Another Simp Is Doing This?


The reason why these dudes are kicking these three females out of the hotel because it seems like one of them have or try to steel something from one of the guys. You may think that the guy is wrong to curse the one who is putting on her shirt but when someone especially a hoodrat try to steel something from you, your goanna go on heat, you get me? It seems like these guys just wanna smash but they didn’t get a chance to slap them cheeks. I know how it feels when some girl steel something from a guy because I went on that road before. But yo people, I hope everyone is doing well. These simps flying out these harlots that are trying to finesse them. And they don’t know this.

Remember this woman who was dropped off to Los Angeles International Airport because she wasn’t giving the simp no coochie? Well, we have another simp that has done the same thing. There is a simp that has kicked a girl out of a hotel, flew her out and spent $5,000 on her. That is around £4,000 in Great Britain sterling. The reason why he’s kicking her out of the hotel room is because that she is not letting him smash the coochie. Spending money on a girl that you don’t know it’s bad enough as it is but buying her a plane ticket?

Why there has to be another one!?

This is a phenomenon that I have discovered now. I never thought that nobody would even do shit like this. I know men spend money on a woman which is not a good thing at all but buying a plane ticket to fly a chick out? Yes, I know that I have given money to girls before and that will make them use a man, if he has loads of money in account. But flying a girl and paying a ticket to see me? Na bruv! I have never done anything like paying a girl’s airplane ticket. And will never ever will do anything so stupid in my entire like. I have done some stupid things but not this fuckery.

These scraggle daggles who these simps keep chatting too online and not giving up the punany, they are trying to finesse these simps. Because they know that these simps have money and they are trying to play the finesse game just to get some dough. However, these gold digging, ghetto ratchet, scraggle daggles need to be careful with these simps. Because if these harridans try to play with them, these simps will put them six feet under. The simp is the emotionally and the most dangerous man on the planet and if the simp ever gets played or get finessed by a scraggly daggly, he will take her life away.

finesse 4

Ghetto ratchet hoodrats are trying to use these simps because these simps have money. if a money hungry finesse expert see a man that doesn’t have cash on him, then she wouldn’t go and try to con the guy because his pockets are dry as a desert. But as she sees a man with money, she will do whatever it takes to bleed him out financially. I know about these gold diggers operate. It was 2003 and I was in a relationship with this fat ting from Jamaica. I met her at my mum’s birthday party. Three days later, she ask me for £15 pounds so she can go to Manchester, so I gave her the money. Almost 20 years later, I think this gold digging heifer is lying.

We goanna see more and more of these type of simps in the future. We are goanna see men, mostly black men flying out women just to drill out their clit. The thing is that why they just look for a woman that is living closer by? It much better. He doesn’t need to spend money to buy her a ticket. If the simp is close to her, then he can drive where she’s staying. It’s much cheaper then flying some random ratchet chick who is goanna use them. But these simps cannot control their desires when they see these Thotiana type chicks on the Instagram living far away from them.

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finesse 3

The simping continues just like the finessing!


The Fallen Fountain

fallen fountain 2

I really like to know what is the mental condition of someone stalking another person. I have to find out what it is. Why? Because this Bareback Fountain is trying to come back again to stalk other men on YouTube. If the fool ever come back, SYSBM is ready to light his ass up again. And it will be a lot worse then before. But I hope everyone is doing well and coping with this hot weather as well. Everyone knows that simping is an all time high because the simps are starving for sexual attention from these scraggle daggles that don’t even what them. These straggs want the ruff neck type of dudes that will drive them wild. They have a huge distain for these simps.

The dude wants to come back!

The man known as Bareback Fountain. The most infamous stalker ever on YouTube. He has stalked guys like Mad Bus Driver X, Quincy 82, King Richez, Anthony Spades and all of the other guys on the internet. Shit, the Negro even stalked me numerous times on YouTube. He has numerous clips of me on his channel called Expose The Manosphere which I’m not a part off. I use to go back and forth with the dude time and time again. This man was stalking me like crazy. I was like “What is up with this dude!? Why is he stalking me and the other guys!?” The narcissistic simp was driving me mad when he was stalking me.

I heard that this guy who is not afraid to stalk any man was physically abused by his mother when he was a child. His mum use to beat him up left, right and centre. I don’t know if he was sexually abused. There is no evidence of that but if he did, then I’m not surprised why the man was acting like this when he was online. I have done an article on Money Cultural about him being abused by his mother when he was a boy. Everybody knows that abuse is not funny, especially when it comes to relationships and marriage but you need to know why a person is acting like this. I know about beatings because I use to get the beat when I was young because I was a rude little shit. I use to behave badly when I was a child. I use to swear too!

No way a white woman like Becky wants a man that sucks a ding a ling!

damage fountain

Since SYSBM come after him, he disappeared from YouTube. Nobody, not even his subscribers haven’t heard from him. Everyone including me light his ass up all the time because he was stalking every single black man who are SYSBM. Since then, the simp has fallen. He became the fallen fountain. A crumbled one a matter of fact. He’s nothing but a fountain which is now in pieces people see on the ground. That’s all I see now, people. And he has to fix the fountain himself if he knows how too. The man stalked so many people, mostly men. How many men? It’s a big list, yo!

So, you guys must be wondering “Why the man is stalking men blud?” Because the man he’s stalking and it’s mostly black men, they are men who are with non black women. Some of the men are married to non black women. And that is the reason why he’s stalking them. But you will say that “Money Cultural, a man is stalking another man? Ain’t that gay though?” I’ve been thinking about that for a long time. And in October last year, me and my friend who was on the train heading to Liverpool Street, Central London was talking about him stalking other men on YouTube. And Bareback said that he had an Asian girlfriend. No way, we said he gay. No heterosexual man would ever stalk another man online.

Not only that he was stalking other men, there where numerous simps that was stalking other guys too. There was one guy named Woke Poofgressive 2.0. You guys be thinking “Oh no, this dude ain’t no homo!” Not only he was stalking black men who are with non black women but he come out as gay. When I heard that the man come out of the closet, I said “You see what happened when you wanna know where another man puts his penis in!” Listen here. I have no issues of any man that is living a certain lifestyle. He can live his life, however there are prime suspect dudes that wanna know where another man his pushing his knob in.

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fallen fountain

So many stalker online!


I’ve Have Said This Before


I watching this video from Chisha Zed today on YouTube and it was a father who finds out that the baby is not his when did the DNA on the child. As he finds out that the baby is not his, he tells the woman to leave the house. She can take the baby as well because the baby is not his. And he’s crying as well so that man feels deeply hurt of what the woman did. This is very heart breaking but the man needs to a runner quick time. And this happened in West Africa and I was wondering “This is how African women get down!?” I like to know who is the father of the baby is. Is it the nice guy? Oh, I doubt that. But I hope everyone is doing well. I meant to talk about is there more and more gold diggers but that’s goanna be another time. This is happening in Africa as well. In Africa? I gasp and went “No way!”

Yeah I’ve said this before on the article I have written in May last year called Walk Away, Walk Away, Walk Away when I explained that if a man finds out that he’s not the father of his child, then he has to walk off immediately. Why is that you ask? Why would a man look after a child which doesn’t belong to him after he does the DNA test? A man cannot claim a kid if the child is not his because the baby doesn’t look like him and it doesn’t have the same blood line as the father. The baby has the next man’s DNA and looks like the other man, you understand? If a child doesn’t belong to the man, he has to walk the fuck away, blud!

They type of circumstances happens so many times, people. The first time I have seen something like this is on the Maury show when I have seen numerous women, especially black women do a paternity test on the guy because she has cheated on him or the man is denying the baby because she’s just a chick this is acting like a first degree hoe. And when the test results show that the man is not the father, two things will happen. One, the boyfriend or husband will go on the floor and cry his eyes, then say that a man can make a child but a real man to be a father or the man will jump for joy because the baby is not his. And he’s also right that the baby is not his. Good thing that he avoid child support. He dodge that bullet!

With the black flip that man did, the dude must do gymnastics!

There are some men that stay with the child when they find out that the baby is not theirs. Sometimes, it’s more then one child, the dude does an DNA test of his children and find out that the kids doesn’t belong to them. And they still stay to take of them children which don’t have the some blood as they have. And you begin to wonder “Why would a man stay with the woman that has had children with another man or other men?” Maybe because that for the woman, she sees him as a good provider to those children or the man is living off the woman and he’s has no place to stay. I really don’t know.

There are simps that who sees a man who find out that the baby is not his and will take care of child, they actually support that! I know that you guys are just shaking your head. I know that these simps will take care of a child or children which is not theirs, not matter what. I know the mentality with these simps, especially the ones on YouTube that is willing to take care of another man’s foundation. But when a man especially a black man says that he will not be with a woman that has children, these simps have a problem with that. And when black men say that they will marry a single mother, the simps go to war with them. And these black men don’t mind going to battle with these simpletons.

When I was watching this video, I was thinking “Hold up, this is how African women act? Nah blood. What’s going down with the African gyal them!?” I really don’t know if the African couple are Ghanaian, Sierra Leonean, Ivorian or Nigerian but I know that it’s in West Africa. The man has done everything for the woman and the result of being the nice guy is her getting breed off by another worthless dude that she sexually desires in Africa. I do feel sorry for the man when he find out that the baby is not his. He’s got rid of the scraggle daggle who had a child with the other dude which is a good thing but I hope he find a woman better then her.

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walk away

I have said it before. Just walk away.


Black Women Is Black Men’s Main Preference. But!

chocolate chick

When you see a simp on YouTube saying that he loves black women which I don’t have a problem with that, these black women who are ratchet, they don’t return the love back to the simp. And the reason why they don’t is because they don’t like it when a man licks up to them. They like them ruff neck type Negroes, you get me? If a simp has muscles and they see him simping like mad, you think they will show him any kind of love? If you say yes, then you must be something bruv! But I hope everyone is doing well. I was celebrating Jamaica’s 60th year of independence with my older cousin. He had a barbecue up at Stonebridge, North West London. There was women there as well as there as well. I was wondering “Which one I’m goanna take right now?” My cousin showed me one Jamaican gyal on his phone. And she curvy.

I agree with this, one hundred!

Black men do prefer black women. Every bomba whole knows this! I heard that 85 per cent of black men are with black women. And That’s in the US. Some black men are married to black women. Some black men have children with black women. I’ve been saying that black men are with black women, married to black women and have kids with black women. When it comes to dating, black women is the number one choice for black men. If I wanted to go on a date with some girl, it will defiantly be with a black woman. If I wanted to marry someone which will never happen, it will be in a marriage with a ebony woman. Same thing when it comes to have children. I don’t mind dating a non black women but black women is my preference. But!

When it comes to some black women right, all black men see is them having an attitude, being ratchet, showing their dysfunctional behaviour on display and saying that they don’t need a man, so black men say “Fuck it” and went to the other races of women. And that’s when the ratchet black women loose their rag. I mean they get into fury mode when a black men with a non black woman. When you see a successful black man, some of the times he’s with a non black women or have more then one woman but now black men are not rich or successful are with women from other races. I have no issues of any black man who is with a woman outside his race, but I know why there some black men who are with non black women.

black man black women 3

black man black woman 2

Let’s not talk about a man that wants a woman that can cook, clean, takes care of the children and so on. I’m not goanna talk about that. Even though I can cook, clean, irony own clothes and shit! Yo, Money Cultural was taught at a young age. Black men are looking for a woman that can give him peace. And some black women will refuse to give them any kind of peace. So the ratchet black women are forcing black men to date non black women. They are driving black men away from them because of their bad attitudes and so on. And they do it to another black man and another black man and another black man until they are not datable any longer.

And you guys must be wondering “Yo Money Cultural. What about the black women that likes the thugs? Do they give them peace as well blud? Do they give them man peace!?” Let me tell you something. They have to give these thugs nothing but peace. And I mean one hundred percent peace. Because if they don’t give peace to Machete Man Briggy, Colt Five Rounds, Cuddy, Corner Boy Ronny, Big Dick Rodney and Chopper Man Stoley, they will slap these ratchet harridans down on the ground and say “Shut the fuck up, bitch! Try that shit again and I’ll fuck your ass up!” Them thug dudes are no playing around with the hoodrats like that.

Black women is black men’s one and only preference. The ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles, even the simps and beta males know this. But as black men sees the ratchetness of black women, they get pushed to non black honeys. The hoodrats, simps and the beta males don’t like it when a black man is with a non black woman but they don’t have a problem with a white man is with a non white woman. And also, white men have the same kind of problem with the women in the white race. So they go elsewhere to seek a woman outside their race as well. Because they are seeking for peace as well. I heard that 72 per cent of black women are not married. And the reason for that is because that these women are not married material.

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mix chick

Biracial women are also my preference!


She Got Dropped Off!


Have you heard the story on YouTube of a man who woke up after a back surgery and find out that his wife for 28 years was went with another man? Not only that. He lost everything from this woman and I mean everything. Poor guy! I think she plan this you know. I know she plan this thing you know, star! But, I bet you that when she loses it all and the other man which I’m sure it’s a young dude living off her dumps her for another woman, she’s goanna come crawling back to him. But I hope everyone is doing well. My birthday was yesterday. My 41st Birthday was alright. Thanks to the most high for making me live for another year. Well, I’m goanna see more and more nonsense, oh boy!

This is circling around the internet of this guy who is taking this brown sugar chick back to the airport because he wanted them cheeks and the girl was not giving them up. The man flew her to Los Angeles, California and took her to his house. They where flirting for two months online and when he flew her to LA, she wasn’t giving up the pum pum punany. She was in his house with her breast out, has a towel on after showering and not giving up the clit. As the woman was playing games with him, the dude was like “I’m sending her ass back to the airport!” And he paid her plane ticket as well. But he didn’t pay her the return ticket, thank goodness.

This female was trying to finesse him. She was trying to use the man. She didn’t come to give up the cheeks. There was no way that she would bend over and make him to give him backas. It’s a Jamaican term for the sexual position doggie style and the original term is rear entry. They call it back shot, back ways and so on. When a gold digger sees a man with money, she will do whatever it takes to use him and not spreading her legs to him. I know that these gold diggers are only interested with guy for money only and now we have more and more gold diggers that will manipulate a dude with cash on him.


She is planning out something crafty!

Did the man do the right thing? Well the simps will say no obviously. What he did wrong is buy the chick’s plane ticket. Never ever buy a woman a plane ticket to come see you gents. Let she pay her over plane ticket. What did she expect? Him flying her over just for Netflix and chill? Oh no, he wanted to take her to the bedroom and press her on the mattress. But he didn’t get to press it but he knows that she was in that finesse shit. She had cunning plains to use him. That is why he send her back to the airport because them two didn’t fuck.

In the so called black community, there are so many gold diggers you wouldn’t believe. When a black woman who is ratchet says that she is strong and independent, don’t believe her. She’s just a gold digging stragg who will use a man who has money and that is it. I know about gold diggers because I had some of them in the past. So Money Cultural is no stranger to these types of women. When a man is with a gold digging hoodrat, do you think that she likes him? No way. She is just with him for his cream and nothing else. But when she sees the thugs like Cuddy, Chopper Man Stoley, Machete Man Briggy, Stretchers and Razor Man Palmer, she is opening her legs to them in a flash.

Everyone is calling him a simp because he bought her a plane ticket. I do agree on that. He shouldn’t waste his money and buy this finesse chick a plane ticket. I will never in a million years that I would by a woman a plane ticket just to see me. I know that I will get finesse by the scraggle daggle. If a woman was in my house with her breasts out or wearing just a towel, you think I’m goanna do nothing to her? Man, I take her to my bed, take off her towel with the quickness and set the bed on fire with sex. I’ll be like H Town, Knockin’ The Boots. I thought that life of the gold diggers was be over but to tell you the truth. It’s getting worse then ever!

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plane 2

I hope he learns his lesson.


Brawling Black Women

black women fighting 2

Looks like she’s ready!

Tomorrow, I’m goanna be 41 years old. Yeah, my star sign a Leo. I’m compatible with Aries and Sagittarius. But anyway. You know when the old timers say that I haven’t seen anything thing yet? They are saying that to me because I was young. They’ve been saying that to me when I was in my 20’s. Well, now is the time to say this. I have seen everything. And it’s a very long flipping list. And there are more to see, oh God help us! Hope everyone is doing well. Getting ready for tomorrow for 41st Birthday. And Jamaica is celebrating 60 years of independence is on Saturday as well. I might celebrate it, even though I was born England. Should out to Jamaica. I haven’t been there for ten years.

The browning took of her jeans to fight!

As you look on YouTube, we see black women fighting in the street, in raves and night clubs, in shopping stores or malls, in buses, basically everywhere. And also, I have seen black men where are these simps recording black women brawling on their mobile phones. And you guys must be thinking “Yo Money Cultural blud, why these simps are recording these black chicks fighting? Why these simps them don’t stop the women fighting?” Right, I really don’t know why they are recording the black chicks fighting but the reason why they don’t stop black women fighting is because that if they stop black women fighting, scrapping, brawling, the black women will turn on them and start throwing their fists at them. So they can’t risk it.

On Monday, I have done an article called The Damaged Black Man Known As The Simp and I talked about black men being damaged by their mothers when they where little children. Black women were damaged too when they where little girls and that is the reason why they are so violent when they grow up to become women. There are so many videos of black women fighting especially in broad daylight. And sometimes it’s a group of them fight each other, throwing objects at each other, they’re using their fucking cars for goodness sake to run each other, it’s absolutely crazy.

black women fighting 3

When you see black women fighting, you may have no choice but to watch really. There is nothing you can. You can walk away from that and continue doing what you are doing. There is a video clip in Atlantic Road, Brixton, South West London of two black women from Jamaica arguing in the street in the evening time. This fight must have happened in winter this year. The two women were cursing each other out, then start fighting and then I heard glass smashing as well. So they must of had glass or bottles in their hands and start throwing at each other. I think they must off been fighting for man so I’m not damn surprised that this fight happened. As also, I heard that one of them said that the man gave her cunnilingus. Anyhow!

Here it is. Crazy!

“But Money C, these ghetto ratchet black women always fight each other for the thugs like 357 Jimmy, Corner Boy Ronney, Street Mice, Dirty Biscuit, Colt Five Rounds, Rizly Dizzly, Rizla P, Cuddy, Knife Man Priest, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Long Cocky George and Fuck All Night Freed ain’t it?” Yeah, that’s right. They are fighting for these guys. They love these type of black men. They don’t fight for the good black man but they’ll try chase after him when they stop chasing bad guys but they will never in a million years fight for a simp. I have never seen the ratchet black women fighting for a guy is nothing but a simpleton.

So, these black women come from single parent homes where their mothers use to beat the hell out them. Was their mothers were like this fighting in the street? Oh most def, people! Their mothers use to be like that fighting and sometimes it’s for a man that has the next women between the bed sheets. Or a fourth, fifth or six woman. Black women, well some of them, come from homes where there is no father in the household and some of the mothers use to beat their daughters up, especially when they are teenagers. And when these young black girls grow up to become women, my goodness! They fight like football hooligans before a local Derby game starts.

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And you guys must be wondering “Yo Money C, that’s the women you like ain’t it?” Erm, no!


The Damaged Black Man Known As The Simp


I’m talking about the simps again. Yeah, I know. These are the type of fools that are willing to take on or take out thinking black men because they are protecting the ghetto ratchet scarggle daggles that they love so much. But everybody knows that these harridans don’t even like these simps. But I hope everyone is doing well still. My birthday is on Thursday. I’m goanna be 41 years old. People tell me that I don’t look it. I get that all the time. Did you hear about the cycling crash at the Commonwealth Games? I saw one cyclist went over the barrier and few into the crowd. I heard that one person in the crowd got hurt. I hope the cyclists are not suffering for serious or career threating injuries. If one of the cyclist get a career ending injury, that is it.

When a thinking black man talks about the ratchetness amongst black women, there are some black people will say that this man has been hurt by black women, they got their heartbroken by black women and so on. And it’s the ratchet black women and these simps are saying this. Listen here, we all been hurt by someone that never loved us. There was a live stream on YouTube. Quincy 82 and Rap Raven from Black Betterment Broadcast was talking about how to better the so called black community. They had a disagreement and Quincy had enough of him and left the live stream because Rap Raven wasn’t listening to him. These simps never listen to people anyway. When Quincy comes of the live stream, Rap Raven said he’s just suffering from trauma and some sort of pain. Right, what about the simps? Are they suffering from trauma or some pain?

Damaged black men are up on the rise. And who are these black men who are damaged? Yep, it’s these simps who are damaged! You guys must be thinking “What kind of damage your talking about blud?” Well, most of the time it’s physical abuse when they where children. And most of time it’s their mothers who are raising them alone without the fathers who fucked off because they didn’t wanna deal with the mother’s ratchetness, the father wasn’t interested of the child or the father find out that he wasn’t the father of the child when he did that DNA test. And these ratchet mothers are taking their anger out of the boys and beat them because their sons remind them as their fathers when their mothers look at them. The young black girls, they go through it as well.

damaged 2

For instance, Bareback Fountain who use to stalk every single black man on YouTube. He was even stalking me a few times and I have to cheek him numerous times. I was thinking “Yo star! Why this Negro keep stalking me and taking clips of me of my videos.” I was wondering “Why this fool keeps stalking me and other guys on YouTube. This is some narcissistic thing the man is doing!” Then I found out that he was beaten up by his mother when he was a child. His mum use to knock him around when he was young. And that is the reason why he was acting like this on YouTube. He was acting like this all the time. We do have tones a narcissistic people on YouTube. Look at Playmate Tessi who mocked the young girl who got cancer.

Guys, I was so upset when I heard about this!

When a black boy gets beaten by his mother who is raising him by her own, when he grows up, he might become feminine which might possibly happen or he becomes abuse towards black women when he’s in a relationship. He might end up beating up his girlfriend or wife. Look at the rapper and producer Dr. Dre. I gaurentte that he’s been beaten by his mother when he was a young boy. And he grew up to become an man who can’t control himself. That’s why he beat up the R&B singer Michel’le when they had a relationship. And that relationship was damn right toxic. I could never be in a relationship like that. I have been in a toxic relationship before and that was in the year 2000.

What about me? Did I get beaten by my mum when I was little boy? Listen here. When I was little child, I was a rude shit. I was the demon child from hell. Rude, lie, mischievous, misbehaving, I use foul language as well, I was naughty. I was a bad little boy. “And some of them will say “You still are today!” No, I’m not. But anyhow, as you look at these simps who are defending the ghetto ratchet black women, they have been through things when they were young boys. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rap Raven from Black Betterment Broadcast went through the same thing like these simps who are coming after black men who talks about the ratchet black woman.

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Tough one to talk about but I still can’t stand these simps, captain save a hoes, black cucks, ghetto soy boys and these oil of olay men. Frigg them!


SYSBM Accountable For What?



Man, this was something. But anyhow, people!

These simps will not stop at anything! And you guys must be wondering “Oh these simps again?” Yep, these simpish dudes again. They have another tactic. What is the other tactic? Well, I’ll tell you. Hope everyone is doing well. My birthday on next week on Thursday. I’ll be 41 years old. I think I’ve have seen everything. What do I mean by that? Everything really, especially with these simps online. All they are doing is defending these hoodrats when thinking black men talk about the bad behaviour of these harridans. And everybody knows that these simps don’t get respect from these ratchet women.

We have these simps that have been attacking SYSBM for the last ten years. Simps like Bareback Fountain, Dr. Foolmar Johnson, Woke Poofgressive 2.0, Swag “Simp” Boy 360, D Derailed, Nizzo “The Simpo” Artist, Shawn James, Monty Woodgrain, Bum Picker, I mean Bone Picker, Clifton Rainey and all of the other simps that are coming after black men who are with non black women. If a black man wants to be with a black woman, then fine by that. I’m not throwing any shades of him having a black girlfriend or a black wifey. If I want a black relationship with a black woman, then I would. But why they are coming after black men who are in non black relationships/marriages?

Right, I was watching a video from Oshay Duke Jackson. Tommy Sotomayor calls him old face. He said that black men who are SYSBM don’t take accountability on anything. What does accountability or mainly accountable mean? It means being responsible, being liable and so on. But the thing is. What is SYSBM accountable for what may I ask? I was thinking of what SYSBM are not taking responsibility for? I can’t think of any fucking thing, people. My mind is blank right now. Steve The Dean Williams was on Oshay live stream long time ago on his YouTube channel saying that SYSBM don’t take responsibility on anything. He said that about MGTOW and IBMOR as well. But I heard that this simp is with a white woman who has two children. Good God!

The most infamous YouTube stalker ever! The most notorious of all time! Wow!

He don’t date white women. There is something fishy or fruity about this dude!

You guys must be wondering “You blud! What the simps mean by SYSBM doesn’t take accountability? What are they talking about Money C?” Well to be honest, I think it’s just another strategic move to attack SYSBM. That’s it really. They really are coming after something which is really harmless. I just thought about this. Has SYSBM took accountability on the destruction, mayhem, chaos, madness and the harm in the so called black community? No. you know why? Because they didn’t cause the madness gwanin’ in the black community, you get me!? It was the wretched people who cause this.

As these simps keep defending these ghetto scraggle daggles, these hoodrats are opening their legs wide to thugs like Clark Shoes Danny, Razor Man Palmer, Gun Boy Joe, Cuddy, Sharp Knife and Street Ratty. These simps have no chance of getting these scraggle daggles because these scragglies don’t want these simps. They don’t even like them. They want the ruff and ready type dudes. They want a ruff neck man! Not no simp that will side with them. However, these simps will wait for the thugs like 357 Jimmy, Six Shooter Derrick, Corner Boy Ronney, Colt Five Rounds, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta to finish up with the scraggle daggles.

These simps have so many tactics to take on SYSBM. Especially the simps in Britain when they are taking black men who will refuse to choose black women for a long term relationship/marriage. Can you believe that these simps have found another tactic to take out SYSBM? Well, I’m not really surprised by this because I know the simps already you understand? They are using this type of strategy just to get some punany. But these scraggle daggles will play games with the simps as they lust after the thuggish dudes that will drive them crazy.

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SYSBM shouldn’t take accountability on anything!


The Dyslexic Side Of Money Cultural


There are somethings that haunted me over the years. From my ex in 2000 with her manipulative crap which I don’t wanna discuss about, my older brother’s death which shock me to the core when he died in 2020 and I haven’t seen him since 1999 but there is one thing that haunts me the most. And what is it? Dyslexia! Hope everyone is doing well. This one is real personal to me and I have never thought I will talk about this, until now. I think I need to read more often. I haven’t read anything for a very long time. But anyway.

I suffers from dyslexia. And this word is difficult to spell for me. Even pronouncing it. There are people out there that suffered from this condition and I’m one of them that have it. I had problems of reading and writing when I was little. I had serious issues of reading and writing when I was at primary school and I got bullied for it. It was the same thing when I was in secondary school. Trust me; it was so brutal when I was in high school. I hated high school so much, when my high school days ended in 1997, I was glad. But I left with no qualifications.

I use to get bullied in primary and secondary school on a regular but I had a temperamental side, obviously. There was one dude I didn’t like and still don’t like the guy. When we have a argument, he questions about my intelligence. And he does it in front of the other students. It was so embarrassing, I wanted to fight him this geeky type beta dude, you get me? I wanted to fuck up his face so badly; no one wouldn’t even recognise him. I had it really, really bad when I was young. There were sometimes that I didn’t wanna go to school. That’s how bad it was. This is a very sensitive topic I’m talking about. I use to have support teachers from primary right down to secondary school. I like to know what they are doing now?

When I went to the college of North West London, I was studying Art and Design. There was no reading which I was very happy for that but I had a thing for art anyway until 2001 when I lost interest in it. Because I suddenly had a thing for writing. But the ready and writing, well it did improved over the years. I always had nice hand writing but the reading, it’s still bothers me a little.  You guys must be wondering “Yo Money C, why you never told us about you having the dyslexia ting blud?” You know, it’s such a sensitive to talk about until now on Money Cultural.

People who has this condition, they go for jobs like graphic designer, journalist, website developer and entrepreneurship. And even engineers, councillors and therapists. Some of them work from home which is actually a very good thing because people are not hiring other people to work nowadays so why not do that instead. I still like getting up and going to work still but people say that could be a thing of the past. Where does dyslexia come from? Well, it’s a genetic thing really. If a parent or siblings has learning difficulties, it can be past over to the child so unfortunately it runs in the family. So if I have children which will be a complete shock, then they might inherit it.

6.3 million people which is around 10 per cent of the UK population have dyslexia and 1 in 6 adults has the reading level of a 11 year old. The thing is that I don’t know if that 10 per cent have changed. The dyslexia has haunted me for many years and I know that it will not go away. I guess that this could be my biggest flaw. Hey don’t know. There are some words that I haven’t heard before and they can be difficult to pronounce but I have Google to pronounce to word for me the legendary Oxford Dictionary as well so I can find out what the word is. Oh yeah, Google can do that for me as well.

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Wow! That was hard to talk about.

smily face

I’ll be okay!


Rape Culture In South Africa

south africa

There are so many things that bother me. I have a list of things that bothers me you know. But as I saw a documentary about the rape culture in South Africa, it really bothers me, a lot. I have a damn headache thinking about it. Hope everyone is doing well. This one here is really shocking. I was goanna talk about the simps but this one here is really shocks me to the core. I find it so distressing about what is going on in South Africa. There’s a fifty minute BBC documentary called My Neighbour The Rapist and trust me, it is really shocking.

Oh my God! This is so very disturbing. I didn’t know that this is happening so much in some of the African continents. I didn’t realise that there is a huge rape culture in Africa. Which are these rapes that are happening in these continents in Africa? Well, it’s happening in South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo and so on. Not only that these women are getting raped but some of them got pregnant by the men who rape the women. And some are young girls who have been sexually assaulted but also breed for the men that rape them off. Some of the women have rejected their rape babies and they don’t want anything to do with the children.

I heard that South Africa is the rape capital of the world. Every woman or child gets raped every 26 seconds. It is very puzzling when you think about it really. And everyone who is the rapist, the person who has been raped or the man who is doing the raping. Disploot, near Johannesburg has some of the highest level of rape in South Africa. And these women have been raped in front of their husbands and boyfriends. Even children get raped in front of their parents as well. For women, South Africa is a dangerous place for them because of all of the rapes going on. It’s a Dangerous place to live for women.

But the people in the community of Disploot will take the law in their own hands and they have done that. When the community find out that a man has sexually assault a woman, they will look for him, beat him killing them or burn him to death. They are fed up of crime in their neighbourhood and they feel that the police are not doing their jobs. So they become vigilantes and kill the suspects of the rape they have commented. As the police are present at the crime scene, they are very wary of treating the suspect. Because that will trigger a riot and that is something that they police really don’t want.

Here is the question. What the hell is going on? What is wrong with the men in the motherland? Why are they doing this? I heard that these Traditional healers say that if a man rapes a child, he will get healed from HIV. When I heard that, I thought to myself that this most ridiculous thing I ever heard in my life. If a man has a deadly disease and he rapes someone especially a child, he’ll pass on the deadly virus. I really don’t know what is going on with the dudes in some in Africa. I trying to figure it out really and some of the men that have sexually assaulted these women actually enjoy this. They enjoy doing raping women.

The people are taking the law into their own damn hands. I don’t blame them! They just had enough!

I know that South Africa is one beautiful country but the thing is that South Africa has now earned its name the rape capital of the world. And it’s all because of the sexual assaults going on towards the women. South Africa is not safe for women because the men keep raping these women. There are so many rape victims in Disploot and some of them are young girls. And the men have no remorse of what they fucking did to the ladies. They have no conscience of their actions? Really nigah!? I don’t blame the people of the community take the law in their own hands.

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It’s shocking to see what’s happening in South Africa!