It’s Never The Women

natural beauties

something to say

You know, when I do an article on Money Cultural or any man who is MGTOW, PUA, MRA, IBMOR on even SYSBM does a video on YouTube, people have something to say but it’s never the women sometimes. It’s mostly the dumb ass dudes. And most of them are simp dudes who are trying save these scraggle daggles but these hoodrats, they don’t wanna be saved. But hope everyone is doing okay. Every single member of the house of parliament and the members of the public wants Boris Johnson to go all because he broke Convid restrictions. Him and the other members of Conservative party was partying during lockdowns. You know I’m not surprised on anything nowadays. But the prime minister did apologise to everyone but that is not enough for everyone, especially in the house of parliament, star. Everyone has lost their head in rage because of Boris Johnson’s bullshit. The country needs a new prime minister. A better one for goodness sake. UK hasn’t had a good one for over forty years now and Theresa May, she must be laughing her head off!

In the name of the most high, just go!

This is from a five year old. She’s sounds smarter then these children in the house of parliament.

Anyhow, back to the topic. Why is it when guys like me do an article, I never get a response to the women? Why is it when a man talks about the scraggle daggles behaviour and the simp have something to say? I do have some black women come after me and say what they say with the ratchetness but it’s mostly the dudes who has a problem with me and all of the other black men who are SYSBM. Everyone has an opinion on something and that is fine but these dudes get butt hurt when thinking black men talk about the ratchet black women. They will troll a man, stalk a man, flag his YouTube channel, hack his account and all sorts on nonsense that they will do. And they will go to extreme measures to do things like this.

Some people will say that you must ignore them and yeah, that is true but what happens if they don’t stop? That is the thing. They will not stop until you just snap and curse them the fuck out; you get what I’m saying? I have a huge problem with these simps because when I say something about these ghetto dungles, they have something to say when they come after me with complete rage because they feel like I’m coming after their queens that they worship so much. Let’s not forget these simps come after the other guys as well so it’s an all out battle with the simps and the black men who uses their heads. When I have a woman comment on Money Cultural, it’s always are ratchet black woman commenting about “You black men this, you black men that” and so on but not often. Not many women comment of one of my articles but I do have women follow me on Money Cultural and I don’t mind that at all whatsoever.

Most of these simps who has something to say when I talk about these scragglies, they are the ones that are defending these ratchet hoodrats who don’t even care about them. These simps are just defending them just get that sweet juicy fruit between their legs. But these simps will get played by these scraggle daggles when these daggly harlots are chasing after thugs like 357 Jimmy, Cell Block Scrappy, Street Boy Ratty, Machete Man Briggy, 50 Calibre Gilly, Rum Head Frasier, Fuck All Night Freed, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta and Ruff Cut Larry. These fools are just wasting their time competing with these thugs who can get the knickers down and make these hoodrats open their legs to them.

These black men that have something to say are nothing but beta! I rather call them simps but they are big time beta males. But you guys in hood will say that “Yo Money C, why are you calling them man beta males, blud? Isn’t it the white man is the beta male? The original?” Hey, a black men can turn into a beta mal and I have seen it. With all the simps like Bareback Fountain, Dr Foolmar Johnson, Woke Poofgressive 2.0, Shawn James, Clifton Rainey, Tyrone Thompson, Monty Woodgrain all of the simps that we know, this is never ending battle between the Simps and SYSBM. Oh boy!

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It’s these men that have something to say and it’s these simps. But it’s never the women!


The Simps in 2022


Money Cultural here, I got to go Harlesden first, then Harringay tomorrow. Christmas is around the corner. Shout out the people who are doing their Christmas shopping. When I see a black woman that act like a ratchet fool, I begin to think “That jackass remind me of the women in my family, good grief! What the hell she’s acting like this for?” But I hope that everyone is doing alright still. Am I looking forward for Christmas? Well, not really. I’m looking forward for 2022 but the thing is. Will these simps come after black men who are with women who are non black? Remember, SYSBM and these simps are at battle.

I have seen black men coming after other black men who are with non black women. This has been happening for a very long time now. The simps have join forces the ratchet black women to come after black men who are with non black women. The DIU which stands for the Dick Investigations Unit wants to investigate where the black is pushing his penis. That is very suspect. Now we are entering 2022, here is one thing that I like to know about. Are these simps are coming after SYSBM still? The simple answer is yes. They will still come after SYSBM.

Why these simps will come after SYSBM in 2022? Two things. The first thing is that these simps will come after black men who are with non black women is because that SYSBM will not be in with the ghetto ratchet black women that these simps are defending on a regular basis. There is no way that SYSBM will be with these ratchet harriets. And the second thing is that they are defending these scraggle daggles just to get some punany. We all know the strategy when it comes to the simp. These simps will do whatever it takes just to get some pum pum from these women these simps are defending.

Everyone knows that these simps are at war with SYSBM. They have declared war with SYSBM for a long time. Simps like Dr Foolmar Johnson who has a cocaine addiction, Woke Poofgressive who confessed that he’s homosexual, we have Shawn James who needs to focus on his next book, there is Bareback Fountain who keeps stalking other men online and suffering from childhood traumas, we have Cock Boogie Productions who talked about his asshole getting eaten out not by a woman on one of his videos on YouTube, there are so many simps that are in the defence of these ghetto harridans that they love and desire while these ghetto harlots prefer these thugs, the worthless men and the unproductive men they lust after.

Why these simps don’t they come after black women with their non black men boyfriends/husbands? Because the ghetto harridans will come after the simps if they say anything about black women with non black men. If any simp says something about a black woman marrying a non black man on YouTube, his channel will get flagged so much, YouTube will take down channel. When a black woman is with a non black men which I don’t have a problem with, the simps are celebrating with the ghetto gagging hoochies but when a black man is with a non black woman which I don’t have a problem neither, the simps and the scragglies with come together and charge after the black man for being with a non black woman.

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These simps are a complete joke!


Amount To Who?

ratchet harridans

We have some fine looking black women and we have not so fine looking black women. If a black man sees a good looking hot black chocolate, he will be saying “Damn chocolate pie!” or he will say “I’m skipping dinner because I want so of that chocolate desert now.” Nowadays with the black women wearing weave 24/7, it’s “No blud, I don’t want the slice of that chocolate cake. But I hope everything is cool. I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas shopping. Shopping during Christmas so hectic but I bet you that it will be hectic for these scraggle daggles buying a tone of weave trying to compete with the white woman. Or steal it from Mr Chong.

So white girls will never amount to black women. But black women are wearing excessive of weave trying to look like white women. If white chicks will never amount to these chocolate chip honeys but why are some black men are flocking to non black women, mostly the white woman? Because the majority of black women are wearing weave, they are single mothers, they are bleaching their skin, they are fighting each other for another man who has a third woman in the bed ready to get press down, running over people with their cars and so on and so on and so on. Things are now gone absolutely crazy when it comes to black women. Look on YouTube and you see some crazy fuckrey, yo!

The only thing you see when it comes to ratchet black women, it’s nothing but madness. That is the reason why black men will not choose them as wives or girlfriends because of black women ratchet behaviour. I have been saying it time and time again when I talk about these ghetto ratchet hoodrats but there are a huge amount of simps will disagree with me because they are defending these ghetto ratchet scraggs just to get some punany from these hoodrats they are defending. But the thing is that these ghetto ratchet hoodarts don’t even like these simps. They don’t even care for them.

When the simps is goanna realise that they ratchet black woman don’t like them? The men that scarggle daggles loves is thugs like 357 Jimmy, Street Mice, Cheddar Street, Corner Boy Ronney, 50 Calibre Gilly, Machette Man Briggy, Rum Head Frasier, Tankera, Weed Make Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Cell Block Scrappy and Fuck All Night Freed. These simps are wasting their time defending these harridans who are liking, loving, caring and fucking these dudes which they prefer. And these simps and captain save a hoes like Tyrone Thompson, Clifton Rainey, Monty Woodgrain, Shawn James and Dr Foolmar Johnson. these hoodrats don’t wanna be with them.

Black women cannot say that white girls will never amount to black women while they are spending 10 billion dollars every year which is seven billion pounds on buying weave trying to compete with the white woman. And as they try to copy the white woman hair style, they will lose in the department. When a black woman puts on weave on her hair she feels some sort of confidence. But to be honest she is showing her insecurities on display and she is not afraid to show it. The ghetto ratchet black woman can’t say nothing about the white woman while she is wearing weave trying compete with her bitter rival.

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White chicks can’t amount to black chick but they are competing with white chicks when they wearing weave? Hmmmm!


Who Is Exposing SYSBM?


On Word Press, there is a stalker who is on Verbs2015’s website Exposing Corruption. He’s there stalking other black men replying to them when they are making a comment on the Verbs website when he uploads an article. Well, off course the black men do reply back to him calling dick police because this stalker is coming after black men who are SYSBM. This individual is stalking because there is no way that these black men on this website will not be with these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles that him and the other simps are defending. You guys must be wondering “Yo my G, who is this guy that this stalking Verbs and other black men on the website, blud?” His name is Exposing SYSBM. Hope everyone is doing well. This is Money Cultural with another one of this guy who is stalking other men, on the internet. I’m just shaking my head people.

You know I had stalkers on my website Money Cultural and I have to to put them in their place. I had a black women known as Soncerae did a blog about my article called Black Single Mothers Chasing Good Black Men on the July 7th 2019. The blog ruffle her feathers because she’s a single mother herself. So in 13th August 2019, I made an article called Just Being Truthful because me, Money Cultural was talking nothing but the truth. And now Verbs has a stalker which he’s not worried about all because he feels that it’s another fool who is simping. But he had other stalkers before though. So who is this guy who is stalking Verbs and other black men on the website? I know who. It’s YouTube’s number 1 stalker Bareback Fountain.

SYSBM put no woman on pedestal. Not even me, star!

Yes, guys, it’s Bareback Fountain who is stalking the hell out of Verbs. Bareback has a YouTube channel called Expose The Manosphere. He has clips of YouTubers who are red pill, MGTOW and most of all, SYSBM. When I saw some of his videos on YouTube, I was thinking that this man is just a big them stalker! Out of all of these three, he is coming after SYSBM. That is his big target. Because he wants SYSBM to date dysfunctional black women who are ratchet but black men who are SYSBM are saying no to that. They don’t wanna deal with that fuckrey. He use to stalk me on YouTube on the regular basis. Don’t ask me why.

You guys must the thinking why this man is stalking other men online? You see, the reason why that this narcissistic simp is stalking other men online is because of what happened to him when he was a child. When he was a child, his mother use to beat the holy shit out of him. She use to frigg this guy up when he was a child. So, this is the reason why this man is acting like this. I have done an article Bareback Fountain And His Abuse Mother explaining him getting beaten by his mother when he’s was a child. When I was a young boy, I use to get beaten by my mother but I was a rude little boy at when a young.

This narcissistic dude needs some serious help with his childhood trauma. The simps needs theory because this shit has affected his life. But the thing is that he will not deal with the traumas he suffered when he was a child. I should feel sorry for him but for some reason I really don’t because of the high level stalking his doing online, you get me? We have loads of simps stalking other black men on the internet and he is one of them fools. I have never seen anyone like him before in my life. A man like this really exists in this world. He said that he took the covid vaccine and it made feel ill. Anyway, with him stalking other men online on a constant basis, men are now thinking about his sexual orientation.

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This is to Bareback Fountain. I know that your mother use to beat you when you was a child. the reason why she beat you when you was small is that your father left your mother is because he couldn’t deal with your mother’s behaviour or he’s just a thuggish guy like 357 Jimmy, Rum Smuggler Don, Whiskey Baron Tony, Rum Head Frasier, Long Dick 44 and Ruff Cut Larry and left her to make your mother look after you when you was young. And when she sees you when your was a child, you remind her of your father. And that put her in a fit of rage and she start beating you so she is damaged you when you was a yute. All you need to do is to see someone and talk about your childhood.


SYSBM UK VS Black British Simps

british flag

bad boys 3

eat simp

We all know that there are a huge number of simps in the United States of America. We have the notorious stalker Bareback Fountain, Dr Foolmar Johnson, Shawn James, Simp Boogie Productions, Monty Woodgrain, Derrick Jaxn, Pastor Papi Don, Tariq Nasheed, Bone “Bum” Picker, Clifton Rainey, Tyrone Thompson, Nutward TV, True Semen, Canadian Zone, Ask Nathanial which now call himself The Billionaire Mindset (should change it to simponaire midset), Bother Polight, the names are endless with the simp super league. But what about in the Britain? Is the simping goanna grow in Britain? But hope is everyone coping with the cold in Britain and America as well, so wrap up tight when you walking outside.

The introduction of simp!

In Britain, I heard that 60 per cent of black men are with non black women. It was 55 per cent before but that has gone up by 60, so it’s now gone higher. You must be wondering “60 per cent? Yo, why is it so high blud?” Well, the reason why black men are with non black women in high numbers is because black men have seen the ratchet behaviour with black women for a very long time, so to them it was like “Fuck this” and just abandon ship and let the ship sink down to the ocean. In America, black men with non black women is actually less but that can go up when black American men she the ratchetness of black women.

There is a simpish dudes in the UK and I know. (Not personally, hell with that!) His name is There’s More Hate For Tommy. He’s a muscle bond stalker from Birmingham, West Midlands, England who trolls YouTuber Tommy Sotomayor. There is one video Tommy show everyone on YouTube of this British simp showing his pierced nipples saying “You seeing my nipples Tommy? You seeing my nipples? This fruity shit people but anyway! As black men who are non black women in the UK, there are black British simps coming after them. Why is that? Because these black men who are SYSBM will not be in a relationship with these ghetto ratchet hoodrats these simps love and obey.

There are not a lot of simps in Britain, because that if a black British simp comes after SYSBM just to get sexual attention from these ghetto hoodrats, then SYSBM will light up his ass up big time. They will defend themselves against these simps who will come after them. SYSBM will tear these simpish dudes apart without thinking. The ghetto scraggle daggles will come after SYSBM as well for not dating them and when SYSBM will give them nothing but logic about the hoodrats behaviour, then lose their minds and go crazy. And that’s when they bring the simps in telling them to defend these scragglies.

It seems like the scarggle daggle ghetto hoodrats are just sacrificing these simps to get them slaughtered because they don’t wanna be with a simps. They want the thug like Cell Block Scrappy, 50 Calibre Gilly, Street Mice, Cheddar Street, Machete Man Briggy, Street Boy Ratty and Fuck All Night Freed. The simps should know that these ghetto hoodrats don’t even like them like that. These harridans don’t even care about these simps let alone love them. They like what the simps do and that is defending them but they don’t give them love and affection.

In America, there are tones of simps who are defending these ghetto harridans when thinking black men talk about the ratchetness amongst these scraggs. And they get burned for it when they catch their daggles in bed with Knife Man Priest, Ruff Cut Larry, Thick Dick Tyrone, Rum Smuggler Don, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta. They should know what will happen if they defend these women who are nothing but ratchet. These scraggly daggly women rather open their legs to the thugs or bad boys then the simps who are willing to defend them. And that will be very costly for the simps and the captain save a hoes.

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Simping may not be on the rise but SYSBM UK will be ready to bring in the thunder when these come after them.


You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

black women fighting 2

She’s dragging her by the hair. She’s pulling it like it some rope, damn!

Question. What do you see when you see ratchet black women? You will see them wearing weave trying to copy their arch enemy the white woman, being a single mother, raising children by her own, having an attitude, bleaching her skin, twerking on the internet for free, they curse like sailors, they pray to a white supremist every Sunday and calling him their husband, they put down black men, they feminise their sons when they are young, they twerking in public, they fight another black woman for a man that has another woman in bed, walking down the street naked, they chase after bad boys, worthless men, hopeless men and unproductive men, it’s sees like the list is endless. And there are some simps that saying that this is not true. Yo star, you can make this up. But hoping everyone is doing well. I’m here with another one.

black women fighting 3

The two ghetto chicks ready to trade blows to each other.

You can’t make this stuff. This ain’t no movie, television show, play, novel, radio play and so on. This is real what thinking black men are talking about. But the simps that are defending these ghetto ratchet hoodrats say that this is not true of what thinking black men are saying. I like to know have these simpish dudes watched anything on YouTube with black women fighting for a man that has another woman that he’s pressing under the bedsheets. The evidence is there with ratchet black women who are acting like a fool and these simps, captain save a hoes, black cucks, ghetto soy boys and oil of olay men saying that black men are lying.

Thinking black men talk about the ratchet black women because they see the dysfunctional behaviour with these scraggle daggles. And these simps are attacking them just to defend these ghetto ratchet black women. I see these simps doing this more often then ever. How can anybody defend this sort of behaviour? I was struggling to think why any dude would defend these harridans when they causing any kind of bad behaviour. If someone sees the ratchetness with these ghetto ratchet black women, then they feel like the things that thinking black men are saying about them is true. I see the madness with these ratchet hoodrats myself and I say “Oh God damn!”

One of the ghetto chicks isn’t wearing no knickers. Err, the Basic Instinct thing!

After watching this video, the Jamaican man is trying to stop these scraggle daggles fighting in the streets. All the other men are watching the world wrestling championship match. I understand that he trying to stop these women grappling on the pavement but if he tries to break them up, them two scragglies will end up fighting the man. People must be thinking why black men watch to women fighting in the street or mall and so on is because that they will get attacked by the two black women who were fighting each other. But as these simps see these ratchet black women fighting like this, they will get turned on by it. Me, I just watch them fight really.

All this madness people are seeing with the ratchet black woman is not made up at all. It’s all real. And off course that there are some guys will say not all black women are like this. Yep, that is true. I agree on that but the thing is that we have more and more black women acting like this. And these simps who are defending these ghetto ratchet black women will end up getting betrayed by these harlots as these scragglies don’t like these simps. They prefer the thugs like Rum Head Frasier, Machete Man Briggy, Knife Man Priest, 50 Calibre Gilly and Ruff Cut Larry.

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You really can’t make this stuff up!


The Song Of The Year

smoking out the window 2

smoking out the window

This is song of the year; I guarantee that people. Bruno Mars has now got legendary status now for this instant classic which he has anyway. When I heard this song last night on YouTube, when I listen to the lyrics of the song, I was like “Ah yeah.” But it’s a new week. Last week for me was very busy and I get a another busy schedule. Money Cultural need to rest some of the time however when you wanna rest yourself, you just wanna do something. Your brain just say go and you go off and do something, you know what I mean? So I’m bit of a restless person because I don’t get any rest at all. But I’ll get some long rest when everything is finished. But hoping everyone is doing well anyways.

The 1970’s rhythm is just brilliant. Just brilliant. And the lyrics is something that some men can relate.

We had some songs about simping and being a captain save a hoe. We had E40’s classic hip hop tune Captain Save A Hoe and then we had another classic Don’t Save Het from Project Pat featuring Churchy Black. Russell Wilson should off listen to these two tunes. And now we have this tune which is now a big time classic. The song is called Smokin’ Out The Window By Bruno Mars, Anderson, Paak, Silk Sonic. When I saw the video last night, I heard the beginning of the song, Bruno sing “Must have spent 35, $45,000 up in Tiffany’s” and I said “You spend so much money in Tiff? Bomba claat!” then he sing “Got her bad ass kids runnin round my whole crib like it’s Chuck E Cheese” and I went “The bomba claat have two pickney!?” then I start scratching my head. Then he continues to sing that he had a fight with the baby father. He must off fuck up the baby father. Bruno fuck him up proper!

Then Anderson sing “This bitch got me payin her rent, payin for trips, diamonds on her neck, diamonds on her wrists.” Go look at the lyrics of the song. As I heard the lyrics of the song, it means he spent money on some broads that ain’t shit, has two rude kids, fuck up the baby father, put jewellery on her and got screwed over for the result of that. And when I heard at the end of the chorus they sing “Oh I thought that girl belonged to only me But I was wrong Cuz she belong to everybody, everybody.” And I said “Yep, she’s for the roadz blud!” when I heard this song from them, it remind me of the two hip hop songs from E40 and Project Pat.

There are a lot of simps songs like I Be Watching You from The Police, Invisible Man from 98 Degrees right down to Drake’s Marvin’s Room. There are song R&B songs with some simping in it and I’m a type of guy that listen to R&B songs of the 1990’s and still listens to them but there is no way that I’m goanna simp like what these singers sing in their songs. Hip Hop is the same thing. 2pac was sweet towards the women until he went to prison for a false allegation in 1994. And when he came out of prison which he didn’t spend time I prison, he was calling the women bitches and hoes.

Lil Kim’s first album Hardcore is celebrating its 25 anniversary, the big time gold diggers album. It’s something for the gold digging harridans. There are more songs for these gold digging trifling scraggle daggles out there. And then nine years later we had Kayne West’s Gold Digger featuring Jamie Foxx. And now we have this instant classic from Bruno Mars. As you hear the lyrics from Smokin’ Out The Window, the song will tell a childless man is not not to deal with a woman who is a money hungry single mother and has a baby father that you have to beat the living shit out off.

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Simping is really unnecessary!


It Smells Down There

cover nose

There so many things black men talk about when it comes to ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles. Yeah, the women that cause problems for everyone. Lets not forget the simps are well. Black men talk about the ratchet behaviour of the scraggles and these scraggs are not afraid to show their behaviour on display. And black men get attack by these harridans and their enforcers the simps because it nothing but truthful of what the thinking black men are saying. But there’s another thing that these harlots attack black men for and that’s when black men talk about their stinky vaginas. It’s the weekend now and hoping that everyone is doing well. I was busy dude all week, star! I need to rest people. But anyhow, you know the government say that you must wear you face mask? Well, you might too when it come smelly vaginas when it comes to this. Stinks down there, oh Lord!

Story time now. A little one! Containing sexual references.

It was evening time up at Gladstone Park, North West London. Two guys from Church Road named Jay and Darryl is with a ratchet girl Sheka. Three of them are walk down the big park. Jay feels horny and he wants to fuck Sheka red bad. So he tells her that he wants to fuck. She says O.K to Jay. So and Jay and Sheka went to the nearest tree. She places her back on the tree and lifts up her skirt. She draws her knickers down. He unzips his jeans and pins himself to her. Then, he says to her “How your pussy stink so?” Jay smells her vagina as he about to stick it in there. They he changes his mind and says. Mi na go fuck this. Nough’ man ram that, nough’ man whoop that, nough man fuck that,  nough’ man cum in that. He walks away all pissed off from Sheka’s smelly clit. As she about to put on her knickers, Darryl looks at her and gets horny. He pins her on the tree, sticks it in her smelly punany with no condom, fucks it on the tree and cums in her.

I have been hearing from black men that black women have smelly vaginas. And you mostly here it on the internet on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on. The ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles does a very poor hygine for instance look at the weave in their hair. When they take it off, you will see the dandruff in their hair and it smells molly, but this one here with the smelly pum pum, everyone is covering their nose quick time. If a woman has a smelly clit, then why can’t see wash that vagina of hers? Or go to the doctor and check out why her vagina smells bad? Right, if a woman has a smelly pums, then she is not taking care of herself.

fase mask

There are so many issues that black men talk about when it comes to the ratchet black women from black women wearing weaves, raising children by their own, skin bleaching, chasing thugs, fighting another black woman for some man who has a third woman, having a bad attitude, living off the system, not getting married, there are so many factors when it come to them, especially when it comes to how it smells between their legs. And when black men talk about how bad it smells when it comes to the black woman’s vagina, the scraggle daggles goes into complete rage. They probably goes into rage even more when black men talk about black women having smelly vaginas.

So why is the scraggle daggles having smelly vaginas? These hoodrats say that they are blaming black men because they are on the down low, they are spreading these sexual diseases all over the place and so on. Oh no, no, no! The reason why these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles have that bad odour between their legs is because it’s the men they are sleeping with. It’s not the good black man they are having sex with without condoms as they don’t like the good black man. They are sleeping with the thugs like Scruffy, Street Man Ratty, 50 Calibre Gilly, Machete Man Briggy, Des The Drunk, Colt Five Rounds, Dusty Dave and Fuck All Night Freed. They are having sex with the worse type of black men, raw. Not only that, they are having sex with the worse type of white dudes. They are giving the punany to Bottom Shelf Brad who is the biggest player in the black dating market.

There are some black men will not even think to have sex with a woman with a smelly vagina. But there are some thirsty dudes out there will ram out a smelly clit raw and really don’t care. These scragglies can’t be put themselves in rage when black men say about them having smelly vaginas in the so called black community because the information is coming out about with the scraggle daggles having down there in a bad odour. And these simps will defend their honour and come after thinking black men while these hoodrats don’t even want these simps that keep defending them on a regular basis. These simps want that contaminated cooch so much, but these ghetto ratchet hoodrats ain’t giving them the punany.

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This woman is not taking care of herself if she has a smelly vagina.

face mask 2

She must be thinking like “Her coochie, it stinks!”


Should Will Smith Go SYSBM?

Will smith 2

Right we all see the foolishness of Jada Pinkett Smith on that red table talk madness embarrassing the academy award nominee Will Smith. First, she talked to Will about her relationship she had with singer, rapper and songwriter August Alsina, then she shave her head bald trying to look like 2pac who has been dead for 25 years who people say that he’s still alive and now she’s talking about Will Smith about him not piping it down in the bedroom. The woman has embarrassing him all over the place with this red table fuckery and it must be driving Will Smith like crazy. Some of the YouTubers are saying that Will Smith should get a divorce because she is treating him like shit. And she’s treating him like shit on display. Here is the thing. If he’s gets a divorce from Jada, who will he date or start a relationship with? Will be a woman that looks like a Jennifer Lawrence, Margot Robbie or a Kylie Jenner? In other words, will he go SYSBM?

You see, Jada Pinkett Smith really doesn’t want Will Smith at all when you see her on that red table thing. Because she wants 2pac because that she wants a thug and not the nice guy. When you see a black man who is not in that thuggish mentality, when they try to get with a black woman, she will reject him and goes to the thugs like 357 Jimmy, Street Man Ratty, Corner Boy Ronney, Des The Drunk and the new thug on the block Rugged Man Denis. So black men who are not like these thugs will have no choice but to date a non black woman and marry her later down on. When you become the nice guy to a woman especially to a black woman which everyone one knows that black women don’t like nice guys, you will get played, get manipulated and used by the woman that is not interested in you.

Will smith 3

You guys must be wondering “Yo blud, I know the brown ting Jada Pinkett Smith is embarrassing the man but the dude Will Smith going SYSBM if he divorce the gyal? I don’t see it blud. Man don’t see it my G!” These simps are goanna come after me but that’s what they are good for. Trolling another man just to get sexual attention with these ghetto scraggle daggles who don’t even like them. You guys must be thinking that Will Smith is weak minded now and it seems that he can’t get out of that marriage because he still loves Jada but how much more this man can take from this woman? What other plans Jada has to embarrass this guy?

Everybody knows that she doesn’t love Will Smith because she’s still in love with 2pac. 2pac written a poem she has called Lost Souls and he read with to her with passion while he was alive. Her heart is still lies with 2pac and her love for Will is just not there. Just look at the red table talk thing to see it for yourself. The guys on YouTube say that Will Smith is in a weak situation and I do agree but I hope this guy comes out of it and just leave this woman. This woman is doing this just to get attention and Will need to see that but he’s in a weak spot and the thing is that how is he goanna come out this situation right now? He needs to find a way big time and this woman will still continue to embarrass this actor who has made some great movies over the years.

Will smith

If Will Smith ever gets a divorce from this woman which he may won’t, then he has to go SYSBM. Look how many non black actresses in Hollywood, good grief. Give them a shot. The 23 year marriage between Will and Jada means nothing to her. I heard that it was an open marriage also. I’m not with open marriage. The actress and comdeian Monique and her husband Sidney Hicks had a open marriage and she was seeing other dudes and he’s was like he was getting cuckold. Will Smith need to be like Mike Lowrey in the action packed comedy thriller Bad Boys and be king ding a ling! He has to be like Travis Scott who is with Kylie Jenner, you get me? I tell you these scraggle daggles don’t want the nice guy. They want the thuggish man like Rum Smuggler Don, Rum Head Frasier, Machete Man Briggy, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta. They don’t want the guy who’s on it with that nice guy thing.

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SYSBM stands for save yourself black man. I think that’s what Will should do.


The End Of The Clean Up Man?

clean up man

Start scrubbing

There is a new thug in town. The man just landed in England just the other day. And the scraggle daggles are losing their minds with desire, lust and love for the man. It’s not the simp like Dr Foolmar Johnson who has a cocaine addiction or the good black man who is well off. His name is Rugged Man Denis. The scraggle daggle are going nuts for him to backside. But it’s the weekend now and it’s also but its bone fire night. Guy Fawkes Day. Day to remember, the 5th of November. Fireworks are goanna explode in the sky tonight. But Rugged Man Denis is goanna light up some fireworks tonight with on of them scraggle daggles in the bed tonight.

Everyone knows what happened to the swirl queen Christelyn Karazin with her leaving her throne behind to be with a black man. Everyone knows that now. And we know that she did this swirl thing just to get some money. When she was doing the swirl thing with these below average beta males, she was showing nothing but a huge distain towards black men and putting black men under the bus. She wasn’t put the ruff neck black men under the bus which she truly prefers. But anyway, she find herself the clean up man because she has children and it looks like the simps is goanna take care of them children. Here this thing that I was thinking about. Are we goanna see the end of the clean up man? The simple answer is no!

clean up man 2

Damn white sugar

Guys, there is goanna be a simp somewhere in the woodworks who is willing to take care of another man child or children. And while he is doing that, he will come after SYSBM for not dating, be in a relationship or marrying these ghetto ratchet scraggly daggly hoodrats that he loves and adores. There are loads of simps that are coming after SYSBM but the SYSBM crew will shut these fools down with pure logic. This is a huge civil war between the simps and SYSBM and this battle has been going on for almost ten years now. Mad Bus Driver X says that thinking black men must take themselves elsewhere and date non black women and stay away from the ghetto ratchet hoodrats.

As black men are marrying no black women and having children with them, the mad, ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are sending their knight in shinny armour the simps to come after black men who are with non black women. Because black men who are with white, Asian and Latin women are not goanna be with these dungles who has a lust for the thug dudes like Weed Man Jake, Street Man Ratty, 50 Calibre Gilly, Long Cock Bobby, Collie Weed Stanley and Rugged Man Denis, the newest thug in Harlesden, North West London. Most of the time, these man are the ones that these scragglies lust after. Not the good black man or the simp dude.

We will always have a clean up man that will not only will defend these ghetto whores when thinking black men talk about them but he will live off these women because they are living off the system with the huge amount of money they get from The simps are not capable of having children of their own, maybe but they are ready to look after a next man’s child and make it as their own. These simps will yell out “These are our queens!” but these scraggs will not like them draw down their knickers and have the punany like they do when Corner Boy Ronney, Knife Man Priest, Ruff Cut Larry, Big Dick Rodney, Fuck All Night Fred.

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cleanup man 3

The clean up man ain’t pulling the dust pan and broom away. He’s is ready to clean up the next man’s mess. He’s is scrubbing hard!