The Homosphere

homo flag

Kevin Samuels, oh boy! Jesus Christ! Right, here this. I have no issues of anyone who is homosexual. You all knows that I’m a screenwriter. And I has written a script of two Afro Latino twins who lives in Islington, North London. One is a heterosexual and the other is not. I have written action thrillers, crime thrillers, dramas and erotic thrillers and three of my scripts have interracial themes but the thing is this. What happens if a man asks you about your dick size? Because if a man ask me that, then I will lose my temper in a flash. Kevin Samuels can play the homosexual twin!

I was watching a live stream video of Kevin Samuels on YouTube and he was chatting to a caller. The video is called Women Aren’t The Enemy Socially Awkward, Beta Males and Incels Call In Show which was streamed live on 31st January 2020. The caller says that that he’s been getting bad energy from women. He’s a 20 year old student who has never ask a woman on a date, never had a girlfriend and never had sex. And Kevin Samuels told the guy that the problem is not women, it’s him the caller is not approaching women. As I continue to listen, Kevin ask the caller does he masturbate. And then Kevin Samuels ask him if he has a big dick. The conversation between him and the incel was very disturbing.

The conversation started at 1:38. Beware!

Man oh man! The homosphere is up on the rise and it’s rising high, fast. What do I mean but that? Right, the homosphere is where a man or men who has homosexual tendencies, gay characteristics, dick policing, having a fruity mentality and fascinating about another man’s penis and we are seeing it on social media. There’s a lot of simps that do have these gay/homosexual tendencies like for instance. There’s a video of Tommy Sotomayor’s stalker Stylz aka Nutward TV dancing to get Tommy’s attention. He might as well change his name into Gay Stylz because the way that man is dancing like some guy in a gay club in Soho, London.

Parental Advisory: Gayish Lyrics

If the man is giving the incel advice on how to get women, then that is fine even though the incel shouldn’t be thinking about women. He needs to sort his life out and focus on other things like his goals and ambitions. But asking another guy if he has a big dick, you must be asking this question of is this guy is homosexual. If he asks an S.Y.S.B.M man that question, he will go in rage mode. Why would any man ask another man if he has a big dick? That’s my fucking question. Bomba claat, I was in shock when he asks that question to the incel.

Listen here. My mum and dad are from St. Thomas, Jamaica and let me tell you something about Jamaica. They don’t wanna deal with the homo thing because during slavery days, the slaves were sexually assaulted by the white slave masters and the white foreigners with the buck breaking thing. You think I wanna swing that motherfucking way? No way! Why didn’t the incel ask the question to Kevin Samuels of why he’s asking if he has a big dick? The homosphere is growing and growing rapidly because of the dick policing and asking another about his dick size.

Black women will gravitate to Kevin Samuels in a heartbeat because he has feminine characteristics and when a black man has female characteristics or homosexual tendencies, black women will go towards him in a flash. And it’s these ghetto gagging, ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are flocking to him because he show these female tendencies. And I heard that Obsidian is his spoke man and his attack dog and he was defending Kevin Samuels about him questioning the incel about the size of hid dick when he was on Reg The Bad Guy’s live stream Kevin Samuels Eggplant Scandal. There is no way that any man should question another man dick size.

Here is the Reg’s live stream feat. Obsidian

If I doing a YouTube live stream and I ask a woman how big her pussy is (which I would ask), the outrage I will get from a shit load of people saying that I’m a pervert, how dare I ask a woman how big her punany is and all sort of nonsense. But what about a man asking a next man about his penis size? That’s look suspect to me. This homosphere is nothing new. In secondary school, I have seen some of class mate drawing penis on the wall, on the black board, even in the hallway.

The homosphere is growing higher then Mount Everest because simps and the beta males are dick policing, asking another man about the size of his dick and so on and so on. The black heterosexual alpha male is a target for the racist white beta male, the black ratchet women, the simps and the black male fruit. I don’t have a problem with homosexual men. That is their life but there is no way that I would any man ask me about the size of my dick. I rather be with a ugly woman or a fat woman then be swing with the same gender.


The Black Fruit 2


Who would off thought that I would write a sequel and I’m hoping not to write Black Fruit 3. I was watching Tommy Sotomayor’s video on TNN Raw2 called Charlamagne The God Say He Gown Down On Tekashi 69 If He Does This. You know where this is going. Tekashi 69 is on trial for racketeering and he plead not guilty. However, he has other charges pending from possession of a firearm, assault with a deadly weapon to conspiracy to commit murder. As I watch Tommy Sotomayor played the video, Charlamagne said if he ever gets off, he will suck his dick and then he starts laughing about it on his show The Breakfast Club. When I heard that I said to myself, really? And the guy was joking about it? How can a grown man who is a father and has a baby on the way who wants to talk about sucking a man’s dick? And if Tekashi 69 ever get off and properly never will, is it really worth it at the end of it?

It’s the same thing with BGS IMBOR on his live stream saying that he will fuck Kid Organic up the ass in front of other men. It’s like when the white beta male talking about the black man’s penis. Listen to me, it sounds so homosexual and I’m not talking about gay men or homosexuals but when a man, a straight man says what Charlamagne said on The Breakfast Club and joking about it? There is no way a heterosexual male will say that he will suck another man’s penis on live stream or radio, whatever. Charlamagne is just nothing but immature and I heard that he’s suspect also. And you know something? You think anyone will ever listen to his show after this? I think people will still listen to his show still but at the end of it all he was just immature of him saying what he said and I can’t take this guy serious enough.

I’m not dissing the guy or making fun of him but he can’t say what he said on his show with other people around him. And also I heard that him and the breakfast club make a joke about prison rape. If you goanna make a joke about raping women, people come after you with daggers but nothing happens when you make a joke of male rape. I don’t find Charlamagne The God funny at all and the things what he says really left me puzzled because I’m trying to understand why a man will joke about that he will suck Tekashi 69’s ding dong if he gets off. Nothing wrong making jokes. There are some funny jokes and there are some jokes are funny. But when you say that you goanna suck a man knob if he gets plead not guilty of a crime and laugh about it? You must the wondering about the man’s sexual orientation.

Peace out


The Black Fruit


We know that there was a beef between IBMOR BGS and Kid Organic the illionaire on YouTube. I was watching Kid Organic video called IBMOR BGS is Fleece Johnson. In the beginning on the video Kid played a clip of a 8 hour live stream of BGS and some other men. And then I heard BGS that he will fuck him in the ass. I hear other people laughing and giggling. When I heard that, it sounded so disturbing. My mind when what? Did he say what I think he just said? He was goanna fuck him in the ass? Really? Then he said that he will chock him, make him suck his dick and fuck his mother. That’s what he said to him. I shit you not! I have never heard anything like this in my whole life. The man says that he will fuck him up the ass.

No man who is a heterosexual who will say this. The only man will say this is a homosexual male. A man who say this to another man? WOW! When I was watching the video and Kid – O said why are grown men talking about another man on live stream for 8 whole hours? I was thinking about that as well. I wouldn’t go on the internet talking about a next man for 8 hours straight. To be honest I wouldn’t even waste my valuable time talking about someone on the World Wide Web. And the thing is that BGS said that he was goanna pop him in the ass, that’s how I got the term the black fruit. I use that term to describe a black homosexual male or a black male with homosexual characteristics and I’m not talking about homosexuals. It you are a homosexual or bisexual, that is fine you can live your life. No matter what colour you are.

But when you here a man who say that he will fuck a next man up the asshole and you hear other men in the background laughing, its nothing but gayness so I created the term the black fruit because there is nothing but black homosexuality there. I use to listen to IBMOR but now when I heard what he said on that live stream, it was like err, no thank you. When a black man is raised with a single mother or has been surrounded by nothing but women in his family, he will develop feminine characteristics and it’s very common with black men being raised by their mothers. If a man is not brought up in a two parent home, he will not grow up with any masculinity.

If a man has beef with another man then its fine but when a man says he’s goanna fuck another man up the ass and says it’s in front of other men, something is not right. Like I said, I use to watch BGS but now I better watch another You Tuber. I don’t find it funny of what the man was saying and have other men talking about another man for 8 hours? 8 hours? You see, internet beefs are just nothing but nonsense. We see people beefing on You Tube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but when some man who is brave enough and have the huge amount of courage to say that he was a break another man’s ass in front of other men you obviously go into shock. No man will ever go on live stream which is a waste of own time and say that he will bust man ass and other men will laugh about it. Wow! Black men!

Peace Out