Willypolitan Police


I have no issues with a man being homosexual but in this case, you must be wondering why I have the title Willypolitan Police!

These simps! First of all, they wanna defend the honour of these scraggle daggles and now they wanna know where black men putting their dick’s in. Why they wanna know where a black man’s dick has been in? Why is that? What is the reason for these simps that wants to know where black men putting their penises in? The reason why that these simps are dick policing all because of some black men are with non black women. That is the reason why these dick constables are on wood patrol finding out which woman a black man is with. There is a term which SYSBM use and it’s called dick policing.

What is dick policing? We, dick policing or dick police is a term SYSBM use when a man wants to know where another man’s penis has went. That’s it. As I see a man dick policing another man’s dick, it’s mostly a black man (a simp) wants to know where another black man’s private parts has gone into. When these simps sees another black man with a non black woman, that’s when the dick enforcement starts. Why is this term is being used? Because these simps wanna know where the black man’s dick has been to. It so fucking weird of a man who wants to know where a next man’s dick has been. These simps are at war with SYSBM all because that the SYSBM refuse to be in a relationship or marriage with these ghetto hoodrats that these simps are defending.

Who are the dick police that are in patrol? The constables are Chris Miller also known as Blackupinyah Too, the pro black that confessed that he was a homosexual Woke Poofgressive, Bareback Fountain and the incel Shawn James. Lets not forget Tariqka Nasheeda. Oh, I mean Tariq Nasheed. These are the guys that are in the DIU known as the Dick Investigations Unit. They are the dick police that are opening a case of which black man is dating. There are more and more dick police patrolling black men who are with non black women and the dick police are coming after them.

homo flag

The SYSBM says that dick policing is nothing but a homosexual thing and I agree with them one hundred per cent. Why would anyone wanna know about a next man’s dick? We have Chris Miller who has a weird name for his YouTube channel, there was Woke Poofgressive confessed that he was gay on the internet, there’s Bareback Fountain who’s DVD is on the shelf, two disk gay edition and we have Shawn James who is in his 50’s and haven’t seen a punany. He haven’t seen not a pum pum.

Yo star, I have written articles like The Black Fruit part 1 and 2, The Homosexual Tendencies Of Black Men, A Hidden Surprise which was about transsexuals fooling heterosexual men The Homosphere and Homosexuality In Hip Hop and Gay Rappers. When I look at this dick enforcement, I was wondering “Ah batty man ting this!” They are defending these scarggle daggles and these hoodrats don’t even care of about these simps. All these harridans wants and desire is worthless men 357 Jimmy, Six Shooter Derrick, Colt Five Rounds, Rum Smuggler Don, Whiskey Baron Tony and Long Dick 44. These harlots don’t want fools like Shawn James, Chris Miller, Bareback Fountain, Bone Picker, Tyra Jamal Moore aka True Semen and Nutward TV. These hoodrats will tek them fi eediot!

If a man is homosexual, then that is fine. He can live his life but these simps are nothing but suspects. I’m wondering if Internal Affair Department are investigating the DIU. This dick policing is making me extremely uncomfortable as a heterosexual black male who has some family members calling a gyaliss. I rather be a gyaliss then dick police another man. This is a very big issue SYSBM talk about and they are not afraid to call it out. This is reason why I’m not telling my dick size all because the homosphere will find out and yell out “Money Cultural got a big British dick!” and then they’ll start drooling. It’s only for their women and I’m ready to breed them up!



4 thoughts on “Willypolitan Police

  1. But yall love pussy policing us biracial women too. Typical leo guy with some virgo placements perhaps. Ego and criticizing others but themselves


    1. Here this Lady Narcissist. I know that this is nothing but a black woman acting a fool. I’m not falling for these games you are playing. When have you hear black men pussy policing any woman? I know that you are trolling me, Verbs and even MBDX. Leos do criticizing but people like you because of your bad behaviour. Listen, there is no way that you are goanna stop MGTOW, IMBOR and even SYSBM.


      1. But hey maybe I should write a blog as well. Like Eurasian Tiger did. Both Asian women and black men hate their counterparts. The daughters of black men can expose them; no wonder the divorce rates between our mothers and black men are so sky-high


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