SYSBM UK VS Black British Simps

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eat simp

We all know that there are a huge number of simps in the United States of America. We have the notorious stalker Bareback Fountain, Dr Foolmar Johnson, Shawn James, Simp Boogie Productions, Monty Woodgrain, Derrick Jaxn, Pastor Papi Don, Tariq Nasheed, Bone “Bum” Picker, Clifton Rainey, Tyrone Thompson, Nutward TV, True Semen, Canadian Zone, Ask Nathanial which now call himself The Billionaire Mindset (should change it to simponaire midset), Bother Polight, the names are endless with the simp super league. But what about in the Britain? Is the simping goanna grow in Britain? But hope is everyone coping with the cold in Britain and America as well, so wrap up tight when you walking outside.

The introduction of simp!

In Britain, I heard that 60 per cent of black men are with non black women. It was 55 per cent before but that has gone up by 60, so it’s now gone higher. You must be wondering “60 per cent? Yo, why is it so high blud?” Well, the reason why black men are with non black women in high numbers is because black men have seen the ratchet behaviour with black women for a very long time, so to them it was like “Fuck this” and just abandon ship and let the ship sink down to the ocean. In America, black men with non black women is actually less but that can go up when black American men she the ratchetness of black women.

There is a simpish dudes in the UK and I know. (Not personally, hell with that!) His name is There’s More Hate For Tommy. He’s a muscle bond stalker from Birmingham, West Midlands, England who trolls YouTuber Tommy Sotomayor. There is one video Tommy show everyone on YouTube of this British simp showing his pierced nipples saying “You seeing my nipples Tommy? You seeing my nipples? This fruity shit people but anyway! As black men who are non black women in the UK, there are black British simps coming after them. Why is that? Because these black men who are SYSBM will not be in a relationship with these ghetto ratchet hoodrats these simps love and obey.

There are not a lot of simps in Britain, because that if a black British simp comes after SYSBM just to get sexual attention from these ghetto hoodrats, then SYSBM will light up his ass up big time. They will defend themselves against these simps who will come after them. SYSBM will tear these simpish dudes apart without thinking. The ghetto scraggle daggles will come after SYSBM as well for not dating them and when SYSBM will give them nothing but logic about the hoodrats behaviour, then lose their minds and go crazy. And that’s when they bring the simps in telling them to defend these scragglies.

It seems like the scarggle daggle ghetto hoodrats are just sacrificing these simps to get them slaughtered because they don’t wanna be with a simps. They want the thug like Cell Block Scrappy, 50 Calibre Gilly, Street Mice, Cheddar Street, Machete Man Briggy, Street Boy Ratty and Fuck All Night Freed. The simps should know that these ghetto hoodrats don’t even like them like that. These harridans don’t even care about these simps let alone love them. They like what the simps do and that is defending them but they don’t give them love and affection.

In America, there are tones of simps who are defending these ghetto harridans when thinking black men talk about the ratchetness amongst these scraggs. And they get burned for it when they catch their daggles in bed with Knife Man Priest, Ruff Cut Larry, Thick Dick Tyrone, Rum Smuggler Don, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta. They should know what will happen if they defend these women who are nothing but ratchet. These scraggly daggly women rather open their legs to the thugs or bad boys then the simps who are willing to defend them. And that will be very costly for the simps and the captain save a hoes.

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Simping may not be on the rise but SYSBM UK will be ready to bring in the thunder when these come after them.


You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

black women fighting 2

She’s dragging her by the hair. She’s pulling it like it some rope, damn!

Question. What do you see when you see ratchet black women? You will see them wearing weave trying to copy their arch enemy the white woman, being a single mother, raising children by her own, having an attitude, bleaching her skin, twerking on the internet for free, they curse like sailors, they pray to a white supremist every Sunday and calling him their husband, they put down black men, they feminise their sons when they are young, they twerking in public, they fight another black woman for a man that has another woman in bed, walking down the street naked, they chase after bad boys, worthless men, hopeless men and unproductive men, it’s sees like the list is endless. And there are some simps that saying that this is not true. Yo star, you can make this up. But hoping everyone is doing well. I’m here with another one.

black women fighting 3

The two ghetto chicks ready to trade blows to each other.

You can’t make this stuff. This ain’t no movie, television show, play, novel, radio play and so on. This is real what thinking black men are talking about. But the simps that are defending these ghetto ratchet hoodrats say that this is not true of what thinking black men are saying. I like to know have these simpish dudes watched anything on YouTube with black women fighting for a man that has another woman that he’s pressing under the bedsheets. The evidence is there with ratchet black women who are acting like a fool and these simps, captain save a hoes, black cucks, ghetto soy boys and oil of olay men saying that black men are lying.

Thinking black men talk about the ratchet black women because they see the dysfunctional behaviour with these scraggle daggles. And these simps are attacking them just to defend these ghetto ratchet black women. I see these simps doing this more often then ever. How can anybody defend this sort of behaviour? I was struggling to think why any dude would defend these harridans when they causing any kind of bad behaviour. If someone sees the ratchetness with these ghetto ratchet black women, then they feel like the things that thinking black men are saying about them is true. I see the madness with these ratchet hoodrats myself and I say “Oh God damn!”

One of the ghetto chicks isn’t wearing no knickers. Err, the Basic Instinct thing!

After watching this video, the Jamaican man is trying to stop these scraggle daggles fighting in the streets. All the other men are watching the world wrestling championship match. I understand that he trying to stop these women grappling on the pavement but if he tries to break them up, them two scragglies will end up fighting the man. People must be thinking why black men watch to women fighting in the street or mall and so on is because that they will get attacked by the two black women who were fighting each other. But as these simps see these ratchet black women fighting like this, they will get turned on by it. Me, I just watch them fight really.

All this madness people are seeing with the ratchet black woman is not made up at all. It’s all real. And off course that there are some guys will say not all black women are like this. Yep, that is true. I agree on that but the thing is that we have more and more black women acting like this. And these simps who are defending these ghetto ratchet black women will end up getting betrayed by these harlots as these scragglies don’t like these simps. They prefer the thugs like Rum Head Frasier, Machete Man Briggy, Knife Man Priest, 50 Calibre Gilly and Ruff Cut Larry.

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You really can’t make this stuff up!


Black Women Will Go For The Worse Type Of White Dude

below aveage white dude 5

Before we start yeah, I wanna talk about three thing.

First thing that on Sunday, a man and a woman was stabbed to death in Mayes Road in Wood Green, North London. A man who is 52 years old from Huntington, Cambridgeshire was arrested for the double murder. The thing is that what was the motive for the 52 year old man to make him to commit double 187? The two people the man stab up was the father and the daughter. And this happened on a Sunday Morning. Yes, on a Sunday frigging morning! My God, what’s the reason for him to do shit like this? Second of all, Singer Karol G falls down the steps on stage.

The singer from Columbia went down the steps during her performance in Miami. After she rolls down the steps, she got up and made a full recovery and continues performing. But she did get cut and bruises though. And for the Jewish people out there, all I wanna say is that I hope your having a Happy Hanukkah. And also, you can follow me as well. Don’t be afraid to follow this hood boy, straight outta North West London, star! Don’t take notice of the KKK with the black women Jew people on top of the article. I’m goanna explain anyway and SYSBM knows what I’m talking about. I’ve never dated a Jewish girl you know!

Contain sexual image

Right, you already know that I don’t mind that black women dating non black men. I don’t mind if she marries a non black man. If I see a black porn actress performing a scene with a non black man, it doesn’t bother me at all. However, when a black man is with a non black woman, the ratchet black women will come after him and verbally abuse him calling all sort of names like coon, nigger, house nigger, sell out, monkey and all sorts. But when a black women is with a non black man (mostly a white man which is fine), they don’t say a bloody thing. Have you ever heard a black woman or a group of black women says anything negative when a black woman is with a white man? I don’t hear it. But here this. When a black woman chooses a white man to date or start a relationship also even marriage, she will go for the worse type of white dude.

below aveage white dude 3

No, I’m not mad. Do your thing bro!

I see it all the time when a black woman is with a white man who is a Bottom Shelf Brad. You may not see her with Nice Guy Nick who works as a manager in the city making £110,000 a year, drives a Mercedes Benz S500e and has a house in Watford, Hertfordshire. She will go for the worse kind of white dude who has nothing to give. When a black woman sees a black man who has nothing, she will not give him a chance for a relationship. But when she sees a white guy who has nothing to give her and refuses too, she will give him a shot big time. Like I said, I don’t have an issue with black women dating out but when a black woman chooses a non black man, she will go for the worse type of guy, blud!

below aveage white dude 4

Ratchet black women loved Scandal.

Why is that black women will choose a white guy who is below average? Why will they choose a white guy that not even the average white woman don’t even want? The reason why that black women will choose the Bottom Shelf Brad is because they use to go for the thugs, the bad boy, the thuggish dudes like Corner Boy Ronney, Des The Drunk, Rum Smuggler Don, Machete Man Briggy, Street Man Ratty, Big Dick Rodney and Fuck All Night Freed when they were dating black men. That is the reason why they are choosing below average white men because they have dealt with black men who are not upstanding like the good black man that they never wanted in the first place. When they go into the world of interracial dating, they will go for Homo Nazi Vern, Small Dick Dave, Cuckold Jim, Beta Male Gary and Incest Boy Wayne who breed off his first cousin Sonia and have two children with defects.

It doesn’t matter what colour the person is when it comes to love and relationships but you got to have standards when you are looking for love. But when it comes to some black women, they will got for the worse type of dude from the thugs they deal with when it comes to black men roght down to the below average white men. They say that black men goes for fat white women when they go into a interracial relationship and that is true sometimes. Black men are with non black fat women which I don’t mind that thing at all, you get me? But when it comes to black women choosing a man when the venture out their race, they will go for the Bottom Shelf Brad type. But when that relationship is over between her and the below average white man, then she’s goes back to look for the good black man.

below aveage white dude 2

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The ratchet black women love Bottom Shelf Brad. And the thing is that Bottom Shelf Brad has more then one black women line up for him. He’s the biggest player in the black dating market!



If I Talk About Women To The Thugs

bad boys

Right, you must be wondering about the last article I did on Wednesday. You must be thinking “Money Cultural, this is a short ting blud, what is this short ting!?” Right, the reason why it was so short is this. Wednesday I went to Queens Park Station in North West London to meet someone. My mum who is in Jamaica called me to give some money to someone. I haven’t seen him for a while because I’m at Luton at the moment so I don’t see anyone up at North West, you get me people? And plus, I was tired as well so I couldn’t do much. But hope everyone is doing well still. Weekend is here now. People who had a busy week can put their foot up and just rest. Open a bottle of red wine and just chill right through Friday evening. Make sure it’s red label wine.

Alright guys, we all know that if a man does the nice guy thing, he will get played by the girl in a instant. If the girl sees a nice guy, she will do the narcissistic move and play games with him. I have seen it all the time. I see it every time to be honest. But when these girls are with these thugs, bad boys and so on, they don’t play them at all. They give him the love and affection to a thug while he’s having another women on the side or beating the holy shit out of his woman. I will never do the nice guy thing. Why? Because it’s not for me. I’m from Brent, North West London. Guys like us don’t do that shit. I’m a hood boy. I shouldn’t do these types of things. Fuck should I?

bad boys 4

But there is one thing I should have done in my late teens and my early 20’s. You see the thugs and the bad boys like Corner Boy Ronney, Machete Man, Briggy, Rum Smugger Don, Whiskey Baron Tony, Long Dick 44, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta who are the bad boys that get all the women, what would happen if I talk to them about women? Because if I did talk about women in my late teens or in my early and mid 20’s, then I wouldn’t have these issues with these chick that I was dealing with. I did told my sisters about these girls I was dealing with when I was young but if I did talk to the thuggish dudes that these women love, they will give me that special advice. They have all the answers.

You guys must be thinking “You can’t get advice from these fools. They have a whole leap of women all over the place. Dready Lock Sizzla just breed up one girl up at Stonebridge and he has a woman up at Neasden!” Yes, that is true, these thuggish, roguish men do have more then one woman but they will know when a girl is playing games with them. If you ask advice from a nice guy about women, he will say that you must give her roses, buy her a box of chocolates like Cadburys Milk Tray, opens the car door for her, give her money and all sorts of things that will make the women look at you as complete peasant. I was chatting up one girl to another in my early 20’s, especially when I’m in a relationship with narcissistic girls but some of them were gold diggers trying to use this hood negro and I was not having it. You can’t put a gold digger above you. Men, just do it.

bad boys 5

And she sees the box of chocolate she will be thinking “He will get nothing in return!”

In my early 20’s and so on, I was going around chirping up one girl to another. I was chirping up girls in college, in the street, on the road I use to live on, I was chatting up black women, white women, Jamaican women, West African women, even Somalian women. I was trying to be the mack daddy of North West London, you get me? I use to get off the bus just to talk to women when I see them walking down the street! It was a weekend in 2008. I was heading to Brixton and I was this black chick. She had that weave but she had a big ass, yo! So I came off the bus just to step to her. As I come off the bus, I was looking for her and I couldn’t find her.

I wish I did talk to the thugs about women when I was young because some of the did played games. But when I turn 30 years old, I started to see the brighter picture of things and I see it even more when I’m in my 40’s. The nice guy will get played. And he will get played over and over and over again until one day he will change and puts the away the nice guy persona because he becomes feed up with the girls taking him for a fool and hurting him. Nothing is wrong treating a girl good but the narcissistic woman will use the nice guy to get what she wants. I know the answers of why a girl will play games with a man especially when it comes to relationships. Because she is not interested in them.

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These thuggish dues do get the women more then the nice guy. The nice guy should know this by now. Or will he?


Did They Reject The Nice Guy

domestic violenece

This is just a short one. But hope everyone is doing well. Busy day, busy week for Money Cultural but what else is new? Nothing much, star.

Damn, he just took her out!

As I watch these day time talk shows, I see these wives and girlfriend that are in an abusive relationships with these men. I see it on the Maury show, Sally Jesse Raphael, Steve Wilkos and so on. As you look at these guys treating these women, you must be thinking that “These guys are bastards!” But there is one thing I like to say. Did these women reject the nice guys before? As I look at it, I’m not too sure. They might have rejected the nice guy because the nice guy is being too nice. The nice guy always get rejected most of the time and it happens very often. But when with these guys who beat their woman or control their women, that’s the men they will go for. Well, some of the woman. I’m not with this domestic violence bullshit and it is a very serious thing but I know that these women wouldn’t mind to have a man who will take them down with one hit or multiple hits.

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domestic violenece 2

I might talk about this next week.


Chickens Comes Home To Roast?

young dolph

On YouTube, S.A.T did a live stream of the death of the rapper Young Dolph. I watch it yesterday evening. There was a woman who called in and she said to him “You are a faggot ass nigga!” Good God people! And he just hangs up the phone on the ratchet broad. And I bet you that she was getting pipe down by the thugs and the worthless men like Machete Man Briggy, 50 Calibre Gilly, 357 Jimmy, Road Man Ratty and Street Biscuit. But I hope that everyone is doing fine. I’m goanna have another busy week but I’m here with another one. Black men are dropping like leaves when autumn hits, you get me? They’re getting shoot up left, right and centre and this rapper here is a huge example of it. And I heard that he was shot at 100 times? They got bullets to waste!

On 17th November 2021, my ex lovers birthday from Jamaica and I’m trying to stop thinking about this woman (And the other ex birthday was 15th November), rapper Young Dolph was gun down and died in Memphis, Tennessee. He was shot to death after he was buying cookies for his mother. Young Dolph was 36 years old when he died and left two children behind. S.A.T did a live stream Young Dolph TARGETED by Soulja Boy and Yo Gotti before getting (YOU MUST SEE THIS). When the audience call into the show, he asks the question is it alright not to feel bad for the rappers. And some of the callers didn’t bad at all because of the music he was bringing out which was negative.

Right, here’s the thing. Do I feel bad for this rapper who was murdered after he was buying cookies for his mum? To be honest, I do feel sorry for his children because they don’t have a father in their life now. That is now taken away from them. But the music he was making, it all about killing people, rapping people and it’s mostly killing and robbing black men. I don’t know if he was doing them things in the streets but the lyrics he was rapping about was about evil shit really I heard. So if was bringing that negative energy out, then it’s come back to bite him in from behind. Yeah, you reap what you sow!

I have never heard his music but S.A.T was talking to a caller on his show and he read the lyrics of one of his songs. And when he read it to the caller, I went “Come on man, the lyrics are violent. The negro is talking about bussin guns and shooting up dude bruv!” But you guys will say “Money C, look at the hip hop tunes from the 1990’s you listen blud! They were violent as well, star!” Yes, that is true. They hip hop songs of the 1990’s was violent but them rappers was telling a story. Look at Brenda Got A Baby from 2pac.

Just listen to the lyrics. It is so deep. And you wonder why he’s one of the greatest rappers of all time!

There are lot of rappers are getting slaughtered and he is the latest one. When I was thinking about his death, I was wondering at first, was he a blood sacrifice because if you want fame and fortune, you have to give up someone to get all the riches, another black men hating on him because he has made it as we see a lot of black men showing envy towards another black men when he becomes successful or did he die because off a girl he was having sex with who is the girlfriend of a bitter rival? Listen, black men are dying in a huge numbers because of these situations when it comes to punany. It’s not worth dying for but when it comes to black men, it’s nothing but the norm. There was on rival who was beefing with rapper Chief Keef end up dead because he pipe down his Cheif Keef’s mother.

Chickens come home to roast for Young Dolph because of the negative music he was making and the hens, they come home and ready to roast. I have a huge love for hip hop. The first rapper I listen to was MC Hammer and I was young that time. And let’s not forget Ice T as well with the classic tune New Jack Hustler for the New Jack City soundtrack. I prefer the rap of the 1990’s because they tell you as it is and this modern day rap is just not authentic really. I don’t listen to rap as before now but I will not hate the music that had that rebellion. And for Young Dolph, it is sad that a person to die but as you hear his music now, some of the people don’t feel bad for him. But at the end of the day, it’s death.

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And in other fuckrey people, 50 to 80 people looted at Nordstorm in Wulnut, California. Over 20 cars block the road because the looters looted the place and got away with goods which I really I don’t how much they cost.

My goodness!

Look like the belt is needed now, Christ almighty!

When I saw the video, I went good God, what the hell is this? 50 – 80 people looted the place and some people were assaulted I heard? The police have made two arrests and there is goanna be more coming up obviously. These kids are out of control and they really need the rass claat belt. They really need the frigging belt, my God. When I was young, I get the belt every single time. My mum have to get a new belt because the belt warn out because she use it on me so much. I was a bad fucker when I was young.

This takes me back!


A Taste Of His Own Medicine?

faith evans

You see guys, I’m a man that takes marriage life serious. I don’t mind having a wife, children, having a nice home with a white picket fence and three cars in the driveway. I don’t mind a woman cooking for me even though I can cook for myself. As I see marriage now, there are so many divorces lately especially with successful men. And when the divorce is final, they will lose everything. I think that is the reason why men are not getting married because when they get a divorce from their wives they will lose everything the work hard for. And also, I think that is the reason why a successful man will not get married. As I look at Stevie J with faith Evans cheating? Oh boy!

Legendary R&B songstress and my favourite singer of all time Faith Evans caught cheating in bed by music producer Stevie J. Stevie has recorded Faith cheating with another dude and confronted her. And he caught Faith cheating in his house. In his house? Oh, fuck! These situations happen a lot when a man finds his wife in bedroom with another man getting drilled out. It also happens to women as well. The video of Faith Evans getting caught cheating is now viral on social media and the guys on YouTube is talking about the leaked video of Faith getting caught cheating with another man. Here is the thing. Is Stevie J getting a taste of his own medicine?

What do I mean by that? Well, Stevie has been fucking around Mimi Faust, Joseline Hernandez and other women, in other words he had side pieces. And when Faith Evans started a relationship and marries Stevie J, Mimi Faust warned Faith about him. And Joseline warned her as well. Was these women wrong about Stevie J? No way. Because I heard that Faith Evans beat up Stevie J because she caught him cheating. These women love their bad boys and yes, I had my creeping ways but when it comes to marriage, I’m not doing the unfaithful shit, you get me? And now Stevie J finds Faith cheating with another dude in the house, he’s getting a taste of his own medicine. And it’s taste real bitter.

Stevie ask Faith Evans to marry him in the past but she turned down the proposal because she didn’t take him seriously because he was still texting Joseline asking her to marry him but the hot blooded Puerto Rican turned down his marriage proposal because she knows that he’s nothing but drama. And he text her the same day when he ask Faith Evans to marry him. When I look at this, it seems like he’s still loves that Puerto Rican but Joseline is keeping it moving and looking for someone else. She don’t wanna deal with Stevie J’s mess at all. She don’t wanna go back there again.

Look, Joseline is Puerto Rican. Do you know how feisty these Caribbean are if you cheat on them? Stevie should of known that.

Stevie J is now filing a divorce on Faith Evans for cheating. I understand that if someone cheats in a marriage, it’s over. There is damage there now but Stevie J can’t be upset if he was caught cheating in his marriage. As I see the video of Faith Evans and Stevie J, it looks like a toxic marriage. You know I have been through a toxic relationship before and that was in Autumn 2000. You guys be thinking that “Yo Money C, you have been in a toxic relationship blud?” Oh yes I have people. Being in a relationship with a narcissistic hoodrat who is for the roads is a damn nightmare. They say that Faith Evans is always like this. Well, we hear about the rumours about Faith Evans having sex with 2pac. And that rumour is been around for years.

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faith evans 2

I hear rumours that they are goanna reconcile. I don’t know if it’s true or not but hey, if they want to sort things out then let them.


Beating Down The Baby Father


This is Money Cultural, straight of North West London. I hope everybody is cool man! I know that being in a relationship with a woman with children is very detrimental to any man who has no children, especially to a black man who is childless. Why? Because that when a man starts a relationship with a woman that has children, that means that he will take care of children which is not his, spending money, a lot of money and the result of that, she’ll cheat on you with another dude and that has happened so many times in many cases and having a fight with the baby father. Right, I have never talk about a man fighting the baby father. I have talked about the ratchetness of black women and these simps but not this though.

Alright, You are in the relationship with a woman that has children, it doesn’t matter how many she has. The loving is good, the sex is out of this world, everything is perfect. Then her baby daddy comes along and challenges you which is stupid when you think about it. The man is beefing with you and you don’t have the time for this fool who is not taking care of his children. The more the baby father is coming at you, the more you are getting well agitated. Then a fight breaks out with you and the baby father. One dude says “Oh shit, they’re fighting!” Everyone his watching the boxing match in the street. Then you beat the hell out of the guy. I mean you fuck this fool up. You kick his ass all over the street. One guy says “Yo see that shit yo?”

You must be wondering “You blud? Why the baby father is fighting the dude, star?” You see, I think that the baby father is in pure envy with the guy who is with his baby mother and the man is still in love with the baby mother. Yes, he’s upset that another man is taking care of his children which is a very bad idea but the love and affection of the baby father is still there for her. It’s bad enough for a man not taking care of another man’s child of children as everyone has seen this in the black culture but it’s not a great idea for a man fighting another man for a woman. Look, I have seen this shit so many times. When two men fighting for the love and affection for another woman, one will end up dead, the other will end up doing a prison sentence and the woman will get dick down by another dude.

If the baby mother is in a violent relationship and she is getting abused by the boyfriend, then the baby father can step in. Because you don’t want your kids to see that. Domestic violence is a serious thing but your goanna end up getting beat down by the baby mother’s boyfriend because he’s with her, it’s a no, no. If the baby father still loves her, then that’s fine. He can’t control the feelings he has for her. I really, really understand that but the baby father is taking a huge risk of getting his ass beaten by her new love of her life. You can’t throw punches to another guy for a woman that has moved on with her life. It’s not worth fighting for. And when a man is fighting the baby father’s boyfriend, she’s now goanna look at the man thinking “Man’s a fucking eediat!”

This is too the men out there who has children. When you break up with your baby mother, the best thing you can do is just to move on and find someone else. I understand that it hurts when you break up with someone which can be devastating but at the end of the day, you have to let go and go on your way. Just be there for the child or children you have from her. Take care of them financially and emotionally and well. And for the childless men out there especially black men that don’t have children. You can’t be with a woman with children because of situations like this. You don’t wanna leave the baby father’s face mass up, bruk up, frigg up, fuck up!

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It’s not worth it fighting another man who is with your baby mother!

black men fghting


The Song Of The Year

smoking out the window 2

smoking out the window

This is song of the year; I guarantee that people. Bruno Mars has now got legendary status now for this instant classic which he has anyway. When I heard this song last night on YouTube, when I listen to the lyrics of the song, I was like “Ah yeah.” But it’s a new week. Last week for me was very busy and I get a another busy schedule. Money Cultural need to rest some of the time however when you wanna rest yourself, you just wanna do something. Your brain just say go and you go off and do something, you know what I mean? So I’m bit of a restless person because I don’t get any rest at all. But I’ll get some long rest when everything is finished. But hoping everyone is doing well anyways.

The 1970’s rhythm is just brilliant. Just brilliant. And the lyrics is something that some men can relate.

We had some songs about simping and being a captain save a hoe. We had E40’s classic hip hop tune Captain Save A Hoe and then we had another classic Don’t Save Het from Project Pat featuring Churchy Black. Russell Wilson should off listen to these two tunes. And now we have this tune which is now a big time classic. The song is called Smokin’ Out The Window By Bruno Mars, Anderson, Paak, Silk Sonic. When I saw the video last night, I heard the beginning of the song, Bruno sing “Must have spent 35, $45,000 up in Tiffany’s” and I said “You spend so much money in Tiff? Bomba claat!” then he sing “Got her bad ass kids runnin round my whole crib like it’s Chuck E Cheese” and I went “The bomba claat have two pickney!?” then I start scratching my head. Then he continues to sing that he had a fight with the baby father. He must off fuck up the baby father. Bruno fuck him up proper!

Then Anderson sing “This bitch got me payin her rent, payin for trips, diamonds on her neck, diamonds on her wrists.” Go look at the lyrics of the song. As I heard the lyrics of the song, it means he spent money on some broads that ain’t shit, has two rude kids, fuck up the baby father, put jewellery on her and got screwed over for the result of that. And when I heard at the end of the chorus they sing “Oh I thought that girl belonged to only me But I was wrong Cuz she belong to everybody, everybody.” And I said “Yep, she’s for the roadz blud!” when I heard this song from them, it remind me of the two hip hop songs from E40 and Project Pat.

There are a lot of simps songs like I Be Watching You from The Police, Invisible Man from 98 Degrees right down to Drake’s Marvin’s Room. There are song R&B songs with some simping in it and I’m a type of guy that listen to R&B songs of the 1990’s and still listens to them but there is no way that I’m goanna simp like what these singers sing in their songs. Hip Hop is the same thing. 2pac was sweet towards the women until he went to prison for a false allegation in 1994. And when he came out of prison which he didn’t spend time I prison, he was calling the women bitches and hoes.

Lil Kim’s first album Hardcore is celebrating its 25 anniversary, the big time gold diggers album. It’s something for the gold digging harridans. There are more songs for these gold digging trifling scraggle daggles out there. And then nine years later we had Kayne West’s Gold Digger featuring Jamie Foxx. And now we have this instant classic from Bruno Mars. As you hear the lyrics from Smokin’ Out The Window, the song will tell a childless man is not not to deal with a woman who is a money hungry single mother and has a baby father that you have to beat the living shit out off.

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Simping is really unnecessary!


It Smells Down There

cover nose

There so many things black men talk about when it comes to ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles. Yeah, the women that cause problems for everyone. Lets not forget the simps are well. Black men talk about the ratchet behaviour of the scraggles and these scraggs are not afraid to show their behaviour on display. And black men get attack by these harridans and their enforcers the simps because it nothing but truthful of what the thinking black men are saying. But there’s another thing that these harlots attack black men for and that’s when black men talk about their stinky vaginas. It’s the weekend now and hoping that everyone is doing well. I was busy dude all week, star! I need to rest people. But anyhow, you know the government say that you must wear you face mask? Well, you might too when it come smelly vaginas when it comes to this. Stinks down there, oh Lord!

Story time now. A little one! Containing sexual references.

It was evening time up at Gladstone Park, North West London. Two guys from Church Road named Jay and Darryl is with a ratchet girl Sheka. Three of them are walk down the big park. Jay feels horny and he wants to fuck Sheka red bad. So he tells her that he wants to fuck. She says O.K to Jay. So and Jay and Sheka went to the nearest tree. She places her back on the tree and lifts up her skirt. She draws her knickers down. He unzips his jeans and pins himself to her. Then, he says to her “How your pussy stink so?” Jay smells her vagina as he about to stick it in there. They he changes his mind and says. Mi na go fuck this. Nough’ man ram that, nough’ man whoop that, nough man fuck that,  nough’ man cum in that. He walks away all pissed off from Sheka’s smelly clit. As she about to put on her knickers, Darryl looks at her and gets horny. He pins her on the tree, sticks it in her smelly punany with no condom, fucks it on the tree and cums in her.

I have been hearing from black men that black women have smelly vaginas. And you mostly here it on the internet on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on. The ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles does a very poor hygine for instance look at the weave in their hair. When they take it off, you will see the dandruff in their hair and it smells molly, but this one here with the smelly pum pum, everyone is covering their nose quick time. If a woman has a smelly clit, then why can’t see wash that vagina of hers? Or go to the doctor and check out why her vagina smells bad? Right, if a woman has a smelly pums, then she is not taking care of herself.

fase mask

There are so many issues that black men talk about when it comes to the ratchet black women from black women wearing weaves, raising children by their own, skin bleaching, chasing thugs, fighting another black woman for some man who has a third woman, having a bad attitude, living off the system, not getting married, there are so many factors when it come to them, especially when it comes to how it smells between their legs. And when black men talk about how bad it smells when it comes to the black woman’s vagina, the scraggle daggles goes into complete rage. They probably goes into rage even more when black men talk about black women having smelly vaginas.

So why is the scraggle daggles having smelly vaginas? These hoodrats say that they are blaming black men because they are on the down low, they are spreading these sexual diseases all over the place and so on. Oh no, no, no! The reason why these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles have that bad odour between their legs is because it’s the men they are sleeping with. It’s not the good black man they are having sex with without condoms as they don’t like the good black man. They are sleeping with the thugs like Scruffy, Street Man Ratty, 50 Calibre Gilly, Machete Man Briggy, Des The Drunk, Colt Five Rounds, Dusty Dave and Fuck All Night Freed. They are having sex with the worse type of black men, raw. Not only that, they are having sex with the worse type of white dudes. They are giving the punany to Bottom Shelf Brad who is the biggest player in the black dating market.

There are some black men will not even think to have sex with a woman with a smelly vagina. But there are some thirsty dudes out there will ram out a smelly clit raw and really don’t care. These scragglies can’t be put themselves in rage when black men say about them having smelly vaginas in the so called black community because the information is coming out about with the scraggle daggles having down there in a bad odour. And these simps will defend their honour and come after thinking black men while these hoodrats don’t even want these simps that keep defending them on a regular basis. These simps want that contaminated cooch so much, but these ghetto ratchet hoodrats ain’t giving them the punany.

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This woman is not taking care of herself if she has a smelly vagina.

face mask 2

She must be thinking like “Her coochie, it stinks!”