Gold Diggers Will Love The Bad Boy

nice guy

bad boy

black gold diggers

Storm Eunice was blowing all over the UK! Trees being blown down, trains being affected, airplanes trying to land safely and the rain didn’t make things better. I went outside today and the wind just blew like crazy and it’s February as well. But hoping everyone is safe with this storm frigging up Britain. This storm will go away; it’s not won’t last forever. I remember that big ass storm in 1989 when I was a mischievous kid in North West London. When I was at Leopold primary school, I was staring out of the window and the wind was just blowing like crazy, blud. I was like “Yo, this is mad!” But I hope that everyone is safe out there. The wind will eventually ease down.

In the so called black community, when a gold digger sees a nice guy or the man doing the nice guy thing, she will use him, manipulate him, play games with him and so on. I have seen it most of the time when black men get played by these gold digging scraggle daggles that will do anything to raid out a man’s pockets. However, when they see the thug, the worthless man, the hopeless man and the unproductive man, not only they will not use him but they will go weak in the knees and open their legs to them. They don’t want a good black man who has money but they will use him and then when they see a man who is thuggish, they’ll lose their minds.

When it comes to this, the nice guy never wins but the bad boy, the thuggish dude; they win by a long shot. They get the women all the fucking time and the nice guy will be empty handed. I have no issues of the nice guy whatsoever but a man especially a black man playing the nice guy thing, the women will play him and take him for an idiot. And the thugstas, they will not get played by these women. But a simp will say that “A woman will play games with a bad boy. They will play games with a thug.” Oh really El Simpo! I really like to see the simps compete with these thugs, bad boys, worthless dudes, wanted criminals, fugitives and so on.

A gold digging black woman really, really prefers the thug more then the good black man. There is not a problem with the good black men but there is a losing chance for him when it comes to dating black women. He will get a chance to get a black woman but later down the line because the woman may become a single mother with a whole of brats, get ram though by thugs, etc. And the man doesn’t want that shit, so he goes off and dates a non black woman. And also marry outside of his race and that will make the gold digging black woman mad with rage while she’s getting breed up by the thug that she is trying to change. One gyal try to change me you know in 2011. Money Cultural wasn’t having it blud!

When the gold digging starts especially with black women, that’s when the bad treatment come. The man is sleeping with another woman, maybe her friend or her family member. And that will completely crush her heart but that the consequences of using men financially, you get me? I have seen tones of women getting their hearts shattered because the man they’re treat them like shit and can’t feel sorry for them, you know what I mean? You may think it’s wrong to treat a woman like so but a woman will suffer when she manipulate a man when she’s using him for money. They will pay the harsh price when it comes to their gold digging ways.

When it comes to marriage, what will a gold digger bring? Nothing but chaos, mayhem and destruction. That is all. But when it comes to 357 Jimmy, Corner Boy Ronney, Street Mice, Cell Block Scrappy, Rum Head Frasier, Des The Drunk and Ruff Cut Larry, these gold diggers will go wild for these dudes. The nice guy, he may have to be like these thuggish dudes. He may have to change to get women like these bad guys are getting. The nice guy has to change and be the bad boy that these gold diggers love and adore. The nice guy will change over time when he’s has enough being the guy that is getting manipulated by women.

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She will use the nice guy financially but she will go weak on the knees for the thug!


The Song Of The Year

smoking out the window 2

smoking out the window

This is song of the year; I guarantee that people. Bruno Mars has now got legendary status now for this instant classic which he has anyway. When I heard this song last night on YouTube, when I listen to the lyrics of the song, I was like “Ah yeah.” But it’s a new week. Last week for me was very busy and I get a another busy schedule. Money Cultural need to rest some of the time however when you wanna rest yourself, you just wanna do something. Your brain just say go and you go off and do something, you know what I mean? So I’m bit of a restless person because I don’t get any rest at all. But I’ll get some long rest when everything is finished. But hoping everyone is doing well anyways.

The 1970’s rhythm is just brilliant. Just brilliant. And the lyrics is something that some men can relate.

We had some songs about simping and being a captain save a hoe. We had E40’s classic hip hop tune Captain Save A Hoe and then we had another classic Don’t Save Het from Project Pat featuring Churchy Black. Russell Wilson should off listen to these two tunes. And now we have this tune which is now a big time classic. The song is called Smokin’ Out The Window By Bruno Mars, Anderson, Paak, Silk Sonic. When I saw the video last night, I heard the beginning of the song, Bruno sing “Must have spent 35, $45,000 up in Tiffany’s” and I said “You spend so much money in Tiff? Bomba claat!” then he sing “Got her bad ass kids runnin round my whole crib like it’s Chuck E Cheese” and I went “The bomba claat have two pickney!?” then I start scratching my head. Then he continues to sing that he had a fight with the baby father. He must off fuck up the baby father. Bruno fuck him up proper!

Then Anderson sing “This bitch got me payin her rent, payin for trips, diamonds on her neck, diamonds on her wrists.” Go look at the lyrics of the song. As I heard the lyrics of the song, it means he spent money on some broads that ain’t shit, has two rude kids, fuck up the baby father, put jewellery on her and got screwed over for the result of that. And when I heard at the end of the chorus they sing “Oh I thought that girl belonged to only me But I was wrong Cuz she belong to everybody, everybody.” And I said “Yep, she’s for the roadz blud!” when I heard this song from them, it remind me of the two hip hop songs from E40 and Project Pat.

There are a lot of simps songs like I Be Watching You from The Police, Invisible Man from 98 Degrees right down to Drake’s Marvin’s Room. There are song R&B songs with some simping in it and I’m a type of guy that listen to R&B songs of the 1990’s and still listens to them but there is no way that I’m goanna simp like what these singers sing in their songs. Hip Hop is the same thing. 2pac was sweet towards the women until he went to prison for a false allegation in 1994. And when he came out of prison which he didn’t spend time I prison, he was calling the women bitches and hoes.

Lil Kim’s first album Hardcore is celebrating its 25 anniversary, the big time gold diggers album. It’s something for the gold digging harridans. There are more songs for these gold digging trifling scraggle daggles out there. And then nine years later we had Kayne West’s Gold Digger featuring Jamie Foxx. And now we have this instant classic from Bruno Mars. As you hear the lyrics from Smokin’ Out The Window, the song will tell a childless man is not not to deal with a woman who is a money hungry single mother and has a baby father that you have to beat the living shit out off.

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Simping is really unnecessary!


Jump Into The Gravy Bowl

gravy boat

gold digger and ferrari

You guys must be wondering “Yo, blud! Yo my guy, what do you mean by jump into the gravy boat blud!?” Well, we have more and more gold diggers around. Gold diggers on the left, gold diggers on the right. But there are some women say that there are some men that can be gold diggers too. Yes, I totally are with that there are men that are gold diggers but it’s not like women who are gold diggers, you get me? Men know how to manipulate a woman financially but not like a woman. But hope that everyone is doing fine still. Money C here with another one with the gold diggers diving in man’s pool of money. Lord help us!

I was watching the Sally Jessie Raphael show on YouTube and the show is called She Is Not My Grandmother, She’s My Lover. And the topic of the show talks about older women and older men falling in love with someone half their age and while their family members strongly against it. The first guests or couple where Donna who is 40 years old and Moses who is 20. His 71 year old grandmother, Ursula is against the relationship because he is too young for her. Granny Ursula feels that Donna too old for him and stopping him going to school, or collage. Ursula comes on stage and sits next to her grandson after she was dancing and she talks to Sally about the relationship between Donna and her grandson. And then, when Donna chat to Ursula about how she was being raised, Granny Ursula said to Donna “When my grandson left, you jump into the gravy boat you look at him!” When she said that I went “Say again granny?” So Sally asked Ursula what is the gravy boat? And Ursula explained to Sally “When she look at my grandson, she say ha! That is a sucker with money. Because she knows that she makes a pretty good money.” So that she feels that Donna is after him with the money. I’m not sure if she is after Moses for the money, but I’m not too sure.

Grandma Ursula gives her explanation of the gravy boat on 4:50

I don’t have a problem with a person who is in a relationship with someone who is half their age but when I heard the term jump into the gravy boat, I went “Ay cono!”

As a man who has experiences with gold diggers in my early 20’s, I was thinking that should I change it to the gravy bowl but then I decided not too because it’s a good term for a gold digger when she sees a man who has makes a lot of cream. Cream is another term of money if you don’t understand. But everyone knows about the gold digger’s strategy but there are some suckers out there that don’t know that there are money hungry stragglers who are hunting them down for their paper. I haven’t seen so many gold diggers in my life. I though that the gold digging days will be over but no, it still alive and kicking. And they are hunting these money men down like crazy and these suckers with don’t know that these gold diggers are not coming for their hearts.

When a gold digger is on the hunt for a man, she will not go for a man that doesn’t make much money. If a man make’s five to seven pounds an hour, he’s not goanna be on her radar. He will not be the chosen man for her. But when she sees a man that make six figures, she will gravitate to him because the man who makes one hundred thousand pounds a year has more money then the man who doesn’t make much. The gold digger will leave the man who makes less money to the side and be with the man who makes that six figure sum every year. But the thing is that the six figure man has more then one woman just like her and he sees her as a sex toy and throw her away like a piece of garbage when he’s finished with her. Now, I know that it’s not right to treat a woman in a disrespectful manner but these men will look at these gold diggers as whorish women that belong to the streets and that is the reason why these gold diggers get treated this way.

black gold diggers

In the so called black community, there are a lot of gold diggers around and some are single mothers and raising them by themselves. And most of the time, the get breed up by these bad boy black men. They get breed off by Street Man Ratty, Rum Smuggler Don, Whiskey Baron Tony, Six Shooter Derrick, Long Cock Bobby and Fuck All Night Freed. They ain’t goanna go for the simps like Swag Boy 360, Bareback Fountain, Shawn James, Dr Foolmar Johnson and Woke Poofgressive 2.0. When a scraggle daggle gold digger sees a man with money, she will try to exploit his weakness to use him. When she sees a simp, she will choose him as the final option for a relationship/marriage when the good black men says no to her but she will use the simps as her muscle, her henchman and her enforcer when SYSBM talk about her ratchetness. But when she sees the thugs like Corner Boy Ronney, Street Mice, Rizly Dizly and Thick Dick Tyrone, she feels that he’s the man beyond her wildest dreams.

These gold diggers will go into the man’s pockets, if he has money. Gold diggers are very cunning and extremely strategic when they hunting down for the man that has money. But at the end, they will end up with a broke man with no dough in his pocket. And the broke man will not do anything for her at all. He’s just goanna lay there on her sofa and try to live off her, you know what I mean? A gold digger most of the time will never get a man that has money or has a man that will take care of her. So when she looks into the gravy boat, there is no gravy in there. It’s just empty. To the men out there especially to the suckers. If a gold digger tries to jump into the gravy boat of yours, make sure the gravy is cold! They don’t wanna go in my gravy boat, they’ll get diabetes quick because that gravy I made is salty!

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Gracias, abuela. (Thank you grandma) I was goanna change it but I decide to leave it. This is a good term for it when a gold digger is coming for a man who has money. Jump into the gravy boat, not mine.


Child Support Nightmare

child support thing

We all have nightmares but none of them come true. However, when it comes to child support; it’s every man’s worse nightmare. And it’s a bigger nightmare for black men as they pay child support the most. And they end up going to jail the most when they’re behind their child support. But I hope everyone is done alright. The weather was baking hot this week in the UK. I have never seen weather this hot in Britain in my entire life but sun is not shining for the guys on child support every single month. Ain’t not sun shine when the money is gone. Good God!

Child support is a nightmare for men, mostly for black men. Its worse then any nightmare you ever dreamed off.  And these scraggle daggles, especially these gold diggers, they are using the child support to support their glamorous lifestyle. They use the child support money for themselves, not for the children and I have been saying that loads of times. There are men that are paying child support for more then one child. That will break the man’s pockets quick time. The man will have no money for himself. But his baby mother will have money because she will get child support from him.

We know that 90 per cent of black men are paying child support. And I know that there some black male celebrities are paying ten thousand, twenty thousand, even thirty thousand pound of child support every single month for 18 years or more. And some of these celebrities go broke because they own so much child support. One time, music producer Stevie J was arrested because he was behind his child support payments. It was around one million dollars. Yep, one mill! There are some black men that have gone to jail just because they were behind their child support.

When a simp goes on child support, he will goes and have another child. And guess what? He was to pay child support for that child as well. There are numerous simps that will be paying child support for the rest of their lives because they have more the one child. These simps will end up broke pocket dudes because they are paying child support for a life time as they have more they one child. If a man is on child support for one child, should he know the deadly consequences of having another child?

I think they do know the dangers of breeding off these scraggles but these dudes are thirsty and they will breed the wrong woman. And when these hoodrats puts the man on child support or more then one man on child support, she’s going on a shopping spree. She’ll get her nails done, hair done; get the most expensive bags, the nicest shoes, the nicest clothes, she will get everything. It’s a money grab for these ghetto hoodrats. That’s all what it is really. And these simps don’t even know that. Well, I don’t know if they do.

You what hurt the most? You know what really burn me the most is when a man finds out that child is not his while he’s paying child support. There are some men out there paying child support and they don’t know that they might not be the father of the child. And also, there are some simps that are taking care of another man’s child and when the relationship is over with him and the scragg, the scraggly woman will put him on child support and make him pay child support for a child that doesn’t has his DNA. Trust me, that fuckery does happen.

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Guys, you need to be careful. Just don’t be silly with your willy!


These Gold Diggers Won’t Cook, They Won’t Clean, They Won’t Do Anything


Hello, is it me you’re cooking for?/You must wash the chicken first/Then use all purpose seasoning/Don’t forget the potatoes too, go start peeling them/Go turn on the stove/And start cooking the white rice/Girl you must do that for me/Cook for me

You like me version? LOL!

I don’t need a woman that can cook for me and clean for me. I can do that myself. I was taught to do those things when I was young. But these gold diggers will not do that for a man. They are just there just to use the man if he has money. And she is willing and I mean willing to use the man. These gold diggers, they don’t wanna work. They don’t wanna have their own business. They just wanna pick a man’s pockets.

When you hear a gold digger say that they want a man that had money, drive a nice car, has his own house and to take care of me financially, what do they mean is that they want a man that who has those credentials just to use him and to manipulate him. And there are some simps that have money will fall for it. They are not being careful when they dealing with gold diggers. But here is the thing. What can a gold digger bring to the table? That is the question. Can she cook, can she clean, can she take care of the children, making it a happy home for a man? I know that gold diggers can’t make a man happy at all. She will make him miserable when she’s asking the man money, you get me?

But the thing is this. You see a gold digger, she will not cook for a man, she won’t clean for a man, she will not take care of the children, she won’t give him no clit when he wants to fuck, she is just for the man’s dough. What can a gold digger can do for a man? Nothing. And that is it really. And why a man is with a gold digger in the first place? Low standards maybe? Why have children with a gold digger? That is a very big mistake. If a man breaks up with a gold digger and he has kids with her, she will try to claim child support to get some money of the man and you know what makes it worse? She will get it, especially if she has more then one child with the man.

These gold diggers and nothing but dysfunctional women. Because they come from a family who has ratchet family members who are women mostly. And not only that, their mothers are gold diggers too and the mothers influence these women to be just like them. And when become adults, these women become just like their mothers. And a gold digger will steel from a man also. Listen here; I give £15 to my ex in 2003 so she can go Manchester. For years now, something doesn’t feel right about this at all. I explained in on my five part article Jamaican Pudding. Gold diggers are cunning and plus, they will cheat on their man with a guy who is mediocre as these gold diggers.

We have a huge amount of gold diggers in the so called black community. They will only go for a man that has something. But now, black men are turning the other cheek and dating non black women. Because they have seen so much dysfunction with black women nowadays. And the ghetto ratchet black women are being very salty when black men are with non black women. But the thing is that the ghetto ratchet black women don’t want the black men who are in these non black relationships or interracial marriage. They want the worthless black man that they desire the most.

If a gold digger is in a relationship with 357 Jimmy, Street Mice, Des The Drunk, Rum Head Frasier, Machete Man Briggy, Cell Block Scrappy and Fuck All Night Freed, they have to submit to them. Because if they don’t, they will get a hard back hand by these worthless dudes that they really wanna be with. They are just there to use the man who has money but when it comes to these hopeless black men, they go crazy for these worthless black men that they really, really want. They will have to cook, clean and wash clothes for the thugs that they are in a relationship with but if they don’t, the thugs will clap them down.

Gold diggers, listen to this jam from Blackstreet.

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To the gold diggers, stop picking the man’s pockets. Just go out there are work.


What Do They Men By She Wants A Birkin Bag


“I want you buy me a Birkin bag!” What does she means she wants a Birkin bag? What does she mean but that? You know, we have more and more gold diggers around. When a woman say that she’s independent and so on in the early 2000’s, I was like great. She can take care of herself but as I see more and more gold digging harlots now, it seems like it’s a myth. As a black man, I have so many black women who are gold diggers and they are not afraid to show their gold digging behaviour on display but then they ended up with a broke man. So why these scraggly daggly women say that they want a man that will but them a Birkin bag? I know. It means that they want a man to use and to manipulate.

Every man and women knows that these gold diggers who belong to the streets are using these men with money and basically don’t wannabe be with these men. These gold diggers really not love these men but they are using them financially. That is the reason why the men in Jamaica are killing off their wives and girlfriends when they are getting used and having another man on the side. Listen, you don’t know what’s going down in Jamaica with the Jamaican man them executing the women like mad and they don’t give a fuck star! When I searching for Birkin bag on Yahoo, I saw the price of them bag. I was completely shocked when I saw the price of them bags. Some if them cost £15,000 right down to £20,000. That cost more then a Ford Fiesta ST. And there was one black birkin bag that cost £42,000.

Men need to stay on their guard at all times now because these shady gold diggers are ready and willing and I mean willing to use these men. If these men have any street knowledge of themselves they will what girl they shouldn’t be messing with and going near to. As a man from North West London, there are gold diggers there but the thing is that they cannot be treated like ladies or queens. The man them up Harlesden, Wembley, Neasden, Willesden and so on, they know that these girls from the ends are money grabbing scraggs that will use the man so what do they do? They drop them after they sex them.

When they see a gold digger, they treat them like she’s for the streets. They look at her like she’s for the roads and when they finish ramming her tunny, they leave her be. They don’t settle down with her and have children with her. Them type a women a man should not marry and have children with. What these scraggly gold diggers can do? They can’t cook, they can’t clean, they don’t give him punany when a man wants to fuck, she won’t give him love and affection so why any man that has any sense of being with a woman like that? Well, these simps wouldn’t mind being with these women but these women don’t like these simpeton type men who will not provide for them. They will not help them pay the mortgage/rent, light bill, gas bill, council tax and so on.

If you are a man that had plenty of money, have a nice house in Stanmore, has an La Ferrari, Porsche 911 Turbo, BMW M760Li and Mercedes Benz S65 AMG final edition parked in the drive way wear the nicest clothes and has the blingy jewellery on your wrist and neck, you have to be a player. You can’t be with one girl. You have to be gigolo, you get me? And if you get married, when you get divorced, the gold digging wife will take you to the cleaner known as the divorce court. And you will lose everything what you work for. When a man especially a black see gold digger, they shouldn’t even go near that. She’s for the roads blud! She’s not to be with. But there are simps who are willing to take care of these women who know the art of manipulation.


She Want To Use And Abuse Him Financially

black gold digger 2

They will use a man for what he has. Gold diggers are one of the world’s most craftiest women!

You know when a woman says that she wants a man with money, well not only that. She will say that she wants a man that has money, a car, a house and so on. What does that mean? What does she mean by that? Because when you see these women especially black women, what can they offer? You see, we have more and more gold diggers nowadays also in the so called black community. And when a woman says that she wants a man with money, the man must be asking the question why is looking for man that has the wonga. I have the answer for this. The reason why a woman says this because that she is looking for a man that she can use and abuse financially. That’s it!

When a woman is using the man financially, she is conflicting damage to the man. She is actually hurting him financially and emotionally. So she is not loving the man, she is using the man for what he has in his pockets, you get me? Men are not being careful nowadays because they are simping for these women who are mediocre. It doesn’t matter if the woman looks good. It doesn’t matter if she has big breasts, wide hips, thick thighs, the ol’ ghetto body, she has a mediocre mindset. If a woman has her money, a house in Watford or Luton, has a Mercedes Benz E500 and a S600L, has a high paying job in Central London, she don’t need a man at all. She’s just an independent woman but a gold digging scraggly hoodrat will not only live off of the but she will use him relentlessly.

Listen here, I have seen so many gold digging scraggle daggles in North West London. Blood fire, trust me I have seen loads of them and I stay away from them blud, and I mean a whole leap. Some of the girl them will use the man and give him nothing in return like sex for instance however they will give it to someone else who don’t give two shits about them. And these women will play games with these money simps when they become generous to them and I know that these money simps get played fucking by these narcissistic hoodrats. If a man who has money and he’s with a mediocre gold digger, then she will not only play him but she will use him and won’t show any remorse of her actions.

These scarggle daggles are using the money simp but at the end of the day, they don’t the simp with money. They are just using him. They want the ruff and rugged types. They don’t want the simp that will give them the love boom i.e chocolates, roses, gifts, dinner for two and shit. No, no, no! They want a “Ruff neck nigah that could satisfy her, just for her.” She wants the 357 Jimmy, Ruff Neck Desmond, Pimp L, Rizla P, Trigger Man Kyle, Two Guns Carl and Pipe Them Down Wesley. She is using the money simp but she actually wants the worthless man, the hopeless man and the unproductive man.

Men especially black men need to beware of these good digging scraggs who are willing to use these men. And these simps are making these scarggle daggles use them because they are weak minded. These simps don’t have any kind of street knowledge of themselves. They should know what these scarggle daggles are up to, so I don’t know why these simps don’t know what’s going on or worse, what’s going down. These gold digging scraggs are plotting to get money from these men so men need to be on their guard of what is going on especially these the scragglies in the so called black community.


Her Requirements


Hello men. Hello ladies! It’s Money Cultural again. St Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and everyone is getting into the romantic mood but not everyone. I don’t have an issue of this romantic day. Your spending time with your honey, showing each other love and affection. But if you are a man and you see this video of this African woman and the list of her requirements for a boyfriend, you thinking about not taking your money out of your pockets because that money will disappear as she’ll just spend it away. There is a video of this woman from Nigeria maybe who says that she is looking for a boyfriend and she has a list of the requirements he must have.

Right, she says this. One, he must have a big dick. It has to be fat and long. Listen, I’m not telling my dick size when I get an erection because the manosphere has suddenly have this homosexual characteristics and if I tell everyone my dick size, the manosphere is goanna hear and start fucking drooling. She said on number 2 that he has to be rich. He must have your own apartment. Look, I’m working to get my own home. A two bedroom house somewhere in Luton or Borehamwood. She also says that he must change her wardrobe every month. 200,000 up keep. I don’t know if it’s US money but I know what she means about her wardrobe need to be change every month. She wants a man to buy her clothes. She also says he must have a car, have an investment and fnailly she says he should not cheat on her. If she tell him not cheat, use condom.

First up, I unapologetically like African women. In my 20’s and my in 30’s, I use to chat them up. When I was living in Watford, I saw this chick from Gambia sitting outside the library. When I saw her, she had a donkey ass! She was 18 and I was 34, but she has a boyfriend though. But most of my exes are from the Caribbean. And second, as you look at the video, you can tell that she want a man to use financially. And you know something; there is goanna be a simp that will let her use him. Trust me, there are loads of simps that will give her what she wants. I have no problem of any man buying his girl something. That is nice thing but he needs to be aware of her using him and manipulate him financially.

And the big dick theory. I hear a lot of scraggle daggle including the scraggly gold diggers say that a man must have a long dick. Right, if I go between her legs and push it inside her and it doesn’t fit in her punany, then what? You see, when these scraggle daggles say that they want a man with fat, long dick, when they start having sex , what happens if they can’t handle it? They have to be careful what they wish for because it might something that they wish it never came true. If she has a fat punany then yeah, she can handle it with ease.

Right, thinking black men will avoid women like her because the problems she will bring and it will be a lot of problems. When you see black men on the SYSBM round table, they don’t have problems with their non black wives or girlfriends but when it comes to ghetto ratchet black woman, the scraggle daggle and the black gold digger woman, the black man will have issues with her. Yes, there are white women who are gold diggers but not much as black women. Nothing is wrong when a man is treating his woman right but there some women are prepared to use a man and mostly financially.


When The Sugar Daddies Throw The Sugar Babbies Away


A sugar baby is just like a gold digger to be honest.

We all know that gold diggers have sugar daddies. Sometime they have more then one sugar daddy. And some of their sugar daddies are old. Older then me matter of fact. When they see a broke man, when they see a broke pocket man, they will say to him “If you wanna get with men, you got to have money in your pocket.” Alright, I will stay way for you then. Now, what will happen when the sugar daddy had enough of his sugar baby? What happens if the sugar daddies kicks them gold digging sugar babies away and make them as curb girls?

As these sugar daddies throw these sugar babies on the side like a newspaper when you finish reading it, these gold diggers all of a sudden are looking for a so called good man. As the man that got kicked on the side by these sugar babies, they work on themselves, their money, being successful and so on. And as they become the man as they are now and these gold diggers see him as a successful man, they will try to come back to him, just to use him because he has something now what their sugar daddies have.

A successful man won’t even think being with a former sugar baby. Because these sugar babies have been ram through by more then one man. And as they enter into their 30’s, they have a couple of miles on them. Mostly of these sugar babies are nothing by whores and no good man don’t want that at all. There is always serious consequences of a woman being a gold digger and that is being alone for the rest of her life or get a broke pocket man.

When it comes to black women, oh there are black women that sugar babies. There a black sugar babies that have white sugar daddies also. But the thing is that the white sugar daddies are just using them for a fuck and toss them away when they are finished with them. I have seen so many gold diggers in the so called black community and I also seen them get treated like dog shit because all these men know that these scraggs are nothing but women that are whorish and these men will stop at nothing to treat them like they belong to the street.

When these sugar babies become curb girls, they all realise that they need to find a man who has a big bank account, drive a BMW 745iLe, a nice house in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, etc. And when that man with money sees a former sugar baby, he moves quick as his expensive electric car. If a man sees a woman that was a sugar baby, he might as well put her on the shelf like a shelved music album that will never get released. And the sugar baby, well she will end up lonely.


He Needs To Get A New Girlfriend

On Money Cultural, this shit!

So ungrateful. This guy brought a car for his girlfriend or wife for $1000 (That around £770) and the reason why that he brought the car for her is because she crashed the other car. The ghetto ratchet black woman with her tacky weave said that she is too cute to drive this car. I heard from her man that she was crashing cars and I was thinking why is it buying her cars and she is crashing them? Nothing is wrong buying your girlfriend something or your wife something but this man is wasting his money of buying this chick cars and she’s crashing them. I think he should stop buying her things to be brutally honest.


I haven’t been through that situation but I had former girlfriends who were gold diggers who was willing to use me. And I know that there are many black men has been used by gold diggers and all was left for black men was them being used and violated financially. And that is when they become jerks or they walk away from black women and date outside their race. I have seen so many relationships failed when the girlfriend acts like a gold digging hoodrat. Here this now, when the man has no more money, the woman will go to a next man who has money. Now, that will hurt any man’s heart and that’s when he finds out that she wanted him for money and not for his heart.

What the man really needs to do is not get a new car, he needs to get a new girlfriend. Listen here right; the reason why I’m single is because that there is no way that I will tolerate anything in a relationship. When a woman is playing games, you have to let her go. If she acts like a gold digger, you have to let her go. If she is using you, then you have to let her go. If she has another man, you have to let her go. If she’s giving the man some punany and she ain’t giving any sex, then you have to let her and so on. I have been though a lot with gold diggers in my past. I say that over five of my exes are gold diggers. You must be thinking “that is too much.”

The reason why that there are so many single black men is because all the black woman wants is money when they seen the guy. But at first I know that these gold digging hoodrats will go for the worthless, unproductive black men like 12 Gauge Mike, Corner Boy Ronny, Ruff Neck Desmond, Long Dick 44 and Mac 10. Let’s not forget Street Boy Muhammad also. And then when they get ran through whoring about with these hopeless men and have kids by them, then they start to look for the good black man. But why a man wants a woman that wants his money, not him? The man should know better then that. Or is it because that he wants the sweet, sweet punany?

Black men have seen gold diggers in their family i.e they’re mothers, the aunts, grandmothers and their female cousins. So they should know that they shouldn’t date women who are gold diggers. I think that men especially black men should not buy anything for these women. Because there are ungrateful women around and when you get them something, they don’t want it and then they get upset when you buy them something. But the man should be upset as well that he bought the woman something and she rejects it. That is really hurtful when someone you love does that to you but she didn’t love you anyway because she’s was only interested of what’s inside your pockets.


I hope that he has left her and find someone better then her and the weave head; she might end up with a worthless street dude that will do nothing for her. I hope he learned his lesson of being naive. Because if he shows his gullibility again, another woman use him like the other one. If he is still with this woman, then he’s got problems.