What Do They Men By She Wants A Birkin Bag


“I want you buy me a Birkin bag!” What does she means she wants a Birkin bag? What does she mean but that? You know, we have more and more gold diggers around. When a woman say that she’s independent and so on in the early 2000’s, I was like great. She can take care of herself but as I see more and more gold digging harlots now, it seems like it’s a myth. As a black man, I have so many black women who are gold diggers and they are not afraid to show their gold digging behaviour on display but then they ended up with a broke man. So why these scraggly daggly women say that they want a man that will but them a Birkin bag? I know. It means that they want a man to use and to manipulate.

Every man and women knows that these gold diggers who belong to the streets are using these men with money and basically don’t wannabe be with these men. These gold diggers really not love these men but they are using them financially. That is the reason why the men in Jamaica are killing off their wives and girlfriends when they are getting used and having another man on the side. Listen, you don’t know what’s going down in Jamaica with the Jamaican man them executing the women like mad and they don’t give a fuck star! When I searching for Birkin bag on Yahoo, I saw the price of them bag. I was completely shocked when I saw the price of them bags. Some if them cost £15,000 right down to £20,000. That cost more then a Ford Fiesta ST. And there was one black birkin bag that cost £42,000.

Men need to stay on their guard at all times now because these shady gold diggers are ready and willing and I mean willing to use these men. If these men have any street knowledge of themselves they will what girl they shouldn’t be messing with and going near to. As a man from North West London, there are gold diggers there but the thing is that they cannot be treated like ladies or queens. The man them up Harlesden, Wembley, Neasden, Willesden and so on, they know that these girls from the ends are money grabbing scraggs that will use the man so what do they do? They drop them after they sex them.

When they see a gold digger, they treat them like she’s for the streets. They look at her like she’s for the roads and when they finish ramming her tunny, they leave her be. They don’t settle down with her and have children with her. Them type a women a man should not marry and have children with. What these scraggly gold diggers can do? They can’t cook, they can’t clean, they don’t give him punany when a man wants to fuck, she won’t give him love and affection so why any man that has any sense of being with a woman like that? Well, these simps wouldn’t mind being with these women but these women don’t like these simpeton type men who will not provide for them. They will not help them pay the mortgage/rent, light bill, gas bill, council tax and so on.

If you are a man that had plenty of money, have a nice house in Stanmore, has an La Ferrari, Porsche 911 Turbo, BMW M760Li and Mercedes Benz S65 AMG final edition parked in the drive way wear the nicest clothes and has the blingy jewellery on your wrist and neck, you have to be a player. You can’t be with one girl. You have to be gigolo, you get me? And if you get married, when you get divorced, the gold digging wife will take you to the cleaner known as the divorce court. And you will lose everything what you work for. When a man especially a black see gold digger, they shouldn’t even go near that. She’s for the roads blud! She’s not to be with. But there are simps who are willing to take care of these women who know the art of manipulation.


Why I Stay Away From The Homosphere — I Mean The Manosphere


homo flag

News just in. I don’t usually do this breaking news thing but still!

The Duke Of Edinburgh have died at the age of 99. Man lived a very long time and an interesting one. He was married to the queen for over 70 years. That is a very long time. Let me tell you something right. Marriages don’t last long nowadays especially black marriages. Well, people meet the wrong person and then they marry them and that man or woman shows their other side and they treat the person like shit. But RIP to Prince Phillip still. I saw some pictures of him at the Emirates Stadium, so he must be an Arsenal supporter. And in the Hip Hop world, rap legend DMX had died at age 50. He died from a heart attack he suffered which was triggered from an overdose. Let me tell you something. He’s music was raw. It was so rugged! Trust me people it was so raw. He was more hardcore then 2pac. Tupac Shakur was like, he was respecting the women until he went to prison. And then when he came out of jail, then he started to become mean to the woman. Him respecting women back fired but DMX was all in. His music was hair raising! I t was absolutely menacing. His music was frightening as duppy to blood claat. “What bitches want with a nigah!” We know what they want. They want a ruff neck man. They want a Ruff Cut Larry, 357 Jimmy, Cell Block Scrappy Man, Man Man, Corner Boy Ronny, Des The Drunk, Rum Smuggler Don and Fuck All Night Fred.

What these women really don’t want is a simp!

The second verse with the girls names. I think the nice guy has to be like that especially in North West London.

Now this thing, smh!

Right, why did I stay away from the manosphere? Why did I stay away from something which was manly, which is not. Right, the reason why I stay away from the manosphere is because the men, mostly black men keep on bringing these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles on their platforms and they get taken down by the same women. I really don’t know if that’s simping but I know that they always bring these women who are ghetto and ratchet. And another reason why I stay away from it because there is nothing but black men who are dick policing other black men because of their dating preferences and there are black men who are in the manosphere have homosexual and feminine characteristics. And you wonder why I call it the homosphere.

The homosphere — I mean them the manosphere is now a tone of rubble because black men bring these scarggle daggles to their platforms. They have been warned about this. They have been warned about this numerous time to not bring these mediocre women on their platforms, but they didn’t listen. Every simp thinks on YouTube that SYSBM is part of the manosphere. They are damn wrong on that shit. There is no way that SYSBM is part of the manosphere. And it’s impossible for these simps and these ghetto ratchet hoodrats to take down SYSBM.

There was the manosphere 1.0 and 2.0, both gone and if there is ever a 3.0, then that will get taken down by these scraggle daggles in an instant because these simp dudes will bring these ghetto harridans on their platforms. Look at these simps that were defending these ghetto ratchet women and ghetto harlots just turn on these simps. Look how many simps being turned by these ghetto scraggles. Thinking black men have told the simps over and over that not to defend these ghetto ratchet hoodrats and they seem not to listen. I have been telling these foolish simps not to defend them.

Did you remember when YouTuber Kevin Samuels was talking a 20 year old virgin who was 5’10” (my height) and all most three hundred pounds and he asks him that does he have a big dick? Remember that fuckery? Oh, I did. I have a very good memory. When Kevin Samuels asks the guy about the size of his willy, people are goanna start scratching their heads and begin thinking about the man’s sexual orientation. If any man ask men about my dick size, I’ll be like “What the hell is wrong with you blud? Why you wanna know about my cocky!?” I’ll don’t think that any man will be brave enough to ask me that question.

The conversation starts at 1:38:47

A man like me is keeping away from the manosphere because there are too many men there dick police another man. There are simps who are trying to know where a black man is pushing his knob in. The manosphere is now dead and gone and there will be no resurrection for it. How can Obsidian Radio want to bring back the manosphere and it will get taken down again? He has to look at the first and the second manosphere and see what happened to both of them. The manosphere got destroyed and you know why? Because these dudes keep bringing these scragglies to their platform. And also it’s infested with black men who have homosexual tendencies. Fuck that, star!

Duke Of Edinburgh 1921 – 2021

Earl Simmons aka DMX 1970 – 2021

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The Same Thing In Britain



Right, my other website Money Cultural Raw, well I have changed it to Money Cultural Uncensored. All you are seeing is Uncensored. I will post articles on every Tuesdays during the evening time. So follow me on Money Cultural Uncensored on blogger.com which you see everything uncensored, raw and weird. https://moneyculturaluncensored.blogspot.com/ And, oh goodness. I heard that close to my grandmother’s grave on Middleton Road, Whitehall in St Thomas, Jamaica that one man hang himself after him killing his girlfriend. I have seen the pictures of the man hang himself on the tree and I saw the browning lying down on the ground with no top and body bloody up. She had three children and one she had with him.

Right, I don’t know what the situation it is between them two but the murder/suicide come back again in Jamaica in 2021 to blow whole! I have done article of this madness Jamaican men are doing to the broads in that JA. There was an incident of a Jamaican man who slit his girlfriend’s throat. Look, I really don’t know why he did what he did you know. My mum says that “The Jamaican man head gone!” To be honest, they lost them for true! What will happen if these Jamaican simps finish killing off the women? What will happen when they done offing the women? What they are goanna do? Fuck another man’s asshole!?

Let’s get to topic

I know that black men in America are going through a lot with the black American woman. They are going through a lot of madness with the black women in the United States. As you look at the videos on YouTube with black women acting ratchet and not afraid to show their wretchedness on display, the American black men must be thinking how the black women are like in Britain. Well, to be honest, it just the same thing basically. What are black men are going through in the States is the same thing what black men are going through in Britain which is now a sinking ship of what is going on right now.

The black British woman is just like the black American woman with the weave, the single mother glorification, bad attitude, fighting another black woman for a man, skin bleaching, living off the system, chasing worthless man and so on. There are some people will say that not all black women act this way. But it seems like there are more and more black women acting like this especially in Britain. Do you know how many ratchet black women in North West London people? Yo, there are ‘nough of these scraggly ratchet women in my hood!

We do have simps defending these scraggles daggles in the United Kingdom but they are less simps then in America while they are a whole leap of simps. The reason for that is because if the simps attacking thinking black men in Britain, they will get eaten alive. Because they see that these US simps get torn apart by SYSBM when they go to battle with them. I have done an article Simps In Britain and Simps In America explaining why there are less simps in Britain then in America where there are a huge amount of simps defending these ghetto ratchet hoodrats.

In Britain, 55 per cent of black men are with non black women and the reason for that is because they see the dysfunctional behaviour of these black women in Britannia. So it was like for them is “Fuck it, I’m rather be with a non black women then be with a black woman with all the nonsense that she is being to the table.” And when the wretchedness occurs with the wretched black women, these simps are not talking about the bad behaviour of these scarggle daggles. What black men in America are going through with black women, the black British men are going through the same thing as well.



Who Should He Choose


A woman with no children.


And a woman with a family that is made long ago.

Which woman he should go for?

Right, you’re a man with no children and you have two women. Let’s leave colour out of it. You have a woman that is a single mother. In other words, she has a readymade family. And the other woman has no children. Not a single child. Which one he should choose? Not a hard question for anyone who is a thinking black man or for any man. For the scraggle daggles and the simps that keep defending them will know this answer. Some people will say that don’t have the answer for this question. Here is my answer to this question. I will go for the woman that has no children because I can build a family from the ground up.

But here this. You see these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles and these simps known as their enforcers will say that “It’s much better if you choose the single mother because a real man will take care of children which are not his and if you choose a woman with no children, she won’t give you any kids.” And they will say shit like this. Trust me, I know because that is the scraggle daggles and the simps mentality. They want a man that will take care of children which is not his and there are men especially black men will not even think about doing that.

When a childless man especially a black man with no children say that he doesn’t want a woman with children, he looked as the villain. They will look at him in some type of way. But the thing is. Why a man no matter what colour he is should take care of children which is not his? When someone sets you with a woman and she has children and you say no, she is not my type because she has children, they get upset and complain to you that you don’t anyone. Let them complain. I know that these simps will be in a relationship or marriage with a single mother no matter the colour and how many children she has. Because the simp can live off her.

As these scarggle daggles have children with the worthless black dudes like 357 Jimmy, Ruff Cut Larry, 2 Guns Carl, Rizzly Dizly, Rizla P, Des The Drunk, Rum Smuggler Don, Street Mice, Man Man, Gun Man Tim, Colt Five Rounds, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta, then they come after black men who are childless or the good black man. As the black childless man say fuck no to these hoodrats, they lose their nerve and go in rage. They will send their enforcers/henchmen/muscle the simps and make them attack black men who will not choose these below par ghetto ratchet women. And when they take on thinking black men, they get eaten.

There is no way that I’m dealing with a woman with children. I don’t care what colour, the looks or the shape of the woman, if she’s a single mother then I’m not being with her. These simps are willing to be with these ghetto ratchet women that has children and these hoodrats don’t want them. They cannot stand these simps. They even want these simps at all. They want the worthless man like Cell Block Scrappy, Rum Head Frasier, Machete Man Briggy, Whiskey Baron Tony, Car Jacker Bill and Fuck All Night Fred.


Paying The Price Of Simping


What is up people? This is Money Cultural here! Yeah these simps, they don’t listen!

When these simps don’t listen to thinking black men when they are telling the simps not to side with these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles that they love and worship, suddenly then pay the price when these ghetto ratchet hoodrats betray them. Thinking black men have told them stop defending these ghetto ratchet black women because don’t like it when they see a man lick up to them. And as these harridans turn on them, they end up in a corner in tears because these harlots have turn on them while loving the worthless men that they love, desire and obsessed with.

As thinking black men talk about the ratchetness of black women, these ratchet scraggs can’t handle the logic of thinking black men preach to them so they send their enforcers/henchmen/muscle known as the simp. These ghetto hoodrats are telling them to attack black men. But the thing is that thinking black men will defend themselves when these simps go on the attack on them. And when these simps go to war with thinking black men; they end up wounded in the front line during battle.

These simps are not aware because they are thinking what’s between their legs instead of thinking upstairs. And that’s what basically is really. These simps are just defending these hoodrats because they want to fuck some punany but they end up getting played by these scraggle bags of the ghetto so these simps don’t get the tun tun at the end. These scraggle daggles will give the goodies to 357 Jimmy, Ruff Neck Desmond, Ruff Cut Larry, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Rum Smuggler Don and Whisky Baron Tony. They are not goanna give the clit to these simps that are defending them.

We saw what happened to Derrick Jaxn when he put black men under the bus because thinking black men will not date these ghetto harridans that he’s profiting from. They say that pimping ain’t easy but simping is unnecessary. As these simps get hurt by these hoodrats that they worship, what will happen to them? Well thinking black men will do nothing to these simps, but besides they have better things to their mind. These simps better learn from Derrick Jaxn right now. Because if they don’t then what happened to the muscle bound simp, the same thing is goanna happen to these fools.



Black Men Not Stopping Black Women Fighting


Right, I have a thing for brown skin woman. Most of my exes are brown skin but as you see these women, these are the women I stay away from because they are just ratchet.

We all see black women fighting the street, buses, malls, night clubs, at work, petrol station, toilets, in large grocery stores like Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, etc, beauty stores and so on. And some of the time they are fighting for a man that is a hopeless man. And also, sometimes, there are a group of black women fight each other. I saw a video of black women fighting in the street during night time. It was just madness. There were punching each other, there was hair pulling, well weave pulling, it was crazy. And what is interesting that these are some simps that record these black women fighting on their mobile phones. However, they don’t stop them fighting.

Why is that? Why don’t we see black men stop these ghetto hoodrats fighting? I have seen a number of videos on YouTube of black women fighting and black men not stopping the out of control street brawl. Right, the reason why black men don’t stop black women fighting each other is if a black man stops them from fighting, these women will turn on him and fight the man. That is the reasons why black men just watch these black women fight it out, sometimes over a man who has another woman that he’s tearing up in the bed sheets with some good sex.

The browning just took off her jeans?

Off course we have seen black men fighting for a woman but when a man does this, he’s been called a simp and right fully so because he’s fighting for a woman that has another man who is ramming her punany. But when a black woman fights another black woman over a man sometimes, black men will have to watch the weave wearing boxing championships match between the two black women. And as they fight, these punch each other, they pull each other’s weave out, they wrestle on the ground and black men have to watch the fight. And some of these simps just laugh while these women fighting in the street.

Things like this do happen in Britain. I know that there are black girls do fight in North West London but now, I don’t see it anymore. I’m not too sure. I was reading the newspaper. I couldn’t remember which one it was. It was two black girls fighting in Croydon High Street. I don’t know what was the reason why they were fighting but I know that they were brawling in the middle of the day in Croydon. So, this fuckery does happen in Britain. And it also in Africa and in the Caribbean when we see black women fighting and the black men recording the fighting contest.

She says “Mi na go stop fuck him. Mi na go stop give him pussy!” Bassy’s tun tun must be hot then.

These scraggle daggles will fight each other anywhere and they don’t care where. And sometimes, it more then two scragglies fighting. Simps like Shawn James, Foolmar Johnson, Chris Miller, Bareback Fountain and all of the other simps will not say anything about this but they are willing to take on SYSBM. These are the women that these simps will defend all the time but they are not wanted by these ratchet black females for relationships or marriage. As these ratchet women fighting each other in the street or anywhere else, black men will do nothing but to watch the fight. And these simps will record these ratchet black females acting like some cameraman filming a movie.

Add least the men stop them fighting. For a man? I don’t know.


Money Grabbing Britain


That’s what Britain care about. They come like my ex girlfriends!

The sun is shining, weather is free! First up, when I was at the mall in Luton Town, Bedfordshire, I saw this tall white man got caught for selling at the Superdrug store. When the workers was searching the tall man, the lanky dude had shampoos on him. The man had TRESemme shampoos, VO5, the man was even teefin’ Head & Shoulders blud! (It’s a Jamaican term for thieving). And I think he dropped another bottle of Head & Shoulders and the guy who work for Superdrug said “Oh, there’s another one!” As they get the shampoo back, the lanky teef walked off. The lanky man is goanna try again you know. And when I was riding home on my Trex 830 Silvertrack 8 speed mountain bike, there was this black guy was sitting down and he says to me “Excuse me, can I ask you something?” As I ride off saying nothing, the man said “I guess that is a no then.” I don’t want these people wanna ask me. Look here, when I ride past him, all I smell is weed. I don’t wanna say anything else, star!

Right, my mum has to do the Census application form on the internet. And I have to do one as well. When I saw the purple leaflet, it says that you must complete the census by law or you could be fined up to £1,000. When I told her about the fine if the Census is not complete, my mum says “Them lucky!” It’s a Jamaican term they use there and I don’t know what they mean by that. When I did the application form for my mum and me. I was so pissed off. I was thinking “Britain loves fining people in this country which is drowning into an ocean of dog shit. We have this television licence which is just a huge scam and you get a £1,000 fined if you don’t pay for it.

Boris Johnson impose a £5,000 fine for holiday makers in major crackdown, we have police officers fining people £10,000 for breaching coronavirus restrictions, remember the time when the guy crashed his BMW 3 Series into Edmonton police station in North London and then set the road on fire. I did an article on that called The Road Of Fire. That was the most craziest thing I’ve ever seen, bomba cleet! All of these fines, council tax, the television licence and so on, as you look at Britain, this country is money grabbing country and all the government thinks about is money.

We know that the money is going to the police, the nurses and so on but not going to the youth centres. I think that’s when the government don’t fund the youth centres, they are doing this on purpose. It’s like they just wanna see the youth get into trouble with the knife crime thing you, get me? And these young people who are stabbing each other up are young black kids. If the government is taking the good thing away, they will bring the bad thing in. They do it all the time. It’s a regular thing. This is very common.

People in Britain complain about the government and there is a huge reason why. Because the see the government just tear the economy apart. And as the government ramming Britain from behind without Vaseline, they are taxing people left, right and centre. You must be wondering what scheme the government have under their sleeves. Oh, it’s something but we don’t know what. When the government is goanna start caring for people? To be honest they never will. The only thing that they care about is money and they trying to grab it form the people.

Britannia, she is not a happy woman. She is just sitting down and has her legs crossed sulking hard. All because of the government fucking the country up from top to bottom with them raising unemployment, rising the council tax, fining people unnecessarily, three lockdowns, defunding the youth centres and so on. As I look at it, Britain is goanna go through a big time recession and I mean a big, big, big time recession and this time Britain ain’t goanna recover from this one. Britain has been hurt by the government’s bull shit for many years and nothing can heel this so called great nation.




Sit Back Drinking Liquor


You must be thinking “What do you mean by sit back drinking liquor blud?” Right, it means that when a person sits and watches the individual’s downfall because of the wrong things the man or woman is doing. And they have been warned about it. So basically person have no choice but to leave that individual alone, sit back and watch that person fall. And I add the liquor because I sit back and chill with a bottle of liquor and chill while these simps head into disaster. And that’s what I did when I saw these simps suddenly fall from grace all because they wanna defend these ghetto scragglies from the hood. Thinking black men have been telling these simps not to side with them and these simps don’t listening.

Everybody knows that Derrick Jaxn was cheating on his wife. And there are a number of black men have been making videos on You Tube of this man creeping on his wifey. The self proclaimed relationship expert and author was licking up to the ratchet black women and putting black men under the bus because black men who will not simp refuse to date, be in a relationship or marry these mediocre black women. Derrick Jaxn has written eight books and there was one book entitled Singe Mothers Are For Grown Men Only. When I saw that cover and the title of the book, I said “Bomba claat! Man is truly simping for these scraggly hoes!” I know that black men have a huge distain for him and I can’t blame them for that. I saw some of his videos on You Tube and I was just shaking his head but I didn’t say anything but to sit back, drinking liquor.

Derrick Jaxn was on the anti SYSBM stance all because that SYSBM will not be courted by these ghetto ratchet hoodrats. Derrick Jaxn also known as the muscle simp is just like the other simps we are seeing on social media. These simps don’t know the consequences of siding with these ghetto harridans and now Derrick Jaxn is paying the price of defending these good for nothing harlots of the ghetto. The muscle bond simp didn’t have a problem throwing black men under the bus and now he is suffering now because these ghetto scraggles daggles turned on him. Look what Angel Ramirez – Jordan. He went against SYSBM and these ghetto hoodrats betrayed him.

Hey sit back and drink liquor.

Derrick Jaxn is a beta male with an alpha male body. Don’t get me wrong. He has a great physique but didn’t have a great mind. And there black men saying on You Tube that he is just playing the simp role just to get this money and I agree with them. And I heard that he has a biracial child. I don’t know if he has more then one. I’m not sure. Here is the thing. Why is he putting black men under the bus for not choosing these ghetto scraggs and he has a biracial child? Oh, the hypocrisy! The simp was throwing black men under the bus, coming after SYSBM and to find out that he has a mix child? That’s strange.

All of these simps are not afraid to come after SYSBM with the ghetto ratchet black women giving the orders to the simps to attack them. Yet, these ghetto hoodrats are lusting after the worthless black men like Rapid Fire Rasta, Rum Head Frasier, Des The Drunk, Rum Smuggler Don, Weed Man Jake, Long Dick In Luton Tom, Fuck All Night Freed, Marga Man Dillan and Crack Head Rasta Clive. These scarggle daggles love and adore these hopeless men while they have a huge dislike of these simps that are defending them. I don’t know how many IQ’s these simps have but I know it’s very low.

Derrick Jaxn’s wife is planning the divorce and when she does, she will take everything that he has. As you look at her face, she looks very hurt and vengeance is on her mind, oh fuck! This simp with muscles has went up against SYSBM and lost, badly. You can be an away team battling relegation and try to be the home side with a great goal keeper, a strong defence, a creative midfield and quality strikers. You will get a heavy defeat. This is a lesson to these simps who are defending these decedent hoodrats that don’t don’t care about you. You will suffer the consequences if you side with these women that don’t even like you. Or worse, love you! And as for me , I’m goanna sit back and drink liquor. Cheers!

Check out my disturbing article https://moneyculturalraw.blogspot.com/2021/03/why-bestiality-is-up-on-rise.html


Declaration Of War



The simps have declared war!

When SYSBM came about, these simps are trying to shut it down completely. They are trying to tear it right down to the core. The so called doctor Foolmar Johnson, Chris Miller, incel Shawn James, Bareback Fountain and all of the other simps are coming after black men who are with non black women, not matter of they are married to them or have them as girlfriends. And every time when SYSBM gets attacked by these stupid men, they have to defend themselves when they get attacked by the scarggle daggles henchmen/enforcers. The simps have declared war on SYSBM.

Why are these unintelligent men who are defending these scraggly ghetto ratchet hoodrats when they are attack black men who has non black girlfriends/wives? Why these simps, captain save a hoes, black cucks, ghetto soy boys, pro wanks and oil of olay men are trying to take down SYSBM? You see there is no way that these men who have non black women will never date these ghetto ratchet hoodrats that these simps love and adore. If a black an dates a ghetto ratchet black woman, he will have nothing but problems on the table but these simps are willing to have these women that don’t want them.

We have been telling these simps over and over again that not to defend and side with these hopeless ghetto ratchet women because they will stab them behind their back. But these foolish farts don’t wanna listen to them until fuckery happens. And when the shit hit the fan, then what? They can’t come to us for help. We just leave them there and say “We told you so!” They have no issue of trying to take down SYSBM but they will felt the pain of when these ghetto ratchet, ghetto gagging hoodrats turn on them.

And these ghetto scraggs don’t want a man like a simp. No, they want a ruff man like Machete Man Briggy, Rum Smuggler Don, Street Mice, Street Biscuit, Hood Gravy Steve, Rum Head Frasier, Big Dick Rodney, Marga Man Dillian, Long Dick 44, Fuck All Night Freed and Corner Boy Ronney. These simps should know that these are the men that these ghetto hoodrats that they worship, these are the men that they lust after. They don’t want to be with these simps who have no masculinity whatsoever.

2021 is the year that these simps have declared war with SYSBM and they are at war with MGTOW and IBMOR also. Its goanna be a huge battle but these simps are goanna be wounded in the battlefield. They don’t know what they are getting themselves into. Every time, thinking black men have warn them about defending these scarggle daggles but these simps are not listening to them. All these simps want to do is to take down SYSBM because black men who are with non black women will not date, be in a relationship or marry these ghetto hoodrats that these simps want so much.

Let battle commence!

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She Want To Use And Abuse Him Financially

black gold digger 2

They will use a man for what he has. Gold diggers are one of the world’s most craftiest women!

You know when a woman says that she wants a man with money, well not only that. She will say that she wants a man that has money, a car, a house and so on. What does that mean? What does she mean by that? Because when you see these women especially black women, what can they offer? You see, we have more and more gold diggers nowadays also in the so called black community. And when a woman says that she wants a man with money, the man must be asking the question why is looking for man that has the wonga. I have the answer for this. The reason why a woman says this because that she is looking for a man that she can use and abuse financially. That’s it!

When a woman is using the man financially, she is conflicting damage to the man. She is actually hurting him financially and emotionally. So she is not loving the man, she is using the man for what he has in his pockets, you get me? Men are not being careful nowadays because they are simping for these women who are mediocre. It doesn’t matter if the woman looks good. It doesn’t matter if she has big breasts, wide hips, thick thighs, the ol’ ghetto body, she has a mediocre mindset. If a woman has her money, a house in Watford or Luton, has a Mercedes Benz E500 and a S600L, has a high paying job in Central London, she don’t need a man at all. She’s just an independent woman but a gold digging scraggly hoodrat will not only live off of the but she will use him relentlessly.

Listen here, I have seen so many gold digging scraggle daggles in North West London. Blood fire, trust me I have seen loads of them and I stay away from them blud, and I mean a whole leap. Some of the girl them will use the man and give him nothing in return like sex for instance however they will give it to someone else who don’t give two shits about them. And these women will play games with these money simps when they become generous to them and I know that these money simps get played fucking by these narcissistic hoodrats. If a man who has money and he’s with a mediocre gold digger, then she will not only play him but she will use him and won’t show any remorse of her actions.

These scarggle daggles are using the money simp but at the end of the day, they don’t the simp with money. They are just using him. They want the ruff and rugged types. They don’t want the simp that will give them the love boom i.e chocolates, roses, gifts, dinner for two and shit. No, no, no! They want a “Ruff neck nigah that could satisfy her, just for her.” She wants the 357 Jimmy, Ruff Neck Desmond, Pimp L, Rizla P, Trigger Man Kyle, Two Guns Carl and Pipe Them Down Wesley. She is using the money simp but she actually wants the worthless man, the hopeless man and the unproductive man.

Men especially black men need to beware of these good digging scraggs who are willing to use these men. And these simps are making these scarggle daggles use them because they are weak minded. These simps don’t have any kind of street knowledge of themselves. They should know what these scarggle daggles are up to, so I don’t know why these simps don’t know what’s going on or worse, what’s going down. These gold digging scraggs are plotting to get money from these men so men need to be on their guard of what is going on especially these the scragglies in the so called black community.