Chickens Comes Home To Roast?

young dolph

On YouTube, S.A.T did a live stream of the death of the rapper Young Dolph. I watch it yesterday evening. There was a woman who called in and she said to him “You are a faggot ass nigga!” Good God people! And he just hangs up the phone on the ratchet broad. And I bet you that she was getting pipe down by the thugs and the worthless men like Machete Man Briggy, 50 Calibre Gilly, 357 Jimmy, Road Man Ratty and Street Biscuit. But I hope that everyone is doing fine. I’m goanna have another busy week but I’m here with another one. Black men are dropping like leaves when autumn hits, you get me? They’re getting shoot up left, right and centre and this rapper here is a huge example of it. And I heard that he was shot at 100 times? They got bullets to waste!

On 17th November 2021, my ex lovers birthday from Jamaica and I’m trying to stop thinking about this woman (And the other ex birthday was 15th November), rapper Young Dolph was gun down and died in Memphis, Tennessee. He was shot to death after he was buying cookies for his mother. Young Dolph was 36 years old when he died and left two children behind. S.A.T did a live stream Young Dolph TARGETED by Soulja Boy and Yo Gotti before getting (YOU MUST SEE THIS). When the audience call into the show, he asks the question is it alright not to feel bad for the rappers. And some of the callers didn’t bad at all because of the music he was bringing out which was negative.

Right, here’s the thing. Do I feel bad for this rapper who was murdered after he was buying cookies for his mum? To be honest, I do feel sorry for his children because they don’t have a father in their life now. That is now taken away from them. But the music he was making, it all about killing people, rapping people and it’s mostly killing and robbing black men. I don’t know if he was doing them things in the streets but the lyrics he was rapping about was about evil shit really I heard. So if was bringing that negative energy out, then it’s come back to bite him in from behind. Yeah, you reap what you sow!

I have never heard his music but S.A.T was talking to a caller on his show and he read the lyrics of one of his songs. And when he read it to the caller, I went “Come on man, the lyrics are violent. The negro is talking about bussin guns and shooting up dude bruv!” But you guys will say “Money C, look at the hip hop tunes from the 1990’s you listen blud! They were violent as well, star!” Yes, that is true. They hip hop songs of the 1990’s was violent but them rappers was telling a story. Look at Brenda Got A Baby from 2pac.

Just listen to the lyrics. It is so deep. And you wonder why he’s one of the greatest rappers of all time!

There are lot of rappers are getting slaughtered and he is the latest one. When I was thinking about his death, I was wondering at first, was he a blood sacrifice because if you want fame and fortune, you have to give up someone to get all the riches, another black men hating on him because he has made it as we see a lot of black men showing envy towards another black men when he becomes successful or did he die because off a girl he was having sex with who is the girlfriend of a bitter rival? Listen, black men are dying in a huge numbers because of these situations when it comes to punany. It’s not worth dying for but when it comes to black men, it’s nothing but the norm. There was on rival who was beefing with rapper Chief Keef end up dead because he pipe down his Cheif Keef’s mother.

Chickens come home to roast for Young Dolph because of the negative music he was making and the hens, they come home and ready to roast. I have a huge love for hip hop. The first rapper I listen to was MC Hammer and I was young that time. And let’s not forget Ice T as well with the classic tune New Jack Hustler for the New Jack City soundtrack. I prefer the rap of the 1990’s because they tell you as it is and this modern day rap is just not authentic really. I don’t listen to rap as before now but I will not hate the music that had that rebellion. And for Young Dolph, it is sad that a person to die but as you hear his music now, some of the people don’t feel bad for him. But at the end of the day, it’s death.

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And in other fuckrey people, 50 to 80 people looted at Nordstorm in Wulnut, California. Over 20 cars block the road because the looters looted the place and got away with goods which I really I don’t how much they cost.

My goodness!

Look like the belt is needed now, Christ almighty!

When I saw the video, I went good God, what the hell is this? 50 – 80 people looted the place and some people were assaulted I heard? The police have made two arrests and there is goanna be more coming up obviously. These kids are out of control and they really need the rass claat belt. They really need the frigging belt, my God. When I was young, I get the belt every single time. My mum have to get a new belt because the belt warn out because she use it on me so much. I was a bad fucker when I was young.

This takes me back!


Jamaican Police They Don’t Play Around



I just heard that there are some gun men got arrested for gun possession in White Hall, St Thomas, Jamaica where my mum and dad was born and raised. And teh rest of my family also. The police find some guns in a house up at Ridge. I have family that live up at ridge and I have two exes living there. I did talk about them on the five part of the steamy miniseries Jamaican Pudding. Two things. The first thing is that, if they have a gun, they have intensions to use it. I don’t know if they are goanna rob or kill people or both. Or sell the guns in case someone wants to buy them, And second, where the bomba claat they get gun from? Where they get nine from? The Jamaican police force, they don’t play. They will shoot a man dead on the spot. They play with guns like they are toys.

The gun crime in Jamaican is now getting way out of hand. And the Jamaican police force is goanna be more ruthless then ever. Well, they need to be now. There is so much killing in that small pretty island where my family come from. We know that the Jamaican police force is the most deadliest in the world but these young boys in JA really don’t care anymore. Every time I hear a news bulletin on the Jamaican news, there’s always a killing. I know that Jamaican men are killing off their wives and girlfriends because they have a side man and kill themselves afterwards but that is not the case here.

Britain has a problem with knife crime. Yesterday, some guy was arrested over a Canary Wharf stabbing on Monday. Knife crime is a huge issue in Britain but in Jamaica they have a huge gun problem with the young people using these guns just shooting people. My mum who said that she doesn’t what is wrong with Jamaica. I was figuring that out myself really with the gun madness in Jamaica. These Jamaican Constabulary Force are ready to go toe to toe with these gun tooting criminals who are willing to use these firearms at anyone, especially at the police.

Who would have thought this would happen. Demoya Hall, 16 years old was shot and killed in Trench Town, Kingston. The young girl was outside of her grandmother’s yard washing dishes and then, gun men on 6pm got in the yard and start shooting. She was shot in the head. later she died in the hospital. And now, the whole community in infuriated because of the gun men did to the girl. And there was another woman that was killed in Trench Town. Lafaine Bent was shot her while she was sitting at her shop. The gun man walked up wearing a mask and shot her multiple times. She was rushed to hospital but later died.

This is wrong. You can’t shoot the gyal like that!

What the hell is going on in Jamaica?

Since what’s going on with the killings in Jammy, the Jamaican police are goanna be more relentless then ever. And those coppers in Jamaica, them feds don’t play. They don’t mess about. I have seen them in action and it’s not nice to see. So these gun men should know that they shouldn’t underestimate these cops. Here this, my cousin is a police officer. Him and the other police offers was in a shootout with some gun man in Montego Bay. The gun man was wanted for killing a couple of police officers. My cousin shot then man dead. He light his ass up. The man had no chance. The gun man is now six feet under.

I really don’t know why these gun men are targeting the women. I really don’t know. I know that the Jamaican men are killing their women if they have a side man. I don’t know if they can’t get women or they have been hurt by women to do this type of fuckery but the thing is that these Jamaican police officers, they are ready to take them on and they are not afraid of these gun men that are running wild. The character Capone in the Jamaican action thriller Third World Cop says “We run tings, ting na run we!” Yeah, Babylon ah run everyting!

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These Jamaican police officers, they really don’t play!


Gun Violence In Jamaica And The Cause Of It

44 griz


The reason why he chop her because she wasn’t interested in him and she has her partner. Really though? Jamaican men’s head have gone to oblivion.

In Jamaica, there are tones of gold diggers and they are getting killed off by their boyfriends and husbands because they are have another man on the side. Their boyfriends/husbands shoot them dead, stabs them up or chop their heads off. And then kill themselves afterwards. Yes man, a new phenomenon going on in Jamaica and this is it. I really don’t know what is going on with Jamaican men but ladies in Jammy; you really need to be careful what you are doing now. The men have now lost their marbles. Times have change now. Things are very different. And also, people must be thinking in their head what’s going on with these young men in Jamaica with them going into crime and violence?

As I saw the news report of shootout of these young men in Jamaica and the JCF (Jamaican Constabulary Force), you guys must be wondering “What’s gwanin’ Jamaica blud? What’s gwanin’ in Jamaica? Well, you see, I have seen so much killings and murders in Jamaica and now look like its getting worse. And also, these men who are getting shot and killed by the cops in Jamaica are young men. And these are young men who are in their 20’s and younger. So why are these young boys in Jamaica getting into crime and robbing people and also killing people? And also getting killed themselves? You must be thinking that’s it’s the music. Or is it the gun movies they watch on DVD on on cable TV. To be honest, it’s not. The real reason why these young men in Jamaica are killing each other and firing guns at one another is because they haven’t been raise with a father in the household when they were growing up.

You must be thinking that it’s an American problem with guns or a British problem with the knife crime thing. Nope, it’s the same fuckery in Jamaica. But the thing that violent crime is a lot worse then in Britain. In Jamaica, gun means nothing to them, you get me? They play with guns like they are toys. There is a huge gun culture in Jamaica. You must be in shock that a culture like this is in a small country like Jamaica but gun violence in Jamaica has been going on for so many years now. As these young men in Jamaica going into crime, especially violent crime, you have to look into the home. When my mum showed me the video on YouTube, I just hear the guns firing like mad in broad daylight. I went what the hell?

In Jamaica, there are a huge amount of single mothers from every single parish. And some of them have more then one child with different men. You must be wondering why these women have so many children and don’t have a benefit system like in Britain and in America? Well, these Jamaican women keep opening their legs to the worthless dude that they complain about all the time. The British scragglies do open up their legs as well to the wrong dude especially in America but the thing is that they are doing this on purpose because there is a system that can help them like giving them government money, housing and so on.

These young men in Jamaica are wasting their lives. And these Jamaican police officers are willing to spray bullets at them and put them in the grave. Jamaican police are not like the police in Britain. They don’t play around. They will kill these young men without any fear at all. And the fathers of these young Jamaican men, they are not around to guild them and punish them when they are little boys. And these mothers in Jamaica, they are calling them worthless. Why are they calling them worthless and they are getting breed up by a dude who is not willing to take care of his responsibilities? Look, Jamaican simps do this all the time when they breed up a woman and go missing in action.

Jamaica is a beautiful country. I have said that Jamaica is the most beautiful county I have ever seen. The food taste great. The music is fantastic even the old school reggae music sound much better in the 1980’s and the 1990’s and some of the women are gorgeous. And I do follow some of them on Instagram and Twitter. Love my Caribbean girls but some of them are gold diggers. Last year in Jamaica, gun violence was crazy and now things have gone worse then ever. One of my family members says that they kill people in England. Errr — what about Jamaica?


Violence In The Capital And The Reason Why its happening

What’s happening everybody? This is the man known as Money Cultural. Here this. There is a war against the black heterosexual male and the people who are against him are the black women and the simps that defend them. The reason for that he is intelligent and masculine and they can’t handle that at all. So the only way to destroy him is to feminise him because they see him as threat. This is to the ghetto hoodrat black women and the simps who love defending them. You wanna go war against us, bring it on. Just bring it on. But to the simps that you love to defend this hoes. They soon turn on you. They will stab you behind the back and mock you. Right, enough with these black whores and this captain save a hoe. Let’s get down to it everyone.

I have seen a number of violent crimes in the London reign and mostly are young teenagers getting murdered in the streets of London. Not only in the London streets but around in the major cities in Great Britain. London has been called Knife capital because of the violent knife crime in around London and now London has the higher rate of murders then New York as I heard from the sources of BBC News, ITN News, Channel 4 News, Sky News and so on. Would you believe it? London, one of the greatest cities in the world has overtaken the murder rate of New York for the first time ever. It’s mostly that is young black males are getting murdered in the streets of London. I’m from Brent, North West London and things like stabbings and shootings do happen occasionally. When I was younger, I was wondering why these type of things happening especially with young black males. Now I’m in my 30’s I have now figured out why things like is happening in our communities because these young teenagers are raised with single mother households.

The youth today mostly the black youth didn’t have a father in the house hold or hasn’t seen their fathers before in their lives at all. I was raised by two parents who are from Jamaica and booth took care of me when I was until my dad died when I was 17 years old. I guess maybe I might be the luckiest ones growing up in a two parent home. The single mother epidemic is not new. This is happening before the 1980’s. My friends who are a bit older then me was raised in a two parent home and they turn out to be fine but these youths right now are not raised without a father in the household with no guidance and no discipline whatsoever and these single mothers cannot discipline them when the father is not present. These young teenagers today needed to be guided and they need to be discipline and they also need to put into the right path and get them out of the gangs because of they don’t, they’ll be in a life of doom.

We do need more fathers in the household. These young boys needed to be guided and discipline. The women choose the men who are not capable to be fathers but they choose, better yet sleep with a man who is not responsible to be fathers. We have a number of single mothers in around these communities and around the country for many years and this epidemic will get worse if we don’t have a solution. But what is the solution? I’m goanna give you the answer. Black men, stop breeding off these wretched women. They are not fit to be mothers and they are living off the system. And black women, don’t get breed off by these worthless men. If they are not capable of being fathers then don’t have children with them because they are not interested of the children and they don’t want to be in the children’s lives. Peasants shouldn’t give birth to children just like peasants shouldn’t breed. That is just crazy. And also we have these simps chasing these women who are single mothers and treat her like some queen on a throne. Peasants don’t belong into a kingdom. And you know what else? As I see black men killing each other I was thinking what the hell is going on? I thought we were brothers. I thought we need to stick together but we don’t. It seems like we hate each other. And we hate each other by the core.

You see, these young black boys have a great future in front of them. They have a great chance of life but instead they throw it away with this postcode war nonsense and this gang life. And the result is them going to prison or ending up dead six feet under. Life is too precious to throw away. They have to take a path which is better then where they are heading now. Everyone wants to be a gangster nowadays. They have to use their heads properly and take their mind into a different direction. Sadiq Khan hasn’t done a great job as a London mayor. To be honest, he has done a terrible job as a mayor because he hasn’t done anything about it. He has done nothing with the violence in the capital and continues to do so.

Peace Out