Black Man The New Black Woman

man in dress

As this man from Willesden who see things, I see that black men have a lot of issues in their heads. Go look on YouTube and see what going on with them. As you look at True Semen, you can see the behaviour on his live streams on YouTube. I remember the time I saw him collapsed on the floor because he was drunk like some drunken man you see on the street. And he also piss himself as well. It was dark comedy moment for everyone when they saw that. As he fall down on the floor once more and didn’t come up and also lying in his own puddle of piss, his wife come and turn off the live stream. I beat you that she’s called the side dude to come over and get between the sheets with her. But I hope everyone is doing well. Money Cultural, straight outta North West London doing fine bringing you another one here, you get me.

When 2pac got out of jail, he went on the rampage when he signed to Death Raw Records.

Right, we all see that black men are robbing each other, killing each other, putting down another black man, showing envy to his fellow brother (No relation), hating on him, being feminine and so on. And also I have seen black men who are coming after black men who are with non black women, i.e white women, Asian woman and Latin women. There is a black women, I think she’s a dating coach for other black women says that 80 per cent of black women have a hatred towards black men. You guys will be saying “But Money C, them black women love a ruff neck dude that live in Harlesden blud!” Yeah, that is true. They love the ruff neck dudes that will get them wet between their legs and throw the punany at them. The hatred these black women have for black men is the same hatred these black men have for other black men. These type of black men who are nothing but feminine. They have these feminine characteristic like the deceased rapper 2pac had. But Pac snapped when it got out of prison and start calling women bitches and hoes! Looking at black men now, it looks like the black man is new black woman.

You guys must be saying “Yo blud! What do you mean by that Money Cultural?” Alright, for example. You see these simps that are coming after SYSBM; these simp dudes are nothing but emotional individuals that can’t handle their emotions. And I know that these simps who are pro blacks that do live streams talking about another black man who is with a non black women or married outside his race. There are some simps who are on the YouTube platform do eight hour live streams chatting about black men having non black girlfriends and wives. Oh Lawd God! Listen here; it seems that these foolish simps really don’t have a life. They have nuthin’ to do you know, star! All they do is talk about other people just like these scraggle daggle talking rotten about somebody. They really need to get a fucking life.

You guys must be wondering “Why black men are acting like this? Why are black men are having these feminine characteristics? How these simps are being emotional like the white beta male?” Well, Money Cultural have the answer right here. When a man has been raised in a single parent home or surrounded by women and there is no man there, he will develop those traits in a heartbeat and it starts from childhood. Those traits will rub off him and when it grows up, he will have those characteristics that are off putting to everyone. And these simps have been raised by ratchet black women and they will they will have these damaging traits that we all see. And when you see a simp who is defending a ghetto ratchet scraggle daggle, you can tell that he has been raised by in a single parent household.

As you look at black men right now, they are finished! We have seen black men doing some bull shit on a regular basis. Guys like me have to light them up because of the dunce crap they are doing. Black men feel like being feminine is good for the scraggly women that they are siding for but it’s truly not. These scraggs want them ruff neck like Strokey, Six Shooter Derrick, Gun Dealer Danny, Chopper Man Stoley and Long Cockey George. A man who is feminine is a real turn off for women. They want a masculine man, not a feminine man who can get easily dominated by the woman when it comes to relationships or marriage. Black men have taken over the role as the black women. They really truly earn it because of their behaviour.

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Black men have really token over the black woman’s place!


Single Mothers Dating Single Fathers


Coloring with Dad at the table

When a man who has no children, he will not choose a woman that have children. If a childless man says that he will not be with a single mother, some of the women will go on rage mode and come after him. And not only the women that will come after him but the simps as well that worship these scraggle daggles that don’t even like them. Why don’t these single mothers just date single fathers? Simples. They have the same thing common. But I hope everyone is doing well on this wet Wednesday. I wanna talk about this and now is the time to talking about single mothers dating single fathers.

When a man with no children say that he will not be with a single mother, some of the single mothers will lose their minds and attack him verbally. If a childless man doesn’t want a woman with children, then that shouldn’t be a problem at all. If a woman says that she wants a man that has a car, his own home, a job and so on, some people will shrug and say “Alright!” But she can’t say anything when a man says that he will not deal with a woman that has one or multiple children. Right, what is the solution of a woman that has children should do when she’s looking for a relationship? Well, she can date a man with children.

The reason being that is because that both of them are carrying baggage. She has children and he has children. Both of them have the same thing in common because they have kids. They don’t need to have children anymore because they have kids already. If they want to have a child or children between them then that’s cool. I can live with that if they want another child or more kids. But the thing is that when a woman is looking for a man and she has children, they she has to look for a man that has children as well. Both of them are compatible because they have one thing in common. And that is children. But the thing is that these single mothers will not choose a man that has children. No way!

You guys must be thinking why? What do I mean by the single mother will not choose a single father to be in a relationship? They are looking for a man who is childless basically and most of the time. And you guys must be wondering “Yo my G! Why is the single mother is looking for a man that has no children, blud?” Well, I have the obvious answer. The reason why the single mother is hunting down the childless man is that she’s looking for a sucker to take care of her children. The single mothers are looking for a man that can take care of a next man’s child and they are making sure that he’s are providing for them. The childless man is not goanna do that. But the simp will.

So this guy is against men who will not date a single mother. Really!? He says a man who will not date a single mother is weak? He says that men are over looking these women?

He says that most of the men who act like this have been raised by single mothers. There are some men who we’re raised by single mother, some of the will not date a single mother. It’s always black men who are comfortable of being simpletons.

You can’t be with a single mother if your a childless man. You can’t marry her. You can hit that. You can tamp that, Yes, blow her back out like mad. Go alpha on that with the pipe down while your on top of her but don’t wife her.

Simping is up on the rise. I don’t know what the percentage is but it’s gone really high. And I mean it’s really high. Let me tell you something right. Out of the entire race of men, black men are ones that will be with a single mother, trust me on that. Black men are willing to date a single mother no matter how many children the woman has and no matter what the colour of the woman is. They will start a relationship with a woman with kids or or marry them which is a lot worse. worse. The woman will have a whole leap of children and the black man will be with her taking care of children which is not his.

The black men who are against black men, having crabs in the barrel mentality and showing hatred to other black men and so on, they are with single mothers. And they have living off the women and not helping her with the bills, the mortgage and rent but willing to take care of another man’s child or children if she has more then one child. These simps will attack black men while they are sitting on their lazy ass and not going to work and not helping with the mortgage and rent. These simps who are not only coming after black men who are not only refuse to date single mothers but they will come after black men who are with non black women.

These women are with these simps, they don’t wanna be with them. The single mothers will cheat on these simpletons with the thuggish dudes like 357 Jimmy, Corner Boy Ronney, Street Mice, Cell Block Scrappy, Scruffy, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta and Ruff Cut Larry. The single mother will send pictures of her punany on Whatsapp to the thug and say “Come fuck this!” And the thuggish dude is like “I’m coming over now to whoop it!” And the simp can’t do anything about it at all. Negro can’t do shit! Most of the time, these women prefer the men that has a roguish side. Not the men who are simpish.

Single mothers will not choose a single father. They are hunting down the childless man to take care of another man’s foundation. The single mothers are on a relentless pursuit of chasing childless men but the men without children are running away from them. The childless men will deal with woman with children but only when it comes when they open their legs to him. Single mothers will not date a man with children but they are looking a man that has no off springs. But the man with no children will not be with a single mother and will kick her to curb. So these single mothers are left with the simps.

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Single mothers should be with single fathers but they are hunting the childless man like crazy!


The Empty Matriarchal Throne

throne 2

My grandmother died on the 20th December 2011 in St Thomas, Jamaica. Her funereal took place on 22nd January 2012 at the Faith Temple Pentecostal Church in White Hall and that’s the church she goes to every Sunday. Me, my cousin and other guys carried her casket to her grave site. When I was in Jamaica, me, my cousin and his friends was digging her grave so when we bring her casket, we’ll put her in the hole and that’s it. Since she dies in 2011, I have seen some of the family members, the Baileys have separated. And the separation started in 2014. But hope everyone is doing well. Money Cultural here with an emotional one maybe of my late grandmother and her throne which his now in compete dust.

throne 1

Since my grandmother died, the Bailey family hasn’t has a new matriarch on the throne that she was sitting on. In other words, there is no new queen that has the crown on her head. There is no heiress to the throne. As I look at it, was wondering now that why the females of this ratchet blood line have not taken over the crown. Why none of these ghetto ratchet broads have not taken the crown and sit on granny’s throne? Two things. The first thing is that none of them can really fill grandma’s shoes. And the second thing is that matriarchal throne is too damn ratchet to sit on. Oh no, no. There is no way that they will sit on that throne.

If one of them has been chosen to be the next matriarch of the family, let me tell you something right. The fire which I will spit out of my mouth will be too fucking much for them. Real talk blud! So this is the reason why the matriarchal chair is empty as a vacant house. When black men who are SYSBM see the ratchetness of these scraggle daggles is the reason why they are dealing with non black women when it comes to relationships/marriage.

Your not his dad. Move yourself, fool!

Right, what if a man sits on that matriarchal throne? Then it will get it from me bruv, trust me on that, you get me? If a man sits on that ratchet throne, people and I’m one of them will start to think that the man has feminine characteristics. Or he can be gay, you understand? Black men are talking about the ratchet behaviour of black women because of the dysfunctional behaviour they are showing on display. If a man wants to have that throne which belongs to my granny, then all he needs to do is to replace the throne. And as he does that, then he can sit on it which now belongs to him. But the women in my family who act like hyenas will not allow that. They will put a man there, oh yes but they will choose a feminine dude. They won’t choose a Negro like me. They will look at me as a masculine dude and a guy like me want nothing but order.

My grandma came to England in 1998. She spend six months here. And then she came to the England again. I really can’t remember when she came again. My aunt and my cousin come to England in 2001. My aunt was just a bitter saying shit about the UK. I don’t wanna go into detail of things. She was saying bullshit about Britain and the people which some of it is true. The thing is this. If she didn’t like this country, then just leave. Simple as that. I have to deal with the crap of this country and it’s a great country. It’s just run by the wrong prime minister. My grandmother and my aunt went back to Jamaica in 2011.

Darius M is 100 percent right. Derrick Jaxn is a true simp.

My grandmother was a single parent. My grandfather who was married breed her and went on his marry way to his wife. Not only that, he was breeding other women as well. My grandpa has 20 children. Yes people, the man has a whole leap of blood claat pickney and the thing is that he wasn’t looking after them at all. The man nah mind the pickney them. But he looks after his wife’s children which is really not fair. As I see my mum and bitter my aunt, the reason they grow up to be wretched is because they weren’t raised in a two parent home. And they grew up to become single mothers like my grandmother, so the cycle continued. And I have other family members who are single parents. The only time the cycle ended is when my mum got married to my dad in the late 1970’s and had gave birth to me in 1981.

It was winter 2011 and my grandmother was sick in Jamaica. In other words, she was dying. My mum come to me and said that your grandmother wanted to talk to you. Maybe that she knows that was at her final days living and that’s probably the reason she wanted to talk to me for the final time. Maybe I might walk away from the family and not return to them. Maybe is that. As I look at things when I was in my 30’s, I was like I’m not tolerating any ratchet shit from these scraggle daggles and these simps that will defend and support them.

I was watching a tarot video on YouTube and it was Message From Your Grandmother Pick A Card. I chose the third card which was the death card. The tarot card reader says that your grandmother knows what who you are. When I was watching the video, I do agree of what the card reader was saying. There are some traits that I got from her and that’s the shyness and the feebleness. That is it really. Me and grandmother had some disagreements and that is it. I don’t know if she was with my when it comes to my ambitions. Hey, I really don’t know. When it was end of the card reading, the card reader say to mw you grandmother says I’m a blessing to the family line. And also says “I love you, I love you, I love you!”

I chosen card three on time 48:26

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RIP Grandma 4th August 1921 – 22nd January 2011


They Are That Willing

man taking care of child

Monday is a day that I can’t cope with sometimes. It’s a day that you will get stressed out. And when the stress swings by, you get the worse type of headache. It’s not easy coping with stress. A lot of things can stress you. What can’t stress you out? Trust me, it’s a big list. But hope everyone is copying with this wild windy rainy weather. I’m seeing trees being blown down, roof tops being blown off, people getting blown away while they are walking down the street. I saw two men getting blown to the ground in Croydon, South London. Storm Eunice is blowing everything in its path including people. Be careful ladies and gentlemen.

Look at the first clip of the video. Two of them you know! And it’s coming at speeds of 122 miles per hour?

There are men in Jamaica that have children and not taking care of them. This happens a lot of an island that I haven’t been to for ten years. I need to go Jamaica and see it again. It’s been going on for many years with the Jamaican dudes breeding up the scraggs and does a disappearing act afterwards. It feels like these dudes are just nothing but sperm donors nutting up in these women that are completely ratchet, you see what I’m saying? And the thing is that these women from the beautiful island complains that their baby fathers are not taking care of their children, providing for them, not being fathers to them and so on. If they feel that he’s a worthless man then they should open their legs then. The men in Jamaica (some) are not committed to take care of their own off springs, but they are willing to take care another man’s own.

Like I said, I haven’t been to Jamaica for a very long time. And I do miss that little island known as Jamaica. And the food is great. It’s so great, you goanna act like that kid in that movie Oliver when he says to the man “Please sir, can I have some more?” And the man say “More!?” If you say that to a Jamaican, they will say more and say “Yes, you can get more because you look marga and ya nah yam food!” I’m just playing people, lol! When a man in Jamaica sees a woman with children, he is willing to be the man to step up to the plate and take care of children especially if it’s a new born. Listen to me, them yard man don’t mind taking care of another man’s child or children.

The single mother doesn’t mind if the simp is taking care of her children that has never seen their father. But the thing is that she doesn’t want the simp. She is there just using him financially and watch him taking care of off springs that are not his. The fathers that breed up thee scragglies, some of them leave Jamaica and live in the United States or Britain. For a better life? Maybe so but leaving the children and not coming back into their lives will affect the kids. But the women will need to make better choices when they wanna have children with a man. But they really don’t mind seeing a man that is willing and I mean willing enough to take care of an next man’s family.

You must be wondering “Yo Money C, why the Jamaican man them are taking care of children that is not theirs blud!? I thought the Jamaican man them are gyaliss and ting!” There are some men in Jamaica that have women who are single mothers. And they are not marrying them. Fuck should he marry them for? The reason why that they are taking care of children that doesn’t belong to them is because that they have been raised to be simps by their mothers and I think that the mothers are telling the simp to be with a woman that has children. I don’t know. Maybe is that but there is no way that a man that has no children should take care of a readymade family.

And you also say that “Money Cultural, them man in Jamaica that date single mothers. They are thirsty for some punany, innt though?” That is right also. That’s the other reason why these simps of Jamaica are with these women with children because they are just there for some punany. And a place to stay as well. And I have no issues of a man trying to get some crutches but you know the deal with these simp dudes in Jamaica. There are some violent incidents of Jamaican men killing the women because of the woman was cheating on him. There was a murder of woman who had children and her head go chopped off completely by her man because she was cheating with another simp and she was breeding for the next man as well. And that was in 2014.

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These simps of Jamaica are that willing of taking care of other dude’s off springs.

man taking care of child 2


Men Like Whorish Women


A man meets meets woman in a club or party. They exchange numbers. They start talking on WhatsApp almost every evening. The man organise a date. They both go out, a few time. Then the man says that he’s falling in live with the girl. They begin a relationship. They walk down these street holding hands, they kiss in public, oh those days with me kissing the girls in public and making them melt like butter. Right, his friends knows the man’s boo. They tell him that the chick he’s dealing with is nothing but a girl for the roads. He says to that he don’t believe them. One of his brethren’s show him a video of his girl sucking the next man dom. He’s in complete devastation when he sees the love of his life giving another man top. And then his friends said to him that ran a train on her on time. But I hope everyone is doing well, this is obviously Money Cultural, straight outta North West London on this day of romance known as St. Valentine’s Day. Or Simp Valentine’s Day when the simps get their heart broken by these scraggle daggles who are nothing but whores who opening their legs to the thugs that they love and desire.

Yes, men love whores. Men love the whore them. They love it when the women show their whorish behaviour in front of their faces. There are some men that will pay for it. You know what I mean when a man goes to a brothel to buy punany. You know the single mothers who have a whole leap of children? Yep, they are whores as well and men like them because they are whores. In the so called black community, there are a collection of whores there and men love them. Love them to the core. Men love whores. They love all the whores in whore land. But there is one thing about a whore. You settle down with and have children with.

When you see a whore, do you think any man in their right mind wanna marry such a woman? Fuck no bruv. Whores are good for fucking but not for marrying. But there are some simps do end up marrying a woman who is for the roads and then they get burned for it by the scraggle daggle breaking their hearts. The reason why these simps have a whore as a wife/girlfriend is because they have been raised by a single mother who is a whore in the hood. So that is the reason why these simps are with these whorish ladies. What about chubby whores as well? Oh yes, men love that too!

Now I don’t mind a whore but I don’t wanna settle down with one. If I do be with a whorish woman, she might cheat on me with different dudes and I have seen plenty of whores in my days but they don’t settle down. A man can’t make a whore a house wife. Listen, house wives will get board they will look for something that will light up their fire. So they will look for side man or more then one you get me? They will fuck another man behind their simp’s back.

When a man sees a whore in the street, he knows that he shouldn’t make her as a wife or girlfriend. She will be a good side piece but not as a wife. That’s what whores are made for some of the time and also to have fun. Sexual fun! And that’s it really. Being with a whore is just a sexual thing and she knows that but as she gets older and she is looking for a good man especially a good black man, the good man will reject her when he glance at her because she is a woman that belongs to the streets.

Men love whores, I guarantee that shit. They love having their sexual fun with whores. They will make a line and run a train on a whore. However, they don’t wanna settle down with a whore. They don’t want a family with a whore. And they know that the mother of a whore is a whore, so that is the reason why she is one. You can have your fun with them but if you are looking for a woman to make her your wifey and have kids with, then a whore is not the right option.

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Men love whores. Oh yes they do but they are no women to settling down type women.


Having Children With The Right Guy

black family

“It’s my body, my choice!” We have heard that term from the feminist women numerous. Alright, it’s your body and it’s your choice so what to do with it. Same thing with me with tattoos on my arms and I wanna get another one on my left arm in the spring or summer this year. But here this right. If a woman is goanna have a child, I’m just hoping that she doesn’t have a child with some worthless man that will do nothing for the child. But there are some woman that wanna have children with a worthless man then some guy who has his life together. Hope everyone is doing well. Hope you have a good weekend. I miss my late brother’s memorial on the weekend. Hey, I’m always on the go. Goddamn!

black babe ruth

He can play for the New York Yankees!

If a woman is goanna have a child, I’m just hoping that she is goanna have a child with the right man. But nowadays, some women are not really. As you look into the black community, well let’s say the so called black community, we have so many black woman that have children with the wrong dude. I have seen it so often of black women having children with the wrong guy. When you hear a scraggle daggle say that “My baby daddy ain’t shit, he don’t take care of his fucking child. He’s a worthless bastard” then why did she had a child with him or more then one child with the guy? There are some black woman that have children with the right guy but it’s not a big number or a small number.

little daughter

little girl

two parent home

We do have white women that have children with the wrong guy but it’s not the black women that got impregnated by the wrong dude. Black woman in America are raising children on their own by 77 per cent and it Britain, children in the Afro Caribbean household are being raised in a single parent home by 48 per cent and in the African household is 36 per cent. When they see a good black man, they will not be committed to have a child with him as he wants to take care of a child in a two parent home. But when they see a worthless dude or an unproductive guy, they are willing to have a child with them and will struggle to take care of that child because the hopeless dude will not show commitment to look after his off springs.

In Jamaica, I have seen a lot of single mothers that are looking after children by themselves and the fathers is absent of their children’s lives. And some of the Jamaican have more multiple children with different dudes who are not interested in their children. You guys must be wondering “Yo Money C, this is Jamaica. Things like that don’t happen there.” Yeah, off course people. There are a lot of absent fathers in the Jamaican household in that pretty little island where my parents are from and the worse thing about it is that some of the children have never ever seen their fathers in when they are young children. My two older sisters on my mum side met their fathers in their 20’s. And my later grandfather on my mum’s side had 20 children. You guys must be thinking “Damn!”

These scraggle daggles will not have a child or a family with a good black man who is hard working like Daniel who’s a business manager earning £150,000 a year or John who is a customer service representative. They are having children with hopeless black men like Breed Them Up Russell, Dead Beat Joe, Multiple Pickney Dave, Super Juice Marcus, Ultra Sperm Luiz and Do A Runner Morris. These are the men that these scraggle daggles let to shoot up inside them and bread them off. Also the scraggle daggles swirlers get bread off the below average white men like General Blizzard, Homo Nazi Vern, Major Frost and Mr. Clean. The beta male will not look after his biracial off springs after he bread up a swirler. (Shout out to Kid Organic for the term Mr. Clean and Verbs 2016 for the term of General Blizzard)

As these scraggle daggles have children, all of a sudden they are looking for a good black man when they get older. If the good black man sees these women with children, he will reject them and walk off without turning back. And when a good black man does that, these scragglies will go into rage mode. And also, simps like Dr. Foolmar Johnson says that black men should take care of women that have children. There is no way that any man that has any children will take care of children which is not his. When black men say that they will not look after a next man’s foundation, these simps will come after them relentlessly. Crazy!

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When a scraggle daggle wants to have a kid, she will choose a worthless dude. Not a good black man.

I want a son. I want a son that looks like my youngest nephew. Don’t mind having a daughter though. I’ll be very surprised if I have children.

black boy


The Song Of The Year

smoking out the window 2

smoking out the window

This is song of the year; I guarantee that people. Bruno Mars has now got legendary status now for this instant classic which he has anyway. When I heard this song last night on YouTube, when I listen to the lyrics of the song, I was like “Ah yeah.” But it’s a new week. Last week for me was very busy and I get a another busy schedule. Money Cultural need to rest some of the time however when you wanna rest yourself, you just wanna do something. Your brain just say go and you go off and do something, you know what I mean? So I’m bit of a restless person because I don’t get any rest at all. But I’ll get some long rest when everything is finished. But hoping everyone is doing well anyways.

The 1970’s rhythm is just brilliant. Just brilliant. And the lyrics is something that some men can relate.

We had some songs about simping and being a captain save a hoe. We had E40’s classic hip hop tune Captain Save A Hoe and then we had another classic Don’t Save Het from Project Pat featuring Churchy Black. Russell Wilson should off listen to these two tunes. And now we have this tune which is now a big time classic. The song is called Smokin’ Out The Window By Bruno Mars, Anderson, Paak, Silk Sonic. When I saw the video last night, I heard the beginning of the song, Bruno sing “Must have spent 35, $45,000 up in Tiffany’s” and I said “You spend so much money in Tiff? Bomba claat!” then he sing “Got her bad ass kids runnin round my whole crib like it’s Chuck E Cheese” and I went “The bomba claat have two pickney!?” then I start scratching my head. Then he continues to sing that he had a fight with the baby father. He must off fuck up the baby father. Bruno fuck him up proper!

Then Anderson sing “This bitch got me payin her rent, payin for trips, diamonds on her neck, diamonds on her wrists.” Go look at the lyrics of the song. As I heard the lyrics of the song, it means he spent money on some broads that ain’t shit, has two rude kids, fuck up the baby father, put jewellery on her and got screwed over for the result of that. And when I heard at the end of the chorus they sing “Oh I thought that girl belonged to only me But I was wrong Cuz she belong to everybody, everybody.” And I said “Yep, she’s for the roadz blud!” when I heard this song from them, it remind me of the two hip hop songs from E40 and Project Pat.

There are a lot of simps songs like I Be Watching You from The Police, Invisible Man from 98 Degrees right down to Drake’s Marvin’s Room. There are song R&B songs with some simping in it and I’m a type of guy that listen to R&B songs of the 1990’s and still listens to them but there is no way that I’m goanna simp like what these singers sing in their songs. Hip Hop is the same thing. 2pac was sweet towards the women until he went to prison for a false allegation in 1994. And when he came out of prison which he didn’t spend time I prison, he was calling the women bitches and hoes.

Lil Kim’s first album Hardcore is celebrating its 25 anniversary, the big time gold diggers album. It’s something for the gold digging harridans. There are more songs for these gold digging trifling scraggle daggles out there. And then nine years later we had Kayne West’s Gold Digger featuring Jamie Foxx. And now we have this instant classic from Bruno Mars. As you hear the lyrics from Smokin’ Out The Window, the song will tell a childless man is not not to deal with a woman who is a money hungry single mother and has a baby father that you have to beat the living shit out off.

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Simping is really unnecessary!


Black Men Love Single Mothers

russell wilson

The man said. Shouts out to the man for this one.

We all know that childless black men are with single mothers and they are willing to take care of another man’s child or children. They will not have children of their own but they are committed to take care of another man’s responsibly. Oh boy! When a single mother especially a black single mother who has a couple of children from one man to another, when it comes to looking for a man, they are looking for a sucker with money. But when the sucker sees the single mother, he runs off quickly because one, he knows that the woman with children is goanna try use him and two, the sucker with money is not goanna take care of children which is not his.

As it comes to black men, they will date a single mother, no matter what colour the woman is. But mostly it’s the black single mother black men will go for. I see it all the time. I have seen childless black men with white women that are single mothers which is still a no, no but most of the time these childless simping black men will go for a black single mother. Black men who has no children will find it difficult getting a black woman because the majority of black women do prefer the thugs but when black women have the thug’s children, that’s when these black single mothers come after the good black man who is childless.

Why is that black simpish men are choosing women who are single mother instead of finding a childless woman to marry and have children with her? You see star; black simp dudes have been raised in a single mother household by a single mother and also have seen been surrounded by female family members who are single mothers, you see what I saying? And maybe, the mother must have told the son that he should be with a single mother. Maybe, maybe not. There are so many men from my race who have no children that are in relationships or married with women that have children.

There was a black character name Alan in EastEnders. This was in the 1990’s. He was in a relationship with a white female character named Carol and she’s a single mother. Right, he left Carol for a black female character named Frankie who is a slut that slept with everyone in Albert Square. When that relationship fails with him and Frankie ended, he went back to Carol. Here is the thing. Why would he go for a woman that is for the roads? In other words for the streets. She has slept with everyone and I mean everyone. And also, come to think of it now, why is dealing with a woman that is a single parent? I don’t know if he has children but in the soap opera, I don’t see if he has children of his own. And him one fucking teef, bomba claat!

You might disagree with me on this but anyhow. You see in Britain, There not a lot of simps like in America. But that small percentage might go up in a high number with the amount of simps, most you see social media. We do have a number of simps in Britain but they won’t have the audacity to take on SYSBM because they do, SYSBM will defend themselves in a hardcore manner. SYSBM will not back down when they go into battle with the simps. In Jamaica, there are a whole leap of simps who are childless that are dealing with women that has children. Trust me, I have seen it so many times. And don’t be surprised if you see a Jamaican simp hang himself on a tree after he killed his scraggle daggle honey when he found out she has another man who is ruff neck that she really prefers.

When a woman who is a single mother and she is looking for a relationship, she should seek a man who is a single father. You guys must be thinking “Why is that Money Cultural? Why is that?” Because both of them are carrying baggage. They both got the same thing in common. But the thing is that these single mothers including black single mothers will not go for a man that has children. Na blud, they will go for a man that has no children and if he’s a successful man, she will be thinking that will be a bonus for her because she can try to use them, even manipulate him financially. We know that there are black men who has no children whatsoever will date, be in a relationship or marry a woman with children and that are simps that will come after a another black man who is in a relationship with non black woman because he is not with one of the ghetto ratchet hoodrats that these simps love and obey.

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Black men who are simps love single mother but what is the reward of being a step daddy?


Look At Them As A Sexual Thing When It Comes To Single Mothers

black chick 3

black chick 4

Right, in the United States of America, there are 77 per cent of black women who are single mothers. And it Britain, well I think it’s about 49 per cent. Don’t get me wrong, there are single white mothers too with around 20 per cent of them are single moms but it might of gone up now. The reason why we have a high rate of black women as single mothers is because there is a system they can live off by. And the black women who are living off the system are these ghetto ratchet hoodrats. When they became single mothers, they will get everything from the government like free money, housing, food stamps if they are in America and so on. But what about dating a single woman with children? It’s not a great idea because a childless man will not deal with a woman with children because he will not be a father of children which doesn’t belong to him. So the best thing for him, is a sexual relationship with the single mother.Yep, I said it!

You guys must be wondering “But a childless man can’t be with a woman with children. You’re a simp if you goanna be with a single mother. Na blud!” And I have to agree on that. There is no way that a man with no children should copy Russell Wilson and take a father role of a child which is not his. People are still shocked by that. Even me, I’m shock by it. But when it comes to a sexual relationship, boom! That is fine. You don’t want a permanent relationship with them or marry them. So a sexual thing is the thing. There are some single mothers might be upset with this but a man with no children is just not goanna marry them. But the simps will be with these women that are single mothers.

black chick

When I’m on that dating website Badoo, I see some of the women are single mothers regardless of the colour. When I see their profile, I see some have children. And they say also that on their profile “If you are looking for sex, then you look the other way.” But the thing is that he’s not goanna deal with a woman that has children. The man will look at a single mother as an MILF which stands for Mother I Like to Fuck. And they will treat them that way. But there are some websites where are a tons of MILF’s that any man that have for a sexual encounter. And these women on these dating websites are MILF’s anyway. So they can’t deny that.

Have I ever been with one before? Well, I had two women from Jamaica who has children. I have explained it of the five part article Jamaican Pudding. And also, I had a sexual encounter with a single mother up at Stonebridge, North West London. She was a weed smoker and her house was not tidy at all. And which man in their right mind would have a woman like that? If your mother sees you with a woman like that she will open up her mouth and curse you out. Even my mum will open her big ass month if I have a woman like that. She knows that I can do the fuck better.

If a single mother wants a relationship, they why not choose a man that has children? Because these single mothers are looking for a sucker to take care of children which doesn’t belong to them. And when the guy refuses to be a sucker, they get completely mad. But they will end up with the simp and that is the man that they don’t wanna be with for the rest of their lives. Because the simps will not take care of the woman financially and live off the woman. Not only that, he is willing to take care of children which belongs to Long Cock Bobby, Corner Boy Ronny, Cell Block Scrappy, Big Dick Rodney and Street Man Ratty.

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A man who is childless will not settle down with a woman with children, but if it’s a sexual thing or a sexual affair, then that’s all good!

black chick 2

Four letters people. MILF!




On 9:47, Pink says that this is a really good simptervention of him. But will this guy learn is lesson?

So this guy had the nerve to go back to an woman while she breeding? They broke up and she got pregnant by her ex boyfriend. And when she got pregnant by the dude, the simp decides to come back to her and prepare to take care of another man’s baby? The ex boyfriend’s baby? The audacity of the man! What is he thinking? Pink Book Lessons who made this masterful video said that this is a really good simptervention for him. When I heard that, I went what? I laughed at first when I heard that from her. So I decide to find out what it is because I know about these simp dudes are simping hard for these women who are nothing but below par.

This is the most dangerous Jezebel I even seen, good God!

What is simptervention? Is when a simp begins to educate and develop himself after suffering the consequences of simping. (These are my words.) It’s like a wakeup call for the simp when he finally realise that it’s taking him nowhere. It will take a simp into a disastrous situation when he’s a simping for a woman who is nothing but mediocre. As we have more and more simps around, they are coming after black men who are talking about these scraggle daggles because of the bad, ratchet behaviour. Because they are defending their queens that they love, honour and worship. They will pay the price of simping for these hoes, trust me people.

These simps need to look into themselves and start to think why are they defending these scraggs and get a bad result? There is a reason why and I know what it is. And I think you guys know too. The reason why these simps are defending these worthless scragglies is because they are siding with them just o get some of that punany. These strategic moves are becoming more and more common now and I see it all the time. SYSBM see it as well. They see the tactic that these simps are using just to get some coochie. That is the reason why these simps are defending these women all because they want is that sweet, sweet pum pum they are coming for but they ghetto ratchet hoodrats are throwing the clit to the thugs, the bad boys and the worthless men that they lust for.

They really need to listen now. These simps are getting played left, right and centre because these ghetto ratchet hoodrats don’t wanna be with them. And the simptervention, is really the start of this. What the simps are ding is really, really dangerous, to their heart! Because when these ghetto ratchet scraggly women stabs them in the back, they are goanna feel it star! It’s goanna really fuck them up. They goanna feel the heartache, the pain and the misery when the scraggle daggles kick them to the curb and open their legs to 357 Jimmy, Ruff Neck Desmond, Cell Block Scrapp, Rum Smuggler Don, Whiskey Baron Tony, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta.

Simptember is the month of the simps and these simpish dudes are roaming around the place willing to take care of another man’s child or children. Its step daddy season Brittany Renner call it and these single mothers are looking for a sucker to take care of their children which belongs to a next man. But these simps are preparing to take care of another man’s child and make them as their own kids, shit! I have seen a simp who is in a relationship get breed up by another man and willing to take care of another man’s baby. Can any man live with that? I can’t. It seems like these simps like to be use as doormats.

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Shouts out the Pink Book Lessons for this great video. I kind of put an meaning on that term. These simps, I don’t see them learning. I really. The Simp Super League is evolving.