The Son’s Husband/Boyfriend


We have seen so many dysfunctional behaviours amongst black women over the years. What are they? Well, we see black women twerking on the internet for free, we even see them twerk in public, we see them wearing weave trying to compete with their arch rival the white woman, they live off the system, they put a man on child support, they have multiple children and raising them by their own, beating up mix race women, mocking natural black beauty, fighting in public, feminising their young black son, having hatred towards black men, loving the racist white beta males and the list goes on and on and on! But there is something which is extremely disturbing and very dangerous and that is the surrogate husband/boyfriend.

What do I mean by that? Well this term is used when the mother replaces the father and make the son take over as the boyfriend or husband. This happens a lot in the so called black community because there is no men in the households. Since there is no men in the household these single mothers replace that with their sons. And now, I’m goanna go deep into the sexual thing. I know that these black mothers are having sex with their black sons and yes, incest does happen in other races especially with this genetic sexual attraction but we know that there are secrecy when something like this happens in the black community.

I know that these black mothers are fucking their sons when they are replacing the man. But you must be thinking what about government assistance? That replace the man of the household. That is very true. Welfare or benefits as we call it in the United Kingdom did replace the fathers of the black race and black women lived off the system while they are raising children by their own. I don’t know if these mothers are sexually abusing their sons, seducing them or giving the pussy to them because their sons girlfriends are not giving them punany but these things happen in the black community. This is very uncomfortable talking about this.

There is something that really hate with a huge passion, and that is when these black mothers calling their sons their husbands. My God, I really hate that. Here this now. My mum was sitting down in the living room talking to someone on the mobile phone. I can’t remember what the conversation was about and then she say that I’m her husband. Oh, that just got me so fucking agitated and she always say that bullshit all the time and I mean all the fucking time. So I had to tell her straight. I told her “I’m not your husband. The worthless man you marry too is your husband. I didn’t marry you! Get that in your think brain!” I have to tell her with the no nonsense straightness, get me?

Black women always say this term all the time and it’s really bothers me but I know that I’m not the only one. When these black men hear that term from their mothers, they must feel very uncomfortable hearing it and I know they do. They must be thinking “What the hell she’s talking about? I’m her son, not her husband.” I have told this woman that gave birth to me numerous times that I’m not her husband and I do get extremely irritated time and time again. If my dad was still alive, she won’t be saying that shit at all.

They say that white women do it to. Let me see the evidence of that. I want them to go deep in and find that proof. There are some white women do have sexual relations with their sons but I have never heard them say that their sons are their husbands. When they say the “White women do it too” term, they are cover up their wrong doings trying to make them less guilty then the women from the white race. And it’s not only these ghetto ratchet black women are saying this term but it’s also their enforcers known as the simps, cucks, pro blacks, captain save a hoes, ghetto soy boys and the oil of olay men. And they say this term on a frequent basis.

There are no fathers in the household and that is the reason why these harridans are saying this term. And these ghetto ratchet black women are raising these boys by their own. The fathers of these boys are Pookie, Ray Ray, Long Rod John, 357 Johnny, Pimp L, Rizla P, Street Mice, Corner Boy Ronney, and Long Dick 44. These ghetto ratchet black women are choosing these hopeless men to breed them but the thing is that these men will not be there for these hoodrats and for their off springs. This shit has to stop big time!

This is to the black women who has sons. He’s not your husband. He’s your son. He doesn’t need to pay the bills, the rent or mortgage and the television licence. Let your husband pay his own way if you have a husband because we know that 72 per cent of black women are not married.


Simp Valentine’s Day


It’s St. Valentines Day. The simp is attacking thinking black men because his ghetto ratchet black queen told him to go and defend her when think minded black men are talking logic to her. After when he’s finished defending his ratchet black queen, he walks out of her house and goes to the shop to get her a valentine’s day present which is a rose. He walks out of the shop and heads back to the harridan’s house with the rose in his hand. As he walks into the house, he sees a pair of black leather Clark shoes in the passage way. When he sees the Clark shoes, he hear some sex noises in the bedroom. He must be thinking “Pussy is getting fucked and I’m not in the bedroom.” He walk towards the bedroom and he hears the bed from Ikea rocking from the mad sex. As he walks into the bedroom, he sees nothing but Knife Man Priest on top of his woman ramming some cock between her legs. After he nut inside her, Priest lay down on top of her and start sleeping. And the simp end up sleeping on the couch.

This is the day that the simps are not only getting hurt emotionally but they are getting played by these ghetto ratchet black woman. These simps are defending these ghetto ratchet hoodrats when thinking black men talking about black women’s ratchet and dysfunctional behaviour. And these simps are attacking the S.Y.S.B.M lifestyle just to please these harridans from the ghetto community.

And what is the award for them defending these women? A broken heart! These ghetto ratchet hoodrats who are a menace to the so called black community will stab them in the back when these stupid black men defending these ghetto whores which they love, honour, worship and obey. But these ghetto ratchet black women don’t give a shit about these foolish individuals. Look, these harlots don’t even care if these simps drop dead the next day.

simp crying

This is the day is when the simps come out without the red roses and the boxes of chocolates because they have no money and they are living off the women and taking care of her children. But they end up in heartache when these harlots betray them when these simps call these ghetto heifers “beautiful or queens” and these harlots will hurt them relentlessly and they have no problems hurting these simps. Thinking black men have warned these simps over a thousands time not to defend this ghetto ratchet whores but these just don’t listen because they have been indoctrinated by punany.

These ghetto harridans don’t want to be with these simps. They are only interested in Pookie, Ray Ray, Long Rod John, Pimp L, 357 Johnny, 12 Gauge Mike, Street Mice, Rum Smuggler Don, Knife Man Preist and Long Dick 44. These are the men that these hoodrats love, desire and go crazy for and willing to have children with these thugs and criminals who will not be there for the off springs that they have made with these whores.

I don’t have a problem with Valentine’s day. To be honest, I like Valentine’s Day. It’s a very special day for love, affection, romance and……sex! But for these simps, this is the day for them of getting hurt, emotionally bruised and get their heart broken by these ghetto ratchet hoodrat whores who will turn on these simps when they are the attack dogs for these women. This is the day that the simps should be dreading!


This is the dark day for the simps!

Something for the simps!


Now They Want A Good Black Man

They want this.


After they have this!


Now they want a good black man. As these black women have been ran through with one thug dick to another and has two, three, four, five, ten or fifteen children, all of a sudden they want a good black man. It seems like Pookie, Ray Ray, John John and 12 Gauge Mike ain’t quite the men black women expected to be but they wanted these men because that these type of men black women thought that they were real men. Well, they were wrong on that shit!

When black women see a good black man (if there is a such thing) they will reject him and say that “He’s corny, he’s lame, he’s boring” and all sort of nonsense which comes out of their mouth. So they go after the men that don’t wanna do anything in their lives and that is 357 Johnny, Mach 10, Corner Boy Ronney, Street Boy Chris, Sniper Man Bob, Street Solider Wezley and Pimp L. Black women will not go for a good black man but they chase after these thugs, criminals and unproductive men.

So why black women want a good black man now? Why black women are relentlessly chasing after the good black man? Right, here how it goes. A good black man meant to be ambitious and wants to achieve his goals. When a good black man becomes successful and has a huge house in Luton, Bedfordshire, has lots of money and drives a Mercedes Maybach S650 Brabus 900, then these harridans will chase after him later on in life after when they don’t deal with the worthless men any more so black women don’t chase after the good black man, when he’s not successful of course.

As when the good black man becomes a successful man, he will not deal with these women because he sees them as gold diggers with children and no man don’t wanna take care of a woman that is a single mother. There’s no clean up man here! The only men that will date these ran through women are the simps, captain save a hoes, cucks, pro blacks and the oil of olay men that will take care of these women. Well, live off them I mean.

Black women always say that where are the good black men. The good black men was right in front of them and they were available but as black women see a good black man, they will reject him and goes after the men that hangs around in the street doing nothing. But as black women have multiple children by Street Mice, Knife Man Priest, Six Shooter Derrick, Street King Don, Rum Smuggler Tom, Dirty Rizly, 50 Caliber Shawn and Long Dick 44, the good black men will rejects them in a flash.


Is He Worth Fighting For


Two breeders fighting for one dude!

I saw this video on Tommy Sotomayor’s channel and it’s two black women who are fighting while being pregnant for the same man. Yes, that’s right. They are breeding for the same guy and they are fighting for him. You know, this is not surprising in the so called black community with black women fighting for a man and it happens very often. We see black women fighting in the street, in the park, night clubs, shopping stores, in schools, anywhere black women will have a ghetto brawl and mostly they are fighting for some worthless guy that is having sex with them, most of times without a condom. But here is the thing. Is he really worth fighting for?

What does this man have that make him so special for these harridans to fight for him? I really don’t have the answer. Black women are fighting for a man that is worthless and refuse to do anything for any woman. And when these women has his children, will he provide for those kids that he created? Black women are giving each other blows like two boxers in a boxing match fighting for the world heavyweight championship when they are fighting for a man that ain’t fucking shit. They are giving each other left hooks, right hooks, they are even wrestling on the floor pulling each others weave out just for guy that has nothing going on for himself.

This is not a surprise for thinking black men knowing that black women will fight each other for guy who ain’t worth a damn. Even married black women will fight their husband’s mistresses and trust me, them things do happen. Have you ever seen black women fighting for a good black who is worth a damn? Have you ever seen black women fighting for a man who is well dressed, drives a £140,000 BMW M760Li, have a nice home in Stanmore and makes over £100,000 a year? If the answer is yes, I want to see the proof. Go find the evidence of that and show me. As black women try to knock each out each other for a hopeless guy, he’s in bed with another woman.


These worthless individuals have multiple women and juggling them like some juggler that we see in the circus. So as you look at it, the two women who are fighting for him are in a losing battle while he’s sleeping with another woman. Oh, and another one and another one and another one. There are a huge number of video of black women fighting and most of the time, these women are fighting for a man who does nothing in his life. We see these black women fights on Facebook, World Star Hip Hop, YouTube, etc.

Tia Carey, a black woman who was 21 years old and a mother of two children who is five and two months was fighting her baby father’s new girlfriend. The two ladies was having a fight out the petrol station and everyone was watching the two ladies fight. Then, the baby father’s new girlfriend took a gun out and opens fire two times at Tia, killing her. These fights with black women do end up in death. Some will get shot dead, stabbed to death, I even see black women get run over when the fight is over.

The man who breed these two harridans, they are goanna hurt him financially. The two harlots will put this man on child support. Doesn’t he know that the child support system is tearing the men’s pockets apart? Black men’s pocket matter a fact. There is a huge amount of black men paying child support and some of them are paying child support for a whole leap of children and going broke. Black men are playing a dangerous game and end up on the losing side because if their baby mother or baby mothers put them this child support, they are doomed for the next 18 years.


The Rareness Of The Pick Up Artists


We don’t see many pick up artists recently. You see them on YouTube with the pick up artists cringe videos when the pick up artists fail when they are trying get a girls number when they are talking to them in the street, library, cafe, night club, etc. I use to chat up one girl to another when I was young but now I just think about getting this money, you see what I’m saying? I wouldn’t call myself a pick up artist and I don’t want to label myself as a pick up artist. As you watch these videos of these pick up artists, they fail every single time and you do have to fucking laugh some of time.

The pick up artists is getting rare. It’s now dying out because these men or simps are getting scammed when they go to these pick up artists classes and paying a huge amount of money of listening to a teacher of how to pick up women. Would I go to these classes? Yes but Just for comedy entertainment because looking at these classes on YouTube is funny as Saturday Night Live. I don’t need the help for chirping up girls. My friend chat up one girl to another every single day but he needs to focus on his children more because being a father is more important then women.

Nothing is wrong chatting up girls but then it does get old, really old. And these pick up artists don’t have any money at all. The pick up artists are thinking of what is between her legs and not thinking about money. These pick up artists are nothing but pre alpha male that will turn into incels later on. When they are unsuccessful when it comes to women, further down the line they go on the Reddit website and complain about women don’t want them and they are entitled to have all the women and all sorts of nonsense. The incels have a beta male mentality just like the captain save a hoes that we see on YouTube time after time.


Mostly, these pick up artists are frustrated virgins that will go on a killing rampage like Elliot Rogers and he was a big time incel. And he has been worshipped by these beta males who are on the Reddit website taking their anger out on women with their keyboard. If these guys can’t get no punany because basically that is all about, then why don’t go to brothel? Why can’t the got the classified pages and call for sex worker? As I see these incels get rejected by these women when I watched these cringe videos on YouTube, they get rejected hard and I mean hard.

And when these pick up artists get rejected over and over again, they into complete frustration and start typing in rage mood on Reddit saying about women this and women that. These incels will go all in on women when they are on the social media network typing on their keyboard in rapid speed. And let me tell you something. These incels, they are extremely dangerous! Look what Elliott Rogers did in Isla Vista, Califorina on May 23rd 2014 when he killed six people in his black BMW 328i. If I had a 328i Bimmer like Elliot Rogers and drive through North West London, I already get a girl in the back seat with her legs high up in the air while I’m slamming cock in her.


We have black pick up artists as well. There is a black guy who was talking to this black American girl in the library and she was just reading a Spanish newspaper. He was talking to her while she was reading the paper. As I was watching him talking to her, it looks like she wasn’t interested in him at all. Afterwards, he said to her “You should have a drink with me” and she says no! So she rejected him, but here this though. If it’s was Knife Man Priest, the man will chirp her up. The man from Kingston, Jamaica will give her the lyrics! After he finish chatting her up and she’s gets wet between her legs, he’ll pull down her knickers in the library and ram some cock in her.

He’s on 14:19 when he was talking to the American in the library but these guys recording these women, it’s looks very creepy.

When it comes to the black incels, they don’t have a chance but when it’s men like Thick Dick Tyrone, Dirty Rizly, Corner Boy Ronney, 50 Caliber Shawn, Shiny D, Ganja Smoke, Gun Fire and Rum Smuggler Tom, they will get the coochie. When it comes to these black incels, punany is on their mind but these thugs, criminals and the unproductive men will get the black tun tun faster then a speeding bullet.

The pick up artists, all they need to do is to think about money and most of these pick up artists don’t have any money. These incels need to focus on entrepreneurship and not punany like they always do. If you are a pick up artist who has a huge house in Borehamwood, has lots of money and drives a Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG and has other cars, you can get away woman. And if a pick up artist with money, big house, cars and a few businesses sees a women, not only he will approaches her and get her number but he’ll make her take the panties down.





Since black women have shown their ratchet and dysfunctional behaviour on display and not afraid to show it in public, it has now become more harder for black men to date them, be in a relationship with them or even marrying  and have a family with them. There is nothing good anymore when it comes to black women and black men are now avoiding them. There are no good black women in the so called black community, just ratchet black women. And this is when blaxit come in.

What is blaxit? Well, blaxit is when black men leaves black women behind and move on to be with other races of women because they see the dysfunction of what black women are bringing towards them and black men don’t want that so they move on to other races of women. It’s like S.Y.S.B.M really when black men date outside their race and don’t deal with black women ever again. As black men sees how these harridans behaving, the good black men thinks of this and say “Fuck this shit! I’m off!” and leave black women behind and go into interracial dating.

What black men are leaving behind? They are leaving black women wearing weave, black women twerking in public and on the internet for free, putting men on child support, living off on government assistance, raising children by their own, bleaching their skin, having multiple children, competing with their daughters, chasing after thugs, criminals and unproductive men, having hatred for black men, loving the racist white beta male and so on.

As black men walking away from black women’s rachetness, these simps are defending these ghetto ratchet harlots when thinking black men talk about black women’s dysfunction just to get to get some punany. But these simps are getting played by these ghetto heifers because the ghetto harriets are giving the pum pum to the thugs like 357 Jimmy, Ruff Cut Lary, Ganja Smoke, Gun Fire, Corner Boy Ronney, Knife Man Priest, 9mm, Hood Boy Darren, Hollow Point and Thick Dick Tyrone.

These simps doesn’t even know that these ghetto whores don’t want them. These ghetto ratchet hoodrat whores including these ghetto gaggers don’t even like these simps, cucks, pro blacks, captain save a hoes, soy boys and the oil of olay men but they use them as enforcers when these scraggle daggles can’t defend themselves when thinking black men talk logic about these ghetto whores and continue to open their legs to these worthless individuals that hangs around in the street all day and get harassed by police.

Black men are walking away from black women and make the simps have the ghetto ratchet harridans because these simps love and honour and worship these hoodrats. But average black women don’t want to be with these simps whatsoever because they know that the simps are worthless as the thugs and the criminals that these women love. So, if theses harridans have a choice of who they want to be with wherever if it’s the simps or the thugs, theses simps will have no chance to be with these women.


What’s On My Mind Part 2


What’s on my mind?? There is a lot of things on my mind but I’m goanna tell just a few things on what in this mind of mine. January 2020 was a very tough month. Yes, it was a very tough fucking month and now January has now come to an end and my head can finally come in peace. But will it though? Because I don’t need no stress whatsoever and I can get easily stressed out when things don’t go my way or there is a compromise. At the end of it, I don’t allow that compromise fuckery around me. I just want to do things straight forward.

I wanna talk about the black manosphere 2.0 and I wanna tell you something about it. It’s dead. It’s completely dead. We have to organise it’s funeral and all of the S.Y.S.B.M crew, the M.G.T.O.W and I.B.M.O.R are invited to see it buried under six feet under. And you know why it happened? Is because of these simps keep bringing these ghetto ratchet hoodrats on their platform and they are making these women take over it. These simps, captain save a hoes, pro blacks, cucks and ghetto soy boys including the oil of olay men are allowing to have these women on their platform all because they want some coochie. Like I said, it’s the simp’s strategy.

Great Britain is coming out of the European Un – Union. LOL! The United Kingdom will come out of the EU after being in that crooked organization for 47 years. When the EU Referendum happened on June 23rd 2016 when the Britain voted for Brexit the remainers think that the country will be worse off but I think that Great Britain will be fine. I voted to leave because the EU just want to live of the UK money just like some gold digger like my exes. And second off all, staying in the EU will make the British people lazy, maybe lazier. You see you know how this white beta males say that the foreigners are coming in the country and taking the jobs away. So if we leave the EU, the white beta males will finally do the jobs that they are complaining about. The Asian man say that on this video on the Guardian on YouTube and I was thinking the same thing as well.

Here his view on 7:12 on this video

I also want to talk about black men chasing punany. Black men are all focused on one thing and that is that sweet fruit what the women has between their legs. Black men nowadays are thinking about what punany they are going to fuck tonight or in the afternoon. Black men are not focused on money but they are thinking about the clit twenty four seven and then don’t have a single dime in their pockets. I have done a article called Chase Money Not Women and I was explaining about black men need to chase money and not chasing women. We are in a go – getters era now everyone is thinking about money. But the broke pocket crew is thinking about this punany hunt. All them so called gyaliss which means in Jamaica a guy who sleep with lots of women and doens’t care about it are mostly broke.

In Jamaica, the men from this beautiful island are killing of the Jamaican women a jealous rage. This is happening a lot now! These men are shooting these women, stabbing them, even chopping their heads off when they find out that their women have another man outside the relationship. Why don’t just leave them and move on to someone else? I understand that you love that person but what happens if that person loves you? Then you move on and find something better. When these Jamaican men slicing these women’s heads off, you must be wondering these Jamaican men must be watching the movie Sleepy Hollow. They are going Sleepy Hollow with these women. They are not playing about at all. They are just slicing their heads off without thinking!

I don’t wanna talk about this but anyway! On Wednesday 29th January 2020, I saw my best fried who I known for over 20 years beat up his baby mother in South East London. I don’t know what is going on with them two but he was accusing her that she was sleeping around and that got her mad. They was arguing for a very long time. His mobile phone was ringing and it some crazy girl that was calling him while he was with his other baby mother during the day. I don’t want to go into it so deep but the girl was calling him was crazy. And when he was with his first baby mother at his flat, the girl was constantly calling him and the baby mother knows that it was some chick calling him. He always chatting to one girl to another. She knew that he had a whole leap of women and then they have a psychical battle and it ended in a beat down. Things calm down when I stop the whole thing. They were talking and I went home. When I was heading home, he called me and we talk a bit. And then I was talking to his baby mother and she told me that they are having sex. But anyway! When that crazy girl was calling him like crazy, it goes to show that he should stop chatting up one girl to another because you will never know who you will be dealing with. All he thinks about is punany and he’s the same age as me but he’s a few months older. When he was talking to the crazy girl, he says that if anything she wants, she can get it. Weed,jewellery, anything. When he was at war with his baby mother, he said that he was a hustler. He just a occasional hustler.

Right, to the so call hustlers. If you want to be a hustler, you have to do it constantly and constantly. Being a hustler is an everyday thing and you have to serve people of what you are selling in the street. You can’t hustle on a occasional basis. Being a hustler is a frequent thing and these so called hustler can’t do it. Let me tell you something. I can be a better hustler then anyone one of them. I can easily make money on the street better then them. I know how to be a hustler on the street corners. I can make add least two hundred pounds in one day by selling weed. They don’t know the hustlers game. You have to be on the same spot and selling what you are selling but the police will be watching you. But these so called hustlers, some of them talk so shit most of the time. But here this. I don’t want to be a hustler.

These mix girls, I really feel sorry for them. They always get beaten up by black women. Some of them get beaten up when they where young girls and the reason why black women are beating up these biracial ladies is because that black women are jealous of them. When they see that light skin girl, the envy just come out like a flash. Look here, there are some fine dark skin chocolate honeys around. I was at Victoria heading to South East London on Wedenesday and there was this fine dark skin honey bunny with natural hair. And them dark legs was just so dangerous. And you know I always say that natural black women is very thing. She is one of the rare black women.

On Sunday 26th January 2020, Kobe Bryant died along side with his daughter. They were both was killed in helicopter crash with other people on board. It was just so sad. I’m a Boston Celtics supporter and when I heard the news about his death, my mind went so many different directions and his daughter died with him also. Oh man! The tributes for Kobe Bryant and his daughter was really nice. Everybody loved him as a player and he was great player also. But here this. You see these ghetto ratchet black women, they are all bitter towards his death. Why? Is because he was married to a non black woman and had a family with her. They can’t be upset if the man don’t wanna date a black women, a ratchet black women matter of fact. When they complain about a black man who is with a non black woman, they continue to wear this weave trying to look like their arch, bitter enemy known as the white woman. They know they can’t compete with the white woman because of her hairstyle. White women can flex their natural long, wavy natural hair and these harridans who love 357 Jimmy, Ruff Neck Desmond, Rizla P, Pimp L, Knife Man Priest, 6 Shooter Derrick, Ganja Smoke and Long Dick 44, they will continue to go bald while they keep wearing these weave on their head.

And finally, a young teenager was stabbed and killed in East Croydon, South East London. It’s another teenager that been murdered and it seems like this issue of knife violence hasn’t been resolved. Last year, just over one hundred people have been stabbed to death and it’s mostly teenagers dying in the streets, black teenagers to be honest. Us thinking black men knows why this is happening. These black boys are being raised in a single mother home and there is no father in the household. These ghetto harridans are producing criminals in these single mother homes and they are making them cause mayhem in the streets. And these mothers don’t care at all but off course, they won’t because they will get they’re government assistance money and not going out there and work.

It has been a very tough month for not only for me but for everyone else. What we need to do is to destress ourselves. We just need to relax and don’t rush into anything. We wanna take things calm now and we don’t anything to bother our minds. I just glad this month is over.