They Are Celebrating His Death. For Shame

kevin samuals in suit

We all heard that the well known YouTuber, image consultant and relationship guru Kevin Samuels had suddenly died on Thursdays aged 56. Everyone on Youtube were paying tributes to the man. However, not everyone is paying tribute to Kev. To be honest, there are some jackass people are celebrating the man’s death. And you know who it is? Yep, it’s these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles who are average at best right down to the simps that they don’t wanna be with. Hope everyone is doing well. I’m here with another one of these scraggle daggles and the simps who are in celebration of this man’s death. Lord help us!

This will be unforgettable, real talk!

As I see the ghetto ratchet black women and these simps who are their enforcers celebrating the death of Kevin Samuels, it really goes to show not only how society is now but how some black people really are as a people. The reason why they are celebrating the death of Kevin Samuels is because of his has delivery when he was talking to women who are at average at best that was a high value man and most of the time it black women that calls in on his live streams. Some men do call in but most of the time, it’s black women.

kevin samels and chick

fucking a fat bitch

How did he die? I heard that he died for a cardiac arrest. Some say that he died from a heart attack or he might of token the vaccine which might made him have the heart attack because he looked like he was in good health. I heard that he was with a woman named Ortencia Alcantara who is a 32 year old registered nurse in Atlanta, Georgia. I saw the pictures of her I was thinking she was a cute one. One cute bunny with them them thick brown thighs. I heard the rumours that he died on top of her. Guy, I don’t know if it’s true or not but all I know that he didn’t die alone. I thought that his death was a hoax but then on Friday morning, I went on YouTube and I found out that his death was actually true. I was sad that the man died but the thing that really upset me is when these ghetto gagging scraggle daggles and these simps are celebrating the man’s death. It really goes to show how low these simps and these scraggle daggles are and they are proving it right here.

the girl kevin samuels with

She ain’t bad at all. Matter of fact, she a cute brown bunny!

When the basket ball legend Kobe Bryant died in that helicopter crash in 2020 and his daughter died with him, the ghetto ratchet hoodrats with weave in their hair trying to look like they arch enemy the white woman was celebrating the man’s death. Why? Because he was married to a Latin woman and the man’s money is going to her and the children. And these scraggle daggles feels like his money should go to the so called black community. David Carroll who died, I’m not surprised that they celebrated when he died. And now, they are celebrating the death of this man all because he had an opinion of the harridans bad behaviour.

And these simps who are celebrating the death of this man with the scragglies, these ratchet heifers really don’t want them. They need them as henchmen to come after thinking black men when they talk about the ghetto ratchet hoodrats behaviour but when it comes to love, relationships and marriage, these scraggle daggles are not interested in them. They want the ruff neck dudes like Chopper Man Stoley, Machete Man Briggy, Rum Head Frasier, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta. These will probably think that these harlots will open their legs to them while they are celebrating Kevin Samuels’s death. Not a fucking chance, star!

As I see these black women celebrating the death of Kevin Samuels, it really goes to show that black women don’t care about black men. And you guys must be wondering “Yo Money C, what about thug man them? Do they care about black men who are thuggish, blud?” Well, that’s the men they prefer like Street Mice, Rizla P, Cell Block Scrappy, Corner Boy Ronney, Big Dick Rodney and Fuck All Night Freed. But most of the time, these scraggle daggles don’t care about black men. And they don’t care about the simps, captain save a hoes, ghetto soy boys, black cucks and the oil of olay men.

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kevin in suit 2

Rest In Peace Kevin Samuels!

Oh, one more thing. Actor Dennis Waterman died yesterday aged 74. The actor from Clapham, South London starred in TV shows like New Tricks, Minder and this, The Sweeney!

The opening was just hard!

Rest In Peace Dennis Waterman!


Just A Tactic What Thess Scraggle Daggles And The Simps Use


Don’t you just hate it when someone talks over you?

Right, you’re watching a live stream on YouTube. And you see a YouTuber talking to a scraggle daggle and the scraggly is talking over him. She does it a few times. Or she does it so many times. Then, they both start arguing and then the YouTuber ends it because she was just acting dysfunctional during the live stream. Now, a Youtuber is talking to a simp on a YouTube live stream and he’s talking over him. He does it over and over again. And guess what? The Youtuber cuts him off and doesn’t talk to the simp ever again. We have seen this so many times on YouTube every time when someone is talking to a ghetto ratchet hoodrat and a simp that is defending her honour.

You must be wondering why do they always do that. Why do they always do that shit? I was asking myself that question until I found the answer. The reason why these ghetto hoodrat over talk someone when they are explaining to them is that it’s nothing but a tactic they use so they don’t wanna here the honest truth about something which is something dysfunctional. When someone is being logical, they will talk over them just not here the truth. The simps are like that as well. They are using this tactical method also when a thinking black man is being logical. It goes to show that these simps and the ghetto ratchet hoodrats don’t listen.

When use this horrible tactic, they start a huge argument to the person that they are talking too. I have seen it all the time on YouTube when a simp or a ghetto black woman talk over someone. It’s really frustrating when someone does that when you are explaining something to that ignorant person. You guys must be thinking “What do you it’s a horrible tactic blud? Yo blud, explain that!” It goes to show that the person you are chatting to is not listening. And they refuse to listen also. When someone uses that fuckery towards me, I boil up in a heartbeat. And it’s also disrespectful as well.

Tommy Sotomayor on YouTube has gone through this when a ghetto hoodrat or a simp over talks him every single time when explaining something to them. And then he starts yelling at them when they do that nonsense. And then when things get more heated, he just cuts them off completely and he just goes on a rant afterwards. I don’t know if these ghetto ratchet hoodrats and the simps are narcissistic because I’m not a psychologist but they will upset a person when they over talk to them.

It’s very difficult to talk to these ghetto scraggle daggles. And it’s also difficult to talk to these simps as well. You don’t know how irritating it is to chat to these simps because when SYSBM is talking to them about these scraggle daggles that they are defending, they are not listening to them. These hoodrats don’t even care about these simps that they don’t want to be with. These harridans want the worthless black men like Cell Block Scrappy, Street Mice, 357 Jimmy, Rum Smuggler Don, Whiskey Baron Tony, Weed Man Jake, Full Auto Rob and Rapid Fire Rasta.

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Homo Tube


I have no issues of anyone’s sexual orientation but hmmm!

You see, the internet is rife with dick policing. These simps are wondering where black men are putting their private parts in. The SYSBM call dick policing a homosexual thing because they wanna know how black men are using their ding a ling. Internet Simp Tyra Jamal Moore aka True Semen is stalking well known YouTuber Tommy Sotomayor for God knows how long. And the drunken, age terribly simp is still stalking the guy. I was watching a video from Tommy and the title is called Come On Lil Foots, I Have Not Bothered You In Forever Stop Making Up Beef Bro Ya Desperate!! Skip to 50:32 because True Semen has made a song for Tommy. It was so disturbing!

This drunken simp has ruined one of the greatest R&B song ever made. I’m a huge SWV fan and I have their first three albums until they split up in 1999. But then they come back together again. The original version, well the better version from SWV is from their first album It’s About Time which was released on October 27th 1992 by RCA Records and it had five hit singles. Why would any man make a sing a song to another man like that? A heterosexual man matter of fact? It goes to show that these simps are nothing but suspects because of the dick policing and having homosexual tendencies and this homosexual simp who is on a drunken marathon is one of them.

YouTube is infested with simps who has feminine tendencies and homosexual characteristics with the high level of dick policing and SYSBM is not afraid to call them out as these simps are doing nothing but attacking SYSBM because they refuse to choose these ghetto ratchet mediocre hoodrats that these simps and fighting and defending for. But SYSBM is ready to defend themselves as these simps and SYSBM go to war. And these simps will end up losing the battle with SYSBM for the love and honour for the ghetto hoodrats that they worship time and time again.

As these simps are defending these scraggle daggles of the ghetto, these hoodrats are thinking about getting wet when they think about 12 Gauge Mike, 357 Jimmy, Six Shooter Derrick, Ruff Neck Desmond, Pimp L, Street Mice, Longest Dick In Luton Nick, Watford Dread Barry and Fuck All Night Freed. These ghetto hoodrats will lose themselves into lust when they think about these worthless men that they are obsessed with. They are not thinking about these simps whatsoever. These simps are nothing but a turn off for them but they need them when thinking black men talk about the ratchetness of black women.

The reason why I have moved away from the manosphere is because that there was too many dick police there. That’s why I call it the homosphere. I was like “Fuck that, I’m good!” You would think that simps like True Semen would leave Tommy alone, but the man is still stalking him. This guy has nothing else to do but to mess with someone on the internet just because of their opinion. As this man did his gay version of weak from SWV, you must be wondering about his sexual orientation.

Just a classic tune from these ladies!


Money Cultural, The You Tube Channel


This is Money Cultural, the channel.

I created this channel on 1st February 2020 and the first video was called The Death OF The Manosphere. And yes, the manosphere is now dead and will not get resurrected.

What is the channel is all about? You know when I talk about these scraggle daggles and these simps on Money Cultural? It’s the same thing as well on YouTube.

You know that Expose The Manosphere watches my videos. And he has video clips of me and other guys on YouTube. Him and the other simps are just defending these ghetto hoodrats just to get some punany but these scraggs don’t even care about these simps and captain save a hoes.

I got flagged when I did this video.

The most popular video on my channel is Black Men Dating Single Mothers when I explain about black men dating women with children.

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My Views On Tommy Sotomayor

Man this is the most stalked man on the internet. I want to talk about Tommy Sotomayor, the most hated man ever on YouTube. Real name Thomas Jerome Harris is a YouTube personality who he talks about the black women and their behaviour and also other stuff in the black community. He talks about the chaos of what black women are causing (not all) from fighting, cursing, making a scene in public, etc. He also talks about the multiple kids what black women have and raising them to be criminals and thugs in the black community. He does talk about the man too and mostly of them are simps like True Freeman, Bone picker, Kevin Smith, Canada Dry, Tyrone Thompson, Monty Woodgrain, Brendon Pratt, There Is More Hate Then Tommy (who is British), trust me, it’s a huge list and I mean huge.

Tommy talks about what black men including me talk about is black women wearing weave. I had numerous conversations with my friend and we walk about black women who wear weave and its all type of colours of this fake hair black women always wear. This is one of the biggest things he talks about as the same thing what us black men talk about. They called him Mr Controversy because of the things he says on YouTube. I don’t get offended of what he says because I don’t act like the people he talks about. There is one thing I have to say about him. I have a huge amount of respect for this man. The reason why is because he says what other black people are afraid to say and that’s the reason why he has so much people on You Tube coming after him and threatening his life also.

The things he has to go through with him getting stalked, getting threatens, they even threatened his family including they goanna rape his daughter. Now that’s not right. If you don’t like him of what he’s saying that is fine but you can’t threaten his family and threatening to rape is daughter. The reason why people hate what he’s doing is because people don’t want to be exposed of what they do and they don’t want someone showing people what is the negative behaviour is going on the black community which is lead by women. Everything this man is saying is so true. He says the things that I think about when I was in my early 20’s and now I’m saying this to my friend about the badness going on in the black community. So I have to give this man so much credit for this.

When I first saw him on You Tube in 2013, I was wondering why is he going hard on black women and now I see. I think he’s giving them tough love and that’s why they really need. So does the simps as well. He also get verbal abuse from other YouTubers like Tariq Nasheed aka The Lip Smakin’ Mack. Things was alright from the beginning but then Tommy asked him about while he was watching Hidden Colours 1,2 and 3, he never mention the Jews about financed and funded slavery on the three movies and Tariq Nasheed got upset and so he was calling Tommy crispy because of his dark skin. He also done a You Tube channel called The Crispy Show and it was the most offensive thing I have ever seen and I know because I’m a dark skin black male and I was one of them who flagged the channel and now the channel is gone and I mean disappeared.

Tommy Sotomayor is also a funny guy also. He makes me laugh all the time. I look at it as black comedy; it’s something comical but also has an unpleasantness to it also. His YouTube channels has been taken down so many times and it’s not even funny. Because the other You Tubers who hate him are flagging his channels . When he makes a new channel it gets taken down like a flash. The things this man has to go through with his channels getting taken down of what he’s saying which he’s seeing the truth about black women wearing weaves, having multiple kids with more than one dude, being violent, fighting, making a mockery of themselves, having tattoos (I have tattoos too), being obese, acting masculine.

On his YouTube he talks about black women is because of the experiences he had with them in the past. Does he hate black women? No, he just doesn’t like the things they are doing and that is the reason why he is commentating the things they are doing. Some of the time we see him yelling at people when he’s talking to them on his 1on1 channel because they just irritates him when they say something dumb or stupid which even I find it irritating like crazy which make me lose my temper. He has a big audience and 60 per cent of them are black women and the women are mostly intelligent not these ghetto hoodrats. They send him videos to him because they have had enough of the black woman’s ghetto ratchetness.

Where’s Ms Archduchess? Oh she doesn’t exist anymore. Ha, ha! The YouTube stalkers talks about his movie called Fatherless America saying to everyone that there is not goanna be a movie, he’s scamming everybody. Let me tell you something, if they donate to him then we would see a movie but I wish he did make the movie because we do need a documentary like Fatherless America because in the United States of America there is a lot of fatherless households especially in the black community and we do have fatherless homes in the United Kingdom. They always mess with him all the time because they have nothing to do in their spare time. There are also female You Tubers stalking him also so it’s not only the men messing around with him because he talks about wretched behaviour and the issues in the black community.

And they think that he’s getting rich over You Tube so they are messing with his money. They are jealous of him because what he can do something which none of these YouTubers can’t do and that’s what they are mad about. I’m not mad about of him saying what he’s saying about what’s going on with black people. Tommy is just raw, no nonsense in your face type of guy and if you don’t like it then watch another person on YouTube, simple. He does tell some funny stories though. There is one story when he said that he had sex with a woman with one leg. When he told that story, my mind when in all different directions and laugh. The thirst is real. I still laugh about it when I think about the story about him and the one leg woman. The guy has personality. He has a lot charisma. He has a lot intelligence and he doesn’t sound ignorant like other people I know. He talks a lot of logic when he talks on his YouTube videos.

The black YouTubers calls him a coon, a house nigger, coon ass nigger and all sorts of degrading words which other black people call me when I say the things black people are doing negativity but our own people need to know what’s going on in our communities right now because they are so many issues that need to sort out. At the end of it all, Tommy is brilliant. I love his videos and I love his shows as well when people call in when he does a certain topic but sometimes he has these simps calling in which is aggravating. People may think that he going in hard on black women but the reason why he’s talks the way he talks is because he has two daughter and he’s making sure his two girls don’t grow up to be like the women he talks about. To Tommy, keep on doing what you are doing. Keep on calling these people out. They hate you because you tell the truth and that is the reason they have so much resentment towards you. You are very truthful and also entertaining.

Peace Out