Simping Is Up On The Rise

on the rise


You would that you would see the end of simping. That’s what I thought when 2022 swing by but as I look at it, the simping has gone up the roof. I hope everyone is doing well. There was a live stream I was watching last night and I saw Quincy telling Rap Raven why is he SYSBM. I will give credit to Quincy explaining why the man is dating non black women. The dysfunctional behaviour of black women obviously! I would like to be on that live stream but I will be too fiery on that panel. The live stream will be in flames. It looks like simping in the UK is goanna go up. That’s scary!

It starts on 2:51:59

Simping is up on the rise to blow whole! How do I know? Look how many simps who on the scraggle daggles defence. They are defending them by coming after other black men who are talking about the bad behaviour of black women. Over the years I have seen tones of simps who are siding with the scragglies when a black man talks about their ratchetness. As these simps sees him, they will become the hoodrats enforcers and comes after him when the black man who is think minded talks about the women the simps are defending. There is a war between the simps and SYSBM because these simps are pissed off that SYSBM are not dealing with these ghetto ratchet hoodrats the simps love and adore.

Some of the simps have disappeared from D Derailed right down to the infamous Bareback Fountain because these scraggle daggles have stabbed them in the back because they don’t like men siding with them. These scraggle daggles like the thuggish types of dudes or the racist white man who is a beta male. They want the not the nice guy who will change into the bad guy over time or the simp who has a huge hatred towards black men. Everybody has told these simps over a million times is to stop siding with these ghetto harridans because they don’t want them like that. They want the man who is a complete rogue.

How many simps people see on YouTube? Yo trust me, there are tones and tones of them who are siding with black women who are ratchet, blud! And these scraggle daggles look at them and starts thinking “These are some lame ass Negros, star!” These simps are nothing but mengkeh which is a Jamaican term for a person who is a fool, stupid or an idiot. These simps don’t think that “Is this a good idea of me defending these harridans? Because every single time, I get light up by Verbs 2015, Mad Bus Driver X, King Sigma, Sigma Jones and worse Money Cultural. I get ghosted by these hoodrats and they always opening their legs to the dudes like Corner Boy Ronney, 357 Jimmy, Colt Five Rounds, Ruff Neck Desmond, Rum Head Frasier, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta! Fuck saving these hoes.”

Everybody thought that 2022 was the end of simping but no! This shit is here to stay. These simps will continue to come after black men who will refuse be in a relationship or marry these harlots that these simps love, defend and honour. These simps are keeping defending these scraggle daggles just to get some punany. That’s what it is really. They want the scraggle’s tun tun so they are strategizing to get it. Just like my friend who only thinks about crotches. And he says that he want to do a threesome with me and his girl which will never happen. Looks like he wants to get cuckold but anyhow. Simping is up on the rise as we see more and more simps down the pipeline. The rate of simping has gone higher and higher and there is nothing we can stop it.

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Simping is now up on the rise and they are batting with black men who are with non black women. Black men who are SYSBM are willing to defend themselves when these simps are coming after them. It’s war!


Simps Can’t Compete With The Thugs

foolmar johnson

thug with desert eagle

You see the two Desert Eagles? Yo!

A scraggle daggle sees two men. The first man is the simp who is stalking other men on YouTube and coming after black men when they talk about the ratchet black woman with her wretchedness. Not only that, the simp is also coming after black men who are with non black women, marrying them and having a family with them. Then, we have the thug who is has a criminal record, or come out of Wormwood Scrubs Prison, a hustler on the street corners selling weed, dealing in guns, getting chased by the law, etc. Right, which man the scraggle daggle would go for? Obviously she is going for the man like Ruff Cut Larry.

When it comes to the simps, they have no chance in hell for these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles. These ghetto hoodrats will go for the worthless type dudes that they prefer and desire. Go ask any scraggly daggly of which type of man she likes, wants and prefers. It’s not goanna be a nice guy who is goanna give her red roses, take her out for a romantic dinner or buy her a box of Cadbury’s Milk Tray chocolates. She will never go for the simp who is willing to the love and honour these hoodrats, oh no! These harridans will go for the man who is a good for nothing type guy that will get them very horny.

A nice guy, when he does nice things for the scraggle daggle, she will play games with him until he walks away disappointed because he has been doing this too many times and then he will change into Tyrone later down in life. The simps is defending these women and getting a poor result at the end. But the thug like Corner Boy Ronney, Street Man Ratty, Cell Block Scrappy and 357 Jimmy, these thug loving hoodrats will greet them with open arms. Or greet them between their open legs and give them the punany. And the simps, will get nothing from these harlots they keep loving.

The nice guy and the simp don’t have a chance for these scarggle daggles. The nice doesn’t know that the ghetto ratchet woman is using him and manipulating him. But then he will figure it out later on in life when he realise that what he’s doing was wrong. But the simp is coming after other black men like Mad Bus Driver X, Verbs2015, King Sigma, Sigma Jones, GW3 and all of the others who are SYSBM because they are talking about the badness of these black queens he’s keeps defending. He will come after me, Money Cultural who will turn feisty to these simps in a heartbeat!

Everybody knows that these simps are defending these hoodrats just to fuck some pum pum. At the end of the day, they will not get what is sweet between these scraggle daggle’s legs. These harlots will skin out the pum pum punany to Six Shot Eric, Ruff Neck Desmond, Thick Dick Tyrone, Rum Smuggler Don, Whiskey Baron Tony, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta. The simps especially the ones on YouTube cannot compete with thugstas because the scraggle daggles will choose the thugs over the simps. The thug dudes, especially the ones in Harlesden has a chance with them while the Simp Super League will not have an opportunity to have these scraggly women.

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“Mi ah gyalisss Donovan, me ah gyaliss. You know how much gyal me have and fuck and these fool, fool boy them? Mi hav ‘nough. Mi have gyal up at Harlesden, Neasden, Willesden, Kilburn, Wembley, Harrow, Sudbury, Watford, Luton, mi have two gyal up at North London. One Arsenal gyal and one Tottenham gyal, both fight fi me! Mi had ten gyal and ten of them dead with fuck! Simp bwoy have no chance. When I see him gyal and him gyal see me, she gone left him. Blood claat!” Words from Weed Man Jake from Neasden.


There’s No Argument Here

two black men arguing

Errr, there’s not argument here. There is really not argument here. When these simps come after SYSBM and begin an argument on the table, they are arguing with them with emotions. And when SYSBM argues with them now, they come with logic. And the logic is that the scraggle daggles that these simps are defending are the women that SYSBM refuse to date, marry and have children with. Because these ghetto ratchet hoodrats, they bring nothing but dysfunctional behaviour on the table and nothing else. And when SYSBM and even MGTOW talks about the ratchetness of black women, that’s when the simps come after them.

When thinking black men, SYSBM, MGTOW and IBMOR talk to these simps, the simps will not listen to them. The simps, captain save a hoes, pro wanks, ghetto soy boys and the oil of olay men are just doing nothing but defending these ghetto ratchet hoodrats when thinking black men talk about the scraggs of the ghetto. But also, when these scarggle daggles can’t defend themselves, they will send the simps as henchmen to defend their honour. And when the simps do that now, they put themselves in the slaughter house because they will get slaughtered by SYSBM.

When SYSBM takes on the simps, they are willing to defend themselves. SYSBM won’t go down easy and they always succeed when they take on the simps. The simps should know that they will get devoured when they take on SYSBM. So I really don’t know why they will come to a SYSBM platform just to start an argument. They are coming after something which is nothing but harmless. They see that SYSBM is doing so well and these are just not happy at all seeing black men with non black women. But they do nothing and say anything when black women are with non black men.

When it comes to these simps, they wanna know where black men are pushing their private parts in. It’s called Dick policing. It’s when a man, especially a black man wants to know where another is pushing his penis in. Listen here, this is nothing but a homosexual characteristic these beta males including these simps have developed. There was a YouTuber named Woke Progressive 2.0 and he was going against black men who are in interracial relationships/marriage. Then, he confessed that he’s homosexual. It took YouTube by fucking storm. When everyone heard that this pro black simps came out as a fruity dude, it hit YouTube like a hurricane. It was a very big thing, my goodness. that is the reason why I called him Woke Poofgressive.

As these simps are defending these scraggle daggles, they are looking for their reward. And that is to get some coochie from these scraggle daggles. But there is no way that they will get punany from these scraggs. These scragglies are just giving the pum pum to the thugs, worthless men, hopeless men and the unproductive men like 357 Jimmy, Full Auto Mark, Rizly Dizly, Machete Man Briggy, Knife Man Priest, Rum Smuggler Don, Whiskey Baron Tony, Rapid Fire Rasta and Weed Man Jake. The simps who are trying to get the clit from these scraggs. They don’t have a chance to get between their legs. These simps can’t score with these women.

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The simps don’t have an argument in this one. And they still come back to attack SYSBM.


Simps Going For Single Mothers

super simp

Is it a bird or a plane? Na, that’s super simp! Man come save the day!

We are seeing a lot of single mothers who are chasing childless men, especially childless black men. But the thing this right, when a black man with no children says that he will not date a single mother regardless of the colour, the scraggle daggles will come after him calling him names because there is no way that he wants to be the clean up man. But you know who want to be the clean up man? The simps that wants to live off these women. But I hope everyone had a good bank holiday Monday. There was no Notting Hill Carnival this year. There was no carnival last year as well. Oh, in 2013 I was at the carnival and saw this baby mother wearing a bikini and she was pregnant. People must be wondering why a pregnant woman is wearing a bikini at the carnival but everyone was enjoying themselves that time anyway.

Here she is in 2013. Hope her and the child is doing well though.


I was watching this incredibly shocking video on You Tube of this ghetto ratchet woman saying that men that don’t date single mothers are narcissistic. I swear to the most high, I’m not making this up. When I saw the video, I went “What the blood claat!” The scraggle daggle is saying that a man is narcissistic when he says that he don’t want a woman that is a single mother? Woman, get real, star! The fuck!? I don’t mind seeing black men in relationships with black women, but it seems like the scraggs that a black relationship is when a man takes care of a readymade family. I really don’t understand why these single mothers go for a man that has children. They have the same thing in common and that is that they have children.

As the simps out there, they are going for these single mothers. It doesn’t matter if the woman has two, three, four, or even ten children, they are going for them. There is a Tik Tok video of a childless 27 year old man who is in a relationship with a woman with three kids. I think the woman is might be older then he is. People say that simps don’t provide for the women. They just live off them which is true. These simps do live off these scraggs as these women get a lot of money from the government, getting an apartment or flat easy and so on but this guy is going to work and providing for children which are not his. That man is doing the Russell Wilson. This woman will not give him children because she rather have children with the worthless dudes she prefers. So the simp has to breed elsewhere and she can’t say anything about that, you get me?

single mother

I think the guys on YouTube feels like like the single motherhood is up on an all time high and it might be. The reason for that is because of these simps that are choosing these women that has children. They are also siding with them as well. And the fathers of the children, they’re not interested of being in their children’s lives. And what is scary to me and everyone else that these simp dudes want us to take care of women that have children and marry them. That’s what Dr Foolmar Johnson said. And as we say no to that, that’s when these simps go to war with thinking black men because there is way that a man wants to be in a relationship or settle down with a scragg that has made the wrong decision to have children with the wrong man. And sometimes, it’s more then one.


I know that black men are finished. But as I look at it, black men has been finished long time ago. With them killing each other, putting down one another, being envious to each other and so on. And we can add black men dating single mothers as well. And it seems like black men will choose a single mother no matter what colour she is. I have something to say about white single mothers dating black men. Not all of them are like this but let me explain anyway. When a white woman says that she don’t date black men, when she become single mothers now, then that’s when starts dating black men. Dr Foolmar Johnson is waiting on the cue. I’m with interracial dating. I’m with the SYSBM and big them up SYSBM, one love to them but no single mothers no matter what colour they are. Not even the SYSBM don’t date single mothers. Hell no to that.

And speaking about SYSBM, a childless black man may have to date a non black women with the huge amount of black single mothers. In America, almost 80 per cent of black women are single mothers. Britain is almost half that, so a black man with no children may have to date a woman outside his race, marry her and have children with the non black woman. And that is fine, nobody can’t say nothing about that. I have no issue with that, expect the simps though. These simps are dick policing black men because they wanna know about where black men are putting their penis in. Oh no, not me. No dick police here.

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Right, if a woman says to me that I’m narcissistic because I will not date a single mother, I will say:

im sorry bitch


Walk Away, Walk Away, Walk Away

No to that shit

One answer. No!

Dumb simp

How many men especially black men jump for joy when they find out the baby is not theirs? How many? Trust me star, it’s a big number. A very, very, very big number. Black men mostly always denied the baby they had with these scraggly women and the reason why is because they feel that the woman had a next man’s long one and bread her off or these whorish hoodrats just sleep around with every worthless dude around the block. When they find out that the baby is not theirs, they jump for joy. They celebrate. Even some of the men dance on stage which makes me laugh. Right this is to the men out there. If you do a DNA test on your baby and you find out it’s not yours, I have one thing to say to you. Walk away, walk away, walk away.

When the first time I saw Maury on UK Living when I was living in North West London in the summer of 2007, I saw a man, a black man said that he was not the baby he had from the scraggle daggles. When Maury read the DNA results that he was not the father, the man was glad and the woman run back stage crying hard and screaming her lungs out when she finds out that he’s was not the father. Big man, just walk away, walk away, walk away! When you see scraggly hoodrats on stage, it’s sometimes the same woman on her third, fourth or five appearances on the show doing a DNA test on a dude who isn’t the father of her child.

I know the Maury show a lot with the scragglies doing a paternity test and then collapse on when they find out that the man ain’t the father of the child. Or children. Right, I was watching Tommy Sotomayor. And there was this woman who use to be loose had done a DNA test on three men. One of them denies the young boy, the simp who is willing to take care of the child which is not his and the other guy is just a nice guy, a roll that his hard for me to play. Yeah man! Three dudes give her cocky and she’s on Maury trying to find out who is they baby father. When Maury read out the DNA, everyone find out that none of the three men are not the father of the baby. And the simp says he goanna be there for the child. Like I said. Just walk away, walk away, walk away!

And another video of a hair hated hooligan from the ghetto and she was on the show doing a DNA test on a man saying that he’s not the father of the baby. Guess what? He wasn’t the father of the baby. When the man said that when he met her and she sat on his lap, he feel like she’s pregnant, LOL. And the hoodrat said that she’s whatever she has five kids and she look good. Whole on! She’s say she have five pickney? Where did get the children from? Oh, from the worthless dudes that she love and desires. And backstage, one of the crew asked her who is the father of the baby and she says that the man is married. Listen here, if a married man breeds his side chick, he will not be there for the child. And the man who finds out that the boy is not his, all he needs to do is to walk away, walk away, walk away!

Before Maury reads the DNA test, he always asks to the man “What if the baby is not yours?” And the soon not to be the father says “No matter what the DNA result is, I’m still goanna be there for the child!” And when the man finds out that the baby is not his, he goes into deep devastation as he gets the results on stage. Why would any man take care of a child which is not his? There is no way that any man should take care of a child which is not his. And no man should be willing to take care of a next man’s child financially and emotionally. I think that we are goanna see more and more simps who are goanna take care of another man’s child or children. Especially in the black community.

If I had a child with a woman and find out that the baby boy or girl is not mine, then there is no way that I’m goanna take care of the child. These men have dodged the bullet like I did when I was with the Christian browning when I explained about it on part 3 of the miniseries Jamaican Pudding. And these scarggle daggles have children with the hopeless bums like Six Shooter Derrick, Colt Five Rounds, Corner Boy Ronney, Des The Drunk, Weed Man Jake, and Fuck All Night Freed. These guys who are having sex with these scragglies, they better use a condom because they may not get these women pregnant. They might get something else then a baby. I’m goanna say this. If you find out that the baby is not yours, do yourself a favour. Just walk away, walk away, walk away!


That’s What They Think About

simp logo


Just a short one.

The only thing that simps do think about is sex. Yeah, that is right. You want the proof? Look at these simps who are defending these ghetto scraggle daggles when thinking black men talk about these ghetto ratchet harridans. And these reason why they are coming after thinking black men is that these just wanna have the punany as a rewards when they are in the defence of these ghetto hoodrats who really don’t want them. I have done a article called Sex Addiction Of The Simp when I explain that these simps have a huge sex addiction.

These simps don’t even know that they have a sex impulse disorder and the other thing that they can’t control it. These simps are sex hungry dudes that need help for this sexual addiction that they can’t control and these scraggle daggles know that. But the thing is that these mediocre women are giving the pum pum to 12 Gauge Mike, Rapid Fire Rasta, 357 Jimmy, Long Dick 44, Colt Five Rounds and Fuck All Night Freed. These simps don’t have a chance for these scargglies that they love and adore.

These simps have nothing going on for themselves. They have no goals, an ambition, nothing at all. And they are coming after black men who have an opinion of these scraggle daggles bad behaviour? But I know why they are defending these scraggs just to get some clit. Since 2013, I have seen so many simps and more and more developing. Oh boy!


Paying The Price Of Simping


What is up people? This is Money Cultural here! Yeah these simps, they don’t listen!

When these simps don’t listen to thinking black men when they are telling the simps not to side with these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles that they love and worship, suddenly then pay the price when these ghetto ratchet hoodrats betray them. Thinking black men have told them stop defending these ghetto ratchet black women because don’t like it when they see a man lick up to them. And as these harridans turn on them, they end up in a corner in tears because these harlots have turn on them while loving the worthless men that they love, desire and obsessed with.

As thinking black men talk about the ratchetness of black women, these ratchet scraggs can’t handle the logic of thinking black men preach to them so they send their enforcers/henchmen/muscle known as the simp. These ghetto hoodrats are telling them to attack black men. But the thing is that thinking black men will defend themselves when these simps go on the attack on them. And when these simps go to war with thinking black men; they end up wounded in the front line during battle.

These simps are not aware because they are thinking what’s between their legs instead of thinking upstairs. And that’s what basically is really. These simps are just defending these hoodrats because they want to fuck some punany but they end up getting played by these scraggle bags of the ghetto so these simps don’t get the tun tun at the end. These scraggle daggles will give the goodies to 357 Jimmy, Ruff Neck Desmond, Ruff Cut Larry, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Rum Smuggler Don and Whisky Baron Tony. They are not goanna give the clit to these simps that are defending them.

We saw what happened to Derrick Jaxn when he put black men under the bus because thinking black men will not date these ghetto harridans that he’s profiting from. They say that pimping ain’t easy but simping is unnecessary. As these simps get hurt by these hoodrats that they worship, what will happen to them? Well thinking black men will do nothing to these simps, but besides they have better things to their mind. These simps better learn from Derrick Jaxn right now. Because if they don’t then what happened to the muscle bound simp, the same thing is goanna happen to these fools.


Will These Simps Ever Learn


Simping still in effect in 2021

Will these simps ever learn? What do I mean by that? You see these simps are attacking SYSBM for one reason only. they are attacking SYSBM because the black men who are in non black relationships will refuse to date these ghetto ratchet mediocre women that these simps are defending and worshipping. And these women these simps, black cucks, ghetto soy boys, captain save a hoes, pro wanks and oil of olay men are defending are not good women. They are the worse women you could find.

Simps like Chris Miller, Shawn James, Bareback Fountain and D Derrel also known as D Derailed are coming after black men who are with non black women. As you look at the majority of black women right now with the amount of weave in their hair, skin bleaching, being single mothers, fighting for a man’s love and affection, chasing after worthless men and so on, SYSBM will look at this and think “How can we deal with black women?” And as these simps sees SYSBM reject these ratchet black woman, they go into rage mode and come after them when thinking black men go elsewhere.

Thinking black men have told these simps to not defend these ghetto ratchet hodrats because they will turn on them when they are defending them. And do you think that these simps will listen to thinking black men? No fucking way. They will attack and attack and attack. These simps are digging their own grave when they are defending these ghetto gaggers as these hood boogers don’t even care about these fools who worship the ground these hoodrats walk on. And these scargglies don’t even care what happen to these simps that loves them so deep.

These scraggle daggles don’t wanna be with these simps. They want the ruff neck type of dudes like 357 Jimmy, Ruff Cut Larry, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Cell Block Scrappy, Street Mice, Big Dick Rodney and Corner Boy Ronney. These scraggs are in love with these dudes. These simps don’t make their punany tingle. They prefer worthless men, the hopeless men and the unproductive men. They don’t want to be in a relationship with these simps. Not even marrying them.

Will theses simps ever learn? No, because they will not listen to thinking black men as they are telling these simps to stop defending these good for nothing ghetto hoodrats. Ever I’m telling these dumb farts not to defend these harridans who are causing chaos and mayhem in the so called black community. These simps will feel it when they get stabbed in the back when these ghetto harlots turn on them. And when these ghetto ratchet women do, thinking black men will say “See, we told you so!”


When The Scraggle Daggles Settle Down With The Simp

nutward tv

simp logo

When the scraggle daggles ends up with a simp in a relationship or marriage. What do I mean by that? You see when these ghetto ratchet hoodrats have children with worthless men; they are ready to settle down with a good black man if he ever existed. When the good black man says no to single mothers regardless of the colour. not only these scraggs go into rage and attack the good black man but now they have to bite the bullet and be with the man that these hoodrats trying to avoid. And that is the simp.

The simp is the man that these scraggle daggles tried to avoid but gets him at the end. The reason why these scraggs try to stay away from these simps, black cucks, captain save a hoes, ghetto soy boys, dry biscuit boys and oil of olay men is because that these simps will not take care of them. They will help these women pay the rent or mortgage, light bill, gas bill, council tax, water rates and television licence (I’m not paying no fucking television licence whatsoever). They will live off the woman and attack thinking black men online while being with these women that don’t even want them.

As these simps are with these scragglies, they are not looking for a job, not being in the self employment game, filling their goals and ambitions. All they are is doing nothing with their lives and coming after thinking black men when they talk about the women that these simps are not providing for. Theses scraggle daggles are looking at these simps and thinking of the choice they have made. And that is the wrong choices that have made just as they made the wrong choice of having children with the wrong type of guy.

When these simps are sleeping beside their scraggle daggles at night, these ghetto gagging scragglies are thinking about the thug like Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Rum Smuggler Don, Whiskey Baron Tony, 357 Jimmy, Long Dick 44, Ruff Neck Desmond and Fuck All Night Freed. These are the men that make these scraggle daggles wet between their legs when they think about them while these simps are sound asleep.

These simps needs to be careful of what they are doing right here and right now. Because these ghetto hoodrats don’t like it when these simps lick up to them and they will turn on them in a intant. But these ghetto ratchet hoodrats needs these simps to defend them anyway when thinking black men talk about the ghetto ratchet black women. The simps are just there just to get the punany but the scarggle daggle harridans rather give the clit to Pookie, Ray Ray, John John and Thick Dick Tyrone. So you must know that these hoodrats want the bums while they are controlling these simps.


S.Y.S.B.M vs The Simps



The war between the simps and the S.Y.S.B.M has began. We have these simps who are coming after thinking black men because of they are talking about the ratchetness of black women. We all know that these scraggle daggles cannot defend themselves when they take on thinking black men because thinking black men is giving these ghetto gaggers nothing but logic to them about their ratchet behaviour. And these ghetto ratchet harridans goes into a corner and curl their bodies up, locking themselves out of the world when thinking black men brings the truth towards them.

As these simps see they’re ratchet queens on the throne, they come after thinking black men because these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles tell them to go after them because these ghetto dungles got extremely offended of what black men say on the thinking man’s table. These simps are used as attack dogs when these harridans can’t do nothing when S.Y.S.B.M, M.G.TOW, I.B.M.O.R and other black men with intelligence says something about these ratchet black women. Jesus Christ almighty, these simpish dudes don’t know what the fuck they’re getting themselves into when defending these heifers of the ghetto.

These ghetto hoodrats do need these simps. Because they can use them as henchmen and enforcers when thinking black men talk about these dysfunctional scraggly women who do some unnecessary shit on display. And these simps love and desire that madness that these ghetto boggers show in front of people and get upset when thinking black men have a conversation about their bed behaviours. And that’s when these simps like The Black Authority who has no authority, Phil Unadvise show, Aaron “Bareback” Fountain, Woke Poofgressive 2.0, Crippled Obsidian, Shawn James who can’t focus on his book, “Can’t fly” Falcon Black and Malcolm “In the middle simping” Black will come to the rescue like their Superman.

But it’s losing situation when it comes to these simps. Because thinking black men will tear them apart without thinking and also, these ghetto hoodrats don’t even like these types of men. They want the rough, rugged and ready types like 6 Shooter Derrick, 357 Jimmy, Corner Boy Ronney, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Sex Addict John, Rizzly Dizzly, Thick Dick Tyrone, Street Mice and Big Dick Rodney. The ghetto scarggs will show love, lust and obsession with these men and have fantasies with them when their simps are laying next to them when they are sleeping through the night.

These simps will not think twice when they are defending these ghetto ratchet hoodrats. They will get their heart crushed like someone getting their heartbroken when a relationship is over. We have seen so many simps get their heart broken and I mean they latterly get their heart shattered. Don’t be surprised if a simp walks to his bedroom hearing sex noises and opens the door seeing Rum Smuggler Don with his wood sinking in between his woman’s legs on the bed they brought in Ikea on the North Circular Road up at Neasden.