The Weave Wearing Black Woman Part 14: The Natural Beauty Black Woman VS The Weave Head Black Woman

natural 3

weave 3

You walk down the streets of Central London, Watford or Luton. You see a black woman walking to your direction. She’s a beautiful woma and she has is pretty, healthy natural hair. She has the good ol’ afro sheen. You say to her “Natural beauty!” as a complement. Then you see another black woman walking your way. She’s a good looking woman, nice body, nice toes, etc. She has that long weave in her hair. Which woman does the black man find attractive? Is the natural beauty with that afro sheen or the weave head black woman? Obviously, if it was me, its goanna be the natural beauty that wins by a long shot.

Every black woman should know that black men prefer natural beauty. They hate it when they see a black woman wearing that weave on her head. And when black men talk about the high level of weave that black women are wearing, the weave wearing hoodrats, they insult them. And the reason why they will insult black men that will talk about the weave that black women are obsessed with is because that black men are actually telling the truth. Now, I’m not attacking black women but I’m a guy that really don’t like the weave, you get me? A black woman can grow her hair very long but, they wanna weave this fake hair that comes from dead people!

I do prefer a black woman with natural hair but the thing is how long a black woman can stay natural? That is thing really because of that trust issue. If a man has a black woman and she becomes natural, he’s goanna start thinking “How long this woman is goanna stay natural?” Because if a black women who use to be a weave head becomes natural, how long is she goanna stay in that natural state? Because everybody in the world knows that black women are wearing this weave just to compete with their arch enemy known as the white woman. Everybody knows that black women are trying to copy the white woman’s hair style. That is the reason why black women are wearing this weave.


As the scraggle daggles cannot defend themselves when thinking black men talk about the weave they are wearing on a very frequent basis, the simps come along and defend their honour. The simps will come after thinking black men when black men not only talk about the weave but talk about the dysfunctional behaviour of the ghetto ratchet black women. As these simps are battling with black men and lose heavily, the ghetto ratchet ebony women these simps are defending are getting pipe down in the bedroom by the bad boys like Cell Block Scrappy, Rum Head Frasier, Knife Man Priest, 50 Calibre Gilly, Six Shooter Derrick and Long Dick 44.

I was thinking, just thinking. If a simp is goanna be with a black woman, which black women he will choose? Is it goanna be the black women with natural hair or the black woman that have weave in her head? Well, he’s not goanna be with the black woman with natural hair. Why is that? Maybe because he has seen his mother wearing that weave sowed in her head or glued in her head, I’m not too sure. These simpish dudes do prefer a woman who is dysfunctional anyway. I know that there are natural black women around but they are coming like a rare sports car that is made in small numbers.

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Natural beauty always wins by a long shot. I guarantee that.

weave 2

God I hate weave!


The Weave Wearing Black Woman Part 13: A Boast Of Confidence For The White Woman

feel your hair

As I saw her taking her hate off, I bet you that these scraggle daggles thinking “I need to rob that hair from that white bitch!”

A white woman walk down the busy streets of Central London on sunny Saturday. She has long wavy blonde hair. Her hair blow through the wind. Every man is watching her, especially black men who are SYSBM. A black woman, nice looking black woman walking her way wearing this weave trying to copy the white woman’s hairstyle. No man is watching her because she is wearing that fake weave that doesn’t match her looks. The strawberry blonde and the weave wearing black woman walk past staring at each other. The weave wearer black woman shows her insecurities and envy because of she can’t grow her hair like the white woman can. And the blonde white sugar walks down the street with her confidence boasted up.

The white women have more confidence within themselves now because of the high level of weave black women are wearing on a very consistent basis. When I walk down the roads especially in Luton, I see black women wearing weave more often then ever. The insecurity is real out there, people. And the thing is that they are not afraid to show their insecurities on display. They have a huge obsession with this weave because of they wanna look like a non black woman and mostly, they wanna look like their arch nemesis known as the white woman. Listen, they have envy with this white woman for years.

When a black man sees a white woman with her hair long wavy hair that grows in her scalp, he will find her attractive. But when he sees a black woman with weave sowed in her hair or been glued in her scalp, he’ll get put off by it. Why? Because it’s not her real hair and the black man will just shake his head and walk away from that shit. Because he doesn’t wanna a weave head black woman. He rather have a natural hair black woman or date a non black woman then a weave head black chick trying to look like a white woman.

First of all, he didn’t need to be so insecure and second of all, I think I know why he’s cheating.

Black men do not find black women attractive nowadays. Why? Is because one of the reasons why that they are wearing this weave and they find it very off putting for them. So black men rather go for woman that embraces natural beauty. I rather have a black woman that is natural. “I’m into that afro sheen ting, you get me?” But these simps are telling guys like me that I should go for a woman like that looks ratchet. Na blud. Whatever weed these simps are smoking, they better stop smoking it because it making them think to say dumb fuckery, you know what I mean?

As these simps say to the weave heads that they are beautiful, thinking black men will be shaking their heads knowing that these simps are trying get some punany from these weave heads. They are very tactical when it comes to these simps but they get played by these weave heads and the weave wearing black woman will go for men like Six Shot Eric, 50 Calibre Gilly, Machete Man Briggy, Des The Drunk, Street Mice and Rum Smuggler Don. They know that the simps are siding with them when thinking black men talk about the dysfunctional of the ratchet black woman. But these weave heads don’t wanna be with the simps whatsoever.

As the white woman no matter if she’s a blonde or a brunette, she will walk down the street with nothing but confidence because the black woman is boasting it with her wearing this weave. Black women are walking streets with these weave and when a black man sees a black woman wearing weave, he starts to think “Why the hell she has that weave in her damn head?” It looks like black women are comfortable wearing this weave when they walk the streets but when they see the white woman with that long wavy natural hair she can grow naturally, they will show their insecure side. And also, jealousy.

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They can walk down the street with all this confidence when they have this weave in their hair, until they see the arch rival, the white woman.


Mr. Chong Uppercutting The Scraggs


These scarggle daggles who beat up the Asian store owner, they are something else!

In the Asian shops in these ghettos mostly in the United States of America, we are seeing the ghetto ratchet hoodrat harridans stealing from them East Asians. No matter if its weave, wigs, make up, lipstick, fake nails, everything you see in these Asian stores they are stealing from them. But the thing is this. The oriental shop owner Mr. Chong, he is beating the living shit out of these scraggle daggles who are stealing from him. He’s giving them left the left hook, right hook, low bows, high bows, all types of punches, you get me?

Mr. Chong is being like the character Sagat in the classic video game Street Fighter 2 Turbo and just upper cutting these harridans with the quickness. There was a video of this fat black woman who has a fight with a Chinese shop over. The chiney man was giving her blows like a world champion boxer. And there was another China man who was hitting her with the 45 Automatic. Song Yu was giving the scraggle daggle blows with the 45. There are so many incidents of East Asian men beating the living daylights of these hoodrats. There are some YouTubers have done numerous stories of these ghetto ratchet hoodrats getting beat down by these Asian shop owners.

Right, you must be wondering why fuckery like this is happening. You must be thinking why Mr. Chong is beating up these ghetto ratchet black women when they steal from him. You see, there are no black men around to protect them. Black men who are think minded have walked from the black woman so Mr. Chong will go “You steal from me?” Blow! He gives the scraggly one right hook in her face. “You steal weave from me? You steal fake nail from me scraggle daggle?” Pow, he gives the scraggle daggle a bloody nose. And thinking black men are not goanna be there to protect them. Black women say that where the black men who meant to defend them? Well, they have these simps coming to their rescue. Oh yes!

There is a video of a simp who smashed the windows of a nail shop owned by the Asians because a 16 year old girl was assaulted. He was arrested for his actions and I don’t know if he got charged for his crime. After he got locked up, the black women went into the Asian nail shop. So the simp was wasting valuable time smashing up the windows just being there for the black women who are still ganna get their nails down by the Asians. He must be in tears now after the bull shit he did.

What a damn fool!

No matter how many times Mr. Chong throwing blows to the ghetto ratchet scraggle daggle’s head, these harridans will still go into these Asian shop and spend their money just to by weave, wigs and so on. As thinking black men sees Mr. Chong and his assistant Yang Song Hu beating up the scraggs, black men will not be there to defend or to protect them. Because they know that these scraggs are buying weave from these Asian owners just put sow or glue into their scalp trying to look white. So thinking black men looks at this and walk away from black women completely.

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The Weave Wearing Black Woman Part 12: It’s A Wrap

weave head woman

weave head woman 2


With all the black women wearing weave. I have something to tell you.


It’s a wrap for natural beauty!

I was at Watford today getting my haircut. Yeah, the Ghanaian man did a good job. Afterwards I went into Primark in Watford Town Centre just to buy some sunglasses. I was leaving Watford Town Centre. I was on the 321 Bus heading to St Albans City Station because heading to Luton is a long journey and the buses nowadays are just iffy. When I was on the bus passing the Watford Job Centre, I saw this black woman, slim body, brown skin, wearing them high heel mules, sexy looking browning. But there is one thing. The browning had that weave on. Blonde weave. Yeah man, black woman have weave in their scalp as well in that area. You may think that black women in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire don’t have that weave in their head. Oh no, same thing. And speaking off weave, this weekend was just weave mania.

Right, it was a Saturday afternoon, the sun was shinning, weather was tree. I was at Leagrave Train Station in Luton heading to Seven Sisters, North London. Then I went to Walthamstow, Croydon, Brixton and Southbank. I went on the Thamelink train and I saw this black chick with brown skin, nice toes, thick thighs, smell nice too. Yeah, I know, another browning but anyway. I came off at London St. Pancras International. She comes off with her friend as well. You must be wondering “Why you never chat to her blud? You should off chat to her. You should chirp her. Give her the lyrics.” Right, there is a reason why I didn’t chat her up or talk to her even though I’m too old for chasing girls. The reason why I didn’t talk to her is because that she had that weave in her hair.

Yesterday, I was at the station heading to the town. I saw two black girls. One was tall, had nice toes, great legs, smell good too. And the other one had a nice body, thick legs. Yeah, thick thighs save lives. Guess what? The two of them had weave on. Oh boy! When I see a black woman in the street, she has that weave in her head, especially when they wear that blonde weave. It’s nothing but weave galore as I see black women wearing weave every single day. There are some black women that have their natural hair like the one I saw coming off the train at Victoria station when I was coming from Brixton. And she wasn’t bad looking as well.

As I look at it now. When it comes to natural hair, it’s a wrap. Natural beauty is done when it comes to black women. All black men are seeing now is black women wearing this weave trying to compete with the white woman who is their biggest ever nemesis. As black men see this weave on black women, black men will look at this and walk away from black women and date a non black woman that can grow her long wavy hair naturally. If a black man sees a black woman with natural hair which is now a very rare thing now, he might give her a chance but when a black man sees a weave wearing black woman, it will be very difficult to approach her because she is not in her natural state.

There are black men that will approach a black woman that have that weave glued in their scalp but that are the simps that are defending these scraggle daggles when black women talk about the bad behaviour of these ghetto hoodrats. When black men talk about black women wearing weave, simps like King Keeme sides with them. But there are many, many simps that are defending these scraggly weave wearers that goes to the hairdressers and spend their money just to put this weave on their head trying to take on the white woman’s hairstyle.

There is no way that a black man will ever approach a black woman because she has nothing but weave in her hair. Black men are now turning away from black women because black women as a whole are not in their natural state. So black decided to look for a black woman that has natural hair which is now rare nowadays or they can date non black women. There are black men that will approach black women but that will be these simps that black women don’t want as they prefer the worthless man, the hopeless man or the unproductive man.


The Weave Wearing Black Woman Part 11: Approaching Black Woman

weave head

2021 is the year when the simps declared war on SYSBM because SYSBM will not deal with the scraggle daggles that these simps love, honour and defend. There are some many videos of these simps that are going against the SYSBM lifestyle and there are so many anti SYSBM videos on YouTube. These simps are big time mad and coming after SYSBM for not choosing these ghetto ratchet scragglies for love, relationship and marriage but no one care. But anyway, I hope everyone is doing alright. The sun is shining, weather is free. Hope everyone is having a nice bank holiday. I went to Gladstone Park in North West London yesterday and speaking about yesterday.

Yesterday, I was at Legrave train station and I was waiting for the train to come. The train was taking long because of the engineering works on the train tracks. It was a sunny day and I had my sun glasses on. (I lost my sun glasses when I was on the train. I always lose my sun glasses). While I was standing outside the train station, I was this curvy black chick with a big ass that didn’t quit. And you could off see her on the side, oh my! That booty, that booty, that Luton booty. As I come off Mill Hill Broadway, I saw the black curvilicious coming off the Thameslink train and head out of the train station. I went to the bus stop to take the 302 to Neasden and she took a rail replacement bus because the trains weren’t going to Central London.

Right, you guys must be wondering “Money Cultural, why didn’t you chat her up blud? Why you didn’t chirp it up!” Here this now. I wanted to chat her up with the smoothness but the thing is that she had that long weave in her hair. And the curvaceous dark skin hottie had a banging body. And that Luton booty was very, very dangerous but it was the hair, you get me? It was the weave that made me say “No!” I was heading back to Luton. It was very slow journey and I mean a very slow fucking journey. The train stopped at St Albans and I saw this thick browning with some nice brown toes. The toes are pretty and brown. But guess what? She had weave as well. Oh boy, the irony!

Listen here, the reason why it’s hard for black men to approach black women is not only the attitude of black women but it’s because of the weave they have to their head. I have seen it when black women wearing weave no matter what locations I’m in. I was at Bedford town, Bedfordshire last week and I saw this black woman with natural hair. And she was older then me. Not that old. The natural black woman is goanna be an extremely rare woman because all I see is black women wearing weave on a frequent basis. A black woman who is copying the white woman’s hair style is not normal. It’s very abnormal.

When black men leaves black women behind and date non black women who can actually grown their hair naturally, black women will go on bitter mode. But why a black man wants a woman that is wearing weave trying to copy the white woman? Why would he be with a woman who is that insecure? We have a lot of black men who talk about black women wearing this weave. Black women spend over seven billion pounds every year trying to look like a white woman. And black men say that black women are buying weave from the Asian beauty shops. Yes, that is true but they are also buying weave from black beauty shops as well. And they are also going to the hairdressers sowing and gluing that weave in their scalp.

When black men talk about black women walking down the street wearing weave, there are these simps that are defending them. But as these simps are defending these weave wearers, black women are in lust for Pookie, Ray Ray, John John, 12 Gauge Mike, 357 Jimmy, Colt Five Rounds, Six Shooter Derrick, Knife Man Priest, Big Dick Rodney and Fuck All Nigh Freed. These simps are wasting their time defending these ghetto scraggle daggles because these ratchet black women don’t want these simps. The Luton girls are fine as hell. Some of them look gorgeous but here this. When I see a black woman walking down the street, it will be very hard to approach her. Because of the weave that she is wearing.


The Weave Wearing Black Woman Part 10: They Are Not Wearing Wave For Black Men

dark booty

This is Money Cultural, straight outta North West London.

I thought I was done with the weave wearing black woman, but you know something? I’m not finished with it at all. Why do you ask? Because black women are still wearing this weave, especially the fine looking black women. Black men hate seeing black women wearing weave because it’s looks ridiculous of seeing black women copying the white woman hairstyle. Black women spend over ten billion dollars on buying weave just to look white. And they suffer the consequences of wearing this weave. They are losing their hair because they are wearing someone else’s DNA in their scalp.

Why are they wearing this weave? Why on earth these black women wearing weave? Well, they’re are not wearing it for black men, obviously. I have two things. One, they are wearing this weave just to compete with the white woman. And two, they are wearing this weave because they are trying to snug up a white man. I don’t have an issue of black women being with non black men and I don’t mind seeing black men with non black women, however when black women puts on this weave no matter what colour it is, they are trying to please the white man. Or get a white man.

As thinking black men talk the black women wearing weave, they get upset that black men are talking about this fake hair that black women are obsessed with. As these scraggle daggles sees black men with non black women, they will go in absolute fury. They will lose their minds as they see a black man with a woman from another race while they are wearing weave trying to like the white woman that they hate with a passion. If they have a hate for the white woman so much they why are they wearing this weave trying to look like her? It makes you think really while these ghetto hoodrats have a huge hatred towards the white woman while copying her hairstyle.

As thinking black men talking about these weave heads, these simps are there to defend them. Simps like D Derailed, Canadian Zone, Bareback Fountain don’t see what’s going on with the scraggle daggles but are willing and I mean willing to defend these women when thinking black men talk about them wearing weave and all of the dysfunctional behaviour they are showing on display. As these simps are strategizing to get some punany from them when they are defending these weave heads, these scragglies are having sexual thoughts with 12 Round Rob, 357 Jimmy, Ruff Neck Desmond, Colt Five Rounds, Corner Boy Ronney, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta.

Black women who wear weave are not wearing it to please black men and try to get a black man. They are wearing this fake hair to snug a white man quick. But they end up with the worse type of white man like Homo Nazi Vern, Black Women Beater Chad, Drunken Man Bob, Homeless Hobo Harry, Living Under The Bridge Gary and Meth Head Dan. These scraggs complain about black men with non black women but they are trying to copy the white woman with the blonde hair. And the simps won’t hesitate to defend their honour while they are being tactical of getting between these scraggle daggles thighs.


The Weave Wearing Black Woman Part 9: Going Bald

bald black woman

When I’m walking in the street no matter if I’m in North West London, South London, Watford or even Luton, all I see is black women wearing this weave. No matter what colour the weave is whatever if it’s red, blue, green, blue, pink, blonde, purple or different colours, these black women have weave in their hair trying to copying the white woman, their biggest nemesis. But some will say to me that “There are black women that have natural hair. Not all black women wear weave.” And I do agree with them but the natural black woman is now a very rare thing. Every day, I see more and more black women wearing this weave trying to look like Caucasian woman but they are suffering the consequences. And that is black women are going bald.

What do I mean by that? Well, as black women that are wearing this weave trying to look white, they are suddenly losing their hair. It’s not a small majority of black women that are losing hair. If you are goanna put on someone else hair or sow it, you goanna expect losing your natural hair. Because it’s someone else hair and seeing weave on a black women is very weird thing. When I walk in the streets, all I see is black women wearing this weave and when they have this tacky weave in their hair, they have this sudden confidence in themselves. When they walk the streets with this weave on, they are showing nothing but insecurities and they are not afraid to show it. These weave wearers have a huge hatred for natural black beauty but they don’t have a problem spending seven billion pounds a year on this weave that they are addicted too.

bald black woman 2

Black women are going through baldness quicker then any man that is losing their hair. Because they are so desperate of trying to look like a white woman by putting this fake hair and copy their arch enemy trying to compete with her. If black women hate the white woman so fucking much, then are they copying her hairstyle? That shit is very odd when they have a huge hate for the white woman while they are wearing this weave trying to look like their rival. I like the natural look of a black woman but the natural black woman is becoming a very rare thing because black women are wearing this weave constantly.

As black men see black women wearing this weave, black men start to think that they don’t want a fake white woman with blonde weave. So they decide to date real thing that can grow her blonde hair naturally. Not a black woman with blonde hair trying to compete with the original blonde. And when black men see black women take off that weave, they see that she losing hair. And black will get put off by that and walk away because they will not deal with the weave wearing black woman. But there some simps that will deal with weave wearing black women. Well, they are defending these weave heads when thinking black men talk about black women wearing this weave. It’s just a tactic the simps use just to get some punany.

Black women are getting bald because they are wearing this weave and trying to be something else. The weave wearing black women has an issue of her being a natural black woman. Thinking black men knows that black women are wearing weave trying to get a white man. Thinking black men know that black women are wearing this fake hair just to compete with their arch nemesis known as the white woman. And they also know that black women are losing their hair when the weave is eating out their scalp. Black women will go to extreme lengths to look like a white woman, the woman they have hate for. And they are suffering the deadly consequences of going bald.


They Support The The Weave Business


In the so called black community, there are some black people that doesn’t support black business. I’ve heard that saying from some black people numerous times and I do agree on that. Why they are saying black people don’t support black business is because that some black people who don’t support black business are showing jealousy towards the one who has their own business and that this the reason why they don’t give black business owners support. However, there are black people that do support black business. And that is the weave business.

Look how many these scraggs go into hairdressers and put a huge amount of weave trying to be none black. Do you how much money these ghetto harridans spend on this weave? They spend ten billion dollars on buying this weave every since year. That is seven billion pounds in British sterling. When you go into the black community, you will see one weave shop to another. Even hair dressers that put weave in these customers hair, they sell weave as well. And some of the weave shops are owned by other people from other races mostly Asian.

Here this. What will happen if these scraggle daggles don’t have money to by the weave? Well, they will steel it. Yep, I have seen so many videos of these scraggly harlots steeling weave. I’m not surprised on that at all because I know that these ghetto hoodrats will do any kind of dysfunctional fuckery. And the thing is that they don’t care a single bit. Hairdressers and weave shops are making so much money because that these ghetto hoodrats are spending their money just to put in this weave in their scalp.

Question. What does the simps says about this? What do they say about these harridans spending money this weave trying to look like the white woman, their biggest and bitterest arch nemesis? Nobody hear a thing about these simps talk about these hoodrats wearing weave trying to look white. But I know that thinking black men do get attacked by these simps when they talk about black women wearing weave, and other things which these ratchet women do on a daily basis. But everyone knows that these ghetto harriets tell the simps to attack thinking black men as they hear them talk about ratchet black women.

The weave business is booming like crazy because these scraggle daggles are spending money just by weave. And they are spending a lot of money just to look their arch enemy known as the white woman. And they will put in different colours of weave in their hair also from red, green, blue, purple, grey, pink, blonde, brown and so on. These ghetto hoodrats will go into extreme lengths just to look like their rival the white woman. But they suffer the serious consequences of going bald when they put this fake hair in their scalp.


The Weave Wearing Black Woman Part 8: Natural Beauty Always Wins

natural beauty 3

natural beauty 4

Let me tell you something and I’m goanna make this clear! Natural beauty wins all the time and every time, no question about it. The tacky ass weave can’t even beat natural beauty whatsoever. When a black man sees a black woman wearing weave, he will say “Na blood I don’t want you weave wearing gyal” and date a non black woman. Why? Because black men will refuse to deal with a fake blonde with melanin skin. Black women will spend their money in the hairdressers just to compete with their biggest arch rival known as the white woman but loose in that competition when they try to copy their arch enemy’s hairstyle.

Why would these ghetto gaggers copy the white woman’s hairstyle and natural beauty always win all the time? It doesn’t make fucking sense. These scraggs cannot hate any black man if he’s with a non black woman with the amount of weave these ghetto hoodrats are wearing. If a black woman goes into competition with the white woman’s hairstyle, they will lose on a heartbeat. Black women can’t beat the white woman’s when it comes to her hairstyle.

I see these weave wearing scraggle daggles dissing and disrespecting natural beauty. Why they want to disrespect natural beauty? They should know that black men hate that tacky, fake stringy hair that they are wearing. And when black men talking about black women wearing weaving which is making them lose their hair, they get upset. These hoodrats lose their fucking minds when black men talk about the weave they are wearing. Because black women are trying to look white, especially with when they are wearing that blonde weave.

The reason why black men talk about black women weaving weave because black men, most of the time prefer black natural beauty. I’m one of the black men who prefer natural beauty on a black women but more and more black women are wearing this weave every day and night. I know that there are black women around wearing their natural hair but it’s a few black natural beauties around but there is a huge amount of black women that are wearing weave.

As thinking black men talk about these ghetto ratchet, ghetto gagging scraggly hoodrats wearing weave, these simps, captain save a hoes, ghetto soy boys, pro blacks and oil of olay men will defends these maggles just get that pum pum they are craving for. But at the end these simps won’t get the punany because these scragglies don’t like these foolish and gullible simps that are by their side licking up to them. These ghetto ratchet harridans are in lust for thugs like 357 Jimmy, Ruff Neck Desmond, Rum Smuggler Don, Cell Block Scrappy and Rapid Fire Rasta.

Natural beauty will never ever get defeated. Black women has mocked natural beauty so many times and black men are looking for a woman who is natural and where else to look for a natural stunner in a non black woman. These scraggs has fucked up when they think that weave is better natural beauty and with them obsessing with this fake hair, black men will refuse to deal with black women.

Weave can’t beat natural hair. Natural beauty always wins!



Black Women’s Biggest Arch Nemesis


You must be wondering why black women have a huge hatred and jealousy for the white woman.

We all know that these ghetto hoodrats are against the heterosexual black alpha male. And they are also against the thinking black man also. But the thinking black man will defend himself against these ghetto gaggers. Also they are against the ambitious black male but there is one person that they are against the most. And that is the white woman. Everybody has heard that black women are signing a petition to take the self made billionaire Kylie Jenner out of the hip hop video WAP, the new song from Carbi B and Megan The Stallion.

When black women see Kylie walking slowly and sexy down the mansion, I could imagine the jealousy, the rage and the insecurities of black women are showing. These harridans have a huge hatred towards this female with white skin and long hair which she can grow out of her scalp. As these harlots hating on Kylie Jenner, they will go to the hairdressers and spend their money just to put weave in their hair just to look like her or Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina Jolie and so on.

Black women are trying to go into competition with the white woman by copying their hairstyle but lose every single time. For black women, the white woman is the biggest arch nemesis. Why is that? Because black women always put on this weave just to challenge the hairstyle of the white woman no matter if she has blonde, brunette, red head, ginger or jet black hair. These hoochies cannot be inspired at all because these are against every single thing. Black women are not afraid to show their insecurities to everyone but they get upset when they see a woman that can grow their hair naturally.

And you know what makes black women lose their fucking rags? Is when they see a black man with a white women walking together as a couple. That will make these ghetto gagging hoodrats lose their minds in a heartbeat because they hate it when their arch rival is with a black man that they are not interested in. And these simps are usually defending these ghetto harlots when thinking black men are talking about the ratchet bullshit of these scraggle daggles.

But these whorish women with weave in their hair, have multiple children don’t wanna be with these softies. No, they want the thuggish type men like Rum Smuggler Don, 357 Jimmy, Cell Block Scrappy, Rapid Fire Rasta, Weed Man Jake, Street Mice, Corner Boy Ronney, County Lines Wayne and Long Dick 44. These scraggs loves these type of men and they will betray these simps by sleeping with these men that they love and obsessed with.

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You think that they can get Kylie Jenner remove from the video? Na, they have no chance whatsoever.