It Smells Down There

cover nose

There so many things black men talk about when it comes to ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles. Yeah, the women that cause problems for everyone. Lets not forget the simps are well. Black men talk about the ratchet behaviour of the scraggles and these scraggs are not afraid to show their behaviour on display. And black men get attack by these harridans and their enforcers the simps because it nothing but truthful of what the thinking black men are saying. But there’s another thing that these harlots attack black men for and that’s when black men talk about their stinky vaginas. It’s the weekend now and hoping that everyone is doing well. I was busy dude all week, star! I need to rest people. But anyhow, you know the government say that you must wear you face mask? Well, you might too when it come smelly vaginas when it comes to this. Stinks down there, oh Lord!

Story time now. A little one! Containing sexual references.

It was evening time up at Gladstone Park, North West London. Two guys from Church Road named Jay and Darryl is with a ratchet girl Sheka. Three of them are walk down the big park. Jay feels horny and he wants to fuck Sheka real bad. So he tells her that he wants to fuck. She says O.K to Jay. So and Jay and Sheka went to the nearest tree. She places her back on the tree and lifts up her skirt. She draws her knickers down. He unzips his jeans and pins himself to her. Then, he says to her “How your pussy stink so?” Jay smells her vagina as he about to stick it in there. They he changes his mind and says. Mi na go fuck this. Nough’ man ram that, nough’ man whoop that, nough man fuck that,  nough’ man cum in that. He walks away all pissed off from Sheka’s smelly clit. As she about to put on her knickers, Darryl looks at her and gets horny. He pins her on the tree, sticks it in her smelly punany with no condom, fucks it on the tree and cums in her.

I have been hearing from black men that black women have smelly vaginas. And you mostly here it on the internet on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on. The ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles does a very poor hygine for instance look at the weave in their hair. When they take it off, you will see the dandruff in their hair and it smells molly, but this one here with the smelly pum pum, everyone is covering their nose quick time. If a woman has a smelly clit, then why can’t see wash that vagina of hers? Or go to the doctor and check out why her vagina smells bad? Right, if a woman has a smelly pums, then she is not taking care of herself.

fase mask

There are so many issues that black men talk about when it comes to the ratchet black women from black women wearing weaves, raising children by their own, skin bleaching, chasing thugs, fighting another black woman for some man who has a third woman, having a bad attitude, living off the system, not getting married, there are so many factors when it come to them, especially when it comes to how it smells between their legs. And when black men talk about how bad it smells when it comes to the black woman’s vagina, the scraggle daggles goes into complete rage. They probably goes into rage even more when black men talk about black women having smelly vaginas.

So why is the scraggle daggles having smelly vaginas? These hoodrats say that they are blaming black men because they are on the down low, they are spreading these sexual diseases all over the place and so on. Oh no, no, no! The reason why these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles have that bad odour between their legs is because it’s the men they are sleeping with. It’s not the good black man they are having sex with without condoms as they don’t like the good black man. They are sleeping with the thugs like Scruffy, Street Man Ratty, 50 Calibre Gilly, Machete Man Briggy, Des The Drunk, Colt Five Rounds, Dusty Dave and Fuck All Night Freed. They are having sex with the worse type of black men, raw. Not only that, they are having sex with the worse type of white dudes. They are giving the punany to Bottom Shelf Brad who is the biggest player in the black dating market.

There are some black men will not even think to have sex with a woman with a smelly vagina. But there are some thirsty dudes out there will ram out a smelly clit raw and really don’t care. These scragglies can’t be put themselves in rage when black men say about them having smelly vaginas in the so called black community because the information is coming out about with the scraggle daggles having down there in a bad odour. And these simps will defend their honour and come after thinking black men while these hoodrats don’t even want these simps that keep defending them on a regular basis. These simps want that contaminated cooch so much, but these ghetto ratchet hoodrats ain’t giving them the punany.

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This woman is not taking care of herself if she has a smelly vagina.

face mask 2

She must be thinking like “Her coochie, it stinks!”