Black Women Love The Ratchetness


The good black woman is hard to find. You look at the left, you look on the right and you look up, down and centre. You guys must be thinking “Yo Money C, what do you mean by that? There are good black women around blud!” I’m saying this because that we are seeing so much ratchet black women now. It seems like the good black woman is like a unicorn. You just don’t see one often. Hope everyone is doing well. I’m here just tired as hell, star! When the weekend comes, I better get a good deep rest people and recharge my batteries. I’m waking up late in the weekend!

Explain it bro!

You see, black women love the ratchetness. They really do. They have an obsession with this ratchet behaviour that they are not afraid to show it on display. They love it as the same way they love wearing weave trying to copy the style of their biggest arch nemesis known as the white woman. When you see black women, all you see is them doing some ratchet shit and they really don’t mind showing their ratchet attitude towards anyone. You do have female family members that are ratchet to the brim and you don’t wanna go near them because of their behaviour. And their ratchet behaviour will make you curse them the fuck out because it will get on your nerves and you don’t time for that that fuckrey.

ratchet heifers

When you surrounded by them, what do you expect? Nothing but dog shit you see on the ground when you walk down the street. They will stress you out, irritated you, give you a migraine, disagree with you, judge you, criticise you, talk about you and other people, make you lose your temper, all of that shit that they where raise to be. Their mothers haven’t done a terrible job raising these women. But at the end of the day, their mothers are ratchet as well. So where do you think the wretchedness come from then? They get that shit from their mothers. And their grandmothers are ratchet too.

As thinking black men talk about the ratchetness of black women, these ghetto ratchet hoodrats get upset of what black men talk about it. They lose their marbles when black men talk about black women being ratchet. When you have guys like Verbs2005, SYSBM founder Mad Bus Driver X, Quincy 82, King Sigma, Sigma Jones and me, Money Cultural talk about the ratchetness of black women, they will lose their minds in a instant. They will go crazier then a mental patient in a mental institute.

As these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles can’t defend themselves, simps like Dr Moist Watkins, the suspected homosexual Bareback Fountain, D Darrell, Monty Woodgrain, Clifton Rainey, Nutward TV, True Semen, the simps who confessed that he’s gay Woke Poofgressive, the simps on Rap Raven’s live streams on his Black Betterment Broadcast channel on YouTube and all of the other simpish dudes that will defend the honour of these scragglies that are not interested in them. They don’t want these simps around them as they have a huge distain towards them. They prefer the thuggish dudes that will get them wet between the thighs and willing to open their legs to them.

Black women have a huge obsession of being ratchet and they have no fear of showing it in front of your face. And they really don’t care how you feel about it. As black women are acting ratchet, what will black men look at these when black women at in that ratchet undertone? Black men will look at this and walk away from them and date non black women. The reason why black men will walk away and stay away from ratchet black women is because that if a black man starts a relationship with a black woman who is ratchet, the problems he’ll go through with her. He will go through hell with her. The ratchetness is making these black women single and can’t settle down.

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Black women love the ratchetness.


Degraded By The White Love Of Her Life



I have said it before and Money Cultural will say it again. I have no issues with interracial dating, relationships and marriage. I wouldn’t mind dating a non black woman. However, when a black woman dates a non black man and it’s mostly a white man, he will degrade her. You want proof? Go on Tik Tok and see how these beta males degrade black females on that platform. And you guys must be saying “What about ghetto gaggers? Look how the beta males degrade these black women and calling them all sorts of racial slurs!” Yeah, I know people. It’s very disgusting to see something like that. Hope everyone is doing well. I had a hard weekend but this Nubian dude from NW10 is glad that the weekend is over.

Yeah, I have seen so many black women getting degraded by the white beta males on the Tik Tok platform. There was a video of a white guy who is below average who gave his black girlfriend a drink but fooled her that it was urine. Yo, these beta males are nasty, good God! I’m surprised that his girlfriend didn’t throw the glass of urine on him. Ladies and gentleman, that is totally disgusting. And the thing is that she didn’t get upset at all. You guys must be thinking “What?” It looks like a growing trend with these black females and most of them are young are being degraded by the these white beta males that will offer nothing to them. But you guys must be think “Money Cultural, why can’t she get a Nice Guy Nick who drives a Mercedes Benz S500Le, makes £100,000 per annum, dress neat and has a house in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire?” As you see when it comes to interracial dating or relationships, these black females will go for the below average white dude, not the successful white guy, Nice Guy Nick.

These beta males you see on these Tik Tok videos who are with these black females, the average white woman wouldn’t even be with them because of the way these beta males are. Because white women really don’t like a beta male just the same way black women hate the simp. Some of the relationships between white men and black women don’t last because that the beta male just want something sexual from the black woman. The infamous YouTuber MsArchducess did a video in 2013 and said the relationship between white men and black women are better then the relationship between black men and white women. If the relationship between white men and black women is better then why 25 per cent of black women have been murdered by their white boyfriends/husbands? And also, if interracial relationship is better then black men who are with white women, then why these white men are using these black females as sexual pleasure?

These black females who are with these beta males, they will make videos about having hate towards black men. When you see a black woman that have a hatred for black men for no particular reason, they will end up with a below average white man who will degrade especially in front of other people. He will not degrade a white woman because she might smack him across the face but he will have no problem degrading a black woman. Question time. Have you ever seen a black man degrade a black woman, especially on social media? I haven’t seen it. Will a black woman let a black man degrade her? Fuck no; she will never let him do that. She will curse him or even fight him but why black women are letting their white boyfriends to degrade them? Why black women are are letting them do these types of things? I wish I know.

On these YouTube streets, some black men that these black women are choosing these bottom shelf Brad type dudes is because they are desperate to have biracial children. I agree on that on some level. Right, the reason why black women who date white men, the hopeless white men want mix race children is because that they have a huge self hatred towards themselves. Black women suffer a lot of insecurities. And it goes to their childhood when they verbally abused by other black people because of being dark skin and some of them are family members. So that is the reason why they have this hatred. So, it’s coming into a deep place and it started with childhood, even though I have no issues with biracial children and people having them. But when black women have mix children with these beta males, these bottom shelf Brads will run off and not take care of their kids they created with black women.

As these black women get kicked to the curb by these bottom of the barrel white guys, they will try to come back to black men. And black men will say that “Why are you coming back here for? I don’t want your ass. Hell no!” And also, some of these black women are single mothers with biracial children with these below average white men and black men will reject them as well as there are some black men will not be in a relationship with a single mother. So, the black women are stuck with the men that they really don’t want and that is the simp that every black woman has a huge distain for. When a black man sees a black woman who has been with a white dude who is way below average, he will kick that to the curb hard but the simp is willing to take her back, not knowing that she said that she had a hatred towards black men.

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It’s a growing trend on Tik Tok with the beta male degrading black women and it’s growing even more.

tiktok 2


Crabs In A Barrel Black Men Are With Dysfuctional Women


Crabs in a barrel dudes are big time haters. And most of them are black men!

Black men have this crabs in a barrel mentality. And none of you guys tell me no! Yo, I has seen it over the years of black men not supporting other black man. They just show envy and hate towards him. Right, when it comes to relationships, what type of women these crabs in the bucket dudes are with? They are with the dysfunctional and the wretched black woman. Yep, they are with the scraggle daggle that looks at them at discuss. Hope everyone is doing well still! I wasn’t goanna upload my article on Friday because it’s goanna be Good Friday and I was thinking about having a day of it but I change my mind. But I’m not slacking like last week, especially on Friday. That day was a waste of time, star!

Yeah, haters goanna hate!

Yo, wha gwan hater? What yah deal with?

Black men who have that crabs in a barrel mentality, they are with black women who are dysfunctional. As you see these simps on YouTube, which type of women they are with? Which type of women they are married too? Not a good woman or a normal woman. They are with a ratchet black women that don’t wanna be with them. Every black person knows that in the so called black community, there are black people who have that carbs in the bucket mentality and it’s mostly black men who have that mentality in their head. They have other mentalities in their head as well and most of the time it’s not positive.

With these crabs in the barrel black men or simps which I call them; there are the ones that come after black men who are with non black women. As they do that just to please their ratchet black queens, they are letting the ratchet women they are with to lead the relationship or be the dominate one while these are being the submissive one. I know you guys will say that “Yo Money C blud, you think the man who is dominating the relationship or marriage is controlling the woman, though?” Well, there are dudes will take things a bit too far like the abusive husbands on the Maury show. I have said this before. I’m not goanna control the chick in the relationship but I’ll never let any woman control me. I see does her own her thing and I do I own thing.

And tell the haters goodnight when you go to bed.

These carbs in the barrel simps are not ambitious, they are not goal driven and they have no dreams. All they thinking about is chasing punany left, right and centre. And there is nothing wrong for a man looking for crotches but there are some udes that have no time for that. They are thinking off how to get this money, this big house, the nice cars, they are just getting their money up and black men really need to think about getting money! But crabs in the barrel simps will go against any black man who is ambitious. And that’s when the black ambitious man and the crabs in the barrel simp will go into battle. However, when the simp goes against the goal driven black man, he will get devoured in a heartbeat. The simp never knows how ruthless the ambitious black man is.

Why these black men have this mentality? When black men where young, some of them didn’t have a father in the household raising them. They just had their mother raising them and also had women around them. And these women have a bitterness towards black men because most of these ratchet black women are feminists. And most of them do also have that crabs in the bucket mentality. I think they have crabs as well because they keep opening their legs with these worthless dusty dudes they are with but’s that’s another story. As these simps see this mentality when they’re young boy, it manifests in their brain and as they get older. These simps have a deep hatred towards other black men. And the hatred, it comes very quick.

These simps who got this mentality have feminine characteristics and these ghetto ratchet hoodrats don’t wanna be with a man that is feminine. They don’t want a good guy or a nice guy neither. They want the thug like 357 Jimmy, Street Mice, Cell Block Scrappy, Scruffy, Machete Man Briggy, Rum Head Frasier, Long Cocky George and Corner Boy Ronney. They don’t even care about these simps whatsoever. They will use these simps are their attack dogs/enforcers when thinking black men talk about the ratchet black women but these don’t men like the simps or the captain save a hoes. They want the rogue type dudes like Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Des The Drunk, Stretchers, Big Dick Rodney and Fuck All Night Freed.

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Black men are finished, just like other men in this world.


Simping Is Up On The Rise

on the rise


You would that you would see the end of simping. That’s what I thought when 2022 swing by but as I look at it, the simping has gone up the roof. I hope everyone is doing well. There was a live stream I was watching last night and I saw Quincy telling Rap Raven why is he SYSBM. I will give credit to Quincy explaining why the man is dating non black women. The dysfunctional behaviour of black women obviously! I would like to be on that live stream but I will be too fiery on that panel. The live stream will be in flames. It looks like simping in the UK is goanna go up. That’s scary!

It starts on 2:51:59

Simping is up on the rise to blow whole! How do I know? Look how many simps who on the scraggle daggles defence. They are defending them by coming after other black men who are talking about the bad behaviour of black women. Over the years I have seen tones of simps who are siding with the scragglies when a black man talks about their ratchetness. As these simps sees him, they will become the hoodrats enforcers and comes after him when the black man who is think minded talks about the women the simps are defending. There is a war between the simps and SYSBM because these simps are pissed off that SYSBM are not dealing with these ghetto ratchet hoodrats the simps love and adore.

Some of the simps have disappeared from D Derailed right down to the infamous Bareback Fountain because these scraggle daggles have stabbed them in the back because they don’t like men siding with them. These scraggle daggles like the thuggish types of dudes or the racist white man who is a beta male. They want the not the nice guy who will change into the bad guy over time or the simp who has a huge hatred towards black men. Everybody has told these simps over a million times is to stop siding with these ghetto harridans because they don’t want them like that. They want the man who is a complete rogue.

How many simps people see on YouTube? Yo trust me, there are tones and tones of them who are siding with black women who are ratchet, blud! And these scraggle daggles look at them and starts thinking “These are some lame ass Negros, star!” These simps are nothing but mengkeh which is a Jamaican term for a person who is a fool, stupid or an idiot. These simps don’t think that “Is this a good idea of me defending these harridans? Because every single time, I get light up by Verbs 2015, Mad Bus Driver X, King Sigma, Sigma Jones and worse Money Cultural. I get ghosted by these hoodrats and they always opening their legs to the dudes like Corner Boy Ronney, 357 Jimmy, Colt Five Rounds, Ruff Neck Desmond, Rum Head Frasier, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta! Fuck saving these hoes.”

Everybody thought that 2022 was the end of simping but no! This shit is here to stay. These simps will continue to come after black men who will refuse be in a relationship or marry these harlots that these simps love, defend and honour. These simps are keeping defending these scraggle daggles just to get some punany. That’s what it is really. They want the scraggle’s tun tun so they are strategizing to get it. Just like my friend who only thinks about crotches. And he says that he want to do a threesome with me and his girl which will never happen. Looks like he wants to get cuckold but anyhow. Simping is up on the rise as we see more and more simps down the pipeline. The rate of simping has gone higher and higher and there is nothing we can stop it.

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Simping is now up on the rise and they are batting with black men who are with non black women. Black men who are SYSBM are willing to defend themselves when these simps are coming after them. It’s war!


Are The Ratchet Black Women Taking The Good Black Men

ratchet harlot

Getting ready for ratchetness fun!

We all know that the ghetto ratchet black women love the thugs, the worthless men, hopeless men, bum and the unproductive men. They will not fall in love for the good black man whatsoever or fight another woman for his love and affection. If they see a good black man with money, they will try to use him financially but when it comes to the bad boy, these scraggle daggles will go crazy for him. Everybody knows that the thug always get the good girls or good women. However, I do see the good black men with bad girls, or ratchet black women. Hope everyone is doing well. Money Cultural here back with another one and enjoying the sunshine as well. Outside is lovely. Really lovely, damn!

ratchet harlot 3

Here’s the thing right here. Are the ratchet black women taking the good black men? That is the question? There is an article which was written by Blaze Hemingway and it’s called Ratchet Girls Taking All The Good Men which was posted on 15th November 2012 and it’s about are the ratchet honeys are taking the good men away. You see, I have seen black men with ratchet women. I see it all the fucking time blud. I’m from an area where there’s a tone of ratchet women around. And some of my exes are ratchet. Very ratchet.

Here’s the article:

Are the ratchet black women taking the good men away? It seems like they are snatching them away. Why do I think this? Well, when it comes to black men, when they want a woman for a relationship or marriage, they will end up with a black woman that is ratchet. And the reason for that is their mothers is a ratchet woman. So they wanna be with a woman that is like their mums. So they will choose a woman that reminds them as the woman that gave birth to them. Some black men have been raised by ratchet black women and as you see a black man with a black women that is ratchet, you can tell that the has been raised in a ratchet environment.

Oh, black women who are ratchet say to black men, especially when they are young children that they must be with a ratchet black women. So some black men will reject the good black woman which is hard to find nowadays and choose the ratchet honey. Most of the time black men are with black women that are ratchet, some of the athletes are with ratchet black women. And they pay the consequence of being with them.

ratchet harlot 4

But you guys must be wondering “But Money C, ratchet black women prefer the thugs, the criminals, the rogues, type of man them!” Oh yeah that is true. Ratchet black women do go for the thug dudes like Cell Block Scrappy, Street Mice, Ruff Neck Desmond, Corner Boy Ronney, Rum Smuggler Don, Machete Man Briggy, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta. That is mighty, mighty true. So, why the ghetto ratchet black women are with these good black men? If the man is financially stable, then the ratchet black woman will come after him. Will she use him for his money? Well, ratchet black women are well known to be gold diggers.

Being with a ratchet women doesn’t have any benefits. All you will get is nothing but wretchedness and dysfunction. The ratchet women are good for just fun and that’s it. You can’t marry them or be in a relationship with them. But black men are going for women that act like their mothers, their aunts and their grandmothers. If black men raise their standards, then they will not attract these women but as I see black men, they probably like ratchet women more then the rare women known as the good black woman.

ratchet harlot 5

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The looks the the good black men are being scooped up by the ratchet black women.

ratchet harlot 2


The Empty Matriarchal Throne

throne 2

My grandmother died on the 20th December 2011 in St Thomas, Jamaica. Her funereal took place on 22nd January 2012 at the Faith Temple Pentecostal Church in White Hall and that’s the church she goes to every Sunday. Me, my cousin and other guys carried her casket to her grave site. When I was in Jamaica, me, my cousin and his friends was digging her grave so when we bring her casket, we’ll put her in the hole and that’s it. Since she dies in 2011, I have seen some of the family members, the Baileys have separated. And the separation started in 2014. But hope everyone is doing well. Money Cultural here with an emotional one maybe of my late grandmother and her throne which his now in compete dust.

throne 1

Since my grandmother died, the Bailey family hasn’t has a new matriarch on the throne that she was sitting on. In other words, there is no new queen that has the crown on her head. There is no heiress to the throne. As I look at it, was wondering now that why the females of this ratchet blood line have not taken over the crown. Why none of these ghetto ratchet broads have not taken the crown and sit on granny’s throne? Two things. The first thing is that none of them can really fill grandma’s shoes. And the second thing is that matriarchal throne is too damn ratchet to sit on. Oh no, no. There is no way that they will sit on that throne.

If one of them has been chosen to be the next matriarch of the family, let me tell you something right. The fire which I will spit out of my mouth will be too fucking much for them. Real talk blud! So this is the reason why the matriarchal chair is empty as a vacant house. When black men who are SYSBM see the ratchetness of these scraggle daggles is the reason why they are dealing with non black women when it comes to relationships/marriage.

Your not his dad. Move yourself, fool!

Right, what if a man sits on that matriarchal throne? Then it will get it from me bruv, trust me on that, you get me? If a man sits on that ratchet throne, people and I’m one of them will start to think that the man has feminine characteristics. Or he can be gay, you understand? Black men are talking about the ratchet behaviour of black women because of the dysfunctional behaviour they are showing on display. If a man wants to have that throne which belongs to my granny, then all he needs to do is to replace the throne. And as he does that, then he can sit on it which now belongs to him. But the women in my family who act like hyenas will not allow that. They will put a man there, oh yes but they will choose a feminine dude. They won’t choose a Negro like me. They will look at me as a masculine dude and a guy like me want nothing but order.

My grandma came to England in 1998. She spend six months here. And then she came to the England again. I really can’t remember when she came again. My aunt and my cousin come to England in 2001. My aunt was just a bitter saying shit about the UK. I don’t wanna go into detail of things. She was saying bullshit about Britain and the people which some of it is true. The thing is this. If she didn’t like this country, then just leave. Simple as that. I have to deal with the crap of this country and it’s a great country. It’s just run by the wrong prime minister. My grandmother and my aunt went back to Jamaica in 2011.

Darius M is 100 percent right. Derrick Jaxn is a true simp.

My grandmother was a single parent. My grandfather who was married breed her and went on his marry way to his wife. Not only that, he was breeding other women as well. My grandpa has 20 children. Yes people, the man has a whole leap of blood claat pickney and the thing is that he wasn’t looking after them at all. The man nah mind the pickney them. But he looks after his wife’s children which is really not fair. As I see my mum and bitter my aunt, the reason they grow up to be wretched is because they weren’t raised in a two parent home. And they grew up to become single mothers like my grandmother, so the cycle continued. And I have other family members who are single parents. The only time the cycle ended is when my mum got married to my dad in the late 1970’s and had gave birth to me in 1981.

It was winter 2011 and my grandmother was sick in Jamaica. In other words, she was dying. My mum come to me and said that your grandmother wanted to talk to you. Maybe that she knows that was at her final days living and that’s probably the reason she wanted to talk to me for the final time. Maybe I might walk away from the family and not return to them. Maybe is that. As I look at things when I was in my 30’s, I was like I’m not tolerating any ratchet shit from these scraggle daggles and these simps that will defend and support them.

I was watching a tarot video on YouTube and it was Message From Your Grandmother Pick A Card. I chose the third card which was the death card. The tarot card reader says that your grandmother knows what who you are. When I was watching the video, I do agree of what the card reader was saying. There are some traits that I got from her and that’s the shyness and the feebleness. That is it really. Me and grandmother had some disagreements and that is it. I don’t know if she was with my when it comes to my ambitions. Hey, I really don’t know. When it was end of the card reading, the card reader say to mw you grandmother says I’m a blessing to the family line. And also says “I love you, I love you, I love you!”

I chosen card three on time 48:26

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RIP Grandma 4th August 1921 – 22nd January 2011


Men Like Whorish Women


A man meets meets woman in a club or party. They exchange numbers. They start talking on WhatsApp almost every evening. The man organise a date. They both go out, a few time. Then the man says that he’s falling in live with the girl. They begin a relationship. They walk down these street holding hands, they kiss in public, oh those days with me kissing the girls in public and making them melt like butter. Right, his friends knows the man’s boo. They tell him that the chick he’s dealing with is nothing but a girl for the roads. He says to that he don’t believe them. One of his brethren’s show him a video of his girl sucking the next man dom. He’s in complete devastation when he sees the love of his life giving another man top. And then his friends said to him that ran a train on her on time. But I hope everyone is doing well, this is obviously Money Cultural, straight outta North West London on this day of romance known as St. Valentine’s Day. Or Simp Valentine’s Day when the simps get their heart broken by these scraggle daggles who are nothing but whores who opening their legs to the thugs that they love and desire.

Yes, men love whores. Men love the whore them. They love it when the women show their whorish behaviour in front of their faces. There are some men that will pay for it. You know what I mean when a man goes to a brothel to buy punany. You know the single mothers who have a whole leap of children? Yep, they are whores as well and men like them because they are whores. In the so called black community, there are a collection of whores there and men love them. Love them to the core. Men love whores. They love all the whores in whore land. But there is one thing about a whore. You settle down with and have children with.

When you see a whore, do you think any man in their right mind wanna marry such a woman? Fuck no bruv. Whores are good for fucking but not for marrying. But there are some simps do end up marrying a woman who is for the roads and then they get burned for it by the scraggle daggle breaking their hearts. The reason why these simps have a whore as a wife/girlfriend is because they have been raised by a single mother who is a whore in the hood. So that is the reason why these simps are with these whorish ladies. What about chubby whores as well? Oh yes, men love that too!

Now I don’t mind a whore but I don’t wanna settle down with one. If I do be with a whorish woman, she might cheat on me with different dudes and I have seen plenty of whores in my days but they don’t settle down. A man can’t make a whore a house wife. Listen, house wives will get board they will look for something that will light up their fire. So they will look for side man or more then one you get me? They will fuck another man behind their simp’s back.

When a man sees a whore in the street, he knows that he shouldn’t make her as a wife or girlfriend. She will be a good side piece but not as a wife. That’s what whores are made for some of the time and also to have fun. Sexual fun! And that’s it really. Being with a whore is just a sexual thing and she knows that but as she gets older and she is looking for a good man especially a good black man, the good man will reject her when he glance at her because she is a woman that belongs to the streets.

Men love whores, I guarantee that shit. They love having their sexual fun with whores. They will make a line and run a train on a whore. However, they don’t wanna settle down with a whore. They don’t want a family with a whore. And they know that the mother of a whore is a whore, so that is the reason why she is one. You can have your fun with them but if you are looking for a woman to make her your wifey and have kids with, then a whore is not the right option.

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Men love whores. Oh yes they do but they are no women to settling down type women.


Black Men And Hispanic Men Don’t Give A £$&!

i don't give a fuck

Right, society knows that the white woman who is the arch enemy of the black woman is the standard of beauty but some say that the black woman is the most beautiful woman in the world. I agree on that one. If she has a nice face, fine looking body and natural hair which I don’t see nowadays, then I’ll get with her. But the thing is that I only see 20 per cent of black women that is wearing their natural hair. Black woman has the best bodies, yes but they ruin it when they have kids at a young age. However, when you see a black woman say that they don’t date black men or hate black men, most of them are these swirling scraggle daggles. Yes people, its Money C, the man that these simps hate with a passion and we have a scraggle daggle weave head with a beta male and he’s goanna do one thing and one thing only. And it’s not marrying her.

Shouts out to Kid Organic for this video.

I’m a black man and I’m not dating that! Na, I’m good!

As you see this video from Kid Organic, this ratchet black woman says that she don’t date black men and Mexican men. Better yet, let’s make it Hispanic men if you don’t mind. She says that she only date white men. Then she says that she is not black, she’s tan. Everybody knows that the black woman is the most insecure woman on the planet with all the high level of weave these black women are wearing. Here’s the thing people. If she’s dating a white dude which I have no issues with, then why is she still taking a jab at black men? Why is she teasing black men? Looking for attention? Here this. If a scraggle daggle wants to date white men, then go ahead. Because black men and Hispanic men don’t give a fuck!

If she think is that the white man is best thing since slice bread without butter, then why is she recording herself teasing black men while she is the arms of the white man in a Ford F – 150, a vehicle for someone who is sleeping and breeding his own female cousin? The man is on that consanguinity thing with him marrying his first cousin, knocking her up and having a deformed baby or two, just kidding! When it comes to these swirlers, they go on the YouTube platform and show a huge distain towards black men saying that black men don’t provide, they don’t take care of their children, they don’t pay the bills and all sorts of nonsense they will say about black men.

When you see these swirlers that have a huge hatred towards black men, 80 per cent of them are not attractive. The woman on the Kid Organic video I’m Not Black, I’m Tan, she’s not a strong 2 out of 10 when it comes to the looks rating, you get me? I think this is one of the reasons why she is teasing black men while she’s in the arms of the beta male in the F – 150 because that she is not getting attention from black men. All because of her looks and that weave on top of her head. And speaking off weave, do you see the weave that she’s wearing? Obviously, yes. As you look at that horrible mop on her head, here is this one question. How hygienic you think she is? As you look at her face, you must be thinking “Damn, this cannot be a clean woman.”

When you here a black women say that she’s not black, she’s something else or she mocks natural beauty or saying white men are better then black men which is not true because white men do have floors as well and so on, it’s always the dark skin chick that talk like this. I have never heard a brown skin woman saying this at all, yet! The dark skin black women always chat like this. The first time I hear dark skin black women talk like this is when I’m was in my 30’s. And most of the time, it’s these American black women are saying this, mostly on YouTube. I haven’t seen it yet with the black British women but there are black women in Britain that do have weave in their scalp trying to competing with the white woman.

This ghetto ratchet scraggle daggle is being taken to the slave plantation just to get ghetto gagged by the beta male. There might be more then one beta male ready to run a train on her in that plantation. And probably record it and put on ghetto gaggers. And everyone including black men will be watching this and just scratch their heads thinking “Another hoodrat on ghetto gaggers!” You know when she comes back to black men is when the beta male finish with her and throws her away. She better prepare herself for the heartache.

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This ghetto ratchet, ghetto gagging scraggle daggle can have the beta male in the F – 150 ride. Black men and Hispanic men don’t give a fuck!


It’s Never The Women

natural beauties

something to say

You know, when I do an article on Money Cultural or any man who is MGTOW, PUA, MRA, IBMOR on even SYSBM does a video on YouTube, people have something to say but it’s never the women sometimes. It’s mostly the dumb ass dudes. And most of them are simp dudes who are trying save these scraggle daggles but these hoodrats, they don’t wanna be saved. But hope everyone is doing okay. Every single member of the house of parliament and the members of the public wants Boris Johnson to go all because he broke Convid restrictions. Him and the other members of Conservative party was partying during lockdowns. You know I’m not surprised on anything nowadays. But the prime minister did apologise to everyone but that is not enough for everyone, especially in the house of parliament, star. Everyone has lost their head in rage because of Boris Johnson’s bullshit. The country needs a new prime minister. A better one for goodness sake. UK hasn’t had a good one for over forty years now and Theresa May, she must be laughing her head off!

In the name of the most high, just go!

This is from a five year old. She’s sounds smarter then these children in the house of parliament.

Anyhow, back to the topic. Why is it when guys like me do an article, I never get a response to the women? Why is it when a man talks about the scraggle daggles behaviour and the simp have something to say? I do have some black women come after me and say what they say with the ratchetness but it’s mostly the dudes who has a problem with me and all of the other black men who are SYSBM. Everyone has an opinion on something and that is fine but these dudes get butt hurt when thinking black men talk about the ratchet black women. They will troll a man, stalk a man, flag his YouTube channel, hack his account and all sorts on nonsense that they will do. And they will go to extreme measures to do things like this.

Some people will say that you must ignore them and yeah, that is true but what happens if they don’t stop? That is the thing. They will not stop until you just snap and curse them the fuck out; you get what I’m saying? I have a huge problem with these simps because when I say something about these ghetto dungles, they have something to say when they come after me with complete rage because they feel like I’m coming after their queens that they worship so much. Let’s not forget these simps come after the other guys as well so it’s an all out battle with the simps and the black men who uses their heads. When I have a woman comment on Money Cultural, it’s always are ratchet black woman commenting about “You black men this, you black men that” and so on but not often. Not many women comment of one of my articles but I do have women follow me on Money Cultural and I don’t mind that at all whatsoever.

Most of these simps who has something to say when I talk about these scragglies, they are the ones that are defending these ratchet hoodrats who don’t even care about them. These simps are just defending them just get that sweet juicy fruit between their legs. But these simps will get played by these scraggle daggles when these daggly harlots are chasing after thugs like 357 Jimmy, Cell Block Scrappy, Street Boy Ratty, Machete Man Briggy, 50 Calibre Gilly, Rum Head Frasier, Fuck All Night Freed, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta and Ruff Cut Larry. These fools are just wasting their time competing with these thugs who can get the knickers down and make these hoodrats open their legs to them.

These black men that have something to say are nothing but beta! I rather call them simps but they are big time beta males. But you guys in hood will say that “Yo Money C, why are you calling them man beta males, blud? Isn’t it the white man is the beta male? The original?” Hey, a black men can turn into a beta mal and I have seen it. With all the simps like Bareback Fountain, Dr Foolmar Johnson, Woke Poofgressive 2.0, Shawn James, Clifton Rainey, Tyrone Thompson, Monty Woodgrain all of the simps that we know, this is never ending battle between the Simps and SYSBM. Oh boy!

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It’s these men that have something to say and it’s these simps. But it’s never the women!


The Simps in 2022


Money Cultural here, I got to go Harlesden first, then Harringay tomorrow. Christmas is around the corner. Shout out the people who are doing their Christmas shopping. When I see a black woman that act like a ratchet fool, I begin to think “That jackass remind me of the women in my family, good grief! What the hell she’s acting like this for?” But I hope that everyone is doing alright still. Am I looking forward for Christmas? Well, not really. I’m looking forward for 2022 but the thing is. Will these simps come after black men who are with women who are non black? Remember, SYSBM and these simps are at battle.

I have seen black men coming after other black men who are with non black women. This has been happening for a very long time now. The simps have join forces the ratchet black women to come after black men who are with non black women. The DIU which stands for the Dick Investigations Unit wants to investigate where the black is pushing his penis. That is very suspect. Now we are entering 2022, here is one thing that I like to know about. Are these simps are coming after SYSBM still? The simple answer is yes. They will still come after SYSBM.

Why these simps will come after SYSBM in 2022? Two things. The first thing is that these simps will come after black men who are with non black women is because that SYSBM will not be in with the ghetto ratchet black women that these simps are defending on a regular basis. There is no way that SYSBM will be with these ratchet harriets. And the second thing is that they are defending these scraggle daggles just to get some punany. We all know the strategy when it comes to the simp. These simps will do whatever it takes just to get some pum pum from these women these simps are defending.

Everyone knows that these simps are at war with SYSBM. They have declared war with SYSBM for a long time. Simps like Dr Foolmar Johnson who has a cocaine addiction, Woke Poofgressive who confessed that he’s homosexual, we have Shawn James who needs to focus on his next book, there is Bareback Fountain who keeps stalking other men online and suffering from childhood traumas, we have Cock Boogie Productions who talked about his asshole getting eaten out not by a woman on one of his videos on YouTube, there are so many simps that are in the defence of these ghetto harridans that they love and desire while these ghetto harlots prefer these thugs, the worthless men and the unproductive men they lust after.

Why these simps don’t they come after black women with their non black men boyfriends/husbands? Because the ghetto harridans will come after the simps if they say anything about black women with non black men. If any simp says something about a black woman marrying a non black man on YouTube, his channel will get flagged so much, YouTube will take down channel. When a black woman is with a non black men which I don’t have a problem with, the simps are celebrating with the ghetto gagging hoochies but when a black man is with a non black woman which I don’t have a problem neither, the simps and the scragglies with come together and charge after the black man for being with a non black woman.

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These simps are a complete joke!