Yo people. 2020 was the worst year ever. Jesus Christ bredda! I have never been through a year like this in my 39 years of my life. I thought that 2018 was a crap year but 2020 was worse then 2018. I have never gone through anything like this yet. But I hope everyone is doing well. I hope that 2021 is doing fine with everybody around the globe. The hair raising Money Cultural is here giving it to you right here and right now.

Let’s start with this damn Coronavirus plandemic. Since the corona come about, people were dying from this virus which certain people says that it’s just a hoax. And then when the virus came about, that’s when the lockdown come about all over the globe. Let men tell you something. This corona is destroying the economy big fucking time star. They are causing unemployment, small businesses shutting down, domestic violence has gone up and so on. And the thing is that Oriental people are getting racially abused because that people think think that the corona comes from China. The lockdown has driven everyone crazy. It has even driven me crazy. And the second lockdown pissed everyone off big time. Even the house of parlement was really pissed off. Pissed off like I was would you believe it.

The tune is right about Boris!

Boris Johnson, him a bumbahole for real to pussy claat!

And speaking of people dying, this is the year when Jamaican women get killed off by their boyfriends and husbands in the beautiful land of Jamaica. The Jamaican women are getting shot, stabbed to death, even get their heads chopped off by their boyfriends. Why this is shit is happening? Because that these Jamaican scragglies are giving these Jamaican men bun. In Jamaica, bun means cheating. There was an incident of a solider that killed his wife in Portmore because he found out that she had another man. When he confronted her about the side man, she started to lie about it. And she also shamed him as well until he lost her head and kill her in a fucking flash. And after that, he kills himself. This has never use to happen in Jamaica but now it’s a new trend. And there is goanna be more like this of that island of the Caribbean.

Even though this very heart breaking to her this man’s pain but yo, the man took her out of this earth and kill himself as well people!

The struggle is real, star!

Hold on! Whole on. The man is saying that she was tormenting you, kick down the door for money. And then he kill her. She sound like a terrorist.

25th May 2020, George Floyd died under the hands of a police officer. His death cause Black Live Matter to march in the streets in America, especially in Britain. His shocking death was recorded and went viral all over social media. Derek Chauvin of the Minneapolis Police Department had his knee on the back of George Floyd’s neck while he was on floor stomach first with hands handcuffed behind his back. The other police officers didn’t stop Derek Chauvin who was married to a Asian woman with two children. Simp! This is something which has happen numerous times with black men and police officers. There are black men that have been assaulted by police officers and even died under the hands of the police. It also happens in Britain as well when there are black men have died in police vans and in police custody. Look in the 1980’s when of black men have died under the hands of the police.

26th January 2020, Basketball legend Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash. Not only that, his 13 year old daughter Gianna died along with him with six friends during the crash. It was horrible of what happened to Kobe and his daughter but what make sick to my stomach is when these ghetto ratchet, scraggle daggle black women celebrated basketball legend’s death. Not only this man has lost his life but his daughter died with him as well. They also celebrated the death of George Floyd as well. Right, you must be thinking why these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles that have weave in their hair trying to look like a white woman, their biggest ever nemesis are celebrating the deaths of Kobe Bryant and George Floyd? Because that Kobe and George are with non black women. These ratchet whores are bitter to the fucking core. The man lost his life and his little girl died with him. When thinking black men saw this shit from the scraggly heifers, they just said “Fuck these weave wearing whores!” and walk off fast because there is now that they don’t wanna deal with these good for nothing scraggs.

On 3rd November 2020, The Democrats have won the US election. Democratic former vice president Joe Biden defeated the current president Donald Trump to be the 46th president of the Un – United States of America. Right, here’s the thing now. I’m not a political type guy just the same of having no religion but let me tell you this. You see black men? They are goanna leave the black community in high numbers. Because the democrats have something for the ghetto black women. These ghetto ratchets will get housing, welfare, food stamps, everything that they are demanding for and they will get it. And as that happens, we will see more and more of these scraggle daggles becoming single mothers in the so called black community and there will be no father in the household so that these ghetto scraggs don’t need to go out and work because of the amount of money they will get from the government. It’s fine for the government to help you but living off it is not a lifestyle. But these scraggle daggles, they want this government funding and they want plenty of it.

My 2020 ended with a death in the family. On 23rd of December 2020, one of my older brothers have died. He was suffering from prostate cancer and then he had another illness. And then the COVID 19 came along and ended his life. I haven’t talked to my siblings from my dad side since 1999 because that when my dad was sick in hospital in the winter 1999, they didn’t see him. And when he died in the spring 1999, they didn’t help my mum to organize the funeral when she was goanna bury him in Jamaica. It was in the summer in 1999 when I was living in North West London, my called me and wanted to tell me something. And when I went to her, she told me that my older siblings where taking my mum to court for her house that she brought and paid for in 1984. When my mum told me that, I just gave them no contact at all. That was it star.

My mum won the case in spring 2005 up at Willesden Magistrate Court and me and my two sisters was there as well. I was happy that the case was over but I was not happy of what my dad’s children did. I was more pissed off then my mum because not only try where trying to take my mum to court of something which is not theirs but I feel that I have betray by them. The last time I saw that was at my best friend dad’s funeral in 2013. My mum and my two sisters were talking to my two brothers. My mum let bygones be bygones. Me, I was just thinking about my best friend dad and why he wasn’t there at his dad’s funeral and the reception. When my mum got the phone call that my older brother died, it just hit me hard, very hard. And I was thinking about what happened with me and them. Because something like shouldn’t happened at all. And what they try to do to my mum, they did the same thing to my dad.

2020 was a horrible year. And when 2021 swing by, everyone was glad to blow whole! What a horrible year with the plandemic, lockdown, Kobe Bryant’s and George Floyd’s death, the death of my older brother’s and all of the other things. Let’s see if 2021 can be better.

R.I.P Big brother!


Singe Mothers Entitlement

single mother

I know it’s Christmas day and all but, I don’t care. When I was watching this video from Book of AlphaRomomy – DR. BoA on YouTube, it made my blood bowl. This woman who is a single mother was on this podcast and she talked about not given up the punany because he didn’t pay for her daughters food from McDonalds. Right, let me get straight foreword with this. If the man didn’t pay for her daughter’s Mc D’s, then he did a good thing. Why would any man will pay for some food for a child which is not his? And the scraggle daggle was upset because he didn’t pay for her little girl’s food? And for that, she didn’t wanna give him the punany because of that? Wow!

I done articles of Black Men Dating Single Mothers Part One and Two, The Black Step Daddy, Officer Simp and Being With A Single Mother Is Like Walking Into A Landmine when I have explained about men especially black men dealing with women with children. There are so many black men that are now with women with children and most of these men are simps who attack thinking black men when they say that they will not be in a relationship or marriage with a woman with children, regardless of the colour of the woman. If a man has children and a woman has children, then they can come together and form a relationship but these single mothers don’t want that. They are looking for a man that will simp for them and there are men that is willing to do that.

How does the single mothers be entitled for a man to play the father role of a child or children which is not his? I fucking know. It’s these simps that are boasting these scraggle daggles ego up. They are calling these scragglies beautiful, calling them queens, mother earth and all other bullshit just to get that pum pum that they are thirsty for. Why don’t the woman by the Mc D’s for her daughter instead of asking the man to by something for the child which doesn’t belong to him? When the date didn’t simp for her, that’s when she wasn’t goanna give him the punany which Thick Dick Tyrone, 357 Jimmy, Colt Five Rounds, Cheddar Street and Corner Boy Ronney had. And they had it very often.

I know that there is some simp that will defend these ghetto hoodrats will say “Well, Money Cultural. You are cold hearted man that don’t care for her child. She thought you were a gentleman but you are mean dude. All she wanted you to do is to buy some food for her little girl and you didn’t spend the bread on her child. If it was me now, if it was me now, I will spend my whole welfare money for her and her child but you though; you don’t wanna spend your money on her child. That is why I idolise Russell Wilson.” That’s what a simp will say to me and to any other thinking black man out there. But you know what? That shit is fucking cool bruv! There is no way that I will pay for a child which is not even mine.

But there are some ruff neck man in Church Round up at North West London like Weed Man Jake will say to me that “Yo Donovan, na get give nuthin’ to the pickney. Let her buy McDonald for the little girl herself. Ah your pickney Donovan? Mi say ah your pickney!? You must get ‘nough gyal Donovan. You must ‘nough gyal mon! It na matter if she’s ugly or fat you know. Ah gyal flex your fi do. You can’t simp” And all the others in my ends will say the same thing to me. Why would any man is goanna pay food for a child which is not his?

When a man is looking for someone for a relationship or a marriage, if he has no children then he has to look for a woman with no children. Because when they from a unity, they can build a family structure. And if you are a single father, you need to look for a single mother because both of you have the same thing in common. And that is you are single parents. But these single mothers don’t want a single father. They want a childless man so they want him to simp for them. And as the men will not simp for these scraggs, they will withhold that ram through puss with Rapid Fire Rasta, Knife Man Priest, Des The Drunk, Rum Head Frasier and Machete Man Briggy ram out on a frequent occasions between the sheets.

See you guys on January 15th 2021. This is Money Cultural, straight outta North West London.


The Weave Wearing Black Woman Part 9: Going Bald

bald black woman

When I’m walking in the street no matter if I’m in North West London, South London, Watford or even Luton, all I see is black women wearing this weave. No matter what colour the weave is whatever if it’s red, blue, green, blue, pink, blonde, purple or different colours, these black women have weave in their hair trying to copying the white woman, their biggest nemesis. But some will say to me that “There are black women that have natural hair. Not all black women wear weave.” And I do agree with them but the natural black woman is now a very rare thing. Every day, I see more and more black women wearing this weave trying to look like Caucasian woman but they are suffering the consequences. And that is black women are going bald.

What do I mean by that? Well, as black women that are wearing this weave trying to look white, they are suddenly losing their hair. It’s not a small majority of black women that are losing hair. If you are goanna put on someone else hair or sow it, you goanna expect losing your natural hair. Because it’s someone else hair and seeing weave on a black women is very weird thing. When I walk in the streets, all I see is black women wearing this weave and when they have this tacky weave in their hair, they have this sudden confidence in themselves. When they walk the streets with this weave on, they are showing nothing but insecurities and they are not afraid to show it. These weave wearers have a huge hatred for natural black beauty but they don’t have a problem spending seven billion pounds a year on this weave that they are addicted too.

bald black woman 2

Black women are going through baldness quicker then any man that is losing their hair. Because they are so desperate of trying to look like a white woman by putting this fake hair and copy their arch enemy trying to compete with her. If black women hate the white woman so fucking much, then are they copying her hairstyle? That shit is very odd when they have a huge hate for the white woman while they are wearing this weave trying to look like their rival. I like the natural look of a black woman but the natural black woman is becoming a very rare thing because black women are wearing this weave constantly.

As black men see black women wearing this weave, black men start to think that they don’t want a fake white woman with blonde weave. So they decide to date real thing that can grow her blonde hair naturally. Not a black woman with blonde hair trying to compete with the original blonde. And when black men see black women take off that weave, they see that she losing hair. And black will get put off by that and walk away because they will not deal with the weave wearing black woman. But there some simps that will deal with weave wearing black women. Well, they are defending these weave heads when thinking black men talk about black women wearing this weave. It’s just a tactic the simps use just to get some punany.

Black women are getting bald because they are wearing this weave and trying to be something else. The weave wearing black women has an issue of her being a natural black woman. Thinking black men knows that black women are wearing weave trying to get a white man. Thinking black men know that black women are wearing this fake hair just to compete with their arch nemesis known as the white woman. And they also know that black women are losing their hair when the weave is eating out their scalp. Black women will go to extreme lengths to look like a white woman, the woman they have hate for. And they are suffering the deadly consequences of going bald.


Money Cultural, The You Tube Channel


This is Money Cultural, the channel.

I created this channel on 1st February 2020 and the first video was called The Death OF The Manosphere. And yes, the manosphere is now dead and will not get resurrected.

What is the channel is all about? You know when I talk about these scraggle daggles and these simps on Money Cultural? It’s the same thing as well on YouTube.

You know that Expose The Manosphere watches my videos. And he has video clips of me and other guys on YouTube. Him and the other simps are just defending these ghetto hoodrats just to get some punany but these scraggs don’t even care about these simps and captain save a hoes.

I got flagged when I did this video.

The most popular video on my channel is Black Men Dating Single Mothers when I explain about black men dating women with children.

So, if you are on YouTube, subscribe to my channel.


They Support The The Weave Business


In the so called black community, there are some black people that doesn’t support black business. I’ve heard that saying from some black people numerous times and I do agree on that. Why they are saying black people don’t support black business is because that some black people who don’t support black business are showing jealousy towards the one who has their own business and that this the reason why they don’t give black business owners support. However, there are black people that do support black business. And that is the weave business.

Look how many these scraggs go into hairdressers and put a huge amount of weave trying to be none black. Do you how much money these ghetto harridans spend on this weave? They spend ten billion dollars on buying this weave every since year. That is seven billion pounds in British sterling. When you go into the black community, you will see one weave shop to another. Even hair dressers that put weave in these customers hair, they sell weave as well. And some of the weave shops are owned by other people from other races mostly Asian.

Here this. What will happen if these scraggle daggles don’t have money to by the weave? Well, they will steel it. Yep, I have seen so many videos of these scraggly harlots steeling weave. I’m not surprised on that at all because I know that these ghetto hoodrats will do any kind of dysfunctional fuckery. And the thing is that they don’t care a single bit. Hairdressers and weave shops are making so much money because that these ghetto hoodrats are spending their money just to put in this weave in their scalp.

Question. What does the simps says about this? What do they say about these harridans spending money this weave trying to look like the white woman, their biggest and bitterest arch nemesis? Nobody hear a thing about these simps talk about these hoodrats wearing weave trying to look white. But I know that thinking black men do get attacked by these simps when they talk about black women wearing weave, and other things which these ratchet women do on a daily basis. But everyone knows that these ghetto harriets tell the simps to attack thinking black men as they hear them talk about ratchet black women.

The weave business is booming like crazy because these scraggle daggles are spending money just by weave. And they are spending a lot of money just to look their arch enemy known as the white woman. And they will put in different colours of weave in their hair also from red, green, blue, purple, grey, pink, blonde, brown and so on. These ghetto hoodrats will go into extreme lengths just to look like their rival the white woman. But they suffer the serious consequences of going bald when they put this fake hair in their scalp.


The Thirst Trap 2: Cleavage On Screen

black breasts

Right, I don’t mind big breasted women. I don’t mind women with big thighs and wide hips neither. It’s one of my preferences so I don’t mind that whatsoever. But, I have seen pro black female on YouTube with their cleavage out, especially on their live streams. I have seen this very often when I watch YouTube and see these pro black women having their cleavage out. But you know who is watching these females with the chest out? Is these simps lusting and drooling for these succubus female YouTubers. The thirst trap is here once again.

What a dangerous trap!

We have so many thirst traps, mostly on social media. And it’s making the simps going into a lustful thirst. We have it on Facebook, Twitter, even on Instagram. They will go into overdrive lust but they get themselves into a very dangerous situation which these scraggle daggles set them up for. Oh boy. These jezebels will set up these dangerous traps for these simps and they have been doing this for a very long time. And they are still making these simps go into thirst mode when these harridans are twerking, whining and even showing their busty chest.

Right, how many pro black women who are on these live streams on YouTube with their cleavage showning on YouTube and these simps like D Derailed, Bareback Fountain, Shawn James and all of the other simps that will lose their minds and go into thirst mode when these scraggs showing their cleavage? S.Y.S.B.M, M.G.T.O.W and I.B.M.O.R knows what these scarggle daggles are doing and they are doing this deliberately. Trust me, I know. I have seen it so many times on YouTube.

Why are these pro black women are showing their chest on YouTube? Why they are showing their cleavage on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram? Because these scraggly women knows that these simps are thirsty. These ghetto hoodarts knows that these simps are on the thirst for punany. They will lose themselves into lust when these hoodrats show their bust. And these simps go into a lustful trance as these YouTube scraggle daggles showing their chest. Look, I have no issues of women having big breasts, no matter what colour of the woman is but I know how to control myself.

These thirst traps are getting more and more dangerous by the minute and these simps are falling for it. These simps are like a mouse that is looking for some cheese to eat. As he looks around in the house, he sees the delicious cheese on the mouse trap and he goes for it. But then the mouse trap catches the mouse in a blink of an eye. We all know that these simps will defend these scraggle daggles when thinking black men talk about the bad behaviour of these ratchet scraggs and that is a plan just to fuck some punany and these ghetto harridans will set up these traps for these simps.


Homosexuality In Hip Hop And Gay Rappers


homo flag

Right, I have no issues of any man who is a homosexual. If that is the man’s lifestyle then he can live his life but here this. There is something going on behind the scenes in the hip hop industry. What do I mean by that? There are rappers that are engaging into homosexual activities behind closed doors. Yeah, that is right. These rappers who rap about selling drugs, killing people, being rich, having sex with women are having sex with other men.

You must be saying that “I don’t believe in that fuckery. That shit ain’t true!” Well, that shit is true. Suge Knight, former owner of the record company Death Row Records said that 95 per cent of rappers are homosexual. And he also said that legendary rapper and producer Dr. Dre is gay. I don’t know if Dr. Dre likes men but I know that there are rappers who are engaging into homosexuality.

On YouTube, I have seen videos from YouTubers exposing rappers that are gay. There was a video clip of Lil Wayne kissing Bird Man and there is a picture of them kissing as well. There was a picture of 50 Cent kissing The Game. The picture looks like 50 was whispering in his ear but I don’t know. Listen; there are so many rappers that are having fun in the sheets with other men.

Why is this happening? In the music industry, there is a gay ritul that if you want to get in that $20,000,000 club, then you have to suck a few and have sex with another man. That’s how it goes in the music industry. It’s not only satanic but it’s very disturbing of what they are doing. If a man is gay, then he can live his life but in hip hop, things like this are happening and it’s happening for years now.

There was an interview on VLADTV and this rapper named Daylyt says in the interview that he will have sex with P Diddy. He said that he will fuck the shit out of him. When the tattoo face dude said what he said on that interview, my ears have dropped on the floor. I couldn’t believe what the man said in the VLADTV interview. But I know that P Diddy is gay anyway. There are pictures of him with Rick Ross coming very close for a kiss. And there is another photo of him with Steven Stoute embracing wearing pink polo shirts. I like Polo shirts but not the pink shirts.

There is nothing but weirdness going on in the rap industry. Not only in the hip hop world but in Hollywood as well. I do love Hollywood movies and I hope to see Hollywood one day but there are things going on in the hip hop industry. There is only one question that as I find out there are gay rappers in the closet, will I still listen to their music? Hmmm! Maybe. But I started to listen to reggae music first until I listen to hip hop.


When The Sugar Daddies Throw The Sugar Babbies Away


A sugar baby is just like a gold digger to be honest.

We all know that gold diggers have sugar daddies. Sometime they have more then one sugar daddy. And some of their sugar daddies are old. Older then me matter of fact. When they see a broke man, when they see a broke pocket man, they will say to him “If you wanna get with men, you got to have money in your pocket.” Alright, I will stay way for you then. Now, what will happen when the sugar daddy had enough of his sugar baby? What happens if the sugar daddies kicks them gold digging sugar babies away and make them as curb girls?

As these sugar daddies throw these sugar babies on the side like a newspaper when you finish reading it, these gold diggers all of a sudden are looking for a so called good man. As the man that got kicked on the side by these sugar babies, they work on themselves, their money, being successful and so on. And as they become the man as they are now and these gold diggers see him as a successful man, they will try to come back to him, just to use him because he has something now what their sugar daddies have.

A successful man won’t even think being with a former sugar baby. Because these sugar babies have been ram through by more then one man. And as they enter into their 30’s, they have a couple of miles on them. Mostly of these sugar babies are nothing by whores and no good man don’t want that at all. There is always serious consequences of a woman being a gold digger and that is being alone for the rest of her life or get a broke pocket man.

When it comes to black women, oh there are black women that sugar babies. There a black sugar babies that have white sugar daddies also. But the thing is that the white sugar daddies are just using them for a fuck and toss them away when they are finished with them. I have seen so many gold diggers in the so called black community and I also seen them get treated like dog shit because all these men know that these scraggs are nothing but women that are whorish and these men will stop at nothing to treat them like they belong to the street.

When these sugar babies become curb girls, they all realise that they need to find a man who has a big bank account, drive a BMW 745iLe, a nice house in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, etc. And when that man with money sees a former sugar baby, he moves quick as his expensive electric car. If a man sees a woman that was a sugar baby, he might as well put her on the shelf like a shelved music album that will never get released. And the sugar baby, well she will end up lonely.


Simps In Britain and Simps In America

muscle simp

How many simps do we see in America? Trust me everybody, its loads. We have D Derailed, Bareback Fountain, Shawn James, Rubyn Warrant who has a arrest warrant for simping, Derrick Jaxn, Steve The Dean Williams, Monty Woodgrain who is simping it to the grain, Bone Picker aka Bum Picker, Woke Poofgressive 2.0, Kevin Smith, Tyrone Thompson, Tariq Nasheed, Brandon Pratt, Tru Semen, The Reality Temple Earth, Nutward TV who wants to get his face nutted, Brother Polight, Trent Shelton, Clifton Rainey, Elder BABA Rashon who hasn’t got his pension, Hassan Campbell, LA aka The Brown Tooth Bastard, Russell Wilson, Umar Johnson, Professor Griff, Angel Remirez – Jordan and so on. That’s a list, fuck! But what about the simps in Britain?

Right, we do have simps in Britain but the thing is that their just a few of them unlike in the United States America where they are a huge number of simps. and I mean a huge number of them. There is a simp in Britain name There Is More Hate For Tommy Sotomayor. He’s a muscle bond black simp from Birmingham, West Midlands, England who has been stalking Tommy Sotomayor for time. Right, Tommy Sotomayor showed a video of the muscle simps showing his chest and pushing them up saying “Do you like my nipples Tommy? Do you like my nipples!?” Lord help us, please! He might as well wave the LGBTQ flag.

We have seen more and more black men showing their homosexual tendencies in recent times. I have done articles like The Black Fruit 1 and 2, The Homosexual Tendencies Of Black Men and The Homosphere when I explained about black showing these tendencies or coming out as a homosexual. There reason why these simps are dick policing is that thinking black men will refuse to date, be in a relationship or marry these scraggle daggles that these simps, black cucks, captain save a hoes, ghetto soy boys and oil of olay men are defending on a frequent  basis.

Thinking black men starting to think that why these simps are willing to defend these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles. And then they find out that these simps are defending these ghetto hoodrats just to get some punany. It’s s strategy for the simps to get the knickers down and try to have some pum pum that they are so desperate for. These simps are thirsty but how can they be thirsty for the scraggle daggles puss and dick policing black men? I really don’t know. But the thing is this that these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles don’t even like these simps. They prefer the worthless bums like 357 Jimmy, Rum Head Frasier, Machete Man Briggy, Cell Block Scrappy and Big Dick Rodney.

In Britain, there are simps like There Is More Hate Then Tommy Sotomayor but it’s not a large number of simps. Maybe because that they see what will happen if they get involved with a scraggle daggle or they will emotionally wounded if they come after S.Y.S.B.M and go toe to toe with them. But here this. I have a real feeling that this country will have more simps then ever. The simp rate in Britain will up higher then Mount Everest. There are not many simps in Britain but that can change very soon.

Be Prepared


Not Following The Simps

nutward tv

There are a few things I don’t follow. I don’t follow friends. They have their own life to live. One of my friends chase down punany up, down, left, right and centre and not thinking about his children. I don’t follow family members. There is no frigging way that I will follow those wreathed individuals. I’m not goanna follow my enemies whatsoever because who would follow people who don’t like you. But there is one thing that I will never; ever do and that is following these simps. If you ever think that a man like me is goanna follow these simps, then you must be mad in the head.

All these simps are doing is defending these scarggle daggles, all to get some pum pum. Like I said before it’s nothing but a strategic move just to get between these hoodrats legs. And they are desperately need for the punany. When thinking black men are talking about the negative behaviour of these ghetto ratchet scallywags, these simps will stop at nothing to defend these hoodrats honour. S.Y.S.B.M (Save Your Self Black Man) has been attacked so many times in 2020 all because that they will refuse to be with these mediocre scallywag dungles which these simps are worshipping.

Now we have more simps then ever. How? Look on YouTube of simps like D Derailed, Bareback Fountain, Rubyn Warran who has a warrant for simping and all of the YouTubers who has a habit to be simps. Thinking black men have warned these foolish simps not to defend these ghetto gagging hoodrats because they will turn of them. And guess what? They didn’t take the warning lightly as these ghetto ratchet hoodrats has turned on them big time. How? You don’t wanna fucking know. There is a huge consequence of simping, a huge one and the simps a paying the deadly price.

These ghetto ratchet harridans do like it when the simps are defending them. But the thing is that these ghetto whores don’t even like these men. They don’t even care about these ghetto soy boys or even love them. They will go on cringe mode if they think about loving these simps. They lust after worthless black men like Dizzy Rizzly, Six Shooter Derrick, Ruff Cut Larry, Long Dick 44, Colt Five Roads and Corner Boy Ronney. As these simps are defending their honour, these ghetto hoodrats are getting wet when they think about these good for nothing bums that they desire so much.

These simps are stubborn because we have told them to stop defending these women. thinking black men have warn them over and over again but they just don’t listen whatsoever. They really need to think of what they are doing right now. I have seen so much simping recently but there is no way that I will do the shit that these simps are doing on a daily basis.