The Weave Wearing Black Woman Part 13: A Boast Of Confidence For The White Woman

feel your hair

As I saw her taking her hate off, I bet you that these scraggle daggles thinking “I need to rob that hair from that white bitch!”

A white woman walk down the busy streets of Central London on sunny Saturday. She has long wavy blonde hair. Her hair blow through the wind. Every man is watching her, especially black men who are SYSBM. A black woman, nice looking black woman walking her way wearing this weave trying to copy the white woman’s hairstyle. No man is watching her because she is wearing that fake weave that doesn’t match her looks. The strawberry blonde and the weave wearing black woman walk past staring at each other. The weave wearer black woman shows her insecurities and envy because of she can’t grow her hair like the white woman can. And the blonde white sugar walks down the street with her confidence boasted up.

The white women have more confidence within themselves now because of the high level of weave black women are wearing on a very consistent basis. When I walk down the roads especially in Luton, I see black women wearing weave more often then ever. The insecurity is real out there, people. And the thing is that they are not afraid to show their insecurities on display. They have a huge obsession with this weave because of they wanna look like a non black woman and mostly, they wanna look like their arch nemesis known as the white woman. Listen, they have envy with this white woman for years.

When a black man sees a white woman with her hair long wavy hair that grows in her scalp, he will find her attractive. But when he sees a black woman with weave sowed in her hair or been glued in her scalp, he’ll get put off by it. Why? Because it’s not her real hair and the black man will just shake his head and walk away from that shit. Because he doesn’t wanna a weave head black woman. He rather have a natural hair black woman or date a non black woman then a weave head black chick trying to look like a white woman.

First of all, he didn’t need to be so insecure and second of all, I think I know why he’s cheating.

Black men do not find black women attractive nowadays. Why? Is because one of the reasons why that they are wearing this weave and they find it very off putting for them. So black men rather go for woman that embraces natural beauty. I rather have a black woman that is natural. “I’m into that afro sheen ting, you get me?” But these simps are telling guys like me that I should go for a woman like that looks ratchet. Na blud. Whatever weed these simps are smoking, they better stop smoking it because it making them think to say dumb fuckery, you know what I mean?

As these simps say to the weave heads that they are beautiful, thinking black men will be shaking their heads knowing that these simps are trying get some punany from these weave heads. They are very tactical when it comes to these simps but they get played by these weave heads and the weave wearing black woman will go for men like Six Shot Eric, 50 Calibre Gilly, Machete Man Briggy, Des The Drunk, Street Mice and Rum Smuggler Don. They know that the simps are siding with them when thinking black men talk about the dysfunctional of the ratchet black woman. But these weave heads don’t wanna be with the simps whatsoever.

As the white woman no matter if she’s a blonde or a brunette, she will walk down the street with nothing but confidence because the black woman is boasting it with her wearing this weave. Black women are walking streets with these weave and when a black man sees a black woman wearing weave, he starts to think “Why the hell she has that weave in her damn head?” It looks like black women are comfortable wearing this weave when they walk the streets but when they see the white woman with that long wavy natural hair she can grow naturally, they will show their insecure side. And also, jealousy.

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They can walk down the street with all this confidence when they have this weave in their hair, until they see the arch rival, the white woman.


Dating A Non Black Single Mother. Never!


You must be wondering “Where Money Cultural blud!? Where’s the man star? Why he didn’t post the article ting? On Friday 22rd January 2021, I attended my older brother’s funeral in Luton, Bedfordshire. He died from the prostate cancer on 23rd December 2020. I haven’t talk to him for over 20 years old. To be honest, I haven’t spoken to my other siblings for over 20 years. I don’t wanna discuss it but he’s in a better place now and I know that he’s watching me above. So is my dad, so is my grandma including granddad who is must be sleeping with the angels. Man is a real Casanova. So, I’m here talking about these scraggle daggles and the simps that can’t wait to fuck them. These simps are in a deep ocean of shit and they don’t mind swinging in it.

Right, thinking black men always talk about the ratchet black women because of the dysfunctional behaviour they are bringing. You know I say that I will never be with a single mother for a relationship or marriage. As these simps like Bareback Fountain, D Derailed, Angel Ramirez Jordan and all of the other simps on social media, they must be thinking will SYSBM date a white woman with children because they think that SYSBM talk about black women with children, no matter how many they have. Right, here this. Even though I don’t mind interracial relationships, I will never date a non black women with children.

Why? Because you know I wouldn’t date a black woman with children, well it’s the same bomba claat thing as well if I’m goanna date a non black woman with children, especially a white woman with children. There was a black YouTuber and he had a YouTube beef with Tommy Sotomayor. These YouTube beefs are just nonsense but anyway. Tommy Sotomayor did a video about the guy he was beefing with. Tommy said that the simp is married to the white woman who has two children. These simps have no good standards at all. Matter of fact, they have no standards whatsoever. You think I’m goanna be with a woman with children? Fuck no! But they there are some simps that will say to me “What happens if the white woman has a biracial child or children?” Does it matter?

Tommy took out the white trash and the simp!

You see the trashy non black women especially the trashy white ones? It’s the one that white men don’t want. They don’t wanna deal with these type of woman. It’s these simps who are willing enough and I mean they are willing to date these non black women who are trashy. Right, I have no issues of interracial relationship but there is a thing called standards and these simps are with these ducks. Right there is a simp named Steve The Dean Williams who was attacking SYSBM, MGTOW and IBMOR on Oshay Jackson show on YouTube. I did an article of him called Steve The Simp Williams and I heard that the man is has a white wife with two white children. You see what I mean. How can any man that will attack SYSBM, MGOTW and IBMOR while you are with a below average woman? It just doesn’t make sense.

You know when I say that I will never date a black woman with children, I’m saying the same thing with non black women. There is no why that I’m goanna take care a next man child or children. That’s a next man’s responsibility, not mine. And when these simps here that thinking black men will never wanna be with a single mother, they come and attack them and then a vicious war erupts between them. The reason why these dumb, foolish simps are attacking thinking black men because the think minded men will refuse to date these harridans that these simps are defending. And also the reason why are coming after thinking black men is because they are strategizing to to get some punany. And they don’t care the cost when they strategizing to get some puss!

RIP Big Brother

19th April 1948 – 23rd December 2020


The Weave Wearing Black Woman Part 7: All Them Good Looks And Wearing All That Weave


It was a Sunday afternoon. I was at Watford Junction train station heading to Enfield, North London. When I was topping up my Osyter card, I saw this black girl with the longest natural hair I ever seen for a long time and I mean for a very long time. It was a three weeks ago and I was at Watford Town Centre. I saw this dark skin black woman and she was with this white girl. The woman had nice dark skin, slim body and nice toes with white nail varnish on them. The only thing that put me off is that weave. And she has a nice slim body but that weave was so off putting.

When you see a nice looking black woman, she always have that damn mop on her head. When it comes to insecurities, black women are not afraid to show it in public. We have so many weave shops in the so called black community and they are making a huge profit from black women when they spend their money on this weave just to look like a white woman. They have a huge hatred of this white woman but if they hate her so much, then why they are copying their arch enemy’s hairstyle? Black women have a huge desire and a big obsession for this weave which making them broke and they will wear all kinds of different colours of weave.

When thinking black men talk about black women wearing this weave which is making them bald, these black women are trying to shut down thinking black men because black men are talking logic about the ebony women wearing this fake hair which making them have broke purses (Broke purse means is a woman with no money). And most of these hoodrat harridans have their simps, cucks, captain save hoes, pro blacks, ghetto soy boys and the oil of olay men defending these harridans just to get that sweet punany that they are so thirsty for but they getting played by these ghetto ratchet hoodrats when these whores open they’re legs to Pookie, Ray Ray, John John, 12 Gauge Mike, 6 Shooter Derrick, 357 Jimmy, Rum Smuggler Don and Lazer Sight Richie.


I don’t know why these simps keep defending these harlots and they know that they don’t have a chance with these ratchet whores but anyway. Black men are seeing black women wearing this weave and some black women are the most finest female on the planet. Some have good looks, nice bodies, perfect toes and they are wearing this weave. And you know what else. I see unattractive black women that are wearing weave. Now I’m not mocking a woman’s looks but if a black woman is unattractive then why make things worse by wearing this weave? I’ve have seen so many unattractive black women that are wearing fake hair regardless of the colour of the weave.

I prefer a natural hair on a black women more because I can’t take this fake shit. Black men who are think minded will not date a black women because they don’t wanna deal with black women’s insecurities so they decided to opt out and date, be in relationship or marry non black women. But when black men date outside their race, black women will call them house niggers, niggers, sell out, coon, super coon etc. After that when they call black men these degrading names, they put on this weave trying to look like they’re main rival known as the white woman. But when that hair battle begins, the white woman will end up as the world hair champion.

There are some black women that has natural hair especially if they are dark skin but it’s only a few and there is a huge majority of black women wearing weave. You want proof? Go out of the street and see how many women wearing this fake hair that black women are obsessed with. I have female family members that are wearing weave. When a black man sees a black woman wearing weave, it’s very off putting for him seeing a woman from the same race trying to look like a woman that is a bitter arch rival to her but the black woman loses her marbles when she sees a black man with a non black woman.



Can’t Flex The White Woman’s Hairstyle


Black women are getting worse and worse, fuck!

I was watching this video on YouTube and it called Becky Is Jealous from Crystal Swirlz. I don’t wanna mention this self hating heifer but what this woman said on her video is nothing but irritating to me. On the 12 minute video, she said that Becky is the quiet basher. She also said that “Becky is jealous that you have went all the way to the top of the food chain and that you finally woke up”. She also said that Becky is like black men. She’s been cuddled and self entitled and spoiled and now that black women are swirling, she’s extremely threatened. Really though? Crystal Swirlz, Cynthia G, the one who got pregnant by the dusty pro black Robert Perkins and Cristelyn Karazin have a huge hatred for black men for no reason but they worship the below average white male known as bottom shelf Brad.


Here this now. You see the white woman that the swirling heifer Crystal Swirlz claims that she’s jealous, well it’s the opposite really. Black women are jealous of the white woman because the white woman can grow her long, wavy, natural blonde hair. Black women can’t flex the white woman’s hairstyle. Black women have to wear weave just to compete with their arch enemy but they lose in that competition when they realise that they can’t compete with the white woman while wearing this weave. And these ghetto hoodrats suffer the consequences of them losing their hair and going bald because the weave is eating their hair out.

When you see a white woman walking down the street, you see wearing a sexy dress, carrying her handbag and has her high heels on. You see her long wavy hair that grow out of her scalp and everyone sees it blows in the wind. When you see a black woman now, she’s dress nice and she’s got all that backside round as a doughnut but she have weave in her hair trying to look like a white woman. You just have to shake your head when us black men sees black women’s insecurities on display and they are not afraid to show it. The white woman can only flex her hairstyle and she can have different type of styles for her hair. Can the black woman match up to her? No way, because she loses every single time when she tries to copy the hairstyle that belongs to her arch nemesis.


When black men sees the black women wearing this weave, black men will lose interest by dating black women, so they decide to move on and date outside their race. Because they do not wanna deal with the black woman’s insecurities every single day when he comes home from work, having dinner with her and laying beside her  because his black partner or wife is imitating the white woman when she is wearing weave. It was Wednesday 30th October 2019 and I was on the 18 bus heading to London Euston Station. I was at Harrow Road and I saw this beauty shop and it was called Freta Hair And Cosmetics. When I saw the weave on display, I said “Bomba Claat!” I saw the door open and I see weave for sale and I just couldn’t shake my head in shame anymore.

A natural black woman is getting harder to find for most black men nowadays. And me, I always want a natural black woman but as I see these ghetto gaggers wearing weave twenty hours a day and seven days a week, I will not put up with this weave wearing madness. Black women spend a lot of money just to look white but that it’s a big fail when black women are wearing this fake hair which is making their hair smell molly. The only black men that will tolerate with this weave wearing nonsense is these simps that will defend these women’s honour and these men cannot wait to have sex with them, raw!



The Weave Wearing Black Woman Part 6: The Attractive Weave Weaver


Every time I see a black woman, she is always wearing weave and its more and more black women wearing this weave. It was a few weeks ago and I was on the Victoria line heading to Euston Station to take the fast train home. I was coming from Enfield, North London and I saw three black girls and one of them caught my eye. She was a good looking dark skin black chick with slim body, nice legs, nice toes. But the thing is that she had weave in her hair, short weave. There was another black woman. I was on London Midlands train and there was a nice looking black woman, brown skin, nice body, nice toes too but the browning had weave as well. And I was at my temporary job and I was having lunch. There was this brown skin honey and she was a cutie as well but here this! She had weave in her head, blonde as well.


No matter how attractive the black woman is whatever if she is a dark hot chocolate or a brown sugar, she will have weave in her hair. Oh boy! When I see a black woman, it is very difficult to approach her just to chat her up. You can’t give her the lyrics when you are chirping her up when you want to do the approaching because she got weave in her hair. I know that there are some good looking black women around but its all that weave they have in their head which is putting black men like me off because I prefer black women with natural hair and seeing natural beauty on a black woman is getting very rare.


Black women spend billions of their money every single year trying to look like a white woman. I have even see unattractive black women wearing weave whatever its blonde, brunette, black, brown, purple, green, grey, pink, even red. Black women have this huge desire and desperation for this weave trying to look like this woman who these hoodrats are claiming that these white women are taking the best black men. And I do see white women put different coloured hair as well but they have their long, wavy hair and they can grow their hair naturally and black women have to sow the weave with needle and thread. There is a weave epidemic in the so called black community as we see black women having a big addiction for this weave that they crave for and when they put this weave in their head, they feel so confident wearing it.


There are so many attractive black women that have weave in their hair and there are some unattractive black women that are wearing this weave. And the more black men see black women wearing weave, they more they walk away from them and date women from other race that can grow their long, sight, wavy hair right through their scalp. How can any black man love a black woman if she can’t love herself? Black women are the most insecure woman in the world.


The Weave Wearing Black Woman Part 5: Weave Heads of Africa


You know I have a thing for African women. I have a taste for some African pudding and I’m black British Caribbean. I know that African women have big butts, well some of them. But when I see them wearing this weave, I just turn into an African and went “Ah, ah!” I see more and more African women wearing this weave now. I always though that African women love being natural but now we have a huge amount of weave heads in the motherland. You have to look at Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and other West African continents. The weave epidemic has now hit Africa and these women are in desperate needs of having this weave in their hair and willing to go broke by spending their money to put fake hair in their scalp.

There is a video on YouTube and on the video is shows Kenyan women going through landfills just to look for weave. But there is more, much more. I also saw the Kenyan women washing weave. Yes, that’s right! They was washing weave. I was in complete shock when I saw the video and then I start thinking how can anyone go into landfills just to look for weave? Rats, mice, deadly spiders or dangerous scorpions could be lurking in these landfills. And they are washing weave like they are washing clothes in a basin. When I continue to watch the disturbing video, I see one of the Kenyan women with no hair line. Because she keeps putting weave in her hair and now her hair lane has now disappeared. The weave has erased her hair front.

Go watch the shocking video!

There is a huge desperation of these African women trying to look white. I mean, these women will go broke just to look like a white women and it doesn’t matter what colour the weave is, these African women what that weave in their scalp and these women are living in poverty. How these women are live in poverty and they are buying weave? The weave market is ridiculous in West Africa. There are stores that sells weave and you will see the weave on display from all range of colours from black, red, blonde and so on. We have black women that are weave wearers in the United Kingdom and in the Untied States of America, black women spend ten billion dollars every year of weave because they have a huge obsession of looking like a woman for another race.

Africa is done. I repeat, Africa is done. Natural beauty has gone out of the motherland. We might as well call Africa Weaveica, because the African women are just wearing this weave and they have a relentless desire for it. The insecurity with black women runs deep as they continue to wear weave and they getting broke buy spending their money of buying this fake hair trying to copy the white women that they worship, but they get mad when a black man is with a white woman. Sounds odd when you think about it.


White Trashiness


We all know that there is a huge number of ratchet black women and unfortunately the numbers are growing with the next generation of young black ratchet girls. And we know that these young black girls are coming like their mothers. However, what about the ratchet white girl? Hmmm! Well, I was watching ratchet video on YouTube from Tommy Sotomayor and I saw four girls. Three of them are black and the other is white. I saw the four young girls twerking in front of the camera at their local Walgreens and talking about a plan b. I don’t know what a plan b is but anyhow. I like to know where security was when these girls were twerking like strippers.

Tommy said this on his video that when a black girl hangs around with a bunch of white girls, her behaviour is elevated amongst what you think of a typical black girl. When a white girl hangs around with a group of black girls, her attitude, behavior and everything is lowered that what you think of a typical white girl. He’s right. You will never see a normal white girl who hangs around with black girls who is well spoken and classy. The white girl’s speech pattern is lowered when she hangs around with a bunch of black girls but when a black girl hangs around with white girls, she has to elevate herself from the way she acts and the way she talks.

When a black ratchet chick becomes a single mother of two, three, five or even ten children with different men who are nothing but worthless, the same thing will happen to the trashy white girl. She becomes a single mother of mix race children with different black dudes and she’s not having children by the upstanding black men who is working nine to five job or being self employed. She will choose the thirstiest street thugs. Look, Pookie and Ray Ray will breed anything, trust me on that! We all know that in the United States of America 80 per cent of black women are single mothers and in Britain is about 49 per cent. When it comes to the white women who are single mothers, it’s not high. It’s about 25 per cent of white women who are single mothers. In the white community, most of the white children are being raised in a two parent home but in the black community is run by the ratchet black matriarch.


Why did the white girl went to ratchet mode? And why do trashy white girls hang around with ratchet black girls? Probably she was raised in that kind of environment? Grow up in a fatherless in the household? Her parents must have been too strict on her and probably her parents must be religious and then she just stop listening to mum and dad? I really don’t know what made this white girl go ratchet and hang around with the next generation of single mothers in the black community.

There are white girls that act ratchet like black girls sometimes worse but the white chick on the video can be tamed. She can change for the better but that is down on her but when it comes to black girls, they refuse to be tamed. They are difficult to control these broads from  the ghetto and these desperete simps will nut inside these hoodrats without thinking. I do like white girls and the white sugar does have a good shape but there are some white girls and some women generally I don’t want to be with if they show any kind of bad behavior. And I know that white girl is getting dick down by more than one black dude.

Right, black men always talk about black women not wearing their natural hair. I speak about black women wearing weave no matter the colour the wave is. When I look at the video, the white girl is the one of the four girls who has her natural hair. The white chick can grow her hair naturally and the black chicks have to buy it at Mr. Chan’s hair and beauty shop and then saw it or glue it. And when the hoodrats take out the weave out, oh Lord of mighty! It smells mouldy and the weave is making them go bold quicker than any man that’s losing hair. But the white female, when her hair gets dirty, she can wash it, dries it and she can have different hairstyle for her long wavy hair.


The Weave Wearing Black Woman Part 4: The Weave Wearers of Hertfordshire



The dear staring at the black woman and starts thinking “What the hell?”

It was a sunny day on Saturday 30th March 2019 and I was at St. Albans Road, Watford. I was coming out of a shop which sells mobile phones, vapes and other electrical accessories. It also does phone repairs also. As I cross the road, I saw this fat heifer at the bus stop and on top of her head is nothing but tacky, blondish weave. It was so much, it almost covering up her face. A week later, I was at the barbers getting my hair cut and there was this African woman with brown skin. She had a young boy who was misbehaving so much, it was getting on my nerves and the mother was being soft and fragile to the boy. Let’s not forget to mention that she had weave as well. There are numerous weave wearers in Hertfordshire. I have seen so many black women wearing weave in the county of Hertfordshire so it’s not only in London but also in the towns in Hertfordshire.

When I was that black fat chick wearing that weave, I knew that there are hairdressers in Hertfordshire so black women will spend money buying this weave just to look white. From blonde weave, black, brunette, right down to brown, they will do whatever it takes to just to look like the woman from the white race. When I saw that heifer at the bust stop on St. Albans Road, I was thinking that how does she get the money to buy this fake hair just to look the woman that black women hate? She must be on government assistance must be. Black women are the most insecure women in the world because look what they are putting in their hair. They will glue this weave into their scalp also so they will go to extreme lengths just to compete with the white woman and they are suffering the consequences of them losing their hair and going bold. They are trying to pull off the white woman’s style but as they do that, black women fail miserably as they try to be copy of the white woman but they continue to put on this weave, no matter what colour the weave is and they have a relentless need for it.


But I do see black women in Hertfordshire having their natural hair I was just thinking how long can they stay natural? If a black man wants a relationship with a black woman and he sees her wearing weave, how can he be with her if she’s wearing this tacky yaki on her head? How can any black man love a black woman if she has these insecurities? You think that a man like want a relationship with a black woman who is not in her natural state? Absolutely not! There is no way that I want to be with an insecure black woman and that what black men do not want, so they date the women that can grow their blonde or brunette hair naturally. Black women cannot stand it when they see a black men dating or in a relationship with a white woman but they constantly buy this weave and try go competition with their idol and then ending up on the losing side. Black women cannot say anything about when a black man dates outside if his race and there is no way that the simps should defend her honour.


The Weave Wearing Black Women Part 3: The Simp Of North West London


When you have the weave wearing black woman, you have the simp that is by her side. It was the summer of 2011 and I was listening to Unique Fm in Brent, North West London. There was a radio show called Straight Talk and it comes on every Tuesday evening. The presenters of the show were talking about the Hollywood Industry stereotyping black people in film. There was this caller from Harrow who called into the show and talked to the presenters about the topic. He said that he is tired of movies like Boyz N The Hood, Menace II Society, New Jack City and all the other black movies that have stereotype black people which I don’t believe what the guy is saying.

I think it was in 2012 and it was the same guy that called into the show. I couldn’t remember what was the topic is called but he said something which I will never forget for the rest of my life. He said “If you guys talk about football, then black women can wear their weave.” Not only I was in shock what the simp have said that but I was thinking that why did he said what he said after black hate it when they see weave on any black woman’s head? How could any black man in their right state of mind said what he said when he called into the show, live? Since then, I’m still shaking my head and also scratching my head when the simp called into the show and said something which was truly disturbing.

I understand that it was a long time ago but you know, I’m still thinking about it time and time again. I though these simps are a dying breed but it seems like there is goanna be more simps then ever because these individuals like him are defending these good for nothing hoodrats that wear this tacky weave which is making them broke. I was wondering why he said on that live radio show which is now history? I don’t think that he’s trying to get between the women’s legs because this Harrow simp is a married man, but you know that these simps are in these women’s defence just to get some coochie so he’s using that as a strategy just to get some cooch. When a black man says something like this, how can you take someone like him seriously? If I was in a group and I see him as the leader, I’ll leave that group faster than lightening because I know that the group will end up drowning in quick sand. You just can’t let the simp to be in charge on anything.

We do have simps in North West London unfortunately. However, we do have black men especially young black men in North West London that are thinking about dating outside their race because of not only because of the black woman’s attitude but they have seen the dysfunctional behaviour of black women. And there are also single mothers in the North West London and these simps are in relationships with these harridans but most of the time these harlots really don’t want these men. There are some black men are not approaching black women in North West London like before because they are checking out women for other races, mostly white women. Back when I was in my late teens and in my 20’s, I use to chat up the North West London girls but now it’s impossible to deal with these girls. I know that there are some black men that have gone through a lot with black women so they decided to bail out from black women and they don’t return back to them.

If I was talking to this simp from Harrow, I would ask him this. Which does he prefer? Black women with natural hair and black women with weave? I know that he will choose the weave wearing black women because he’s willing to defend these ghetto wretched hoodrats so there is no way on earth that he will choose a natural beauty black woman like I do. I guess that this simp likes to see his black women on the trashy side and black men like me refuse to deal a woman who nothing but trash. The man who called the show who was also a regular caller to Straight Talk which is now extinct, he sounded like an intelligent black man, very smart, well spoken and that something black women don’t go for when it comes to relationships because they prefer the thugs, bad boys, bums, worthless men, hopeless men and unproductive men but when he said what the simp said on that phone live, I was thinking that this man has not lost his intelligence.

Black women who are wearing weave, they are not impressing black men. They are trying to impress white men because that’s who they are trying to get, a white man. The only time white men want black women is to put them on ghetto gaggers. They just put them in front of a camera and have brutal sex with them calling them black whores, black bitches, making drink their own vomit, etc. And black women are wearing weave just to compete with white women but they lose against the Caucasian woman when they are trying to compete with her when it comes to the look of white women. Does the North West London simp regret saying what he said on that day? No, I don’t think so, but now he should know that these black women are wearing weave just to look like the woman that look as their role model and the woman they are obsessed with and that is the white woman.


I Can Date Whoever I want!

For us black men, we have these simps and these ghetto hoodrat bitches saying that we must date in our race and nobody else. Whatever! They say that we can’t date a white woman, a Asian woman, Latina or a mix race woman. And when a black man dates a non black woman, the black women and their simps will call him a sellout, a house nigger, coon, you are a self hater; you hate yourself and all sort of foolish nonsense what comes out of their stinking mouths. Even my mum say that I shouldn’t date a white woman. However, she has some dirt that I know about now and some dark disgusting secrets that I have just found out. She’s is married to some dusty dude and in the 20 years of the shit marriage, he has cheated on her, used her financially and live off her. And me and him hate each others guts and I don’t even respect him. When a black man dates out, everyone has an issue with him when he dates outside his race. Well, let me tell you something right here and right now. I can date whoever I want, simple as that.

When a black man is dating outside his race, he gets criticize by the white beta male, the ratchet black woman and the simp. These unproductive individuals will judge him when he dates outside his race and they will continue to do so over and over again. But when a black woman dates outside her race, she doesn’t get any backlash from anyone. She won’t get any harsh criticism from the racist white man, the ghetto black harlot and the simp that worships her. As she’s in relationship with a white man, she will show no hesitation to disrespects a black man especially when she records it on her mobile phone and upload it on You Tube. After that, her beloved white man tosses her to the side after he finish giving her the ghetto gagger treatment and goes back to his white queen known as Becky. And after this ghetto gagging hoodrat black harlot get ran through by racist white men on ghetto gaggers on the internet, she suddenly put on this pro black persona and these simps are falling for it.

These simps and these captain save a hoes think that theses black women want them. Well no, these black women don’t want these simps whatsoever. Every man knows that these black women don’t really want these simpletons, even though they don’t pay the bills, living off these women, not looking for a job and taking care of children which is not theirs. The man that these black harridans and these harlots really want is the good for nothing, hopeless, worthless street dude who isn’t doing anything productive in his life. Black women are willing to spread their legs to Pookie, Ray Ray, Tyrone, Dirty Dick Rodney and other dusty peasants that she goes weak on the knees for. And worse of all, these simps still chase after these so called black queens on the throne. And after when these black harlots gets breed by these worthless low lives, they now suddenly start looking for a good black man but then gets absolutely mad when the good black man rejects her because he’s not interested in single mothers. So they go to the man that these women do not want to be with and that is the simp.

We know that black women and her simps are policing the black man’s penis. It’s bad enough to see a black woman policing his penis but a simp though? This is some homosexual tendency the simp has in his mind. Why should a man ever want to police another man’s dick? When a man thinks like that, that means he has nothing but homosexual characteristics. I’m not talking about homosexuals but if you are a heterosexual man, you don’t even think like that and these simps, they are thinking like that in that gay, homosexual manner. We know that black women need their simps. Black women can’t live without them, because the black harlots need their simps to be there by their sides because when they being exposed and get called out with their negative behaviour, the simps will defend their honor no matter what is the cost. But then thing takes a deadly turn when the black heifers turn on them when they calls them beautiful which these harlots look into a mirror and see what they really see because they are not beautiful women.

I can date any woman I feel like and nothing can stop me. No one can police my penis, especially the black woman’s dunce bodyguard known as the simp. If any man ever thinks that he can police my dick, then I will call him out because I look at it as a homosexual thing and I don’t swing that way. I’m a man that will date any woman but when it comes to black woman, she can’t act like the women I’m seeing right now with the black woman. I don’t have a problem dealing with a black chocolate, brown sugar or a lighty but the way black women acting now it’s like I can’t date these women. Look at the ratchetness I’m seeing with the women in my race. Black men also see the ratchet behaviour of the black women and their just decided to scarper away from black women. If a black man wants to date a black woman, that is fine but he has to be very, very selective with he’s dealing with a black woman but for me, there is no way that anyone is goanna tell me who I’m have to date. I’m a grown man I can do what I feel like.