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This happening in San Paulo, Brazil when the Brazilian man pass out!

The way she went down!

Since the vaccine came out, we have seen plenty people falling sick from it and some people have died from the vaccine. People were dropping on the ground like leaves dropping off the branches when the autumn season comes. There are videos of people falling on the ground after they take the vaccine, even dying on the spot as well. There is a video clip in Spain of woman died on the spot after taking the vaccine. And what make it worse that she died right in front of her daughter who might of taken the vaccine. But I heard that experts say that if you have sex with someone has taken the vaccine, you can get a sexually transmitted disease. But I hope everyone is doing well. I’m back here with a concerning one on Money Cultural. This vaccine is the most dangerous thing mankind have ever made, good God!

Here’s the evidence, peps!

I was reading an article from Verbs 2015 and the Open Mic Wednesday Post on Slaying Evil. It was about people who non vaccinated have been infected by other people who has been vaccinated. Shout out to him for that post. The non vaccinated people have caught sexually transmitted disease when they are having sex with them. When I saw the article, I went “Oh shit. No way bro!” There are reasons why that there are some people are not taking the vaccine because of the number of people have been infected or died from the deadly vaccine and trust me, the vaccine is really deadly with the people dropping dead from the jab.

You guys must be wondering “Oh blood claat! How them sumpin’ happen blud? How this shit happen?” To be honest, I really don’t know people. Maybe the needle of the vaccine they use might be infected. I really don’t know but all I’m saying that to the men out there need to be more safe then ever. How? By using protection. Put a condom in your pocket or wallet and carry it with you. I know you have to use protection because you don’t wanna breed of woman, especially the wrong woman and I know that there are some men have done that and regret that, but you don’t know if that person had that dangerous vaccine which is killing people because we are hearing now that you can catch something if a non vaccinated person have sex with a vaccinated person. I know it’s sweet when you ram your wood up the punany raw but only in some cases.

If you goanna sleep with someone, can you ask that person if they taken the vaccine? Off course you can. That shouldn’t be an issue if somebody asks another person if they took the vaccine. But if a person do ask the other person that question, they will be wondering why they asking that question. They are just being safe as they don’t wanna get the sexually infected. Who would ever think that something like this would ever happen. And what makes things worse that as people are getting sick from the vaccine, dying from it and even catching as sexual disease from a person who took the vaccine, that wicked beta male bastard Bill Gates who created that dangerous vaccine is counting his money while he’s laughing. I have no issues of any man getting money but like this, though?

You guys must be thinking “Yo Money Cultural, you said that you want a son. You say that you want a son that looks like your youngest nephew. You say that you need an heir to the throne! Come back to North West London and breed one or two brown skin honeys blud!” Yeah, I don’t mind having a child or children but now things look real risky when the news come out of a non vaxed can catch STD from a vaxed person. If a woman is vaccinated no matter what colour she is or how good looking she is, I can’t take the risk. But if a woman hasn’t taken the vaccine, then I can have children with her.

People have to be more careful then ever now as I heard this horrible news. It looks like we may goanna have a huge STD epidemic here. I just hope to the man above that something like this doesn’t happen. One of the followers commented on the article from Verbs says that to serve them right. Why would they get a jab which is very dangerous not only to the human body but to people as well? Everyone is talking about the vaccine because of the deadly effect it has from people getting sick from it, dying from it and now catching a sexually transmitted infection from it when a non vaccinated person having sexual intercourse with an vaccinated person.

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Be safe out there, people!

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Just Three Things


What’s up people? Money Cultural here. Just three things I wanna discuss about.

Right, on Tuesday 29th June 2021, England beat Germany by two goals to nil in the second round of the UEFA European Championship. They will progress to the quarter final and will face Ukraine after they beat Sweden to progress in the last eight. Raheem Sterling scores the first goal and then Harry Kane got the second. Both goals came in the second half. I didn’t watch the whole game because I was busy doing something. While I was watching the game while England was leading, I saw this little girl who was a Germany supporter crying her eyes out and her dad was hugging her. When I was on twitter, I saw some of the twits from the England fans and trust me, it made me sick to the stomach.

german yout

german yout 2

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Most of the twitter followers thought it was vile, disgusting, disrespectful and disgraceful. To be honest, I’m not surprised of this at all, because I know how some of the people in England act some of the time. The bullshit was very vile but I was really not surprised at this at all. And I think that this is the reason why some football fans don’t back England when it comes to football because of something like this. Good luck to England win the tournament. And as that little German girl, I bet you that revenge is on her mind and she want to serve it cold.

There was a video that my friend sent to me on Whatsapp and there were four Jamaican men who sang a song called no vaccine. Baby Demos father took the vaccine and died from taking the jab. His father drink rum after he took the vaccine. They say he shouldn’t drink but the man drop dead. I heard that there are plenty people died from the vaccine or get an infection from the vaccine. Listen here, this vaccine is nothing but a deadly poison which is killing people and some most of them are the elderly people have taken it. My thing is this. If the vaccine is dangerous which it look like it is, then why they fucking hell they wanna take something which is very dangerous?

There is a video of a man who has taken the vaccine. He places a light bulb on his left arm where he got the jab. As he place the bulb on his arm, the bulb light up. And then there’s another video of a man who took the jab. When he took the vaccine, his Bluetooth came on. And then when he goes to the television and the internet or the wifi just come on, lol! I don’t know if these videos is on YouTube still because they might off taken them down. Listen here, I will never take that damn vaccine. The only needle will go my skin is when I get my next tattoo on my left arm.

afrian women

trinidad & tobago1

As I knew now that there some simps and all of the YouTubers are coming after black men who are looking for foreign women especially foreign black women. They don’t know about dating foreign women or being in relationship with a foreign woman. And most of these fools haven’t even left the country they are in. They even don’t even have a bloody passport for Christ sake. I haven’t had a vacation for nine years now and that was in Jamaica in 2012 because I was busy with all sorts of stuff. My ex girlfriends are not from this country so I know about foreign women.

african women 2

jamaican lady

These guys who are coming against black men who are looking for foreign women, they really don’t know about women from foreign countries. There are some negative traits dealing with foreign women like Jamaican women act like gold diggers but that’s the mentality of the modern woman nowadays. I like foreign women especially black foreign women. Caribbean women is the thing for me if I want a black woman. But the thing is that some of the women in the West Indies women have weave in their hair and skin bleaching but I see this in Jamaica. I only had one black girlfriend in this country and two biracial girlfriends. That is it. If I want a women from Britain, it’s not goanna be a black UK woman.

I was goanna talk about a 60 year old man who got stabbed to death today at Oxford Circus. And this week up at Croydon, South London, a 16 year old kid was fatally stabbed. Yeah man. One school boy got stabbed in front of a school a couple weeks ago outside a school not far where I live.

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Vaccinating Africa


This is a rant. One serious rant!

Bill Gates is a wicked man; he’s the most wickedest man on the planet ever! He’s a true 666 man. The evil nerd is bringing the vaccine into Africa and the vaccine is nothing but poison. I have never seen anyone like this in my 39 years of my life. Everybody knows that this coronavirus thing was planned and the government are using the African people as lab rats with this mysterious but dangerous vaccine. The Europeans are taking the resources from Africa for many, many years and now they are bringing this shit in Africa.

And you what else, they won’t test the vaccine in Europe but only in Africa? It’s all about money. That’s what it is! It’s all about profit. They don’t care about the African people them or people around the world. Why do they love turning Africa upside down with their diseases over the years? I really like to know. The motherland has been abused so many times by the European government with their crap. And it’s their damn governments that is doing this.

Bill Gates is a wicked man. A real wicked man. Why he wanna bring this dangerous vaccine to Africa and it in other countries? Man, I talk passionate when shit like this happens. How do people know that the vaccine is safe? We know about the government doing some crooked shit and they do it often. But I really wanna know why the hell they are bringing to this lethal antidote into Africa? Why do they always use African people as guinea pigs? They are human beings as well.

Bill Gates is doing this fart because the nerd is losing his fortune. Note to the African, run out Bill Gate’s bomba claat out of Africa! Run out his bomba claat! I’m not African. I was born in North West London, England and my mother and father is Jamaican but they are shagging up Africa too often. Everyone in Africa, run out Bill Gates pussy claat and I mean every fucking one! Run out him pussy!

He’s doing this because he’s losing his fortune. And he’s bringing that fucking shit vaccine which is people don’t know what the fucking hell it is. Run that fuck whole out of the motherland. Listen, there is a Jamaican saying of “Duppy know who fi frighten” which means a ghost knows who goanna frighten and its Bill Gates that duppy is goanna frighten. Yeah man. Everyone around the world, say no to this damn vaccine. There just profiting. That’s all is about.

This is a real serious rant and most of the time on Money Cultural, I explain things what I see in life and the things I have experienced. But this is something I wanna talk about. The man above the sky is watching you know. And it’s Bill Gates that he’s watching. He has something for him. Yeah man, the man in the sky got a surprise in store for him you know. And it’s a big suprise!

They will never leave Africa alone!