I Should Off Seen The Red Flags In My Twenties

red flag

Yes, I have my dirt. You think I’m some angel above? You are wrong. But also when I was in my twenties there were some things I should have seen with my two eyes. I didn’t see the red flags when I was in these relationships with these narcissistic chicks that were playing games with me. I didn’t know why this was happening to me or why these girls where playing these stupid games. But when it comes to the thugs and the bad boys, these female narcs will not play around with them at all. But anyhow, hoping everybody enjoying the first month of the year. We all know that January is a very hard month but if you are having a hard one, hang in there.

I should have seen the red flags when I was in my twenties. I did an article called Jamaican Pudding and I was explaining about the fat Jamaican chick in 2003 in part one of the miniseries. She asks me for £15 so she can go to Manchester and I met up with her up at Wembley to give it to her. We broke up now. Here is thing because I still think about it 19 years later. I was thinking that “I wonder if that gold digging heifer is lying to me about her going to Manchester in the summer of 2003.” Why am I thinking like this? Because things don’t really add up. I know these scraggle daggles are nothing but gold diggers and they will lie their way into anything.

When I was in my twenties living in Brent, North West London, I was talking to one Rasta man and another guy who I was working with at the Brent Transport Service; I told them that I was in a relationship. The Rasta man asks me that have me and her had sex yet. I said no and then I said to them that she never calls me. And when I told them that, they really start to think that she must be with someone else, like some bad boy. You can’t be a gentleman with these women nowadays. They don’t want that. The relationship lasted for about ten month and then I just told her that I’m moving on.

Some black men say that the thugs always get the best looking black women and I do agree on some degree. They do get the best looking black women. You know, I should off told the thuggish dudes about the Jamaican fatty and the other who was playing games with me. Things are different now because I will see the red flags if I anything smells fishy. When it comes to the bad boy, thug or the worthless man especially the broke man, some of the black woman will give them a go in a flash. The reason why these scraggs will play games with a man is because that the man is playing the nice guy role. If a man acts like a nice guy, he will get his heart broken. And will get heartbroken again if he does the nice guy role once more.

What will happens when the bad boy, thug, the hopless man, worthless man and the unproductive man leave them behind? Remember, the bad boy will fuck these women over. Well, the scraggle daggles will try to go back to the guy that they played, used, cheated on and so on. But the guy who they were not interested in, he’ll kick them to the curb. And these women will have no choice but to deal with the simps that they don’t want. The simps are only good for is defending these scraggle daggles when thinking black men talk about their bad behaviour, but when it come to relationship/marriage, these scraggle daggles are not interested. The same way my narcissistic exes are not interested in my also.

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Yeah, I should off saw the red flags but I was young. But I did had fun in my 20’s though!



Latin Women Are The Biggest Threat To Black Women But White Women Are Still Their Nemesis

black independent woman


white woman

You see, there are some men that will not deal with a woman that will cook and clean. If a woman will not cook or clean, then the man will not deal with her in a marriage. I’m a type of guy who can cook and clean but I do it for myself, you get me? Money Cultural don’t need no gyal to take care of me but I hope everything erie, mon! Back here with another one with the Latin women who are raised to be wives and black woman are raised to have no man to take care of them but still try to copy the white woman with that weave on top of their head. Or wig! No matter what colour the weave is, the ratchet black woman is goanna wear it and truly don’t care.

In the Latin culture, a Latin woman is raised to serve. In the black culture, the black woman is raised to be independent. Most black women are raised to be tough, strong, independent, don’t put up with no man’s bullshit and so on. And black women like this are being raised by their mothers who are so called independent. A Latina is raised to cook (especially for their fathers) and clean at a young age. This is one of the reasons why 72 per cent of black women in America are not married because they are not wifey material. Kevin Samuels says that the white woman is not the biggest threat to black women. Nah, it’s the Rodriguez chick, the Mendez chick and the Lopez chick. Black women are raised to be independent and Latin women are raise to be wives. However, the white woman is still black women biggest nemesis, straight up.

When it comes to the standard of beauty, the white woman is top on the beauty hierarchy. When you watch an advert from Rimmel, L’oreal, Saloon Selectives, Pantene, Clairol and so on, most of the women are white. And when the ratchet black women see these white women with their long straight hair which they grow naturally, then start to think “I what that white bitch’s hair glued in my scalp!” Trust me, when a black ratchet women sees a white woman with the wind blow into the wind, you will see the deep desperation in their face for that white woman’s hair. And when a black man sees this, he starts thinking “What the fuck?” The black women who are ratchet, they will drool all over themselves when they see the hair of the white woman.

But there are some black men will say that “Yo Money C, there are black women that have their natural hair buld!” Yes, that is true but the thing is that how many black women do you see wearing their natural hair? When I walk into the streets, yeah I will see a natural black woman but it’s one black woman that has her natural hair. It’s a rare thing to see a black woman walking the street with natural hair but I guarantee that you will see a black woman with on the road, you look on your left, you see a black woman with weave and you look on your right and when you see a black woman with weave. You get what I’m saying when you’re walking down the street, you see a black woman with weave sowed in her scalp. Or glued!

The reason why I called the white woman the biggest nemesis towards black women is obviously because of the hair. The white woman can naturally grow her hair no matter if she has blonde or brunette hair. Black women will have to go the local beauty shop owned by the Chiney man Mr. Chong and buy the weave to put it in their hair and trying to compete with the white woman. But the black woman will loses in that competition because the white woman, she can grow her hair naturally and the black woman have to spend money to copy the white woman’s hairstyle. If a black man sees a black woman with natural hair, he might step to her, chirp her up and try to get her number but if a black man sees a black woman with weave in her head, he must be thinking that something is nit right in the woman’s head.

The white woman is not the biggest threat to black woman. It’s the mamacitas like Maria who is goanna cook, clean and cater to her man or husband. She was raised to be a wife. Black women are not raised to be wives. However, when it comes to these thugs Pookie, Ray Ray, John John, 12 Gauge Mike and Day Day, if they don’t submit and bring that tough attitude towards these thuggish dudes, oh my goodness. They will knock her down to the ground. These ghetto ratchet black women can’t bring that attitude to the white beta male as well like General Blizzard, Homo Nazi Vern or Mr. Clean. It will be the same thing but most of the time these beta male will use black woman as ghetto gaggers when they take them to the plantation.

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Black women are not raised to be wives. They are only raised by their mothers to be independent!

black independent woman 2


Black Men And Hispanic Men Don’t Give A £$&!

i don't give a fuck

Right, society knows that the white woman who is the arch enemy of the black woman is the standard of beauty but some say that the black woman is the most beautiful woman in the world. I agree on that one. If she has a nice face, fine looking body and natural hair which I don’t see nowadays, then I’ll get with her. But the thing is that I only see 20 per cent of black women that is wearing their natural hair. Black woman has the best bodies, yes but they ruin it when they have kids at a young age. However, when you see a black woman say that they don’t date black men or hate black men, most of them are these swirling scraggle daggles. Yes people, its Money C, the man that these simps hate with a passion and we have a scraggle daggle weave head with a beta male and he’s goanna do one thing and one thing only. And it’s not marrying her.

Shouts out to Kid Organic for this video.

I’m a black man and I’m not dating that! Na, I’m good!

As you see this video from Kid Organic, this ratchet black woman says that she don’t date black men and Mexican men. Better yet, let’s make it Hispanic men if you don’t mind. She says that she only date white men. Then she says that she is not black, she’s tan. Everybody knows that the black woman is the most insecure woman on the planet with all the high level of weave these black women are wearing. Here’s the thing people. If she’s dating a white dude which I have no issues with, then why is she still taking a jab at black men? Why is she teasing black men? Looking for attention? Here this. If a scraggle daggle wants to date white men, then go ahead. Because black men and Hispanic men don’t give a fuck!

If she think is that the white man is best thing since slice bread without butter, then why is she recording herself teasing black men while she is the arms of the white man in a Ford F – 150, a vehicle for someone who is sleeping and breeding his own female cousin? The man is on that consanguinity thing with him marrying his first cousin, knocking her up and having a deformed baby or two, just kidding! When it comes to these swirlers, they go on the YouTube platform and show a huge distain towards black men saying that black men don’t provide, they don’t take care of their children, they don’t pay the bills and all sorts of nonsense they will say about black men.

When you see these swirlers that have a huge hatred towards black men, 80 per cent of them are not attractive. The woman on the Kid Organic video I’m Not Black, I’m Tan, she’s not a strong 2 out of 10 when it comes to the looks rating, you get me? I think this is one of the reasons why she is teasing black men while she’s in the arms of the beta male in the F – 150 because that she is not getting attention from black men. All because of her looks and that weave on top of her head. And speaking off weave, do you see the weave that she’s wearing? Obviously, yes. As you look at that horrible mop on her head, here is this one question. How hygienic you think she is? As you look at her face, you must be thinking “Damn, this cannot be a clean woman.”

When you here a black women say that she’s not black, she’s something else or she mocks natural beauty or saying white men are better then black men which is not true because white men do have floors as well and so on, it’s always the dark skin chick that talk like this. I have never heard a brown skin woman saying this at all, yet! The dark skin black women always chat like this. The first time I hear dark skin black women talk like this is when I’m was in my 30’s. And most of the time, it’s these American black women are saying this, mostly on YouTube. I haven’t seen it yet with the black British women but there are black women in Britain that do have weave in their scalp trying to competing with the white woman.

This ghetto ratchet scraggle daggle is being taken to the slave plantation just to get ghetto gagged by the beta male. There might be more then one beta male ready to run a train on her in that plantation. And probably record it and put on ghetto gaggers. And everyone including black men will be watching this and just scratch their heads thinking “Another hoodrat on ghetto gaggers!” You know when she comes back to black men is when the beta male finish with her and throws her away. She better prepare herself for the heartache.

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This ghetto ratchet, ghetto gagging scraggle daggle can have the beta male in the F – 150 ride. Black men and Hispanic men don’t give a fuck!


It’s Never The Women

natural beauties

something to say

You know, when I do an article on Money Cultural or any man who is MGTOW, PUA, MRA, IBMOR on even SYSBM does a video on YouTube, people have something to say but it’s never the women sometimes. It’s mostly the dumb ass dudes. And most of them are simp dudes who are trying save these scraggle daggles but these hoodrats, they don’t wanna be saved. But hope everyone is doing okay. Every single member of the house of parliament and the members of the public wants Boris Johnson to go all because he broke Convid restrictions. Him and the other members of Conservative party was partying during lockdowns. You know I’m not surprised on anything nowadays. But the prime minister did apologise to everyone but that is not enough for everyone, especially in the house of parliament, star. Everyone has lost their head in rage because of Boris Johnson’s bullshit. The country needs a new prime minister. A better one for goodness sake. UK hasn’t had a good one for over forty years now and Theresa May, she must be laughing her head off!

In the name of the most high, just go!

This is from a five year old. She’s sounds smarter then these children in the house of parliament.

Anyhow, back to the topic. Why is it when guys like me do an article, I never get a response to the women? Why is it when a man talks about the scraggle daggles behaviour and the simp have something to say? I do have some black women come after me and say what they say with the ratchetness but it’s mostly the dudes who has a problem with me and all of the other black men who are SYSBM. Everyone has an opinion on something and that is fine but these dudes get butt hurt when thinking black men talk about the ratchet black women. They will troll a man, stalk a man, flag his YouTube channel, hack his account and all sorts on nonsense that they will do. And they will go to extreme measures to do things like this.

Some people will say that you must ignore them and yeah, that is true but what happens if they don’t stop? That is the thing. They will not stop until you just snap and curse them the fuck out; you get what I’m saying? I have a huge problem with these simps because when I say something about these ghetto dungles, they have something to say when they come after me with complete rage because they feel like I’m coming after their queens that they worship so much. Let’s not forget these simps come after the other guys as well so it’s an all out battle with the simps and the black men who uses their heads. When I have a woman comment on Money Cultural, it’s always are ratchet black woman commenting about “You black men this, you black men that” and so on but not often. Not many women comment of one of my articles but I do have women follow me on Money Cultural and I don’t mind that at all whatsoever.

Most of these simps who has something to say when I talk about these scragglies, they are the ones that are defending these ratchet hoodrats who don’t even care about them. These simps are just defending them just get that sweet juicy fruit between their legs. But these simps will get played by these scraggle daggles when these daggly harlots are chasing after thugs like 357 Jimmy, Cell Block Scrappy, Street Boy Ratty, Machete Man Briggy, 50 Calibre Gilly, Rum Head Frasier, Fuck All Night Freed, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta and Ruff Cut Larry. These fools are just wasting their time competing with these thugs who can get the knickers down and make these hoodrats open their legs to them.

These black men that have something to say are nothing but beta! I rather call them simps but they are big time beta males. But you guys in hood will say that “Yo Money C, why are you calling them man beta males, blud? Isn’t it the white man is the beta male? The original?” Hey, a black men can turn into a beta mal and I have seen it. With all the simps like Bareback Fountain, Dr Foolmar Johnson, Woke Poofgressive 2.0, Shawn James, Clifton Rainey, Tyrone Thompson, Monty Woodgrain all of the simps that we know, this is never ending battle between the Simps and SYSBM. Oh boy!

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It’s these men that have something to say and it’s these simps. But it’s never the women!


Caught In The Act



You see guys; I’m not with this relationship goals type thing because remember guys, relationships do end because of financial reasons, getting mistreated by your boyfriend/girlfriend, abuse in the relationship or finding out that the pesron you are with is having sex with another person. But anyway, I hope everyone is doing well in 2022. This is off course is Money Cultural, straight outta North West London. I hopen everyone enjoyed their Christmas. My Christmas is fine even though I’m not a Christmas type dude. Anyhow, hoping everyone is good health. Well, maybe not this guy as his heart will might not be in good health again because he caught his girl in a car with another man. Naked!

This guy caught his girl with another man in the back seat of the car with no clothes on. Good God! I think both of them are Hispanic but that’s here or there though. The guy was in complete rage when he sees his girl on top of another man in the nude in broad daylight. And she tells him to close the door so in other words that she wasn’t finished riding the man’s dom. And she also says that “Can you leave?” Yeah, she ain’t done yet. And when he ask the mamacita numerous time why did she cheat on him, she says that she don’t love him. When she said that, I was like “That was it blud! Just leave her on top off of the nest man’s dick and just move on.”

I wish I could remember the year but there was a guy who was in a wheelchair and he recorded his wife having sex with another man in bed. She was on top of the man riding the living daylights out of him. The man in the wheelchair saying that he hated her, he’s goanna tell her the family, calling her a cunt and so on. And he’s in his wheelchair watching the woman riding the man on his bed. Right, you know something. I think I know why the woman is with the disabled man. She is with the man for the money. Disabled people get a lot of money from The Department Work and Pensions. It’s not little money they are getting. It’s a shit load of money. And that’s where she’s there for.

white woman caughther man cheating

White sugar is on murder mode, now!

Right, I understand that its goanna hurt that you found out that the love of your life has a side piece but at the end of the day, it’s not really necessary to record the act of cheating. And the Latina who was on top of the other guy in the backseat of the while being naked seems like she don’t give a fuck. I have something to say. When a woman and a man is caught cheating with another person, it means the relationship is over. There is no way that a relationship can be saved if the other person is caught cheating, especially if it’s in a marriage.

It was in August 2018 when I was living in Watford, Hertfordshire. It was sunny morning and I was in bed, just waking up. There was this white guy who was outside of his house. He couldn’t get in the house because his woman locked the door because that he might get violent and as I heard what he said, I think I know why. A few minutes later, I hear him crying saying that “You always do this. You shag anybody!” So she was cheating on the dude and I think she has done this before. I tell you, I heard that the women in Watford are nothing but slags. I heard that their proper slaggies, supper slappers and all that, yo!

It’s goanna be very, very painful when you catch the love of your life cheating but not worth recording it. And men are doing that a lot nowadays. The person that cheated on you really doesn’t love you or even care about you, so you have no choice but to move on. But you guys are probably goanna say “Yo Money C, you was chatting up other girls while you was in relationships too blud!” Yeah, but anyway. The best thing to do is just move on and find someone better then the person you are with. And the other person who cheated on you, they will regret what they have done to you. Or will they?

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And in the back seat, the guy is just sitting there with his dick in her punany. The man is ready for this thrill ride she’s goanna give him. I know about thrill rides guys. Oh yes, indeed!


You Won’t Dominate Me


What’s up people? Yo, I really need to get a car, blud. Nothing flashy, yet but I really need one. An E36 BMW 3 series (316i Compact or 320), maybe or a W202 Mercedes Benz C class (C200 or C230 Kompressor). Guys, Saturday I meant to go to two destinations. The first place I went into was home sweet home North West London. I went into this shop in Harlesden that sells hand bags, luggages, jewellery, you know Harlesden. Whatever you want, they got in Harlesden. I bought a bracelet with diamonds on it for ten pounds. I say “Yeah man, got that now!” I wanna get the silver diamond chain for £25 still and there was a gold one as well which is the same price, so it will be £50 all together. So, I went to Willesden Junction station and I took the Bakerloo line to Piccadilly Circus so I can go to Wood Green by taking the Piccadilly line. When I reach to Piccadilly Circus station, I saw that the Piccadilly line was closed. And I went “Oh my days man!” So I went to London Euston to see if I can get a bus to go Wood Green. I just changed my because I was so stressed out people; I was really to lose it. So it’s like I have to get a motor in 2022. I tell you, London transport is so frustrating.

bmw m3

Really need to get one of these, big time!

But I hope you ladies and gentlemen are doing well. This is goanna be the final article of 2021 from Money Cultural, straight outta North West London. I’ll be back on the 17th January 2022 with the srcaggle daggles causing mass mayhem and all sorts of nonsense, these simps out there stalking other men and these good for nothing beta males like Conservative MP Sister Peter Bottomley who say that the £82,000 salary the politicians gets is “Really Grim” and calls for a £20,000 pay rise as benefits are cut for millions of people around the country. So this 70 something old fart wants a 20 grand pay rise as benefits get cut in Britain? So if these politicians get this pay rise which they don’t deserve, add £82,000 and £20,000 and that will be £102,000 all together. Oh Christ! Here is the question? What did these political fools do to make them get a pay rise? What have they done recently for Britain? The average salary in Britain is over £31,000. A family doctor gets £100,700 a year. A chief crown prosecutor gets over £100,000 to £152,952 a year. Why would these beta males in the house of parliament who torn the UK economy apart ask for a pay rise?

Here’s the proof people. I got it right here: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/peter-bottomley-mp-pay-rise-universal-credit_uk_615dd4cae4b015457dcb3d5a?ncid=other_twitter_cooo9wqtham&utm_campaign=share_twitter

As we looking into politics right, we all see nothing but beta males. From the leader of the Conservative party Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the leader of the Labour party Keir Starmer and let’s not forget other prime ministers like John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron, the worse of the lot. As you see the politicians going at it in the house of parliament on Sky News, you start wondering that these ineptitude dudes can’t run this country. Since Margate Thatcher, Britain has not had a strong leader for over 40 years. Since she’s, everything went to shit. You see, Britain is like a great football team in the past. If you’re an American, you call it soccer. They win all the Premier Leagues, Champions Leagues, UEFA cups, European Cup Winners Cups, European Super Cups, FA Cups, League Cup, World Club Clubs; the trophy cabinet is full of cups. And the now, Britain has this managers with no tactical skills to get into the top four and can’t win any trophies. And the team always finishes 15th on the league table ever season.

When it comes to relationships, these politicians are not running things in their relationship or marriage. It’s always their women who is the dominate person in their household. Since this country have a prime minister who is subservient like Doris Johnson, (And the other prime ministers in the past 30 years) Britain has slide down the mudding hill and still hasn’t stop sliding since he became the leader of this country. When a man who submits to a woman in a relationship/marriage, things will be really detrimental especially if someone is running the country like Britain and these beta males have destroyed the British economy. You see, I don’t know what the gender is with these fools in the house of parliament but they are willing to destroy the economy in Britain and to the British public and around the globe, these beta males will stop at nothing.

dominate woman

When a woman is the dominate person in the relationship or marriage, the men will call the man weak but they will called a man controlling or abusive when a he’s the dominate one in the relationship/marriage. When you see a woman dominate the relationship, she might be using him, manipulate him, playing games with him as well and so on. Because the man is letting run things and he become submissive to her. He became the subservient one. When you have these white beta males and the black men who are simps, they are not the dominate person in the relationship, I guarantee that. It’s their women that are running things in the relationship. And these men cannot lead at all. But the women who are with these beta males and simps know that they are submissive, very submissive. Look at them racist England football fans after the 2021 European Championship final. Them women are using them as doormats.

Right, imagine me in a relationship with some woman. She wants to be the dominate one. She want to control me and all sorts of fuckery. She wants to control this, she wants to control that, she wants to control everything. This is what I’m goanna tell the broad. I will say “I’m not here to control you but you’re not goanna control me. I don’t need you to submit to me however you cannot make me into a submissive man.” If you want a woman that will cook and clean, then that is fine. I’m all up for that but there will be no controlling in this relationship or even marriage. If I let the woman take the lead or dominate the relationship, she will walk all over me. If a woman wants to dominate me in a relationship, then I’m leaving the relationship for good and not turning back.

In the so called black community, the ratchet black women will not submit to a good black man. If a good black man tries to make a ratchet black woman submit which will be extremely difficult to do, then he will walk out of the relationships. The ratchet black woman will give him all sorts of attitude. She will say that “I’m a strong black woman, I’m independent” which she’s not. But a good black man will not be with a ratchet hoodrat because all the ratchet harridans brings to the table is nothing but dysfunction. But if she’s with a thug like Street Man Ratty, Machete Man Briggy, Corner Boy Ronny, 357 Jimmy and Right Hand Lance, if that ratchet hoodrat get lippy just once, them thuggish dudes will take her down with one hit. Them thugs will not take no crap from any of these ghetto hoodrats with weave in her hair. So the ratchet black woman knows that she has to tighten that lip of hers with them thuggish dudes that she loves are around her.

I’m not with the submissive thing because I can take care of myself. I can cook, clean, wash my own clothes, you get my drift. I don’t need anybody to take care of me but there is no way that I will let someone dominate me. Just I let the woman do her thing doesn’t mean that she can’t let me do my thing. But you guys will say “What will happen if she cheats on you?” Then if the woman cheats on me, then the relationship is over. There’s not trust anymore. And yes, I had my unfaithful in my 20’s ways but the relationships I had, the women were just gold digging narcissistic hoochies. One in St Thomas, Jamaica had a boyfriend and had a kid with him and the other was a district girl. All a man wants is a peaceful relationship but not with these women who wants to dominate him. For the simps and the beta males, the are in a house where the woman is the dominate one that is not only running things.

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My woman will tell me that “You know I’m running things in this Money Cultural” then I say “Just because you’re not goanna submit to me, it doesn’t mean I must submit to you.” And when she says “It’s over, then” then I’ll say “I’m off, star!”

dominate woman 3

I hope you people have a Merry Christmas which I don’t celebrate and a happy new year. Such a difficult year. But I hope thing will get better, I hope. See you in 2022.

Hold on, I just saw this video on Instagram of a woman that go caught cheating with another man. The browning is on top of the guy in the back seat of a car, naked. What a trifling scraggly. And there’s another video which I will saw on my next article of a fat scraggly whitey. Her military husband who is now in a wheelchair caught her with another man. I will show you the video on my next article Caught In the Act. Next year, oh Lord!

See you on the 17th January 2022.


The Simps in 2022


Money Cultural here, I got to go Harlesden first, then Harringay tomorrow. Christmas is around the corner. Shout out the people who are doing their Christmas shopping. When I see a black woman that act like a ratchet fool, I begin to think “That jackass remind me of the women in my family, good grief! What the hell she’s acting like this for?” But I hope that everyone is doing alright still. Am I looking forward for Christmas? Well, not really. I’m looking forward for 2022 but the thing is. Will these simps come after black men who are with women who are non black? Remember, SYSBM and these simps are at battle.

I have seen black men coming after other black men who are with non black women. This has been happening for a very long time now. The simps have join forces the ratchet black women to come after black men who are with non black women. The DIU which stands for the Dick Investigations Unit wants to investigate where the black is pushing his penis. That is very suspect. Now we are entering 2022, here is one thing that I like to know about. Are these simps are coming after SYSBM still? The simple answer is yes. They will still come after SYSBM.

Why these simps will come after SYSBM in 2022? Two things. The first thing is that these simps will come after black men who are with non black women is because that SYSBM will not be in with the ghetto ratchet black women that these simps are defending on a regular basis. There is no way that SYSBM will be with these ratchet harriets. And the second thing is that they are defending these scraggle daggles just to get some punany. We all know the strategy when it comes to the simp. These simps will do whatever it takes just to get some pum pum from these women these simps are defending.

Everyone knows that these simps are at war with SYSBM. They have declared war with SYSBM for a long time. Simps like Dr Foolmar Johnson who has a cocaine addiction, Woke Poofgressive who confessed that he’s homosexual, we have Shawn James who needs to focus on his next book, there is Bareback Fountain who keeps stalking other men online and suffering from childhood traumas, we have Cock Boogie Productions who talked about his asshole getting eaten out not by a woman on one of his videos on YouTube, there are so many simps that are in the defence of these ghetto harridans that they love and desire while these ghetto harlots prefer these thugs, the worthless men and the unproductive men they lust after.

Why these simps don’t they come after black women with their non black men boyfriends/husbands? Because the ghetto harridans will come after the simps if they say anything about black women with non black men. If any simp says something about a black woman marrying a non black man on YouTube, his channel will get flagged so much, YouTube will take down channel. When a black woman is with a non black men which I don’t have a problem with, the simps are celebrating with the ghetto gagging hoochies but when a black man is with a non black woman which I don’t have a problem neither, the simps and the scragglies with come together and charge after the black man for being with a non black woman.

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These simps are a complete joke!


Amount To Who?

ratchet harridans

We have some fine looking black women and we have not so fine looking black women. If a black man sees a good looking hot black chocolate, he will be saying “Damn chocolate pie!” or he will say “I’m skipping dinner because I want so of that chocolate desert now.” Nowadays with the black women wearing weave 24/7, it’s “No blud, I don’t want the slice of that chocolate cake. But I hope everything is cool. I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas shopping. Shopping during Christmas so hectic but I bet you that it will be hectic for these scraggle daggles buying a tone of weave trying to compete with the white woman. Or steal it from Mr Chong.

So white girls will never amount to black women. But black women are wearing excessive of weave trying to look like white women. If white chicks will never amount to these chocolate chip honeys but why are some black men are flocking to non black women, mostly the white woman? Because the majority of black women are wearing weave, they are single mothers, they are bleaching their skin, they are fighting each other for another man who has a third woman in the bed ready to get press down, running over people with their cars and so on and so on and so on. Things are now gone absolutely crazy when it comes to black women. Look on YouTube and you see some crazy fuckrey, yo!

The only thing you see when it comes to ratchet black women, it’s nothing but madness. That is the reason why black men will not choose them as wives or girlfriends because of black women ratchet behaviour. I have been saying it time and time again when I talk about these ghetto ratchet hoodrats but there are a huge amount of simps will disagree with me because they are defending these ghetto ratchet scraggs just to get some punany from these hoodrats they are defending. But the thing is that these ghetto ratchet hoodarts don’t even like these simps. They don’t even care for them.

When the simps is goanna realise that they ratchet black woman don’t like them? The men that scarggle daggles loves is thugs like 357 Jimmy, Street Mice, Cheddar Street, Corner Boy Ronney, 50 Calibre Gilly, Machette Man Briggy, Rum Head Frasier, Tankera, Weed Make Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Cell Block Scrappy and Fuck All Night Freed. These simps are wasting their time defending these harridans who are liking, loving, caring and fucking these dudes which they prefer. And these simps and captain save a hoes like Tyrone Thompson, Clifton Rainey, Monty Woodgrain, Shawn James and Dr Foolmar Johnson. these hoodrats don’t wanna be with them.

Black women cannot say that white girls will never amount to black women while they are spending 10 billion dollars every year which is seven billion pounds on buying weave trying to compete with the white woman. And as they try to copy the white woman hair style, they will lose in the department. When a black woman puts on weave on her hair she feels some sort of confidence. But to be honest she is showing her insecurities on display and she is not afraid to show it. The ghetto ratchet black woman can’t say nothing about the white woman while she is wearing weave trying compete with her bitter rival.

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White chicks can’t amount to black chick but they are competing with white chicks when they wearing weave? Hmmmm!


No Edges On Hot Pursuit

no edges

car chase

What a crazy chase. It looks a car chase from a television show or a movie. But I hope everyone is doing well. Money Cultural here with one with a crazy scraggly getting chesed by feds!

The female news reporter Gloria Gomez at the end was like “Oh God!”

A woman was arrested for stealing a rental car at the Gainsville area in Florida. Wykeria Stevenson (That first name is so ghetto) was chased by police officers at the Howard Frankland Bridge, weaving in and out of traffic at speeds of a hundred mile per hour. The police did the pit manoeuvre and stopped her before she kills herself or the other drivers on the bridge. As they handcuffed her, she told the cops that she’s pregnant and has mental issues. As she was taken to the county court and she a list of charges, the judge gave her a $25,000 bond and a ankle monitor if she gets released from jail and cannot leave the Florida state with the charges she’s got.

Shout out to Kid Organic for this video.

One hundred miles an hour on the bridge, good grief. She was doing a hundred mile an hour, risking people’s lives on the bridge in. Guy, did you see how narrow the lanes are on the bridge? And also she’s breeding while she was being chased by the Florida police department? Right, here this now, star! When you see a black woman on the news no matter if it’s CNN, Fox News, BBC news, ITV news, Channel 4 News or Sky News, when they do a news report, it’s always a black woman doing some crazy fuckrey. And the way the ratchet black women are like nowadays, this don’t surprise me.

Right, her body is the least of my worries. To be honest, I don’t mind a lot of woman nowadays especially if the woman is from another race. Money Cultural don’t give a fuck! But when you see the mug shot of the speeding scraggle daggle, she has no edges on the side of her head. You see what happens when you put weave in your scalp? You will lose hair. I’m really not surprised that she’s not bald underneath. I’ve done a series called The Weave Wearing Black Woman and I talked about black women wearing this weave trying to compete with the white woman, their biggest and bitterest nemesis. And also, who got this ratchet black woman pregnant? The good black man who is upstanding? No. is it the simp that will defend these ghetto ratchet hoodrats? Not a chance. It’s the thugs that these ratchet scragglies love and adore from Tankera, Rizly Dizly, Street Mice, 357 Jimmy, Rum Smuggler Don, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta.

As she was put in the police car, she said that she was tired. Tired of what? Speeding on the bridge risking other people’s lives including her own? Being ratchet like her female family members? Oh tired of getting dick down under the bed sheets with these thuggish dudes like Corner Boy Ronney, Des The Drunk, Machete Man Brigg, Rum Head Frasier, Cell Block Scrappy and Fuck All Night Fred? We know that a black women never get man handled by the police that much but it does happen. And sometimes black women do get shot dead by the police. But if was a black man getting chased down by them police officers like that, they will rough him up or maybe shoot him dead. Look, what happened to Rodney King in 1991 when he got stopped by police after he was being perused by the LAPD. And when the Los Angeles police officer caught him, they beat the living shit out of him. And it was on tape. And also, they got off in when the cops was taken to trial in 1992. And that spark the riots in LA in 1992.

The car she was driving, I mean stole was a 2017 Nissan Altima. I don’t know if the car had a 2 litre or the 3.5 V6 engine but the cops caught that ratchet lunatic in their V8 Ford saloon cars. Ladies and gentleman, if that crazy broad was driving one of those muscle cars like the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Corvette or a Dodge Charger, you think the police will catch her? Imagine if she was speeding in a Mercedes Benz E63 AMG or the BMW M5? That will be nut. Worse, imagine if she was driving that four wheel drive gorilla, the Audi RS6? The thing has 552 break horse power and 516 pounds feet of torque. If the police ever chase after her in that 4 litre bi turbo V8 chain dog, they’ll struggle to catch her.

When you see a black woman mostly a ratchet black woman, she is doing something crazy which makes you scratch your head and think “What ah gwan ya?”. She’s fighting another woman for a man that has the third woman in the bed, she is killing her children, she is twerking in public, she’s walking in the streets naked, she’s pissing in public, what the hell is going on with black women? What the hell is going on with the American black woman? The black American woman has lost her mind and she has lost it totally. Her head has gone to oblivion and it hasn’t returned since. I always find black American women attractive. I always did. I heard that American black women are the most freakiest women when it comes to the bedroom. But now, is it worth the slice of that black American pie?

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car chase 2

Thank God that no one was hurt or killed during that car chase on the Howard Frankland Bridge. Be careful on the roads people!


Will I Still Listen To R. Kelly’s Music



R&B legend R. Kelly was found guilty for racketeering, sexual exploitation of a child, kidnapping, bribery, sex trafficking and violation of the Mann Act. He went to trail for child pornography in 2002 but then later he was acquitted. In 2008 when I was working as a passenger assistant in North West London, a Jamaican guy saw the sex tape with R. Kelly and the girl. He saw the girl riding R. Kelly wild, so it seems like he did it after all. Another guy I know since I was a child, he got the R. Kelly sex tape and seen it. R. Kelly is due to be sentenced and it seems like he’s likely goanna get a life sentence. There are some people say that they will never listen to R. Kelly’s music again because of what he did. But what about me who is an R&B fan? Will I listen to R. Kelly’s music ever again?

Will I still listen to his music? Hmmmm! I have seven of R. Kelly’s album in my CD collection. Into the 90’s, 12 Play, self entitled album R. Kelly, R, TP2.com, Best In Both Worlds with rapper Jay Z and The Chocolate Factory. He has done so many great music over the past 30 years. Since the child pornography thing in 2002 and was acquitted, some people will not listen to his music anymore. I understand that they will not listen to his music because of the sex tape but that is their choice. If they don’t wanna listen to his music then that is fine. I don’t make people’s decisions. That can make their own choices.

He did an album in 2002 and he was called Loveland but then it got unreleased. The reason why it will never be released because of that child pornography charge. That is the reason why it’s an unreleased album. You can hear some of the songs of the unreleased album Loveland but you have to hear the whole album on YouTube or you can hear it on the bonus CD on The Chocolate Factory album. But that’s only five tracks of the album. During the 1990’s, they where rumours that he was sexually abusing girls, so this has been going on for years. He use to be in a group called MGM which stands for Mentally Gifted Men and I heard one of their songs called Why You Wanna Play With Me. When I heard saw the title, I said “Yep! I know how it feels to be played.”

With him being sentenced for racketeering and sex trafficking, you must be wondering why would he do something like this. Everything starts in the home. R. Kelly was sexually abused by his older sister Theresa from 8 to 14 years old. I heard that Theresa sexually abused her other siblings as well. At 10 years old, R. Kelly was also sexually abused by a older man who was a friend of the family. I did an article about Jhonni Blaze who was sexually abused by her mother’s husband and her mother sided with him. If R. Kelly didn’t went through what he went through with Theresa sexually abusing him, then none of this fuckrey he was getting into wouldn’t happen.

The title, oh boy! Love the beat though! 1990’s R&B 😍😍😍😍

Errr guys, I don’t think you will believe me with this one here but I actually met Aaliyah. She visited my school in 1996 and all the year elevens went to the hall and we saw her music video for her second album One In A Million and some of the students was asking her questions and so on. We all got a signed photo from the brown beauty. And in 2000, me a silly fucker gave the autograph picture to my gold digging ex. You guys must be thinking “You’re a fool blud! How can you give her the ting blud? You’re a pum pum!” Yes, Money Cultural knows. I was in love with her. Well, I wasn’t in the end of it because she was playing games with me on regular basis. That is something I will talk about some other time but back to Aaliyah. When I took the signed photo from her, oh gosh! Guys, she so beautiful. She was so stunning. Such a brown skin honey!

Will I still listen to R. Kelly’s music? Yeah, but only occasionally though. He has made some great music over his career and still will be the king of R&B. Well, he’s not on the throne anymore because he’s going to jail for the rest of his life. And some of the celebrates from Jay Z, Jermaine Durpi and all the others flipped on him. But now he’s flipped on them. The man is telling on everybody so he can get a reduced sentence. Let me tell you something, there is a lot of dirt in Holly Weird and there’s so many weirdness around Holly Weird. As you look at the crimes R. Kelly have done, he might not get a life sentence.. The man is ready to break the code of the streets and start to snitch.

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Starting to get into the groove

But this is the jam for me!