Black Women Love The Ratchetness


The good black woman is hard to find. You look at the left, you look on the right and you look up, down and centre. You guys must be thinking “Yo Money C, what do you mean by that? There are good black women around blud!” I’m saying this because that we are seeing so much ratchet black women now. It seems like the good black woman is like a unicorn. You just don’t see one often. Hope everyone is doing well. I’m here just tired as hell, star! When the weekend comes, I better get a good deep rest people and recharge my batteries. I’m waking up late in the weekend!

Explain it bro!

You see, black women love the ratchetness. They really do. They have an obsession with this ratchet behaviour that they are not afraid to show it on display. They love it as the same way they love wearing weave trying to copy the style of their biggest arch nemesis known as the white woman. When you see black women, all you see is them doing some ratchet shit and they really don’t mind showing their ratchet attitude towards anyone. You do have female family members that are ratchet to the brim and you don’t wanna go near them because of their behaviour. And their ratchet behaviour will make you curse them the fuck out because it will get on your nerves and you don’t time for that that fuckrey.

ratchet heifers

When you surrounded by them, what do you expect? Nothing but dog shit you see on the ground when you walk down the street. They will stress you out, irritated you, give you a migraine, disagree with you, judge you, criticise you, talk about you and other people, make you lose your temper, all of that shit that they where raise to be. Their mothers haven’t done a terrible job raising these women. But at the end of the day, their mothers are ratchet as well. So where do you think the wretchedness come from then? They get that shit from their mothers. And their grandmothers are ratchet too.

As thinking black men talk about the ratchetness of black women, these ghetto ratchet hoodrats get upset of what black men talk about it. They lose their marbles when black men talk about black women being ratchet. When you have guys like Verbs2005, SYSBM founder Mad Bus Driver X, Quincy 82, King Sigma, Sigma Jones and me, Money Cultural talk about the ratchetness of black women, they will lose their minds in a instant. They will go crazier then a mental patient in a mental institute.

As these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles can’t defend themselves, simps like Dr Moist Watkins, the suspected homosexual Bareback Fountain, D Darrell, Monty Woodgrain, Clifton Rainey, Nutward TV, True Semen, the simps who confessed that he’s gay Woke Poofgressive, the simps on Rap Raven’s live streams on his Black Betterment Broadcast channel on YouTube and all of the other simpish dudes that will defend the honour of these scragglies that are not interested in them. They don’t want these simps around them as they have a huge distain towards them. They prefer the thuggish dudes that will get them wet between the thighs and willing to open their legs to them.

Black women have a huge obsession of being ratchet and they have no fear of showing it in front of your face. And they really don’t care how you feel about it. As black women are acting ratchet, what will black men look at these when black women at in that ratchet undertone? Black men will look at this and walk away from them and date non black women. The reason why black men will walk away and stay away from ratchet black women is because that if a black man starts a relationship with a black woman who is ratchet, the problems he’ll go through with her. He will go through hell with her. The ratchetness is making these black women single and can’t settle down.

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Black women love the ratchetness.


Degraded By The White Love Of Her Life



I have said it before and Money Cultural will say it again. I have no issues with interracial dating, relationships and marriage. I wouldn’t mind dating a non black woman. However, when a black woman dates a non black man and it’s mostly a white man, he will degrade her. You want proof? Go on Tik Tok and see how these beta males degrade black females on that platform. And you guys must be saying “What about ghetto gaggers? Look how the beta males degrade these black women and calling them all sorts of racial slurs!” Yeah, I know people. It’s very disgusting to see something like that. Hope everyone is doing well. I had a hard weekend but this Nubian dude from NW10 is glad that the weekend is over.

Yeah, I have seen so many black women getting degraded by the white beta males on the Tik Tok platform. There was a video of a white guy who is below average who gave his black girlfriend a drink but fooled her that it was urine. Yo, these beta males are nasty, good God! I’m surprised that his girlfriend didn’t throw the glass of urine on him. Ladies and gentleman, that is totally disgusting. And the thing is that she didn’t get upset at all. You guys must be thinking “What?” It looks like a growing trend with these black females and most of them are young are being degraded by the these white beta males that will offer nothing to them. But you guys must be think “Money Cultural, why can’t she get a Nice Guy Nick who drives a Mercedes Benz S500Le, makes £100,000 per annum, dress neat and has a house in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire?” As you see when it comes to interracial dating or relationships, these black females will go for the below average white dude, not the successful white guy, Nice Guy Nick.

These beta males you see on these Tik Tok videos who are with these black females, the average white woman wouldn’t even be with them because of the way these beta males are. Because white women really don’t like a beta male just the same way black women hate the simp. Some of the relationships between white men and black women don’t last because that the beta male just want something sexual from the black woman. The infamous YouTuber MsArchducess did a video in 2013 and said the relationship between white men and black women are better then the relationship between black men and white women. If the relationship between white men and black women is better then why 25 per cent of black women have been murdered by their white boyfriends/husbands? And also, if interracial relationship is better then black men who are with white women, then why these white men are using these black females as sexual pleasure?

These black females who are with these beta males, they will make videos about having hate towards black men. When you see a black woman that have a hatred for black men for no particular reason, they will end up with a below average white man who will degrade especially in front of other people. He will not degrade a white woman because she might smack him across the face but he will have no problem degrading a black woman. Question time. Have you ever seen a black man degrade a black woman, especially on social media? I haven’t seen it. Will a black woman let a black man degrade her? Fuck no; she will never let him do that. She will curse him or even fight him but why black women are letting their white boyfriends to degrade them? Why black women are are letting them do these types of things? I wish I know.

On these YouTube streets, some black men that these black women are choosing these bottom shelf Brad type dudes is because they are desperate to have biracial children. I agree on that on some level. Right, the reason why black women who date white men, the hopeless white men want mix race children is because that they have a huge self hatred towards themselves. Black women suffer a lot of insecurities. And it goes to their childhood when they verbally abused by other black people because of being dark skin and some of them are family members. So that is the reason why they have this hatred. So, it’s coming into a deep place and it started with childhood, even though I have no issues with biracial children and people having them. But when black women have mix children with these beta males, these bottom shelf Brads will run off and not take care of their kids they created with black women.

As these black women get kicked to the curb by these bottom of the barrel white guys, they will try to come back to black men. And black men will say that “Why are you coming back here for? I don’t want your ass. Hell no!” And also, some of these black women are single mothers with biracial children with these below average white men and black men will reject them as well as there are some black men will not be in a relationship with a single mother. So, the black women are stuck with the men that they really don’t want and that is the simp that every black woman has a huge distain for. When a black man sees a black woman who has been with a white dude who is way below average, he will kick that to the curb hard but the simp is willing to take her back, not knowing that she said that she had a hatred towards black men.

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It’s a growing trend on Tik Tok with the beta male degrading black women and it’s growing even more.

tiktok 2


In Enemies We Don’t Trust


Trust me, it’s was a horrible Friday. On a Friday!?

Keep your friends close but enemies closer. That’s what the protagonist Michael Corleone said in the classic gangster movie The Godfather 2. You should keep your family members much closer then anyone with the crabs in the barrel mentality they have. As you have ratchet family members and most of them are women, you think to yourself if you are a black man “Does these family members who are ratchet hate black men just the same way these ghetto scraggle daggles SYSBM talk about?” Hope you guys are doing well. I come with a serious one and I mean a very serious one. Black men have enemies and the biggest enemy of them all is these black females.

I’ve seen black women who have been salty of the death Kevin Samuels. When the basketball legend Kobe Bryant died in that helicopter crash and his daughter with him in 2020, these ghetto ratchet heifers were celebrating his death all because he married to a Latin woman. And when he dies, the money he made goes to her and his children. The same thing when David Carroll died as well. They celebrated his death all because he made YouTube videos about black women’s ratchet behaviour. I saw the video called White Women Are Better and it caused a humongous stir on YouTube. I don’t think that white women are not better but black women have some major flaws and I mean major flaws. As black women celebrating the death of black Kevin Samuels, it really goes to show that not only they hate black men but they don’t care about them also.

Not only the black women have a hatred towards black men but the simps who are defending them have the same hatred towards black men as well. YouTuber Dr Moist Watkins is hating on Kevin Samuels all because of his opinion of black woman especially women from other races and the man is dead. So does the beta male Tom Leykis who is glad that Kevin Samuels has past away. Right, I know that the white beta male is a big time enemy towards black men; the simps are attacking black men when they talk about the ghetto ratchet black women and the black women have a huge hatred towards black men and really don’t care about them. As you look at this people, put the black females, the white beta males and the simps on one cold dish, they are all the enemy of black men.

I’m goanna talk about the black females because it seems like they have a huge distain towards black men. Bubatunde Umanah, the author of Nergo Wars and the owner of the website slaying evil, he said on Obsidian’s radio show four years ago that black women is not a commodity, they’re the enemy. He says that because of black women talking up feminism, being the enforcer of white supremacy, destroying the black family home and so on. The simps who are siding with these ratchet females are coming after black men who are with non black women and the white beta male showing his racial hatred towards black men. You know the term “In God We Trust?” Well, I’m goanna change that to “In Enemies We Don’t Trust!”

I cannot trust these types of people. The white beta male has his racial views towards black men and being way too emotional. Let’s not forget insecure also. The simp is siding with these ghetto ratchet harridans and attacking black men all because of their opinions of black women and dating non black women and the scraggle daggle is showing no love, no care and no affection to black men. So, should a guy like me, Money Cultural trust any of these fools with fucked up brains who has a huge hate towards black men? Hell to the no? Why should I hang around with a group of people who has a distain and an issue with black men?

I’m goanna say this about the beta males and the simps. I know that white women really don’t like the beta male. They don’t even like a cuckold type dude like Jack Murphy who enjoys watching is wife getting her clit rammed out by Chad and Tyrone. Do you think that the white beta male is an attractive man in these white women’s eyes? Shit, far from it! They really don’t like the beta male whatsoever. And these simps who are defending these ghetto hoodrats, these scraggs don’t want them. They want the ruff neck type dudes they will drive them crazy and wrap their legs around them when the ruff necks are on top of them on the bed. And for the black females who has a hate towards black men, when they get ram through by thuggish dudes and racist white men, further down the line they want a good black man to settle down and take care of another man’s off springs if they have children with these hopeless men.

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black man in a suit 2

The black has enemies of his own. It’s not only the beta male, but it’s the simp and the woman that gave birth to him. And that is the black woman.


Are Black Women Still Dateable

lady in red

As I look back with my relationships, I was like “What was I thinking of dealing with these dumb chick?” Yes, I did chat to other women while I was with these narcissistic gold diggers. But when I saw the women that was talking to Kevin Samuels on his YouTube live streams, I was thinking “Them scraggs remind me of my exes, Goddamn!” But hope everyone was coping with the rain. I’m here with the black woman that is could be the most undateable woman in the dating market. Today, I slip on the steps when I was walking up them at the train station. All most didn’t made it, guy!

Right song for the weather!

Classic jam from these three ladies!

As we see black women now including me, we have seen black women having bad attitudes, showing a huge hatred towards black men, wearing weave in their hair trying to look like their arch nemesis known as the white woman, they fight in public, they fight another woman for a man’s love and affection who as the third women under the bed sheets, the live off the government, chasing after thugs like Street Mice, Cell Block Scrappy, Cheddar Street, Chopper Man Stoley, Long Cocky George and Fuck All Night Freed, raising children by themselves, making their black sons into criminals which is making them end up in jail or dead, being up their daughters because they are showing envy to them because their daughters are growing up to become beautiful women and the mothers are hitting the wall, there is a lot of things going on with black women.

As black men see black women now, are black women are datable women? There are some black men will say no because of the dysfunctional behaviour and the wretchedness some black women are displaying and they are not afraid to show it in front of everyone. As black men look at black men acting abnormal, they will look at this and say “No thank you!” and walk away from them. Are there good black women around? The good black woman is like a unicorn, you don’t see one often. The good black woman is like a rare sports car. It looks great, engine sounds great, it’s fast, handles well when it turns into the corners, the interior looks great and it has leather seats but the car is made in very small numbers.

As some black women are showing there ratchet behaviour and having no fear of showing it, some black men decides to be in relationships or marry non black women. But as black women see black men with women from other races, they will call them all sort of nonsense like coon, nigger, house nigger or sell out. But when a black woman is with a non black man, she will not get the verbal garbage like what a black man get when he’s with a non black woman. However, when a black women goes and date a non black man, she will get the lowest type of non black dude and it’s mostly a white guy who is a bottom of the barrel type. Not Nice Guy Nick, a well dressed white guy who makes £100,000 per annual, drives a Mercedes Benz S500Le and has a house in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire.

As thinking black men are talking about the ratchetness of these ghetto scraggle daggles, there are simps who are lined up ready to defend these ghetto harridans that they love and honour. They are sent by the scargglies to be their enforcers and attack black men who talk about these ghetto ratchet queens. As these simps go back and forth with the free thinking black men and SYSBM as well, these scraggle daggles will open their legs to the thugs that they lust after. As these simps retreat with defeat from the war with thinking black men, they see their scraggle daggles getting pressed on the bed by Knife Man Priest, Machete Man Briggy, Colt Five Rounds, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta.

In America, 72 per cent of black women are not married and around 24 pent of black women are wives. The reason why over 70 per cent of black women are not married is not because it it’s not hard of them to look for a man, oh no, no. It’s because that they are not wife material. And as everyone saw black women celebrated the death of Kevin Samuels, it seems like that number is goanna go to 80 per cent. In Britain, over 60 per cent of black men are with non black women. The interracial relationship rate in the UK is so high because black men in Britain have seen the dysfunctional behaviour amongst black women for a very long time. So they walk away from black woman and date out. But you would say “But Money Cultural, what about the African women and the Caribbean women. What about dating them instead of dating black women from this Britain and in America?” Well, it might be the same with the weave, single mothers, chasing worthless men and so on. But I don’t mind if a black man want to go on that direction.

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You might ask me the question are black women worth dating? Well, it will be very, very hard to get that ultra rare sports car known as the good black woman.

black woman crossed

Guess what I found out today. I found out that Skeleton remains was discovered at Lodge Building in Morant Bay, St Thomas, Jamaica. My mum watch the news report today. The workers was taking down the building found three people skeletons in coffins! Or four I heard!

One Jamaican man wearing the Puma hat said that St Thomas, what is going on. People don’t know. I don’t know neither. I don’t know what’s going down in that St Tommy. I haven’t been to Jamaica for ten years. And the building is close to the police station as well.

And there was one homeless man said he will not visit the property again. I don’t blame him after what they found in that building.


They Are Celebrating His Death. For Shame

kevin samuals in suit

We all heard that the well known YouTuber, image consultant and relationship guru Kevin Samuels had suddenly died on Thursdays aged 56. Everyone on Youtube were paying tributes to the man. However, not everyone is paying tribute to Kev. To be honest, there are some jackass people are celebrating the man’s death. And you know who it is? Yep, it’s these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles who are average at best right down to the simps that they don’t wanna be with. Hope everyone is doing well. I’m here with another one of these scraggle daggles and the simps who are in celebration of this man’s death. Lord help us!

This will be unforgettable, real talk!

As I see the ghetto ratchet black women and these simps who are their enforcers celebrating the death of Kevin Samuels, it really goes to show not only how society is now but how some black people really are as a people. The reason why they are celebrating the death of Kevin Samuels is because of his has delivery when he was talking to women who are at average at best that was a high value man and most of the time it black women that calls in on his live streams. Some men do call in but most of the time, it’s black women.

kevin samels and chick

fucking a fat bitch

How did he die? I heard that he died for a cardiac arrest. Some say that he died from a heart attack or he might of token the vaccine which might made him have the heart attack because he looked like he was in good health. I heard that he was with a woman named Ortencia Alcantara who is a 32 year old registered nurse in Atlanta, Georgia. I saw the pictures of her I was thinking she was a cute one. One cute bunny with them them thick brown thighs. I heard the rumours that he died on top of her. Guy, I don’t know if it’s true or not but all I know that he didn’t die alone. I thought that his death was a hoax but then on Friday morning, I went on YouTube and I found out that his death was actually true. I was sad that the man died but the thing that really upset me is when these ghetto gagging scraggle daggles and these simps are celebrating the man’s death. It really goes to show how low these simps and these scraggle daggles are and they are proving it right here.

the girl kevin samuels with

She ain’t bad at all. Matter of fact, she a cute brown bunny!

When the basket ball legend Kobe Bryant died in that helicopter crash in 2020 and his daughter died with him, the ghetto ratchet hoodrats with weave in their hair trying to look like they arch enemy the white woman was celebrating the man’s death. Why? Because he was married to a Latin woman and the man’s money is going to her and the children. And these scraggle daggles feels like his money should go to the so called black community. David Carroll who died, I’m not surprised that they celebrated when he died. And now, they are celebrating the death of this man all because he had an opinion of the harridans bad behaviour.

And these simps who are celebrating the death of this man with the scragglies, these ratchet heifers really don’t want them. They need them as henchmen to come after thinking black men when they talk about the ghetto ratchet hoodrats behaviour but when it comes to love, relationships and marriage, these scraggle daggles are not interested in them. They want the ruff neck dudes like Chopper Man Stoley, Machete Man Briggy, Rum Head Frasier, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta. These will probably think that these harlots will open their legs to them while they are celebrating Kevin Samuels’s death. Not a fucking chance, star!

As I see these black women celebrating the death of Kevin Samuels, it really goes to show that black women don’t care about black men. And you guys must be wondering “Yo Money C, what about thug man them? Do they care about black men who are thuggish, blud?” Well, that’s the men they prefer like Street Mice, Rizla P, Cell Block Scrappy, Corner Boy Ronney, Big Dick Rodney and Fuck All Night Freed. But most of the time, these scraggle daggles don’t care about black men. And they don’t care about the simps, captain save a hoes, ghetto soy boys, black cucks and the oil of olay men.

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kevin in suit 2

Rest In Peace Kevin Samuels!

Oh, one more thing. Actor Dennis Waterman died yesterday aged 74. The actor from Clapham, South London starred in TV shows like New Tricks, Minder and this, The Sweeney!

The opening was just hard!

Rest In Peace Dennis Waterman!


Amber Hurt

johnny deep

amber heard

It’s the middle of the year and this year, I have seen the war between Russian and Ukraine, Will Smith slapping Chris Rock in the face during the Oscars because Chris Rock said about Jada Pinkett Smith’s bald head, some simp with black nail varnish attack Dave Chappelle on stage in the Hollywood Bowl and now heard the news that YouTube Kevin Samuels has died. And you know what makes it worse that these ratchet black women are celebrating his death. Hope everyone is doing well. I’m here with another one. I thought that Kevin Samuels’s death was a hoax but it’s actually true. It was confirmed that the man has past away. And black women, they are doing the same things when basket ball legend Koke Bryant died. They are celebrating because Kobe was with a Latin woman. And his daughter died with him as well.

johnny deep and amber heard

We all heard about the news of Johnny Deep and Amber Heard getting a divorce. When the news came in that Amber Heard said was psychically abused by Johnny Deep, everyone went on an up raw. Everybody lost their minds until then they find out that she was the abusive one in the marriage. At first, I was wondering “Yo star! Why did he abuse the gyal? Women love this man like crazy!” He’s a great actor and an Oscar nominated actor also. On the news, I heard that his mother was abusive when he was a child. She was abusive to him, to his father and to his other siblings. So a person no matter if it’s a man or a woman who has been abused or seen abuse in their childhood, they may will end up in an abusive relationship or marriage.

You know men go through violence in relationships, especially in marriages. It’s not like women that go through domestic violence. I don’t know the percentage of men going through abusive relationships but I guarantee that men are going through it just like the women do. There are some women that have punched and kicked their man, especially in public. Them things do happen, even in broad daylight. Yo, there are some ladies that will fuck up their boyfriends or husbands in the street in front of people.

Have I ever been an abusive relationship before? Well, most of the exes are nothing but gold diggers that have narcissistic tendencies and play these mind games that will make a man go elsewhere and move on or cheat with the next woman. I know because I have done that before. But when it comes to psychically abuse, well not really. I was in a relationship with this biracial chick in the year 2000 and she was just using me financially, giving me a bad attitude, her beta male friend who has gay/homosexual characteristics, let me just move on. I have been emotional abuse but not the psychical part. And me and the woman didn’t ever had sex or kissed.

You guys must be asking me “Money C, have you ever seen physical abuse in your childhood?” Yes I have. I have seen my mum and dad fight numerous times. It was a Sunday and my parents were arguing. I was young at the time. Later on in the day, they were still arguing. They he starts to strangled her on the banister upstairs. I didn’t know what the argument was about because I was a kid that time. I don’t know what they were arguing about. She kick his ass on a occasional basic. Right, my mum and my dad has an argument on weekend. This one was in the mid 1990’s. My dad pushes my mum so the woman took the baby pram and hit him with it. My mum told me this when I was a teenager and she told my sisters as well. You could of saw the pram. The woman fuck up the prom. And one of the back wheel was loose.

I hope that Johnny Deep and Amber Heard get the help they need. It was really sad that they broke up but when you in a dangerous relationship, you have to end it and leave that person behind. You’re not goanna take that shit for the person you love who is laying hands on you. Look, these narcissistic people will push your buttons. I know people. I have dealt with them for many years and some of them are my exes. When these people especially the ones you love from family members right down to the man or the woman you love that has these bad mind tendencies, you got to let them go.

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Men go through abuse relationships. And in marriages too!


This Has To Stop Now


Hope everyone is doing well. Money Cultural ain’t! I swear to God guys and the ladies too. There are so many beta males around, especially in Britain. I have never seen so many beta males in my life. I’m now experiencing it especially outside YouTube. There was this Indian guy who looked at my mum’s toilet which was leaking on Saturday right and he sorted it out. he just screw the tap to make it stop dripping water. Then my mum received a text from the guy and he texted that she should pay him £55. I was thinking what? I started to wonder why he texting is my mum £55 for looking at a toilet. My mum was upset but she said that she’ll give him the money but never call this guy ever again because it seems like he’s conning my mum.

Yesterday, I was at home watching a video on YouTube on my Amazon Fire tablet. I heard the door knock so I went to the door. I look through the door and it was the Indian beta male of Luton standing outside the house. I didn’t answer the door because he’s trying to get money to look at something. my mum told me not to open the door because he just a thieving con. He knocks the door around three times and ringing the doorbell. Guess what the fucking bastard did. He went to the side of the house and turn off the electricity and gas. He broke the door of the electric meter as well. Man, I went mad like a motherfucker people. I called my mum and she said that she coming over with her husband. My mum and her husband came later on up at Luton, pissed off! We go the electricity working. He just drawed out the socket and turn the screw of the gas. The electric and the gas is on.

Today people, the fool knock the door. My mum’s husband open the door and he ask the man why is he here? The beta male was recording shit on his phone. My mum comes out of the house and I come out of the house as well. He said that he was goanna call the police and I took out my phone and call the cops quicker then a blink of an eye. Even though black men have issues with cops but this is one issue that need to resolve. So he went into his electric car and driven off. Guys, I really had enough of Luton now. I really do. I might as well move back to North West London. If not, then I’ll move to South London, North London, East London or Borehamwood.

Here’s his card. What’s Yash short for? Yasmine!?


beta male 2

Right, here this now. This beta male behaviour has to stop and it needs to stop now. I really had enough of this behaviour that these beta males are portraying in front of everyone’s face including mine as well, blud. We have tones of beta males on YouTube and simps as well that I have to light up. I don’t have time to lose my temper to any beta male and knock him the fuck out, you get me? The beta male don’t want no fire from Money Cultural. This Negro have time for no beta shit.

There are some men don’t know how to control their emotions. They just so damn emotional. When I’m walking down the street, I show nothing. I show nothing but coldness when I walk down the street, no matter what location I’m in. These types of men are letting their wives and girlfriends dominate the relationship. And as they do, the women got their side dude and have them between their legs. These women don’t want the beta male. They want a man is errr — I don’t wanna say manly side but they want a Chad and Tyrone type dude. Women hate beta males, especially the ones that are rich. And when they see a beta male with money, they will use him financially.

I’m no alpha male but there is no way that I wanna be on that beta male thing. Why men in this country love being the beta male so much? Where is this mentality coming from? When I see a beta male, I walk away from the fool because he will cause nothing but problems and this fool is one of them. I don’t know if this beta male behaviour is goanna stop but I stay away from them. I don’t know what’s going on these dudes nowadays people. And you know the man that messed around with the electric and the gas meter? My mum told me that she smell alcohol in his breath. So that means that this fool has an alcohol problem and he’s driving too.

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I want you views on this one. My God! I’ll leaving the area. I’m done with this place now!

And also, I heard that the comedian Dave Chappelle was attacked on stage. The guy tackle him like some Rugby player. Oh boy!

Here’s Chris Rock at the end though, LOL!


Do Black Men Hate One Another?


Speakers Corner in Hyde Park.

Yesterday I went Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, London. Trust me guys, it was really interesting. I had a time of my life. I saw disagreements, arguments, even aggressiveness. And I recorded it as well on I put it on my YouTube channel. Things did calm down though later in the day but it was so fun though. It was the best Sunday ever! But I hope everyone enjoying their bank Holiday Monday. I’m starting to enjoy bank holidays now. Don’t know why! It was my mum’s 69th birthday on Saturday. They say that I take after her. Well, that’s true. Both stubborn, don’t listen, hate compromising, don’t care, yep, I’m all her. And both of us, we suffering in silence!

Do black men have hate each other? Well, let’s see. When you see black men, what do you see really? We see black men robbing each other, stealing from the each other, even killing each other. It’s really upsetting that these emotional black men are doing this which making them look weak. And this has been happening for years. You may think that this bullshit will be over and done with but to be honest, things like this is happening. I have seen black men doing some dumb shit to each other. And let’s not forget the crabs in the barrel mentality they have towards each other.

So do black men hate towards each other? The simple answer is yes! They do have an hatred towards each other. The hate black men have towards one another is just bitter football rivalry like Glasgow Rangers and Celtic in the Old Firm Derby. And I bet you some simple minded guy say that “No, that is not true! Money Cultural what they fuck you talking about? You’re talking breeze, man!” Go look at the crabs in the barrel mentality black men have towards each other.  Black men don’t wanna support each other. Some black men hate that shit but they don’t mind bring another black man down.

So you must be thinking “Yo Money C, where the hate is coming from? Is it from the white man?” No! No! “Is it from the religion, blud!?” No! “Do they get from their fathers” No! “Do they get from their mothers?” Stop right there! The reason why they have this hateful side to other black men is because that they got it from their mothers who are bitter filled feminists. When some black women took up the feminist ideology, they turn their back on black men. And that’s when they show their hateful side towards black men. And when black men see their mothers hate towards black men when they were young children, the hatred manifested in them until they grow up to be adults.

When you see a hateful black man, it’s always a simp, obviously. But you will say there are black men have a hatred towards black women! There are black men that have hatred towards black women. Why do they have this uncontrollable hatred towards black women? There are some black men that have been hurt by black women. There are some black men that have got their heart broken. And also, there as some black men that have mother issues. They had problems with their mother since childhood and they have problems dealing with that hurt in their heart, you get me? You got to symphonize with them. Everyone been hurt. Even I’ve been hurt before.

Black men who have a hatred for the next black men have feminine characteristics. Oh yes they do. They have got it from their mothers who have a deep hatred towards black men with their feminist ways. 80 per cent of black women have a hate for black men, but which black man they hating on? The good black men or the thuggish black men that will get them horny like 357 Jimmy, Chopper Man Stoley, Fuck All Night Freed, Weed Make Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta? That’s the question that will make you start thinking. They need to look at their insecure self and start to think what’s his problem. Black man has issues with other black men because they inherited the hatred from their mothers who raised them by themselves and living off the system.

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There is nothing much to say about black men, really!


Jamaican Women At It Again

jamaican women fighting

You know what they are fighting for right!?

My mum was talking to one of her relatives in St Thomas, Jamaica. I heard that my older cousin who is a married is dealing with not one, not two but three women. And you know something else ladies and gentlemen? The three women are fighting for the guy. Yeah, they’re fighting for a man that is married with children. And you know what else? Jesus Hail Christ on crutches, one of the Jamaican scraggle daggle dungle smashed his car windows. It seems like the Jamaican scraggly smashed all of the car windows. Mum start cruising, I just shake my head — I hope everyone is doing well. Money Cultural here back with one stupid one to bombard! Mi nah know what’s wrong with them gyal you know. Fighting for a dude that is not only married but he has the fourth woman on his radar and ready to press it between the bed sheets.

See fatty fighting the browning!

No man is not worth fighting for. Tell that to a scraggle daggle especially one from Jamaica and you sees her in a vicious cat fight with another woman for a man’s love and affection. These type of situations happen numerous times with black women especially in Jamaica. There are YouTube videos of Jamaican women fighting for a man that has another woman and he’s ready to drill it down on the mattress. We have never seen these harridans brawling for a good man or the nice guy and you’ll never see them fighting for a simp as they are hated by these women. They will go into a street battle for a man that really doesn’t want to be with them. And no matter how much he doesn’t want them, these women are still goanna fight for this man. These women are not bright in the head.

Jamaican are one of most the finest women on the planet even though they are ratchet like my family members. If they are that good looking women (Some of them) then why they fighting for some worthless dude? Oh bomba claat, I answered myself that question. These women do show love and desire to the worthless man more then the man who has a job, self employed and so on. These scraggle daggles don’t wannna be with a good man. They want a hopeless guy that they crave for on a daily basis. And if you think that they will fight for a simp, then you have been mistaken. These simps are not wanted at all. I have been saying that for a long time now. And you now what else? The reason why they are fighting for him is because the slamming is good. In other words “The sex is good”. If the man is killing the punany or munching it good, she’ll come back for more.

My cousin breed off one side chick in 2014. Just don’t ask me why! And when I was in Jamaica in 2006 when one of my sisters was getting married, he told me that he breed off one 57 year old woman. Guys, I shit you not. He told me that breed up the 57 year old after he nutted in her! You guys must be thinking “What about the wife? How does she feel about this?” When my sister talk about my cousin mischievous antics, the browning starts crying. The fuck she expect? You think the men of the Bailey family are all saints? She’s really having a laugh. If a woman sees a man from the Bailey bloodline and he ask her hand in marriage, she will hesitate and say no. Even though most the Bailey don’t get married. They just like me, blud. Them Negros don’t wanna get tied down. But one is married to a white woman in America and that is my mum’s young brother.

Right, the three stupid scraggles that are fighting for my cousin. Do you think that my cousin want them? No because he’s married to a brown skin chick. He’s just trying to get his knob wet with punany juice. That’s what it is. The man don’t want them for a relationship or a romantic thing. So I really don’t know why they are fighting for a taken man. We all know about men fighting for a woman. One will end up doing a prison sentence, the other man will end up in a human freezer known as the morgue and the woman has the next man between her thighs. You must be thinking that “Money C, he breed two woman outside the marriage and one of the woman was 57. Does he think of child support?” You know something, that’s what I was thinking about. Do these men afraid of child support? Don’t they forget that this child support thing is really terrifying?

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If my cousin ever get one of them pregnant, oh frigg!


Inherited From Their Mothers



There is an article and it’s about children that inherited the IQ’s from their mothers. A female scientist said that the mothers are carrying IQ’s so that’s where the children getting them genes from. It was really interesting because I wanna know why one person is smart and the other one is just a dumbo. But I hope everyone is doing well. This is something that I really wanna talk about for a long time. I know you guys heard about the four people getting stabbed to death at Bermondsey, South East London on Monday. One man got arrested and charged for them four murders. I really like to know why did he stab up four people in South East London?

Mad Bus Driver X talked about on 16:20. Good live stream as well.

You guys must be wondering “Yo Money Cultural, what do you mean but IQ heritage blud? What is this ting about, star?” Right, YouTube and founder of SYSBM Mad Bus Driver X did a live stream called Can A ABW (Black American Woman) Be A Good Stargate.  He said on the live stream that the IQ’s come from the mothers. And he also said that the reason why the so called black community is stuck and not progressing is because of the women are passing down the bad decisions, the ignorance, low IQ and so on. So, when a scraggle daggle has a child, she is passing on the low IQ to the child whatever if it’s a boy or a girl.

I’m just thinking, just thinking. If a woman has a child with a man who is intelligent, small, talented, genius type dude, then the IQ level of the child will probably go up. It will go n on genius level. However if a woman has a child with a good for nothing peasant, then the IQ level will drop, you get me? It will lower. When a scraggle daggle is goanna have a child with some worthless dude, she should know that this Neanderthal is a hopeless dude that can’t do nothing, won’t do nothing. have seven children with seven different women but still have a child with the man. But you guys will say that there are some children that have dumb ass mothers are intelligent. Yes, that is true but it’s a very small number.

black baby

Yo Money Cultural, I have high the IQ ting, blud!

YouTuber Tommy Sotomayor talked about it before about black people having low IQ’s. He talked about black people being ignorant, ratchet, not progressing, etc. And as I look the so called black community, I’m think that Tommy is right. Black people do some very dumb fuckrey and they pay the price for it. You guys must be saying to me “What about the black people in your neck of the woods North West London. There is some shit happening in your ends!” Yes, off course. Even though it’s a multi cultural area there are some dumb Negroes are doing dumb shit. And some other black people are getting pissed off with them. That’s why some of them have moved out of the area to South London, Watford or Luton.

Can a person who as a low IQ be raised in a two parent home? Oh yeah! If the father is not smart, weak minded or an ice cream whip father which is a soft father towards their children, then the child will be dunce individual. I’m not an intelligent person but you get my drift though. You may think that the two parent home is all fine and dandy. Not all the time people. You can have someone who is from a two parent home and still be an ignorant, ratchet person that will cause problems for everybody. And when you see these ratchet black women, you must be thinking “What is the IQ of these hoodrats?” The simps are the same as well.

I have seen some dumb things in the so called black community over the years and the the stupid behaviour is still continuing. When I see a black person doing some stupid shit, I have to shake my head and ask the fool why he or she is doing that nonsense. Some black people say that white people do some dumb shit as well. Yes, I know. I have seen white people do some non intelligent crap but my people though! I do have high hopes for black people but the thing is that there are some note so smart black people who are messing things up for them. And that is the type of people guys like me talk about.

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dumb black people

You wonder why there is so much nonsense in the so called black community, look how many dumb people there! I might talk about this again.

IQ kid

Little girl saying “Black people, please stop!”