The Journey Begins! With Money Cultural


What’s up people and this is Money Cultural!

I’m a North West Londoner, City Boy, born in the 1980’s, raised in the 1990’s in a Jamaican two parent home when the music sounded much better then what we are hearing now.

My mum and dad worked very hard when they come to this country. Things have changed now as I see bums on the street doing nothing.

And these black harlots are flocking to these men but they know that these men are worthless as they are really.

SYSBM Movement. The movement that I truly respect. The heterosexual black alpha male is now taking his options of dating the white sugar, the Indian dessert, the yellow butter Oriental right down to the hot Latin pepper.

Looks like the chocolate cake is not on the menu anymore. But a black woman sees a good black man, they turn him down and goes for the worthless black man.

However, when she becomes a single mother of one, two, three, four or five children, she gets upset when he rejects her and rightfully so. No man should not date a single mother.

But the simp will. The simp will date a single mother whatever the cost! They don’t care if the harridan has two, three, or even ten children, he will date her.

Not only that, he will be in a relationship with her or worse, he’ll marry her. And he not providing for the harlot because he is living of the woman and eating the kids snack packs.

My blog page is about what is concerning with black men, black women and also what’s going in the black community.

And I will also talk about my life experiences.

The journey begins with the SYSBM movement and the black heterosexual alpha male. And the for the beta males, the simps and the ghetto ratchet, ghetto gagging hood rat whores, get ready to be slayed.


The journey have started!

Peace Out