Lecture Who


You know the article I did on Walk Away, Walk Away, Walk Away when I explained that men especially black men to walk away when they find out that the baby is not theirs, this simp should off done that, but he stayed with her. Terrence was on the Maury show doing a DNA test to find out if his baby girl is his. His girlfriend Melody had sex with another and Terrence is having doubts about him being the father of the child. As Maury reads the DNA results, Terrence finds out that he is not the father of the baby. The man was in complete devastation when he heard the result and his girlfriend went into tears. And you know what else? Oh God, Terrence did a test on his first baby he had with Melody and he find out that he wasn’t the father of the baby. You see where I’m going yeah?

Before Maury reads the DNA result, he asks Terrence what will happen if the baby is not yours and Terrence says to him he’ll probably will leave but I wouldn’t leave his children at all. They will always be a part of him and as long as Mel allows him too, I will always be there for them every single day of his life. When I heard that, I went outside and start laughing hard. And on 4:18 there was a light skin woman and a fat white woman stare at each other and just laugh. Yo, when I saw fatty, I went fuck yeahhhh! I was looking at her and start thinking yeah, the white fatness right there, but let me just stay focus!

And then Terrence said this on stage that “Everyone want him to be the father of their child. You see what kind of man I am?” And then Maury says “I wanna tell you something. I like to bring back every single guy on the show so you can lecture these guys who deny being the father.” Here this question? Lecture who? Lecture us men who deny being the father of the baby which is not ours? You want this simp to lecture us men to take care of a child or children which are doesn’t belong to us? You think I’m goanna listen to a man who is taking care of a next man’s children? Wow, the Maury is real serious.

If any man get lectured by a simp to take care of a next man’s family, then the man will huge lack of intelligence listening to a man who is taking care of children that doesn’t have his DNA. If a man is telling you to take care of a child which is not yours then you have a walk away quick as possible and never talk to him ever again. A simp lacks a huge amount of intelligence because of the way he is thinks. And when a man say that they will not take care of a readymade family, these simps will look at them in a huge distain because there is no way that a man will take care of a child which is not his.

Do these simps know what is going on in Jamaica with the Jamaican men killing off the women because they find out that the child or children are not theirs? They are chopping off their heads off with their machete and we see these women heads spin like a Frisbee spinning in the sky. One man in Jamaica killed his wife because he find out that five of his children weren’t his. The woman was spreading her legs all over town and she get her head sliced off. Men in have changed in Jamaica. Things are now different with them. Shit is getting serious in Jammy!

If a man like Terrace was lecturing me that I must take care of another man’s child or children, then I will light his ass up with some serious logic. You think that he will give me a lecture of taking care of a next man’s child or children? The man must be drinking liqueur all morning. We are goanna see more and more simps taking care of other men’s children and there are loads of them doing that task right now. How many simps we have seen on Maury over the years. Many, many, many, many. A bet you that the men who watch Maury must on the floor laughing when they simps say that they will be there for the child no matter if the child is not his.

Terrace was on Maury again doing an DNA test of a third child. Third time a charm?


Stepping Up To A Next Man’s Responsibilities

Dumb simp

Hold on. She fuck a next man while they were together, breed for someone else and still love her and ready to adopt the child and make it as his own!? Ah what the backside is this!? 😮😯😠😡🤬

How many black men are taking care of children which are not even theirs? Trust me, there’s a huge number of black men taking care of a next man child or children while they don’t have children of their own. Being a step father in the so called black community is a very big thing because when a man steps up and takes care of another man’s child or children, there is a goanna be a huge celebration parade.

There are so many black men that will not hesitate and willing to take care of a woman that has children. When a simp dates a single mother, everyone gives him a round of applause and looks at him as a hero. But when a black man who is childless says that he doesn’t want to be with a single mother, everyone is coming after him and verbally attacking him because he doesn’t want a woman with children.

There are a lot of simps that will attack thinking black men who will refuse to wife up these ghetto ratchet hoodrats with children because there is no way that they will take care of a child that doesn’t belong to them. But we all know that these simps are defending these ghetto ratchet harridans just to get some punany. It’s a stratagy that these simps use just to get between these whores thighs.

But these strategies that these simps use will fail because these scraggle daggles are giving up the pum pum to worthless men like Pookie, Ray Ray, John John, 12 Gauge Mike, Sick Up Ronnie, Cheddar Street, Rapid Fire Rasta, Cell Block Scrappy, Longest Dick On The Block Gregg and Fuck All Night Fred. These are the men that these ghetto scraggs have a huge love and lust for.

These simps will come after thinking black men when they don’t want to be with these mediocre women that these simps love, desire, obay and worship but thinking black men will eat these fools for dinner and and then have them for seconds. Simps love these ghetto hoodrats and their fuckery but these harlots don’t even care about them for these simps, black cucks, ghetto soy boy, pro blacks and oil of olay men.

Here this. I will never ever date, be in a relationship or marry a single mother. Yes, I have said it once, I’ve said it before and I will say it once again. There is no way that I’m dealing with a woman that has children. Why should I take care of a motherfucker that has a bag of children? I refuse to take a ready made family.

I’m done. No, seriously I’m done.

Raising A Child Which Is Not Yours


How many men are raising children which are not theirs? It’s a big number now. How many black men are raising children which are not theirs? Many! Black men are not only dating single mothers but they are looking after children that doesn’t below to them. I did the articles Black Men Dating Single Mothers Part 1 and 2 explaining black men who are in relationships with single mothers. Black men are also in marriages with women with children regardless of the colour. As you look on YouTube, these simps, cucks, pro blacks, captain save a hoes, ghetto soy boys and oil of olay men who are attacking thinking black men, they are with women with children and taking care of these off springs that is not their own.

But at the end of it all, they will not have children with a single mother. Why? It’s not because the simps are not capable of being fathers which they are, but these women will not have children with these simps because these harridans rather have children with the thugs, criminals and the worthless men that they desire the most. These hoodrats are looking for a gullible man so they chase after the good black man. But like I said before, the good black man will not be in a relationship with single mothers because he will refuse to take care of another man’s responsibility.

When a good black man sees a single mother, there is no way that he will be in a relationship, especially with a black single mother. When a good black man refuses to deal with a single mother, he will get attacked by these ghetto harlots and their enforcers known as the simps. They will go after him when they find out that he don’t want a single mother. And these ghetto ratchet hoodrats are single mothers with a whole leap of off springs. And the simps that also coming after the good black men that will not date a single mother, they are in relationships with women with children.

Here this. There is a guy on YouTube called The Man Known As Atheist or something like that and he had a beef with Tommy Sotomayor. Guess what? He was married to a white woman with children. Yes, that’s right. And also, Steve The Dean Williams is with a white woman who is also a single mother. Man oh man! These simps that attack black men who are childless doesn’t even know that these hoodrat harridans don’t want them. These harlots don’t even love them or even like them. And basically, they don’t even care about them. All these fools are being used as enforcers to attack thinking black men.

Tommy Sotomayor did an interview with a black woman that had four kids with two different dudes. And she written a post on Facebook that If a man whats her then he has to pay for her nails, her hair and so on. That caused a huge outrage on the social media. But, what about her children? And when Tommy was interviewing her, these simps was messaging her from America, Africa, even fucking London, England. (To the dunce fools who was messaging her, stop being thirsty for the punany. Especially the simp fools up in London. The reason why you messaging this harridan is because you want to get some punany.)

These simps are looking after children that has fathers like 12 Gauge Mike, Knife Man Priest, Ganja Smoke, Gun Fire, Weed Man Dennis, 357 Jimmy, Corner Boy Ronney, Street Mice, Hood Man Ratty, Pimp L and Chappi D. And these men will not take care of their off springs but continue to breed more women left, right and centre. And these ghetto hoodrats are chasing these worthless men because they desire these men and not chase after then simps that worship the ground they walk on. And when these simps starts a relationships with these hoodrats or even marrying them, these whores don’t show them any love at all.


The Black Step Daddy


Tommy Sotomayor is right on this one on his YouTube video How I.D Network Change The Story Making Rannita Williams A Refind, Innocent Mom! SMH. The only time black men access to children is him being a step father. We have now more and more black men being step fathers and taking of a child or children which is not theirs and it doesn’t matter if the woman has one child, two children or fifteen children, they are looking after children which it doesn’t belong to them. When black men are living in the household single mothers, they don’t have supervision of the house. It’s the black matriarch that is running the fallen kingdom that she owns and the man is just a simp taking care of her off springs.

It seems in the so called black community that black men can’t have children of their own. To order to have a family, a black man has to be a step daddy. It looks like its comfortable for black men who are willing to simp for these ghetto ratchet women who are below average. It looks like black don’t mind dealing with a woman with children and the numbers are getting high with black men dealing with single mothers in the so called black community. Look, nothing is wrong with having a family but a man should have his own family, not taking care of another man child or children.

The simping with black men is in effect and thinking black men are looking at this saying what’s going on here? When black men sees a single mother they will not hesitate to date her, start a relationship with her or worse, even marry her and let me tell you something, that is extremely frightening. Thinking black men talk about black men dating single mothers, Tommy Sotomayor and other YouTubers talk about black men dating single mothers, even me talk about it also all the time. 72 per cent of black women are raising children by themselves in the United States and in Britain its around 50 to 60 per cent. The reason why it so high is because that black women are living off on government assistance and that replace the man of the household known as a father.

Now that the heterosexual black male have walked away from black women, they are stuck with the simp. Here this. You have two women, one is a woman that has no children. The other woman is a single mother with one child or multiple children. Which one your going to choose? Me, I go for the childless woman because I can build a family with her. With the single mother you can’t make a family with her. The family is all ready made and there is no father there because he done a runner.

And would you think that a single mother want to have child with a man with no children? The simple answer is no. She is looking for a fool to look after her off springs. I am not goanna be that fool. Let Tyrone Thompson and True Freeman do that job for her. They will date these type of women are defend them. When I was in Jamaica in 2012, I know that there are so many men in that pretty little island that are with single mothers. And when they try to set me up with one, I said fuck no. I don’t want a single mother. And there are loads of black women in Jamaica that are single mothers.

I rather stay single then be with a woman with kids. Soncerae was offended when I written Black Single Mothers Chasing Good Black Men. Because I was speaking nothing but the truth of what I said on that article. I guess that the truth hurts after all. There are gonna be simps that will defend these ghetto gagging, ghetto hoodrats but at the end of the day these women don’t want these type of men. My sister told me that don’t date a single mother and I took that advice. The reason why that these simps are with single mothers is because it’s a strategy to get some punany.



The Simp And His Queen’s Daughter

Putting the simp into tempation!


You have a young black girl. She’s around 16 or 17 years old. She’s getting verbally and physically abused by her mother who is raising her by herself because she is living off on government assistance, so that is the reason there is no father in the household. The mother has hit the wall. She has gained weight and her looks has disappeared. There is a fiery feud between the mother and her daughter. The mother is beating the holy hell out of her daughter calling her all sorts of names which is extremely vulgar. But then things get worse when the ratchet mother is recording the uncompromising beating on the mobile phone and posting it on Facebook live. The mother has a boyfriend who is a simp who is living off her. Not only that, he has more than one woman and his black queen knows about the women he’s sleeping with. He knows that the love of his life has hit the wall but he knows that the daughter is getting treated wrongly by her mother who meant to love her.

Does he care about the daughter? I really don’t know. Will he get involved between the mother and daughter and stop them fighting? No, because if he does try to stop them two battling, his ratchet queen will start on him, so he stays back and let them get at it. He stares at her daughter. She has supple breasts, wide hips, thick legs and a round butt which her mother use to have. The daughter knows that the simp is watching her and she knows that he’s wants what she’s got between her thick thighs. Sexual tension begins to build between them and builds even more and more. And then she gives him the coochie and I mean all of it! Situations like this has happened before with the simp and the mother’s daughter or step daughter if he’s married to her mother. And when the mother finds out that her man got some from her daughter, she goes in a world of hurt and fights the man of her life, then relentlessly beat the holly hell out of her daughter.

Why does the simp have sexual encounters with his woman’s daughter? Well, he gives into temptation when he sees her. And when she throws the coochie at his face, he will not turn it down. You know these simps are thirsty when it comes to sex. Look how many ratchet women these simps chase after and they are chasing these hoodrats for one thing. And why is the daughter giving the clit at the simp? Well basically, she has sex with him just to get back at her mother. As the daughter knows that her mother loves that simp more then her and her mother say these horrid things to her on a daily basis, the young girl will go on revenge mode and gives him all the special fruit between her legs just to get at her mother. And then, when the mother and her daughter have a huge argument about her having sex with her man or step father, the daughter will yell out “Yeah, me and him fuck.” And then a vicious fight breaks out between them two as usual.

Do I feel sorry for the mother? Right, I don’t its right if her daughter is having sex with the mother’s boyfriend but I don’t like to see the mother treating her daughter wrongfully and recording it on Facebook live. I understand that this generation is out of control and some of the kids are pushing the parents to the limit but there is a difference between a beating and an ass whooping. And these ghetto ratchet mothers are whooping the holy hell out of their daughters. And not only that, the mothers is putting down the daughters verbally. So instead of fighting her mother back which will get her beat down even more, she gives the mother’s boyfriend all of the punany!