Amount To Who?

ratchet harridans

We have some fine looking black women and we have not so fine looking black women. If a black man sees a good looking hot black chocolate, he will be saying “Damn chocolate pie!” or he will say “I’m skipping dinner because I want so of that chocolate desert now.” Nowadays with the black women wearing weave 24/7, it’s “No blud, I don’t want the slice of that chocolate cake. But I hope everything is cool. I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas shopping. Shopping during Christmas so hectic but I bet you that it will be hectic for these scraggle daggles buying a tone of weave trying to compete with the white woman. Or steal it from Mr Chong.

So white girls will never amount to black women. But black women are wearing excessive of weave trying to look like white women. If white chicks will never amount to these chocolate chip honeys but why are some black men are flocking to non black women, mostly the white woman? Because the majority of black women are wearing weave, they are single mothers, they are bleaching their skin, they are fighting each other for another man who has a third woman in the bed ready to get press down, running over people with their cars and so on and so on and so on. Things are now gone absolutely crazy when it comes to black women. Look on YouTube and you see some crazy fuckrey, yo!

The only thing you see when it comes to ratchet black women, it’s nothing but madness. That is the reason why black men will not choose them as wives or girlfriends because of black women ratchet behaviour. I have been saying it time and time again when I talk about these ghetto ratchet hoodrats but there are a huge amount of simps will disagree with me because they are defending these ghetto ratchet scraggs just to get some punany from these hoodrats they are defending. But the thing is that these ghetto ratchet hoodarts don’t even like these simps. They don’t even care for them.

When the simps is goanna realise that they ratchet black woman don’t like them? The men that scarggle daggles loves is thugs like 357 Jimmy, Street Mice, Cheddar Street, Corner Boy Ronney, 50 Calibre Gilly, Machette Man Briggy, Rum Head Frasier, Tankera, Weed Make Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Cell Block Scrappy and Fuck All Night Freed. These simps are wasting their time defending these harridans who are liking, loving, caring and fucking these dudes which they prefer. And these simps and captain save a hoes like Tyrone Thompson, Clifton Rainey, Monty Woodgrain, Shawn James and Dr Foolmar Johnson. these hoodrats don’t wanna be with them.

Black women cannot say that white girls will never amount to black women while they are spending 10 billion dollars every year which is seven billion pounds on buying weave trying to compete with the white woman. And as they try to copy the white woman hair style, they will lose in the department. When a black woman puts on weave on her hair she feels some sort of confidence. But to be honest she is showing her insecurities on display and she is not afraid to show it. The ghetto ratchet black woman can’t say nothing about the white woman while she is wearing weave trying compete with her bitter rival.

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White chicks can’t amount to black chick but they are competing with white chicks when they wearing weave? Hmmmm!


Step Daddy Season

step dad crap 2

It’s step daddy season. Yeah!

She’s on a hunt for a step father!

The simps and the beta males have taken over. I repeat the simps and the beta males have taken over. They are all over and there is nothing that we can do about it. Everyone knows that the beta males are is in an emotional wreck but the Simp Super League is evolving very quickly with the number of simps around attacking SYSBM. The simps and the SYSBM are battling back and forth because these simps are angry that SYSBM will not be in a relationship or marry these ghetto ratchet hoodrats. But anyway, it’s still Simptember and we have this dangerous harlot Brittany Renner who is looking for a step daddy.

What is step daddy season? It’s a season when a woman who is a single mother is looking for a man that will take care of her children. When it comes to these single mothers right, they are looking for a man especially a good black man to look after children which it doesn’t belong to them and these ratchet women are looking for men that are highly successful. But the thing is that these single mothers are goanna have a very time looking for a like that because that a man who successful will not choose a single mother. Because he will never in a million years will take care of a next man’s responsibility.


Oh really!?

When a childless man especially a black one say that he will not be with a woman with children, these single mothers will go flip mode and come after him. They will look at him as a villain because he doesn’t wanna be with a woman with children. And also, these simps will be attacking him as well defending their honour. I have seen this fuckery time and time again with these simps, captain save a hoes, pro wanks, ghetto soy boys and oil of olay men siding with these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles coming after black men most of the time because there are some black men will not deal with these wretched women.

As the good black man says no to single mothers, the simps who are thirsty will try to get these single mothers and be in a relationship or marry them. These simps will do the Russell Wilson method and marry these women quicker then any one can blink. These simps are hunting for these women who have children so they can live off her and not taking care of her financially. But these scraggle daggles don’t wanna be with these simps. They just use them as enforcers, henchmen and goons when black men talk about their wretchedness. They want no simp!

There are so many woman with children are looking for a step daddy. These single mothers are on the prowl for a man that can take care of their children but they will end up empty handed because there are men that will not take care of another man’s foundation and the thugs and the bad boys like Weed Man Jake, Machete Man Briggy, Ruff Cut Larry, Rapid Fire Rasta and Fuck All Night Fred. They goanna end up with the simps and that will be a huge doom for them. Or they say single for the rest of their lives.

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White Simping And Single Mothers

white simp

Right, you guys know that black men date, in relationships with or married to single mothers. I have done a two part article of black men dating single mothers. I have told black men is to not date single mothers because you don’t wanna take care of another man’s foundation. When I say that, the amount of hate I get from these simps who are willing to take care of a next man’s child or children. The only time a man can date a single mother if he’s single father but the thing that single mothers will not go for a man that has children. They want a man who can be a daddy for their child. Right, what about white men? You think that white don’t date single mothers. Oh yes they do!

Guys, you know that this doesn’t scare me? It really doesn’t. I know how the simps operate.

I thought that white men don’t date single mothers. Only black men do. I’m saying this because that most of the time I see black men dating single mothers regardless of the colour of the woman. But as I see the two videos from The33Secrets, I was like “Here you go Money C, there are white men that do date single mothers and it’s up on the rise of white men dealing with single mothers. As I saw the first video of the beta male, he says that a single moms know what unconditional love is, their nurturing they have the most patients in the world, their very understanding and they know what they want. Errr — O.K!

The next video is when the beta male said that some men will not date a single mom. Single moms have snacks. And he also said that he love snacks. You know, the guy can go to the shop and buy snacks of his own. I have stated before that the reason why these simps are with these single mothers is because that they just wanna live off the woman. I have said this loads of times that a simp will live off the woman and not provide for her. He will take care of the child which is not his because that is the priority of the simp. He will take care of a child or children which doesn’t has his DNA.

If I talk about these beta males dating single mothers, I know that there will be no backlash because if they do, they know what they’ll get, you get me? Do you know I have to battle with these simps because of my option of the scraggle daggles they are defending? Do you know how many wars that I have to conquer when I go battle with these simps, captain save a hoes, ghetto soy boys and oil of olay men? And the thing this that these scraggs don’t wanna be with these foolish men. They want a ruff neck man that can stratify them like Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Cell Block Scrappy and Dready Theft Tankera.

The reason why single motherhood has exploded over the years is because of these simps. These simps are willing to date these women who had children with the wrong dude. And they are also willing to take care of another man’s foundation. It looks like the beta male is ready to be the clean up man. It looks like they are goanna be Mr. Muscle that love the jobs I hate. I know that the black men are with women with children. I have seen it first hand. But when white men dating single mothers, that is up on the rise.

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These white simps need to look at this. Simples blud!

E40 warned us with this hip hop classic and now we have simps everywhere to bomba!

No matter what colour the woman is there is no way that I’m goanna deal with a woman with kids. I will refuse to take care of another man’s foundation. That is the baby father’s responsibility. Not mine.


The Weave Wearing Black Woman Part 11: Approaching Black Woman

weave head

2021 is the year when the simps declared war on SYSBM because SYSBM will not deal with the scraggle daggles that these simps love, honour and defend. There are some many videos of these simps that are going against the SYSBM lifestyle and there are so many anti SYSBM videos on YouTube. These simps are big time mad and coming after SYSBM for not choosing these ghetto ratchet scragglies for love, relationship and marriage but no one care. But anyway, I hope everyone is doing alright. The sun is shining, weather is free. Hope everyone is having a nice bank holiday. I went to Gladstone Park in North West London yesterday and speaking about yesterday.

Yesterday, I was at Legrave train station and I was waiting for the train to come. The train was taking long because of the engineering works on the train tracks. It was a sunny day and I had my sun glasses on. (I lost my sun glasses when I was on the train. I always lose my sun glasses). While I was standing outside the train station, I was this curvy black chick with a big ass that didn’t quit. And you could off see her on the side, oh my! That booty, that booty, that Luton booty. As I come off Mill Hill Broadway, I saw the black curvilicious coming off the Thameslink train and head out of the train station. I went to the bus stop to take the 302 to Neasden and she took a rail replacement bus because the trains weren’t going to Central London.

Right, you guys must be wondering “Money Cultural, why didn’t you chat her up blud? Why you didn’t chirp it up!” Here this now. I wanted to chat her up with the smoothness but the thing is that she had that long weave in her hair. And the curvaceous dark skin hottie had a banging body. And that Luton booty was very, very dangerous but it was the hair, you get me? It was the weave that made me say “No!” I was heading back to Luton. It was very slow journey and I mean a very slow fucking journey. The train stopped at St Albans and I saw this thick browning with some nice brown toes. The toes are pretty and brown. But guess what? She had weave as well. Oh boy, the irony!

Listen here, the reason why it’s hard for black men to approach black women is not only the attitude of black women but it’s because of the weave they have to their head. I have seen it when black women wearing weave no matter what locations I’m in. I was at Bedford town, Bedfordshire last week and I saw this black woman with natural hair. And she was older then me. Not that old. The natural black woman is goanna be an extremely rare woman because all I see is black women wearing weave on a frequent basis. A black woman who is copying the white woman’s hair style is not normal. It’s very abnormal.

When black men leaves black women behind and date non black women who can actually grown their hair naturally, black women will go on bitter mode. But why a black man wants a woman that is wearing weave trying to copy the white woman? Why would he be with a woman who is that insecure? We have a lot of black men who talk about black women wearing this weave. Black women spend over seven billion pounds every year trying to look like a white woman. And black men say that black women are buying weave from the Asian beauty shops. Yes, that is true but they are also buying weave from black beauty shops as well. And they are also going to the hairdressers sowing and gluing that weave in their scalp.

When black men talk about black women walking down the street wearing weave, there are these simps that are defending them. But as these simps are defending these weave wearers, black women are in lust for Pookie, Ray Ray, John John, 12 Gauge Mike, 357 Jimmy, Colt Five Rounds, Six Shooter Derrick, Knife Man Priest, Big Dick Rodney and Fuck All Nigh Freed. These simps are wasting their time defending these ghetto scraggle daggles because these ratchet black women don’t want these simps. The Luton girls are fine as hell. Some of them look gorgeous but here this. When I see a black woman walking down the street, it will be very hard to approach her. Because of the weave that she is wearing.


The Black Hitler


All he needs to do now is the shave off the beard and shape his moustache just to look like Adolf Hitler. All we hear from Dr Foolmar Johnson talking about interracial relationships and he talks about it very often. How many times we have seen this simp talking about interracial relationships and interracial marriage? He talks about very, very often. And let me tell you something. When he talks about interracial relationships/marriage, he is talking about black men dating non black women. He’s going against black men that are dating non black women but not talking about black women dating non black men.

The reason why he’s attacking black men who are with non black woman is because that he is siding the ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles as their enforcer/henchmen. And I bet you that these ghetto ratchet hoodrats that he loves and adore are using him as an attack dog to come after black men who are in non black relationships. But they are making sure that he will never ever say anything when it comes to black women with non black men, period! Because if he does, they will come after him in rage mode and willing to take him down.

Not only he is going after black men who are with non black women, he is siding with these ghetto harridans just to get some punany from them. It’s just a thirsty tactic just to get some pum pum from these scragglies that he loves and obeys. Simps like Foolmar Johnson always do this kind of strategy when they want some clit from these ghetto hoodrats. If this simp loves these ghetto whores so much then why is he not with one? Why is he not married to one? Because these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles don’t want a simp like Foolmar Johnson.

Oh yeah, I heard that he’s snorting cocaine as well. When I heard this, I want “Mi bomba claat! The man is sniffing the white shit?” Right, if black people say that cocaine is the white man’s drug, then why are some black people sniffing it the white man’s drug? Why they are snorting it up their nose stream? They talk about drugs in the black community and they are sniffing it? Yo, that doesn’t make sense. You can’t call it the white man’s drug and you are sniffing it.

Dr Foolmar Johnson has got nothing to do in his life. Listen here, if a black woman ever want to date a black man, they will not choose this simp dude because what can he bring to the table? Nothing! And also, the scarggle daggles that Foolmar Johnson id defending, they don’t a man like him. No, they want the worthless man and the hopeless like Cell Block Scrappy, Colt Five Rounds, Rum Smuggler Don, Weed Man Jake, Street Mice, Whiskey Baron Tony, Big Dick Rodney and Rapid Fire Rasta.

Dr Foolmar Johnson will never be on the SYSBM round table. Because if he does and takes these guys on in a debate, the SYSBM guys especially the ones in Britain will light him up with logic and mockery. He cannot handle the heat SYSBM will bring to him and the heat will be too, too hot for him. Sooner or later, these scarggle daggles will turn on him and there will be no place for him to go. He cannot go to SYSBM because all he did over the years is put black men under the bus when they say no to the scraggle daggles, the ghetto harridans, harlots, hoodrats, thotianas and the sketells.


The Insecure Person


I not talking about a person’s body. It’s something else guys!

I’ve told this story before. You guys must be thinking “What story blud? What story you told before star?” Alright, I’ll tell you. It was January 2020 and I went to visit my friend up at South London. Me and him was just walking around South London and watching him chatting up every chick he sees. The guy is my age and he has six children and he’s not focus on the kids. It was evening time and his baby mother come to see him. I haven’t seen her since 2014. Us three was talking, she was smoking weed and he was drinking. And then he said something to her. Look guys, I could even remember what he said because it was over a year ago. But whatever he said, it pissed her off.

So she was cursing him and he was cursing her, telling the three kids are not his and all sort of nonsense, talking about her dad and all which pissed her off even more. Later on both of them was at the passage way and then I hear a rumbling noise so I got up and head to the passage way. When I heard that rumble, I was thinking “Ah fuck!” As I walked in the passage way, his baby mother told me that he was trying to pull down her trousers. And then he starts beating her up right in front of me. And when I mean that he was beating her up, I mean that he literally beat the shit out her. I tired to stop him but he just continuously beating the hell out of her. He was also yelling to her to get out which she didn’t anyway.

When the beating was over thank goodness, both of them started talking. Her face was bruised up by him. He went to bed and I said that I see them later and I said goodbye to her as well. As I was on the bus heading to London Euston Station so I can take the fast to Watford Junction at the time I was living there, He starts ringing me and answered the phone. Me and him was talking and he told he on the phone of what they are doing. And then she told me that they are having sex. So she said to me that have a safe journey home and hope to see me again. And I said to him that I’ll speck to him later. After they hang up, they continue having sex.

Let me tell you something right. Even though she has weed in her system, if she called the police that she was beaten up by him, the cops will arrest him and they won’t charge her smoking weed. And if she told her family members of what he did to her, then her father or her bother will come to his flat and beat the crap of him. And then, why did he have to beat up the gyal like that and say that the children not his? When he was with her, he was chatting up one chick to another and having sex with them as well and that is making him insecure. And this is what I’m talking about. The insecure person.

When it comes to relationships, when a person is accusing you of something, they are hiding something from you. Until you found out that they are hiding something, you are goanna look at them in a different way. What he did made himself look guilty because he was chasing one girl to another and saying that the kids are not his. And also, that is an indication of him refusing to take care of his responsibilities and properly never will. I have been accused before in a relationship in 2003 when I had a Jamaican girlfriend and I gave her £15 pounds so she can go to Manchester. Right, she use to accused of me of lying. I don’t know why she was accusing me of lying. When the relationship was over thank goodness, I was wondering why she was accusing of lying which I haven’t while I gave her money to this broad?

When a person says you did something to them which you never did, they are hiding something which is making them look so guilty. And then when you find out that they did something behind your back, when you kick them to the curb, they start to think that they fucked up big time. They will look like a complete fool when you find out that they was just playing mind games with you until you catch them out. It’s just narcissism people. That’s what it really is. They will regret it in time, I guarantee that. I tell you, people like that will make you be single for the rest of your life.


He Needs To Focus On His Wife

black marriage

Boy people, the railway workers must of work hard all night to put D Derail back on the tracks. Jesus Christ brudda! On Friday 16th October 2020, I was watching the live stream called Who Created The S.Y.S.B.M Movement on The Prophet Of Thought channel on YouTube. The author of Negro Wars Babatunde Umanh assassinate D Derell with logic after logic after logic after he says that it was found by YouTuber Mad Bus Driver X in 2012. And D Derell aka The Deralied Train said that S.Y.S.B.M was created by white supremacy. And the red pill as well. The man really needs to watch The Matrix, smh!

All this man was doing is defending, siding and licking up to these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles because the good black man is not dating, be in a relationship or marrying these heifers of the ghetto. But hold up! Just a hold up a damn minute! This man is married, right? Why the fuck is this man is defending these good for nothing ghetto gaggers and he’s a married man? Is he trying to get some punany from these scraggly women that he’s defending?

The man needs to focus on thing and that is wife. He shouldn’t be focus on these weave wearing, skin bleaching, multiple baby having ghetto harridans that prefer the thugs, the criminals, the worthless man, the hopeless individuals and the unproductive men. If I was a married man you think I will be focusing on this whorish daggles? Fuck no, even though I don’t see my self as a husband, I will refuse to defend these scraggly hoodrats, let alone be with them in a relationship. These simps will defend these dysfunctional ghetto gagging hoodrats and this is one of the reason why the so called black community is in shambles because these simps are not calling out the fuckery what these harlots are doing.

There is one thing that the derailed simp should know. He’s a married man in the so called black community. And in the community, marrige is prohibited. Just like raising children in a two parent home. They only allow single motherhood in the black community and the matriarchy has been celebrated and embraced. They have be trying to destroy patriarchy for over fifty years and still trying the tear it apart. And the white beta males are breeding these ghetto scragglies as well and leaving them with mix children and making these hoodrats raisning them by their own.

Here’s the thing right. Does his wife know that he’s defending these good for nothing scraggly dagglies? Because I know that these simps will defend these ratchet harridan just to get some punany. So if he’s doing that bullshit, she must be wondering “Why is he defending these whores and he’s married to me?” So she must be questioning her simp husband “Are you trying to fuck these nasty hoodrats? Are you trying to get side pussy? Man, I’ll fuck your face up nigah!”

D Derell needs to focus on his wife and nobody else. He needs to stop thinking that these ghetto ratchet hoodrats are perfect. All they bring is chaos, destruction, mayhem and carnage. These hoodrats don’t like these simps who are licking up to them. They are in a huge lust for 357 Jimmy, Knife man Priest, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Ruff Neck Desmond, Five Round and Ruff Cut Larry. These ghetto ratchet hoodrats belong to the street and they are on the welfare system which they won’t come off it. This dude is goanna derail of the train tracks once again and how? By his wife leaving him when she hands him the divorce papers.

derailment 2


You Can’t Do That Anymore


Red roses, chocolates and all sorts of fuckery!

Back in the day, you wanna do the things for you girl. You wanna treat her good, treat her right, treat her like a queen, etc. You wanna give her red roses, chocolates, romance her, hold her close and whisper in her ear and make her body melt like butter. You just wanna cress her and make her warm through the cold winter night. You wanna send her the sweetest poetry which she will treasure forever. But now, you can’t do that anymore.

You must be wondering “Why we can’t do that anymore?” And the women must be wondering “Money Cultural, what do you mean by that?” Well, let men tell you. The reason why men can’t do these type of things anymore because that if you do these nice, wonderful things for a woman, she will look at you like some idiot and take you for some fool. And when these men do certain things for them, the females will treat the man like dog shit that you see on a pavement curl up.

When women see you do these nice thing what nice guys do, they begin to play you. I have seen so many men being used and getting played by females. And when a man gets played for the final time, he becomes a different man. And then he starts treating women as they the women treated him in the past.

As a black man, you can’t even be the nice guy. That is a fucking no, no! Because black women will play games with in a heartbeat. I’m from Brent, North West London and it’s hard to be the nice guy. There is no way that I’m goanna be do that bullshit. I’m too street for that chocolates and red roses shit. When things ended with me and that gold digger from Jamaica in 2003, that was it. I just change into this different person.

For a black man, it’s never easy for them. Because black women will not date a nice guy or a good black man. They want the thugs and the criminals like 12 Gauge Mike, Long John Ronald, Close Range, Rum Smuggler Don, Ruff Cut Larry and Long Dick 44. And when black women have their children, these unproductive men will refuse to take care of their off springs. So when black women begins looking for a good black man, he rejects her in a flash because he will not deal with a woman with children. No clean up man here.

The things you want to do for a woman romantically, you can’t do that anymore because if a man does the romantic things for her, she will not hesitate to play games on him. A lot of men have fall victim of this time and time again. And as they go through it for the final time, they become assholes and start treating women like they was treated. I have seen it so many time and yes, I have been through it as well. Things have change now.


What Do They Have In Common

What does the simps and the white beta male have in common? Is not the skin colour obviously and it’s not having masculinity at all. The only thing that they have in common is that they have a huge hatred for the heterosexual black alpha male. As thinking black men knows that black women who are ratchet have a huge hate for him but also these simps and the white beta males have hate for him also.

Black men are always in battle with these simps and these white beta males and ends up in victory because they “bury these cockroaches” when they give them nothing but logic to these dummies. When they see a black man with a non black women, they show noting but hate and envy just like these ghetto hoodrats who shows anger when they see a black man with a woman from another race. But they say nothing when a black woman is with a non black man. The fucking irony!

However, the white beta males can’t get no woman because of his looks, lack of ambition, not doing the jobs that he’s complaining that the foreigners at taking, shooting up schools, trolling on the internet, having a racist mentality and getting cucked. And the simps are just taking care of children which are not theirs, living off their women, not supporting them financially and getting betrayed by the love of their lives when they found out their scarggle daggles had sex with Corner Boy Ronney, Knife Man Priest, Rum Smuggler Don, Street Mice, Mach 12 and 357 Jimmy.

The white beta males who will not do the jobs that the foreigners do and the simps who defend these scraggle daggles will continue to hate the heterosexual black alpha male with their envious pride but to continue to live a shit life that they are living. But at the end of the day, the white beta males can’t get the women that they can’t attract and these simps are with women that have a whole basketball team of children with different sets of dudes.


They Can’t Handle These Simps

captain-save-a-hoe 1

Boy, I tell you these harridans cannot handle these simps whatsoever! On Tommy Sotomayor did a story of a simp that killed his girlfriend, killed two of her children and then killed himself. As I look at it, I know that some of the children are not his obviously. How many simps that have killed their significant other? Trust me; it’s a shit load of them killing off their women. As you look at this, you know that these simps have been raised by their mothers.

These ghetto ratchet hoodrats can’t handle these simps at all. They are controlling them, raising them as well and what will happen when they snap? These ghetto ratchet harridans will suffer the deadly consequences and they are suffering now. Tommy Sotomayor is right of what he is saying that this is going to happen. Look how many simps are killing these harridans in fucking cold blood. These simps are icing them and then killing themselves afterwards.

A black man being raised without a patriarch, he’s goanna lead into failure and that’s what these ghetto ratchet heiftys are doing. Raising these simps into failed men that they can’t control. You can’t raise a simp to be a good black man. A simp don’t wanna achieve anything in life and live off the woman and take care of children which are not his. And everybody knows that these ghetto harlots don’t even like these simps.

These hoodrats are taking these simps for fools. Listen here, Tommy says that the reason why the simp took the woman’s life is because that she has found someone else and I agree with him, star. And that is the reason why the simp execute her and her two children. Man knows that he was going to do 25 years to life in prison that is the reason why he top himself.

I tell you these ghetto ratchet hoodrats, they can’t handle these simps. These black women better be careful with these simps because they cannot manage them. When these simps lose their heads and go crazy, black women will have a nightmare that they never dream about. These simps, black cucks, ghetto soy boys, pro blacks and oil of olay men will always defend these ghetto hoodrats, ghetto gaggers, scraggle daggles and black matriarchs when thinking black men talk about black women’s ratchet behaviour. However, when these simps snap, nothing will stop them when they bring chaos to these ratchet black women.

These hoodrats better mind!