Black Man The New Black Woman

man in dress

As this man from Willesden who see things, I see that black men have a lot of issues in their heads. Go look on YouTube and see what going on with them. As you look at True Semen, you can see the behaviour on his live streams on YouTube. I remember the time I saw him collapsed on the floor because he was drunk like some drunken man you see on the street. And he also piss himself as well. It was dark comedy moment for everyone when they saw that. As he fall down on the floor once more and didn’t come up and also lying in his own puddle of piss, his wife come and turn off the live stream. I beat you that she’s called the side dude to come over and get between the sheets with her. But I hope everyone is doing well. Money Cultural, straight outta North West London doing fine bringing you another one here, you get me.

When 2pac got out of jail, he went on the rampage when he signed to Death Raw Records.

Right, we all see that black men are robbing each other, killing each other, putting down another black man, showing envy to his fellow brother (No relation), hating on him, being feminine and so on. And also I have seen black men who are coming after black men who are with non black women, i.e white women, Asian woman and Latin women. There is a black women, I think she’s a dating coach for other black women says that 80 per cent of black women have a hatred towards black men. You guys will be saying “But Money C, them black women love a ruff neck dude that live in Harlesden blud!” Yeah, that is true. They love the ruff neck dudes that will get them wet between their legs and throw the punany at them. The hatred these black women have for black men is the same hatred these black men have for other black men. These type of black men who are nothing but feminine. They have these feminine characteristic like the deceased rapper 2pac had. But Pac snapped when it got out of prison and start calling women bitches and hoes! Looking at black men now, it looks like the black man is new black woman.

You guys must be saying “Yo blud! What do you mean by that Money Cultural?” Alright, for example. You see these simps that are coming after SYSBM; these simp dudes are nothing but emotional individuals that can’t handle their emotions. And I know that these simps who are pro blacks that do live streams talking about another black man who is with a non black women or married outside his race. There are some simps who are on the YouTube platform do eight hour live streams chatting about black men having non black girlfriends and wives. Oh Lawd God! Listen here; it seems that these foolish simps really don’t have a life. They have nuthin’ to do you know, star! All they do is talk about other people just like these scraggle daggle talking rotten about somebody. They really need to get a fucking life.

You guys must be wondering “Why black men are acting like this? Why are black men are having these feminine characteristics? How these simps are being emotional like the white beta male?” Well, Money Cultural have the answer right here. When a man has been raised in a single parent home or surrounded by women and there is no man there, he will develop those traits in a heartbeat and it starts from childhood. Those traits will rub off him and when it grows up, he will have those characteristics that are off putting to everyone. And these simps have been raised by ratchet black women and they will they will have these damaging traits that we all see. And when you see a simp who is defending a ghetto ratchet scraggle daggle, you can tell that he has been raised by in a single parent household.

As you look at black men right now, they are finished! We have seen black men doing some bull shit on a regular basis. Guys like me have to light them up because of the dunce crap they are doing. Black men feel like being feminine is good for the scraggly women that they are siding for but it’s truly not. These scraggs want them ruff neck like Strokey, Six Shooter Derrick, Gun Dealer Danny, Chopper Man Stoley and Long Cockey George. A man who is feminine is a real turn off for women. They want a masculine man, not a feminine man who can get easily dominated by the woman when it comes to relationships or marriage. Black men have taken over the role as the black women. They really truly earn it because of their behaviour.

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Black men have really token over the black woman’s place!


Out She Goes


Mum is like “Out you go now!”

This take me back when I was young! But my mum and dad knows that they gave birth to a child that is a demon.

If you are a parent, you make sure that you discipline your children. If you don’t, then they will cause nothing but trouble and problems. You have to draw the line when that moment comes. We do have weak ass parents that don’t have the strength to punish their children. But there are some parent will kicks their kids out because of their behaviour and this Asian mother is the percept example of that when she find out that her daughter has an OnlyFans. Look like mummy know about this OnlyFans thing. Hope everyone is doing well Money Cultural here with a Asian mother wilding out when she discovers that her daughter has OnlyFans that simps are paying on a monthly basis just to see her naked and have sex on there.

Mum made it clear. Very clear!

The Asian mother who kicked her daughter out of the house, I give her a huge amount of credit. She went absolutely crazy when she discovered her daughter has an OnlyFans. When you see the Asian culture, the Latin culture, even the African culture, they don’t play around when it comes to their children. You can say that in the Caribbean culture as well when the parents don’t mess about with them. My mum and my deceased father are from St. Thomas, Jamaica and I did get beatings because I was a mischievous demon. But they want me to do something positive in my life when I got older. The OnlyFans chick says that the mother is not acting like an adult. Listen here, if I was a parent and I hear that my daughter has an OnlyFans, I would kick her out as well. I don’t want my heiress to the throne doing something like this. But you guys goanna be asking Money Cultural “What about you son blud? What if the heir to the throne has an OnlyFans?” I’ll tell him “Out you go as well.”

I have never told my mum about OnlyFans. She’ll probably think “OnlyFan? What is OnlyFan Donovan?” Then I have to explain “OnlyFans is a website when women show their breasts, their ass and their pum pum. Them have pictures of them naked for sale, they have video clips of them showing their bodies, video of them having sex, there’s a monthly subscription as well” and so on. And she will say “Ah what the backside the gyal them ah gwan nowadays? Them sell pussy online?” I’m goanna tell you this. If any man pays for OnlyFans a month to see another woman’s crutch, he’s a fucking eediot! How can any man spend their money on this? X Video is free, so is X Hamster.

When it comes to other cultures, if a son or daughter dishonours the family, they will suffer the deadly consequences. The mothers are from other cultures are different from the mothers in America and also in Britain. In the UK, some of the parents will make the kids get away with anything because their too soft on them but not Jamaican parents, blud! They don’t play around with their children. If the kids cross the line, that’s the end. When it comes to punishment, they are taking out the belt or the slipper and start slapping away when they get out of order. If a Jamaican mother finds out that her daughters has an OnlyFans, the amount of cursing she will give to her daughter because she will feel that her daughter is degrading herself with the dreaded OnlyFans.

Also, there are guys that have girlfriends, they find out that their love of their lives have a OnlyFans account. When the girlfriend has an OnlyFans, it will bring so much problems into the relationship. The man will be arguing with his boo about her account and rightfully so. Why would you get an OnlyFans while you have a relationship? The women who have OnlyFans are doing this to make money and pay their bills. I have no issues of a woman that wants to make money but making dough on a website like OnlyFans, it’s just a no, no. But there are sex workers that make a lot of money as well, in one night. The OnlyFans ladies are just doing this just to pay their bills and that’s it really. And when a man here’s that his one and true love is just doing this to pay bills, the man is like “Fuck it, she don’t need me.”

We have porn sites that sells video clips of people who are naked, having sex on camera, etc. And there are people who are actually paying for it, mostly simps especially BBW/SSBBW porn. There is website called MercedesBBW and there are clips of big woman and super size big women there. And the prices of the clip are like $7.99 right down to $19.99 and sometimes more. Hook me up with the fat Latina Diamond. Hook me up with her, shit! Lol. The girl who got kicked out by her mother, she can afford to move out with the amount of money she get from that OnlyFans account. People feel like disciplining your children is gone, well not in other cultures.

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Out you go girl. To the streets!


The Weave Wearing Black Woman Part 15: The Alopecidemic

bald black woman

She don’t have no hairline!

This afternoon, I went to the cash machine and the blasted machine was not working. Then I went to the train station and it says on the screen that they were disruption on the train line. So I walked from Leagrave to Luton Town to see my work coach.  And walking to the town is three miles. I tell you Wednesday is a day that anything could happen. On a sunny day as well which make things difficult because you don’t wanna get stressed out and the sun shining on your head. Not a good mix at all. But hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine. It’s another part of the Weave Wearing Black Woman.

Everyone knows especially black men that there is a huge weave epidemic. We have seen black woman in the street wearing this weave trying to complete with the white woman. Black women should know that they can’t beat white woman when it comes to their bitter rival’s hair. White women’s hair belongs to white women and they can wear their wavy long hair that grows out of their scalp. Black women have to go to the Chiney man shop and buy it from him just to look like their arch nemesis. Or steel it from him. Then he beat them up yelling “You steel from me scarggle daggle. I’ll give you Kung Fu kick” and fly kick her across the street.

bald black woman 3

We all know the infamous slap from Will Smith on the comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars because Chris did a GI Jane joke he made at Jada Pinkett Smith. He didn’t know that Jada had alopecia and that is the reason why she shaved her head off clean. When she shaved off her hair, she showed social media a line on her head. In recent time, we have seen black women getting alopecia. Why? Because they are wearing this weave which they have glued and sowed in their scalp. Since black women wearing this weave, their natural hair is not only dropping off but it’s making bald patches.

I looks like we goanna see the alopecia epidemic, or alopecidemic. Because of the amount of weave black women are wearing. Other races of women do get it but not like black women with the huge amount of weave they are wearing on a daily basis. Black men spend ten billion dollars every year of buying weave. That over seven billion pounds in Britain. And not only some black women are going broke spending cash to look like a white woman but they are suffering the dire consequences of getting alopecia. And when they get this disease which is not life threatening, they have no choice but to shave off their head, clean.

There is this black woman, good looking brown sugar; her name is Sierra who is a social media influencer. She got alopecia because of the weave she was wearing. YouTuber Tommy Sotomayor talked about her get alopecia because of the weave she was wearing. Both of them went to this American television show called Face The Truth from CBS Television. When I saw the damage of the back of her head, I went “Holy shit browning. What happened to the back of your head?” Obviously the hosts and the audience was siding with her.

The insecure is real when it comes to black women because of the weave they are wearing. As black men see black women wearing this weave especially with blonde weave, they will look away from them and go to non black women when it comes to relationships and marriage. They rather be with a woman that can grow that long, wavy hair naturally then a black woman that is wearing this fake hair. There are some black women that are in their natural state but that’s a rare thing nowadays with these black honeys.

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bald black woman 4

Natural beauty is the thing but not for black women. I rather see a black woman that is bald then see a weave wearing black woman.


Simping In The UK Is Up On The Rise

on the rise



Yo, Rum Head Frasier tell me that “Yo, Donovan, ah Easter time you know and you nah by mi rum. Yu nah buy mi rum!” And the drunken fart tell me that “You mean like round head. Mi that mi mean like round head.” So I buy him a bottle of rum. Yeah, I buy him a bottle of rum. And I didn’t wanna buy the man the bottle of rum because he’ll drink off the whole bottle of rum. And he drink off of the bottle of rum. And he couldn’t stand up straight because he was proper drunk and fall down in the middle of the street and fall asleep, lol! And the ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles love a man like Rum Head Frasier and Big Dick Rodney. But anyway, I hope you people enjoyed your Easter. To the Jamaican people out there, I hope you are enjoyed eating your bun and cheese. Hope you cook some fish as well. I never had bun and cheese for time now.

Simping is up on the rise in the UK. I’m goanna tell you why. With all of the simps on these pro black live streams on their YouTube channels, it looks like it’s going up on the rise in the UK very quickly. But you guys will say that “But Money C, simping is only happens in America blud!” I know that for sure as there’s a shit loads of simps in the US from Bareback Fountain, Dr Foolmar Johnson, D Derailed, Monty Woodgrain, Sway Boy 360, Spencer Holden, Papi Don, Derrick Jaxn, The Black Unauthority, Shawn James, Woke Poofgressive 2.0 and so on. There is a simp in the UK and his name is There’s More Hate To Tommy Sotomayor. I think that’s his name who is from Birmingham, West Midlands. I thought that this will never happen but now as I look at it, it looks like it is unfortunately.

What do these simp dudes talk about on these YouTube live streams? Most of the time they are talking about SYSBM and feeling salty about it. They are saying that SYSBM is a hate group. Listen here, SYSBM is not a hate group. They just go off and date non black women because they don’t wanna deal with the ratchet black woman and her dysfunctional way. And these simps are really, really upset of black men that are in relationships or married to non black women. These simps are pissed off that there are black men who are with non black women and not only they are talking about it on their live streams but they are coming after them in sake for the ghetto hoochies that they wanna be with.

These simps and the women that they are defending known as the ratchet hoodrats are not saying anything about black women dating non black men which I don’t have a problem with but they have a huge issue of a black man who are with a non black woman. You know when I said that 2022 is the year of simping? Well, I wasn’t wrong on that, star! These simps are trying to force black men to date black women. No one shouldn’t control anybody, telling people what to fucking do or forcing people to do something. Anyone can do whatever they feel they as long they are not doing the wrong thing. But these simps doing the wrong thing and that is attacking black men who don’t want to be with these ghetto harlots that these simps worship on a daily basis.

As these simps keep on siding with these scraggle daggles, these harlots will continue to reject these simps and chase after the thuggish dudes like 357 Jimmy, Corner Boy Ronney, Street Mice, Machete Man Briggy, Dez The Drunk, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta and Chopper Man Stoley. The ghetto ratchet hoodrats will spread their legs to the thugs while these simps keep on coming after black men who will refuse to get with the ghetto harridans that these simps keep defending when thinking black men talk about the ratchetness of the ghetto dungles.

As I look at these simps who are stalking and talking about other black men, they have nothing to do with their lives. They need to get a life and stop talking about other men about who they are dating. When a man is thinking about where another man is pushing his penis in or chatting about it, you must questioned about his sexual orientation. A man must be thinking if this guy is homosexual. These simps are narcissistic as the woman they are defending and their damn right narcissistic as the women that gave birth to them. As we look at Britain right now with unemployment, homelessness, knife crime, and prices going up especially travel fair which has gone up by 3.8 per cent, it looks like simping is up on the rise in the UK as well.

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To the American, you think that simping doesn’t happen in Britain. It happens still and also it’s up on the rise!

Oh shit, SYSBM. I hope you having a good old Easter with your snow bunny. Watch up for the scraggle daggles boiling her in a pot like in Fatal Attraction.



The Black British Woman

black uk woman

You know, I really miss North West London. I never wanted to move out off that area that I was living all of my life. You see guys, I was bidding for a flat from Brent Council and things weren’t going anywhere. But here this though. When a ghetto ratchet scraggly hoodrat get breed up by the wrong dude, it will be very, very easy for her to get a flat from the worse Council on Britain. And she breed and breed and breed even more. But I hope everyone is having a Good Friday. And also, I hope the SYSBM dudes having fun with their snow bunnies as well. I know you guys are watching your white sugar bunnies wiggling their tail in front of your faces. You have to keep them safe at all times because these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles will come after them and boil them in a pot like Alex Forrest in the movie Fatal Attraction.

SYSBM, these scraggle daggle hoodrats and their simps are on a search for your white sugar honeys so get your 45 Automatics, Desert Eagle 50AE’s and your Mangum 500’s ready because you really don’t want this to happen to your snow bunny.

Protect her at all cost.

We all know about the black American woman with her dysfunctional behaviour and her wretchedness. We have seen it on display especially SYSBM. the thinking black men will tell you about the ratchet black woman from the United Snakes of America. You can ask them that question and they will explain everything to you, non stop. And as they do that, these simps, captain save a hoes, ghetto soy boys, black cuckolds and the oil of olay men will come after them as their hoodrats enforcers siding with the women who are very mediocre. It’s usual for the simps doing that shit. It’s a very, very common thing that these simps will defend the ghetto harridans. So what about the black UK woman? What about her?

black uk woman 2

I always wanted a black woman from the UK. I didn’t care if her parents are from Africa or from the Caribbean. Hey, I don’t mind if she’s black Latina. But as I look at it now, it’s the same thing as the black American woman. When I was young, I did find the black American women very attractive but that was in the 1990’s when I was young kid. And I was into Caribbean women and in my late teens and early 20’s, I had and still have a thing for mix girls. When you see a black British woman, all I see a woman that have weave in her hair, bad attitude, skin bleaching (some of the them), raising children by their own, fighting for a man that is pressing another woman under the bed sheets, chase thugs and worthless dudes, it’s a very big list!

In the Un United Kingdom, 60 per cent of black British men are with non black woman, no matter if they are married to them or in a relationship with them. You guys are wondering that it’s very high when it comes to interracial relationship with black man. You guys must wondering “I have no problems of a black man with a white ting but yo star, why is it so high in a country full of beta males blud!?” The reason why it’s so high when black men are with non black honeys is because that they see the dysfunctional behaviour and the wretchedness with black women for a very long time, so it was like “Fuck that! Let me get a white girl Becky, a Chiney boo Su Ling or a Herrandez chick!”

black uk woman 3

As black UK men talk about the ratchet black women in not so Great Britain, these simps like the ones on Black Betterment Broadcast on YouTube talk about SYSBM, especially the black men who are with non black women in this country. SYSBM are waiting to light up the next simp. Bareback Fountain got a huge brunt of it and look what happened to him. When these simps gets wounded by SYSBM when they challenged them into a war, these ghetto scraggle daggles that these simps want, they are opening their legs and give away the pum pum punany to the thugs like Knife Man Priest, Scruffy, Rum Head Frasier, Cell Block Scrappy and Chopper Man Stoley.

I only had one relationship with a black chick for the UK and never live far from me when I was living in North West London. She was half Congolese, half Jamaican. The relationship lasted for about ten month and me and her wasn’t intimate. The last black woman I had sexual encounters with was a fatty who is a single mother that lived in Stonebridge. It was just a one night thing blud. You could off saw the flat people. The black British women is struggling in the dating market because they are not being chased by black men because black men in Britain don’t wanna deal with the dysfunctional nonsense they are seeing. So the black UK women are left with the simps that worship them, come after black men who are with non black women and also live off them not helping her paying the rent/mortgage, light bill, gas bill, council tax, etc. And that is the man that the ratchet black women don’t wanna be with in a relationship or worse, a marriage.

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The black woman from Britain is the same thing just like the black American woman.


Enjoy your Easter people, man and woman!


Crabs In A Barrel Black Men Are With Dysfuctional Women


Crabs in a barrel dudes are big time haters. And most of them are black men!

Black men have this crabs in a barrel mentality. And none of you guys tell me no! Yo, I has seen it over the years of black men not supporting other black man. They just show envy and hate towards him. Right, when it comes to relationships, what type of women these crabs in the bucket dudes are with? They are with the dysfunctional and the wretched black woman. Yep, they are with the scraggle daggle that looks at them at discuss. Hope everyone is doing well still! I wasn’t goanna upload my article on Friday because it’s goanna be Good Friday and I was thinking about having a day of it but I change my mind. But I’m not slacking like last week, especially on Friday. That day was a waste of time, star!

Yeah, haters goanna hate!

Yo, wha gwan hater? What yah deal with?

Black men who have that crabs in a barrel mentality, they are with black women who are dysfunctional. As you see these simps on YouTube, which type of women they are with? Which type of women they are married too? Not a good woman or a normal woman. They are with a ratchet black women that don’t wanna be with them. Every black person knows that in the so called black community, there are black people who have that carbs in the bucket mentality and it’s mostly black men who have that mentality in their head. They have other mentalities in their head as well and most of the time it’s not positive.

With these crabs in the barrel black men or simps which I call them; there are the ones that come after black men who are with non black women. As they do that just to please their ratchet black queens, they are letting the ratchet women they are with to lead the relationship or be the dominate one while these are being the submissive one. I know you guys will say that “Yo Money C blud, you think the man who is dominating the relationship or marriage is controlling the woman, though?” Well, there are dudes will take things a bit too far like the abusive husbands on the Maury show. I have said this before. I’m not goanna control the chick in the relationship but I’ll never let any woman control me. I see does her own her thing and I do I own thing.

And tell the haters goodnight when you go to bed.

These carbs in the barrel simps are not ambitious, they are not goal driven and they have no dreams. All they thinking about is chasing punany left, right and centre. And there is nothing wrong for a man looking for crotches but there are some udes that have no time for that. They are thinking off how to get this money, this big house, the nice cars, they are just getting their money up and black men really need to think about getting money! But crabs in the barrel simps will go against any black man who is ambitious. And that’s when the black ambitious man and the crabs in the barrel simp will go into battle. However, when the simp goes against the goal driven black man, he will get devoured in a heartbeat. The simp never knows how ruthless the ambitious black man is.

Why these black men have this mentality? When black men where young, some of them didn’t have a father in the household raising them. They just had their mother raising them and also had women around them. And these women have a bitterness towards black men because most of these ratchet black women are feminists. And most of them do also have that crabs in the bucket mentality. I think they have crabs as well because they keep opening their legs with these worthless dusty dudes they are with but’s that’s another story. As these simps see this mentality when they’re young boy, it manifests in their brain and as they get older. These simps have a deep hatred towards other black men. And the hatred, it comes very quick.

These simps who got this mentality have feminine characteristics and these ghetto ratchet hoodrats don’t wanna be with a man that is feminine. They don’t want a good guy or a nice guy neither. They want the thug like 357 Jimmy, Street Mice, Cell Block Scrappy, Scruffy, Machete Man Briggy, Rum Head Frasier, Long Cocky George and Corner Boy Ronney. They don’t even care about these simps whatsoever. They will use these simps are their attack dogs/enforcers when thinking black men talk about the ratchet black women but these don’t men like the simps or the captain save a hoes. They want the rogue type dudes like Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Des The Drunk, Stretchers, Big Dick Rodney and Fuck All Night Freed.

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Black men are finished, just like other men in this world.


Simping Is Up On The Rise

on the rise


You would that you would see the end of simping. That’s what I thought when 2022 swing by but as I look at it, the simping has gone up the roof. I hope everyone is doing well. There was a live stream I was watching last night and I saw Quincy telling Rap Raven why is he SYSBM. I will give credit to Quincy explaining why the man is dating non black women. The dysfunctional behaviour of black women obviously! I would like to be on that live stream but I will be too fiery on that panel. The live stream will be in flames. It looks like simping in the UK is goanna go up. That’s scary!

It starts on 2:51:59

Simping is up on the rise to blow whole! How do I know? Look how many simps who on the scraggle daggles defence. They are defending them by coming after other black men who are talking about the bad behaviour of black women. Over the years I have seen tones of simps who are siding with the scragglies when a black man talks about their ratchetness. As these simps sees him, they will become the hoodrats enforcers and comes after him when the black man who is think minded talks about the women the simps are defending. There is a war between the simps and SYSBM because these simps are pissed off that SYSBM are not dealing with these ghetto ratchet hoodrats the simps love and adore.

Some of the simps have disappeared from D Derailed right down to the infamous Bareback Fountain because these scraggle daggles have stabbed them in the back because they don’t like men siding with them. These scraggle daggles like the thuggish types of dudes or the racist white man who is a beta male. They want the not the nice guy who will change into the bad guy over time or the simp who has a huge hatred towards black men. Everybody has told these simps over a million times is to stop siding with these ghetto harridans because they don’t want them like that. They want the man who is a complete rogue.

How many simps people see on YouTube? Yo trust me, there are tones and tones of them who are siding with black women who are ratchet, blud! And these scraggle daggles look at them and starts thinking “These are some lame ass Negros, star!” These simps are nothing but mengkeh which is a Jamaican term for a person who is a fool, stupid or an idiot. These simps don’t think that “Is this a good idea of me defending these harridans? Because every single time, I get light up by Verbs 2015, Mad Bus Driver X, King Sigma, Sigma Jones and worse Money Cultural. I get ghosted by these hoodrats and they always opening their legs to the dudes like Corner Boy Ronney, 357 Jimmy, Colt Five Rounds, Ruff Neck Desmond, Rum Head Frasier, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta! Fuck saving these hoes.”

Everybody thought that 2022 was the end of simping but no! This shit is here to stay. These simps will continue to come after black men who will refuse be in a relationship or marry these harlots that these simps love, defend and honour. These simps are keeping defending these scraggle daggles just to get some punany. That’s what it is really. They want the scraggle’s tun tun so they are strategizing to get it. Just like my friend who only thinks about crotches. And he says that he want to do a threesome with me and his girl which will never happen. Looks like he wants to get cuckold but anyhow. Simping is up on the rise as we see more and more simps down the pipeline. The rate of simping has gone higher and higher and there is nothing we can stop it.

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Simping is now up on the rise and they are batting with black men who are with non black women. Black men who are SYSBM are willing to defend themselves when these simps are coming after them. It’s war!


Being Safe Then Ever



condom 2

This happening in San Paulo, Brazil when the Brazilian man pass out!

The way she went down!

Since the vaccine came out, we have seen plenty people falling sick from it and some people have died from the vaccine. People were dropping on the ground like leaves dropping off the branches when the autumn season comes. There are videos of people falling on the ground after they take the vaccine, even dying on the spot as well. There is a video clip in Spain of woman died on the spot after taking the vaccine. And what make it worse that she died right in front of her daughter who might of taken the vaccine. But I heard that experts say that if you have sex with someone has taken the vaccine, you can get a sexually transmitted disease. But I hope everyone is doing well. I’m back here with a concerning one on Money Cultural. This vaccine is the most dangerous thing mankind have ever made, good God!

Here’s the evidence, peps!

I was reading an article from Verbs 2015 and the Open Mic Wednesday Post on Slaying Evil. It was about people who non vaccinated have been infected by other people who has been vaccinated. Shout out to him for that post. The non vaccinated people have caught sexually transmitted disease when they are having sex with them. When I saw the article, I went “Oh shit. No way bro!” There are reasons why that there are some people are not taking the vaccine because of the number of people have been infected or died from the deadly vaccine and trust me, the vaccine is really deadly with the people dropping dead from the jab.

You guys must be wondering “Oh blood claat! How them sumpin’ happen blud? How this shit happen?” To be honest, I really don’t know people. Maybe the needle of the vaccine they use might be infected. I really don’t know but all I’m saying that to the men out there need to be more safe then ever. How? By using protection. Put a condom in your pocket or wallet and carry it with you. I know you have to use protection because you don’t wanna breed of woman, especially the wrong woman and I know that there are some men have done that and regret that, but you don’t know if that person had that dangerous vaccine which is killing people because we are hearing now that you can catch something if a non vaccinated person have sex with a vaccinated person. I know it’s sweet when you ram your wood up the punany raw but only in some cases.

If you goanna sleep with someone, can you ask that person if they taken the vaccine? Off course you can. That shouldn’t be an issue if somebody asks another person if they took the vaccine. But if a person do ask the other person that question, they will be wondering why they asking that question. They are just being safe as they don’t wanna get the sexually infected. Who would ever think that something like this would ever happen. And what makes things worse that as people are getting sick from the vaccine, dying from it and even catching as sexual disease from a person who took the vaccine, that wicked beta male bastard Bill Gates who created that dangerous vaccine is counting his money while he’s laughing. I have no issues of any man getting money but like this, though?

You guys must be thinking “Yo Money Cultural, you said that you want a son. You say that you want a son that looks like your youngest nephew. You say that you need an heir to the throne! Come back to North West London and breed one or two brown skin honeys blud!” Yeah, I don’t mind having a child or children but now things look real risky when the news come out of a non vaxed can catch STD from a vaxed person. If a woman is vaccinated no matter what colour she is or how good looking she is, I can’t take the risk. But if a woman hasn’t taken the vaccine, then I can have children with her.

People have to be more careful then ever now as I heard this horrible news. It looks like we may goanna have a huge STD epidemic here. I just hope to the man above that something like this doesn’t happen. One of the followers commented on the article from Verbs says that to serve them right. Why would they get a jab which is very dangerous not only to the human body but to people as well? Everyone is talking about the vaccine because of the deadly effect it has from people getting sick from it, dying from it and now catching a sexually transmitted infection from it when a non vaccinated person having sexual intercourse with an vaccinated person.

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Be safe out there, people!

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SYSBM Is Not For The Many


I have no issues with any man who is with a non black woman, whatever it’s in a relationship or marriage. It doesn’t matter what colour the woman is, if the man loves her, so be it. That’s great still but the simps feels that black men should date black women that they are siding with. And the women they are defending are nothing but ratchet harriets like their mothers. Yo, I hope that everyone is enjoying the April showers. Me again with another one of SYSBM is for the few. Listen here simps, I can date whoever I want, you hear me you simp Negros. I have a motto when it comes to date and it is “It nah matter what colour the gyal is you know. Gyal ah gyal!”

This Negro is proper butt hurt, Jesus!

Man really needs a skirt or a dress! Black men who are against other black men are really feminine.

As you look at the SYSBM lifestyle, you may think there’s a lot of black men who are SYSBM which means Save Yourself Black Man. To be honest, it not really. Yes, there are black men who are with non black women, even married to non black women. I thought the YouTuber Obsidian Media Network was goanna be SYSBM but he didn’t. He stick with the ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles that these simps are defending when thinking black men talk about the ratchet black women’s behaviour. These simps that are the ghetto hoodrats enforcers have declared war with SYSBM because black men who are SYSBM will not be in relationship or marry these harridans.

The author of Negro Wars Babatudue Umanah and the owner of the website Slaying Evil said that SYSBM is not for the many, it’s for the few. The SYSBM crew didn’t say that to date non black women but they are saying that some of the black women are wretched and dysfunctional and they are not dateable. SYSBM is not forcing any black man to be with a white woman, as Asian woman or a Latin woman. A black man can have a black woman for a girlfriend or a wifey but he will struggle in that department because the good black woman is a rare breed of woman.

But there are some black men say that there are good black women around and yes, there are good black honeys around but I don’t see that now as I see nothing but ratchet black harlots nowadays. As black men who are with non black women, these simps are attacking them because these black men who are in interracial relationship and mix marriage are not be with these ghetto hoodrats that these simps are siding for. And they are doing that just to get some punany for these women but there ghetto ratchets don’t even like these simps. They rather open their legs to thuggish dudes like Rum Smuggler Don, 357 Jimmy, Rizly Dizzly, Cell Block Scrappy, Long Cock George and Fuck All Night Freed.

It’s not for the many when it comes to SYSBM. It’s just for the few. It’s a constant war between SYSBM and these simps. A nonstop battle between them. As these simps goes into battle, they wave the white flag after they end up getting wounded when they come up against SYSBM. And as these simps are batting SYSBM, the scargglies that they love and desire are with the thugs that will get them wet between the thighs.

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When it comes to SYSBM, its not for the many, it’s for the view. When you look at these simps, it’s not for them.


He Better Not Let It Happen



This contain sexual references!

This is a absolute classic!

You might as well call this month April Fools. Forget the April fool’s day thing people. Why I call this month that is because this is when the fools come out. And they come out quicker then a super car doing it’s top speed of two hundred miles per hour. And black men have become more and more thirstier when it comes to sex. It’s goanna be way more difficult approaching a woman because these simps and these thirsty black men have ruined it for every man. But I hope everyone is doing well. I’m back here with another one and I told you that I’ll post on Monday. This is the first time I didn’t broke a promise. Wow! To the Muslims out there, happy Ramadan! Not a religious man, though!

On Friday, I meet up with a friend of mine at Hendon train station up in North West London. Me and him was talking while we was heading to Ealing Hospital. He wanted to see a girl who is in the hospital because she’s going through mental health. We reach there but the thing is that she can’t come out because of certain time which is understandable. So me and him head to South London on the train. He was talking about sex, punany and all sorts like some Thirsty Darryl type dude. It was getting on damn nerve while he was talking about pum pum, freaks and so on. And he was drinking as well. I don’t know how many bottle of Guinness the Negro had. I just didn’t count.



He was talking to other chicks which I don’t have a problem with it but here this now. If you are goanna chat to a girl, don’t touch her or tap her and that’s what the guy is doing in the street and on the train. There was one brown chick at the train station. We both come off the Bakerloo line train. He was chatting to her and she was looking at him weirdly thinking “The fuck is this guy?” When she walk up the steps, he tapped her as he usually does to other girls and she said to him don’t touch her. I have told him so many times that Friday is to not touch him because of the street harassment thing. I have no issues of any man chirping up a female but don’t do what this guy is doing. He told me that he wants to do a thing with the like a threesome thing with the chick. You know me, him and his girl.

Right, if this threesome ever happen which it won’t, if I have sex with her first and I hit it good up her belly hard, how she will goanna look at him now if I slam out her walls? She will not look at him as the same way as before. She will look at him as a cuckold. The cuckold is a beta male thing and as I look at it, if I fuck her good, she will look at me like some alpha male and she’ll look at him as some beta male type. And ladies, I’m not saying that I’m some kind of alpha dude but the way the man is acting and behaving with the drinking, hold on people. They had sex before but he told me that when they have sex again, he’s dick couldn’t get hard. And he say that she might put voodoo on him. Nah blud, the reason for that he couldn’t get his dick hard is because he drank too much alcohol and that is the reason he couldn’t get a hard one.


2 black lovers naked & embracing by King King

The threesome thing, he better don’t let that shit happen because if I hit it right, she will not look at him twice. She maybe not goanna look at him once. And ladies, I’m not being this arrogant man who thinks he’s good in bed. I’m just telling you something which can be a worse case scenario for him. It seems that he wants to get cuckold. That’s some weird shit, people. And black men must be thinking “Yo, the cuckold business is a white man ting blud! Make next man fuck her while he watching the action!” Well, most of the time we see white men watching their wives or girlfriends having sex with another man but in the black community, I really don’t know if something like this happens.

When it comes to sex, the simps will get absolutely thirsty when it comes to it. Don’t get me wrong. I love sex. Oh yeah, I love fucking, but I don’t get thirsty for it like these simps who are online coming after thinking black men because they will not marry these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles that has nothing but dislike to the simps. These scraggles daggles want the thug who will get these women wet between their legs. So these fools who are defending these women is just wasting their time siding with these with these harridans.

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Guys, this dude has children. He has six children with two biracial women. Why this man just focus on his children and stop thinking about these girls that will scream out sexual harassment when he tap them. And if he does that to the wrong chick, she’ll might clap off his face. He wants this threesome so badly!


That’s me and his girl!