It Does Happen In Jamaica


Not nice to see, people!

Yeah man, this stuff happens in Jamaica. You think that domestic violence is just a British thing or an American thing but it happens in the land when my parents are from. I always wanna talk about this but the man didn’t had the chance to talk about Jamaican men beating up their wives. But I do talk about Jamaican men killing off their women and then killing themselves afterwards. There was a Jamaican solider who killed his wife because she had a next man on the side and then killed himself. That is happening a lot now. It never use to happen before when I was a young boy.

In 2007 when I was in Jamaica, I was walking with my friend up at Ridge in Whitehall and I saw this Jamaican browning, nice looking girl and my friend said hi to her because he knows her. And he told me that her boyfriend is beating her up. I was “What? Seriously though!” The man has a girl that pretty and he’s beating her? Wow! If the man is beating her, then why is she with him? Financial dependency? I’m really not sure.

There are some video clips I have saw on YouTube in 2013. There was one Jamaican man who was fighting his woman in front of a house. I don’t know whose house was it. It might be a friend’s house or a family member’s house. And then I saw another video clip of dude who punched his girlfriend in the car. Her nose was bleeding and he was recording while he was driving. I think they took the video down because I haven’t seen the video on YouTube but I think I know why basically.

You must be wondering why these women continue to stay with some guy who will beat the hell out of her. There are some men that some black women will go for and it’s not the good black man they are going for to marry and have children with. They are going with the worthless dudes that they truly desire, you get me? And as they have an abusive simps, the don’t leave the man. Until the woman has had enough.

I don’t know what is the percentage of domestic violence is in Jamaica but these things do happen. The women should know that they shouldn’t be with a man who is worthless but they end up with them anyway. There are some men that are beating up their girlfriends/wives in Jamaica but they are killing them as well and then kill self as well. Oh yeah, when you domestic violence getting recorded, the fool who is recording it, you can hear the man laughing.

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Just Three Things


What’s up people? Money Cultural here. Just three things I wanna discuss about.

Right, on Tuesday 29th June 2021, England beat Germany by two goals to nil in the second round of the UEFA European Championship. They will progress to the quarter final and will face Ukraine after they beat Sweden to progress in the last eight. Raheem Sterling scores the first goal and then Harry Kane got the second. Both goals came in the second half. I didn’t watch the whole game because I was busy doing something. While I was watching the game while England was leading, I saw this little girl who was a Germany supporter crying her eyes out and her dad was hugging her. When I was on twitter, I saw some of the twits from the England fans and trust me, it made me sick to the stomach.

german yout

german yout 2

german yout 3

german yout 4

Most of the twitter followers thought it was vile, disgusting, disrespectful and disgraceful. To be honest, I’m not surprised of this at all, because I know how some of the people in England act some of the time. The bullshit was very vile but I was really not surprised at this at all. And I think that this is the reason why some football fans don’t back England when it comes to football because of something like this. Good luck to England win the tournament. And as that little German girl, I bet you that revenge is on her mind and she want to serve it cold.

There was a video that my friend sent to me on Whatsapp and there were four Jamaican men who sang a song called no vaccine. Baby Demos father took the vaccine and died from taking the jab. His father drink rum after he took the vaccine. They say he shouldn’t drink but the man drop dead. I heard that there are plenty people died from the vaccine or get an infection from the vaccine. Listen here, this vaccine is nothing but a deadly poison which is killing people and some most of them are the elderly people have taken it. My thing is this. If the vaccine is dangerous which it look like it is, then why they fucking hell they wanna take something which is very dangerous?

There is a video of a man who has taken the vaccine. He places a light bulb on his left arm where he got the jab. As he place the bulb on his arm, the bulb light up. And then there’s another video of a man who took the jab. When he took the vaccine, his Bluetooth came on. And then when he goes to the television and the internet or the wifi just come on, lol! I don’t know if these videos is on YouTube still because they might off taken them down. Listen here, I will never take that damn vaccine. The only needle will go my skin is when I get my next tattoo on my left arm.

afrian women

trinidad & tobago1

As I knew now that there some simps and all of the YouTubers are coming after black men who are looking for foreign women especially foreign black women. They don’t know about dating foreign women or being in relationship with a foreign woman. And most of these fools haven’t even left the country they are in. They even don’t even have a bloody passport for Christ sake. I haven’t had a vacation for nine years now and that was in Jamaica in 2012 because I was busy with all sorts of stuff. My ex girlfriends are not from this country so I know about foreign women.

african women 2

jamaican lady

These guys who are coming against black men who are looking for foreign women, they really don’t know about women from foreign countries. There are some negative traits dealing with foreign women like Jamaican women act like gold diggers but that’s the mentality of the modern woman nowadays. I like foreign women especially black foreign women. Caribbean women is the thing for me if I want a black woman. But the thing is that some of the women in the West Indies women have weave in their hair and skin bleaching but I see this in Jamaica. I only had one black girlfriend in this country and two biracial girlfriends. That is it. If I want a women from Britain, it’s not goanna be a black UK woman.

I was goanna talk about a 60 year old man who got stabbed to death today at Oxford Circus. And this week up at Croydon, South London, a 16 year old kid was fatally stabbed. Yeah man. One school boy got stabbed in front of a school a couple weeks ago outside a school not far where I live.

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Gun Violence In Jamaica And The Cause Of It

44 griz


The reason why he chop her because she wasn’t interested in him and she has her partner. Really though? Jamaican men’s head have gone to oblivion.

In Jamaica, there are tones of gold diggers and they are getting killed off by their boyfriends and husbands because they are have another man on the side. Their boyfriends/husbands shoot them dead, stabs them up or chop their heads off. And then kill themselves afterwards. Yes man, a new phenomenon going on in Jamaica and this is it. I really don’t know what is going on with Jamaican men but ladies in Jammy; you really need to be careful what you are doing now. The men have now lost their marbles. Times have change now. Things are very different. And also, people must be thinking in their head what’s going on with these young men in Jamaica with them going into crime and violence?

As I saw the news report of shootout of these young men in Jamaica and the JCF (Jamaican Constabulary Force), you guys must be wondering “What’s gwanin’ Jamaica blud? What’s gwanin’ in Jamaica? Well, you see, I have seen so much killings and murders in Jamaica and now look like its getting worse. And also, these men who are getting shot and killed by the cops in Jamaica are young men. And these are young men who are in their 20’s and younger. So why are these young boys in Jamaica getting into crime and robbing people and also killing people? And also getting killed themselves? You must be thinking that’s it’s the music. Or is it the gun movies they watch on DVD on on cable TV. To be honest, it’s not. The real reason why these young men in Jamaica are killing each other and firing guns at one another is because they haven’t been raise with a father in the household when they were growing up.

You must be thinking that it’s an American problem with guns or a British problem with the knife crime thing. Nope, it’s the same fuckery in Jamaica. But the thing that violent crime is a lot worse then in Britain. In Jamaica, gun means nothing to them, you get me? They play with guns like they are toys. There is a huge gun culture in Jamaica. You must be in shock that a culture like this is in a small country like Jamaica but gun violence in Jamaica has been going on for so many years now. As these young men in Jamaica going into crime, especially violent crime, you have to look into the home. When my mum showed me the video on YouTube, I just hear the guns firing like mad in broad daylight. I went what the hell?

In Jamaica, there are a huge amount of single mothers from every single parish. And some of them have more then one child with different men. You must be wondering why these women have so many children and don’t have a benefit system like in Britain and in America? Well, these Jamaican women keep opening their legs to the worthless dude that they complain about all the time. The British scragglies do open up their legs as well to the wrong dude especially in America but the thing is that they are doing this on purpose because there is a system that can help them like giving them government money, housing and so on.

These young men in Jamaica are wasting their lives. And these Jamaican police officers are willing to spray bullets at them and put them in the grave. Jamaican police are not like the police in Britain. They don’t play around. They will kill these young men without any fear at all. And the fathers of these young Jamaican men, they are not around to guild them and punish them when they are little boys. And these mothers in Jamaica, they are calling them worthless. Why are they calling them worthless and they are getting breed up by a dude who is not willing to take care of his responsibilities? Look, Jamaican simps do this all the time when they breed up a woman and go missing in action.

Jamaica is a beautiful country. I have said that Jamaica is the most beautiful county I have ever seen. The food taste great. The music is fantastic even the old school reggae music sound much better in the 1980’s and the 1990’s and some of the women are gorgeous. And I do follow some of them on Instagram and Twitter. Love my Caribbean girls but some of them are gold diggers. Last year in Jamaica, gun violence was crazy and now things have gone worse then ever. One of my family members says that they kill people in England. Errr — what about Jamaica?


The Modern Children In Britian


You guys, that could never be my child!

I tell you the kids nowadays are so out of order, even I wanna give them what I got when I was a child. You all know that four of my exes are from Jamaica and I wanted to marry that Jamaican browning, love that chick. I talked about her in part 3 of the miniseries Jamaican Pudding. Now, we all know that these children in the modern era are getting rude more then ever now. When I saw that video of the Jamaican woman handling that little shit that was agitating me, I give her credit for having patients as a saint because let men tell you something. If it was me in that bus and I saw that sod acting this way towards his mother on the bus, I would off slap off his head back because he was so out of order. In the bus? Smh.

As I look at these children now, they are more out of control then ever in this soft country. Why? Because the parents are being too soft on their children. As we see a black child causing trouble and they get the belt, people will be saying “That is abuse” but when a white kid causing trouble and the parents don’t punish them, people say “Why don’t you beat his ass!” But this woman on the bus with that little bastard sitting next to him, everyone knows about Jamaican parents don’t take no fucking mess! I know because I was raised by two Jamaican parents and all I got was the belt because I was a rude little son a bitch.

When I saw that this was in Britain, I wasn’t surprised because of how the kids are acting in this country but I wasn’t even surprised when I know that this woman was Jamaican. Let me tell you something. You see these kids of the modern era; they will never survive my time when I was young. You think they can survive the shit in my time when I was a little yout!? When I was his age, I use to get belt and the slippers because I was a rude mischievous shit. And when I was a teenager, I use to back chat at my mum, I even swear at her. My attitude stank when I was a teenager. I was really rude.

I understand that in the so called black community that there are young black boys getting beat by their mothers and when they grow up, they become abusive towards their girlfriends or wives and when these young black girls get abused by their mothers, they grow up and they fight other girls in school, in the street, in the mall and so on. Sometimes some of these young girls fight at teenage years. But let me tell you something right, when the child gets rude and out of order and try to cross the line like this little fool in the bus heading to Euston, you know you need to take the belt out. Or the slippers.

When a parent, for instance a mother, when they punish the child when he gets unruly, they will go on the phone and have a conversation with their female friend. And they the mother says “Guess what I gave Teresha, this morning! i gave her some lick with the belt star!” You see, the parents in Britain are very soft with their children and that is the reason why these kids are so out of control. This country has a discipline problem and it’s going on for years and years. And it looks like things are getting worse because the parents won’t do nothing to the children. The parents are scared to talk to their children but in Jamaica, they are not afraid to whop their children’s backside!

I give the Jamaican woman a huge amount of credit for her patients. Because someone likes me don’t have the patients with someone like that, especially an adult who will act like a beta male. I can’t stand rude kids! I just can’t stand them. But I know that she must off get the sergeant and that is belt and start swinging it. I don’t know if she’s a single mother or a married woman that is raising him with a father in the household, I really don’t know but I know that boy must have got some bitch lick to blouse cup! If the father in the household he must off said to the idiot “Why you ah get rude with your mother in the bus fa!? Mi lick off your head bwoy!”

Kid is out of order!


Why MGTOW Will Never Be In Jamaica


Sandman is on point on this one!

Man want MGTOW to come to Jamaica, but it ain’t goanna happen mon!

Why MGTOW will never be in Jamaica? Why do I think that MGTOW will not land in Jamaica? Well, we do see Jamaican men who are with non black women, even marrying them. MGTOW is when men have gone their own way because the natural of women in the modern day era from gold diggers, whorish women, feminism, single motherhood, coming after the patriarchy, putting men on child support, divorcing the man and take everything from him, there is so much which is making men walking away from women. But in Jamaica, why are we are not goanna see MGTOW in one of the most beautiful countries in the world?

Yo, Money Cultural got the answer. The reason why MGTOW will never happen Jamaica is because these Jamaican men are nothing but pussified simps who are chasing after punany left, right and centre. As you see these simps of Jamaica, the only thing they think about is chasing tail. And some of these women are single mother and these Jamaican men are in relationships with these women. They are even marrying them. Oh yes, they will marry these women. They will put a diamond ring on their finger. We know that there are some Jamaican men went to the SYSBM route and never came back all because that they will not deal with the ratchet behaviour with the women in Jamaica.

As these Jamaican simps that are chasing these mediocre women, they are trying to breed them off. Why? Because that they feel like it’s a manly thing. I swear I didn’t make this dysfunctional fuckery up, trust me! As these simps breed three, four, five or more scragglies, they disappear without a trace. You don’t ever see them in these children lives and not taking care of their children financially and emotionally. And it takes them years for these simsp to see their off springs that they left behind. But these fools in Jamaica better beware. Because child support has hit Jamaica and if their baby mother ever put them on that, their goanna start crying hard.

There are some men in Jamaica are taking care of children which is not ever their own. They are willing to take care of children with doesn’t belong to them. Jamaican men are the biggest simps in the world. They are bigger simps then the men in the United States of America and in Britain. Hey, some of them have been raised by a single mother and they never had a father in the household. And these women who are raising these boys into adult hood doesn’t even warn them about these scarggle daggles. And as these simps meet a single mother and end up in a relationship and she opens her legs to a next man, the simps will shoot her kill her, stab her to death or chop off her head. There is a lot of madness going down in Jamaica as these Jamaican men killing off their wives or girlfriends all because the woman has another man.

These scarggle daggles that belongs to the streets knows that these simps are very thirsty. They know that these simps are hungry for the pum pum punany. As they open up their legs to these simps, the thirst overwhelm them with the quickness. The thirst will take over them in an instant and they can’t control it. These scarggle daggles are like witches that will cast a spell. And the spell that they cast on these simps is their clit. And there is no way to reverse the spell. I know that Jamaican women are off the chain and they have that delightfully charming but these thirsty Jamaican simps don’t know how to control themselves.

These Jamaican simps have no goals and no ambition. They don’t have a purpose. I don’t see Jamaican men calming down the pum pum chase. And sometimes, these simps don’t use protection at all. They better mind because if they ram these scraggly Jamaican women raw, they may not breed the woman off. They may catch a disease so something worse can happen to them. And let me say this. They can’t diss a man that has one girl. Because I know that some of these thirsty simps have their wives/girlfriends and have more then one women. And they are not using condoms when they are having sex with these scraggs whatsoever.

MGTOW Jamaica, it not goanna happen!


Jamaican Men With Single Mothers


single mother

People are goanna tell me to leave these simps alone but mi na care! Listen to me, any man can be with any woman regardless of the colour but he’s got to have some standards, you get me? But these simps, they don’t have any standards at all bombard! Yo, you see the women them ah deal with? Rass claat! These simps who are stalking other men who are with mediocre women and some of them are with single mothers. But you know who are with single mothers a lot? Jamaican men. Yes mon, mi say it! And I have seen it with my two eyes. And these meant to be hard men? Serious though!

The reason why Jamaica men are with single mothers whatever if they are married to them or in a relationship with them is because that have been raised by a single mother or surrounded by women and there was no man around when they were young boys. And as they become adults, they begin to deal with single mothers no matter how many children she has. I have been to Jamaica, probably the most beautiful country I have ever seen and my mum and dad are from St. Thomas parish. The island is super mind blowing, the food taste great, the beaches are beautiful and the women are gorgeous, especially the dark skin ones.

Jamaican women are the most finest women on the planet (some of them) and the most charming but I have seen so many simps that country who are with women who has children. They are taking care of another man’s child. They are doing the same thing in America and in Britain as well. There are consequences of being with a single mother and I mean big, serious consequences. The single mother will use the simp financially and also will hurt the simp emotionally. These baby mothers are women that are very cunning and dishonest. And when they do that to the simp, the simp is willing to take her life in an instant.

It was 2014, me and my friend went to my sister’s house and my sister’s husband was talking to us about Jamaica. He told me and him about a man who killed his woman when he found out that she was having a baby by another man. When he showed me and my friend the pictures of the woman, not only she was chopped up but she had her head chopped off. Listen, there are so many stories of these stuff happening in Jamaica and it never use to happen. And some of these women are whores and they can’t control their urges when it comes to sex.

It’s not a great idea for men dating a woman with children because they goanna kill the gyal when she’s giving the punany to the next man. The only time a man should be with a woman with children is when he has children but these scargglies with children are not looking for a man who has kids. They are looking for a sucker with no children so they can use him and manipulate him. You see how these ghetto whores are cunning. And when the man who is childless says that he doesn’t want a woman who is a single mother, these scraggle daggles including the simps look at him as a villain.

Here this star, when Jamaican men leave Jamaica and head off to the United States or Britain to live, they have so many options when it comes to women and they will forget the women and the children which is not theirs. Why they wanna go back to something like that now as they see all the options in front of their faces? And the Jamaican women must be wondering that how this man is no calling them when the Jamaican men are in America and Britain. Because the Jamaican men realised that these women they were dealing with ain’t all that. They don’t wanna deal with that anymore. They don’t want a woman this is recycled.


Same Thing Happening In Jamaica


Slicing and dicing in the pretty little island again?


Looks like the same thing is happening again in Jamaica. Jesus Christ, this is trend the Jamaican men are doing! My mum was talking to a relative in Whitehall, St Thomas, Jamaica and my mum found out that a man in the Portland parish had killed his girlfriend all because she had a next man. The man slit her throat and let her bleed to death. You remember when the soldier who killed his wife when he find out that she had a next man and then kill himself, well it’s the same shit again in Jamaica with this one. I don’t know if the man killed himself but I know that Jamaican will kill themselves when they off their wives and girlfriends.

I have done blogs about men in Jamaica killing off their wives or girlfriend because their women have a side dude. I have done an article called Jamaican Man Ain’t Playing Around Anymore when I explained about Jamaican men who are killing off their significant other, no matter if they are shooting them, stabbing them, chopping them up, slicing their heads off and so on. This fuckery never use to happen you know but it starting to happen. Jamaican men are just executing their women with the machete, especially in broad daylight.

Jamaican men are with women that doesn’t wanna be with them and the Jamaican women are just using the men financially. If you are a man that is in a relationship and the woman loves you financially, you think that the relationship will last? Well I know that these Jamaican scragglies will say yes. Trust me people, they will. And as these ghetto harridans are using them, they are having sex with the man that is whispering sweet nothings in her ear. He has to move the weave out of the way just to whisper into her ear. And as the Jamaican man finds out that she has a next guy that is sweet talking her, he gets out the long machete and start chopping her up.

Me and my friend had a conversation about this topic in 2018 about Jamaican men killing of their girlfriends/wives. And I told him that things are changing now but knew that all ready. Jamaican men are not like before. They are doing all kinds of shit to their woman and then that are taking their own life afterwards. My mum says that when a Jamaican man cheats on his woman, when it’s the other way around, the man can’t take it. Here this. These men are soft simps that are getting used easly by these women. And I know that there are some Jamaican men will have more then one woman when they are in a relationship but what about the Jamaican woman? She may have another dude.

If the man knew that his woman has another man, then why he just leave her and move on? There are more women out there who could be better then the woman he was with. He doesn’t need to kill her but he took her out and he’s goanna do prison time for the rest of his life. These Jamaican men who are killing their woman, they may have been hurt in the past by other women who did the same thing. And when they find out that their wives or girlfriends did the same thing but worse, the Jamaican men go ballistic and them off in an instant. Oh boy!


Jamaica Women Do Cheat


Right, we all know that Jamaican men cheat. That is true. And they do cheat when they are married and that is wrong. And it’s also dangerous as well because if a man cheats and the wife divorces him, he will lose everything. He will lose his house, his cars, has to pay alimony, he has to pay the dreaded child support, he will lose everything that he has and I mean every single fucking thing, all because of pum pum! Yeah, everyone does have a weakness and the biggest weakness for a man is what the woman has between her legs. However, Jamaican woman cheat too. You don’t believe me?

Why do you think there are so many Jamaican women getting killed by their boyfriends or husbands? Because they have another man on the side. The Jamaican men shoot them, stab them, chop off their heads, all because that these scraggs are giving him bun (Jamaican term for cheating or having someone else) Look, I like that Jamaican men will have a side chick or more the one but these women getting slaughtered by their hubbies or boyfriends because they have someone else in the relationship and they are taking the man for a fool because she is using him financially. Everything is about money nowadays, especially in a relationship.

I have written an article called Jamaican Men Ain’t Playing Around Anymore when I explained about men in Jamaica are killing off their spouse or girlfriends because these scraggle daggles have another man on the side. Then I did another one called Jamaican women Losing Their Heads when I talked about Jamaican women getting killed by their boyfriends and husbands. And I did a next article of Why This Is Happening of me explaining why something like this is happening in Jamaica.

There is a whole leap of murder/suicides going down in Jamaica. And it’s the Jamaican men killing off their significant other in the small beautiful island, all because of a love triangle. The famous one is when a solider from the Portmore parish killed his wife because he find out that she had a side dude. After when he execute her, he then kill himself. The story is now famous for all the wrong reasons now. If you are in a relationship and you are with a good for nothing narcissist who has someone else that they want more then you, why you just leave the relationship and move on to someone else better? And there was another story of man in Jamaica who beheaded is wife because he find out that six of his children was not his. Fuck! 😮

The reason why these something like this happening is because that these type of men have been hurt before in the past and then when these ratchet harlots come into their lives and gives them the same treatment like the other girls did in the past, they suddenly snap and just kill the Jamaican women off. These women are using these men financially and not loving them of who they are. I had a conversation with my friend from Kingsbury, North West London about this two years ago about this topic of Jamaican women getting their heads sliced off. And we talked about Jamaican men dating single mothers as well and that was three years ago when we was walking down Wembley Park.

When they say that Jamaican men cheat and they have more they one woman, I do agree on that because I have seen Jamaican men having more then one woman, especially when she is unattractive. However, Jamaican women cheats as well, especially in marriage as well. (That’s just so fucking terrible no matter if it’s a man or woman). She will have another man on the side while she is using her boyfriend or husband for financial reasons. She may have more then one man on the side. Yeah there are women like this, trust me. If a man defends this and says that “Jamaican women never cheat!” he’s just saying that just to get something that his woman is giving to someone else. And that is the punany.


Jamaican Men Walking Away From Jamaican Women


I must admit, the Jamaican women is one of the most sexist women in the world. But now, Jamaican men are walking away from them!

Why Jamaican men are walking away from Jamaican women? Ah shit, time to spit some fire! Back in the day, the men from that pretty little island want some of that Jamaican pudding and I know about Jamaican Pudding because I had it before. Go look at my five part miniseries Jamaican Pudding when I explained about me with Jamaican women. But anyhow, why Jamaican men are walking away from the woman who was royal to them? Because Jamaican man have seen the ratchet dysfunction with Jamaican women. And when they see the ratchet behaviour with Jamaican women they say “Bomba claat, mi can’t deal with this shit house. Mi gone!

What are Jamaican men are seeing with Jamaican women which is making them walking way from them? Well, it’s the weave wearing, skin bleaching, single motherhood, fighting another woman for a man, giving her boyfriend or husband bun (meaning cheating on her husband/boyfriend), whoring around, using a man financially, playing games, having a next man’s child, there is so much shit with these women from Jamaica. I have done the article called S.Y.S.B.M Jamaica and I explained about Jamaican men leaving Jamaican women and dating non black women because they will not deal with the ratchetness of Jamaican women.

There is another reason as well why they are walking away from these scragglies as well. They are walking way from these Jamaican hoodrats because is because these ghetto daggles remind them as their mothers, aunts, grandmothers; they’re female siblings and their female cousins. So it was like there is no way that they are dealing with any scraggly women that act like women in their family.

As these Jamaican men walking away from these weave wearing, ghetto daggles, these women don’t want these men are all. They want the worthless men like Ghetto Man Nell, Ganja Man Phil, Stretchers, Lanky Boy Cheddar, Tiger Man, Swanies, Rasta Lion and Kingston Boy Ratta. As these ghetto dungle women have children with them, these men will not take care of their off springs. I have seen this so many times in that Jamaican men not taking care of their children they have with these women. And these women end up with a so called gyaliss who is nothing but a simp who is willing to take care of another man child or children. Like I stated before that Jamaican men enjoying being with women with children.

Jamaican men have tried to find a good decent woman from Jamaica but all they get is someone that his ratchet. So they decided to look for woman outside their race because they don’t wanna deal with the wretchedness of the Jamaican woman. These ghetto harridans of the island will be vex because they see a Jamaican man with a non black woman and have a family with her but these women can’t say nothing with them competing with the white woman by wearing weave and copying the white woman’s hairstyle. I guess that these Jamaican men who are with non black women have standards because they don’t want a woman that is ratchet.


Jamaican Pudding Part 5: What Do I Think About Jamaican Woman Now?


The final part is here of what was something which was dear to my heart and I mean it was dear to my heart. As I went memory lane when I thought about the first chick that my family never liked, the Kingston heifer who was using me and may lied to me about her going to Manchester, the Christian with the four children and the parcel who sold herself cheaply, has two children with no father around, a user and willing to spread her legs to any man, I was thinking that those encounters was just a sexual thing even though I haven’t had any sexual intercourse with the one my family didn’t like and the using heifer from Kingston. And the dark pudding? Well, I haven’t heard from her since 2012 but whatever she is doing, I wish her best.

What Do I Think About Jamaican Women Now?

Right, what do I feel about them now? With their gold digging ways, whorish behaviour, being single mothers, wearing weave, bleaching their skin, it was like “Na I’m good!” Because as a black man, you don’t want a woman like that. After with the parcel and the Christian woman, it was like “I’m good bro!” Some of the women in Jamaica are whorish and the parcel proved it to me. When a man is looking for a woman, he doesn’t want a scraggle daggle because of the problems come along with it.

The four kids having Christian didn’t want to tell me that she has a next man, so she was treating me as a side man. And also I didn’t want a ready made family, especially with the parcel. And what I’m goanna tell you will feel sick to your stomach. You see the Christian who has the four children? Well, she had the second child with her cousin. Look, I kid you not. She got breed by her cousin. Incest does happen in Jamaica.

And the other one, the parcel? Well, she shouldn’t be playing games to a man from Brent, North West London. Why? Because I know that the girls in North West London will play games with the man if being nice to them. So the parcel who tried to play games with me like some narcissist while selling her pum pum and also spreading it around.

Some of my family members say that go for the parcel. I swear to the most high, I did not make this up. I don’t want a woman who is a gold digging narcissist, a cheap sex worker, a single mother and a community girl who was spread out her punany all over the district. Do you know how many men have ram their dick in her punany of hers? I was wondering if she has sex with those guys without condoms. Because if she did, then she better do an AIDS/HIV test. The Christian told me that she says saw her at a bashment in Kingston and she told me that the parcel had anal sex with a Spanish homosexual. The horror! — The horror!

Things are diffrent in the land of the yellow, green and black because the men in Jamaica are killing of their wives or girlfriends. The reason why they are terminating them is that the women in their lives have another man on the side. Have done three articles of Jamaican Men Ain’t Playing Around Anymore, Jamaican Women Losing their heads and Why This Is Happening when I’m explaining Jamaican men murdering their wives and girlfriends with the quickness.

In 12th January 2020 in Portmore, St. Catherine, a solider kills his wife when he found out she has a next  man. After when he kill his wife, he kill himself. And there was another man kill his woman in the summer of 2019. He chopped her head off and set the body on fire. The man who killed the woman was cold about him killing the woman. And in 2015, a man did an DNA test on 5 of his children and not even one was his. So he murdered his partner when he found out that the children was not his.

A whole leap of murder suicide in Jamaica because these Jamaican women are breaking Jamaican men hearts. With the ratchet behaviour with Jamaican women, the men from Jamaica are going S.Y.S.B.M. I have written an article called S.Y.S.B.M Jamaica when I explaining Jamaican men walking away from Jamaican women and being with non black relationships. When Jamaican men see a huge amount of women from different races when they come to England, they forget the Jamaican women especially when they go into the United States of America.

You guys must be wondering why I dealt with Jamaican women. Because they are charming. They are very, very charming. And that’s what happened to me. I fall under their charm. Jamaican women are sexy. Well some of them are and they are charming but I wouldn’t recommend any man  dating a woman from Jamaica because of their bad reputation they have and I seen it with the gold digging heifer, the parcel and the Christian as an example. Would I do something like this ever again? I would date any women but I’m making sure that I keep my standards in check.


No matter what, the Jamaican pudding was sweet though.