Caught In The Act



You see guys; I’m not with this relationship goals type thing because remember guys, relationships do end because of financial reasons, getting mistreated by your boyfriend/girlfriend, abuse in the relationship or finding out that the pesron you are with is having sex with another person. But anyway, I hope everyone is doing well in 2022. This is off course is Money Cultural, straight outta North West London. I hopen everyone enjoyed their Christmas. My Christmas is fine even though I’m not a Christmas type dude. Anyhow, hoping everyone is good health. Well, maybe not this guy as his heart will might not be in good health again because he caught his girl in a car with another man. Naked!

This guy caught his girl with another man in the back seat of the car with no clothes on. Good God! I think both of them are Hispanic but that’s here or there though. The guy was in complete rage when he sees his girl on top of another man in the nude in broad daylight. And she tells him to close the door so in other words that she wasn’t finished riding the man’s dom. And she also says that “Can you leave?” Yeah, she ain’t done yet. And when he ask the mamacita numerous time why did she cheat on him, she says that she don’t love him. When she said that, I was like “That was it blud! Just leave her on top off of the nest man’s dick and just move on.”

I wish I could remember the year but there was a guy who was in a wheelchair and he recorded his wife having sex with another man in bed. She was on top of the man riding the living daylights out of him. The man in the wheelchair saying that he hated her, he’s goanna tell her the family, calling her a cunt and so on. And he’s in his wheelchair watching the woman riding the man on his bed. Right, you know something. I think I know why the woman is with the disabled man. She is with the man for the money. Disabled people get a lot of money from The Department Work and Pensions. It’s not little money they are getting. It’s a shit load of money. And that’s where she’s there for.

white woman caughther man cheating

White sugar is on murder mode, now!

Right, I understand that its goanna hurt that you found out that the love of your life has a side piece but at the end of the day, it’s not really necessary to record the act of cheating. And the Latina who was on top of the other guy in the backseat of the while being naked seems like she don’t give a fuck. I have something to say. When a woman and a man is caught cheating with another person, it means the relationship is over. There is no way that a relationship can be saved if the other person is caught cheating, especially if it’s in a marriage.

It was in August 2018 when I was living in Watford, Hertfordshire. It was sunny morning and I was in bed, just waking up. There was this white guy who was outside of his house. He couldn’t get in the house because his woman locked the door because that he might get violent and as I heard what he said, I think I know why. A few minutes later, I hear him crying saying that “You always do this. You shag anybody!” So she was cheating on the dude and I think she has done this before. I tell you, I heard that the women in Watford are nothing but slags. I heard that their proper slaggies, supper slappers and all that, yo!

It’s goanna be very, very painful when you catch the love of your life cheating but not worth recording it. And men are doing that a lot nowadays. The person that cheated on you really doesn’t love you or even care about you, so you have no choice but to move on. But you guys are probably goanna say “Yo Money C, you was chatting up other girls while you was in relationships too blud!” Yeah, but anyway. The best thing to do is just move on and find someone better then the person you are with. And the other person who cheated on you, they will regret what they have done to you. Or will they?

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And in the back seat, the guy is just sitting there with his dick in her punany. The man is ready for this thrill ride she’s goanna give him. I know about thrill rides guys. Oh yes, indeed!


You Can’t Make A Hoe A Housewife

You can’t disagree on that!

Yes, she belongs to the street. And it was your turn as every man had their go between her legs but here this now. You can’t make her as a housewife. Why? Because a hoe who has been ram through so many time and you end up with a chick with a worn out punany. A hoe cannot be a housewife because she belongs to the streets and she has been riding the dick merry go round over and over again until she’s looking for a cleanup man to mop up her mess. What do I mean by that? For instance if she had children, she is looking for sucker to take care of children which is not his. No clean up man here.

But the simps like True Semon, Aaron “Bareback” Fountain and Nutward TV will be available to take care of these off springs that she had with Knife Man Priest, Cell Block Scrappy, Street Mice, Corner Boy Ronney and Big Dick Rodney. No man shouldn’t take care another man’s children. Them motherfuckers are not a next man’s responsibility. If the next man’s kids call him daddy, then what? Ah shit, that happened to me before in Jamaica in 2010 when I was dealing with a brown skin Christian and her son called me daddy. I just cringe in a second. And that make leg that fast because I’m not taking care another pussyhole’s child or children.

Right, these hoodrats and scraggle daggles do want a good black man. After when they sleep around, get ram out and ride a whole leap of willy and no good black man want with a woman that has thrown her punany all over the hood or the ghetto or the district. And when the good black man says no to her for a very good reason, then all of a sudden the scraggle daggle go into rage mode. Listen, I know that I’m no catch and I know that I’m the bad guy but there is now way that I would be with a scraggly harridans who is carrying a whole leap of baggege.

If you goanna make these women, you think they will cook, clean, take care of the children your goanna have with (Most of these scraggle daggles have children)? No, because a whore is trained to be whore and she will not be a good wife. Your goanna be a good husband providing for her but that what she is there for. She is there of you financially but she is not there for your emotionally. So there you go, she is there for what’s in your pockets and not for you.

So if you want a wife, then don’t go for a whore that you can make a housewife. You can’t change to a whore into a wife when you put the ring on her finger. It’s impossible to change woman who has a loose punany. She has been giving the clitoris to 357 Jimmy, Weed Man Jake, Ruff Cut Larry, Rapid Fire Rasta and Pimp L. If you have a scargg that can’t do the things that a wife will do, then do not put a ring on her finger. Find someone who is qualified as a wife. If she belongs to the streets and given more one man a turn, then you can’t make her as a housewife.

I’m not bullshitting, it’s truth!


It’s Just Your Turn


She wasn’t yours; it was just your turn. Hey I’m sorry for saying this but that’s the truth. So many dudes had their go while you had you go. She never loved you but she loved what you have. Yep, she loved you financially. She was just playing you and using you while she was giving the next man her private section. Yeah, it’s goanna hurt obviously. The pain cut deep in your heart but time will heal and time is a great healer. Look at the chick in Jamaica which I talked about in Jamaican Pudding part 2: The Parcel when I explained about her fucking a whole leap of man in Whitehall and maybe in other parishes as well.

A whole leap of Jamaican men had their turn with her and I’m not sure if she use any condoms if she was getting dick down by multiple simps so that’s a risk I would not take. She belongs to the street for real. You know when your girl is giving the punany to another man that means she doesn’t love you. So why you wanna waste your time on someone who doesn’t love you? And what is the point of fighting another man over a woman? C’mon the third man is pressing that pum pum underneath the bed sheets. So what are you fighting for? You’re fighting for something which every has had. Her punany!

Black men had been through so much fuckery with black women. And it’s these bitter, ghetto ratchet hoodrats that they are dealing with. Trust me; it’s extremely hard for a black man when he’s in a relationship with a black woman because look what he has to go through. You see what the ghetto harridans are doing? Do you know how many men these whorish scraggs have sex with? It’s a long list so you really don’t wanna know. When you have a woman who is a whorish harridan, you have to kick her to the curb and just move on.

And you know the men that these women are dealing with? They are dealing with Cell Block Scrappy, Gun Man George, Car Thief Gary, 357 Jimmy, Ruff Cut Larry, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Street Mice, Rum Smuggler Don, Whiskey Baron Tony and Fuck All Night Fred. They are giving the hairy tunny to these men. And these men will get a turn from her. And they get a turn from the other scraggly hoodrat as well. So there is more then one harlot they are tearing up on the bed matress.

You can’t be with a woman that will not returning the love and the affection to you> You have to walk off and move on. You had your go and another man is waiting for his turn. There is a whole leap of women around. You can’t stick with the woman who is riding the dick carousel. So you have to leave her with and make her ride the cock merry go round riding one wood to another. So turn your back on the scarggle daggle and walk away from the woman. And find another woman better then her.