Simps Going For Single Mothers

super simp

Is it a bird or a plane? Na, that’s super simp! Man come save the day!

We are seeing a lot of single mothers who are chasing childless men, especially childless black men. But the thing this right, when a black man with no children says that he will not date a single mother regardless of the colour, the scraggle daggles will come after him calling him names because there is no way that he wants to be the clean up man. But you know who want to be the clean up man? The simps that wants to live off these women. But I hope everyone had a good bank holiday Monday. There was no Notting Hill Carnival this year. There was no carnival last year as well. Oh, in 2013 I was at the carnival and saw this baby mother wearing a bikini and she was pregnant. People must be wondering why a pregnant woman is wearing a bikini at the carnival but everyone was enjoying themselves that time anyway.

Here she is in 2013. Hope her and the child is doing well though.


I was watching this incredibly shocking video on You Tube of this ghetto ratchet woman saying that men that don’t date single mothers are narcissistic. I swear to the most high, I’m not making this up. When I saw the video, I went “What the blood claat!” The scraggle daggle is saying that a man is narcissistic when he says that he don’t want a woman that is a single mother? Woman, get real, star! The fuck!? I don’t mind seeing black men in relationships with black women, but it seems like the scraggs that a black relationship is when a man takes care of a readymade family. I really don’t understand why these single mothers go for a man that has children. They have the same thing in common and that is that they have children.

As the simps out there, they are going for these single mothers. It doesn’t matter if the woman has two, three, four, or even ten children, they are going for them. There is a Tik Tok video of a childless 27 year old man who is in a relationship with a woman with three kids. I think the woman is might be older then he is. People say that simps don’t provide for the women. They just live off them which is true. These simps do live off these scraggs as these women get a lot of money from the government, getting an apartment or flat easy and so on but this guy is going to work and providing for children which are not his. That man is doing the Russell Wilson. This woman will not give him children because she rather have children with the worthless dudes she prefers. So the simp has to breed elsewhere and she can’t say anything about that, you get me?

single mother

I think the guys on YouTube feels like like the single motherhood is up on an all time high and it might be. The reason for that is because of these simps that are choosing these women that has children. They are also siding with them as well. And the fathers of the children, they’re not interested of being in their children’s lives. And what is scary to me and everyone else that these simp dudes want us to take care of women that have children and marry them. That’s what Dr Foolmar Johnson said. And as we say no to that, that’s when these simps go to war with thinking black men because there is way that a man wants to be in a relationship or settle down with a scragg that has made the wrong decision to have children with the wrong man. And sometimes, it’s more then one.


I know that black men are finished. But as I look at it, black men has been finished long time ago. With them killing each other, putting down one another, being envious to each other and so on. And we can add black men dating single mothers as well. And it seems like black men will choose a single mother no matter what colour she is. I have something to say about white single mothers dating black men. Not all of them are like this but let me explain anyway. When a white woman says that she don’t date black men, when she become single mothers now, then that’s when starts dating black men. Dr Foolmar Johnson is waiting on the cue. I’m with interracial dating. I’m with the SYSBM and big them up SYSBM, one love to them but no single mothers no matter what colour they are. Not even the SYSBM don’t date single mothers. Hell no to that.

And speaking about SYSBM, a childless black man may have to date a non black women with the huge amount of black single mothers. In America, almost 80 per cent of black women are single mothers. Britain is almost half that, so a black man with no children may have to date a woman outside his race, marry her and have children with the non black woman. And that is fine, nobody can’t say nothing about that. I have no issue with that, expect the simps though. These simps are dick policing black men because they wanna know about where black men are putting their penis in. Oh no, not me. No dick police here.

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Right, if a woman says to me that I’m narcissistic because I will not date a single mother, I will say:

im sorry bitch


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