In Enemies We Don’t Trust


Trust me, it’s was a horrible Friday. On a Friday!?

Keep your friends close but enemies closer. That’s what the protagonist Michael Corleone said in the classic gangster movie The Godfather 2. You should keep your family members much closer then anyone with the crabs in the barrel mentality they have. As you have ratchet family members and most of them are women, you think to yourself if you are a black man “Does these family members who are ratchet hate black men just the same way these ghetto scraggle daggles SYSBM talk about?” Hope you guys are doing well. I come with a serious one and I mean a very serious one. Black men have enemies and the biggest enemy of them all is these black females.

I’ve seen black women who have been salty of the death Kevin Samuels. When the basketball legend Kobe Bryant died in that helicopter crash and his daughter with him in 2020, these ghetto ratchet heifers were celebrating his death all because he married to a Latin woman. And when he dies, the money he made goes to her and his children. The same thing when David Carroll died as well. They celebrated his death all because he made YouTube videos about black women’s ratchet behaviour. I saw the video called White Women Are Better and it caused a humongous stir on YouTube. I don’t think that white women are not better but black women have some major flaws and I mean major flaws. As black women celebrating the death of black Kevin Samuels, it really goes to show that not only they hate black men but they don’t care about them also.

Not only the black women have a hatred towards black men but the simps who are defending them have the same hatred towards black men as well. YouTuber Dr Moist Watkins is hating on Kevin Samuels all because of his opinion of black woman especially women from other races and the man is dead. So does the beta male Tom Leykis who is glad that Kevin Samuels has past away. Right, I know that the white beta male is a big time enemy towards black men; the simps are attacking black men when they talk about the ghetto ratchet black women and the black women have a huge hatred towards black men and really don’t care about them. As you look at this people, put the black females, the white beta males and the simps on one cold dish, they are all the enemy of black men.

I’m goanna talk about the black females because it seems like they have a huge distain towards black men. Bubatunde Umanah, the author of Nergo Wars and the owner of the website slaying evil, he said on Obsidian’s radio show four years ago that black women is not a commodity, they’re the enemy. He says that because of black women talking up feminism, being the enforcer of white supremacy, destroying the black family home and so on. The simps who are siding with these ratchet females are coming after black men who are with non black women and the white beta male showing his racial hatred towards black men. You know the term “In God We Trust?” Well, I’m goanna change that to “In Enemies We Don’t Trust!”

I cannot trust these types of people. The white beta male has his racial views towards black men and being way too emotional. Let’s not forget insecure also. The simp is siding with these ghetto ratchet harridans and attacking black men all because of their opinions of black women and dating non black women and the scraggle daggle is showing no love, no care and no affection to black men. So, should a guy like me, Money Cultural trust any of these fools with fucked up brains who has a huge hate towards black men? Hell to the no? Why should I hang around with a group of people who has a distain and an issue with black men?

I’m goanna say this about the beta males and the simps. I know that white women really don’t like the beta male. They don’t even like a cuckold type dude like Jack Murphy who enjoys watching is wife getting her clit rammed out by Chad and Tyrone. Do you think that the white beta male is an attractive man in these white women’s eyes? Shit, far from it! They really don’t like the beta male whatsoever. And these simps who are defending these ghetto hoodrats, these scraggs don’t want them. They want the ruff neck type dudes they will drive them crazy and wrap their legs around them when the ruff necks are on top of them on the bed. And for the black females who has a hate towards black men, when they get ram through by thuggish dudes and racist white men, further down the line they want a good black man to settle down and take care of another man’s off springs if they have children with these hopeless men.

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black man in a suit 2

The black has enemies of his own. It’s not only the beta male, but it’s the simp and the woman that gave birth to him. And that is the black woman.


This Has To Stop Now


Hope everyone is doing well. Money Cultural ain’t! I swear to God guys and the ladies too. There are so many beta males around, especially in Britain. I have never seen so many beta males in my life. I’m now experiencing it especially outside YouTube. There was this Indian guy who looked at my mum’s toilet which was leaking on Saturday right and he sorted it out. he just screw the tap to make it stop dripping water. Then my mum received a text from the guy and he texted that she should pay him £55. I was thinking what? I started to wonder why he texting is my mum £55 for looking at a toilet. My mum was upset but she said that she’ll give him the money but never call this guy ever again because it seems like he’s conning my mum.

Yesterday, I was at home watching a video on YouTube on my Amazon Fire tablet. I heard the door knock so I went to the door. I look through the door and it was the Indian beta male of Luton standing outside the house. I didn’t answer the door because he’s trying to get money to look at something. my mum told me not to open the door because he just a thieving con. He knocks the door around three times and ringing the doorbell. Guess what the fucking bastard did. He went to the side of the house and turn off the electricity and gas. He broke the door of the electric meter as well. Man, I went mad like a motherfucker people. I called my mum and she said that she coming over with her husband. My mum and her husband came later on up at Luton, pissed off! We go the electricity working. He just drawed out the socket and turn the screw of the gas. The electric and the gas is on.

Today people, the fool knock the door. My mum’s husband open the door and he ask the man why is he here? The beta male was recording shit on his phone. My mum comes out of the house and I come out of the house as well. He said that he was goanna call the police and I took out my phone and call the cops quicker then a blink of an eye. Even though black men have issues with cops but this is one issue that need to resolve. So he went into his electric car and driven off. Guys, I really had enough of Luton now. I really do. I might as well move back to North West London. If not, then I’ll move to South London, North London, East London or Borehamwood.

Here’s his card. What’s Yash short for? Yasmine!?


beta male 2

Right, here this now. This beta male behaviour has to stop and it needs to stop now. I really had enough of this behaviour that these beta males are portraying in front of everyone’s face including mine as well, blud. We have tones of beta males on YouTube and simps as well that I have to light up. I don’t have time to lose my temper to any beta male and knock him the fuck out, you get me? The beta male don’t want no fire from Money Cultural. This Negro have time for no beta shit.

There are some men don’t know how to control their emotions. They just so damn emotional. When I’m walking down the street, I show nothing. I show nothing but coldness when I walk down the street, no matter what location I’m in. These types of men are letting their wives and girlfriends dominate the relationship. And as they do, the women got their side dude and have them between their legs. These women don’t want the beta male. They want a man is errr — I don’t wanna say manly side but they want a Chad and Tyrone type dude. Women hate beta males, especially the ones that are rich. And when they see a beta male with money, they will use him financially.

I’m no alpha male but there is no way that I wanna be on that beta male thing. Why men in this country love being the beta male so much? Where is this mentality coming from? When I see a beta male, I walk away from the fool because he will cause nothing but problems and this fool is one of them. I don’t know if this beta male behaviour is goanna stop but I stay away from them. I don’t know what’s going on these dudes nowadays people. And you know the man that messed around with the electric and the gas meter? My mum told me that she smell alcohol in his breath. So that means that this fool has an alcohol problem and he’s driving too.

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I want you views on this one. My God! I’ll leaving the area. I’m done with this place now!

And also, I heard that the comedian Dave Chappelle was attacked on stage. The guy tackle him like some Rugby player. Oh boy!

Here’s Chris Rock at the end though, LOL!


Black Women Will Go For The Worse Type Of White Dude

below aveage white dude 5

Before we start yeah, I wanna talk about three thing.

First thing that on Sunday, a man and a woman was stabbed to death in Mayes Road in Wood Green, North London. A man who is 52 years old from Huntington, Cambridgeshire was arrested for the double murder. The thing is that what was the motive for the 52 year old man to make him to commit double 187? The two people the man stab up was the father and the daughter. And this happened on a Sunday Morning. Yes, on a Sunday frigging morning! My God, what’s the reason for him to do shit like this? Second of all, Singer Karol G falls down the steps on stage.

The singer from Columbia went down the steps during her performance in Miami. After she rolls down the steps, she got up and made a full recovery and continues performing. But she did get cut and bruises though. And for the Jewish people out there, all I wanna say is that I hope your having a Happy Hanukkah. And also, you can follow me as well. Don’t be afraid to follow this hood boy, straight outta North West London, star! Don’t take notice of the KKK with the black women Jew people on top of the article. I’m goanna explain anyway and SYSBM knows what I’m talking about. I’ve never dated a Jewish girl you know!

Contain sexual image

Right, you already know that I don’t mind that black women dating non black men. I don’t mind if she marries a non black man. If I see a black porn actress performing a scene with a non black man, it doesn’t bother me at all. However, when a black man is with a non black woman, the ratchet black women will come after him and verbally abuse him calling all sort of names like coon, nigger, house nigger, sell out, monkey and all sorts. But when a black women is with a non black man (mostly a white man which is fine), they don’t say a bloody thing. Have you ever heard a black woman or a group of black women says anything negative when a black woman is with a white man? I don’t hear it. But here this. When a black woman chooses a white man to date or start a relationship also even marriage, she will go for the worse type of white dude.

below aveage white dude 3

No, I’m not mad. Do your thing bro!

I see it all the time when a black woman is with a white man who is a Bottom Shelf Brad. You may not see her with Nice Guy Nick who works as a manager in the city making £110,000 a year, drives a Mercedes Benz S500e and has a house in Watford, Hertfordshire. She will go for the worse kind of white dude who has nothing to give. When a black woman sees a black man who has nothing, she will not give him a chance for a relationship. But when she sees a white guy who has nothing to give her and refuses too, she will give him a shot big time. Like I said, I don’t have an issue with black women dating out but when a black woman chooses a non black man, she will go for the worse type of guy, blud!

below aveage white dude 4

Ratchet black women loved Scandal.

Why is that black women will choose a white guy who is below average? Why will they choose a white guy that not even the average white woman don’t even want? The reason why that black women will choose the Bottom Shelf Brad is because they use to go for the thugs, the bad boy, the thuggish dudes like Corner Boy Ronney, Des The Drunk, Rum Smuggler Don, Machete Man Briggy, Street Man Ratty, Big Dick Rodney and Fuck All Night Freed when they were dating black men. That is the reason why they are choosing below average white men because they have dealt with black men who are not upstanding like the good black man that they never wanted in the first place. When they go into the world of interracial dating, they will go for Homo Nazi Vern, Small Dick Dave, Cuckold Jim, Beta Male Gary and Incest Boy Wayne who breed off his first cousin Sonia and have two children with defects.

It doesn’t matter what colour the person is when it comes to love and relationships but you got to have standards when you are looking for love. But when it comes to some black women, they will got for the worse type of dude from the thugs they deal with when it comes to black men roght down to the below average white men. They say that black men goes for fat white women when they go into a interracial relationship and that is true sometimes. Black men are with non black fat women which I don’t mind that thing at all, you get me? But when it comes to black women choosing a man when the venture out their race, they will go for the Bottom Shelf Brad type. But when that relationship is over between her and the below average white man, then she’s goes back to look for the good black man.

below aveage white dude 2

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The ratchet black women love Bottom Shelf Brad. And the thing is that Bottom Shelf Brad has more then one black women line up for him. He’s the biggest player in the black dating market!



Just As The White Man

beta male 2


You guys must be thinking “What do I mean by just as the white man blud!?” There are some black people say that white man does this and white man does that. But there are black men do the same nonsense. What am I talking about? Well the bestiality thing. And you guys must be thinking “Oh no!” But I hope that everyone’s week is fine. Mine was alright. I heard that Sadiq Khan said that not wearing a face mask on the Tube should be a criminal offence. I tell you, this beta male has done a very shit job as the mayor of London for the last four years and London gave this guys another four years? Whose idea was that for goodness sake?

Bestiality is when a human being is having a sexual intercourse with an animal and it’s illegal, especially in Britain. There are some black people say that white man have sex with animals. Right, it is true that there are white men do have sexual encounters with animals. However, people, there are some true stories of black men that are had sex with animals as well. They have sex with cows, goats, donkeys, even chickens as well. So there are some black people do those types of things as well and they are stories to prove it. Black men fuck all kinds of beasts, just the white man.

I thought that bestiality was the thing of the past but people are still having engaging sexual acts with animals especially black people. I was watching two new reports of some black people who went behind the animals them. And someone of them are from Africa would you believe it. There is one report of a man from Nakuru, Kenya who had sex with a cow. And there was an African man who raped a goat and you could have seen the poor goat. It looks traumatized and in Nyeri, Kenya there was a man that had sex with a chicken. And you know what else? They chicken died as from the sexual ordeal. Good grief! And you know what made it worse? It was the son’s chicken.

The father ram the hen to death!

I was watching a YouTube video and there was this African man showed a clip of a man in Nigeria having sex with a cow. The man was on top and the cow slamming away while the cow’s four legs were up in the air. The man was putting in work on that cow. And there is another video of a Jamaican man caught with a donkey. And when he got caught in the act, the man who was recording ask him what is he doing. Obviously he was trying to have it off with the donkey. What on earth he was trying to do? Do magic tricks?

Warning this video contains a clip that you will find disturbing.

And it gets disturbing once again. You soon see the Rasta man saying “rassclaat bwoy!”

The first time heard a bestiality story when I was in Jamaica in 2007 when I heard that some man had sex with a goat in Whitehall. When I heard that I went “What?” Yeah, these things do happen in that pretty island which I’m a big fan off. I was watching a guy on YouTube from Port Antonio, Jamaica and his name is Bawdacat and he was talking about One a penny who is a mentally ill man who has sex with cows. He use to have sex with goats but then he started to have sex with cows because he said that “You see cow, it has a better hole then goat!”

First watch the worker nailing up slippers and then he talk out the infamous One a penny.

You see that bestiality is illegal and everyone does it all over the world but now there are porn sites of people having sex with animals. I have even seen women having sex with dogs. Seeing the dogs going behind the women and men as well is so shocking and disturbing. There is a video called two men and a horse. The horse had sex with one of the guys and the beta male died from the injuries as the horse ram behind him. You know when people that the end of days are coming? Well, it seems like it’s here.

The reactions of 2 guys 1 horse.

Something like this you have to look away you know.

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Black man sex down all kinds animals, just as a white man.


The Successful Black Male Vs The White Beta Male

sucessful black man

beta male

I have no issues of black women dating non black men but if the want to date a non black man; they will choose the white man, obviously but they end up with the beta male. And some of these black women who are with these types of white men are swirlers who has a hatred for black men for no damn reason but they end up with a beta. But hope everybody is doing well still! This is Money Cultural, straight outta North West London. The weekend was baking hot to blow whole. Yo blud, I thought it was Jamaica outside. I don’t need to go to the Caribbean now for some sun. You don’t need an oven to cook your food. You can go outside and use the sun to cook food.

Right, you see a single black woman and she is looking for a man to be in a relationship. There are two men. One is a black man who is successful, works in the city making £100,000 year, has three luxurious cars, has a very nice home in Watford, Hertfordshire, dress well, good looks, the man have everything. The next one is a white man, who has no job, no home, refuse to work, plays XBOX all day, won’t go out that and take care of his children if wants a family of his own, doesn’t have a car (Some do have one but it’s not a good one. Hoping to get my BMW 545e), hates the jobs that the foreigners are doing, basically he’s just another beta male. Right, the black woman has two men for her. Which one will she choose? You think that she will choose the successful black man with everything right? Nope! She will choose the beta male.

We know that black women will go for Pookie, Ray Ray, John John and Day Day which is absolutely true and have children with them. They will choose these guys over the good black man, especially if he’s successful. But when it comes to the white beta male who is one of black men’s biggest enemies, the black women will choose the white beta male over the black man. You guys must be saying “Na blud, that ain’t true, that at true! That’s fuckery blud!” To be honest, it’s actually a fact. Black woman don’t mind dating the lowest guy, especially if he’s white. The black man who is successful doesn’t have a chance in the black dating market as he’s the last option but the white beta male is the first choice of the black dating pool.

I don’t have an issue of black women dating non black men and mostly they will choose a white man but most of the time, they will choose a white man who is nothing but beta. I don’t see them with nice guy nice who is a business manager who makes a huge sum of money, drives a Mercedes Benz S500 and has a nice home. They’ll just go for the beta. The average white woman will not choose a beta male but I know that there are some white women who are with beta males but they will just walk all over them. And they do control them as well. When it comes to the black man who is successful, it’s not a tough defeat for him because he has other options. So he will not worry about the black woman not dating him.

Some black men say that the reason why black women will take the white man because they have self hate in them. That is true sometimes. And some black men say that black women will go for a white man because they want the mix child to have good hair. That is true as well. Some of these black women do have self hate in them that is why they are wearing this weave trying to compete with the white woman’s hairstyle. Black women who has this mentality has deep insecurities in them because they might been bullied when they were children by other black children because they have dark skin, being called nappy hair and so on, especially by their family members.

When black women have a child with the white beta male, he will not take care of his off spring. He will not provide for her and for his biracial child but that’s what you expect from the beta male. But if the black women see the beta male as a hopeless, then why be with the man? It’s all about having standards and some of these black women don’t have any if they are with this beta male who is a failure in life. When relationship fails with the black woman and the white beta male, she tries to go back to the black man that she’s rejected. But the simp is willing to take care of her and her child.

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If the beta male have nothing going on for himself, then why is the black women are with him?


This Is Why They Are Taking The Knee


racial abuse 3

racial abuse 2

racial abuse

So these three players get racially abused for what? Not scoring a penalty at the UEFA European Championships final last night. When the game was over, Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bakayo Saka miss their penalties of the UEFA European Championship thriller last night. The game went into extra time when Italy’s Leonardo Bonucci scores the equalizer to make things level in the 67th minute after Luke Shaw scores a quality goal in just 2 minutes. As the game was finished, the three players were receiving racial abuse on social media.

Two things. The first thing people that I’m not surprised of this at all with the racism on social media recently nowadays. And second of all, this is the reason why football players are taking the knee. Because of this foolishness I’m seeing on social media. The government are not getting tough on racism on social media and anywhere else. It goes to show how soft the government is. The tweets on Twitter was extremely vile and sick but at the end of the day, I wasn’t surprised at this all. This is a football game and the English people act like this? No wonder nobody likes this country. Not even English people don’t like England.

Why would people be shock to see this? I’m not fucking shock at this at all. I know how England stay, star! These fools are like this all time. This is a football game. This is England’s biggest game ever since 1966 when they won the world cup against Germany. The German must be laughing at England right now and the next European Championship will be head in Germany so the Germans might have a good chance of winning that tournament. No, they have a great chance to win it.

When a black player scores for England, these beta males will cheer for him but when he misses a penalty like the other players did last night, they come after him with nothing but racial slurs. You must be wondering “Why you wanna support for England? The fans are nothing but racist beta males who can’t even do nothing right!” When I saw the football fans attacking the Italian fans including the black people, these fools are in their 40’s. These fools have not grown up. They are just little boys who are in their 40’s and some have children as well. The police officers should off beat the shit out of them.

I’m goanna hurt some feeling here on Money Cultural but I don’t care. I really don’t care. Britain is the home of the beta male. Simple as that. Great Britain, mostly England is the home of the beta male. And I think I know why the English white woman is not interested in these fools. She doesn’t want these lazy, worthless fools. She might get put off by their beta male behaviour and give them the middle finger. These are just below average men that these women don’t want. They’ll turn the other cheek. Listen here, the reason why I voted Brexit is not only because that the E.U is taking the governments money and spending it on themselves but it make these beta male fools do the job that they moan about all the time saying the foreign people are taking the jobs way and all sorts of nonsense. They don’t work, they don’t wanna work, they don’t wanna take care of their children, they wanna live off the system, these are nothing but hopeless dudes just like them dunces idiots in the EDL and the BNP.

It seems like racism hasn’t left football and football players are goanna take the knee even more. Because of these beta males are bringing this ugliness into the beautiful game. You might as well called Britain the UKKK. The England national football team has done extremely well in this tournament and I wish they have won the trophy so England can do the double and win the world cup in 2022. But the players performance was overshowed by the racial behaviour by their beta males and the bigot females that belong to the streets. And when a white beta male does bullshit like this, it’s nothing but small dick energy.

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To Bakayo Saka, keep your head high bro. You wasn’t ready to take the penalty because at 19 years old, you can’t handle that pressure but you did fantastic in the tournament. And to the England players, you brilliant. Unfortunately you didn’t win the trophy.


SYSBM Vs Swirl Mountain




As we know that these simps are at war with SYSBM. Why? Let me explain. The reason for them going at war with SYSBM is because that there is no way that black will not be in a relationship or marry these ghetto trash hoodrats that these simps are defending. But the thing is that these simps don’t even know that these ghetto ratchet hoodrats don’t like them, love them and care about these good for nothing simps. They only go for the rough and ready type dudes. So what about Swirl Mountain? What about these black women who are with white men? Well, these swirlers are against SYSBM as well.

SYSBM and Swirl Mountain are at war with each other. Because these swirlers hate it when black men are with non black women. Why are they hating on a black man who is with a non black woman while they are with a non black man, mostly with white men? It doesn’t make sense when a black woman is in rage when she sees a black man is with a non black woman while she is with a non black man. And there is nothing wrong with a black woman being with a non black man just the same as a black man being with a non black woman but a scraggle daggle cannot be upset when a black man is with a woman from another race and not being angry when a black woman is with a non black man.

But here this. When a black woman begins a relationship with a white man, she will choose the worthless type of white man. Not the white man who works in the city, lives in a house in Stanmore, North West London, drives a BMW 754Le and makes £100,000 a year. Oh no, no! She will choose the white man who doesn’t work, has his own home, his own car and so on. When you think about it, these black women who are with the hopeless white man, they were with the black man who was worthless, hopeless and unproductive. And also, they have children with these type of black men.

There was a Youtube heifer name Crystal Swirls who was in an interracial relationship with a below average white man made a video that she didn’t care if the basket ball legend Kobe Bryant died. The single mother of a biracial child with the father not being there in the child’s life said that because he wasn’t married to a black woman. Not only that. His daughter died with him in that horrible helicopter crash also. Not only she didn’t care that Kobe Bryant died in that horrible helicopter crash but other ghetto ratchet, trashy hoodrats didn’t care at all. They said the same thing about Kobe’s death. There is something wrong with these broads!

Swirl Mountain which is now under water is not only going against SYSBM but there are some simps that are going against it as well. We have simps like the pro black cocaine addict Foolmar Johnson who didn’t build a black school, Incel Shawn James who needs to focus on his next book, Woke Poofgressive who confessed that he’s homosexual and the stalking narcissist Bareback Fountain who is suffering from child trama when his mother use to beat the shit out of him when he was a child are coming after SYSBM just to side with these ghetto ratchet hoodrats. But these hoodrats don’t want a relationship with these simps. They want the thug like Street Mice, Cheddar Street, Street Boy Muhammad, Cell Block Scrappy, Hoodboy Gravy and Fuck All Night Freed. The simps cannot complete with these men because the ghetto scraggles will only open their legs to these men that they lust for.

There are some issues with black women who are relationships with white men. These black women who are with the trashy white men are getting physically assaulted by them. These white beta males are beating up these black women when it comes to these relationships or marriage. There are some black women who have been murdered by their white boyfriends or husbands. Around 25 per cent of black women get killed in a relationship with a white man. There are some white men breed up these black women and they runaway and not take care of their biracial child. There is so many factors when it comes to Swirl Mountain. That mountain is full of carcasses and bones. None of these ghetto scraggle daggles don’t make it up there. They just drop of the summit of the mountain.


Beta Males In Britain


Benjamin Raymond from Bognor Regis, West Sussex is a spokesperson for National Action, a small far right group who keeps getting arrested. He says that it should be a white Britain and also say that he’s comfortable being racist. He also says that “If you are a national socialist, then you’re a Nazi.” And the interviewer asks him that is he a Nazi and he says yes. And also, he considers Hitler as a role model. He’s asking for a free white Britain. He considers Polish and Greek to be white but not Turkish. The National Socialist is a small far right group. Its goanna be smaller because the members are getting arrested for their nonsense.

Here’s my summery on this. You know I have no issues with white people. I have followers that are white and I really don’t mind that. That is cool! I use to live in Garston, North Watford, Hertfordshire from 2012 to 2020 and I have no issues with them. And the Watford people hate the coppers and I mean hate them, hard. But this guy, though? He should know that the country is mostly Caucasian! 87.1 per cent of the population is white so why he wants a white Britain while Britain is white? The beta male really needs to get out of Bognor Regis more often.

Right, when he says that he wants Britain to be a white country and that is Polish and so on. But when he sees Polish people doing the jobs that he refuses to do, watch how he’s goanna complain that the Polish people are taking the jobs away, he can’t find work because the Eastern Europeans took the jobs away and all sort of nonsense. Let me tell you something. An white man who born and breed in this country can find a job easily. Well, some.

As Britain have these organizations like the EDL and the BNP, there is Britain First who is rallying against Muslims because they feel like they taking over the country. Luton is the home of the EDL and the town has a huge Muslim community and they are willing to defend themselves against Britain First. And also, remember the time when the Millwall Football players when down on their knees, putting their first in the air for Black Lives Matter and the fans were booing? The leader of Britain First Paul Golding who outside the New Den stadium stating that the Black Lives Matter is a terrorist group. Right, I’m not with Black Live Matter but there is no way that it’s a terrorist organization. What does he think they are? The IRA? The Taliban? Mi bomba claat! LOL!

Right, you know what she should ask Benjamin? If he’s against interracial relationships/marriage? If he is, then he will get a grilling from me and the whole of the SYSBM. This man don’t want that from anyone of us whatsoever. The grilling will come quick and fast. This man really needs to get out of Bognor Regis and meet people. Get to know people no matter what colour they are. Come out that beta male shit that is bedded in his head. I always say that judge a person by a character and nothing else. He needs to look himself in the mirror and judge himself first.

If you are person who was born and raised in Britain and you call yourself an Nazi, you sound like a idiot. How can you call yourself an Nazi and Adolf Hitler hated Britain? He hated Britain and America so I don’t know why would someone call themselves a Nazi and this man who has a small moustache showing hate towards Britain and America. And let’s not forget that he killed millions of Jews during World War II. I really love this country, I really do. I was born and raised here. My parents are from Jamaica and they work their ass off everyday just to pay bills, the mortgage and so on. But as you see idiotic people like Betaman Raymond with their foolishness, it’s making the country look bad.

One love to my followers, especially my white followers!


Murderer In The Thin Blue Line



What was his motive of killing her?

First up, I wanna say happy St. Patricks Day to all of the Irish. And I know, you can’t celebrate during lockdown but hope you open up a bottle of Guinness and drink up while you read my articles on Money Cultural and also it’s a very sad day today. Former race car driver and Top Gear presenter Sabine Schmitz has died from cancer age 51. To be honest, that is a very young age to die. The first time I have saw her was on Top Gear in 2004 when Jeremy Clarkson went to the Numbergring race track with the Jaguar S Type Diesel. He wanted to see if he can do a lap on the infamous track in Germany if he can get around the dangerous track in under ten minutes and he did it 9:59. But then she went into the diesel Jag and she did it in 9:12. The man was rubbish, star! Lol!

Rest in peace hun. See you in driving heaven

This is sad. Metropolitan police officer Wayne Couzens was arrested and charged for the murder of marketing executive Sarah Everard. She went missing after leaving a friend’s house near Clapham Common on 3rd March 2021 on 9pm. As her remains were found in the woodlands near Ashford, Kent, the 48 year old policeman who was a diplomatic officer and married with two children arrested in Deal, Kent on March 10th. A woman in her 30’s at his address was arrested for assisting an offender but then released without charged. The family of Sarah Everard paid tribute to her and saying that she brought so much joy in their lives and that she was a strong principled person.

This is one shocking crime, but the thing that a police officer of all people did this horrible crime and that made it so shocking. Would you believe that a person who’s is job is to protect people murdered a innocent person? A woman matter of fact? This really bothers me so much because a man of the law has killed someone innocent. I just felt so bad for her friends and her family. The police officer was taken to hospital for head injuries while he was in his cell. He was taken to hospital twice. I think he’s trying to kill himself just to get away with the murder of Sarah.

Home secretary Priti Patel released a statement saying that every woman should feel safe to walk out of the street without fear of harassment or violence. She announced that the new law are being considered to protect women against sexual harassment including the potential of making public harassment a specifically defined crime. As you look at it, men don’t approached women nowadays not because of the street harassment thing, it that men are not approaching the ladies because that they will get rejected. Because the women will see the guy as unattractive, not rich or being the nice guy. If a very good looking man sees a woman, he will not have any problems of getting one, or more then one woman. But when a non looking man speaking as one, he has to approach them. But now men are not approaching women nowadays. Just a waste of time.

When I saw the picture of the murdered girl, I was thinking “That could off been my girl. That could be my queen.” If that was my girl, I will say to her “Let me walk you home. It’s not safe.” And the thing is that she has a boyfriend. I feel so bad for the boyfriend because he’s boo was murdered by that fucking copper. There are news reports of are women safe of the streets. A news reporter says that person getting kidnapped in the capital is rare. But there are incidents of women being assaulted in the street. Not only that, there are young black teenage boys are not safe in the street neither with the stabbings in around not only in the capital but everywhere else in Britain.

This is sad of what happened to her. But here this though. Why is the white man killing off the white woman? Why is that? Why these white beta are killing off these white women? We had Ted Bundy who raped and killed over 30 women, in 2006 we had Steve Wright, a former trucker killed five women all prostitutes and Jeremy Clarkson did a sick joke mocking lorry drivers killing prostitutes, we had the Yorkshire Ripper killing women from 1975 to 1981, John Boyer from the U.S was killing prostitutes around the country and so on. With the beta male killing these women, there is one question. And that is does these men hate women? I’m just wondering.

RIP Sarah Everard 1987 – 2021


The Dry Croissant


Yo people, it’s Jason Pope 2 the sequel. I heard the news that this French guy named Mike Oliver infected over 1000 Kenyan women with HIV/AIDS in Kenya. Let me tell you something to African men. Use a condom. I have repeat, use a condom now. On this beta male Facebook page, the man bragged about infecting these women. I though that Jason Pope was bad enough when the beta male infected over 600 black women with AIDS last year in the US but this one is very catastrophic. Mike Oliver also dumped 40 Kenyan women, did the disappearing act; leave behind 12 broken marriages and 17 pregnancies.

The motherfucker was ramming through these Kenyan woman over a year and shoot sprem inside their punany with this virus. These Kenyan scraggle daggles are opening their legs and give him that Kenyan pum pum to this dry croissant man. These African women are the worse when it comes to worshipping the white beta male and these scraggly women of Africa are lining up for these beta males by opening their legs to them and give them the clit. And the AIDS French man says on his Facebook page that he glad that he did it, they deserved it, they wanted it, they knew that he had HIV, the man was trolling the fuck out of the Kenyans.

And you know what else? These Kenyan women who was with him, these women are married. Yes, these ghetto ratchet, ghetto gagging Kenyan women are married. These women have husbands and they are opening their legs to a bottom barrel Brad who is not even dripping with no charm, ain’t suave, not vivacious and has no dress sense and not in good shape. There is one woman that lied to her husband that she was going to a work trip because she was seeing Mike Oliver. The daggle from Kenya lied to her to her hubby just to get that French pipe.

You see the Pan Aricanism thing? You see the red, black and green? Since this happened with Mike Oliver and the Kenyan women, it’s now done. It’s just like the manosphere when these simps started bringing the scaggle daggles on their platforms. You might as well call the simposphere because it’s full of simps. This is not a surprised to me seeing something like this because I know that the black women worships the white beta male. That’s why they are always wearing this weave which they love more then their children that they have with multiple men but they loose every single time when they compete with the white woman, their biggest ever arch nemesis.

There is goanna be a lot of Kenyan women being quarantined when they by succumb by this disease. Swirl mountain graveyard is goanna have more and more bodies in that centenary and there is a whole leap of space for these scraggle daggles when they get buried. None of these black ratchet women don’t make it at the top of swirl mountain because there was an avalanche coming down and it takes them out. When these white beta males finish using these black women as ghetto gaggers, they toss them to the side. They just whoop them and flop them and don’t give a shit.

Kenya women

I always wanted to go to Africa. And I always liked African women. I wanted to go to Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana and so on just to get African women and I have approached African women numerous time. But as I see the Kenyan straggs with the man with the French virus and them weaving weave and bleaching their skin, it was let me continue playing the field. I would any women but I have to make sure that I have my standards in check. I know that there are some black men that want a African woman which I have no problem with it but as you look at the image of black women in the west, it’s the same thing in Africa. Merde!