Simps Going For Single Mothers

super simp

Is it a bird or a plane? Na, that’s super simp! Man come save the day!

We are seeing a lot of single mothers who are chasing childless men, especially childless black men. But the thing this right, when a black man with no children says that he will not date a single mother regardless of the colour, the scraggle daggles will come after him calling him names because there is no way that he wants to be the clean up man. But you know who want to be the clean up man? The simps that wants to live off these women. But I hope everyone had a good bank holiday Monday. There was no Notting Hill Carnival this year. There was no carnival last year as well. Oh, in 2013 I was at the carnival and saw this baby mother wearing a bikini and she was pregnant. People must be wondering why a pregnant woman is wearing a bikini at the carnival but everyone was enjoying themselves that time anyway.

Here she is in 2013. Hope her and the child is doing well though.


I was watching this incredibly shocking video on You Tube of this ghetto ratchet woman saying that men that don’t date single mothers are narcissistic. I swear to the most high, I’m not making this up. When I saw the video, I went “What the blood claat!” The scraggle daggle is saying that a man is narcissistic when he says that he don’t want a woman that is a single mother? Woman, get real, star! The fuck!? I don’t mind seeing black men in relationships with black women, but it seems like the scraggs that a black relationship is when a man takes care of a readymade family. I really don’t understand why these single mothers go for a man that has children. They have the same thing in common and that is that they have children.

As the simps out there, they are going for these single mothers. It doesn’t matter if the woman has two, three, four, or even ten children, they are going for them. There is a Tik Tok video of a childless 27 year old man who is in a relationship with a woman with three kids. I think the woman is might be older then he is. People say that simps don’t provide for the women. They just live off them which is true. These simps do live off these scraggs as these women get a lot of money from the government, getting an apartment or flat easy and so on but this guy is going to work and providing for children which are not his. That man is doing the Russell Wilson. This woman will not give him children because she rather have children with the worthless dudes she prefers. So the simp has to breed elsewhere and she can’t say anything about that, you get me?

single mother

I think the guys on YouTube feels like like the single motherhood is up on an all time high and it might be. The reason for that is because of these simps that are choosing these women that has children. They are also siding with them as well. And the fathers of the children, they’re not interested of being in their children’s lives. And what is scary to me and everyone else that these simp dudes want us to take care of women that have children and marry them. That’s what Dr Foolmar Johnson said. And as we say no to that, that’s when these simps go to war with thinking black men because there is way that a man wants to be in a relationship or settle down with a scragg that has made the wrong decision to have children with the wrong man. And sometimes, it’s more then one.


I know that black men are finished. But as I look at it, black men has been finished long time ago. With them killing each other, putting down one another, being envious to each other and so on. And we can add black men dating single mothers as well. And it seems like black men will choose a single mother no matter what colour she is. I have something to say about white single mothers dating black men. Not all of them are like this but let me explain anyway. When a white woman says that she don’t date black men, when she become single mothers now, then that’s when starts dating black men. Dr Foolmar Johnson is waiting on the cue. I’m with interracial dating. I’m with the SYSBM and big them up SYSBM, one love to them but no single mothers no matter what colour they are. Not even the SYSBM don’t date single mothers. Hell no to that.

And speaking about SYSBM, a childless black man may have to date a non black women with the huge amount of black single mothers. In America, almost 80 per cent of black women are single mothers. Britain is almost half that, so a black man with no children may have to date a woman outside his race, marry her and have children with the non black woman. And that is fine, nobody can’t say nothing about that. I have no issue with that, expect the simps though. These simps are dick policing black men because they wanna know about where black men are putting their penis in. Oh no, not me. No dick police here.

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Right, if a woman says to me that I’m narcissistic because I will not date a single mother, I will say:

im sorry bitch


Breed The Wrong Woman 2: Impregnating The Scraggs


Ah man! The wrong the woman got pregnant.

Right, your on the street enjoying the sunshine. Minding your own business, just enjoying your day. Your mobile phone rings. You take out your phone and you see your friend’s name on the phone display. Your answer the phone and your homie tells you are about a scraggle daggle. He says on the other line “Yo blud, yo blud you know Mankoniesha blud?” And you say “Yeah, I know the chick. She’s a sket that have sex with a whole leap of dudes.” And then the friend says “Yeah man. Guess what? She’s breeding!” And then you go “Oh no, star! Who breed it off?” And your friend says “I don’t even know blud! Some knucklehead knock it up. Everyone’s vex now you know!”

This has happened numerous times in the so called black community. Because every single time a scraggle daggle gets pregnant, every man will cover their faces and go “Oh man” because it’s always the wrong chick getting pregnant. Not only that, they will have more then one child. Yes, it does happen in the so called black community and it’s mostly the wrong women. You have female family members who are not capable of being parents go off and have children and don’t take care of them. I have seen it loads of times when the wrong women gets breed up.

Why do the wrong woman get breed off? Right, these worthless black men are breeding off these scraggle daggles when they open their legs to hopeless black men. They fuck them out and breed them and don’t take care of the child they have with these scraggle daggles. But the thing is that these scraggle daggles got the system to take care of them. They can get a flat from the council, get free money and I mean a lot of it, food stamps they are in America and so on. They get everything.

And I blame the simps for this. Every single time when thinking black men talk about these ghetto ratchet hoodrats getting breed off by these hopeless black men, these simps are defending these scarggs by attacking thinking black men when thinking black men talk about these scandalous hoodrats. These pro black simps call these hoodrats queens, mother earth, queen of the throne and so on while these harridans don’t even them. They want the useless men Ruff Neck Desmond, Ruff Cut Larry, 357 Jimmy, 9mm Clifton, Thick Dick Tyrone and Fuck All Night Freed.

When they wrong woman get pregnant, you day gets ruined. You always have to wonder why these fools keep impregnating these ratchet women and they should know the risk of getting these women pregnant. And these scraggle daggles get impregnated more then once. I always tell these dunce black men not to have children with these women because they are not capable of being mothers. And they have to watch out of child support as well as we see there is a huge load of black men paying child support especially when they have one child. These scraggle daggle are not capable being mother, so the men out there especially the simp, don’t breed the scraggs.

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Breeding The Harridans

“A nut above all” – Tommy Sotomayor

I tell you, the women in our race, some of them are the most nastiest in the world! I was watching Tommy Sotomayor’s video on his Live w/ Tommy Sotomayor channel and the video is called Dad Films Baby Mommas House To Prove The Courts She’s UNFIT! Do You Agree With His Assessment? When I saw the video, couldn’t believe my two brown eyes! It was one of the most dirtiest and the one of the most nastiest homes I have ever seen. There was clothes everywhere, rubbish all over the place, kitchen dirty, bathroom filthy, the bedrooms in a mess, it look like the house got hit by a nuclear bomb, hard. There was a cat that was in the house as well and the guy better not only better get his kids out of that house, he better get the cat out of there as well because that feline will die in there from starvation. The father opens the fridge and all the food in the fridge was gone off well over six months but the freezer was all worse. It was so nasty in there I have to cover my face because I didn’t wanna look.

When the father and his friend went into the house and went into the first room and the state it was, I was in complete shock. His friend said that he smelled maggots and when he said that, my mind went to different directions. The father is on child support and he said that the mother of his children and her boyfriend the simp have left the kids in that dump. Then the father said that the heater doesn’t work, the water doesn’t work, and he even said there is no soap and toothpaste in the house, not even a tooth brush. The toilet wasn’t even working for goodness sake. There was a cat bowl in the sink and it had dead maggots. I guess that the maggots couldn’t survive in that house hold of hell. As he saw the house, the father must now know that the child support money is going and I bet you that she’s getting welfare and the simp boyfriend is living off her.

There was a video which Tommy Sotomayor done last year with this black woman. She had one dangerous body. The woman had deadly wide hips, lethal thighs and a big butt. She was taking a photo in the bathroom and I know that there were a lot of black thirsty ghouls lusting after this woman. But then something smelt fishy and I’m not meaning her coochie. It was the background in the bathroom that kind of made me think. As I saw the video, the baby father of one of his kids records what was going on in the house. The house was nothing but mess when I saw the video. It was filthy, disgusting and I saw one of the kids lying down on the dirty floor. This is how the kids in the black community grow up slow because of the household they are coming from. When I saw the video, just have to shake my head, and then cringe!

We have a lot of black women that live like this in the black community. Having their so called happy home extremely dirty and these black harlots are raising children in these horrible conditions. If black men know that the woman is like this, then why are they having kids with this ratchet woman? If this black harlot is unhygienic, they why breed her? You see a woman who has big breasts, thick thighs, wide hips and a big butt. She looks good. She’s a stunning looking creature. She looks delicious and you just lick your lips as you see all that sweet, sweet, sweet desert and you want some that. However, when you go to her house with her and you see the house look worse than a car wreck, you want to sleep with this woman now? Well unfortunately, these guys did.

These harridans are nothing but unclean and these men will show no hesitation but to nut up inside these dangerous harlots. And they don’t know what they are putting themselves into. I really understand that the Jezebel has the all fours, the hips, thighs, breasts and a big butt. However, you can’t give into temptation or get lured between her thighs. Because you don’t know what kind of woman you are dealing with and these harlots and also these harridans. They will put a man on child support and the money is going to her and not the child. And when you hear these simps criticise these women for having the house dirty, they have sex with these women and get these trifling, ghetto ratchet whores pregnant relentlessly. When you have a black woman with weave in her hair, black men need to think about this black woman’s hygiene because underneath that hair, when she takes out that tacky weave, its goanna smell molly.