thinking black men or SYSBM talk about their ratchet queens that they worship 24/7, they will come after them and go to war with them.

Right, who is in the Simp Super League? It’s obviously the usual suspects from Dr. Foolmar Johnson, Bareback Founatain, Woke Poofgressive 2.0, Swag Boy 360, C Boogie Productions, Shawn James, Derrick Jaxn, Pastor Papi Don, Dr Spencer Holdman and Garage Autonomist. And SYSBM are prepared to take then on and give them some good logic but the thing is these simps will come back at them emotionally. Since SYSBM was formed by Mad Bus Driver X which the simps are coming after him on a very frequent basis, there has been a never ending war between the simps and SYSBM.

If these simps ever comes after Mad Bus Driver X, Verbs2016, King Sigma, Sigma Jones, The Straight Shooter, Morphious Tiberius, GW3, SKC Communitah Anthropologist, Quincy82 and Money Cultural, they will not stand a chance. When thinking black men are giving them nothing but logic, they will not listen until they get hurt but the ghetto scarggle daggles that they are defending. And they are just siding with these ratchet women just to get some punany. It just an tactic they use just to get some cilt. But the scraggle daggles are giving the pum pum to Machete Man Briggy, Mickey 50 Caliber, Rum Head Frasier, Rapid Fire Rasta and Weed Man Jake. These scraggs will only open their legs and give the coochie to these thugs that they desire.

The Simp Super League will not be defunct like the European Super League as we are seeing more and more simps coming around the corner. When I talk about these simps, I get feisty with them because they are not hearing what I’m saying. These don’t hear what I’m saying when I’m chatting to them. In 2013, I have seen simps like Monty Woodgrain, Bone Picker, Clifton Rainey, Tyrone Thompson and all of the other simps in the past, but now people we have simps like Bareback Fountain, Foolmar Johnson, Woke Poofgressive 2.0 and Shawn James in the league of the simps. Lord help us, please!

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The people who was born in September, I’m so sorry. Simptember, the month when the simps come out and celebrate. I’m really sorry!


Damaged Goods

jhonni blaze 2

black woman emotional

Bareback Fountain is YouTube number stalker. He’s earned it now. He has been stalking other men and having their video clips on his channel. He’s even have video clips of me on his channel as well. The man has been stalking me constantly until I found out why. The reason why the man is stalking me and other dudes online or showing this weird behaviour is because of what happened to him in his childhood when he was beaten up by his mother. So that is the reason why he’s doing this stalking online. When black men talk about their mothers, they talk about the abuse they went through. But what about the women?

The high heels come off and she goes off to attack!

Jhonni Blaze is a former stripper and prostitute who is now a singer. She’s very, very talented. She can really sing. She’s got a good voice but that’s not the case here. We all know that Jhonni Blaze has a ratchet side. We have seen her arguing and fighting. Go and look at the reality show Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta when you see her kicking off. Tommy Sotomayor did a video about Jhonni Blaze having a miscarriage while she was on stage twerking which to be honest, that wasn’t true. Both made a video of each other. She made a rant video and then he came back with an ether video. But I found something really tragic happened to her. And that is when she was molested by her step father when she was young.

First this, guys!

And then this!

Alright, time to get serious now.

At the age of 13 years old, Jhonni Blaze was molested by her step father. When she told her mother about him raping her, her mother didn’t believe her. So her mother send her away to like a teenage insane asylum because the mother feel like she acting crazy. When Jhonni came out, her mother says that she has two choices. She can stay with her or she can live with her father. Yo, Blaze just left the mother. And the thing is that her mother sides with her step husband. Her mother and her husband are now divorced and Jhonni Blaze pay for it. Jhonni, why you pay for the divorce? The motherfucker can pay the thing himself.

As I was watching a video from Pink Book Lessons called Toxic Mothers Never Take Accountability for their Role in their Daughter’s Depression, I was always thinking that “They never take accountability on anything. They never do!” And this is the reason why we have so many black girls are just damaged goods. Because their mother are also damaged goods, you get me? Not only black men have been through physical abuse by their mothers, but their daughters go through hell with their mothers from beating them and posting it online letting the whole world to see or they will side with the man and don’t care with their daughters.

As you see these young black girls, we have seen them fighting other girls in gas stations, raves, night clubs, shopping malls, in buses and trains, everywhere. And you know which homes they come from? Yep, single mother households. These toxic mothers in the so called black community, they will damage their daughters. Sometimes we see these mothers showing envy towards their daughters because their mothers have hit the wall and they see their daughters growing up to be a beautiful woman. So the envy these mothers have on their daughters will come in a flash.

We all know that Jhonni Blaze can be very toxic. Yes, I agree on that. But the reason for that is her mother is a toxic woman as well. And her mother let this man move in with her probably not helping her paying the bills, rent/mortgage and living off her siding with him when Jhonni Blaze. I do have a toxic mother and when we argue, the arguments are loud and furious. Pure narc I got here. I do feel sorry for this lady. No doubt about it. Even though she had a traumatic childhood, when through human trafficking and drinking, I hope everything turns out good for her now and her music career turns out good as well.

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jhonni blaze

I understand that Jhonni Blaze can be ratchet, aggressive and vicious but she has gone through a lot. I hope she does well in music career but she needs a healing like everyone else who has been hurt, especially by the person who share the same blood as you.


Bareback Fountain And His Abusive Mother


Remember this people?

There is a simp that is going in on SYSBM. The man is attacking the lifestyle Mad Bus Driver has created in 2012. The simp name is SWAG BOY 360 who is another simp who is on the relentless attack on SYSBM and Mad Bus Driver X. Hey star, you might as well change his name SIMP BOY 360 because the boy did a 360 turn went into simp mode, you get me? The guys on YouTube say that they’ll be no more simping in 2021. Hey, there is goanna be more and more simps going on the attack on SYSBM. Dr. Foolmar Johnson, Shawn James, Woke Poofgressive and have declared war on SYSBM. And there’s another guy who is on the prowl on SYSBM as well.

There’s a stalker I know on YouTube. His name is Bareback Fountain and he is known as Expose The Monosphere. Originally he’s Aaron Fountain but there is a reason I call him Bareback Fountain. When saw the videos of his channel, I have seen clips of YouTubers who are MGTOW, IBMOR and even SYSBM. He’s even stalked me on frequent occasions on YouTube as he has clips on me on his channel. And I have done numerous videos about him stalking me. It is so weird that a grown man who will stalk another man on YouTube and other social media outlets. Bareback Fountain is coming after SYSBM just like the simps because the SYSBM crew will not be in a relationship or marry the scraggle daggles that him and the other simps are defending.

You guys must be wondering why the hell is a grown man is stalking another man? Even I was thinking “Bomba claat, why him ah stalk me pan the internet?” Yo people, I was getting irritated because the guy is a complete nuisance! Every time I make a video about SYSBM, the man is stalking me. I even told my friend who live up at Kingsbury, North West London that the fool is stalking me. I said “Fucking hell, him a stalk me so? Mi rass claat!” When I see him stalking me, Mad Bus Driver X, King Sigma, Verbs2016, Quincy 82 and all of the others, I started to wonder why is the man stalking me and other men. Then I found the answer.

Right, I heard that when he was a young boy, he was physically abused by his mother. His mother use to beat him when he was a child. He didn’t grow up with a father, he’s father must of left him when he was a child but he was beaten up by his mother when he was a child. You see there are a lot of black men who has been beaten up by their mothers when they were children. And not only physical abuse but mental abuse, verbal, even sexual abuse also. And when you look at it, when some black boys grow up to be men, they physically abuse their wives or girlfriends. Legendary rapper and producer Dr. Dre is a prime example of this. He use to get beat by his mother and the result of that, he use to beat down R&B singer Michel’le.

When I was little boy, I use to get the belt from my mother all the time. Not only the belt, I got the slippers, the bare hand, yep people, you name it. But when I was a teenager, I use to have the worse attitude and I mean the worse. I use to yell at my mum, I even you use to swear at the woman. That’s how bad it was. It was just some rebellion thing I was going through but not the drinking or smoking type. The sexual part, well I talk about that some other time. When it comes to black men and their mothers, they will talk about the bad experiences that they have been though and sometimes it’s physical abuse.

And when it comes to this individual Bareback Fountain, you must be wondering why is he doing this on the YouTube platform. And this is stalking other people, mostly men. This is nothing but narcissism with this fella stalking another man. And SYSBM is wondering is this guy homosexual because of him stalking other men on YouTube and dick policing other men, mostly black men. I’m not talking about gay men, lesbians and bisexuals but it really makes you think. And people say that he had an Asian girlfriend. Oh no, no! The man is gay! If someone is living a homosexual lifestyle then that’s fine. He can live is own life but Bareback Fountain seems gay. Me and my friend was talking about this when we was on the train heading Liverpool Street Station on one one weekend about him stalking other men on Youtube.

There is no argument here with SYSBM, Bareback Fountain and the other simps. These simps are coming after SYSBM because there is no way that they will be with a scraggle daggle that is for the roads. With Bareback Fountain stalking other men on the internet, SYSBM is goanna wonder about his sexual orientation. The man need therapy because he needs to talk to someone about the abuse he suffered when he was a child. When you look at these simps that are coming after thinking black men, they must have been through abuse from their mothers when they were children. And the worse thing about it is that these simps worship them.

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Bareback Fountain needs nothing but help. He need to see someone about his childhood. But the thing this that he will not he will not go and seek help. Instead he will continue to stalk other men on YouTube.


Situations That Will Happen To The Simp


There are two situations here guys!

The simp calls his scraggle daggle who he worships dearly. The scraggle daggle answers the phone. She says “Hello?” The simps says that it him on the other line. They both talk on the phone, just a normal conversation. The simp doesn’t know that his scraggly is on top of the local Rum Smuggler Don while he unbuttons her shirt and starts squeezing her breasts. The simp is continues to talk to the love of his life while the scragg is riding Rum Smuggler Don. He asks her to come over and she says no, she’s tired from work and she needs to rest. She starts licking her lips to Rum Smuggler Don. She’s riding him, trying not to moan because if she does, the simp will be expecting her that she is getting the pipe. After she finishes talking to him, she kisses Rum Smuggler Don and continues to ride him slow.

And the other situation, err — well!

50 2

There is a scraggly who is at the bar and restaurant in Leagrave, Luton. The simp who is living off her is talking to his friends. She is sitting by herself at the bar drinking red label wine. Here is a man with pure seduction walk towards her and I mean pure, raw seduction. He starts chirping her up whispering sweetness in her ear, making shake like a leaf. The simp sees him talking to his scraggle daggle and shows a huge amount of jealousy. After the seducer finish whispering in her ear and feeling up between her legs, she goes off with him. The simp gets up in complete anger but his friends stop him. The lips of the simp begin to tremble like he’s goanna cry because he’s nothing but heartbroken to see his scraggly going off with another man. Later in her bedroom, the scraggly and the seducer are naked having slow raw sex on the bed. The simp peeps through the window while it’s raining heavy and sees them having sex. He goes down his knees and starts to cry.

These simps are goanna cry themselves a river!

black man crying 2

I don’t know if these types of events happen with the simp and the scraggle daggle but I know that these things do happen to the simp when the scraggle is getting dick down by the ruff neck men that could satisfy her. As these simps come after SYSBM because there is no way that the SYSBM will date these scragglies. The simps are getting their hearts destroyed because their scraggly queens are on opening their legs to the unproductive men that the scraggle daggles desire. These scraggle daggles don’t have any respect for these simps who are living off these women and not helping her paying the bills, the mortgage or rent and so on. The only thing the simp is good for is to come after SYSBM and take care of children which don’t belong to them.

What is the reward for these simps defending these wretched women when thinking black men talks about the ratchetness of black women? A broken heart more likely. A simp could just walk into the bedroom and he sees Machete Man Briggy on top of his scraggly love and cumming inside her punany. And the worse thing about it that the simp can’t do anything about it. But the thing is that the simp will still stay with his scragg just to live off her. But she needs the simps to be her enforcer/henchmen just to come after thinking black men when talk about the bad behaviours of these scarggs that these simps love and honour.  But these scarggle daggles don’t love and honour these simps at all. Na blud!

This month is Simptember. That means that the simps are coming out and start simping. And these simps are attacking SYSBM relentlessly just for the ghetto ratchet hoodrats, the harlots, harridans, scraggle daggles and the hood harriets. This is the month for the simps to please these scraggs just to get some punany as their reward but all they get is heartache and pain as they get played by these ghetto ratchet hoodrats when they give the pum pum to Scruffy, Dreadlock Tankera, Long Cocky Bobby, Six Shot Eric, Bernard 12 Gauge and Street Man Ratty. That’s the men they want, that’s the men they need and that’s the men they desire. Them thugstas will give them the good fuck you get me? These scraggle daggles don’t want a simp like what we are seeing on these social media outlets.

There was a YouTube video from Tommy Sotomayor and he was talking about a hoodrat that had three dudes in the living room. She was sitting down on a cow girl position and the dude was on the couch ramming away while she was on the phone talking to her simp on the phone. And the other two was waiting to get their turn to drill her out. These simps should know that these scraggs don’t wanna be with them because these scarggle daggles love the thugs more then these simps that they keep defending. I know that the good black man don’t have a chance with the scraggle daggle but when he sees the way they act, he will walk away from them in a heartbeat but these simps are getting their hearts broken when they see another man mainly a thug will pipe down these scraggs.

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This is to any simp out there. If you have a scarggle daggle right, and she’s getting the pipe from the thugs she prefers, bruh! What do you expect?

black man crying

It’s all goanna end up in tears!


The black colour reminds me of the simps

black strip

Last month, Jamaica has celebrated 59years of independence and the United States embassy decided to celebrate Jamaican independence is to raise the LGBTQ flag outside the embassy. The Jamaican people were in complete outrage because of religious reasons and the affect that will bring into the Jamaican culture. Right, I don’t have an issue with a man or a woman who likes the same sex but this is Jamaica. They are not with the LGBTQ movement. And the US embassy had the courage to do that? Not a smart move.

The Jamaicans was in rage when they saw the rainbow flag. Skittles, taste the rainbow? No thank you. I’m not eating it anymore.

And also, teachers wanna teach LGBTQ relationships to children. That is something for the adults. It’s not for the children. When this came about, the parents didn’t take their children to school because the teachers wanna teach the children about same sex relationships including homosexual marriage. And I heard now that there is a new colour on the LGBTQ flag. It’s black and brown. If it is the colour of black men being homosexuals, you know who they remind me off? These dick police who want to know where black men are putting their penis in.

Everybody knows that there is a huge war between SYSBM and the simps. Because SYSBM will not even think to be with a black women who is ratchet like our mothers and that is understandable. There is no way that a black man wants a woman who acts like their mothers, aunts, grandmothers, older female siblings and female cousins. So they decide to date a non black woman instead, marry her and have children with her. And when these simps see that, they go into fury just like the women that raise them and come after SYSBM for not being in relationships or marry with these women that these simps worship all the time.

These simps are coming after SYSBM more then ever now but SYSBM are willing to defend themselves when these black fruits come after them. Yes people, they are black fruits. This is nothing but a never ending battle between SYSBM and the simps. Because there are simps like Bareback Fountain, Woke Poofgressive, nizzotheartist, Shawn James, SWAG BOY 360 and Dr Foolmar Johnson who are coming after men like the founder of SYSBM Mad Bus Driver, Verbs2015, Quincy 82, The Straight Shooter, Me known as Money Cultural and all of the others black men who goes back and forth with these simps that they keep defending these scraggs.

I heard that Bareback Fountain was in a relationship with a Asian woman a long time ago. Verbs did an article about. Let me tell you something guys. The guy is gay. I repeat, they guy is gay. There is not man will stalk other men on YouTube. And Bareback says that he was raised with a father in his life. There is no fucking way that a father let his son stalk other men on the internet. Bareback Fountain use to stalk me all the time on YouTube. I was like “This blood claat is narcissistic. I have never seen anyone like this before in my life!”

This war between SYSBM and the simps will continue as there are goanna be more and more simps have been developed and come after SYSBM. And they are coming in a huge group as well. I know that these simps will not come after black women who are with non black men because of black women will be outraged and take down the simps in a heartbeat but these simp dudes are willing and committed to come after black men who are with non black women. Yeesh! When a black man like a simp wants to know where another black men is pushing his penis, you must be wondering about his sexual orientation.

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With the simps coming together and defending these ghetto ratchet hoodrat, they will try to get their reward and that is getting some clit from them but these scraggle daggles don’t want these simps. They will be opening their legs 357 Jimmy, Machete Man Briggy, Rum Head Fraiser, Big Dick Rodney, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta.


There’s No Argument Here

two black men arguing

Errr, there’s not argument here. There is really not argument here. When these simps come after SYSBM and begin an argument on the table, they are arguing with them with emotions. And when SYSBM argues with them now, they come with logic. And the logic is that the scraggle daggles that these simps are defending are the women that SYSBM refuse to date, marry and have children with. Because these ghetto ratchet hoodrats, they bring nothing but dysfunctional behaviour on the table and nothing else. And when SYSBM and even MGTOW talks about the ratchetness of black women, that’s when the simps come after them.

When thinking black men, SYSBM, MGTOW and IBMOR talk to these simps, the simps will not listen to them. The simps, captain save a hoes, pro wanks, ghetto soy boys and the oil of olay men are just doing nothing but defending these ghetto ratchet hoodrats when thinking black men talk about the scraggs of the ghetto. But also, when these scarggle daggles can’t defend themselves, they will send the simps as henchmen to defend their honour. And when the simps do that now, they put themselves in the slaughter house because they will get slaughtered by SYSBM.

When SYSBM takes on the simps, they are willing to defend themselves. SYSBM won’t go down easy and they always succeed when they take on the simps. The simps should know that they will get devoured when they take on SYSBM. So I really don’t know why they will come to a SYSBM platform just to start an argument. They are coming after something which is nothing but harmless. They see that SYSBM is doing so well and these are just not happy at all seeing black men with non black women. But they do nothing and say anything when black women are with non black men.

When it comes to these simps, they wanna know where black men are pushing their private parts in. It’s called Dick policing. It’s when a man, especially a black man wants to know where another is pushing his penis in. Listen here, this is nothing but a homosexual characteristic these beta males including these simps have developed. There was a YouTuber named Woke Progressive 2.0 and he was going against black men who are in interracial relationships/marriage. Then, he confessed that he’s homosexual. It took YouTube by fucking storm. When everyone heard that this pro black simps came out as a fruity dude, it hit YouTube like a hurricane. It was a very big thing, my goodness. that is the reason why I called him Woke Poofgressive.

As these simps are defending these scraggle daggles, they are looking for their reward. And that is to get some coochie from these scraggle daggles. But there is no way that they will get punany from these scraggs. These scragglies are just giving the pum pum to the thugs, worthless men, hopeless men and the unproductive men like 357 Jimmy, Full Auto Mark, Rizly Dizly, Machete Man Briggy, Knife Man Priest, Rum Smuggler Don, Whiskey Baron Tony, Rapid Fire Rasta and Weed Man Jake. The simps who are trying to get the clit from these scraggs. They don’t have a chance to get between their legs. These simps can’t score with these women.

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The simps don’t have an argument in this one. And they still come back to attack SYSBM.


Art Of Deception


Brittany Renner (20)

This woman is so correct. And the guy is a clown. How can this simps say that if the average Joe don’t fly a woman out on a vacation, that means his poor? That’s what he means? Most of the time, the average person is making average money. They are not making £50,000 or £100,000 a year. The average man can’t fly any woman out while he’s paying the bills, the mortgage/rent. So, she’s spot on. Average people do average things. And you sees simps like him. They don’t pay the rent, mortgage, bills and so on. Because they are living off the scarggle daggles that they are defending all the time. And these scrags prefer the thugs more then the simps. But with this one here, there is a art which women can master better then men and it deception.

Brittany Renner is an Instagram model who has divorced her husband PJ Washington who is a basketball player for the Charlotte Hornets. He has to pay $200,000 per month on child support. Good grief that is that is £144,194 in British sterling. Most of the time, Brittney deals with men with money like rappers and athletes. She was asked of what is her body count and she said it was 24 and most of them are men with money. And it doesn’t fade her at all in other words it doesn’t bother her. But what bothers me that not only she is not let PJ see his son but she hasn’t regretted using him. So in other words, she was planning this.

I have seen this time and time again of women getting breed up just to get a check every single month for the next 18 years. Or more then that if they have more then one child. She’s a prime example of what I talk about but the thing that really terrifies me that she doesn’t regret using him. She was there for the money and she got the bag, successfully. She literally got the bag. Well, she can get a Birkin Bag and one of them cost about £20,000 or more. And she can get other things as well that cost a bundle with that child support money.

What’s the body count?

Brittany Renner (19)

There is an art of deception and women know how to deceive a man with ease. She can use him if the man has money, lots of money. If she sees a man who does a nine to five job and makes about £300 a week, she can’t use him or manipulate him. But if she sees an athlete or a rapper, then she will pull that magic trick and that is seduction. Now, I don’t mind if a woman is seductive. I don’t mind if a woman comes towards me with that seductive manner and bring that sexiness to me, oh yeah! But the thing is that when a man has lots of money as an athlete does, there is goanna be a woman that will try to use him. And that was her.

PJ Washington should have seen the red flags. But thing is that he didn’t see that the red flag waving in front of his face because of that big booty what that seductive manipulator had. And as he saw the booty that harlot has, she had a chance to trap him, with child support. When it comes to seduction to women, it’s nothing but manipulation. And most of the time gold diggers are doing that fuckery. They won’t use a man that doesn’t have money like a rapper or an athlete. She won’t go for that but she will go for a man that has tones of money. That is not a hard target for her. And what this Brittney saw was an easy target to use PJ Washington.

She is 29 and he’s now 23 and they both got married. I think she knew that this young dude has money and she knew how to trap the young man for his money and that is opening up her legs and let him nut in her. That was her plan. That was her strategy. My question is this. Why did got married at a young age and he’s at his prime playing basketball? He was too young to get married. He should off waited first until he got older. With the dough that he makes a year, he shouldn’t put a ring on a woman’s finger. He’s not really for that step. A man with money should even think about marriage at a young age or marriage at all. He should be a player having one girl to another or in Jamaican, a gyaliss!

Yo yute, what’s your doing?

Hoping this ain’t true

From one basketball player to another. LaMelo Ball’s IG model girlfriend Ana Montana said that she is pregnant with his baby. She’s 32 years old and LaMelo turned 20 on August this year. The thing is this. Why did he breed up the 32 IG model for? The women get breed up by him just to get his money and she’s goanna put him on child support and he has to pay a whole leap of money every single mother because she put him on the dreaded child support. Why these athletes and these rappers are dating these Instagram models and breeding them? That is a dangerous thing these basketball players are doing. And these rappers too. His father LaVar Ball warned his sons about these thots but it seems like they are not listening to their father for some reason.

There are YouTubers say that it’s his fault for not seeing the dangers of this femme fatale. They are may have been some men that warned him not to deal with a woman like her. And now he’s suffering the consequences of being with her or marry her. He’s paying $2,400,000 a year on child support until his son becomes 18 years old. I have told men, especially black men most of the time that to not deal women like Brittney Renner. Now, I’m not telling them anymore because they will not listen to Money Cultural, you get me star!

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You see I have no issues of these Instagram models. I do follow some of them and some of them have the big booties especially the white ones. But if a man what’s a woman, he can’t choose a woman who is a Instagram model. Some of them are gold diggers, thots, has slept around and so on.


This Brittany Renner chick is a woman I don’t deal with. Yeah, she’s a biracial, she’s got curves and a big butt which I don’t mind at all but PJ Washington should off looked at the danger signs when he saw her.


Simps Going For Single Mothers

super simp

Is it a bird or a plane? Na, that’s super simp! Man come save the day!

We are seeing a lot of single mothers who are chasing childless men, especially childless black men. But the thing this right, when a black man with no children says that he will not date a single mother regardless of the colour, the scraggle daggles will come after him calling him names because there is no way that he wants to be the clean up man. But you know who want to be the clean up man? The simps that wants to live off these women. But I hope everyone had a good bank holiday Monday. There was no Notting Hill Carnival this year. There was no carnival last year as well. Oh, in 2013 I was at the carnival and saw this baby mother wearing a bikini and she was pregnant. People must be wondering why a pregnant woman is wearing a bikini at the carnival but everyone was enjoying themselves that time anyway.

Here she is in 2013. Hope her and the child is doing well though.


I was watching this incredibly shocking video on You Tube of this ghetto ratchet woman saying that men that don’t date single mothers are narcissistic. I swear to the most high, I’m not making this up. When I saw the video, I went “What the blood claat!” The scraggle daggle is saying that a man is narcissistic when he says that he don’t want a woman that is a single mother? Woman, get real, star! The fuck!? I don’t mind seeing black men in relationships with black women, but it seems like the scraggs that a black relationship is when a man takes care of a readymade family. I really don’t understand why these single mothers go for a man that has children. They have the same thing in common and that is that they have children.

As the simps out there, they are going for these single mothers. It doesn’t matter if the woman has two, three, four, or even ten children, they are going for them. There is a Tik Tok video of a childless 27 year old man who is in a relationship with a woman with three kids. I think the woman is might be older then he is. People say that simps don’t provide for the women. They just live off them which is true. These simps do live off these scraggs as these women get a lot of money from the government, getting an apartment or flat easy and so on but this guy is going to work and providing for children which are not his. That man is doing the Russell Wilson. This woman will not give him children because she rather have children with the worthless dudes she prefers. So the simp has to breed elsewhere and she can’t say anything about that, you get me?

single mother

I think the guys on YouTube feels like like the single motherhood is up on an all time high and it might be. The reason for that is because of these simps that are choosing these women that has children. They are also siding with them as well. And the fathers of the children, they’re not interested of being in their children’s lives. And what is scary to me and everyone else that these simp dudes want us to take care of women that have children and marry them. That’s what Dr Foolmar Johnson said. And as we say no to that, that’s when these simps go to war with thinking black men because there is way that a man wants to be in a relationship or settle down with a scragg that has made the wrong decision to have children with the wrong man. And sometimes, it’s more then one.


I know that black men are finished. But as I look at it, black men has been finished long time ago. With them killing each other, putting down one another, being envious to each other and so on. And we can add black men dating single mothers as well. And it seems like black men will choose a single mother no matter what colour she is. I have something to say about white single mothers dating black men. Not all of them are like this but let me explain anyway. When a white woman says that she don’t date black men, when she become single mothers now, then that’s when starts dating black men. Dr Foolmar Johnson is waiting on the cue. I’m with interracial dating. I’m with the SYSBM and big them up SYSBM, one love to them but no single mothers no matter what colour they are. Not even the SYSBM don’t date single mothers. Hell no to that.

And speaking about SYSBM, a childless black man may have to date a non black women with the huge amount of black single mothers. In America, almost 80 per cent of black women are single mothers. Britain is almost half that, so a black man with no children may have to date a woman outside his race, marry her and have children with the non black woman. And that is fine, nobody can’t say nothing about that. I have no issue with that, expect the simps though. These simps are dick policing black men because they wanna know about where black men are putting their penis in. Oh no, not me. No dick police here.

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Right, if a woman says to me that I’m narcissistic because I will not date a single mother, I will say:

im sorry bitch


Black Women Do It Too

black woman with dog

Right, when you see some black women do something ratchet, they always say that white women do it too. They always say that just to hide their guilt. They will say that white women do this; white women do that as and so on and so on and so on. But when it comes to sex with animals, they say that white women make the dog have sex with them. But we do see black women engaging into the bestiality stuff. But hope everyone is having a good bank holiday Monday. Unfortunately there is no carnival this year up at Ladbroke Grove because of the covid 19. It would of been it’s 55th year. Hey they call the pandemic the “plandemic” because this was a plan to destroy the economy with these lockdowns. The government haves an huge issue with the British economy. Crazy!

I was reading an article from Slaying Evil. Really good website. I was reading an article he has written called This Is Your Queen? White Women Do It Too Right? And there is a video of a dog humping the black woman. And there is a black woman who recording the humping was laughing her head off. You should never people the internet, oh boy. And black people, well some say that white women have sex with dogs. Right, the scraggle daggle black woman do engage into the bestiality thing, you get me? There is proof. Go type up “black woman’s bestiality” and you see what black women doing with the animals. Oh wow! The link is below people:

I’m really not surprised of what the scraggle daggles are up to most of the time with them getting breed off by thugs that they lust after like 357 Jimmy, Rizly Dizly, Cell Block Scrappy, Street Mice, Six Shooter Derrick and Ruff Cut Larry. And they do go after the beta male Bottom Shelf Brad but they do engage into bestiality also. When I type black women’s bestiality, oh fuck! I saw all the clips of black women having sex with the animals. I just have to close the page because it was so shocking to see them things. It looks they were watching the legendary underground film Animal Farm.

Why do black women say that white women do it too? Well, they are white women that do have sex with the animals that barks, has four legs and tail. And not that, they have sex with other animals as well. But they thing is right, we know that black women do have sexual adventures with animals. Go on the internet if you want proof of black women getting dick down by animals. So they can’t say that they white women do it too while they engaging the same thing of what some white women are doing. Well, because they have a huge hatred towards the white woman because the white woman can grow her hair natural and black women have to spend 10 billion dollars every year just to by weave, just to look like their arch enemy.

It looks like bestiality is up on the rise especially with black men having sex with these animals. We have in Africa when a man in Kenya had sex with a cow; well he had sex with more then one cow. Then we have a man had sex with a hen. The man just fucked it to death. In the Caribbean, there is a mentally ill mad man from Port Antonio, Jamaica known as One a penny that has sex with cows. The stories of the man that specialize with cows, I goanna tell you about the man who is ramming off cow one cow to another. But when it comes to black women, they do go into bestiality as well. Yeah, the bestiality scraggle. They get down to it when it comes to the animals.

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Black women engage into bestiality, just as white women do!