Rachet Black Women Remind Me Of My Female Family Members


I know what Chitlins are and I don’t want none thank you very much!

On Friday I’m goanna upload an article of these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles and the simps that are coming after SYSBM. It seems like they have outnumbered us because there are more ratchet hoodrats and simps now but that is on a Friday ladies and gentleman but I wanna talk about the ratchet black women. Yeah, them ones. You see when it comes to the scraggs yeah, they are not afraid to show their ratchetness on display. But not all ratchet black woman are not twerking on the internet for free, fighting in public, fighting another woman for a man that is with the other woman and so on and so on and so. There are ratchet black women that have a rotten, bitter side of them which will pee you off. There are just so much bitterness in these hoodrats and it’s all because of their failures in life. And when it comes to them, I was thinking that “These ratchet women remind me of my female family members!”

You see when a black man sees a ratchet black woman, she reminds him of a female member of his family or female members of his family because remember, there are a lot of black women who are hardcore ratchet and black men see it in their family tree. I have seen it so many times with some of my family members, especially the ones with the weave trying to copy the white woman’s hairstyle. When a black man sees this ratchetness with the women in his family, it puts him in agitating spot. He will get extremely irritated when he sees that bullshit with his female family members. And that is one of the reasons why it’s very difficult for black men to deal with black women when it comes to relationships and marriage.


So, when it comes to dating, relationship and marriage, black men will not choose a black woman. They will go for the non black woman. However, when these ghetto dungles sees a black man with a non black woman, let’s say a white woman the scraggs biggest nemesis, they come after him calling all sort of names. And also try to attack the white woman because the white woman is with the black man. There’s a true story of a black woman who had weave in her scalp come after a black couple with a Saturday night special. Yeah, she was trying to shoot the two of them. So these ghetto ratchet black women will turn violent when they see a non black woman with a black man.

As SYSBM talk about these ghetto ratchet black women who were raised to be dysfunctional, these simps are coming to their aid for these scragglies and go to battle with SYSBM. And as these simps go to war with SYSBM, they get wounded by them because SYSBM will give it to them and I mean give it to them harshly. And worse of all, when the simps comes back to their ratchet queens that they love and adore, they see them with the thugs and the bad boys like Street Mice, Street Man Ratty, 50 Calibre Gilly, Machete Man Briggy and Rum Head Frasier. The simps will lose every single time when it comes to the thuggish dudes like Six Shooter Eric, Longest Dick In Luton Nick and Fuck All Night Freed because these scraggle daggles have love for these men more then these simps.

There are some black men will not go to a family reunions because of the dysfunctional family members they have. And as they see black women acting in a certain way, black men will just back off from that madness the ratchets will bring to them. And when it comes to these simps, they will not be chosen to be husbands or boyfriends at first but they are needed to be the ratchet black women’s enforcers and come after black men who are not dealing with the scraggle daggles. When a black man sees a family member and that member of his family is acting really dysfunctional, he’s goanna say “Hell no, I’m out!”

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When a family member especially a family member acts ratchet, talks loudly, talk about other people and so on, I will say “Shut the fuck up!”


Bareback Fountain And His Abusive Mother


Remember this people?

There is a simp that is going in on SYSBM. The man is attacking the lifestyle Mad Bus Driver has created in 2012. The simp name is SWAG BOY 360 who is another simp who is on the relentless attack on SYSBM and Mad Bus Driver X. Hey star, you might as well change his name SIMP BOY 360 because the boy did a 360 turn went into simp mode, you get me? The guys on YouTube say that they’ll be no more simping in 2021. Hey, there is goanna be more and more simps going on the attack on SYSBM. Dr. Foolmar Johnson, Shawn James, Woke Poofgressive and have declared war on SYSBM. And there’s another guy who is on the prowl on SYSBM as well.

There’s a stalker I know on YouTube. His name is Bareback Fountain and he is known as Expose The Monosphere. Originally he’s Aaron Fountain but there is a reason I call him Bareback Fountain. When saw the videos of his channel, I have seen clips of YouTubers who are MGTOW, IBMOR and even SYSBM. He’s even stalked me on frequent occasions on YouTube as he has clips on me on his channel. And I have done numerous videos about him stalking me. It is so weird that a grown man who will stalk another man on YouTube and other social media outlets. Bareback Fountain is coming after SYSBM just like the simps because the SYSBM crew will not be in a relationship or marry the scraggle daggles that him and the other simps are defending.

You guys must be wondering why the hell is a grown man is stalking another man? Even I was thinking “Bomba claat, why him ah stalk me pan the internet?” Yo people, I was getting irritated because the guy is a complete nuisance! Every time I make a video about SYSBM, the man is stalking me. I even told my friend who live up at Kingsbury, North West London that the fool is stalking me. I said “Fucking hell, him a stalk me so? Mi rass claat!” When I see him stalking me, Mad Bus Driver X, King Sigma, Verbs2016, Quincy 82 and all of the others, I started to wonder why is the man stalking me and other men. Then I found the answer.

Right, I heard that when he was a young boy, he was physically abused by his mother. His mother use to beat him when he was a child. He didn’t grow up with a father, he’s father must of left him when he was a child but he was beaten up by his mother when he was a child. You see there are a lot of black men who has been beaten up by their mothers when they were children. And not only physical abuse but mental abuse, verbal, even sexual abuse also. And when you look at it, when some black boys grow up to be men, they physically abuse their wives or girlfriends. Legendary rapper and producer Dr. Dre is a prime example of this. He use to get beat by his mother and the result of that, he use to beat down R&B singer Michel’le.

When I was little boy, I use to get the belt from my mother all the time. Not only the belt, I got the slippers, the bare hand, yep people, you name it. But when I was a teenager, I use to have the worse attitude and I mean the worse. I use to yell at my mum, I even you use to swear at the woman. That’s how bad it was. It was just some rebellion thing I was going through but not the drinking or smoking type. The sexual part, well I talk about that some other time. When it comes to black men and their mothers, they will talk about the bad experiences that they have been though and sometimes it’s physical abuse.

And when it comes to this individual Bareback Fountain, you must be wondering why is he doing this on the YouTube platform. And this is stalking other people, mostly men. This is nothing but narcissism with this fella stalking another man. And SYSBM is wondering is this guy homosexual because of him stalking other men on YouTube and dick policing other men, mostly black men. I’m not talking about gay men, lesbians and bisexuals but it really makes you think. And people say that he had an Asian girlfriend. Oh no, no! The man is gay! If someone is living a homosexual lifestyle then that’s fine. He can live is own life but Bareback Fountain seems gay. Me and my friend was talking about this when we was on the train heading Liverpool Street Station on one one weekend about him stalking other men on Youtube.

There is no argument here with SYSBM, Bareback Fountain and the other simps. These simps are coming after SYSBM because there is no way that they will be with a scraggle daggle that is for the roads. With Bareback Fountain stalking other men on the internet, SYSBM is goanna wonder about his sexual orientation. The man need therapy because he needs to talk to someone about the abuse he suffered when he was a child. When you look at these simps that are coming after thinking black men, they must have been through abuse from their mothers when they were children. And the worse thing about it is that these simps worship them.

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Bareback Fountain needs nothing but help. He need to see someone about his childhood. But the thing this that he will not he will not go and seek help. Instead he will continue to stalk other men on YouTube.


The black colour Reminds Me Of The Simps

black strip

Last month, Jamaica has celebrated 59years of independence and the United States embassy decided to celebrate Jamaican independence is to raise the LGBTQ flag outside the embassy. The Jamaican people were in complete outrage because of religious reasons and the affect that will bring into the Jamaican culture. Right, I don’t have an issue with a man or a woman who likes the same sex but this is Jamaica. They are not with the LGBTQ movement. And the US embassy had the courage to do that? Not a smart move.

The Jamaicans was in rage when they saw the rainbow flag. Skittles, taste the rainbow? No thank you. I’m not eating it anymore.

And also, teachers wanna teach LGBTQ relationships to children. That is something for the adults. It’s not for the children. When this came about, the parents didn’t take their children to school because the teachers wanna teach the children about same sex relationships including homosexual marriage. And I heard now that there is a new colour on the LGBTQ flag. It’s black and brown. If it is the colour of black men being homosexuals, you know who they remind me off? These dick police who want to know where black men are putting their penis in.

Everybody knows that there is a huge war between SYSBM and the simps. Because SYSBM will not even think to be with a black women who is ratchet like our mothers and that is understandable. There is no way that a black man wants a woman who acts like their mothers, aunts, grandmothers, older female siblings and female cousins. So they decide to date a non black woman instead, marry her and have children with her. And when these simps see that, they go into fury just like the women that raise them and come after SYSBM for not being in relationships or marry with these women that these simps worship all the time.

These simps are coming after SYSBM more then ever now but SYSBM are willing to defend themselves when these black fruits come after them. Yes people, they are black fruits. This is nothing but a never ending battle between SYSBM and the simps. Because there are simps like Bareback Fountain, Woke Poofgressive, nizzotheartist, Shawn James, SWAG BOY 360 and Dr Foolmar Johnson who are coming after men like the founder of SYSBM Mad Bus Driver, Verbs2015, Quincy 82, The Straight Shooter, Me known as Money Cultural and all of the others black men who goes back and forth with these simps that they keep defending these scraggs.

I heard that Bareback Fountain was in a relationship with a Asian woman a long time ago. Verbs did an article about. Let me tell you something guys. The guy is gay. I repeat, they guy is gay. There is not man will stalk other men on YouTube. And Bareback says that he was raised with a father in his life. There is no fucking way that a father let his son stalk other men on the internet. Bareback Fountain use to stalk me all the time on YouTube. I was like “This blood claat is narcissistic. I have never seen anyone like this before in my life!”

This war between SYSBM and the simps will continue as there are goanna be more and more simps have been developed and come after SYSBM. And they are coming in a huge group as well. I know that these simps will not come after black women who are with non black men because of black women will be outraged and take down the simps in a heartbeat but these simp dudes are willing and committed to come after black men who are with non black women. Yeesh! When a black man like a simp wants to know where another black men is pushing his penis, you must be wondering about his sexual orientation.

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With the simps coming together and defending these ghetto ratchet hoodrat, they will try to get their reward and that is getting some clit from them but these scraggle daggles don’t want these simps. They will be opening their legs 357 Jimmy, Machete Man Briggy, Rum Head Fraiser, Big Dick Rodney, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta.


The Mad Scraggle Daggle


Yeah, the mad, angry scarggle daggle black women are in great rage but first, this is Money Cultural, the hair raising dude from North West London.

There some floodings going around in Jamaica. Hurricane Elsa struck the island and wreak havoc. They say that Cuba is next to get the brunt of Elsa. There were floods in Jamaica last year and it caused a lot of damage and I mean a lot of damage. I see all the cows flout down the roads, animals dying from the floods, homes being destroyed including the roads, it cause so much damage. And you know what’s really scary is that the crocodiles on the roads. They’re now on the roads hungry and ready to munch anything that’s walking so people in Jamaica need to be careful because the crocks are walking the streets, hungry! And I heard that the police officers, Derek Chauvin was sentence to 22.5 years for the killing of George Floyd. I meant to talk about this but I didn’t get the chance to but he’s going to jail for the death of George Floyd and he has been sentenced.


The man is thinking “I can’t wait to drill out Chauvin!

angry-black-woman (1)

Now the bitter scraggly

When the scraggle daggles sees a black man with a non black woman, they will show nothing but hate, anger and bitterness towards him. They will call him all sort of names like sell out, house nigger, nigger, coon, super coon and all sort of nonsense that comes out of their mouth. Oh yes, they will say that to him. They will go rotten when a black man is with a non black woman, mostly with a white woman that can grow her blonde hair naturally and the ghetto ratchet hoodrats have to spend their money from the government and buy weave trying to compete with the they arch rival known as the white woman.

As things go now, black men have now left black women, period. Black men have abandon ship because they have seen the dysfunctional behaviour of black women. In Britain, almost 60 per cent of black men who have now made it into a non black relationship or in an interracial marriage. Black men in Britain are not fucking with black women anymore as they have seen the destructive and dysfunctional behaviour with black women in the UK. So when it comes to looking for a man for a relationship, marriage and have a family with, the black British woman is struggling big time in that department.

The ghetto ratchet black women are coming after black men who are with non black women. And not forget that these simps are coming after black men as well. All of the scraggs and the simps are coming after SYSBM. The ghetto ratchet hoodrats can’t fire back to SYSBM when they hear the truth of these hoodrats antics and they will really give these simps a real grilling when these simps got to battle with them and lose miserably. SYSBM will defend themselves when they take on the simps and the ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles when they go to war with them and they will not back down.

But the thing is that these ghetto scraggle daggles, they don’t want these types of black men who are in these interracial relationships. They want the worthless black men like Pimp L, 357 Jimmy, Rum Smuggler Don, Dizzy Rizly, Street Mice, Whiskey Baron Tony, Dready Lock Lenny, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta and Ruff Cut Larry. Yo, they want a ruff neck brotha that can satisfy them, not the simps. These simps don’t have a chance to get with these scraggle daggles because these scragglies don’t even like them. I don’t know why these simps are wasting their time defending these scraggs just to get some pum pum while these daggles are opening their legs to the worthless black men they prefer the most.

This what I saw last night. I was watching the scraggly girls brawling like mad outside a gas station. One of the girls throw the big stone into the back car window. As she did that, all hell break loose. I see the girls fight, I see one long stick getting swing round, wing pull off; I see a piece of hair drop of the ground, punches and uppercuts getting thrown, when I saw the gyal throw the big stone through the back car window, I went “Bomba claat!” I say it so many times every time I watch it. And I bet you that it’s all because of a man. The press must be good on the bed. And these simps are fighting SYSBM for this?

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Is It Me Or Is It WordPress.com


Hello ladies, hello gentlemen, this is money Cultural. What’s up to my followers regardless of the colour and the country you are from? Me, I’m currently doing fine. What do I mean by that? On 27th June 2018; I created Money Cultural on wordpress.com. So its goanna be my third anniversary of the urban, street wise website. The reason why it was created is because that I wanna explain what is going on in the so called black community, outside the community and my past experiences. And plus, I love writing. I’m a screenwriter and I have been writing movie scripts since 2001 so you know where I come from. But the thing is that things are slowing me down when it come to screenwriting but I do get things done at the end. When you start something, you have to finish it no matter how long it will take you. It’s a principle.

You see, I have a huge passion of writing and then when I discovered blogging; I just went boom, let me do that. When I created this website, I got some hate from some ratchet black women and these salty simps that is siding with them. I’m not fucking surprised that with these simps that are defending these ghetto ratchet hoodrat harridans. When I talk about the fuckery going on in the so called black community, trust me, I ruffle some feathers but the thing is that I’m just talking logic. That is all. I heard that you can make money on blogging which is a good idea. There are some people that are making money online and they are not doing a normal nine to five job.

Right, I put a donate button on my website. Great, anyone who wants to donate to me, they can do that. I looked my website yesterday to check on my website and also looking at other bloggers. When I went on Money Cultural, I didn’t see the donate button. I went “Whole on. Where’s my donate button?” I looked again and my donate button, still wasn’t there. I ask for help from wordpress and they say that copy and paste it to block. As I copy and paste the code of the donate button from PayPal a few times, didn’t see the donate button on my homepage. So I told them that the donate button is not on my homepage. Then they say that I have to sign up to stripe to apply PayPal on my website. Yeah, something like that guys.

Question, is it me or is it the stuff I write that made wordpress take down the donate button? Is it because that these simps, scraggle daggles, the white beta males don’t like what I write and make wordpress take down the donate button? If a simp is on wordpress and I know that there are simps on wordpress has a donate button on his website, you think it will be taken down? Fuck no people. They wouldn’t even go near him because he’s writing articles of him calling these scraggle daggles beautiful, calling them queens, defending their honour and all sort of nonsense. And like I say, he will get, well little donations. And I try to get the PayPal donate button which I did but it wasn’t the donate button that I wanted. I was really pissed off. I was so pissed off, Star!

I really don’t know if they delete it because they say that they don’t have records of them deleting my donate button. I bet you that the simps and the scraggle daggles must of been happy. No, better yet, they must be laughing their heads off. But when these ghetto ratchet, ghetto gagging hoodrats lose their hair by wearing this weave and going bald, then SYSBM will pissing themselves laughing, hard. And the simps that get betrayed by these ghetto hoodrats when they open their legs the thugs they love and sexually desire, we look at them calling the simps “Stupid monkey dicks!” I was drinking two glasses of Irish cream just try to clear my head because I was is peeved of what happened. I was goanna design my website just to make it look on the street side of things. To make it look street but is not worth it now? Errr — maybe! I don’t know what’s goanna happen next.

If you feel generous, you can donate to me. You can donate much as you want. I don’t mind you know what I’m sayin’

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And also Christ almighty! I just found out in Jamaica that a man killed his girlfriend who was eight months pregnant. After the man was arrested and was put into jail. Afterwards, the man hang himself in the police cell. I went “Another murder/suicide!” I knew that this will happen again. Early this year a man from White Hall in St. Thomas where my family is from kill of his former girlfriend and then kill himself. The man hang himself on the tree close to my grandmother was buried. And the man wasn’t hanging high. You know when 2020 was a crazy year when the Jamaican men was murdering their girlfriends/wife and then kill themselves afterward? Well, it’s the same shit house in 2021.

Another one? Mi backside!

I have talked about this last year. Guess I’m goanna talk about it again!


Black Men Are Finished

feminie black men

feminie black men 2

feminie black men 3

We all know what’s happening with black women. The ratchet black women. Black women wearing weave trying to look like a white woman and lose when they compete with their arch enemy, black women bleaching their skin, embracing single motherhood and that is why they have multiple baby daddies, praying to a man that died on a cross who didn’t say a single thing about slavery, calling their sons they husband which sound very abnormal, getting breed off by worthless black men which they actually prefer, yo blud, there’s so many factors, people! And you know what else? When thinking black men talk about the ratchet behaviour of the scragglies, these simps are coming after thinking black men when they talk about their black queens that they worship.

We have these simps defending these scraggle daggles, siding with them, attacking thinking black men because they have an opinion, coming after black men when they are dating non black women, there are so many fuckery with these simps. I was reading an article called It’s Too Late – The Black Woman’s Image Is Finished by slayingevil.com. And it’s about the black woman’s image and them wearing bonnets in the street. Yes, we have seen black women wearing it in the street, especially in broad daylight. There was this simp on Twitter and his name is King Keeme. There is a photo of him wearing a bonnet in support of black women. And there are other black men wearing bonnets as well in support for non natural hair black women.

queen keeme

Here’s the link: https://twitter.com/KingKeeme/status/1399419699423756289

Let me tell you something. Black men as a whole is finished. Yes, black men are finished. We see black men killing each other, having children with multiple women, not taking care of their children, having a crabs in a bucket mentality, having feminine characteristics, there is so many things with black man and being feminine is one of them. When scraggles daggles sees a masculine black man, they are throwing daggers at him but when they see a black men that has all the female traits, they will do nothing to him. They actually prefer that more because they wanna see a black man in a feminine state and they look the black masculine, heterosexual male a threat.

Imagine, you walk down the street, enjoying the sun shine, you dress well and you walk past a simp wearing a pink bonnet on his head and he says “I’m giving my full support for my black queens!” I’m will say “Whole on! Why you have that thing on your head, star!? You know that’s for the gyal them? A man can’t wear a ting like that? That’s for women. No blud, no man should wear that. Especially on the road!” Black men are nothing but pink lotion men because they are now they become feminine and the reason for that is because that they were feminized when they were little boys.

And these feminine black men will became henchmen/enforcers and come after SYSBM because they hate it when black men are in relationship or marriage with non black women. The reason why these simps are simping is because they are trying to get some punany rom these ghetto ratchet black women. But they end up getting none because these ghetto hoodrats are giving the pooky to ruffneck dudes like 500 Mag, Rizla P, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Machine Gun Dread, Machette Man Briggy and Des The Drunk. These simps will not get the chance to get the pum pum from these ghetto harridans. No sir, these ghetto harlots will open their legs to the worthless black men that they love, lust and desire.

Black men are finished as a whole and there is nothing that can change that. All black men are good for is being simps who are siding with these ghetto ratchet hoodrats that don’t even like them. They are the last thing on the scraggle daggles mind. The reason why these simps are feminine is because they were raised in a single mother household and they didn’t have a father around. Let me tell you something, if my mum and dad if he was still alive saw me wearing that bonnet in my head, everyone will hear them cursing loud!

feminie black men 4

Look at the dude with the tongue, yo!

feminie black men 5

feminie black men 6

A whole leap of simps are goanna come simping like this!


The Scraggle’s Choice Of Weapon


With these scraggly harridans, we see them fighting in the street, the shopping malls, in raves, outside the gas stations, in schools and so on. And most of the times these ghetto hoodrats are fighting for a man who has another woman that has open her legs to him waiting for him to press it. As we see black women fighting, mostly in the street no matter what day it is, we are seeing black women using their cars to knock over another scraggly. And we have seen a lot of the ghetto black women using their cars as a weapon. Oh boy!

We have these scarggle daggles using their cars as weapon in the street, gas stations, you name it. As a fight breaks out with one scraggle daggle to another, one will end up using her car and run the ratchet chick over. I have seen some ratchet fuckery before with these ghetto ratchet black women but it’s absolutely crazy of someone running another person over when two hoodrats fighting, for man a man most of the time. And when a scraggle daggle get hit by a car, they get right back up with minor injuries. Well, sometimes.

There was a video I saw and there was a man who got ran over by a ghetto black woman. And the thing is that the scragg who was recorded this starts laughing when the guy who got run over. The first thing, I don’t know why the harlot ran the guy over. It could be her boyfriend or something like that. I don’t know. And second of all is why someone is laughing when a guy gets run over? What happens if he died? We she be laughing then if the man dies? Let me tell you something, if I had a girl who was laughing of someone getting run over and records it, I will dump the gyal immediately. I’ll kick to the curb! The guy was injured but he survived from getting though, thank goodness.

There are so many video on YouTube of ratchet black women running people over. There was a video of two scragglies fighting over Facebok beef. And when the fight was over, the browning got run over. The car bounce up in the air to bomba claat when the woman got run over. She comes like some speed hump. And there was a next video of when four women get run over in East St. Louis, Illinois. And all four of them got up as well from them getting run over by the violent hoodrat in the coupe.

I bet you the two female news presenter must be thinking “I know why black men want women like us!”

When I saw those two women get knock over I went bomba claat!”

Right, Tommy Sotomayor did a video and I think it was two harridans who got killed during a car accident at a freeway. Both of the hoodrats was beefing on the freeway and they were bumping act each other with their cars. And both of them crashed and died on the freeway and one of them was pregnant. I don’t know what was the case of them getting each other killed but when a scraggle daggle is around, they’ll be nothing but chaos, especially when they are behind the wheel.

Every single time we always see these ghetto ratchet scargglies fighting in the street, most of them for the same willy. But now these scraggle daggles are using their cars as a lethal weapon, especially towards black men. I have seen some crazy things when it comes to black women but this is getting really ridiculous. The scraggly’s choice of weapon is the car and she will use it to run over anyone. And black man know this. When you see a fight with a group of hoodrats and three, four or five of them get run over, everything goes quiet like a desert!


Why MGTOW Will Never Be In Jamaica


Sandman is on point on this one!

Man want MGTOW to come to Jamaica, but it ain’t goanna happen mon!

Why MGTOW will never be in Jamaica? Why do I think that MGTOW will not land in Jamaica? Well, we do see Jamaican men who are with non black women, even marrying them. MGTOW is when men have gone their own way because the natural of women in the modern day era from gold diggers, whorish women, feminism, single motherhood, coming after the patriarchy, putting men on child support, divorcing the man and take everything from him, there is so much which is making men walking away from women. But in Jamaica, why are we are not goanna see MGTOW in one of the most beautiful countries in the world?

Yo, Money Cultural got the answer. The reason why MGTOW will never happen Jamaica is because these Jamaican men are nothing but pussified simps who are chasing after punany left, right and centre. As you see these simps of Jamaica, the only thing they think about is chasing tail. And some of these women are single mother and these Jamaican men are in relationships with these women. They are even marrying them. Oh yes, they will marry these women. They will put a diamond ring on their finger. We know that there are some Jamaican men went to the SYSBM route and never came back all because that they will not deal with the ratchet behaviour with the women in Jamaica.

As these Jamaican simps that are chasing these mediocre women, they are trying to breed them off. Why? Because that they feel like it’s a manly thing. I swear I didn’t make this dysfunctional fuckery up, trust me! As these simps breed three, four, five or more scragglies, they disappear without a trace. You don’t ever see them in these children lives and not taking care of their children financially and emotionally. And it takes them years for these simsp to see their off springs that they left behind. But these fools in Jamaica better beware. Because child support has hit Jamaica and if their baby mother ever put them on that, their goanna start crying hard.

There are some men in Jamaica are taking care of children which is not ever their own. They are willing to take care of children with doesn’t belong to them. Jamaican men are the biggest simps in the world. They are bigger simps then the men in the United States of America and in Britain. Hey, some of them have been raised by a single mother and they never had a father in the household. And these women who are raising these boys into adult hood doesn’t even warn them about these scarggle daggles. And as these simps meet a single mother and end up in a relationship and she opens her legs to a next man, the simps will shoot her kill her, stab her to death or chop off her head. There is a lot of madness going down in Jamaica as these Jamaican men killing off their wives or girlfriends all because the woman has another man.

These scarggle daggles that belongs to the streets knows that these simps are very thirsty. They know that these simps are hungry for the pum pum punany. As they open up their legs to these simps, the thirst overwhelm them with the quickness. The thirst will take over them in an instant and they can’t control it. These scarggle daggles are like witches that will cast a spell. And the spell that they cast on these simps is their clit. And there is no way to reverse the spell. I know that Jamaican women are off the chain and they have that delightfully charming but these thirsty Jamaican simps don’t know how to control themselves.

These Jamaican simps have no goals and no ambition. They don’t have a purpose. I don’t see Jamaican men calming down the pum pum chase. And sometimes, these simps don’t use protection at all. They better mind because if they ram these scraggly Jamaican women raw, they may not breed the woman off. They may catch a disease so something worse can happen to them. And let me say this. They can’t diss a man that has one girl. Because I know that some of these thirsty simps have their wives/girlfriends and have more then one women. And they are not using condoms when they are having sex with these scraggs whatsoever.

MGTOW Jamaica, it not goanna happen!


Sit Back Drinking Liquor


You must be thinking “What do you mean by sit back drinking liquor blud?” Right, it means that when a person sits and watches the individual’s downfall because of the wrong things the man or woman is doing. And they have been warned about it. So basically person have no choice but to leave that individual alone, sit back and watch that person fall. And I add the liquor because I sit back and chill with a bottle of liquor and chill while these simps head into disaster. And that’s what I did when I saw these simps suddenly fall from grace all because they wanna defend these ghetto scragglies from the hood. Thinking black men have been telling these simps not to side with them and these simps don’t listening.

Everybody knows that Derrick Jaxn was cheating on his wife. And there are a number of black men have been making videos on You Tube of this man creeping on his wifey. The self proclaimed relationship expert and author was licking up to the ratchet black women and putting black men under the bus because black men who will not simp refuse to date, be in a relationship or marry these mediocre black women. Derrick Jaxn has written eight books and there was one book entitled Singe Mothers Are For Grown Men Only. When I saw that cover and the title of the book, I said “Bomba claat! Man is truly simping for these scraggly hoes!” I know that black men have a huge distain for him and I can’t blame them for that. I saw some of his videos on You Tube and I was just shaking his head but I didn’t say anything but to sit back, drinking liquor.

Derrick Jaxn was on the anti SYSBM stance all because that SYSBM will not be courted by these ghetto ratchet hoodrats. Derrick Jaxn also known as the muscle simp is just like the other simps we are seeing on social media. These simps don’t know the consequences of siding with these ghetto harridans and now Derrick Jaxn is paying the price of defending these good for nothing harlots of the ghetto. The muscle bond simp didn’t have a problem throwing black men under the bus and now he is suffering now because these ghetto scraggles daggles turned on him. Look what Angel Ramirez – Jordan. He went against SYSBM and these ghetto hoodrats betrayed him.

Hey sit back and drink liquor.

Derrick Jaxn is a beta male with an alpha male body. Don’t get me wrong. He has a great physique but didn’t have a great mind. And there black men saying on You Tube that he is just playing the simp role just to get this money and I agree with them. And I heard that he has a biracial child. I don’t know if he has more then one. I’m not sure. Here is the thing. Why is he putting black men under the bus for not choosing these ghetto scraggs and he has a biracial child? Oh, the hypocrisy! The simp was throwing black men under the bus, coming after SYSBM and to find out that he has a mix child? That’s strange.

All of these simps are not afraid to come after SYSBM with the ghetto ratchet black women giving the orders to the simps to attack them. Yet, these ghetto hoodrats are lusting after the worthless black men like Rapid Fire Rasta, Rum Head Frasier, Des The Drunk, Rum Smuggler Don, Weed Man Jake, Long Dick In Luton Tom, Fuck All Night Freed, Marga Man Dillan and Crack Head Rasta Clive. These scarggle daggles love and adore these hopeless men while they have a huge dislike of these simps that are defending them. I don’t know how many IQ’s these simps have but I know it’s very low.

Derrick Jaxn’s wife is planning the divorce and when she does, she will take everything that he has. As you look at her face, she looks very hurt and vengeance is on her mind, oh fuck! This simp with muscles has went up against SYSBM and lost, badly. You can be an away team battling relegation and try to be the home side with a great goal keeper, a strong defence, a creative midfield and quality strikers. You will get a heavy defeat. This is a lesson to these simps who are defending these decedent hoodrats that don’t don’t care about you. You will suffer the consequences if you side with these women that don’t even like you. Or worse, love you! And as for me , I’m goanna sit back and drink liquor. Cheers!


Declaration Of War



The simps have declared war!

When SYSBM came about, these simps are trying to shut it down completely. They are trying to tear it right down to the core. The so called doctor Foolmar Johnson, Chris Miller, incel Shawn James, Bareback Fountain and all of the other simps are coming after black men who are with non black women, not matter of they are married to them or have them as girlfriends. And every time when SYSBM gets attacked by these stupid men, they have to defend themselves when they get attacked by the scarggle daggles henchmen/enforcers. The simps have declared war on SYSBM.

Why are these unintelligent men who are defending these scraggly ghetto ratchet hoodrats when they are attack black men who has non black girlfriends/wives? Why these simps, captain save a hoes, black cucks, ghetto soy boys, pro wanks and oil of olay men are trying to take down SYSBM? You see there is no way that these men who have non black women will never date these ghetto ratchet hoodrats that these simps love and adore. If a black an dates a ghetto ratchet black woman, he will have nothing but problems on the table but these simps are willing to have these women that don’t want them.

We have been telling these simps over and over again that not to defend and side with these hopeless ghetto ratchet women because they will stab them behind their back. But these foolish farts don’t wanna listen to them until fuckery happens. And when the shit hit the fan, then what? They can’t come to us for help. We just leave them there and say “We told you so!” They have no issue of trying to take down SYSBM but they will felt the pain of when these ghetto ratchet, ghetto gagging hoodrats turn on them.

And these ghetto scraggs don’t want a man like a simp. No, they want a ruff man like Machete Man Briggy, Rum Smuggler Don, Street Mice, Street Biscuit, Hood Gravy Steve, Rum Head Frasier, Big Dick Rodney, Marga Man Dillian, Long Dick 44, Fuck All Night Freed and Corner Boy Ronney. These simps should know that these are the men that these ghetto hoodrats that they worship, these are the men that they lust after. They don’t want to be with these simps who have no masculinity whatsoever.

2021 is the year that these simps have declared war with SYSBM and they are at war with MGTOW and IBMOR also. Its goanna be a huge battle but these simps are goanna be wounded in the battlefield. They don’t know what they are getting themselves into. Every time, thinking black men have warn them about defending these scarggle daggles but these simps are not listening to them. All these simps want to do is to take down SYSBM because black men who are with non black women will not date, be in a relationship or marry these ghetto hoodrats that these simps want so much.

Let battle commence!