Only Pookie and Ray Ray Could Make The Scraggle Daggles Submit

black eye

I tell you, something is wrong with the train service in Britain. It seems like it’s getting worse and worse. I was heading to Watford to get my haircut and the train was ten minutes late. And it was raining as well. And when I was heading back from Watford, at Luton Airport Parkway station, I saw three teenage boys crossing the railway tracks just to go on the next platform to get the train I’m in heading home. I went “The hell?” It was the most shocking thing I ever seen. Listen, I say that to everything that shocks me but hoping everyone is doing fine. Today was a rainy Friday. We do need some of that rain just to keep the pollen down because we do have pollen sufferers and people who suffers from itchy eyes. I get that when summer comes. But them three bastards that run across the track just to go to the next platform, my God!

black eye 2

When it comes to the scraggle daggle, she will not submit in a relationship or even a marriage. I know that a scarggle daggle will not cook, clean, take care of the children and so on. When she is with a normal man, she will not submit to him. She will try to control him which will fail miserably. However, what about if she doesn’t submit to Pookie, Ray Ray, 12 Gauge Mike, Day Day and Man Man? Then she will have nothing but issues, big time issues with them thuggish dudes. If she brings that “I’m not goanna submit to you attitude” to these thugs, she will get knock down on the floor. These thugs will take her down in a flash so when it comes to these men, she has to submit.

She has to cook, clean, wash the clothes, take care of the children and so forth. Because if she doesn’t, she will get beat down by these worthless men that makes her wet between her legs. When she with a good black man, she will not submit to him but when it comes to these useless men that she desires, then she has no choice but to submit to them or she will get her face bruk up, mass up, frigg up! The thing is this. Why would any woman be in a relationship like this? Hey, I guess they like these type of men. They don’t want a good man. Oh well!

If a man is in a relationship with a scraggle daggle, he has to use forceful methods to make her submit. Because she will not do the things a man is telling her to do. I don’t wanna force someone to do something but if a man is in a relationship with a scragg then he will use those aggressive tactics to make her do the things he wants her to do, you get me? I don’t want to be with a scraggly because the problems she will bring to me and I know that a scraggle daggle don’t wanna be with a guy like me because I won’t take up with her fuckery. But these thuggish dudes that these hoodrats love and desire, they can control them with ease.

If these simps are with these scraggle daggles, these ghetto hoodrats will control them and use them as enforcers/henchmen when thinking black men talk about the wretchedness of these hoodrats. As these simps go to war with thinking black men, these scraggle daggle hoodrats will get slam hard on the bed by Rum Smuggler Don, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Full Auto Rob, Knife Man Priest, Street Mice and Corner Boy Ronney. The scraggs will crazy for these men. These men are the scraggle daggles wildest dreams but these worthless men will put these scraggle daggles on a leash.

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Right, I don’t need a woman to submit to me. I can do everything myself but when these scraggle daggles are with these worthless men that they love, lust and want, they will have no choice but to submit to them because they will get a beat down if they don’t.