The Insecure Person


I not talking about a person’s body. It’s something else guys!

I’ve told this story before. You guys must be thinking “What story blud? What story you told before star?” Alright, I’ll tell you. It was January 2020 and I went to visit my friend up at South London. Me and him was just walking around South London and watching him chatting up every chick he sees. The guy is my age and he has six children and he’s not focus on the kids. It was evening time and his baby mother come to see him. I haven’t seen her since 2014. Us three was talking, she was smoking weed and he was drinking. And then he said something to her. Look guys, I could even remember what he said because it was over a year ago. But whatever he said, it pissed her off.

So she was cursing him and he was cursing her, telling the three kids are not his and all sort of nonsense, talking about her dad and all which pissed her off even more. Later on both of them was at the passage way and then I hear a rumbling noise so I got up and head to the passage way. When I heard that rumble, I was thinking “Ah fuck!” As I walked in the passage way, his baby mother told me that he was trying to pull down her trousers. And then he starts beating her up right in front of me. And when I mean that he was beating her up, I mean that he literally beat the shit out her. I tired to stop him but he just continuously beating the hell out of her. He was also yelling to her to get out which she didn’t anyway.

When the beating was over thank goodness, both of them started talking. Her face was bruised up by him. He went to bed and I said that I see them later and I said goodbye to her as well. As I was on the bus heading to London Euston Station so I can take the fast to Watford Junction at the time I was living there, He starts ringing me and answered the phone. Me and him was talking and he told he on the phone of what they are doing. And then she told me that they are having sex. So she said to me that have a safe journey home and hope to see me again. And I said to him that I’ll speck to him later. After they hang up, they continue having sex.

Let me tell you something right. Even though she has weed in her system, if she called the police that she was beaten up by him, the cops will arrest him and they won’t charge her smoking weed. And if she told her family members of what he did to her, then her father or her bother will come to his flat and beat the crap of him. And then, why did he have to beat up the gyal like that and say that the children not his? When he was with her, he was chatting up one chick to another and having sex with them as well and that is making him insecure. And this is what I’m talking about. The insecure person.

When it comes to relationships, when a person is accusing you of something, they are hiding something from you. Until you found out that they are hiding something, you are goanna look at them in a different way. What he did made himself look guilty because he was chasing one girl to another and saying that the kids are not his. And also, that is an indication of him refusing to take care of his responsibilities and properly never will. I have been accused before in a relationship in 2003 when I had a Jamaican girlfriend and I gave her £15 pounds so she can go to Manchester. Right, she use to accused of me of lying. I don’t know why she was accusing me of lying. When the relationship was over thank goodness, I was wondering why she was accusing of lying which I haven’t while I gave her money to this broad?

When a person says you did something to them which you never did, they are hiding something which is making them look so guilty. And then when you find out that they did something behind your back, when you kick them to the curb, they start to think that they fucked up big time. They will look like a complete fool when you find out that they was just playing mind games with you until you catch them out. It’s just narcissism people. That’s what it really is. They will regret it in time, I guarantee that. I tell you, people like that will make you be single for the rest of your life.


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