You Can’t Save Them


Right, I don’t agree with any violent behaviour in a relationship. I don’t care if the man is being violent in the relationship or the woman who is being violent to the man and I have seen women being violent in a relationship but it happens occasionally but let’s focus on the man beating up his woman. The first clip is a black woman who has been abused by a white guy. And the white guy almost killed her and I know that 25 per cent of black women get murdered by their non black boyfriends/husbands. And the other clip is a black woman who has been abused by her boyfriend and she has a child with him. As Steve Wilkos step to him, both men had a confrontation. Steve send him backstage and then he ask his girlfriend why are you with him if he’s abusing you. And then she says to him that she love him. They always say that.

Alright, when a woman says that when she’s with a man who is abusive, violent, aggressive to her and so on, you should step back and leave it be. You can’t save these women. You must be wondering if these guys are so abusive in the relationship or marriage, then why are these women are with these guys for so long. Because these are the men that they love and adore. Like I said, I hate to see violence in a relationship but these women don’t leave these men who are putting them on the ground after one punch and then fuck them on the floor. They like the bad boy, the thug, the worthless man, the hopeless man and the unproductive man, especially in the black community.

I was just wondering that these women who are in these abusive relationships or marriage, did they turn down the nice guy by any chance? How many nice guys that these women have turned down or betrayed or played? They must have hurt the nice guy because he was being too nice, and then be with the man who is willing to beat the shit out of her. You, blud, it’s hard to be the nice guy, star! Because if you play the nice guy roll, the girl will definitely play games with you and you don’t want that, you get me? You will get no love, no affection, no punany, you get nothing in return. But the men that will punch them up, they will get the pum pum! I’ve seen domestic violence when I was young and I saw my mum and dad fighting. My mum fuck him up obviously. My two sisters have been through domestic violence as well. And I know where their exes live also. They better get protection because if they say shit to me, boy they have sealed their fate.

Right, it was the winter last year and I saw my friend in Camberwell Green, South London. He use to live in Harlesden, North West London. It was evening time and me, him and his baby mother/former girlfriend was talking, she was smoking weed and I was drinking. Right, they had a row because that he thinks that she was cheating and he’s thinking that the three children are not his. And he something about her dad and then things got headed. Right, they both was at the passage way and then I heard like a struggle. Then I heard it again, so I was thinking that “Yeah, they are fighting.” So went to the passage way and his baby mother told me that he was trying to take off her trousers. Then he started to beat her up right in front of my eyes. He just beat the shit out of her. I did try to stop him but he just continues to beat her up. When the beating stop, both sit down and talked.

When I was heading home when I was living in Watford, Hertfordshire at that time, he called my phone and he said that are you heading home. And I said yes. And then him and her telling me that they are having sex. Right, here’s the thing, why is he so focus on the gyal them on the street and not thinking about the three kids? And he has other children as well. Why is he saying that the children ain’t his and he knows that he’s was chasing broads, remember, he’s the insecure one and he’s accusing her for sleeping around. Let me tell you something, when a person is accusing you for something you haven’t done, they are the one are doing the dirty on you. And another thing, why can’t he focus on his children instead of chasing one girl to another. When a man has children, he has to change his priorities now. He has to take care of his children financially but the dude is not focusing on his children. He’s mission is punany. If he had no children, then yeah, that will be fine but he has children and he needs to focus them. But let me tell you something, she could off called her brother and her father you know. And if she tells them that he put his hands on her, they would go and beat him up in his flat. And the man can’t call his brother you. His brother can’t defend that you know!

As the time women reach to the thirties and have children with the wrong man, all of a sudden they are looking for the nice guy. But then the nice guy will look at these women and say no way and walks off. And as in the black community, black men see the black women with children, they are saying no way and run off faster then winger on a football team. So, these women have no alterative but to choose the simp and that is the man that these women do not wanna be with because the simp lacks masculinity. Domestic violence is a very serious thing and in the Britain, domestic violence has gone up by 49 per cent. You can’t save these women because when you do, they will go back to the man that is willing to knock them on the floor.

“The only time I will put my hands on my girl is when I bend her over and spank that big booty when she acts like a naughty girl”