Homo Tube


I have no issues of anyone’s sexual orientation but hmmm!

You see, the internet is rife with dick policing. These simps are wondering where black men are putting their private parts in. The SYSBM call dick policing a homosexual thing because they wanna know how black men are using their ding a ling. Internet Simp Tyra Jamal Moore aka True Semen is stalking well known YouTuber Tommy Sotomayor for God knows how long. And the drunken, age terribly simp is still stalking the guy. I was watching a video from Tommy and the title is called Come On Lil Foots, I Have Not Bothered You In Forever Stop Making Up Beef Bro Ya Desperate!! Skip to 50:32 because True Semen has made a song for Tommy. It was so disturbing!

This drunken simp has ruined one of the greatest R&B song ever made. I’m a huge SWV fan and I have their first three albums until they split up in 1999. But then they come back together again. The original version, well the better version from SWV is from their first album It’s About Time which was released on October 27th 1992 by RCA Records and it had five hit singles. Why would any man make a sing a song to another man like that? A heterosexual man matter of fact? It goes to show that these simps are nothing but suspects because of the dick policing and having homosexual tendencies and this homosexual simp who is on a drunken marathon is one of them.

YouTube is infested with simps who has feminine tendencies and homosexual characteristics with the high level of dick policing and SYSBM is not afraid to call them out as these simps are doing nothing but attacking SYSBM because they refuse to choose these ghetto ratchet mediocre hoodrats that these simps and fighting and defending for. But SYSBM is ready to defend themselves as these simps and SYSBM go to war. And these simps will end up losing the battle with SYSBM for the love and honour for the ghetto hoodrats that they worship time and time again.

As these simps are defending these scraggle daggles of the ghetto, these hoodrats are thinking about getting wet when they think about 12 Gauge Mike, 357 Jimmy, Six Shooter Derrick, Ruff Neck Desmond, Pimp L, Street Mice, Longest Dick In Luton Nick, Watford Dread Barry and Fuck All Night Freed. These ghetto hoodrats will lose themselves into lust when they think about these worthless men that they are obsessed with. They are not thinking about these simps whatsoever. These simps are nothing but a turn off for them but they need them when thinking black men talk about the ratchetness of black women.

The reason why I have moved away from the manosphere is because that there was too many dick police there. That’s why I call it the homosphere. I was like “Fuck that, I’m good!” You would think that simps like True Semen would leave Tommy alone, but the man is still stalking him. This guy has nothing else to do but to mess with someone on the internet just because of their opinion. As this man did his gay version of weak from SWV, you must be wondering about his sexual orientation.

Just a classic tune from these ladies!


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