She Want To Use And Abuse Him Financially

black gold digger 2

They will use a man for what he has. Gold diggers are one of the world’s most craftiest women!

You know when a woman says that she wants a man with money, well not only that. She will say that she wants a man that has money, a car, a house and so on. What does that mean? What does she mean by that? Because when you see these women especially black women, what can they offer? You see, we have more and more gold diggers nowadays also in the so called black community. And when a woman says that she wants a man with money, the man must be asking the question why is looking for man that has the wonga. I have the answer for this. The reason why a woman says this because that she is looking for a man that she can use and abuse financially. That’s it!

When a woman is using the man financially, she is conflicting damage to the man. She is actually hurting him financially and emotionally. So she is not loving the man, she is using the man for what he has in his pockets, you get me? Men are not being careful nowadays because they are simping for these women who are mediocre. It doesn’t matter if the woman looks good. It doesn’t matter if she has big breasts, wide hips, thick thighs, the ol’ ghetto body, she has a mediocre mindset. If a woman has her money, a house in Watford or Luton, has a Mercedes Benz E500 and a S600L, has a high paying job in Central London, she don’t need a man at all. She’s just an independent woman but a gold digging scraggly hoodrat will not only live off of the but she will use him relentlessly.

Listen here, I have seen so many gold digging scraggle daggles in North West London. Blood fire, trust me I have seen loads of them and I stay away from them blud, and I mean a whole leap. Some of the girl them will use the man and give him nothing in return like sex for instance however they will give it to someone else who don’t give two shits about them. And these women will play games with these money simps when they become generous to them and I know that these money simps get played fucking by these narcissistic hoodrats. If a man who has money and he’s with a mediocre gold digger, then she will not only play him but she will use him and won’t show any remorse of her actions.

These scarggle daggles are using the money simp but at the end of the day, they don’t the simp with money. They are just using him. They want the ruff and rugged types. They don’t want the simp that will give them the love boom i.e chocolates, roses, gifts, dinner for two and shit. No, no, no! They want a “Ruff neck nigah that could satisfy her, just for her.” She wants the 357 Jimmy, Ruff Neck Desmond, Pimp L, Rizla P, Trigger Man Kyle, Two Guns Carl and Pipe Them Down Wesley. She is using the money simp but she actually wants the worthless man, the hopeless man and the unproductive man.

Men especially black men need to beware of these good digging scraggs who are willing to use these men. And these simps are making these scarggle daggles use them because they are weak minded. These simps don’t have any kind of street knowledge of themselves. They should know what these scarggle daggles are up to, so I don’t know why these simps don’t know what’s going on or worse, what’s going down. These gold digging scraggs are plotting to get money from these men so men need to be on their guard of what is going on especially these the scragglies in the so called black community.


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