You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

black women fighting 2

She’s dragging her by the hair. She’s pulling it like it some rope, damn!

Question. What do you see when you see ratchet black women? You will see them wearing weave trying to copy their arch enemy the white woman, being a single mother, raising children by her own, having an attitude, bleaching her skin, twerking on the internet for free, they curse like sailors, they pray to a white supremist every Sunday and calling him their husband, they put down black men, they feminise their sons when they are young, they twerking in public, they fight another black woman for a man that has another woman in bed, walking down the street naked, they chase after bad boys, worthless men, hopeless men and unproductive men, it’s sees like the list is endless. And there are some simps that saying that this is not true. Yo star, you can make this up. But hoping everyone is doing well. I’m here with another one.

black women fighting 3

The two ghetto chicks ready to trade blows to each other.

You can’t make this stuff. This ain’t no movie, television show, play, novel, radio play and so on. This is real what thinking black men are talking about. But the simps that are defending these ghetto ratchet hoodrats say that this is not true of what thinking black men are saying. I like to know have these simpish dudes watched anything on YouTube with black women fighting for a man that has another woman that he’s pressing under the bedsheets. The evidence is there with ratchet black women who are acting like a fool and these simps, captain save a hoes, black cucks, ghetto soy boys and oil of olay men saying that black men are lying.

Thinking black men talk about the ratchet black women because they see the dysfunctional behaviour with these scraggle daggles. And these simps are attacking them just to defend these ghetto ratchet black women. I see these simps doing this more often then ever. How can anybody defend this sort of behaviour? I was struggling to think why any dude would defend these harridans when they causing any kind of bad behaviour. If someone sees the ratchetness with these ghetto ratchet black women, then they feel like the things that thinking black men are saying about them is true. I see the madness with these ratchet hoodrats myself and I say “Oh God damn!”

One of the ghetto chicks isn’t wearing no knickers. Err, the Basic Instinct thing!

After watching this video, the Jamaican man is trying to stop these scraggle daggles fighting in the streets. All the other men are watching the world wrestling championship match. I understand that he trying to stop these women grappling on the pavement but if he tries to break them up, them two scragglies will end up fighting the man. People must be thinking why black men watch to women fighting in the street or mall and so on is because that they will get attacked by the two black women who were fighting each other. But as these simps see these ratchet black women fighting like this, they will get turned on by it. Me, I just watch them fight really.

All this madness people are seeing with the ratchet black woman is not made up at all. It’s all real. And off course that there are some guys will say not all black women are like this. Yep, that is true. I agree on that but the thing is that we have more and more black women acting like this. And these simps who are defending these ghetto ratchet black women will end up getting betrayed by these harlots as these scragglies don’t like these simps. They prefer the thugs like Rum Head Frasier, Machete Man Briggy, Knife Man Priest, 50 Calibre Gilly and Ruff Cut Larry.

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You really can’t make this stuff up!


The Beta Male Father

Add a heading

Very interesting video but not in this case what I’m talking about. I have a different perspective of something what I’m goanna talk about but hope evryone is doing well. Hold tight North West London.

Right, we all know that the ratchet black women are raising children on their own. We all know that 77 per cent of black women in America are raising children by themselves and in Britain it’s around 49 per cent. I’ve been saying that all the time. And most of the time, these ghetto ratchet women are living off the government. And also they have a simp that are living off the woman and taking care of other men’s children. And these are the simps are coming after SYSBM because there is no way in a million years that thinking black men will date, be in relationship or marry these ghetto ratchet, ghetto gagging hoodrats that they love and obey.

When you see a ratchet woman from the so called black community, everyone knows that she hasn’t had a father growing up. And that is very common in the community. There are so many father homes in the community and it’s in a high percentage. We have so many black women that haven’t grow up with a father in their lives and so does black men as well. If the father died when they were little children, then I’ll understand. However, what about the ratchet black woman and these simpish dudes who was raised with a father in the household. You guys must the thinking “What you mean by that blud? What you mean by that?”

Alright guys, here’s the thing. I know this ratchet girl I know when I use to live in Brent, North West London. The bitch cause havoc for me. And she lived near me as well. I was living in Brenthurst Road and she was living in Denzil Road. And her little brother as well, good God! One evening when I was leaving my sister’s house when she was living in Neasden. I saw her at the bus stop with her mother, her father and her little brother. Me and her was talking (Don’t ask me why I talked to the ratchet broad, please). I saw the father and when I think about it as a man who is now entered in his 40’s who has decoded everything, I was like “That nigah’s feminine blud. Motherfucker’s weak.”

When a girl has a beta male father around her, there’s goanna be a chaotic chick around causing nothing but bullshit with other people and I think she has. I was trying to avoid this chick because I couldn’t stand her and over 20 years later, I still can’t stand her. When you have a father in the household, when the child or children don’t behave and the mother has problems discipline them, that’s when daddy comes in a puts his foot down or put his foot up their asshole, you get me? But when a beta male father is around, it’s the total opposite. He’s not firm towards his daughter or son. I wish I know about this scraggle daggle of North West London. I should off ask questions about her but now I don’t need too.

You guys must be wondering “Yo my G, why does she has a father who is a beta male? This ain’t psychology people but I’ll tell you anyway. When a ratchet black woman sees a man who is strong minded, serious and don’t play around, do you think that she will make him nut inside her and have a child by him? Hell to the no, star! The ratchet woman needs to bring some sort of chaos and the black man who is strong minded will not allow his daughter to be some ratchet individual that will cause fuckery for anyone. So, the ratchet black woman will choose some guy who is nothing but beta. And where I’m from, being beta is a no. no!

As Money Cultural sees the stat of black women in Britain, black British men are not making moves towards them as before. They are not chatting them up and try getting their phone numbers. Black British men are with non black women because they will refuse to tolerate the ratchet black women’s behaviour. The scraggly from North West London have two children one boy and one girl and I hope those kids take the positive route and don’t take up their mother’s ratchetness. I didn’t know that something like this could actually happen because a ratchet black woman comes from a home where the father is absent but I would never, ever thought that a ratchet chick can be raised with a father in the household. Let me tell you something. Black women like her is the reason why 60 per cent of black men in Britain are with non black women.

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The ratchet black women is raising children by their own and everyone knows that. But a ratchet black woman will choose a beta male simp to be a father if she wants to raise them in a two parent household.


The End Of The Clean Up Man?

clean up man

Start scrubbing

There is a new thug in town. The man just landed in England just the other day. And the scraggle daggles are losing their minds with desire, lust and love for the man. It’s not the simp like Dr Foolmar Johnson who has a cocaine addiction or the good black man who is well off. His name is Rugged Man Denis. The scraggle daggle are going nuts for him to backside. But it’s the weekend now and it’s also but its bone fire night. Guy Fawkes Day. Day to remember, the 5th of November. Fireworks are goanna explode in the sky tonight. But Rugged Man Denis is goanna light up some fireworks tonight with on of them scraggle daggles in the bed tonight.

Everyone knows what happened to the swirl queen Christelyn Karazin with her leaving her throne behind to be with a black man. Everyone knows that now. And we know that she did this swirl thing just to get some money. When she was doing the swirl thing with these below average beta males, she was showing nothing but a huge distain towards black men and putting black men under the bus. She wasn’t put the ruff neck black men under the bus which she truly prefers. But anyway, she find herself the clean up man because she has children and it looks like the simps is goanna take care of them children. Here this thing that I was thinking about. Are we goanna see the end of the clean up man? The simple answer is no!

clean up man 2

Damn white sugar

Guys, there is goanna be a simp somewhere in the woodworks who is willing to take care of another man child or children. And while he is doing that, he will come after SYSBM for not dating, be in a relationship or marrying these ghetto ratchet scraggly daggly hoodrats that he loves and adores. There are loads of simps that are coming after SYSBM but the SYSBM crew will shut these fools down with pure logic. This is a huge civil war between the simps and SYSBM and this battle has been going on for almost ten years now. Mad Bus Driver X says that thinking black men must take themselves elsewhere and date non black women and stay away from the ghetto ratchet hoodrats.

As black men are marrying no black women and having children with them, the mad, ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are sending their knight in shinny armour the simps to come after black men who are with non black women. Because black men who are with white, Asian and Latin women are not goanna be with these dungles who has a lust for the thug dudes like Weed Man Jake, Street Man Ratty, 50 Calibre Gilly, Long Cock Bobby, Collie Weed Stanley and Rugged Man Denis, the newest thug in Harlesden, North West London. Most of the time, these man are the ones that these scragglies lust after. Not the good black man or the simp dude.

We will always have a clean up man that will not only will defend these ghetto whores when thinking black men talk about them but he will live off these women because they are living off the system with the huge amount of money they get from The simps are not capable of having children of their own, maybe but they are ready to look after a next man’s child and make it as their own. These simps will yell out “These are our queens!” but these scraggs will not like them draw down their knickers and have the punany like they do when Corner Boy Ronney, Knife Man Priest, Ruff Cut Larry, Big Dick Rodney, Fuck All Night Fred.

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cleanup man 3

The clean up man ain’t pulling the dust pan and broom away. He’s is ready to clean up the next man’s mess. He’s is scrubbing hard!


The Scraggles Daggles And Their Small D Energy Term


Let me start off with this. Did you hear what the model Katie Price did? She was arrested for driving while having a suspended license and flipped the car on it’s side. I was wondering why would she do that? People say that she is going through some things in her life but there is not excuse for this. And also, the good news is that former metropolitan police officer Wayne Couzens will be serving a life sentence without parole for the kidnap, rape and murder of marketing executive Sarah Everard. When this horrible event happened, people have no confidence with the police now. We know about black people getting stopped by the cops and I see it all the time but this right here has now made every one lose confidence with the police. And be prepared for my article on Monday on Money Cultural, since this happened everyone now need to be more streetwise then ever.

You know when a black man or a thinking black man talks about the ratchet behaviour of black women from acting a certain way especially in public right down to dressing inappropriately, the scraggle daggle black women will have something to say to defend that. Well, obviously they will say something like for instance. If a black man says something like black women should dress in an appropriate manner or anything like that, they will make a reaction video. And when they record it when their ratchet selves, they will say to the man that he has small dick energy.

Right, they will say other shit to the black man like calling him a sell out, gay or saying that he has a small dick because of the way these scraggs dress and act when they are in public spaces, you get me? They have use this term all the time over the years when black men say something about they’re bad behaviour and they are not afraid to show it in public. And these scraggle daggles will go on attack mode and use this tactic to shame them when they get getting rightfully judged for their badness.

Why are these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are using this small dick energy term? The first reason is that it’s a defence method to hide the truth of what they are doing. The second reason is that they are trying to emasculate them. They are trying to feminine the man. They have been doing that all the time. And the lastly, the third reason is that they ain’t getting no dick at all. That’s right, they are getting no fuck! Why would any man would have sex with these scraggs with they’re polluted crutch?

As these scraggle daggles using this term on a regular basis, there is one thing. Can they handle the big dick? Because what happens if a man slam it up her hard? Can she take it? A scraggle daggle should not be cocky because she might scream out as the big dick is ramming up her belly, hard. They may not bare the brunt of 12 Inch Gary, Long Pipe George, Ramming Them Steel and Stretchers ramming it up their stomach when these scraggle daggles have their legs open to them. They may not hack it.

It’s nothing but a shaming tactic these scarggle daggle use when thinking black men telling the truth of the dysfunctional black woman. And there are some simps that are willing to defend these scraggle daggles when thinking black men talk about the scraggles ratchetness. It’s just the usual thing with these simp dudes while these hoodrats show love and appreciations to the thugs and the bad boys they lust after. If a man says to another man that he has small dick energy, then you start thinking about the guy’s his sexual orientation.

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It’s just a shaming strategy that these harridans use to thinking black men when they talk about their behaviour.


Look At Them As A Sexual Thing When It Comes To Single Mothers

black chick 3

black chick 4

Right, in the United States of America, there are 77 per cent of black women who are single mothers. And it Britain, well I think it’s about 49 per cent. Don’t get me wrong, there are single white mothers too with around 20 per cent of them are single moms but it might of gone up now. The reason why we have a high rate of black women as single mothers is because there is a system they can live off by. And the black women who are living off the system are these ghetto ratchet hoodrats. When they became single mothers, they will get everything from the government like free money, housing, food stamps if they are in America and so on. But what about dating a single woman with children? It’s not a great idea because a childless man will not deal with a woman with children because he will not be a father of children which doesn’t belong to him. So the best thing for him, is a sexual relationship with the single mother.Yep, I said it!

You guys must be wondering “But a childless man can’t be with a woman with children. You’re a simp if you goanna be with a single mother. Na blud!” And I have to agree on that. There is no way that a man with no children should copy Russell Wilson and take a father role of a child which is not his. People are still shocked by that. Even me, I’m shock by it. But when it comes to a sexual relationship, boom! That is fine. You don’t want a permanent relationship with them or marry them. So a sexual thing is the thing. There are some single mothers might be upset with this but a man with no children is just not goanna marry them. But the simps will be with these women that are single mothers.

black chick

When I’m on that dating website Badoo, I see some of the women are single mothers regardless of the colour. When I see their profile, I see some have children. And they say also that on their profile “If you are looking for sex, then you look the other way.” But the thing is that he’s not goanna deal with a woman that has children. The man will look at a single mother as an MILF which stands for Mother I Like to Fuck. And they will treat them that way. But there are some websites where are a tons of MILF’s that any man that have for a sexual encounter. And these women on these dating websites are MILF’s anyway. So they can’t deny that.

Have I ever been with one before? Well, I had two women from Jamaica who has children. I have explained it of the five part article Jamaican Pudding. And also, I had a sexual encounter with a single mother up at Stonebridge, North West London. She was a weed smoker and her house was not tidy at all. And which man in their right mind would have a woman like that? If your mother sees you with a woman like that she will open up her mouth and curse you out. Even my mum will open her big ass month if I have a woman like that. She knows that I can do the fuck better.

If a single mother wants a relationship, they why not choose a man that has children? Because these single mothers are looking for a sucker to take care of children which doesn’t belong to them. And when the guy refuses to be a sucker, they get completely mad. But they will end up with the simp and that is the man that they don’t wanna be with for the rest of their lives. Because the simps will not take care of the woman financially and live off the woman. Not only that, he is willing to take care of children which belongs to Long Cock Bobby, Corner Boy Ronny, Cell Block Scrappy, Big Dick Rodney and Street Man Ratty.

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A man who is childless will not settle down with a woman with children, but if it’s a sexual thing or a sexual affair, then that’s all good!

black chick 2

Four letters people. MILF!




On 9:47, Pink says that this is a really good simptervention of him. But will this guy learn is lesson?

So this guy had the nerve to go back to an woman while she breeding? They broke up and she got pregnant by her ex boyfriend. And when she got pregnant by the dude, the simp decides to come back to her and prepare to take care of another man’s baby? The ex boyfriend’s baby? The audacity of the man! What is he thinking? Pink Book Lessons who made this masterful video said that this is a really good simptervention for him. When I heard that, I went what? I laughed at first when I heard that from her. So I decide to find out what it is because I know about these simp dudes are simping hard for these women who are nothing but below par.

This is the most dangerous Jezebel I even seen, good God!

What is simptervention? Is when a simp begins to educate and develop himself after suffering the consequences of simping. (These are my words.) It’s like a wakeup call for the simp when he finally realise that it’s taking him nowhere. It will take a simp into a disastrous situation when he’s a simping for a woman who is nothing but mediocre. As we have more and more simps around, they are coming after black men who are talking about these scraggle daggles because of the bad, ratchet behaviour. Because they are defending their queens that they love, honour and worship. They will pay the price of simping for these hoes, trust me people.

These simps need to look into themselves and start to think why are they defending these scraggs and get a bad result? There is a reason why and I know what it is. And I think you guys know too. The reason why these simps are defending these worthless scragglies is because they are siding with them just o get some of that punany. These strategic moves are becoming more and more common now and I see it all the time. SYSBM see it as well. They see the tactic that these simps are using just to get some coochie. That is the reason why these simps are defending these women all because they want is that sweet, sweet pum pum they are coming for but they ghetto ratchet hoodrats are throwing the clit to the thugs, the bad boys and the worthless men that they lust for.

They really need to listen now. These simps are getting played left, right and centre because these ghetto ratchet hoodrats don’t wanna be with them. And the simptervention, is really the start of this. What the simps are ding is really, really dangerous, to their heart! Because when these ghetto ratchet scraggly women stabs them in the back, they are goanna feel it star! It’s goanna really fuck them up. They goanna feel the heartache, the pain and the misery when the scraggle daggles kick them to the curb and open their legs to 357 Jimmy, Ruff Neck Desmond, Cell Block Scrapp, Rum Smuggler Don, Whiskey Baron Tony, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta.

Simptember is the month of the simps and these simpish dudes are roaming around the place willing to take care of another man’s child or children. Its step daddy season Brittany Renner call it and these single mothers are looking for a sucker to take care of their children which belongs to a next man. But these simps are preparing to take care of another man’s child and make them as their own kids, shit! I have seen a simp who is in a relationship get breed up by another man and willing to take care of another man’s baby. Can any man live with that? I can’t. It seems like these simps like to be use as doormats.

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Shouts out the Pink Book Lessons for this great video. I kind of put an meaning on that term. These simps, I don’t see them learning. I really. The Simp Super League is evolving.


Step Daddy Season

step dad crap 2

It’s step daddy season. Yeah!

She’s on a hunt for a step father!

The simps and the beta males have taken over. I repeat the simps and the beta males have taken over. They are all over and there is nothing that we can do about it. Everyone knows that the beta males are is in an emotional wreck but the Simp Super League is evolving very quickly with the number of simps around attacking SYSBM. The simps and the SYSBM are battling back and forth because these simps are angry that SYSBM will not be in a relationship or marry these ghetto ratchet hoodrats. But anyway, it’s still Simptember and we have this dangerous harlot Brittany Renner who is looking for a step daddy.

What is step daddy season? It’s a season when a woman who is a single mother is looking for a man that will take care of her children. When it comes to these single mothers right, they are looking for a man especially a good black man to look after children which it doesn’t belong to them and these ratchet women are looking for men that are highly successful. But the thing is that these single mothers are goanna have a very time looking for a like that because that a man who successful will not choose a single mother. Because he will never in a million years will take care of a next man’s responsibility.


Oh really!?

When a childless man especially a black one say that he will not be with a woman with children, these single mothers will go flip mode and come after him. They will look at him as a villain because he doesn’t wanna be with a woman with children. And also, these simps will be attacking him as well defending their honour. I have seen this fuckery time and time again with these simps, captain save a hoes, pro wanks, ghetto soy boys and oil of olay men siding with these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles coming after black men most of the time because there are some black men will not deal with these wretched women.

As the good black man says no to single mothers, the simps who are thirsty will try to get these single mothers and be in a relationship or marry them. These simps will do the Russell Wilson method and marry these women quicker then any one can blink. These simps are hunting for these women who have children so they can live off her and not taking care of her financially. But these scraggle daggles don’t wanna be with these simps. They just use them as enforcers, henchmen and goons when black men talk about their wretchedness. They want no simp!

There are so many woman with children are looking for a step daddy. These single mothers are on the prowl for a man that can take care of their children but they will end up empty handed because there are men that will not take care of another man’s foundation and the thugs and the bad boys like Weed Man Jake, Machete Man Briggy, Ruff Cut Larry, Rapid Fire Rasta and Fuck All Night Fred. They goanna end up with the simps and that will be a huge doom for them. Or they say single for the rest of their lives.

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Damaged Goods

jhonni blaze 2

black woman emotional

Bareback Fountain is YouTube number stalker. He’s earned it now. He has been stalking other men and having their video clips on his channel. He’s even have video clips of me on his channel as well. The man has been stalking me constantly until I found out why. The reason why the man is stalking me and other dudes online or showing this weird behaviour is because of what happened to him in his childhood when he was beaten up by his mother. So that is the reason why he’s doing this stalking online. When black men talk about their mothers, they talk about the abuse they went through. But what about the women?

The high heels come off and she goes off to attack!

Jhonni Blaze is a former stripper and prostitute who is now a singer. She’s very, very talented. She can really sing. She’s got a good voice but that’s not the case here. We all know that Jhonni Blaze has a ratchet side. We have seen her arguing and fighting. Go and look at the reality show Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta when you see her kicking off. Tommy Sotomayor did a video about Jhonni Blaze having a miscarriage while she was on stage twerking which to be honest, that wasn’t true. Both made a video of each other. She made a rant video and then he came back with an ether video. But I found something really tragic happened to her. And that is when she was molested by her step father when she was young.

First this, guys!

And then this!

Alright, time to get serious now.

At the age of 13 years old, Jhonni Blaze was molested by her step father. When she told her mother about him raping her, her mother didn’t believe her. So her mother send her away to like a teenage insane asylum because the mother feel like she acting crazy. When Jhonni came out, her mother says that she has two choices. She can stay with her or she can live with her father. Yo, Blaze just left the mother. And the thing is that her mother sides with her step husband. Her mother and her husband are now divorced and Jhonni Blaze pay for it. Jhonni, why you pay for the divorce? The motherfucker can pay the thing himself.

As I was watching a video from Pink Book Lessons called Toxic Mothers Never Take Accountability for their Role in their Daughter’s Depression, I was always thinking that “They never take accountability on anything. They never do!” And this is the reason why we have so many black girls are just damaged goods. Because their mother are also damaged goods, you get me? Not only black men have been through physical abuse by their mothers, but their daughters go through hell with their mothers from beating them and posting it online letting the whole world to see or they will side with the man and don’t care with their daughters.

As you see these young black girls, we have seen them fighting other girls in gas stations, raves, night clubs, shopping malls, in buses and trains, everywhere. And you know which homes they come from? Yep, single mother households. These toxic mothers in the so called black community, they will damage their daughters. Sometimes we see these mothers showing envy towards their daughters because their mothers have hit the wall and they see their daughters growing up to be a beautiful woman. So the envy these mothers have on their daughters will come in a flash.

We all know that Jhonni Blaze can be very toxic. Yes, I agree on that. But the reason for that is her mother is a toxic woman as well. And her mother let this man move in with her probably not helping her paying the bills, rent/mortgage and living off her siding with him when Jhonni Blaze. I do have a toxic mother and when we argue, the arguments are loud and furious. Pure narc I got here. I do feel sorry for this lady. No doubt about it. Even though she had a traumatic childhood, when through human trafficking and drinking, I hope everything turns out good for her now and her music career turns out good as well.

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jhonni blaze

I understand that Jhonni Blaze can be ratchet, aggressive and vicious but she has gone through a lot. I hope she does well in music career but she needs a healing like everyone else who has been hurt, especially by the person who share the same blood as you.


Black Women Do It Too

black woman with dog

Right, when you see some black women do something ratchet, they always say that white women do it too. They always say that just to hide their guilt. They will say that white women do this; white women do that as and so on and so on and so on. But when it comes to sex with animals, they say that white women make the dog have sex with them. But we do see black women engaging into the bestiality stuff. But hope everyone is having a good bank holiday Monday. Unfortunately there is no carnival this year up at Ladbroke Grove because of the covid 19. It would of been it’s 55th year. Hey they call the pandemic the “plandemic” because this was a plan to destroy the economy with these lockdowns. The government haves an huge issue with the British economy. Crazy!

I was reading an article from Slaying Evil. Really good website. I was reading an article he has written called This Is Your Queen? White Women Do It Too Right? And there is a video of a dog humping the black woman. And there is a black woman who recording the humping was laughing her head off. You should never people the internet, oh boy. And black people, well some say that white women have sex with dogs. Right, the scraggle daggle black woman do engage into the bestiality thing, you get me? There is proof. Go type up “black woman’s bestiality” and you see what black women doing with the animals. Oh wow! The link is below people:

I’m really not surprised of what the scraggle daggles are up to most of the time with them getting breed off by thugs that they lust after like 357 Jimmy, Rizly Dizly, Cell Block Scrappy, Street Mice, Six Shooter Derrick and Ruff Cut Larry. And they do go after the beta male Bottom Shelf Brad but they do engage into bestiality also. When I type black women’s bestiality, oh fuck! I saw all the clips of black women having sex with the animals. I just have to close the page because it was so shocking to see them things. It looks they were watching the legendary underground film Animal Farm.

Why do black women say that white women do it too? Well, they are white women that do have sex with the animals that barks, has four legs and tail. And not that, they have sex with other animals as well. But they thing is right, we know that black women do have sexual adventures with animals. Go on the internet if you want proof of black women getting dick down by animals. So they can’t say that they white women do it too while they engaging the same thing of what some white women are doing. Well, because they have a huge hatred towards the white woman because the white woman can grow her hair natural and black women have to spend 10 billion dollars every year just to by weave, just to look like their arch enemy.

It looks like bestiality is up on the rise especially with black men having sex with these animals. We have in Africa when a man in Kenya had sex with a cow; well he had sex with more then one cow. Then we have a man had sex with a hen. The man just fucked it to death. In the Caribbean, there is a mentally ill mad man from Port Antonio, Jamaica known as One a penny that has sex with cows. The stories of the man that specialize with cows, I goanna tell you about the man who is ramming off cow one cow to another. But when it comes to black women, they do go into bestiality as well. Yeah, the bestiality scraggle. They get down to it when it comes to the animals.

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Black women engage into bestiality, just as white women do!


The Thugstas And The Scraggs That Love Them


Rapid Fire Rasta: Mi ah thugsta, Donovan!

Me: Yeah, I know!

We all know that the ratchet black women don’t like black men, well not the good black men. They have a hatred for him and I don’t know where the hate is coming from. When it comes to the simps, black women will not give him a chance at all. everybody knows that. Even me for goodness sake. But they do need the simps to use them as henchmen/enforcers when thinking black men talking about the ratchet black women’s behaviour. The only black man that these black women will go for is the thugs, worthless men, hopeless men and the unproductive men. They just love the thugstas.

If you walk down the street and you see a black woman and you wanna chirp her up, if you are a good black man, she will not be interested. If you are simps like Dr Foolmar Johnson, she will reject you in a heartbeat. But if you are a thug like Weed Man Jake who just came back from Milton Keynes seeing bags of weed, she will give you a chance. I’m just kidding about Weed Man Jake selling weed up at Milton Keynes. But seriously though people, the worthless type of dude will get a chance for the ratchet black woman. And she will open her legs to him later in the evening.

thuh 3

Yeah man. The scraggs love the thugstas. They have a huge desire for these men and the simps should know this very well. These simps don’t have a chance to be with these ghetto hoodrats because these hoodrats don’t like it when men lick up to them. But these scraggle daggles do like it when these simps go into battle to the thinking black men who is willing and I mean willing to defend themselves against these non intelligent simps that will get screwed over by these ghetto hoodrats. And it will eventually happen.

As these scragglies have children with them, these thugs will not be there of their children. They even won’t marry these women. Later down the years, they begin to chase the good black man. However, when the good black man sees the scraggle daggle with children, he kicks her to the curb because there is no way that he will be with a woman with children. So the ratchet black woman will have to go for the simps and that is nothing but doomsday for her because the simps will not help her financially when he’s in a relationships with her.

They will go for a good black man later down the line when he becomes successful having his own home, making lots of money and drives a Mercedes Benz S65 AMG. The simps don’t have a chance and thinking black men have told these simps numerous times that these scraggle daggles don’t wanna be with them. They don’t like these simps but they don’t fucking listen anyway. But when it comes to 357 Jimmy, Street Mice, Rizly Dizly, Rizla P, Six Shooter Derrick and Long Dick 44, these scraggs will go crazy for these men.

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