Is It Me Or Is It


Hello ladies, hello gentlemen, this is money Cultural. What’s up to my followers regardless of the colour and the country you are from? Me, I’m currently doing fine. What do I mean by that? On 27th June 2018; I created Money Cultural on So its goanna be my third anniversary of the urban, street wise website. The reason why it was created is because that I wanna explain what is going on in the so called black community, outside the community and my past experiences. And plus, I love writing. I’m a screenwriter and I have been writing movie scripts since 2001 so you know where I come from. But the thing is that things are slowing me down when it come to screenwriting but I do get things done at the end. When you start something, you have to finish it no matter how long it will take you. It’s a principle.

You see, I have a huge passion of writing and then when I discovered blogging; I just went boom, let me do that. When I created this website, I got some hate from some ratchet black women and these salty simps that is siding with them. I’m not fucking surprised that with these simps that are defending these ghetto ratchet hoodrat harridans. When I talk about the fuckery going on in the so called black community, trust me, I ruffle some feathers but the thing is that I’m just talking logic. That is all. I heard that you can make money on blogging which is a good idea. There are some people that are making money online and they are not doing a normal nine to five job.

Right, I put a donate button on my website. Great, anyone who wants to donate to me, they can do that. I looked my website yesterday to check on my website and also looking at other bloggers. When I went on Money Cultural, I didn’t see the donate button. I went “Whole on. Where’s my donate button?” I looked again and my donate button, still wasn’t there. I ask for help from wordpress and they say that copy and paste it to block. As I copy and paste the code of the donate button from PayPal a few times, didn’t see the donate button on my homepage. So I told them that the donate button is not on my homepage. Then they say that I have to sign up to stripe to apply PayPal on my website. Yeah, something like that guys.

Question, is it me or is it the stuff I write that made wordpress take down the donate button? Is it because that these simps, scraggle daggles, the white beta males don’t like what I write and make wordpress take down the donate button? If a simp is on wordpress and I know that there are simps on wordpress has a donate button on his website, you think it will be taken down? Fuck no people. They wouldn’t even go near him because he’s writing articles of him calling these scraggle daggles beautiful, calling them queens, defending their honour and all sort of nonsense. And like I say, he will get, well little donations. And I try to get the PayPal donate button which I did but it wasn’t the donate button that I wanted. I was really pissed off. I was so pissed off, Star!

I really don’t know if they delete it because they say that they don’t have records of them deleting my donate button. I bet you that the simps and the scraggle daggles must of been happy. No, better yet, they must be laughing their heads off. But when these ghetto ratchet, ghetto gagging hoodrats lose their hair by wearing this weave and going bald, then SYSBM will pissing themselves laughing, hard. And the simps that get betrayed by these ghetto hoodrats when they open their legs the thugs they love and sexually desire, we look at them calling the simps “Stupid monkey dicks!” I was drinking two glasses of Irish cream just try to clear my head because I was is peeved of what happened. I was goanna design my website just to make it look on the street side of things. To make it look street but is not worth it now? Errr — maybe! I don’t know what’s goanna happen next.

If you feel generous, you can donate to me. You can donate much as you want. I don’t mind you know what I’m sayin’

Here is the link:

And also Christ almighty! I just found out in Jamaica that a man killed his girlfriend who was eight months pregnant. After the man was arrested and was put into jail. Afterwards, the man hang himself in the police cell. I went “Another murder/suicide!” I knew that this will happen again. Early this year a man from White Hall in St. Thomas where my family is from kill of his former girlfriend and then kill himself. The man hang himself on the tree close to my grandmother was buried. And the man wasn’t hanging high. You know when 2020 was a crazy year when the Jamaican men was murdering their girlfriends/wife and then kill themselves afterward? Well, it’s the same shit house in 2021.

Another one? Mi backside!

I have talked about this last year. Guess I’m goanna talk about it again!


The Journey Begins! With Money Cultural


What’s up people and this is Money Cultural!

I’m a North West Londoner, City Boy, born in the 1980’s, raised in the 1990’s in a Jamaican two parent home when the music sounded much better then what we are hearing now.

My mum and dad worked very hard when they come to this country. Things have changed now as I see bums on the street doing nothing.

And these black harlots are flocking to these men but they know that these men are worthless as they are really.

SYSBM Movement. The movement that I truly respect. The heterosexual black alpha male is now taking his options of dating the white sugar, the Indian dessert, the yellow butter Oriental right down to the hot Latin pepper.

Looks like the chocolate cake is not on the menu anymore. But a black woman sees a good black man, they turn him down and goes for the worthless black man.

However, when she becomes a single mother of one, two, three, four or five children, she gets upset when he rejects her and rightfully so. No man should not date a single mother.

But the simp will. The simp will date a single mother whatever the cost! They don’t care if the harridan has two, three, or even ten children, he will date her.

Not only that, he will be in a relationship with her or worse, he’ll marry her. And he not providing for the harlot because he is living of the woman and eating the kids snack packs.

My blog page is about what is concerning with black men, black women and also what’s going in the black community.

And I will also talk about my life experiences.

The journey begins with the SYSBM movement and the black heterosexual alpha male. And the for the beta males, the simps and the ghetto ratchet, ghetto gagging hood rat whores, get ready to be slayed.


The journey have started!

Peace Out