Is It Me Or Is It


Hello ladies, hello gentlemen, this is money Cultural. What’s up to my followers regardless of the colour and the country you are from? Me, I’m currently doing fine. What do I mean by that? On 27th June 2018; I created Money Cultural on So its goanna be my third anniversary of the urban, street wise website. The reason why it was created is because that I wanna explain what is going on in the so called black community, outside the community and my past experiences. And plus, I love writing. I’m a screenwriter and I have been writing movie scripts since 2001 so you know where I come from. But the thing is that things are slowing me down when it come to screenwriting but I do get things done at the end. When you start something, you have to finish it no matter how long it will take you. It’s a principle.

You see, I have a huge passion of writing and then when I discovered blogging; I just went boom, let me do that. When I created this website, I got some hate from some ratchet black women and these salty simps that is siding with them. I’m not fucking surprised that with these simps that are defending these ghetto ratchet hoodrat harridans. When I talk about the fuckery going on in the so called black community, trust me, I ruffle some feathers but the thing is that I’m just talking logic. That is all. I heard that you can make money on blogging which is a good idea. There are some people that are making money online and they are not doing a normal nine to five job.

Right, I put a donate button on my website. Great, anyone who wants to donate to me, they can do that. I looked my website yesterday to check on my website and also looking at other bloggers. When I went on Money Cultural, I didn’t see the donate button. I went “Whole on. Where’s my donate button?” I looked again and my donate button, still wasn’t there. I ask for help from wordpress and they say that copy and paste it to block. As I copy and paste the code of the donate button from PayPal a few times, didn’t see the donate button on my homepage. So I told them that the donate button is not on my homepage. Then they say that I have to sign up to stripe to apply PayPal on my website. Yeah, something like that guys.

Question, is it me or is it the stuff I write that made wordpress take down the donate button? Is it because that these simps, scraggle daggles, the white beta males don’t like what I write and make wordpress take down the donate button? If a simp is on wordpress and I know that there are simps on wordpress has a donate button on his website, you think it will be taken down? Fuck no people. They wouldn’t even go near him because he’s writing articles of him calling these scraggle daggles beautiful, calling them queens, defending their honour and all sort of nonsense. And like I say, he will get, well little donations. And I try to get the PayPal donate button which I did but it wasn’t the donate button that I wanted. I was really pissed off. I was so pissed off, Star!

I really don’t know if they delete it because they say that they don’t have records of them deleting my donate button. I bet you that the simps and the scraggle daggles must of been happy. No, better yet, they must be laughing their heads off. But when these ghetto ratchet, ghetto gagging hoodrats lose their hair by wearing this weave and going bald, then SYSBM will pissing themselves laughing, hard. And the simps that get betrayed by these ghetto hoodrats when they open their legs the thugs they love and sexually desire, we look at them calling the simps “Stupid monkey dicks!” I was drinking two glasses of Irish cream just try to clear my head because I was is peeved of what happened. I was goanna design my website just to make it look on the street side of things. To make it look street but is not worth it now? Errr — maybe! I don’t know what’s goanna happen next.

If you feel generous, you can donate to me. You can donate much as you want. I don’t mind you know what I’m sayin’

Here is the link:

And also Christ almighty! I just found out in Jamaica that a man killed his girlfriend who was eight months pregnant. After the man was arrested and was put into jail. Afterwards, the man hang himself in the police cell. I went “Another murder/suicide!” I knew that this will happen again. Early this year a man from White Hall in St. Thomas where my family is from kill of his former girlfriend and then kill himself. The man hang himself on the tree close to my grandmother was buried. And the man wasn’t hanging high. You know when 2020 was a crazy year when the Jamaican men was murdering their girlfriends/wife and then kill themselves afterward? Well, it’s the same shit house in 2021.

Another one? Mi backside!

I have talked about this last year. Guess I’m goanna talk about it again!


SYSBM Vs Swirl Mountain




As we know that these simps are at war with SYSBM. Why? Let me explain. The reason for them going at war with SYSBM is because that there is no way that black will not be in a relationship or marry these ghetto trash hoodrats that these simps are defending. But the thing is that these simps don’t even know that these ghetto ratchet hoodrats don’t like them, love them and care about these good for nothing simps. They only go for the rough and ready type dudes. So what about Swirl Mountain? What about these black women who are with white men? Well, these swirlers are against SYSBM as well.

SYSBM and Swirl Mountain are at war with each other. Because these swirlers hate it when black men are with non black women. Why are they hating on a black man who is with a non black woman while they are with a non black man, mostly with white men? It doesn’t make sense when a black woman is in rage when she sees a black man is with a non black woman while she is with a non black man. And there is nothing wrong with a black woman being with a non black man just the same as a black man being with a non black woman but a scraggle daggle cannot be upset when a black man is with a woman from another race and not being angry when a black woman is with a non black man.

But here this. When a black woman begins a relationship with a white man, she will choose the worthless type of white man. Not the white man who works in the city, lives in a house in Stanmore, North West London, drives a BMW 754Le and makes £100,000 a year. Oh no, no! She will choose the white man who doesn’t work, has his own home, his own car and so on. When you think about it, these black women who are with the hopeless white man, they were with the black man who was worthless, hopeless and unproductive. And also, they have children with these type of black men.

There was a Youtube heifer name Crystal Swirls who was in an interracial relationship with a below average white man made a video that she didn’t care if the basket ball legend Kobe Bryant died. The single mother of a biracial child with the father not being there in the child’s life said that because he wasn’t married to a black woman. Not only that. His daughter died with him in that horrible helicopter crash also. Not only she didn’t care that Kobe Bryant died in that horrible helicopter crash but other ghetto ratchet, trashy hoodrats didn’t care at all. They said the same thing about Kobe’s death. There is something wrong with these broads!

Swirl Mountain which is now under water is not only going against SYSBM but there are some simps that are going against it as well. We have simps like the pro black cocaine addict Foolmar Johnson who didn’t build a black school, Incel Shawn James who needs to focus on his next book, Woke Poofgressive who confessed that he’s homosexual and the stalking narcissist Bareback Fountain who is suffering from child trama when his mother use to beat the shit out of him when he was a child are coming after SYSBM just to side with these ghetto ratchet hoodrats. But these hoodrats don’t want a relationship with these simps. They want the thug like Street Mice, Cheddar Street, Street Boy Muhammad, Cell Block Scrappy, Hoodboy Gravy and Fuck All Night Freed. The simps cannot complete with these men because the ghetto scraggles will only open their legs to these men that they lust for.

There are some issues with black women who are relationships with white men. These black women who are with the trashy white men are getting physically assaulted by them. These white beta males are beating up these black women when it comes to these relationships or marriage. There are some black women who have been murdered by their white boyfriends or husbands. Around 25 per cent of black women get killed in a relationship with a white man. There are some white men breed up these black women and they runaway and not take care of their biracial child. There is so many factors when it comes to Swirl Mountain. That mountain is full of carcasses and bones. None of these ghetto scraggle daggles don’t make it up there. They just drop of the summit of the mountain.


The Black Woman And White Beta Male



Remember this infamous man known as Roger Pope who infected 693 black women with HIV?



And do you remember this guy as well. The notorious Mike Oliver who infected 1000 Kenya Woman with HIV?

I have no issues with interracial relationships/marriages. I have no issues when a black man is with a non black woman and a white man with a non black woman. There is nothing wrong with anyone being with someone from another race or culture. But when a black man is with a non black woman or is married to a non black woman and has children with her, he will get a huge amount of hatred from the white beta males who can’t get a woman, these simps who are defending these ghetto hoodrats and the scraggle daggles that never wanted these black men who are with non black women. But when a black woman is with a non black man, nobody says a thing.

However, when a black woman dating a white man, they will go for the worse type of white dudes, you get me? How? Let me explain. You know the below average white man that doesn’t work, refuses to do the jobs that the foreigners are doing, being racist, showing envy towards black men when they date non black women and so on, that is the man that black women will go for. I don’t mind black women dating outside their race but add least have some standards. But at the end of the day, black women don’t have any standards at all just like these simps that will side with these scraggs when thinking black men talk about their bad behaviour.

When a black woman says that black men don’t work, don’t take care of the children, can’t provide, don’t pay the bills and all sorts of nonsense, guess what? When they end up with a white man, they will end up with a beta male who is much worse then the black man that don’t provide, can’t take care of the children, don’t pay the bills and so on. So if a black woman doesn’t want a man that can’t provide which some black men are providing for their families, then what does she expects from a white beta male. Nothing. He ain’t goanna do the things that a normal man will do for a woman. But, some black women will not choose for man that will provide, take care of the bills, take care of his children and so on. The white beta males and the simps have the same thing in common. They don’t know about grown man’s business.

There is a thing or a movement called swirling. It’s when black women who are dating non black men, mostly white men. I don’t know who created it but there is a movement out there. And there’s also a thing called Swirl Mountain. These swirlers are black women that shows hatred towards black men while they are with the worse type of white beta male. But the thing is this. There are carcasses and bones up that mountain blud! Yo, a whole leap of them bones up the summit of the mountain. Because the relationships with these swirling black woman and the white beta males is a recipe of disaster. Right, there is a YouTuber called Crystal Swirls who is in a violent relationship with a white beta male who is on meth. I did an article called The White Ike Turner. Oh yeah. 25 per cent of black women get killed in a interracial relationship.

When black women says negative things about black men and they are with the white beta males, I’m goanna tell you something. Them gyal are are fool, fool, people! You see these swirlers from swirl mountain which has nothing but carcasses and bones, before that they were with thugs, bad boys, worthless men, hopeless men and the unproductive men like Machete man Briggy, Rum Head Frasier, Ruff Cut Larry, Street Mice, Cheddar Street, Cell Block Scrappy, Rum Smuggler Don and Whiskey Baron Tony. These are the man that these simps cannot compete when they are chasing black women, you know what I mean! These Ruff Neck Desmond types will always get the punany when the scraggs opens their legs to them. These scragglies with not throw the pum pum into the simps faces.

I don’t have issues of black women dating outside their race just the same way that I have no issues of black men dating outside their race. But the thing is this that black men will get verbally assaulted when they have a non black woman with them and black women will be with the white beta male who is hopeless as these simps defending the ghetto wretched whores. The below average white man is the type of man not even the average white woman will choose for a relationship or marriage but I know that the black women will choose a white beta male over the decent black man.


Black Men Are Finished

feminie black men

feminie black men 2

feminie black men 3

We all know what’s happening with black women. The ratchet black women. Black women wearing weave trying to look like a white woman and lose when they compete with their arch enemy, black women bleaching their skin, embracing single motherhood and that is why they have multiple baby daddies, praying to a man that died on a cross who didn’t say a single thing about slavery, calling their sons they husband which sound very abnormal, getting breed off by worthless black men which they actually prefer, yo blud, there’s so many factors, people! And you know what else? When thinking black men talk about the ratchet behaviour of the scragglies, these simps are coming after thinking black men when they talk about their black queens that they worship.

We have these simps defending these scraggle daggles, siding with them, attacking thinking black men because they have an opinion, coming after black men when they are dating non black women, there are so many fuckery with these simps. I was reading an article called It’s Too Late – The Black Woman’s Image Is Finished by And it’s about the black woman’s image and them wearing bonnets in the street. Yes, we have seen black women wearing it in the street, especially in broad daylight. There was this simp on Twitter and his name is King Keeme. There is a photo of him wearing a bonnet in support of black women. And there are other black men wearing bonnets as well in support for non natural hair black women.

queen keeme

Here’s the link:

Let me tell you something. Black men as a whole is finished. Yes, black men are finished. We see black men killing each other, having children with multiple women, not taking care of their children, having a crabs in a bucket mentality, having feminine characteristics, there is so many things with black man and being feminine is one of them. When scraggles daggles sees a masculine black man, they are throwing daggers at him but when they see a black men that has all the female traits, they will do nothing to him. They actually prefer that more because they wanna see a black man in a feminine state and they look the black masculine, heterosexual male a threat.

Imagine, you walk down the street, enjoying the sun shine, you dress well and you walk past a simp wearing a pink bonnet on his head and he says “I’m giving my full support for my black queens!” I’m will say “Whole on! Why you have that thing on your head, star!? You know that’s for the gyal them? A man can’t wear a ting like that? That’s for women. No blud, no man should wear that. Especially on the road!” Black men are nothing but pink lotion men because they are now they become feminine and the reason for that is because that they were feminized when they were little boys.

And these feminine black men will became henchmen/enforcers and come after SYSBM because they hate it when black men are in relationship or marriage with non black women. The reason why these simps are simping is because they are trying to get some punany rom these ghetto ratchet black women. But they end up getting none because these ghetto hoodrats are giving the pooky to ruffneck dudes like 500 Mag, Rizla P, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Machine Gun Dread, Machette Man Briggy and Des The Drunk. These simps will not get the chance to get the pum pum from these ghetto harridans. No sir, these ghetto harlots will open their legs to the worthless black men that they love, lust and desire.

Black men are finished as a whole and there is nothing that can change that. All black men are good for is being simps who are siding with these ghetto ratchet hoodrats that don’t even like them. They are the last thing on the scraggle daggles mind. The reason why these simps are feminine is because they were raised in a single mother household and they didn’t have a father around. Let me tell you something, if my mum and dad if he was still alive saw me wearing that bonnet in my head, everyone will hear them cursing loud!

feminie black men 4

Look at the dude with the tongue, yo!

feminie black men 5

feminie black men 6

A whole leap of simps are goanna come simping like this!


The Weave Wearing Black Woman Part 12: It’s A Wrap

weave head woman

weave head woman 2


With all the black women wearing weave. I have something to tell you.


It’s a wrap for natural beauty!

I was at Watford today getting my haircut. Yeah, the Ghanaian man did a good job. Afterwards I went into Primark in Watford Town Centre just to buy some sunglasses. I was leaving Watford Town Centre. I was on the 321 Bus heading to St Albans City Station because heading to Luton is a long journey and the buses nowadays are just iffy. When I was on the bus passing the Watford Job Centre, I saw this black woman, slim body, brown skin, wearing them high heel mules, sexy looking browning. But there is one thing. The browning had that weave on. Blonde weave. Yeah man, black woman have weave in their scalp as well in that area. You may think that black women in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire don’t have that weave in their head. Oh no, same thing. And speaking off weave, this weekend was just weave mania.

Right, it was a Saturday afternoon, the sun was shinning, weather was tree. I was at Leagrave Train Station in Luton heading to Seven Sisters, North London. Then I went to Walthamstow, Croydon, Brixton and Southbank. I went on the Thamelink train and I saw this black chick with brown skin, nice toes, thick thighs, smell nice too. Yeah, I know, another browning but anyway. I came off at London St. Pancras International. She comes off with her friend as well. You must be wondering “Why you never chat to her blud? You should off chat to her. You should chirp her. Give her the lyrics.” Right, there is a reason why I didn’t chat her up or talk to her even though I’m too old for chasing girls. The reason why I didn’t talk to her is because that she had that weave in her hair.

Yesterday, I was at the station heading to the town. I saw two black girls. One was tall, had nice toes, great legs, smell good too. And the other one had a nice body, thick legs. Yeah, thick thighs save lives. Guess what? The two of them had weave on. Oh boy! When I see a black woman in the street, she has that weave in her head, especially when they wear that blonde weave. It’s nothing but weave galore as I see black women wearing weave every single day. There are some black women that have their natural hair like the one I saw coming off the train at Victoria station when I was coming from Brixton. And she wasn’t bad looking as well.

As I look at it now. When it comes to natural hair, it’s a wrap. Natural beauty is done when it comes to black women. All black men are seeing now is black women wearing this weave trying to compete with the white woman who is their biggest ever nemesis. As black men see this weave on black women, black men will look at this and walk away from black women and date a non black woman that can grow her long wavy hair naturally. If a black man sees a black woman with natural hair which is now a very rare thing now, he might give her a chance but when a black man sees a weave wearing black woman, it will be very difficult to approach her because she is not in her natural state.

There are black men that will approach a black woman that have that weave glued in their scalp but that are the simps that are defending these scraggle daggles when black women talk about the bad behaviour of these ghetto hoodrats. When black men talk about black women wearing weave, simps like King Keeme sides with them. But there are many, many simps that are defending these scraggly weave wearers that goes to the hairdressers and spend their money just to put this weave on their head trying to take on the white woman’s hairstyle.

There is no way that a black man will ever approach a black woman because she has nothing but weave in her hair. Black men are now turning away from black women because black women as a whole are not in their natural state. So black decided to look for a black woman that has natural hair which is now rare nowadays or they can date non black women. There are black men that will approach black women but that will be these simps that black women don’t want as they prefer the worthless man, the hopeless man or the unproductive man.


Why Thinking Black Men Stay Away from Ratchet Family Members


Why thinking black men don’t hang around with their family members. There is a reason why black men who are thinking minded don’t hang around with family members. There are some family members that I can’t even stand with their ratchet self. And as I got older, it was like “Na blud. I don’t wanna be in this hyena klan.” Because most of them are ratchet women. Right, the reason why thinking black men don’t hang around with their family members is because that they will not deal with the ratchet behaviour with their family. They will refuse to deal with their wretched behaviour and they will call them out on it.

When thinking black men see the women in their family that act nothing but ratchet, they start to think that these woman act like the women they are avoiding with comes looking for a relationship/marriage. When they see the men in their family, they also start to think that the men act like these simps that will defends these ghetto ratchet scragglies when black men talk about the ratchetness amongst black women. For these simps, they will know about the ratchet behaviour because they see it in their family tree. And they see it a lot. But they say nothing about.

When it comes to ambition and achieving their goals, their family members will not support them. They will hold them down like some crabs in a barrel. So it’s like thinking black men have to kick them to the curb and walk away from them. Ratchet black women and the simps will stop an ambitious black man just because that they never had the drive that they have, however, they have the drive to drag another black man down when he wants to be success. But when comes to a white man who wants to be successful, these ratchet black women and the simps will do nothing to him.

When it comes to children, when thinking black men have kids, they are making sure that their family members will not go near them. For instance, if it’s a boy, the female family members will try to feminise him. And if it’s a girl, they’ll try to corrupt her to make her like them. And the simps, they have no sense anyway. The thinking black man want to raise children in a two parent home and for his family members, they fuck it up. No, they want to fuck it up because they are against the two parent home because they cab get free housing, free money, food stamps which you can’t get in Britain, they get things easy.

During a family reunion, the thinking black man wouldn’t think about coming to one. Because he will not deal with the ratchetness amongst his family members. He will refuse to deal with the ratchet behaviour. I understand that family is important but what happens when the ratchetness is too much? When the thinking black man sees his family members, the women and the men have been raised by a woman. They never had a father around. Well, the scraggles took the father out of the household and replace it when government assistance.

When thinking black men call out the bullshit of these ratchet ghetto hoodrats, these simps are willing to defend them. We all know why they are siding with these good for nothing scraggle daggles just to get some cooch but they should know that these scraggles only wants the simps to defend them. They prefer the worthless men like Street Mice, Dusty Dave, Dirty Mark, Thuggish P and Hoodlum Gravy. Thinking black men knows that these simps are wasting their time saving these ghetto ratchet hoodrats that they have in their family. Because these scraggs don’t like it when these simps lick up to them.


The Scraggle’s Choice Of Weapon


With these scraggly harridans, we see them fighting in the street, the shopping malls, in raves, outside the gas stations, in schools and so on. And most of the times these ghetto hoodrats are fighting for a man who has another woman that has open her legs to him waiting for him to press it. As we see black women fighting, mostly in the street no matter what day it is, we are seeing black women using their cars to knock over another scraggly. And we have seen a lot of the ghetto black women using their cars as a weapon. Oh boy!

We have these scarggle daggles using their cars as weapon in the street, gas stations, you name it. As a fight breaks out with one scraggle daggle to another, one will end up using her car and run the ratchet chick over. I have seen some ratchet fuckery before with these ghetto ratchet black women but it’s absolutely crazy of someone running another person over when two hoodrats fighting, for man a man most of the time. And when a scraggle daggle get hit by a car, they get right back up with minor injuries. Well, sometimes.

There was a video I saw and there was a man who got ran over by a ghetto black woman. And the thing is that the scragg who was recorded this starts laughing when the guy who got run over. The first thing, I don’t know why the harlot ran the guy over. It could be her boyfriend or something like that. I don’t know. And second of all is why someone is laughing when a guy gets run over? What happens if he died? We she be laughing then if the man dies? Let me tell you something, if I had a girl who was laughing of someone getting run over and records it, I will dump the gyal immediately. I’ll kick to the curb! The guy was injured but he survived from getting though, thank goodness.

There are so many video on YouTube of ratchet black women running people over. There was a video of two scragglies fighting over Facebok beef. And when the fight was over, the browning got run over. The car bounce up in the air to bomba claat when the woman got run over. She comes like some speed hump. And there was a next video of when four women get run over in East St. Louis, Illinois. And all four of them got up as well from them getting run over by the violent hoodrat in the coupe.

I bet you the two female news presenter must be thinking “I know why black men want women like us!”

When I saw those two women get knock over I went bomba claat!”

Right, Tommy Sotomayor did a video and I think it was two harridans who got killed during a car accident at a freeway. Both of the hoodrats was beefing on the freeway and they were bumping act each other with their cars. And both of them crashed and died on the freeway and one of them was pregnant. I don’t know what was the case of them getting each other killed but when a scraggle daggle is around, they’ll be nothing but chaos, especially when they are behind the wheel.

Every single time we always see these ghetto ratchet scargglies fighting in the street, most of them for the same willy. But now these scraggle daggles are using their cars as a lethal weapon, especially towards black men. I have seen some crazy things when it comes to black women but this is getting really ridiculous. The scraggly’s choice of weapon is the car and she will use it to run over anyone. And black man know this. When you see a fight with a group of hoodrats and three, four or five of them get run over, everything goes quiet like a desert!


Simps Battling With SYSBM



The simps are in battle with SYSBM!

Right, we all know that there is a war between SYSBM and the simps. The simps, well they started it. I said that 2021 is the year that these simps will go to war with SYSBM and the SYSBM man them says “Bring it on. Let’s go to war.” These simps have been coming after SYSBM since it first started in 2012 when it was created by Youtuber Mad Bus Driver. I discovered it in 2013 when I watched a video on his YouTube Channel but the video don’t exists anymore because it was taken down by these simps because they got butt hurt badly by the video, you get me?

These simps are coming after SYSBM relentlessly but the SYSBM are defending themselves as these simps are coming after them with the thunder. Right, the reason why these simps are coming after SYSBM is because the SYSBM crew will not date, be in a relationship or marry these ghetto ratchet scraggly daggly hoodrats that these simps love, honour and obey. When the SYSBM sees these ghetto whores that these simps lusting after, they start thinking then say “Na, fuck that. I go elsewhere.”

Simps like D “Derailed” Derrel, incel Shawn James, Woke Poofgressive 2.0, Expose The Manosphere Bareback Fountain and Dr Foolmar Johnson are coming after black men who are with non black women. Because they want black men to be with these ghetto ratchet mediocre women that they have a fondness for. But when a black women dates a non white man or marries a white man, these simps don’t say anything at all. They don’t call her a coon, a nigger, house nigger; sell out but they say that to a black man when he dates a non black woman. As these simps sees a black woman with a non black man, there is a huge celebration but they come after black men when they are with a non black woman.

Black men are always the target when it comes to interracial relationships and mix marriage because these simps want black men to wife up these scraggly women that they are siding with. And SYSBM are not backing down whatsoever. They are defending themselves to the T. They ain’t backing down to none of these simpletons. Simping is still in effect in 2021 as everybody are seeing more and more simps like Dr Foolnar Johnson, Bareback Fountain, True Semen, Nutward TV and so on. I don’t know why he call himself doctor and he ain’t one. Probably for simping but fuck it anyway.

But these simps have some serious flaws. And issues. First up, everyone find out that Woke Poofgressive confessed that he’s homosexual. That cause a huge storm on the internet. I’m not surprised that him trying to find out where black men are putting their penis in. Shawn James is nothing but an incel that he needs to focus on his next book. And he’s has never had a girlfriend in his life. Yeah, that’s right. Bareback Fountain needs to see a councillor for his childhood traumas as we found out that his mother use to abuse him when he was a child. And Dr Foolmar Johnson has a cocaine addiction. Yeah man, Foolmar Johnson is sniffing up the coke up his nose hole.

These simps are goanna end up losing the battle when they take on SYSBM. Because the ghetto scraggle daggles they are defending will turn on them. They will betray them. And these scraggs don’t want to be with these simps. Yo, they want the ruff neck man like Ruff Cut Larry, Cell Block Scrappy, Rizla P, Street Butter, Thuggish P, Full Auto Rob, Des The Drunk, Machete Man Briggy and Colt Five Rounds. They don’t want these simps that are defending their honour. These simps will suffer the consequences of defending these hoodrats that they love so much. We have warned these stupid simps is not side with these ghetto hoodrats but the thing is that they don’t wanna listen.


When The Scraggs Can’t Handle The Truth


Well, the scripture says something about the ratchet black woman. And these simps say that we black men should marry something like that?

As you see the Hebrew Israelites reading out the scriptures to the ratchet woman, she acts ratchet in the street, in broad daylight. And you must be wondering “Why is she acting like this blud? Why is she acting some mad gyal!?” Well, when you are talking truth to someone, they act like this. And when you see black women who is ratchet and you tell the truth about her, she will act like this in the middle of the street. I’m not surprised of seeing this hoodrat act this way but at the end of the day, this how a ghetto ratchet scarggle daggle act most of the time.

It’s the same thing when thinking black men talk about the ratchet black women. But the thing is that these simps are defending these ghetto ratchet hoodrats when thinking black men talk about the ratchetness of black women. But the thing is that these simpletons are being sent to come after thinking black men by these hoodrats because the scraggs cannot defend themselves when thinking black men are giving them logic. So they send their enforcers/henchmen known as the simps to side with them and take on black men who are talking about the ratchet black women.

As black men see the way the ratchet black woman like this scraggle daggle that is making noise in the street, they decide to date a non black woman because they will refuse to deal with the ratchet black woman’s fuckery. But the thing is that these simps are attacking black men who are with non black women all because think minded black men will refuse to choose these women for girlfriends or wives. And that is the reason why these simps are coming after black men who are with non black women.

And these simps like Foolmar Johnson are foolish to the T! Because these hoodrats don’t like men like Foolamr Johnson. Oh no, they want the worthless man, the hopeless man, the useless man and the unproductive man like Full Auto Rob, Street Butter, 500 Mag John, Dirty Rizla, King Thug and Thuggish P. Like I stated before, these simps have no chance to have these ghetto ratchet hoodrats. These scraggs will only open their legs and give away the punany to the man that is ruff neck. And that is Rum Smuggler Don, Weed Make Jake, Whiskey Baron Tony, Colt Five Rounds, Rizla P, Long Dick 44 and Fuck All Night Freed.

Yes, the truth does hurts and some people can’t handle the truth and the ghetto ratchet woman from the hood is a prime example. But here this now. When someone act a certain way, people will judge you and start talking about you saying “Yo, you see the way that fool was acting over there bruv?” And the other guy will say “Yep, I see it.” As the ghetto black woman was acting like a mad somebody will the Israelites reading the scriptures, think minded black men will look at her and say “There is no way that I’m going near that. Let me go elsewhere for a woman.”

Thinking about talking about the Hebrew Israelites. Well be something guys.


Ratchetness Is Unattractive To Black Men


Black men, do you find this attractive?

The guy on 4:26. New York went in G! 😄😆😅😂🤣

Black men, do you find this attractive? No

Ratchetness is unattractive to black men. I repeat, ratchetness is unattractive to black men. How many videos we see black women being ratchet? There are so many videos of black women being that are ratchet and frankly enjoy it. There are ghetto ratchets who are wearing inappropriate clothing, there are ratchets black women that are wearing all different colours of weave, they twerk in public and don’t care, show they’re bad behaviour on social media, the list goes on and on and on. And when black men who are think minded look at this, they just turn around and walk off in a instant.

When black men see the ratchetness of black women, these women remind them of their female family members. And as they see this with other black women, they are not goanna deal with that ratchet bullshit. So they decide to date non black women and move away from the scraggle daggles that embrace the ratchetness. But the thing is that these ghetto ratchet black women will lose their heads and go in rage mode when they see black men with non black women and calling them names like nigger, house nigger, coon, sell out, sambo and all that nonsense that comes out of their ratchet mouth.

But black men will give these ghetto scarggle daggles nothing but the logical truth of the bad behaviour of these scragglies. As they do that, these scraggs will go to the simps and use them as attack dogs to come after any black man with has a logical mindset. And you know, the worse thing is that these simps will go and defend these ghetto hoodrats. They will be the enforcers/henchmen for the ghetto ratchet harlots and come after black men who talk about the badness of these ghetto scraggs.

But black men who are SYSBM are willing to take on these simps because they are not afraid to take these simps on who don’t have a brain in their thick skull. And when these simps go to battle with SYSBM, they end up losing and they come back emotionally wounded when they take on SYSBM in the battlefield. These simps don’t know what they are getting themselves into. They are taking on intelligent black men who doesn’t think like them and these simps have nothing but weak logic.

As ask they are defending these good for nothing ghetto scarggles, these hoodrats are chasing after the thug, the criminal, the worthless man, the hopeless man and the unproductive man. The men like Colt Five Rounds, 357 Jimmy, Machete Man Briggy, Knife man Priest, Corner Boy Ronney, Rum Smuggler Don, Thick Dick Tyrone and Fuck All Night Freed. The simps will have no chance to get one of these scarggle daggles that they love and honour. They will struggle to get one.

Black men or thinking black men are not attractive to ratchet women. They stay away from that fuckery. Because the problems it will bring for them if they start a relationship with these scraggly women. And these hoodrats don’t mind causing madness towards but these thinking black men will not take shit from these ratchet women. Listen here, it I was with one of these scraggles, you think I’m goanna take any crap from them? You must be out of your mind!