Degraded By The White Love Of Her Life



I have said it before and Money Cultural will say it again. I have no issues with interracial dating, relationships and marriage. I wouldn’t mind dating a non black woman. However, when a black woman dates a non black man and it’s mostly a white man, he will degrade her. You want proof? Go on Tik Tok and see how these beta males degrade black females on that platform. And you guys must be saying “What about ghetto gaggers? Look how the beta males degrade these black women and calling them all sorts of racial slurs!” Yeah, I know people. It’s very disgusting to see something like that. Hope everyone is doing well. I had a hard weekend but this Nubian dude from NW10 is glad that the weekend is over.

Yeah, I have seen so many black women getting degraded by the white beta males on the Tik Tok platform. There was a video of a white guy who is below average who gave his black girlfriend a drink but fooled her that it was urine. Yo, these beta males are nasty, good God! I’m surprised that his girlfriend didn’t throw the glass of urine on him. Ladies and gentleman, that is totally disgusting. And the thing is that she didn’t get upset at all. You guys must be thinking “What?” It looks like a growing trend with these black females and most of them are young are being degraded by the these white beta males that will offer nothing to them. But you guys must be think “Money Cultural, why can’t she get a Nice Guy Nick who drives a Mercedes Benz S500Le, makes £100,000 per annum, dress neat and has a house in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire?” As you see when it comes to interracial dating or relationships, these black females will go for the below average white dude, not the successful white guy, Nice Guy Nick.

These beta males you see on these Tik Tok videos who are with these black females, the average white woman wouldn’t even be with them because of the way these beta males are. Because white women really don’t like a beta male just the same way black women hate the simp. Some of the relationships between white men and black women don’t last because that the beta male just want something sexual from the black woman. The infamous YouTuber MsArchducess did a video in 2013 and said the relationship between white men and black women are better then the relationship between black men and white women. If the relationship between white men and black women is better then why 25 per cent of black women have been murdered by their white boyfriends/husbands? And also, if interracial relationship is better then black men who are with white women, then why these white men are using these black females as sexual pleasure?

These black females who are with these beta males, they will make videos about having hate towards black men. When you see a black woman that have a hatred for black men for no particular reason, they will end up with a below average white man who will degrade especially in front of other people. He will not degrade a white woman because she might smack him across the face but he will have no problem degrading a black woman. Question time. Have you ever seen a black man degrade a black woman, especially on social media? I haven’t seen it. Will a black woman let a black man degrade her? Fuck no; she will never let him do that. She will curse him or even fight him but why black women are letting their white boyfriends to degrade them? Why black women are are letting them do these types of things? I wish I know.

On these YouTube streets, some black men that these black women are choosing these bottom shelf Brad type dudes is because they are desperate to have biracial children. I agree on that on some level. Right, the reason why black women who date white men, the hopeless white men want mix race children is because that they have a huge self hatred towards themselves. Black women suffer a lot of insecurities. And it goes to their childhood when they verbally abused by other black people because of being dark skin and some of them are family members. So that is the reason why they have this hatred. So, it’s coming into a deep place and it started with childhood, even though I have no issues with biracial children and people having them. But when black women have mix children with these beta males, these bottom shelf Brads will run off and not take care of their kids they created with black women.

As these black women get kicked to the curb by these bottom of the barrel white guys, they will try to come back to black men. And black men will say that “Why are you coming back here for? I don’t want your ass. Hell no!” And also, some of these black women are single mothers with biracial children with these below average white men and black men will reject them as well as there are some black men will not be in a relationship with a single mother. So, the black women are stuck with the men that they really don’t want and that is the simp that every black woman has a huge distain for. When a black man sees a black woman who has been with a white dude who is way below average, he will kick that to the curb hard but the simp is willing to take her back, not knowing that she said that she had a hatred towards black men.

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It’s a growing trend on Tik Tok with the beta male degrading black women and it’s growing even more.

tiktok 2


The Men These Scraggle Daggles Will Go For

black chick

Some black men say that black women don’t wanna be with a good black man/nice guy. That is true in most cases as I see black women rejecting the nice guy or the good black man. If a man plays the nice guy role, he will get played by the women especially when a black man is being the nice guy, the black women will play him. You can’t be the nice dude in the hood. Hope everyone is doing well. Back here with another article of the ratchet black women choosing which type of men they want and go for. And it’s not the nice guy. Here are three type of men these scraggly hoodrats will go for.

The thug

thug 3

The undeposited, undefeated champion when it comes to women!

The ratchet black women love thugs, bad boys, hopeless men, worthless men and unproductive men. They will choose a man over a good black man/nice guy because they see the nice guy as boring, lame and corny. They will take the nice guy but they will use him financially. But when they see a thuggish dude, they will chase after him in a heartbeat. Some men say that it’s all about having confidence. It’s all about having confidence in yourself. Right, I do agree on that but if a nice guy has confidence, the ghetto ratchet women will still choose the thug over the nice guy. They see the thug as someone who is exiting, thrilling and exhilarating.

The white beta male

beta male

The second choice maybe?

You guys must be wondering that the ghetto ratchet scraggle daggle will not date a white man. Oh, they will date one but it’s not Nice Guy Nick who has his own house in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire which I would love to live, earns £100,000 a year and drives a Mercedes Benz S500e. No, no! They will go for the worse white dudet who is dressed scruffy, dirty and smell bad as a garbage bin. They will go for the white dude who has no job, refuse to work, take care of the children, don’t have a car and so on. Right. These scraggle daggles say that if a man don’t have a car, has a job, has his own place, they will not deal with him. They are directly saying it to black men. But they are with a beta male dude that has nothing. Not even a dime! And also, there are ratchet black women who are with racist white men as well. Oh yes.

The simp.


You can say this fool is the final choice for the ghetto hoodrats

When a scraggle daggle can’t get a good black man or a nice guy, this is the man that they will end up with in relationship or marriage. And that is the simp. The simp or simpleton is a man that these scraggle daggles really don’t wanna be with because they have feminine characteristics. They have that trait because they where raised in a single parent household with no father or been surrounded by women when he was a child. You will see simps mostly on the YouTube platform coming after other black men because some black men are talking about the ghetto ratchet black women and their bad behaviour.

As the black scraggle daggle is looking for a man, she will not go for the man that is the nice guy as a boyfriend. They will choose the thuggish dude first and then the racist white man. They actually prefer the thug and the racist white man more then the simp that worship the dirty ground they walk on. And that’s every frigging time! When it comes to relationships, the good black man will not deal with a scraggle daggle hoodrat because not only she has dealt with worthless black men and racist white men but these scraggle daggles are carrying baggage i.e children. And the good black man will not be with a woman with children.

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black nice guy

The good black man is not on their radar. The thug and the beta male are.


You Won’t Dominate Me


What’s up people? Yo, I really need to get a car, blud. Nothing flashy, yet but I really need one. An E36 BMW 3 series (316i Compact or 320), maybe or a W202 Mercedes Benz C class (C200 or C230 Kompressor). Guys, Saturday I meant to go to two destinations. The first place I went into was home sweet home North West London. I went into this shop in Harlesden that sells hand bags, luggages, jewellery, you know Harlesden. Whatever you want, they got in Harlesden. I bought a bracelet with diamonds on it for ten pounds. I say “Yeah man, got that now!” I wanna get the silver diamond chain for £25 still and there was a gold one as well which is the same price, so it will be £50 all together. So, I went to Willesden Junction station and I took the Bakerloo line to Piccadilly Circus so I can go to Wood Green by taking the Piccadilly line. When I reach to Piccadilly Circus station, I saw that the Piccadilly line was closed. And I went “Oh my days man!” So I went to London Euston to see if I can get a bus to go Wood Green. I just changed my because I was so stressed out people; I was really to lose it. So it’s like I have to get a motor in 2022. I tell you, London transport is so frustrating.

bmw m3

Really need to get one of these, big time!

But I hope you ladies and gentlemen are doing well. This is goanna be the final article of 2021 from Money Cultural, straight outta North West London. I’ll be back on the 17th January 2022 with the srcaggle daggles causing mass mayhem and all sorts of nonsense, these simps out there stalking other men and these good for nothing beta males like Conservative MP Sister Peter Bottomley who say that the £82,000 salary the politicians gets is “Really Grim” and calls for a £20,000 pay rise as benefits are cut for millions of people around the country. So this 70 something old fart wants a 20 grand pay rise as benefits get cut in Britain? So if these politicians get this pay rise which they don’t deserve, add £82,000 and £20,000 and that will be £102,000 all together. Oh Christ! Here is the question? What did these political fools do to make them get a pay rise? What have they done recently for Britain? The average salary in Britain is over £31,000. A family doctor gets £100,700 a year. A chief crown prosecutor gets over £100,000 to £152,952 a year. Why would these beta males in the house of parliament who torn the UK economy apart ask for a pay rise?

Here’s the proof people. I got it right here:

As we looking into politics right, we all see nothing but beta males. From the leader of the Conservative party Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the leader of the Labour party Keir Starmer and let’s not forget other prime ministers like John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron, the worse of the lot. As you see the politicians going at it in the house of parliament on Sky News, you start wondering that these ineptitude dudes can’t run this country. Since Margate Thatcher, Britain has not had a strong leader for over 40 years. Since she’s, everything went to shit. You see, Britain is like a great football team in the past. If you’re an American, you call it soccer. They win all the Premier Leagues, Champions Leagues, UEFA cups, European Cup Winners Cups, European Super Cups, FA Cups, League Cup, World Club Clubs; the trophy cabinet is full of cups. And the now, Britain has this managers with no tactical skills to get into the top four and can’t win any trophies. And the team always finishes 15th on the league table ever season.

When it comes to relationships, these politicians are not running things in their relationship or marriage. It’s always their women who is the dominate person in their household. Since this country have a prime minister who is subservient like Doris Johnson, (And the other prime ministers in the past 30 years) Britain has slide down the mudding hill and still hasn’t stop sliding since he became the leader of this country. When a man who submits to a woman in a relationship/marriage, things will be really detrimental especially if someone is running the country like Britain and these beta males have destroyed the British economy. You see, I don’t know what the gender is with these fools in the house of parliament but they are willing to destroy the economy in Britain and to the British public and around the globe, these beta males will stop at nothing.

dominate woman

When a woman is the dominate person in the relationship or marriage, the men will call the man weak but they will called a man controlling or abusive when a he’s the dominate one in the relationship/marriage. When you see a woman dominate the relationship, she might be using him, manipulate him, playing games with him as well and so on. Because the man is letting run things and he become submissive to her. He became the subservient one. When you have these white beta males and the black men who are simps, they are not the dominate person in the relationship, I guarantee that. It’s their women that are running things in the relationship. And these men cannot lead at all. But the women who are with these beta males and simps know that they are submissive, very submissive. Look at them racist England football fans after the 2021 European Championship final. Them women are using them as doormats.

Right, imagine me in a relationship with some woman. She wants to be the dominate one. She want to control me and all sorts of fuckery. She wants to control this, she wants to control that, she wants to control everything. This is what I’m goanna tell the broad. I will say “I’m not here to control you but you’re not goanna control me. I don’t need you to submit to me however you cannot make me into a submissive man.” If you want a woman that will cook and clean, then that is fine. I’m all up for that but there will be no controlling in this relationship or even marriage. If I let the woman take the lead or dominate the relationship, she will walk all over me. If a woman wants to dominate me in a relationship, then I’m leaving the relationship for good and not turning back.

In the so called black community, the ratchet black women will not submit to a good black man. If a good black man tries to make a ratchet black woman submit which will be extremely difficult to do, then he will walk out of the relationships. The ratchet black woman will give him all sorts of attitude. She will say that “I’m a strong black woman, I’m independent” which she’s not. But a good black man will not be with a ratchet hoodrat because all the ratchet harridans brings to the table is nothing but dysfunction. But if she’s with a thug like Street Man Ratty, Machete Man Briggy, Corner Boy Ronny, 357 Jimmy and Right Hand Lance, if that ratchet hoodrat get lippy just once, them thuggish dudes will take her down with one hit. Them thugs will not take no crap from any of these ghetto hoodrats with weave in her hair. So the ratchet black woman knows that she has to tighten that lip of hers with them thuggish dudes that she loves are around her.

I’m not with the submissive thing because I can take care of myself. I can cook, clean, wash my own clothes, you get my drift. I don’t need anybody to take care of me but there is no way that I will let someone dominate me. Just I let the woman do her thing doesn’t mean that she can’t let me do my thing. But you guys will say “What will happen if she cheats on you?” Then if the woman cheats on me, then the relationship is over. There’s not trust anymore. And yes, I had my unfaithful in my 20’s ways but the relationships I had, the women were just gold digging narcissistic hoochies. One in St Thomas, Jamaica had a boyfriend and had a kid with him and the other was a district girl. All a man wants is a peaceful relationship but not with these women who wants to dominate him. For the simps and the beta males, the are in a house where the woman is the dominate one that is not only running things.

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My woman will tell me that “You know I’m running things in this Money Cultural” then I say “Just because you’re not goanna submit to me, it doesn’t mean I must submit to you.” And when she says “It’s over, then” then I’ll say “I’m off, star!”

dominate woman 3

I hope you people have a Merry Christmas which I don’t celebrate and a happy new year. Such a difficult year. But I hope thing will get better, I hope. See you in 2022.

Hold on, I just saw this video on Instagram of a woman that go caught cheating with another man. The browning is on top of the guy in the back seat of a car, naked. What a trifling scraggly. And there’s another video which I will saw on my next article of a fat scraggly whitey. Her military husband who is now in a wheelchair caught her with another man. I will show you the video on my next article Caught In the Act. Next year, oh Lord!

See you on the 17th January 2022.


Just As The White Man

beta male 2


You guys must be thinking “What do I mean by just as the white man blud!?” There are some black people say that white man does this and white man does that. But there are black men do the same nonsense. What am I talking about? Well the bestiality thing. And you guys must be thinking “Oh no!” But I hope that everyone’s week is fine. Mine was alright. I heard that Sadiq Khan said that not wearing a face mask on the Tube should be a criminal offence. I tell you, this beta male has done a very shit job as the mayor of London for the last four years and London gave this guys another four years? Whose idea was that for goodness sake?

Bestiality is when a human being is having a sexual intercourse with an animal and it’s illegal, especially in Britain. There are some black people say that white man have sex with animals. Right, it is true that there are white men do have sexual encounters with animals. However, people, there are some true stories of black men that are had sex with animals as well. They have sex with cows, goats, donkeys, even chickens as well. So there are some black people do those types of things as well and they are stories to prove it. Black men fuck all kinds of beasts, just the white man.

I thought that bestiality was the thing of the past but people are still having engaging sexual acts with animals especially black people. I was watching two new reports of some black people who went behind the animals them. And someone of them are from Africa would you believe it. There is one report of a man from Nakuru, Kenya who had sex with a cow. And there was an African man who raped a goat and you could have seen the poor goat. It looks traumatized and in Nyeri, Kenya there was a man that had sex with a chicken. And you know what else? They chicken died as from the sexual ordeal. Good grief! And you know what made it worse? It was the son’s chicken.

The father ram the hen to death!

I was watching a YouTube video and there was this African man showed a clip of a man in Nigeria having sex with a cow. The man was on top and the cow slamming away while the cow’s four legs were up in the air. The man was putting in work on that cow. And there is another video of a Jamaican man caught with a donkey. And when he got caught in the act, the man who was recording ask him what is he doing. Obviously he was trying to have it off with the donkey. What on earth he was trying to do? Do magic tricks?

Warning this video contains a clip that you will find disturbing.

And it gets disturbing once again. You soon see the Rasta man saying “rassclaat bwoy!”

The first time heard a bestiality story when I was in Jamaica in 2007 when I heard that some man had sex with a goat in Whitehall. When I heard that I went “What?” Yeah, these things do happen in that pretty island which I’m a big fan off. I was watching a guy on YouTube from Port Antonio, Jamaica and his name is Bawdacat and he was talking about One a penny who is a mentally ill man who has sex with cows. He use to have sex with goats but then he started to have sex with cows because he said that “You see cow, it has a better hole then goat!”

First watch the worker nailing up slippers and then he talk out the infamous One a penny.

You see that bestiality is illegal and everyone does it all over the world but now there are porn sites of people having sex with animals. I have even seen women having sex with dogs. Seeing the dogs going behind the women and men as well is so shocking and disturbing. There is a video called two men and a horse. The horse had sex with one of the guys and the beta male died from the injuries as the horse ram behind him. You know when people that the end of days are coming? Well, it seems like it’s here.

The reactions of 2 guys 1 horse.

Something like this you have to look away you know.

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Black man sex down all kinds animals, just as a white man.


The Successful Black Male Vs The White Beta Male

sucessful black man

beta male

I have no issues of black women dating non black men but if the want to date a non black man; they will choose the white man, obviously but they end up with the beta male. And some of these black women who are with these types of white men are swirlers who has a hatred for black men for no damn reason but they end up with a beta. But hope everybody is doing well still! This is Money Cultural, straight outta North West London. The weekend was baking hot to blow whole. Yo blud, I thought it was Jamaica outside. I don’t need to go to the Caribbean now for some sun. You don’t need an oven to cook your food. You can go outside and use the sun to cook food.

Right, you see a single black woman and she is looking for a man to be in a relationship. There are two men. One is a black man who is successful, works in the city making £100,000 year, has three luxurious cars, has a very nice home in Watford, Hertfordshire, dress well, good looks, the man have everything. The next one is a white man, who has no job, no home, refuse to work, plays XBOX all day, won’t go out that and take care of his children if wants a family of his own, doesn’t have a car (Some do have one but it’s not a good one. Hoping to get my BMW 545e), hates the jobs that the foreigners are doing, basically he’s just another beta male. Right, the black woman has two men for her. Which one will she choose? You think that she will choose the successful black man with everything right? Nope! She will choose the beta male.

We know that black women will go for Pookie, Ray Ray, John John and Day Day which is absolutely true and have children with them. They will choose these guys over the good black man, especially if he’s successful. But when it comes to the white beta male who is one of black men’s biggest enemies, the black women will choose the white beta male over the black man. You guys must be saying “Na blud, that ain’t true, that at true! That’s fuckery blud!” To be honest, it’s actually a fact. Black woman don’t mind dating the lowest guy, especially if he’s white. The black man who is successful doesn’t have a chance in the black dating market as he’s the last option but the white beta male is the first choice of the black dating pool.

I don’t have an issue of black women dating non black men and mostly they will choose a white man but most of the time, they will choose a white man who is nothing but beta. I don’t see them with nice guy nice who is a business manager who makes a huge sum of money, drives a Mercedes Benz S500 and has a nice home. They’ll just go for the beta. The average white woman will not choose a beta male but I know that there are some white women who are with beta males but they will just walk all over them. And they do control them as well. When it comes to the black man who is successful, it’s not a tough defeat for him because he has other options. So he will not worry about the black woman not dating him.

Some black men say that the reason why black women will take the white man because they have self hate in them. That is true sometimes. And some black men say that black women will go for a white man because they want the mix child to have good hair. That is true as well. Some of these black women do have self hate in them that is why they are wearing this weave trying to compete with the white woman’s hairstyle. Black women who has this mentality has deep insecurities in them because they might been bullied when they were children by other black children because they have dark skin, being called nappy hair and so on, especially by their family members.

When black women have a child with the white beta male, he will not take care of his off spring. He will not provide for her and for his biracial child but that’s what you expect from the beta male. But if the black women see the beta male as a hopeless, then why be with the man? It’s all about having standards and some of these black women don’t have any if they are with this beta male who is a failure in life. When relationship fails with the black woman and the white beta male, she tries to go back to the black man that she’s rejected. But the simp is willing to take care of her and her child.

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If the beta male have nothing going on for himself, then why is the black women are with him?


This Is Why They Are Taking The Knee


racial abuse 3

racial abuse 2

racial abuse

So these three players get racially abused for what? Not scoring a penalty at the UEFA European Championships final last night. When the game was over, Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bakayo Saka miss their penalties of the UEFA European Championship thriller last night. The game went into extra time when Italy’s Leonardo Bonucci scores the equalizer to make things level in the 67th minute after Luke Shaw scores a quality goal in just 2 minutes. As the game was finished, the three players were receiving racial abuse on social media.

Two things. The first thing people that I’m not surprised of this at all with the racism on social media recently nowadays. And second of all, this is the reason why football players are taking the knee. Because of this foolishness I’m seeing on social media. The government are not getting tough on racism on social media and anywhere else. It goes to show how soft the government is. The tweets on Twitter was extremely vile and sick but at the end of the day, I wasn’t surprised at this all. This is a football game and the English people act like this? No wonder nobody likes this country. Not even English people don’t like England.

Why would people be shock to see this? I’m not fucking shock at this at all. I know how England stay, star! These fools are like this all time. This is a football game. This is England’s biggest game ever since 1966 when they won the world cup against Germany. The German must be laughing at England right now and the next European Championship will be head in Germany so the Germans might have a good chance of winning that tournament. No, they have a great chance to win it.

When a black player scores for England, these beta males will cheer for him but when he misses a penalty like the other players did last night, they come after him with nothing but racial slurs. You must be wondering “Why you wanna support for England? The fans are nothing but racist beta males who can’t even do nothing right!” When I saw the football fans attacking the Italian fans including the black people, these fools are in their 40’s. These fools have not grown up. They are just little boys who are in their 40’s and some have children as well. The police officers should off beat the shit out of them.

I’m goanna hurt some feeling here on Money Cultural but I don’t care. I really don’t care. Britain is the home of the beta male. Simple as that. Great Britain, mostly England is the home of the beta male. And I think I know why the English white woman is not interested in these fools. She doesn’t want these lazy, worthless fools. She might get put off by their beta male behaviour and give them the middle finger. These are just below average men that these women don’t want. They’ll turn the other cheek. Listen here, the reason why I voted Brexit is not only because that the E.U is taking the governments money and spending it on themselves but it make these beta male fools do the job that they moan about all the time saying the foreign people are taking the jobs way and all sorts of nonsense. They don’t work, they don’t wanna work, they don’t wanna take care of their children, they wanna live off the system, these are nothing but hopeless dudes just like them dunces idiots in the EDL and the BNP.

It seems like racism hasn’t left football and football players are goanna take the knee even more. Because of these beta males are bringing this ugliness into the beautiful game. You might as well called Britain the UKKK. The England national football team has done extremely well in this tournament and I wish they have won the trophy so England can do the double and win the world cup in 2022. But the players performance was overshowed by the racial behaviour by their beta males and the bigot females that belong to the streets. And when a white beta male does bullshit like this, it’s nothing but small dick energy.

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To Bakayo Saka, keep your head high bro. You wasn’t ready to take the penalty because at 19 years old, you can’t handle that pressure but you did fantastic in the tournament. And to the England players, you brilliant. Unfortunately you didn’t win the trophy.


SYSBM Vs Swirl Mountain




As we know that these simps are at war with SYSBM. Why? Let me explain. The reason for them going at war with SYSBM is because that there is no way that black will not be in a relationship or marry these ghetto trash hoodrats that these simps are defending. But the thing is that these simps don’t even know that these ghetto ratchet hoodrats don’t like them, love them and care about these good for nothing simps. They only go for the rough and ready type dudes. So what about Swirl Mountain? What about these black women who are with white men? Well, these swirlers are against SYSBM as well.

SYSBM and Swirl Mountain are at war with each other. Because these swirlers hate it when black men are with non black women. Why are they hating on a black man who is with a non black woman while they are with a non black man, mostly with white men? It doesn’t make sense when a black woman is in rage when she sees a black man is with a non black woman while she is with a non black man. And there is nothing wrong with a black woman being with a non black man just the same as a black man being with a non black woman but a scraggle daggle cannot be upset when a black man is with a woman from another race and not being angry when a black woman is with a non black man.

But here this. When a black woman begins a relationship with a white man, she will choose the worthless type of white man. Not the white man who works in the city, lives in a house in Stanmore, North West London, drives a BMW 754Le and makes £100,000 a year. Oh no, no! She will choose the white man who doesn’t work, has his own home, his own car and so on. When you think about it, these black women who are with the hopeless white man, they were with the black man who was worthless, hopeless and unproductive. And also, they have children with these type of black men.

There was a Youtube heifer name Crystal Swirls who was in an interracial relationship with a below average white man made a video that she didn’t care if the basket ball legend Kobe Bryant died. The single mother of a biracial child with the father not being there in the child’s life said that because he wasn’t married to a black woman. Not only that. His daughter died with him in that horrible helicopter crash also. Not only she didn’t care that Kobe Bryant died in that horrible helicopter crash but other ghetto ratchet, trashy hoodrats didn’t care at all. They said the same thing about Kobe’s death. There is something wrong with these broads!

Swirl Mountain which is now under water is not only going against SYSBM but there are some simps that are going against it as well. We have simps like the pro black cocaine addict Foolmar Johnson who didn’t build a black school, Incel Shawn James who needs to focus on his next book, Woke Poofgressive who confessed that he’s homosexual and the stalking narcissist Bareback Fountain who is suffering from child trama when his mother use to beat the shit out of him when he was a child are coming after SYSBM just to side with these ghetto ratchet hoodrats. But these hoodrats don’t want a relationship with these simps. They want the thug like Street Mice, Cheddar Street, Street Boy Muhammad, Cell Block Scrappy, Hoodboy Gravy and Fuck All Night Freed. The simps cannot complete with these men because the ghetto scraggles will only open their legs to these men that they lust for.

There are some issues with black women who are relationships with white men. These black women who are with the trashy white men are getting physically assaulted by them. These white beta males are beating up these black women when it comes to these relationships or marriage. There are some black women who have been murdered by their white boyfriends or husbands. Around 25 per cent of black women get killed in a relationship with a white man. There are some white men breed up these black women and they runaway and not take care of their biracial child. There is so many factors when it comes to Swirl Mountain. That mountain is full of carcasses and bones. None of these ghetto scraggle daggles don’t make it up there. They just drop of the summit of the mountain.


The Black Woman And White Beta Male



Remember this infamous man known as Roger Pope who infected 693 black women with HIV?



And do you remember this guy as well. The notorious Mike Oliver who infected 1000 Kenya Woman with HIV?

I have no issues with interracial relationships/marriages. I have no issues when a black man is with a non black woman and a white man with a non black woman. There is nothing wrong with anyone being with someone from another race or culture. But when a black man is with a non black woman or is married to a non black woman and has children with her, he will get a huge amount of hatred from the white beta males who can’t get a woman, these simps who are defending these ghetto hoodrats and the scraggle daggles that never wanted these black men who are with non black women. But when a black woman is with a non black man, nobody says a thing.

However, when a black woman dating a white man, they will go for the worse type of white dudes, you get me? How? Let me explain. You know the below average white man that doesn’t work, refuses to do the jobs that the foreigners are doing, being racist, showing envy towards black men when they date non black women and so on, that is the man that black women will go for. I don’t mind black women dating outside their race but add least have some standards. But at the end of the day, black women don’t have any standards at all just like these simps that will side with these scraggs when thinking black men talk about their bad behaviour.

When a black woman says that black men don’t work, don’t take care of the children, can’t provide, don’t pay the bills and all sorts of nonsense, guess what? When they end up with a white man, they will end up with a beta male who is much worse then the black man that don’t provide, can’t take care of the children, don’t pay the bills and so on. So if a black woman doesn’t want a man that can’t provide which some black men are providing for their families, then what does she expects from a white beta male. Nothing. He ain’t goanna do the things that a normal man will do for a woman. But, some black women will not choose for man that will provide, take care of the bills, take care of his children and so on. The white beta males and the simps have the same thing in common. They don’t know about grown man’s business.

There is a thing or a movement called swirling. It’s when black women who are dating non black men, mostly white men. I don’t know who created it but there is a movement out there. And there’s also a thing called Swirl Mountain. These swirlers are black women that shows hatred towards black men while they are with the worse type of white beta male. But the thing is this. There are carcasses and bones up that mountain blud! Yo, a whole leap of them bones up the summit of the mountain. Because the relationships with these swirling black woman and the white beta males is a recipe of disaster. Right, there is a YouTuber called Crystal Swirls who is in a violent relationship with a white beta male who is on meth. I did an article called The White Ike Turner. Oh yeah. 25 per cent of black women get killed in a interracial relationship.

When black women says negative things about black men and they are with the white beta males, I’m goanna tell you something. Them gyal are are fool, fool, people! You see these swirlers from swirl mountain which has nothing but carcasses and bones, before that they were with thugs, bad boys, worthless men, hopeless men and the unproductive men like Machete man Briggy, Rum Head Frasier, Ruff Cut Larry, Street Mice, Cheddar Street, Cell Block Scrappy, Rum Smuggler Don and Whiskey Baron Tony. These are the man that these simps cannot compete when they are chasing black women, you know what I mean! These Ruff Neck Desmond types will always get the punany when the scraggs opens their legs to them. These scragglies with not throw the pum pum into the simps faces.

I don’t have issues of black women dating outside their race just the same way that I have no issues of black men dating outside their race. But the thing is this that black men will get verbally assaulted when they have a non black woman with them and black women will be with the white beta male who is hopeless as these simps defending the ghetto wretched whores. The below average white man is the type of man not even the average white woman will choose for a relationship or marriage but I know that the black women will choose a white beta male over the decent black man.