The Black British Woman

black uk woman

You know, I really miss North West London. I never wanted to move out off that area that I was living all of my life. You see guys, I was bidding for a flat from Brent Council and things weren’t going anywhere. But here this though. When a ghetto ratchet scraggly hoodrat get breed up by the wrong dude, it will be very, very easy for her to get a flat from the worse Council on Britain. And she breed and breed and breed even more. But I hope everyone is having a Good Friday. And also, I hope the SYSBM dudes having fun with their snow bunnies as well. I know you guys are watching your white sugar bunnies wiggling their tail in front of your faces. You have to keep them safe at all times because these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles will come after them and boil them in a pot like Alex Forrest in the movie Fatal Attraction.

SYSBM, these scraggle daggle hoodrats and their simps are on a search for your white sugar honeys so get your 45 Automatics, Desert Eagle 50AE’s and your Mangum 500’s ready because you really don’t want this to happen to your snow bunny.

Protect her at all cost.

We all know about the black American woman with her dysfunctional behaviour and her wretchedness. We have seen it on display especially SYSBM. the thinking black men will tell you about the ratchet black woman from the United Snakes of America. You can ask them that question and they will explain everything to you, non stop. And as they do that, these simps, captain save a hoes, ghetto soy boys, black cuckolds and the oil of olay men will come after them as their hoodrats enforcers siding with the women who are very mediocre. It’s usual for the simps doing that shit. It’s a very, very common thing that these simps will defend the ghetto harridans. So what about the black UK woman? What about her?

black uk woman 2

I always wanted a black woman from the UK. I didn’t care if her parents are from Africa or from the Caribbean. Hey, I don’t mind if she’s black Latina. But as I look at it now, it’s the same thing as the black American woman. When I was young, I did find the black American women very attractive but that was in the 1990’s when I was young kid. And I was into Caribbean women and in my late teens and early 20’s, I had and still have a thing for mix girls. When you see a black British woman, all I see a woman that have weave in her hair, bad attitude, skin bleaching (some of the them), raising children by their own, fighting for a man that is pressing another woman under the bed sheets, chase thugs and worthless dudes, it’s a very big list!

In the Un United Kingdom, 60 per cent of black British men are with non black woman, no matter if they are married to them or in a relationship with them. You guys are wondering that it’s very high when it comes to interracial relationship with black man. You guys must wondering “I have no problems of a black man with a white ting but yo star, why is it so high in a country full of beta males blud!?” The reason why it’s so high when black men are with non black honeys is because that they see the dysfunctional behaviour and the wretchedness with black women for a very long time, so it was like “Fuck that! Let me get a white girl Becky, a Chiney boo Su Ling or a Herrandez chick!”

black uk woman 3

As black UK men talk about the ratchet black women in not so Great Britain, these simps like the ones on Black Betterment Broadcast on YouTube talk about SYSBM, especially the black men who are with non black women in this country. SYSBM are waiting to light up the next simp. Bareback Fountain got a huge brunt of it and look what happened to him. When these simps gets wounded by SYSBM when they challenged them into a war, these ghetto scraggle daggles that these simps want, they are opening their legs and give away the pum pum punany to the thugs like Knife Man Priest, Scruffy, Rum Head Frasier, Cell Block Scrappy and Chopper Man Stoley.

I only had one relationship with a black chick for the UK and never live far from me when I was living in North West London. She was half Congolese, half Jamaican. The relationship lasted for about ten month and me and her wasn’t intimate. The last black woman I had sexual encounters with was a fatty who is a single mother that lived in Stonebridge. It was just a one night thing blud. You could off saw the flat people. The black British women is struggling in the dating market because they are not being chased by black men because black men in Britain don’t wanna deal with the dysfunctional nonsense they are seeing. So the black UK women are left with the simps that worship them, come after black men who are with non black women and also live off them not helping her paying the rent/mortgage, light bill, gas bill, council tax, etc. And that is the man that the ratchet black women don’t wanna be with in a relationship or worse, a marriage.

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The black woman from Britain is the same thing just like the black American woman.


Enjoy your Easter people, man and woman!


SYSBM UK VS Black British Simps

british flag

bad boys 3

eat simp

We all know that there are a huge number of simps in the United States of America. We have the notorious stalker Bareback Fountain, Dr Foolmar Johnson, Shawn James, Simp Boogie Productions, Monty Woodgrain, Derrick Jaxn, Pastor Papi Don, Tariq Nasheed, Bone “Bum” Picker, Clifton Rainey, Tyrone Thompson, Nutward TV, True Semen, Canadian Zone, Ask Nathanial which now call himself The Billionaire Mindset (should change it to simponaire midset), Bother Polight, the names are endless with the simp super league. But what about in the Britain? Is the simping goanna grow in Britain? But hope is everyone coping with the cold in Britain and America as well, so wrap up tight when you walking outside.

The introduction of simp!

In Britain, I heard that 60 per cent of black men are with non black women. It was 55 per cent before but that has gone up by 60, so it’s now gone higher. You must be wondering “60 per cent? Yo, why is it so high blud?” Well, the reason why black men are with non black women in high numbers is because black men have seen the ratchet behaviour with black women for a very long time, so to them it was like “Fuck this” and just abandon ship and let the ship sink down to the ocean. In America, black men with non black women is actually less but that can go up when black American men she the ratchetness of black women.

There is a simpish dudes in the UK and I know. (Not personally, hell with that!) His name is There’s More Hate For Tommy. He’s a muscle bond stalker from Birmingham, West Midlands, England who trolls YouTuber Tommy Sotomayor. There is one video Tommy show everyone on YouTube of this British simp showing his pierced nipples saying “You seeing my nipples Tommy? You seeing my nipples? This fruity shit people but anyway! As black men who are non black women in the UK, there are black British simps coming after them. Why is that? Because these black men who are SYSBM will not be in a relationship with these ghetto ratchet hoodrats these simps love and obey.

There are not a lot of simps in Britain, because that if a black British simp comes after SYSBM just to get sexual attention from these ghetto hoodrats, then SYSBM will light up his ass up big time. They will defend themselves against these simps who will come after them. SYSBM will tear these simpish dudes apart without thinking. The ghetto scraggle daggles will come after SYSBM as well for not dating them and when SYSBM will give them nothing but logic about the hoodrats behaviour, then lose their minds and go crazy. And that’s when they bring the simps in telling them to defend these scragglies.

It seems like the scarggle daggle ghetto hoodrats are just sacrificing these simps to get them slaughtered because they don’t wanna be with a simps. They want the thug like Cell Block Scrappy, 50 Calibre Gilly, Street Mice, Cheddar Street, Machete Man Briggy, Street Boy Ratty and Fuck All Night Freed. The simps should know that these ghetto hoodrats don’t even like them like that. These harridans don’t even care about these simps let alone love them. They like what the simps do and that is defending them but they don’t give them love and affection.

In America, there are tones of simps who are defending these ghetto harridans when thinking black men talk about the ratchetness amongst these scraggs. And they get burned for it when they catch their daggles in bed with Knife Man Priest, Ruff Cut Larry, Thick Dick Tyrone, Rum Smuggler Don, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta. They should know what will happen if they defend these women who are nothing but ratchet. These scraggly daggly women rather open their legs to the thugs or bad boys then the simps who are willing to defend them. And that will be very costly for the simps and the captain save a hoes.

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Simping may not be on the rise but SYSBM UK will be ready to bring in the thunder when these come after them.


Beta Males In Britain


Benjamin Raymond from Bognor Regis, West Sussex is a spokesperson for National Action, a small far right group who keeps getting arrested. He says that it should be a white Britain and also say that he’s comfortable being racist. He also says that “If you are a national socialist, then you’re a Nazi.” And the interviewer asks him that is he a Nazi and he says yes. And also, he considers Hitler as a role model. He’s asking for a free white Britain. He considers Polish and Greek to be white but not Turkish. The National Socialist is a small far right group. Its goanna be smaller because the members are getting arrested for their nonsense.

Here’s my summery on this. You know I have no issues with white people. I have followers that are white and I really don’t mind that. That is cool! I use to live in Garston, North Watford, Hertfordshire from 2012 to 2020 and I have no issues with them. And the Watford people hate the coppers and I mean hate them, hard. But this guy, though? He should know that the country is mostly Caucasian! 87.1 per cent of the population is white so why he wants a white Britain while Britain is white? The beta male really needs to get out of Bognor Regis more often.

Right, when he says that he wants Britain to be a white country and that is Polish and so on. But when he sees Polish people doing the jobs that he refuses to do, watch how he’s goanna complain that the Polish people are taking the jobs away, he can’t find work because the Eastern Europeans took the jobs away and all sort of nonsense. Let me tell you something. An white man who born and breed in this country can find a job easily. Well, some.

As Britain have these organizations like the EDL and the BNP, there is Britain First who is rallying against Muslims because they feel like they taking over the country. Luton is the home of the EDL and the town has a huge Muslim community and they are willing to defend themselves against Britain First. And also, remember the time when the Millwall Football players when down on their knees, putting their first in the air for Black Lives Matter and the fans were booing? The leader of Britain First Paul Golding who outside the New Den stadium stating that the Black Lives Matter is a terrorist group. Right, I’m not with Black Live Matter but there is no way that it’s a terrorist organization. What does he think they are? The IRA? The Taliban? Mi bomba claat! LOL!

Right, you know what she should ask Benjamin? If he’s against interracial relationships/marriage? If he is, then he will get a grilling from me and the whole of the SYSBM. This man don’t want that from anyone of us whatsoever. The grilling will come quick and fast. This man really needs to get out of Bognor Regis and meet people. Get to know people no matter what colour they are. Come out that beta male shit that is bedded in his head. I always say that judge a person by a character and nothing else. He needs to look himself in the mirror and judge himself first.

If you are person who was born and raised in Britain and you call yourself an Nazi, you sound like a idiot. How can you call yourself an Nazi and Adolf Hitler hated Britain? He hated Britain and America so I don’t know why would someone call themselves a Nazi and this man who has a small moustache showing hate towards Britain and America. And let’s not forget that he killed millions of Jews during World War II. I really love this country, I really do. I was born and raised here. My parents are from Jamaica and they work their ass off everyday just to pay bills, the mortgage and so on. But as you see idiotic people like Betaman Raymond with their foolishness, it’s making the country look bad.

One love to my followers, especially my white followers!


The Modern Children In Britian


You guys, that could never be my child!

I tell you the kids nowadays are so out of order, even I wanna give them what I got when I was a child. You all know that four of my exes are from Jamaica and I wanted to marry that Jamaican browning, love that chick. I talked about her in part 3 of the miniseries Jamaican Pudding. Now, we all know that these children in the modern era are getting rude more then ever now. When I saw that video of the Jamaican woman handling that little shit that was agitating me, I give her credit for having patients as a saint because let men tell you something. If it was me in that bus and I saw that sod acting this way towards his mother on the bus, I would off slap off his head back because he was so out of order. In the bus? Smh.

As I look at these children now, they are more out of control then ever in this soft country. Why? Because the parents are being too soft on their children. As we see a black child causing trouble and they get the belt, people will be saying “That is abuse” but when a white kid causing trouble and the parents don’t punish them, people say “Why don’t you beat his ass!” But this woman on the bus with that little bastard sitting next to him, everyone knows about Jamaican parents don’t take no fucking mess! I know because I was raised by two Jamaican parents and all I got was the belt because I was a rude little son a bitch.

When I saw that this was in Britain, I wasn’t surprised because of how the kids are acting in this country but I wasn’t even surprised when I know that this woman was Jamaican. Let me tell you something. You see these kids of the modern era; they will never survive my time when I was young. You think they can survive the shit in my time when I was a little yout!? When I was his age, I use to get belt and the slippers because I was a rude mischievous shit. And when I was a teenager, I use to back chat at my mum, I even swear at her. My attitude stank when I was a teenager. I was really rude.

I understand that in the so called black community that there are young black boys getting beat by their mothers and when they grow up, they become abusive towards their girlfriends or wives and when these young black girls get abused by their mothers, they grow up and they fight other girls in school, in the street, in the mall and so on. Sometimes some of these young girls fight at teenage years. But let me tell you something right, when the child gets rude and out of order and try to cross the line like this little fool in the bus heading to Euston, you know you need to take the belt out. Or the slippers.

When a parent, for instance a mother, when they punish the child when he gets unruly, they will go on the phone and have a conversation with their female friend. And they the mother says “Guess what I gave Teresha, this morning! i gave her some lick with the belt star!” You see, the parents in Britain are very soft with their children and that is the reason why these kids are so out of control. This country has a discipline problem and it’s going on for years and years. And it looks like things are getting worse because the parents won’t do nothing to the children. The parents are scared to talk to their children but in Jamaica, they are not afraid to whop their children’s backside!

I give the Jamaican woman a huge amount of credit for her patients. Because someone likes me don’t have the patients with someone like that, especially an adult who will act like a beta male. I can’t stand rude kids! I just can’t stand them. But I know that she must off get the sergeant and that is belt and start swinging it. I don’t know if she’s a single mother or a married woman that is raising him with a father in the household, I really don’t know but I know that boy must have got some bitch lick to blouse cup! If the father in the household he must off said to the idiot “Why you ah get rude with your mother in the bus fa!? Mi lick off your head bwoy!”

Kid is out of order!


The Same Thing In Britain



I heard that close to my grandmother’s grave on Middleton Road, Whitehall in St Thomas, Jamaica that one man hang himself after him killing his girlfriend. I have seen the pictures of the man hang himself on the tree and I saw the browning lying down on the ground with no top and body bloody up. She had three children and one she had with him.

Right, I don’t know what the situation it is between them two but the murder/suicide come back again in Jamaica in 2021 to blow whole! I have done article of this madness Jamaican men are doing to the broads in that JA. There was an incident of a Jamaican man who slit his girlfriend’s throat. Look, I really don’t know why he did what he did you know. My mum says that “The Jamaican man head gone!” To be honest, they lost them for true! What will happen if these Jamaican simps finish killing off the women? What will happen when they done offing the women? What they are goanna do? Fuck another man’s asshole!?

Let’s get to topic

I know that black men in America are going through a lot with the black American woman. They are going through a lot of madness with the black women in the United States. As you look at the videos on YouTube with black women acting ratchet and not afraid to show their wretchedness on display, the American black men must be thinking how the black women are like in Britain. Well, to be honest, it just the same thing basically. What are black men are going through in the States is the same thing what black men are going through in Britain which is now a sinking ship of what is going on right now.

The black British woman is just like the black American woman with the weave, the single mother glorification, bad attitude, fighting another black woman for a man, skin bleaching, living off the system, chasing worthless man and so on. There are some people will say that not all black women act this way. But it seems like there are more and more black women acting like this especially in Britain. Do you know how many ratchet black women in North West London people? Yo, there are ‘nough of these scraggly ratchet women in my hood!

We do have simps defending these scraggles daggles in the United Kingdom but they are less simps then in America while they are a whole leap of simps. The reason for that is because if the simps attacking thinking black men in Britain, they will get eaten alive. Because they see that these US simps get torn apart by SYSBM when they go to battle with them. I have done an article Simps In Britain and Simps In America explaining why there are less simps in Britain then in America where there are a huge amount of simps defending these ghetto ratchet hoodrats.

In Britain, 55 per cent of black men are with non black women and the reason for that is because they see the dysfunctional behaviour of these black women in Britannia. So it was like for them is “Fuck it, I’m rather be with a non black women then be with a black woman with all the nonsense that she is being to the table.” And when the wretchedness occurs with the wretched black women, these simps are not talking about the bad behaviour of these scarggle daggles. What black men in America are going through with black women, the black British men are going through the same thing as well.


Money Grabbing Britain


That’s what Britain care about. They come like my ex girlfriends!

The sun is shining, weather is free! First up, when I was at the mall in Luton Town, Bedfordshire, I saw this tall white man got caught for selling at the Superdrug store. When the workers was searching the tall man, the lanky dude had shampoos on him. The man had TRESemme shampoos, VO5, the man was even teefin’ Head & Shoulders blud! (It’s a Jamaican term for thieving). And I think he dropped another bottle of Head & Shoulders and the guy who work for Superdrug said “Oh, there’s another one!” As they get the shampoo back, the lanky teef walked off. The lanky man is goanna try again you know. And when I was riding home on my Trex 830 Silvertrack 8 speed mountain bike, there was this black guy was sitting down and he says to me “Excuse me, can I ask you something?” As I ride off saying nothing, the man said “I guess that is a no then.” I don’t want these people wanna ask me. Look here, when I ride past him, all I smell is weed. I don’t wanna say anything else, star!

Right, my mum has to do the Census application form on the internet. And I have to do one as well. When I saw the purple leaflet, it says that you must complete the census by law or you could be fined up to £1,000. When I told her about the fine if the Census is not complete, my mum says “Them lucky!” It’s a Jamaican term they use there and I don’t know what they mean by that. When I did the application form for my mum and me. I was so pissed off. I was thinking “Britain loves fining people in this country which is drowning into an ocean of dog shit. We have this television licence which is just a huge scam and you get a £1,000 fined if you don’t pay for it.

Boris Johnson impose a £5,000 fine for holiday makers in major crackdown, we have police officers fining people £10,000 for breaching coronavirus restrictions, remember the time when the guy crashed his BMW 3 Series into Edmonton police station in North London and then set the road on fire. I did an article on that called The Road Of Fire. That was the most craziest thing I’ve ever seen, bomba cleet! All of these fines, council tax, the television licence and so on, as you look at Britain, this country is money grabbing country and all the government thinks about is money.

We know that the money is going to the police, the nurses and so on but not going to the youth centres. I think that’s when the government don’t fund the youth centres, they are doing this on purpose. It’s like they just wanna see the youth get into trouble with the knife crime thing you, get me? And these young people who are stabbing each other up are young black kids. If the government is taking the good thing away, they will bring the bad thing in. They do it all the time. It’s a regular thing. This is very common.

People in Britain complain about the government and there is a huge reason why. Because the see the government just tear the economy apart. And as the government ramming Britain from behind without Vaseline, they are taxing people left, right and centre. You must be wondering what scheme the government have under their sleeves. Oh, it’s something but we don’t know what. When the government is goanna start caring for people? To be honest they never will. The only thing that they care about is money and they trying to grab it form the people.

Britannia, she is not a happy woman. She is just sitting down and has her legs crossed sulking hard. All because of the government fucking the country up from top to bottom with them raising unemployment, rising the council tax, fining people unnecessarily, three lockdowns, defunding the youth centres and so on. As I look at it, Britain is goanna go through a big time recession and I mean a big, big, big time recession and this time Britain ain’t goanna recover from this one. Britain has been hurt by the government’s bull shit for many years and nothing can heel this so called great nation.


Britain Now

Shaking my head

I’m sick of Britain. I’m sick of its laziness, incompetence, racism, politics, I’m really sick of it. Let me tell you something. Britain is sinking ship and people and putting on their life jackets and jumping of the ship fast. When I was young, I have never seen Britain like this but now I’m getting older, I’m seeing this country going downhill. I have never thought that Britain will go into this level but now it has. It seems like bullshit is the new norm in Britain and it seem it has gone a lot worse now. I really don’t know how and I don’t wanna know why.

Today, my mum’s internet went down and it stopped working all day. She was on the phone to customer service and they say that to turn off the internet box, whatever they call it. The internet provider is Virgin Media and they are honestly shit. I turn it off and then turn it back on and left it there for about a few minutes. The internet didn’t come back on. I did the same thing. The internet hasn’t come back on again. She called customer service and they tell her to do the same thing. And the same thing didn’t work. But I knew that something is wrong with the internet. Something was wrong with the internet technically. When she was on the phone, she found that they didn’t take out the money out of the direct debit and they cut off the broadband. She went absolutely mad. Why didn’t they say that they didn’t take out the money and giving her the run around?

My mum told me that the bill cost £207. For what? Really for what? Virgin Media are thieving bastards, they have no fucking shame! They are just looking for money. And when my mum called me on the phone when I was in Bury Park, Luton, she told me that they haven’t fix the internet. And she said to me that she wants to go to another provider because the customer service was laying to her that they was fixing it and driving the woman the run around. I know that they weren’t goanna fix it and I know they were lying. Customer service has gone downhill in this country and I wish I know why but the shit’s gone downhill.

In 2019, I was heading back home to Watford, Hertfordshire after I was coming from Enfield, North London. I was at London, Euston and I was waiting for the North Western Railway service to Northampton. Me and the other passengers was waiting for over an hour just for the train to departure. Everyone including me was so pissed off. The reason why for the inconvenience because of short of staff. And I was wondering what the head man in charge is doing. It seems like he was doing nothing about it. But I’m not surprised at all because this is British transport. It’s always messes up. I have never seen the British Transport like this before. Never in a million years. Well, 39 years of my life. You see we have train delays, lateness and cancelations. And when something like this happens, people are paying a fortune for travel on these trains.

I was watching a video on Tik Tok and there was this racist beta male saying fuck the black and fuck the paki’s. And his girlfriend was with him sitting next to him as well. I think she covered her face when he said that. But then this white guy reacted of what the beta male said and I give him a huge amount of credit for that. Let me tell you something about racism. There is still racism in Britain. To be honest, it hasn’t even left. The reason why the gingerbread man said what he said racially is because that some of the blacks, Asians and other minorities has better their lives then his and his life is nothing but crappy and he decided to be a unemployed bigot. And the biggest accomplishment he think he has is his skin colour. This is not an accomplishment. It’s an underachievement. And I bet you that this racist baboon is just an lazy dude who is sitting on his high ass all day living off the government.

And speaking of laziness. You see the EDL and the BNP say that the foreigners are talking the jobs away. But when they jobs are available, they don’t apply for them. The jobs are there for them and they are white and they will get these jobs quicker and easier then any other minorities. If they don’t have any experience, they can train you depending of the job. Hey, they can get the jobs way quicker then me and I was born in this country. But why they keep on saying this crap of these foreigners are taking the job way from us and they are not applying for these jobs? Smh!

The government and their lockdowns. We had three lockdowns and all three of them is destroying the economy. Stores closed, small businesses closed down, unemployment going up, and so on. The government was trying to destroy the British economy. They did that during the recession in 2008 and now they are tearing it up in 2021. What issue the government has with the UK economy? I really like to know. What will the government do when the economy crashes and doesn’t recover? The British public will obviously point the fingers at them and blame them because they cause this.

Britain is going through a lot of things. What things? The list is long as a criminal’s rap sheet. The country is done as it is and there is nothing people can do about it. You may laugh on this one but anyway. You see this country, it remind me of Nottingham Forest Football Club. They were winning trophies, won the European cup in 1979 and 1980. But then the Premier League came in the 1992/93 season and Forest got relegated. Now they are in the Championship of the Football League. That is Britain right there, a football team playing in the Championship. I really do have hopes for Britain but as I look at it right now, it looks very doubtful. Things looks extremely bleak.


You Say That They Are Taking The Jobs Away! Really!?


Right, we have all heard in so called Great Britain of people, mostly beta males saying that the foreigners are taking the jobs away and that is the reason why people who was born in Britain are not working. Alright, It is true of what they are saying with the foreigners taking the jobs away but it’s not all of them. Some of the foreigners are working for themselves which is better than working for something else. Even British people who are also working for themselves, but here this now. When the jobs do come by, the British white male doesn’t apply for these jobs and live on government assistance. Why is the beta male is complaining about the foreigners including black foreigners are getting hired for the jobs but don’t apply for them when they are vancancies around?

When a black male complains that black men don’t hired by Mr. Charlie because of their colour, he has a point. We do have numerous black men who are unemployed in the so called great land of Britain. But don’t get me wrong though. There are black men who are in employment but most of them are doing a twenty hour shift from Monday to Friday. The white beta male can get a full time jobs easy but he’s just a lazy bum like the thugs in the black community like Pookie, Ray Ray, John John, 12 Gauge Johnny, Big Dick Rodney and Mac 10 Mick. Members of the E.D.L (English Defence League) and the B.N.P (British National Party) do say these types of things but continue to live off the government and not looking for jobs and most of them don’t get hired because of their lack of commitment of the job.


This is nothing but beta male behaviour and most of us men, especially the heterosexual black alpha male don’t like the behaviour of the beta male just like the men who do not like these simps. But there is a difference between these two idiots of society. The simp will live off the woman by not paying the bills, the rent and eating out the children’s lunches for school. The beta male will lose his woman because of his lazy ways and his underachievement. I understand that you need help from the government however living off the system is not a lifestyle.

I know that searching for a job is not easy nowadays. Job hunting has become very challenging but when some white racist beta male says that the foreigners are taking the jobs away, just asks them this “Are you looking for jobs? It seems like modern Britain is just the Britain in the 1950’s. Because the British public did said the same thing also when they showed nothing but anger when black Caribbean people who was doing the jobs with the Brisihs people who don’t want to do. It is the same thing when the white beta male gets upset when they see a black man dating outside his race but don’t say anything when a black woman does interracial dating. They will say that the foreigners are taking the jobs away from them. But, the jobs are there for them, they just don’t want to do the work.


Incompetence in Modern Britain


Incompetence – When you earnestly believe you can compensate for a lack of skill by doubting your efforts, there’s no end to what you can do – Larry Kersten

My bad holiday Monday got ruined! I’m thinking about leaving the damn country. I’ve had enough with everything with this so called great country. I need to go to Jamaica for good because this is just, just fucking bullshit. I was going to buy Piazza and I ordered a 7 inch with Cheese, Chicken and Barbecue sauce. I was goanna cook something, but couldn’t because e I was writing my next blog. It cost me five pound for the Pizza and the unprofessional customer service assistant says it will be ready in ten minutes. Ten minutes later, I come back to the Pizza place. When I got my pizza, I look into the box and it was the wrong pizza. It had pepperoni, peppers on in and all other shit on it. I took and ask for my money back. As I got my fiver back, I went home in that pissed rage. I am not going to the fast food animal farm again.

When you are working in customer service, you have to be focus. And I’m not talking about the Ford Focus car. You have to concentrate on a job like that because you will get complaints from the customer. And customer service now is getting slower and slower and slower in this so called Great Britain. I’m now sick and tired of incompetence in this country. We never have this problem in this country and now the problems are here now. And there is nothing people can do about it. I’m so fucking frustrated with this madness what is going on in the Ununited Kingdom. I’m not a stress type person because when someone try to stress me out, I’m ready to snap.

I have never seen anything like this before in my life. You know who is incompetent as well, the government. Do you see how they are dealing with Brexit? My God, it goes to show that the government are worthless as the simps who try to date these single mothers who are ain’t shit. I voted to leave the E.U in 2016 because the E.U is bleeding Great Britain dry financially. People who are upset that people voted to leave this crooked organisation but here this. These people don’t like Brexit but they wanna vote for Anti – Semitic Labour, the weaklings known as the Lib Dem and the racist Conservative party? I could never vote for these crackheads in Parliament. We are not goanna get Brexit and the second referendum is coming very soon. And you know the remains, they are nothing but lazy good for nothing farts who wasn’t to live of the government.

Let me you some females who are nothing but incompetent and that is black single mothers. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with these women from our race. I really don’t know. They have kids with the wrong man and that is Pookie, Ray Ray, 12 Gauge, Slim Sauce, Big Dick Rodney and all the other thugs, bad boys, worthless men, hopeless men and unproductive men. You should know that you don’t have kids with me who can’t do anything in his life because he can’t do fucking jack shit just the whore that raised him and that turns them on. Every single time I see one baby mother to another and they don’t have a man in there live. And this the reason why we have the knife crime fuckery in these communities. I heard that one guy got stabbed to death in South East London on Sunday. For what? Tell me, for fucking what? I love South London. I rave there in the summer but what the hell is going on with these thug fools?

And speaking of Knife crime is these teenagers who are killing each other. Why the fuck are you doing this shit? You don’t have anything to do? There is football, the is Sony Play Station, X Box, you can go fuck some pussy, there are so many things these teens can do but instead they stab up each other for post code. these teens are being raised by their worthless mothers who has weave in their hair and it smell molly when they take it off. That’s is reason why black men are dating outside their race because  these ghetto hoodrat, ghetto gagging bitches keep on putting weave in their hair trying to look like a female whitey. And they have the audacity to complain when they see their idol the white woman dating or in a relationship with a black man, especially married to black man? Shut the fuck up!

To the simps out there. They are the most worthless men of all black men. They wanna date a black harridans with kids. They wanna defend her honour when she get judge and criticise for the foul shit she has done. All they do is live off the woman, don’t pay the bills, the pay the rent or mortgage, stay in the house all day doing nothing, eating the kids lunch for school and taking care of kids which are not theirs. And they have the right to say that us heterosexual black men, the strongest men of the black race must take care of children which is not ours? Fuck that! And they should know that these black harlots don’t want these simps. They want the worthless dunce that made her go weak on the knees.

I am not going to that pizza place ever again and I never will. The next time, I’m going to Ms. Rose up at St. Albans Road in Watford and by two Chicken Patty. Fuck KFC. This is the thing. Black people need to support black businesses big time. So this jealousy and stop putting people down when it comes to their ambitions. There was sell out from Jamaica and he said to me that I will never be an actor or a screenwriter. When I he told me that shit, I wanted to punch him in his damn mouth. He’s in the British Army now and he can stay there and don’t damn return. He said what happens to the police force? I’m not joining that bullshit! Do you know how many black people die in police custody over the years? Let me tell you something, if I did joined in the force, trust me Brent, North West London well be different.

Every single time the black heterosexual alpha male is always being attacked for no reason. And it’s pushing my buttons every single time and its putting me in a aggressive state. I like what this their problem when they see a black heterosexual alpha male. I have written the blog War Against The Heterosexual black Male. There is so much incompatible in Great Britain and things will get worse. I don’t know if its social media is behind this or what, I just can’t stand this madness of what is going on. The beta male, Mr. Charlie, the simp, the thug and ghetto hoodrat ghetto gagger can cause so much problems and they are nothing but incompetent individuals.