The Situation Between Christopher Williams And Puff Daddy



Right, if a man especially a black man wants to live a certain lifestyle like the gay lifestyle, then all power to him. In R&B music, there are male singers that are gay. The legendary Tevin Campbell, I heard that he’s a homosexual. And I have all of his albums and I’m hoping to get his greatest hits album. The lead singer of the R&B group of the 1990’s Intro Kenny Greene was bisexual and that made the group split up because his sexual orientation. And he died from compilations of AIDS/HIV in 2001. And I have both of their albums as well. Two great albums. I heard rumours of Music producer Puff Daddy being gay and the rumours are coming out. And he doesn’t need to come out as gay. But, he abused his power when the music mogul was with Christopher Williams in his office up at Bad Boy records. Or gay boy records! Hope everyone is doing well on this wet day. I have a disturbing one here but one here, I’m really not surprised that this happened. Oh boy!

Something for my female followers.

R&B singer Christopher Williams went to Puff Daddy office looking for a record deal He made one album before he saw Puff and the album was called Adventure In Paradise which was made in 1989. I really don’t know when this situation happened. So Christopher Williams went to Puff looking for a record deal up at Bad Boy. This what Puffy said to the R&B singer. He says that “If you want this record deal, you have to give me some time tip!” In other words that if Christopher Williams want this record deal, then he has to give him oral sex. Christopher Williams starts to think about but he wants to be the man. He wants to be number one. So, he went on his knees and start giving Puff Daddy top.

As Christopher Williams was giving Puffy dom, a woman who was one of lead councils of Bad Boy walks into his office. As she walks into the office, all she sees is Christopher Williams on his knees giving Puffy top. The woman was in shock as she saw Christopher Williams sucking off Puff. And when they got caught, Christopher Williams kept sucking away. They didn’t even stop. The next day Puff Daddy came into her office and said to her “Yeah, you so you came in there. So what!? You goanna say something?” And the woman says “Ah no, I just don’t understand why you leave the door unlocked if you goanna so something like that?” And he says that “I’ll do whatever the fuck I wanna do in my building. And he also said to her “If I can make a man suck my dick, I can make people do anything for money” Puff Daddy cut Christopher Williams a check and the record deal never happened. And the woman? She left Bad Boy.

The Tarot cards do not lie!

It was about power and Puffy was throwing his weight around. He feels like he can make anyone do anything, especially when it comes to money. But my thing is this. If Christopher Williams thought about this, why do it? Why would he go on his knees and give Puff Daddy toppers? Because he wanted a record deal. There was a snag in his music career with the rap allegations, child support problems and he was struggling personally. And he wants to be the man who was top of the mountain before. And the thing is that Christopher Williams denied that he was getting Puff Daddy top just to get a record deal which the deal didn’t happened. With him throwing his power, did Puff Daddy manipulate Christopher Williams?

That rape allegation he had hurt his career, he had child support problems like every other black men who are on child support which is absolutely real dreaded thing and the academy award winning actress Halle Berry said that he was the abuser in the relationship when their were together. That’s a damn fucking shame that Christopher Williams will put himself in a situation like that and don’t reap the benefits. No wonder the negro is fucked up. I’m not surprised that something like this has happened because I know what is going on in the music industry with the gay and homosexual rituals. If a man is not doing the same sex ritual, he will not be successful. The women has to do the same sex rituals as well.

Here’s Horace Brown’s voice on the chorus, yo!

After what I heard about Christopher Williams when down on bended knees just to give Puffy sloppy toppy, will I listen to music from Christopher Williams? He’s a fantastic singer and I think he would make more they four albums in his career. I have three of his albums Changes, Not A Real Man and Real Men Do. And the Real Me Do album was his last album and it was made in 2001. I don’t have his first album though and his first album is goanna be hard to find. So I need to find a CD store to find his first album. Maybe Soul Brother in East Putney, South West London might have it. But the thing is will have that kind of album their shelves because most of the time they sell soul and jazz music so I don’t know that they have an album from the New Jack Swing era.





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I know that he was struggling in his career but should of walked out of that office when Puff Daddy tell him what to do just get a record deal. For Puffy, it was nothing but manipulation.

This is a jam though.

A banger from one of the greatest soundtracks ever made!


The Black Fruit 3: Eaten Cheeks

black fruit 2

First I wanna give a shout out with Kid Orgainc with the YouTube video of when C Boogie Productions did a live stream of his getting his asshole eaten out. And I also wanna give a big shout outs to Verbs2015 with his article about C Boogie, getting his ass eaten out. I thought that I will never do a third instalment of the black fruit but it’s here now. But hope everyone is doing alright. Outside is really cold and raining so when you walking outside, wrap up warm. I need to get some more long coats because I wanna go in winter with style. Winter, here I come with some style. Not expensive though!

Here’s the live stream, people! The story unfolds from 34:10 to 36:30

This is Kid Organic’s video to this

The title name though, lol!

You know I have no issues of anyone sexual orientation and I know you goanna say “You always say that blud!” Yeah I always say that but this one here, oh God! YouTuber C Boogie told a story of him getting drunk. He left the night club with two women and some guy that he didn’t even know. And then he continue to tell the story, he said that a woman turned him around and eat his ass out. I’m not lying people, the Negro said that on his stream blud! And when his asshole was eaten out or finished getting eaten out, his says that he was looking for the condom wrapper if he and the woman had sex. He was looking around the bed if he sees nut on the bed sheet. My goodness! He said his trousers were down as well, I don’t wanna go into detail of what the man has said on his live stream.

Cock Boogie was on Bareback Fountain’s live stream and when I saw bits of it, I was thinking that he’s goanna come after black men who are with non black women. He did a video a long time ago of him getting a whole leap of women. He was saying women was knocking his door wanting to sleep with him because he said that was a handsome man. But now as I see it, I don’t know if I believe this guy. So this is the dom game all about. Getting your ass eaten. There is no way a woman will ever eat a man’s ass out. The only time a woman will eat booty or do anal pleasure is when she’s doing it to another woman. If the woman is like that.

And when he told the story of him getting flipped over by the woman, I didn’t believe that neither. There is no way that a woman will have the strength to flip a guy to his stomach to eat his behind. To be honest, it must of been a man flipped him over and eat his booty out. And I think that more happened that night when his butt cheeks getting munched away. When he said that he was looking for the condom wrapper, the man must off plow C Boogie from behind and walked out the bedroom with the rubber on his private section and took the wrapper with him.

The black manosphere or homosphere kicked out C Boogie after he told the story of him getting eaten out from behind. Here’s the thing. If they kicked C Boogie out of the homosphere, then why they have a suspect dude like Kevin Samuels in the homosphere? (I am not calling it the manosphere. There’s no way!) Kevin Samuels did a live stream and he was talking to a young black male who ask him about how to get women. And Kevin Samuels ask him about his penis size. Everyone on YouTube went in on this. I even did an article about Kevin Samuels ask the young lad about his dick size.

I have no issues of any man who is homosexual. He can do whatever he wants in his life. He can live a certain lifestyle but on this YouTube, there are black men who are showing these homosexual tendencies. We had Kevin Samuals asking a guy is cock size, we had IBMOR BGS saying that he will fuck Kid Organic up the cheeks when they were beefing left, right and centre we has a Charlamagne The God said that he will go down on Tekashi 69, Woke Poofgressive 2.0 confess that he’s gay when he was talking about black men with non black women and now we have the dom game Cock Boogie Productions telling a story about him getting his bum bum eaten out.

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I’m goanna talk about this booty licking stuff. And I heard that R&B singer Faith Evans eat the late rappers The Notorious B.I.G’s crack out! Errr — alright!


Jamaica Has Really Changed

jamaican flag


jamaican trans 2

My mum who is in Jamaica right now called me today while I was on the train heading back home and she says that the man who send the car to her damaged, he said that he will pay for the damage he caused. The fool send the frigging car to St. Thomas, Jamaica damaged and never told the woman. And the man said that he will not fix the car or send the parts to her. The man didn’t take no responsibility of the damage of the Ford Kuga. People, the man ain’t easy. Yep, Friday stress is here. But hope everyone is doing well. Money Cultural is doing alright. If you had a hard week working hard, sit back and have a glass of red wine and chill. If you are looking for a job, just don’t give up until you get one. Jamaican men are coming for some ass now. They are hunting for some backside to slam out.

The Jamaican tranny says “Ah batty excitement round here!” And the taxi man ask the driver if he lean him some money. whole up, your a taxi man and you didn’t pay her — I mean him for sex?

As I see this video, I agree with Dancehall Skilla that Jamaica has really changed. Back in the days when I was young, there was no homosexual or no T – girl in JA. Well, they where homosexuals and Trans women when I was young when I visit to Jamaica but I didn’t see them but now, it seems like Jamaica have changed, big time. We expect this in Europe especially in Britain and also in America but now we are seeing this in the country where my parents are from. Not only we see gay men but there are transsexual women who have becomes ladies of the night. Well, male ladies of the night.

Yeah man, these tings ah gwan in Jamaica, you get me? With all the dancehall songs with anti gay lyrics, the homosexual men, lesbians and the T – girls, they are everywhere. Now, I have no issues with anyone who has a certain lifestyle. I have seen it in Britain as long they don’t bring that fuckery towards me but yo people, everything is different now with the land of wood and water. Not that kind of wood thank you very much! They say that Jamaica is the most homophobic country in the world and I do agree with that with gays, homosexuals and transgender people getting attacked and even killed.

There are so many incidents of people who like the same sex getting attacked because of their sexual orientation. There was a video on YouTube of security guards beating two gay men because they were doing sexual activities in the toilet and everybody was there watching them getting beat down calling them batty boy, batty man fi dead and so on. And there was another YouTube video of a young kid who was beaten to death. I think the two videos have been taken down. There are some young homosexual men cannot go back to their families and also to the community because the people and the community don’t want them there and they will get killed there because of their lifestyle.

I have a niece that is a lesbian. I was heading home to Watford at that time I was living there and she was walking with me. She was going to Dolis Hill tube station heading to Stratford, East London. She was talking about homosexuality to me and I said that “It’s a person’s choice. It someone wanna live their life, so be it.” So she told me that she is a lesbian. She told her mum and her other family members. I didn’t have issue it. To be honest, I had a real feeling that she likes girls because of her mannerism, you get me? My mum knows now and she wasn’t happy about her eating punany. Her girlfriend follows me of Instagram and my niece too.

We have a lot of things in this beautiful island where my family is from. We have we have these young people getting into crime and drugs, poverty, beautiful women and some of them are very ratchet, we have Jamaican men killing off the women and then they kill themselves afterwards and now there are gays and homosexuals in Jamaica. Jamaica is different now with the homosexuality in that island. No matter, I will still visit the country known as Jamaica and I wanna get a Jamaica National Football Shirt, even though I like the Netherlands. You know you see the black women that wear this weave? Well, the transsexual women are wearing it as well. Even Brazilian weave.

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jamaican trans

Yeah man, Jamaica has really, really changed!


Bareback Fountain And His Abusive Mother


Remember this people?

There is a simp that is going in on SYSBM. The man is attacking the lifestyle Mad Bus Driver has created in 2012. The simp name is SWAG BOY 360 who is another simp who is on the relentless attack on SYSBM and Mad Bus Driver X. Hey star, you might as well change his name SIMP BOY 360 because the boy did a 360 turn went into simp mode, you get me? The guys on YouTube say that they’ll be no more simping in 2021. Hey, there is goanna be more and more simps going on the attack on SYSBM. Dr. Foolmar Johnson, Shawn James, Woke Poofgressive and have declared war on SYSBM. And there’s another guy who is on the prowl on SYSBM as well.

There’s a stalker I know on YouTube. His name is Bareback Fountain and he is known as Expose The Monosphere. Originally he’s Aaron Fountain but there is a reason I call him Bareback Fountain. When saw the videos of his channel, I have seen clips of YouTubers who are MGTOW, IBMOR and even SYSBM. He’s even stalked me on frequent occasions on YouTube as he has clips on me on his channel. And I have done numerous videos about him stalking me. It is so weird that a grown man who will stalk another man on YouTube and other social media outlets. Bareback Fountain is coming after SYSBM just like the simps because the SYSBM crew will not be in a relationship or marry the scraggle daggles that him and the other simps are defending.

You guys must be wondering why the hell is a grown man is stalking another man? Even I was thinking “Bomba claat, why him ah stalk me pan the internet?” Yo people, I was getting irritated because the guy is a complete nuisance! Every time I make a video about SYSBM, the man is stalking me. I even told my friend who live up at Kingsbury, North West London that the fool is stalking me. I said “Fucking hell, him a stalk me so? Mi rass claat!” When I see him stalking me, Mad Bus Driver X, King Sigma, Verbs2016, Quincy 82 and all of the others, I started to wonder why is the man stalking me and other men. Then I found the answer.

Right, I heard that when he was a young boy, he was physically abused by his mother. His mother use to beat him when he was a child. He didn’t grow up with a father, he’s father must of left him when he was a child but he was beaten up by his mother when he was a child. You see there are a lot of black men who has been beaten up by their mothers when they were children. And not only physical abuse but mental abuse, verbal, even sexual abuse also. And when you look at it, when some black boys grow up to be men, they physically abuse their wives or girlfriends. Legendary rapper and producer Dr. Dre is a prime example of this. He use to get beat by his mother and the result of that, he use to beat down R&B singer Michel’le.

When I was little boy, I use to get the belt from my mother all the time. Not only the belt, I got the slippers, the bare hand, yep people, you name it. But when I was a teenager, I use to have the worse attitude and I mean the worse. I use to yell at my mum, I even you use to swear at the woman. That’s how bad it was. It was just some rebellion thing I was going through but not the drinking or smoking type. The sexual part, well I talk about that some other time. When it comes to black men and their mothers, they will talk about the bad experiences that they have been though and sometimes it’s physical abuse.

And when it comes to this individual Bareback Fountain, you must be wondering why is he doing this on the YouTube platform. And this is stalking other people, mostly men. This is nothing but narcissism with this fella stalking another man. And SYSBM is wondering is this guy homosexual because of him stalking other men on YouTube and dick policing other men, mostly black men. I’m not talking about gay men, lesbians and bisexuals but it really makes you think. And people say that he had an Asian girlfriend. Oh no, no! The man is gay! If someone is living a homosexual lifestyle then that’s fine. He can live is own life but Bareback Fountain seems gay. Me and my friend was talking about this when we was on the train heading Liverpool Street Station on one one weekend about him stalking other men on Youtube.

There is no argument here with SYSBM, Bareback Fountain and the other simps. These simps are coming after SYSBM because there is no way that they will be with a scraggle daggle that is for the roads. With Bareback Fountain stalking other men on the internet, SYSBM is goanna wonder about his sexual orientation. The man need therapy because he needs to talk to someone about the abuse he suffered when he was a child. When you look at these simps that are coming after thinking black men, they must have been through abuse from their mothers when they were children. And the worse thing about it is that these simps worship them.

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Bareback Fountain needs nothing but help. He need to see someone about his childhood. But the thing this that he will not he will not go and seek help. Instead he will continue to stalk other men on YouTube.


The Great Deception

t girl 1

Ready for the worst deception?

This is the worst type of deception ever! I know that men have been deceived by woman and I know that black men have been deceived by scraggly daggle black woman but the here’s the thing. What happens when you find out the woman you are with has a willy? Good God! I have done an article called A Hidden Surprise when I explained about when men find out that the women they are with have the same similar equipment as they have. It’s the trannies deceiving men left, right and centre.

Right, I have no issues of anyone’s lifestyle they are living but there is no way that I wanna go to trannyville. As I watch these Jerry Springer clips and Springer was boom back in the day, I see these guests who are transgender women are confessing to their boyfriends about their gender. As they confess to them, their boyfriends snap and beat up the girlfriends on stage when they discovered that it’s a man. There are over hundreds of episodes of chicks with ding dongs confessing to they’re other that they are not born as a woman.


And there are incidents of men going to the strip clubs, they meet a stripper that they don’t know that they are trans women. A man sees a stripper. They both give the eye on each other. They exchange numbers after they talk while the stripper is giving him the lap dance. They go out on a date. And then they kissed and then the stripper gives the guy oral sex. Later down the line, the man finds out that she is a he. That sounds fucked up don’t it? It come like the movie The Crying Game when the IRA Terrorist find out that the Dill is a man. First of all, you can’t find a woman in a strip club, well a decent one. And second off all, The Crying Game was a great thriller. One of the best ever.

What these transsexuals are doing is extremely dangerous. Why? Because if they tell their man that they were born as a man, the man will conflict damage, you get me? A tranny can’t say that she was born as a man to the love of her life and pay the fucking price for it. Oh man, here this. Right, it was 2015 and I was on Tumblr. I was following this black woman, well I thought it was. Come to find out that the person I was following had a knob. My mind when “Oh my God”! So I unfollowed her quickly. I mean him, sorry guys! Then I saw this brown skin female and she has this red lingerie. When she turned around, come to find out that she has the same thing I have in my pants.

Not only she’s a gold digger but a tranny one!

Your goanna laugh on this one. Right, I was on Badoo. It was a dating website. I saw this Brazilian chick with long jet black hair on the app. At first I was like “Fuck what I’m talking about. A Brazilian. Brazilian Wondering Spider, you poisonous boo you!” I looked at her profile a couple of times but then I saw T Girl. When I look it up of what does it means, it means Trans girl. I just come off her profile quicker then the cartoon character Speedy Gonzalez and put the mobile phone back in my pocket. And then she messages me saying “Hope to get to know you Donovan.” I didn’t apply to the Brazilian tranny. Na, this guy is good!

The T – girl says “But I see all I need to see Jerry!” My goodness!

As when you say to a tranny girl that she’s a man, they disagree on that. If they are born as a man, then they are a man. I can’t tell anyone how to live their life, they can live their life anyway they want but a T – Woman was born as a man, simple as that. They are living their life as a woman but they are a man. And when a man who is in a relationship with a Trans woman and they are saying that their heterosexual, no. If you are a man with a transgender woman, then you are a homosexual. The women goes through the same thing like the men do when they find out their boyfriends are T – Boys as well so women can get deceived also.

The transgender women need to be honest when they meet a man or man apporches them . If the T – girl say that she’s are a transgender after when the man steps to her and chats to her, then the man can walk away. If the Trans woman says that she was born as a man to the man that she deeply in love with, then things will go haywire. So does the Trans boy if he confess to the woman that he was born as a girl. So they need to be honest about who they are as well. I not saying bad about them, but they have to tell people who they are.

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I know about deception but this is the worst type of deception.


Black Men, The Gayest Men?

homo flag

Right, I have no issues of man who is homosexual, no matter what colour the man is. If that’s is the man’s lifestyle then he can live his life, but when some random man send you a message which has a gay undertone, you goanna be thinking about his sexual orientation. On Monday 26th April 2021, I was watching Tommy Sotomayor on YouTube about the Ma’ Khia Bryant shooting and people was calling in. And there was this simp name Tater who called into the show and start making stupid noises. Tommy hangs up obviously. And then Tater written to him in the background. And it was some gay shit ladies and gentlemen.

It’s on time 1:04:27. Beware guys.

After that, Tommy Sotomayor says “There is no man gayer then black men!” When he said that, I starting to think. I was starting to think about these simps dick policing other black men because they wanna know where black men putting their penis in. And did you see the way the gayter, oh I sorry, Tater write the damn thing? He has no punctuation and I mean the fruit has none. And you know what else? Tommy says that there was simp that showed his ass to him on his Only Fans website. I kid you not people. When I was watching it I was saying why would any man would show his ass to another man? And my mum said that “Because him ah batty man!”

Look, I have no issues of any man being a gay or bisexual but why would any man who  show his ass to a next man, star? And when I see these black men especially young black men wearing their trousers down their waist. You yell at them “Hey bwoy, put up your pants. You think mi want see you’re batty!? And then he says “Why are you watching man? Are you gay!?” And then we say “Yo, you ah show your batty crease in public!” Let me tell you guys something. If I was in my young years and my dad was still alive and he sees me with my pants sagging down my ass crack, you think he’ll let me go out of the house? No fucking way blud! He will tell me “Why you have your trousers hang down your bottom fa Donovan?”

It was the year 2000 and I had this mix race girlfriend who was a thieving bastard. I couldn’t remember what I was doing. I think I was watching something on Sky television. Then I had this voicemail and he listen to it. When I listen to the voicemail, bomba claat people! It was a guy talking dirty to me. The man said he want me to eat his pussy and all sort of bullshit which made me go hu? And you know the worse thing is that I know who it was. He’s a friend of the mix race chick who was my girlfriend. Let me tell you something. If I asked him if it was him giving me that voicemail message, I would have chop him up you know. And I haven’t like him since then.

There was a video I was watching on Youtube and this black woman showed a huge distain when she saw the Oscar winning drama Moonlight. As I look at it. Moonlight doesn’t upset me at all because I know that black men have a gay side and some of them are showing it on the internet. Look at these simps who are against black men who are with non black women. Look how many dick policing we are seeing with these simps. And also, there was a YouTuber named Tim Boman and on his channel there was a video called Tommy kissing a man. It was two black men kissing. What does it say about the man who posted that video?


Why I Stay Away From The Homosphere — I Mean The Manosphere


homo flag

News just in. I don’t usually do this breaking news thing but still!

The Duke Of Edinburgh have died at the age of 99. Man lived a very long time and an interesting one. He was married to the queen for over 70 years. That is a very long time. Let me tell you something right. Marriages don’t last long nowadays especially black marriages. Well, people meet the wrong person and then they marry them and that man or woman shows their other side and they treat the person like shit. But RIP to Prince Phillip still. I saw some pictures of him at the Emirates Stadium, so he must be an Arsenal supporter. And in the Hip Hop world, rap legend DMX had died at age 50. He died from a heart attack he suffered which was triggered from an overdose. Let me tell you something. He’s music was raw. It was so rugged! Trust me people it was so raw. He was more hardcore then 2pac. Tupac Shakur was like, he was respecting the women until he went to prison. And then when he came out of jail, then he started to become mean to the woman. Him respecting women back fired but DMX was all in. His music was hair raising! I t was absolutely menacing. His music was frightening as duppy to blood claat. “What bitches want with a nigah!” We know what they want. They want a ruff neck man. They want a Ruff Cut Larry, 357 Jimmy, Cell Block Scrappy Man, Man Man, Corner Boy Ronny, Des The Drunk, Rum Smuggler Don and Fuck All Night Fred.

What these women really don’t want is a simp!

The second verse with the girls names. I think the nice guy has to be like that especially in North West London.

Now this thing, smh!

Right, why did I stay away from the manosphere? Why did I stay away from something which was manly, which is not. Right, the reason why I stay away from the manosphere is because the men, mostly black men keep on bringing these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles on their platforms and they get taken down by the same women. I really don’t know if that’s simping but I know that they always bring these women who are ghetto and ratchet. And another reason why I stay away from it because there is nothing but black men who are dick policing other black men because of their dating preferences and there are black men who are in the manosphere have homosexual and feminine characteristics. And you wonder why I call it the homosphere.

The homosphere — I mean them the manosphere is now a tone of rubble because black men bring these scarggle daggles to their platforms. They have been warned about this. They have been warned about this numerous time to not bring these mediocre women on their platforms, but they didn’t listen. Every simp thinks on YouTube that SYSBM is part of the manosphere. They are damn wrong on that shit. There is no way that SYSBM is part of the manosphere. And it’s impossible for these simps and these ghetto ratchet hoodrats to take down SYSBM.

There was the manosphere 1.0 and 2.0, both gone and if there is ever a 3.0, then that will get taken down by these scraggle daggles in an instant because these simp dudes will bring these ghetto harridans on their platforms. Look at these simps that were defending these ghetto ratchet women and ghetto harlots just turn on these simps. Look how many simps being turned by these ghetto scraggles. Thinking black men have told the simps over and over that not to defend these ghetto ratchet hoodrats and they seem not to listen. I have been telling these foolish simps not to defend them.

Did you remember when YouTuber Kevin Samuels was talking a 20 year old virgin who was 5’10” (my height) and all most three hundred pounds and he asks him that does he have a big dick? Remember that fuckery? Oh, I did. I have a very good memory. When Kevin Samuels asks the guy about the size of his willy, people are goanna start scratching their heads and begin thinking about the man’s sexual orientation. If any man ask men about my dick size, I’ll be like “What the hell is wrong with you blud? Why you wanna know about my cocky!?” I’ll don’t think that any man will be brave enough to ask me that question.

The conversation starts at 1:38:47

A man like me is keeping away from the manosphere because there are too many men there dick police another man. There are simps who are trying to know where a black man is pushing his knob in. The manosphere is now dead and gone and there will be no resurrection for it. How can Obsidian Radio want to bring back the manosphere and it will get taken down again? He has to look at the first and the second manosphere and see what happened to both of them. The manosphere got destroyed and you know why? Because these dudes keep bringing these scragglies to their platform. And also it’s infested with black men who have homosexual tendencies. Fuck that, star!

Duke Of Edinburgh 1921 – 2021

Earl Simmons aka DMX 1970 – 2021


The Feminization Of Black Boys


If you been raised by a woman, your goanna have feminine characteristics. Your goanna think like a woman – Tupac Shukar

The other day I was watching Tommy Sotomayor’s video of the former first lady Michelle Obama interviewing Dwayne Wade’s 12 years old son Zaire being a girl. He’s name is Zaya now. And also, I saw this video of this black homosexual male being a superhero with pink boots. Right, I have no issues of any man being homosexual. If he wants to live his life as a homosexual male they he can live his life. But recently we have seen black feminine men and it’s not common to me. Because being in the so called black community, it’s all about masculinity. Things have changes now.

The so called black community has no manliness and masculinity because black men have been feminised or develop feminine characteristics. All because that they have been raised by a single mother. That’s why these simps are so emotional and feminine. And black men who are raised by single mothers, some of them grow up to be gay. Like I said, I don’t have an issue of man being homosexual but in the so called black community, being homosexual is a no, no when I was young but now times have change.

They have been trying to feminize the black man since slavery when the male slaves were getting raped by the slave masters. And the slave masters were raping the slaves in front of the other male slaves. They where doing that because is to take the slave’s manhood away from him. They where raping the slaves in the slave ships while they were chained. And also the slaves were beaten and killed as well. Because the slave traders was showing the other slaves if they ever fight back. So feminizing the black man is nothing new. And when the slave masters that were raping the slaves, you must be wondering was the slave masters where homosexuals?

How to feminize the black man? We know that the slave masters raped the male slaves. But how do they feminize the black man? Right, to strategize the feminization of a black man is to take the man out of the home and that is the father. When the father is taken out of the household, there is a woman there (His mother) or multiple women. And there is no man that will guide him and show him to how to be masculine. There is no masculine energy around the child. Just women that is feminizing the young boy.

Why are feminizing black men, especially at a young age? Because when they see a heterosexual masculine black man as a threat. I really don’t know why these scraggle daggles and the simps that love them see the black man as that. These simps don’t say anything about black men being feminized by these scraggle daggles but they have something to say when they see a black man with a non black woman because there is no fucking why that a black man will date these scraggle daggles that they are defending on a regular basis.

The only time you will see a masculine black man is when he’s with a non black woman. And when a black man is with a non black woman, these simps go into a sulk. Black men are a target and to take them out is to feminise them. And it will be done in at a young age. I know that there are a lot of single black mothers are feminizing black men when they are young but Dwayne Wade is doing the same thing to his son. You wouldn’t of thought that a black man would actually do this.


Homo Tube


I have no issues of anyone’s sexual orientation but hmmm!

You see, the internet is rife with dick policing. These simps are wondering where black men are putting their private parts in. The SYSBM call dick policing a homosexual thing because they wanna know how black men are using their ding a ling. Internet Simp Tyra Jamal Moore aka True Semen is stalking well known YouTuber Tommy Sotomayor for God knows how long. And the drunken, age terribly simp is still stalking the guy. I was watching a video from Tommy and the title is called Come On Lil Foots, I Have Not Bothered You In Forever Stop Making Up Beef Bro Ya Desperate!! Skip to 50:32 because True Semen has made a song for Tommy. It was so disturbing!

This drunken simp has ruined one of the greatest R&B song ever made. I’m a huge SWV fan and I have their first three albums until they split up in 1999. But then they come back together again. The original version, well the better version from SWV is from their first album It’s About Time which was released on October 27th 1992 by RCA Records and it had five hit singles. Why would any man make a sing a song to another man like that? A heterosexual man matter of fact? It goes to show that these simps are nothing but suspects because of the dick policing and having homosexual tendencies and this homosexual simp who is on a drunken marathon is one of them.

YouTube is infested with simps who has feminine tendencies and homosexual characteristics with the high level of dick policing and SYSBM is not afraid to call them out as these simps are doing nothing but attacking SYSBM because they refuse to choose these ghetto ratchet mediocre hoodrats that these simps and fighting and defending for. But SYSBM is ready to defend themselves as these simps and SYSBM go to war. And these simps will end up losing the battle with SYSBM for the love and honour for the ghetto hoodrats that they worship time and time again.

As these simps are defending these scraggle daggles of the ghetto, these hoodrats are thinking about getting wet when they think about 12 Gauge Mike, 357 Jimmy, Six Shooter Derrick, Ruff Neck Desmond, Pimp L, Street Mice, Longest Dick In Luton Nick, Watford Dread Barry and Fuck All Night Freed. These ghetto hoodrats will lose themselves into lust when they think about these worthless men that they are obsessed with. They are not thinking about these simps whatsoever. These simps are nothing but a turn off for them but they need them when thinking black men talk about the ratchetness of black women.

The reason why I have moved away from the manosphere is because that there was too many dick police there. That’s why I call it the homosphere. I was like “Fuck that, I’m good!” You would think that simps like True Semen would leave Tommy alone, but the man is still stalking him. This guy has nothing else to do but to mess with someone on the internet just because of their opinion. As this man did his gay version of weak from SWV, you must be wondering about his sexual orientation.

Just a classic tune from these ladies!


Willypolitan Police


I have no issues with a man being homosexual but in this case, you must be wondering why I have the title Willypolitan Police!

These simps! First of all, they wanna defend the honour of these scraggle daggles and now they wanna know where black men putting their dick’s in. Why they wanna know where a black man’s dick has been in? Why is that? What is the reason for these simps that wants to know where black men putting their penises in? The reason why that these simps are dick policing all because of some black men are with non black women. That is the reason why these dick constables are on wood patrol finding out which woman a black man is with. There is a term which SYSBM use and it’s called dick policing.

What is dick policing? We, dick policing or dick police is a term SYSBM use when a man wants to know where another man’s penis has went. That’s it. As I see a man dick policing another man’s dick, it’s mostly a black man (a simp) wants to know where another black man’s private parts has gone into. When these simps sees another black man with a non black woman, that’s when the dick enforcement starts. Why is this term is being used? Because these simps wanna know where the black man’s dick has been to. It so fucking weird of a man who wants to know where a next man’s dick has been. These simps are at war with SYSBM all because that the SYSBM refuse to be in a relationship or marriage with these ghetto hoodrats that these simps are defending.

Who are the dick police that are in patrol? The constables are Chris Miller also known as Blackupinyah Too, the pro black that confessed that he was a homosexual Woke Poofgressive, Bareback Fountain and the incel Shawn James. Lets not forget Tariqka Nasheeda. Oh, I mean Tariq Nasheed. These are the guys that are in the DIU known as the Dick Investigations Unit. They are the dick police that are opening a case of which black man is dating. There are more and more dick police patrolling black men who are with non black women and the dick police are coming after them.

homo flag

The SYSBM says that dick policing is nothing but a homosexual thing and I agree with them one hundred per cent. Why would anyone wanna know about a next man’s dick? We have Chris Miller who has a weird name for his YouTube channel, there was Woke Poofgressive confessed that he was gay on the internet, there’s Bareback Fountain who’s DVD is on the shelf, two disk gay edition and we have Shawn James who is in his 50’s and haven’t seen a punany. He haven’t seen not a pum pum.

Yo star, I have written articles like The Black Fruit part 1 and 2, The Homosexual Tendencies Of Black Men, A Hidden Surprise which was about transsexuals fooling heterosexual men The Homosphere and Homosexuality In Hip Hop and Gay Rappers. When I look at this dick enforcement, I was wondering “Ah batty man ting this!” They are defending these scarggle daggles and these hoodrats don’t even care of about these simps. All these harridans wants and desire is worthless men 357 Jimmy, Six Shooter Derrick, Colt Five Rounds, Rum Smuggler Don, Whiskey Baron Tony and Long Dick 44. These harlots don’t want fools like Shawn James, Chris Miller, Bareback Fountain, Bone Picker, Tyra Jamal Moore aka True Semen and Nutward TV. These hoodrats will tek them fi eediot!

If a man is homosexual, then that is fine. He can live his life but these simps are nothing but suspects. I’m wondering if Internal Affair Department are investigating the DIU. This dick policing is making me extremely uncomfortable as a heterosexual black male who has some family members calling a gyaliss. I rather be a gyaliss then dick police another man. This is a very big issue SYSBM talk about and they are not afraid to call it out. This is reason why I’m not telling my dick size all because the homosphere will find out and yell out “Money Cultural got a big British dick!” and then they’ll start drooling. It’s only for their women and I’m ready to breed them up!