S.Y.S.B.M Jamaica




Bomba Claat! S.Y.S.B.M Jamaica! I have seen the men from Jamaica dating women from different races and not dealing with Jamaican women anymore. I have seen Jamaican men with non black women in London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, other parts of Great Britain, The United States of America and across the globe you get me? I’ve even seen Rastafarians with non black women as well so it seems like they don’t want the black empress anymore.

They don’t want to be with the black queen. They want the Caucasian, The Asian or the Latina. The Jamaican women is not making them happy anymore. To be honest, its make the men up in Jamaica very miserable and unhappy. So they “tek way” themselves and more on from the Jamaican wretchedness. They say “bun that” and desert that shit!

And what does Jamaican women think about this? Fuck, they are not liking this at all because the Jamaican men are leaving these Jamaican hoodrats behind and the women are left with the simps that they don’t want. As they show their bitterness, these Jamaican hoodrats will continue to wear this weave trying to look like their arch enemy known as the white woman but lose when they are competing with the white woman’s hairstyle.

So why the Jamaican men are are deserting the Jamaican women? Some of the women don’t know that answer, but this maverick from North West London has got the answer for uno! Right, here this. The reason why the Jamaican men are leaving the Jamaican women into the gutter is because of the dysfunctional behaviour they are bringing. They are wearing weave, bleaching their skin, being single mothers, acting like gold diggers, having more then one dude (most of the men are worthless), fighting for a man who is hopeless, having multiple children, fighting in public even arguing in public, listen! It’s a big list. So for the Jamaican man it was like “Mi gone. Mi na what deal with this shithouse!”

So the Jamaican women are stuck with the men that thinking black men put down and mock harshly known as the simps, cucks, captain save a hoes, ghetto soy boys and the oil of olay men. And these men don’t want to do anything with their lives and live off these women but these women don’t have much anyway. But these harlots of Jamaica don’t want these feminine type men at all. They want the thugs like 22 Calibre Ricardo, Stretchers, Long Man Ricky, Auto Clip Rasta, 9mm Dirk, Rizla 38 and Black Wood John. And these women get breed by these worthless ghetto dudes and the simps are taking care of men’s children.

But these Jamaican men, they are not taking care of any man’s child or a collection of children. They ain’t dealing with these straggle daggles of Jamaica. They are not dealing with the ratchetness of the Jamaican women because they refuse to deal with the problems of these ghetto hoodrats bring to them. So they make the crucial decision to go into interracial dating and leave the Jamaican women behind. You get me!?

Here this now! I have no problems with the women from Jamaica. I think they’re fine as hell. My former lovers are from Jamaica so I’m no stranger to them. But these Jamaican men are moving away from them because of they can’t take the ratchetness any longer. And now, the Jamaican men are talking about the ratchet behaviour of the women of this beautiful country.

Big up S.Y.S.B.M. Jamaican style!


6 thoughts on “S.Y.S.B.M Jamaica

  1. black women have been trekking down to the island of Jamaica for decades. However the corruption is finally complete and jamacian men have said no mas. They are using there feet and going elsewhere

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  2. Remember, this is about the horrific treatment of black men by their mothers. Jamaican men have enough “swag” to play all the white women of Herts, Beds and Bucks. Why on earth would they bother fighting with they mothers?

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    1. Good point. The man them up at Yard don’t want to deal with the women from Jamaica because that they act ratchet like their mothers, grandmothers, their aunts and older sisters and cousins! So they decided to move on and date out.

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