Caught In The Act Again


When a person cheats, especially on a marriage, it really hurts. You cry, you want revenge but at the end of the day, that person really didn’t want you in the first place. Yes, I have my dirt and I have been played before. You guys must be wondering “Yo Money C, you been played by a girl?” Off course I have been numerous times. You can’t be a nice guy when you’re in the hood, you get me? Hope everyone is doing well though. Money Cultural here with caught in the act again. You can say that this is a sequel to caught in the act which I posted on 17th January 2022. There is a video of a woman who was on top of man in the back seat of a car, naked. Now, talk about the ladies when they get cheated on the man who is nothing but a bad, bad boy.

In bed with another woman in his girl’s house? Brave!

It’s extremely common that you see a woman catching her man cheating with another woman. And not only that, when you see a black woman see her man cheating with the next woman, the two women will fight each other for the man’s love and affection. And as they throw punches to each other and run each other with their cars, the bum these women are at war with, he has another woman between the bed sheets. I have seen so many men getting caught in the act when they cheating on their girlfriends or wives. When a man cheats on his women, you see him hiding in the wardrobe, bathroom, cupboard, under the table, underneath the bed, you name it.

The man is having sex with these honeys, raw!!!!!

When a man catches his woman cheat with another man in his bed, car, toilets or in a alleyway, he has no choice but to move on with a broken heart. But when a woman catches her man with another woman, not only that she will take on the woman in a action packed brawl but she will do whatever it takes to keep the man of her life. When a man gets caught with another chick, his woman will actually stays with him even though that she saw him with another woman and she chase after him with the long bread knife. You guys must be wondering “Why the does the woman stay with the dude after she catches him with another lady?” Some women like drama, people. They very board easily and they need something to excite them. And this is it, unfortunately.

As the woman sees her man cheating, her female friends will say “Girl, you got to let him go. This man doesn’t love you. He’s back from coming out of Laquisha’s house and you smell pussy on him” and so on. But she will not let him go because some women love the bad boy. They prefer the bad boy. They want the bad boy. They even marry the bad boy. If a woman marries a bad boy, there’s goanna be a lot of heartache for the woman. The bad boy is goanna cause her so much problems for the wife. But she won’t divorce the guy because of fears being lonely. Also she will not let the mistress win over the man. But the side chick is just basically there to get fucked!

Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn. I have scorn some girls but I wasn’t getting anything from some. You know what I mean. When I was in Jamaica in 2006, I was seeing this brown chick with two kids with no daddy. I’m not looking after any man’s off springs. We kissed and make love, we did some freaky things. It was on night when she saw me with a woman walking her home. When I came back, she was in complete rage. And I mean rage! Almost a week later, I saw her at her. I was chatting to her right through the evening and she forgives me. You ladies must be wondering why I am cheating. The woman has a boyfriend and sleeps around, you understand me? Me and her do chat on Facebook and I still feel the sexual tension between us. But I’m not goanna see her when I’m at Jamaica.

When a woman catches her man cheating, she wanna stab up the man with the biggest knife she can find or use the car as a weapon if she can drive. Men can get real violent as well when they get cheated on. They will kill the woman and then kill themselves like what the Jamaican men are doing right now. When a woman sees her man with the next woman, she will strike down upon thee with great vengeance an furious anger. But she still goanna stay with the guy no matter what. Do women like it when men cheat? Maybe. Should a woman let a man go if she catches him with another woman? I don’t think she will.

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She will say with the bad boy boyfriend if he’s cheated!


He May Have To Date Non Black Women

good black man

thug 2

When it comes to the good black man, its goanna be very difficult to find a good black woman because they are a rare thing. Most of the time black women want the ruff neck nigah that can satisfy her like Adina Howard would sang in the R&B song of the 1990’s Freak Like Me. So, what should the good black man do when he’s looking for someone for a relationship? The black women don’t want a good black man so the good black man may have to date non black women. But hoping that everyone is doing okay. Shouts out to the Ukrainian people out there batting the Russian troops in Ukraine. Hold tight. Don’t give up the fight.

The good black man/nice guy may have to date non black women. Why is that? Because that when it comes to the good black man dating black women, he will have a very hard time dealing with her. With all the ratchetness she will bring to him, he get a big time headache with her. And as he sees the ratchetness of some black women, he will stay away from them and date non black women. He can date foreign black women which is I have no issue with that a black man but it might be the same with the ratchet behaviour and all.

As these scraggle daggles sees the good black man with a non black woman in his arms, they go into rage mode. They will call him a coon, a house nigger, sell out, porch monkey, you can’t handle a strong black woman and all that foolishness coming out of their month. But these scraggle daggles are not wife martial or not even girlfriend martial because of their bad behaviour that they are not afraid of showing on display. Go and look on YouTube and see the mad ratchet behaviour with these scraggle daggles. But how could any man would be with a trashy woman that will reveal her ratchetness in front of everyone?

This simp is doing a 360 turn and falling dizzy! His head is spinning like a whirlpool!

Here’s this dreadlock simp!

Oh yeah. He got his Tik Tok token down by the same women he was defending. There is a consequence of simping and he paid the price to blow whole!

When a black man enters into an interracial relationship, these simps will come after him because he’s with a non black woman. These simps will come after SYSBM because they will not deal with the ratchet black women that these simps worship on a daily basis. These simps are well known for defending these ghetto ratchet harridans and come after black men who are with non black women. As these simps are coming after black women who are with non black women and defending the scragglies when thinking black men are talking about the ratchetness of black women, these harlots are opening up their legs to the thugs like Des The Drunk, Rum Smugger Don, 357 Jimmy, Long Dick 44, Knife Man Priest and Ruff Cut Larry. They don’t fuck with simps like that!

Black men who are not the thuggish type may have to date non black women. And they shouldn’t have a problem with that. The ghetto ratchet woman doesn’t want a good black man but they will chase after him later down the line when she has children with the men who are not capable of being fathers. If a good black man still wants a black woman to marry and have children with, then that’s cool. But the things is that he will not get what he’s looking for when he’s looking for a black women to make her his wifey.

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The good black man will struggle when it comes to black women and the good black woman is a rare thing as some black women want the thuggish type dudes.



Is He Married To Her?


When you see two men fighting for a woman, this what will happen. The one will end up in a morgue, the other man will end up in jail and the woman has another man between her legs. Well, we know how that situation go down anyhow! But what about the women fighting for a man? Well, none of the women end up dead or in prison. I haven’t heard of anything that it yet but I hope everyone is doing well. I hope you ladies and gents didn’t work too hard this week. It’s my late dad’s birthday today. If he was still alive, he would off been 96 years old. He’ll properly be dead by now. He was married before and had children with the first wife. Oh yeah, he’s a Tottenham Hotspur supporter. And I’m Arsenal supporter. Good God, no wonder he was an — let just stop right there.

Slimmers and fatty at it in the store!

black women

Right, we all see black women fighting each other for another man. We see it all the bloody time. There are so many videos on YouTube of black women fighting for another dude. And the thing this that the dude is banging the third woman or fourth woman. I have seen this in Jamaica when you see Jamaican women fighting each other for another man. Yo star, do you know how many times we have seen it in that small island where my parents come from? And everyone is watching the world boxing championship match between these two women. And the winner will get the man. As the woman is fighting the other woman for her man, here is one thing. Is that man married to her? Has he put the ring on her finger?

Here this. How many of these scraggle daggles are married to the man they are fighting for? How many of this scragglies are in a marriage of a man that they are fighting another woman for? Not many matter of fact! These ghetto ratchet black women who are brawling for these men, they are not married to them. And these men do have a third woman that he’s with under the bed sheets and ready to ram out her hole. These guys have more then two women and they are fighting for him. And you know what else? The men that these women they are fighting for, they will not hesitate to breed them off and that will make things a lot crazier.

So, you guys must be wondering why in the name of the most high these women are fighting for worthless guy who has nothing going on in his life? Why in the hell these scraggs are fighting for a guy who is a worthless individual? The reason why they these ghetto hoodrats are swinging blows to each other is this. Look, the dick is good alright. Well, might be. I’m not too sure. The man is slamming the daylights out them when they open their legs to him. You think a simp that stalks other men online think that they can compete with a man like that? Not a blood claat! There is no way that he can measure up with a man like that.

And also, why are these women are not married to the man that they are fighting for? Is because that he sees these women who are not marriage martial. He knows that these women will not be subservient to their husbands and submit to them. The man looks at them as ghetto ratchets that is not afraid to show their dysfunction on display. So there is no way that he will go on his knees and put the wedding ring on their fingers. There is no way that he’s goanna marry these narcissistic scraggle daggles. Listen, the fuckrey these hoodrats will bring to him in the marriage will stress him completely.

He will watch these women fighting for his love and affection but then as they are fighting for him in front of everyone, he’s in bed with the other woman, slamming her punany cavities away. There are men that are watching these two women fighting for the man knows that he has woman number three on his radar. And woman number four if there is a fourth one which could be a slight possibility. The thing is that he will never in a million years will marry these women because they are not wife marital. And as I look at it, they are not worthy of being wives.

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The one with the grey leggings. The shape of the thigs them. Better stay away from ghetto women! But anyhow! These women are fighting for a man that is not worth a damn. But the man knows that these women ain’t wife martial.


Their Not Marriage Martial

Happy Newlyweds in Front of Mansion

People ask me that why I’m not a married man. Are they are wondering I can’t get a woman? Or they will say that maybe I’m gay? Yo, that will make me punch them in the face. But the thing is this people. When a person, mostly a woman especially in my race ask me why I’m not married, most of them are not marriage martial. Anyhow, I hope everyone is doing well. Yo, marriage life is not for me. I’m not interested in marriage. You think I’m getting married? You think you goanna see a ring on my finger? You think you goanna see me with a wife? You think I’m goanna be a hubby? Really?

You guys must be thinking “What do you mean by their not marriage martial?” Right, when you see these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles in the so called black community, all you see them doing is nothing but ratcheness. From having a bad attitude, twerking on the internet, twerking in public, fighting another woman for a man, being single mothers, living off the government, sleeping with racist white men who are absolutely below average, chasing after thugs, etc. Later down in life, they are looking for a good black man to marry but he’s not choosing these scraggly hoodrats to marry. I heard that in that 77 per cent of black American women are no married. Yeah, that is very, high. But why do you think it’s so high? Is because the 77 per cent of black women are not marriage martial.

If a black man gets married to one of these ghetto ratchet hoodrats, the problems she will bring to him in the marriage will be immense. She will not be subservient to him and also she will not be a submissive wife. She will bring all sorts of problems, all sorts of mayhem and all sorts of chaos into the marriage. And the man will get stressed out and pissed off with her because she is giving him all sorts of nonsense. They will argue a lot because he’s tired of the ratchet fuckrey she’s bringing into the marriage. After that, he get the divorce papers, make her sign it and kick her to the curb because he’s not dealing with her ratchetness. Charged that to the game, star!

However, when these ghetto harridans who got married to the thug, the bad boy, the worthless man, the hopeless and the unproductive man, especially to the ratchet white man, they have to submit to him whatsoever. Because they will get taken down by him when he gives them a right hook if they give them that bad attitude. They don’t play around like that when it comes to abusing these hoodrats, you get me? These scragglies knows what will happen if they bring that bad attitude towards them. And also, these types of men are controlling and I mean very controlling. If the women don’t do as they say, these men will flip out and punch them up like a world boxing champion taking down his opponent in the ring.

There are some black men who are simps that are married to these dysfunctional women. But the thing is that these ghetto ratchet hoodrats don’t wanna marry these simpletons in the first place or be in a relationship with them. While these simps are coming after and stalking other black men online, these harlots are sleeping behind their back with thuggish dudes like 357 Jimmy, Cell Block Scrappy, Corner Boy Ronney, Des The Drunk, Rum Head Frasier, Knife Man Priest, 15 Rounds Preacher, Big Dick Rodney, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta. These scraggle daggles actually want to marry these thuggy thuggish guys and not the simps. But the thing is that these types of men will bring drama to them. But they do love drama though.

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These women are no marriage martial, especially the women in my family!


Even Skarkeisha ain’t wifey martial.


I Should Off Seen The Red Flags In My Twenties

red flag

Yes, I have my dirt. You think I’m some angel above? You are wrong. But also when I was in my twenties there were some things I should have seen with my two eyes. I didn’t see the red flags when I was in these relationships with these narcissistic chicks that were playing games with me. I didn’t know why this was happening to me or why these girls where playing these stupid games. But when it comes to the thugs and the bad boys, these female narcs will not play around with them at all. But anyhow, hoping everybody enjoying the first month of the year. We all know that January is a very hard month but if you are having a hard one, hang in there.

I should have seen the red flags when I was in my twenties. I did an article called Jamaican Pudding and I was explaining about the fat Jamaican chick in 2003 in part one of the miniseries. She asks me for £15 so she can go to Manchester and I met up with her up at Wembley to give it to her. We broke up now. Here is thing because I still think about it 19 years later. I was thinking that “I wonder if that gold digging heifer is lying to me about her going to Manchester in the summer of 2003.” Why am I thinking like this? Because things don’t really add up. I know these scraggle daggles are nothing but gold diggers and they will lie their way into anything.

When I was in my twenties living in Brent, North West London, I was talking to one Rasta man and another guy who I was working with at the Brent Transport Service; I told them that I was in a relationship. The Rasta man asks me that have me and her had sex yet. I said no and then I said to them that she never calls me. And when I told them that, they really start to think that she must be with someone else, like some bad boy. You can’t be a gentleman with these women nowadays. They don’t want that. The relationship lasted for about ten month and then I just told her that I’m moving on.

Some black men say that the thugs always get the best looking black women and I do agree on some degree. They do get the best looking black women. You know, I should off told the thuggish dudes about the Jamaican fatty and the other who was playing games with me. Things are different now because I will see the red flags if I anything smells fishy. When it comes to the bad boy, thug or the worthless man especially the broke man, some of the black woman will give them a go in a flash. The reason why these scraggs will play games with a man is because that the man is playing the nice guy role. If a man acts like a nice guy, he will get his heart broken. And will get heartbroken again if he does the nice guy role once more.

What will happens when the bad boy, thug, the hopless man, worthless man and the unproductive man leave them behind? Remember, the bad boy will fuck these women over. Well, the scraggle daggles will try to go back to the guy that they played, used, cheated on and so on. But the guy who they were not interested in, he’ll kick them to the curb. And these women will have no choice but to deal with the simps that they don’t want. The simps are only good for is defending these scraggle daggles when thinking black men talk about their bad behaviour, but when it come to relationship/marriage, these scraggle daggles are not interested. The same way my narcissistic exes are not interested in my also.

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Yeah, I should off saw the red flags but I was young. But I did had fun in my 20’s though!



A Taste Of His Own Medicine?

faith evans

You see guys, I’m a man that takes marriage life serious. I don’t mind having a wife, children, having a nice home with a white picket fence and three cars in the driveway. I don’t mind a woman cooking for me even though I can cook for myself. As I see marriage now, there are so many divorces lately especially with successful men. And when the divorce is final, they will lose everything. I think that is the reason why men are not getting married because when they get a divorce from their wives they will lose everything the work hard for. And also, I think that is the reason why a successful man will not get married. As I look at Stevie J with faith Evans cheating? Oh boy!

Legendary R&B songstress and my favourite singer of all time Faith Evans caught cheating in bed by music producer Stevie J. Stevie has recorded Faith cheating with another dude and confronted her. And he caught Faith cheating in his house. In his house? Oh, fuck! These situations happen a lot when a man finds his wife in bedroom with another man getting drilled out. It also happens to women as well. The video of Faith Evans getting caught cheating is now viral on social media and the guys on YouTube is talking about the leaked video of Faith getting caught cheating with another man. Here is the thing. Is Stevie J getting a taste of his own medicine?

What do I mean by that? Well, Stevie has been fucking around Mimi Faust, Joseline Hernandez and other women, in other words he had side pieces. And when Faith Evans started a relationship and marries Stevie J, Mimi Faust warned Faith about him. And Joseline warned her as well. Was these women wrong about Stevie J? No way. Because I heard that Faith Evans beat up Stevie J because she caught him cheating. These women love their bad boys and yes, I had my creeping ways but when it comes to marriage, I’m not doing the unfaithful shit, you get me? And now Stevie J finds Faith cheating with another dude in the house, he’s getting a taste of his own medicine. And it’s taste real bitter.

Stevie ask Faith Evans to marry him in the past but she turned down the proposal because she didn’t take him seriously because he was still texting Joseline asking her to marry him but the hot blooded Puerto Rican turned down his marriage proposal because she knows that he’s nothing but drama. And he text her the same day when he ask Faith Evans to marry him. When I look at this, it seems like he’s still loves that Puerto Rican but Joseline is keeping it moving and looking for someone else. She don’t wanna deal with Stevie J’s mess at all. She don’t wanna go back there again.

Look, Joseline is Puerto Rican. Do you know how feisty these Caribbean are if you cheat on them? Stevie should of known that.

Stevie J is now filing a divorce on Faith Evans for cheating. I understand that if someone cheats in a marriage, it’s over. There is damage there now but Stevie J can’t be upset if he was caught cheating in his marriage. As I see the video of Faith Evans and Stevie J, it looks like a toxic marriage. You know I have been through a toxic relationship before and that was in Autumn 2000. You guys be thinking that “Yo Money C, you have been in a toxic relationship blud?” Oh yes I have people. Being in a relationship with a narcissistic hoodrat who is for the roads is a damn nightmare. They say that Faith Evans is always like this. Well, we hear about the rumours about Faith Evans having sex with 2pac. And that rumour is been around for years.

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faith evans 2

I hear rumours that they are goanna reconcile. I don’t know if it’s true or not but hey, if they want to sort things out then let them.


Art Of Deception


Brittany Renner (20)

This woman is so correct. And the guy is a clown. How can this simps say that if the average Joe don’t fly a woman out on a vacation, that means his poor? That’s what he means? Most of the time, the average person is making average money. They are not making £50,000 or £100,000 a year. The average man can’t fly any woman out while he’s paying the bills, the mortgage/rent. So, she’s spot on. Average people do average things. And you sees simps like him. They don’t pay the rent, mortgage, bills and so on. Because they are living off the scarggle daggles that they are defending all the time. And these scrags prefer the thugs more then the simps. But with this one here, there is a art which women can master better then men and it deception.

Brittany Renner is an Instagram model who has divorced her husband PJ Washington who is a basketball player for the Charlotte Hornets. He has to pay $200,000 per month on child support. Good grief that is that is £144,194 in British sterling. Most of the time, Brittney deals with men with money like rappers and athletes. She was asked of what is her body count and she said it was 24 and most of them are men with money. And it doesn’t fade her at all in other words it doesn’t bother her. But what bothers me that not only she is not let PJ see his son but she hasn’t regretted using him. So in other words, she was planning this.

I have seen this time and time again of women getting breed up just to get a check every single month for the next 18 years. Or more then that if they have more then one child. She’s a prime example of what I talk about but the thing that really terrifies me that she doesn’t regret using him. She was there for the money and she got the bag, successfully. She literally got the bag. Well, she can get a Birkin Bag and one of them cost about £20,000 or more. And she can get other things as well that cost a bundle with that child support money.

What’s the body count?

Brittany Renner (19)

There is an art of deception and women know how to deceive a man with ease. She can use him if the man has money, lots of money. If she sees a man who does a nine to five job and makes about £300 a week, she can’t use him or manipulate him. But if she sees an athlete or a rapper, then she will pull that magic trick and that is seduction. Now, I don’t mind if a woman is seductive. I don’t mind if a woman comes towards me with that seductive manner and bring that sexiness to me, oh yeah! But the thing is that when a man has lots of money as an athlete does, there is goanna be a woman that will try to use him. And that was her.

PJ Washington should have seen the red flags. But thing is that he didn’t see that the red flag waving in front of his face because of that big booty what that seductive manipulator had. And as he saw the booty that harlot has, she had a chance to trap him, with child support. When it comes to seduction to women, it’s nothing but manipulation. And most of the time gold diggers are doing that fuckery. They won’t use a man that doesn’t have money like a rapper or an athlete. She won’t go for that but she will go for a man that has tones of money. That is not a hard target for her. And what this Brittney saw was an easy target to use PJ Washington.

She is 29 and he’s now 23 and they both got married. I think she knew that this young dude has money and she knew how to trap the young man for his money and that is opening up her legs and let him nut in her. That was her plan. That was her strategy. My question is this. Why did got married at a young age and he’s at his prime playing basketball? He was too young to get married. He should off waited first until he got older. With the dough that he makes a year, he shouldn’t put a ring on a woman’s finger. He’s not really for that step. A man with money should even think about marriage at a young age or marriage at all. He should be a player having one girl to another or in Jamaican, a gyaliss!

Yo yute, what’s your doing?

Hoping this ain’t true

From one basketball player to another. LaMelo Ball’s IG model girlfriend Ana Montana said that she is pregnant with his baby. She’s 32 years old and LaMelo turned 20 on August this year. The thing is this. Why did he breed up the 32 IG model for? The women get breed up by him just to get his money and she’s goanna put him on child support and he has to pay a whole leap of money every single mother because she put him on the dreaded child support. Why these athletes and these rappers are dating these Instagram models and breeding them? That is a dangerous thing these basketball players are doing. And these rappers too. His father LaVar Ball warned his sons about these thots but it seems like they are not listening to their father for some reason.

There are YouTubers say that it’s his fault for not seeing the dangers of this femme fatale. They are may have been some men that warned him not to deal with a woman like her. And now he’s suffering the consequences of being with her or marry her. He’s paying $2,400,000 a year on child support until his son becomes 18 years old. I have told men, especially black men most of the time that to not deal women like Brittney Renner. Now, I’m not telling them anymore because they will not listen to Money Cultural, you get me star!

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You see I have no issues of these Instagram models. I do follow some of them and some of them have the big booties especially the white ones. But if a man what’s a woman, he can’t choose a woman who is a Instagram model. Some of them are gold diggers, thots, has slept around and so on.


This Brittany Renner chick is a woman I don’t deal with. Yeah, she’s a biracial, she’s got curves and a big butt which I don’t mind at all but PJ Washington should off looked at the danger signs when he saw her.


These Gold Diggers Won’t Cook, They Won’t Clean, They Won’t Do Anything


Hello, is it me you’re cooking for?/You must wash the chicken first/Then use all purpose seasoning/Don’t forget the potatoes too, go start peeling them/Go turn on the stove/And start cooking the white rice/Girl you must do that for me/Cook for me

You like me version? LOL!

I don’t need a woman that can cook for me and clean for me. I can do that myself. I was taught to do those things when I was young. But these gold diggers will not do that for a man. They are just there just to use the man if he has money. And she is willing and I mean willing to use the man. These gold diggers, they don’t wanna work. They don’t wanna have their own business. They just wanna pick a man’s pockets.

When you hear a gold digger say that they want a man that had money, drive a nice car, has his own house and to take care of me financially, what do they mean is that they want a man that who has those credentials just to use him and to manipulate him. And there are some simps that have money will fall for it. They are not being careful when they dealing with gold diggers. But here is the thing. What can a gold digger bring to the table? That is the question. Can she cook, can she clean, can she take care of the children, making it a happy home for a man? I know that gold diggers can’t make a man happy at all. She will make him miserable when she’s asking the man money, you get me?

But the thing is this. You see a gold digger, she will not cook for a man, she won’t clean for a man, she will not take care of the children, she won’t give him no clit when he wants to fuck, she is just for the man’s dough. What can a gold digger can do for a man? Nothing. And that is it really. And why a man is with a gold digger in the first place? Low standards maybe? Why have children with a gold digger? That is a very big mistake. If a man breaks up with a gold digger and he has kids with her, she will try to claim child support to get some money of the man and you know what makes it worse? She will get it, especially if she has more then one child with the man.

These gold diggers and nothing but dysfunctional women. Because they come from a family who has ratchet family members who are women mostly. And not only that, their mothers are gold diggers too and the mothers influence these women to be just like them. And when become adults, these women become just like their mothers. And a gold digger will steel from a man also. Listen here; I give £15 to my ex in 2003 so she can go Manchester. For years now, something doesn’t feel right about this at all. I explained in on my five part article Jamaican Pudding. Gold diggers are cunning and plus, they will cheat on their man with a guy who is mediocre as these gold diggers.

We have a huge amount of gold diggers in the so called black community. They will only go for a man that has something. But now, black men are turning the other cheek and dating non black women. Because they have seen so much dysfunction with black women nowadays. And the ghetto ratchet black women are being very salty when black men are with non black women. But the thing is that the ghetto ratchet black women don’t want the black men who are in these non black relationships or interracial marriage. They want the worthless black man that they desire the most.

If a gold digger is in a relationship with 357 Jimmy, Street Mice, Des The Drunk, Rum Head Frasier, Machete Man Briggy, Cell Block Scrappy and Fuck All Night Freed, they have to submit to them. Because if they don’t, they will get a hard back hand by these worthless dudes that they really wanna be with. They are just there to use the man who has money but when it comes to these hopeless black men, they go crazy for these worthless black men that they really, really want. They will have to cook, clean and wash clothes for the thugs that they are in a relationship with but if they don’t, the thugs will clap them down.

Gold diggers, listen to this jam from Blackstreet.

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To the gold diggers, stop picking the man’s pockets. Just go out there are work.


The Weave Wearing Black Woman Part 12: It’s A Wrap

weave head woman

weave head woman 2


With all the black women wearing weave. I have something to tell you.


It’s a wrap for natural beauty!

I was at Watford today getting my haircut. Yeah, the Ghanaian man did a good job. Afterwards I went into Primark in Watford Town Centre just to buy some sunglasses. I was leaving Watford Town Centre. I was on the 321 Bus heading to St Albans City Station because heading to Luton is a long journey and the buses nowadays are just iffy. When I was on the bus passing the Watford Job Centre, I saw this black woman, slim body, brown skin, wearing them high heel mules, sexy looking browning. But there is one thing. The browning had that weave on. Blonde weave. Yeah man, black woman have weave in their scalp as well in that area. You may think that black women in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire don’t have that weave in their head. Oh no, same thing. And speaking off weave, this weekend was just weave mania.

Right, it was a Saturday afternoon, the sun was shinning, weather was tree. I was at Leagrave Train Station in Luton heading to Seven Sisters, North London. Then I went to Walthamstow, Croydon, Brixton and Southbank. I went on the Thamelink train and I saw this black chick with brown skin, nice toes, thick thighs, smell nice too. Yeah, I know, another browning but anyway. I came off at London St. Pancras International. She comes off with her friend as well. You must be wondering “Why you never chat to her blud? You should off chat to her. You should chirp her. Give her the lyrics.” Right, there is a reason why I didn’t chat her up or talk to her even though I’m too old for chasing girls. The reason why I didn’t talk to her is because that she had that weave in her hair.

Yesterday, I was at the station heading to the town. I saw two black girls. One was tall, had nice toes, great legs, smell good too. And the other one had a nice body, thick legs. Yeah, thick thighs save lives. Guess what? The two of them had weave on. Oh boy! When I see a black woman in the street, she has that weave in her head, especially when they wear that blonde weave. It’s nothing but weave galore as I see black women wearing weave every single day. There are some black women that have their natural hair like the one I saw coming off the train at Victoria station when I was coming from Brixton. And she wasn’t bad looking as well.

As I look at it now. When it comes to natural hair, it’s a wrap. Natural beauty is done when it comes to black women. All black men are seeing now is black women wearing this weave trying to compete with the white woman who is their biggest ever nemesis. As black men see this weave on black women, black men will look at this and walk away from black women and date a non black woman that can grow her long wavy hair naturally. If a black man sees a black woman with natural hair which is now a very rare thing now, he might give her a chance but when a black man sees a weave wearing black woman, it will be very difficult to approach her because she is not in her natural state.

There are black men that will approach a black woman that have that weave glued in their scalp but that are the simps that are defending these scraggle daggles when black women talk about the bad behaviour of these ghetto hoodrats. When black men talk about black women wearing weave, simps like King Keeme sides with them. But there are many, many simps that are defending these scraggly weave wearers that goes to the hairdressers and spend their money just to put this weave on their head trying to take on the white woman’s hairstyle.

There is no way that a black man will ever approach a black woman because she has nothing but weave in her hair. Black men are now turning away from black women because black women as a whole are not in their natural state. So black decided to look for a black woman that has natural hair which is now rare nowadays or they can date non black women. There are black men that will approach black women but that will be these simps that black women don’t want as they prefer the worthless man, the hopeless man or the unproductive man.


When A Married Man Spends Money On His Side Woman




When I watch these YouTube videos of MGTOW men saying men that don’t get married, I was like “That’s the man’s decision. That’s the man’s choice. But I truly understand that men will lose everything they work for when it comes to divorce. But I’m a person who refuses and I mean refuses to make a man’s choice of if he should get married. And it’s my choice if I wanna get married. Look at SYSBM. Look at the SYSBM men who are married. And now the marriage thing. I don’t have a problem with it because I’m a product of a two parent home of two Jamaican parents who was married for over 20 years. But there are simps that has side chicks while they have their wives at home or at work.

Right, we all know it’s wrong to have a side chick when you’re a married man. And I know that a woman have a side man but let’s look into a man perspective, or simp’s perspective. It’s not a good idea when a man has side woman but, there is a reason why he has one. And that’s because the wife is not giving him any nookie when it comes to the sack. Or just the man just wanna cheat. It’s not a good idea to have a woman on the side because if your wifey finds out that you have side pum pum, then you lose everything like the house, the money, the cars I mean everything. And you have pay alimony and the dreaded child support if you have children with her. However, there one mistake a man will do. And that is sending money on his side woman.

Yep, there are some things that a simp will do and that is spending money on a side gyal. Spending money on a side woman is a simp move just like breeding her off. The only thing the side woman is only for and only good for is just sex. That’s it. They are just for fucking. Why a man is spending money on a woman who isn’t his wife? If I have a side woman which I won’t, you think I’ll be spending money on her? Fuck no! She’s not my wife or my girlfriend, fuck that! It’s horrible to say that but the thing is that the side woman is just a woman is giving what the wife is not giving to the husband. Simple as that. He don’t need to help her to pay the rent or mortgage, light bill, gas bill, etc. The only thing he wants is what she has between her legs.

Yo, do you know how much side women the men up at North West London have? They have ‘nough of them. They have woman on the left, woman on the right, women all over the place. Having a side woman is not a great idea for a man because you will end up getting them divorce papers quicker then he blinks. And for a woman, it’s not great for her at all being a side woman because the women will look at her as a whore, a slut, a slapper and so on. And the men who want to get some punany of her, they will treat her that way. It is what it is when it comes to side chicks. They are just there for one thing.

There was a woman in that was staying at the house where I was living up at Willesden in 1997. And she was dealing with a married man who lived close by. One Friday night, I heard them having sex in her bedroom. They had sex a few times. One night, he swing by and he bought her something. Look, I don’t know why he did that but hey! That’s what simps do, you get me? And she was bringing men into the house as well which pissed my mum off so much. And she’s a family member of mine as well, I think. Do these married men ever marry these side chicks when they divorced their wives? No way, because if a man leaves his wife and marries the side woman, she will cheat on him and leave him for the guy she is sleeping with. And these simps always suffer the price when they leave the wife for someone else that will kick them to the curb. I see it all the time.

Alright, the thing is this that no man shouldn’t have a side woman if he’s married. He should know the dangerous consequences if the wife finds out that he have another woman on the side. And no man should be giving a side woman anything whatsoever. She just a side piece really and I don’t want a side chick if I was a married man. I know that there are some simps who are not providing for their wives but they are giving money to the side woman. Are they mad?