Will I Still Listen To R. Kelly’s Music



R&B legend R. Kelly was found guilty for racketeering, sexual exploitation of a child, kidnapping, bribery, sex trafficking and violation of the Mann Act. He went to trail for child pornography in 2002 but then later he was acquitted. In 2008 when I was working as a passenger assistant in North West London, a Jamaican guy saw the sex tape with R. Kelly and the girl. He saw the girl riding R. Kelly wild, so it seems like he did it after all. Another guy I know since I was a child, he got the R. Kelly sex tape and seen it. R. Kelly is due to be sentenced and it seems like he’s likely goanna get a life sentence. There are some people say that they will never listen to R. Kelly’s music again because of what he did. But what about me who is an R&B fan? Will I listen to R. Kelly’s music ever again?

Will I still listen to his music? Hmmmm! I have seven of R. Kelly’s album in my CD collection. Into the 90’s, 12 Play, self entitled album R. Kelly, R, TP2.com, Best In Both Worlds with rapper Jay Z and The Chocolate Factory. He has done so many great music over the past 30 years. Since the child pornography thing in 2002 and was acquitted, some people will not listen to his music anymore. I understand that they will not listen to his music because of the sex tape but that is their choice. If they don’t wanna listen to his music then that is fine. I don’t make people’s decisions. That can make their own choices.

He did an album in 2002 and he was called Loveland but then it got unreleased. The reason why it will never be released because of that child pornography charge. That is the reason why it’s an unreleased album. You can hear some of the songs of the unreleased album Loveland but you have to hear the whole album on YouTube or you can hear it on the bonus CD on The Chocolate Factory album. But that’s only five tracks of the album. During the 1990’s, they where rumours that he was sexually abusing girls, so this has been going on for years. He use to be in a group called MGM which stands for Mentally Gifted Men and I heard one of their songs called Why You Wanna Play With Me. When I heard saw the title, I said “Yep! I know how it feels to be played.”

With him being sentenced for racketeering and sex trafficking, you must be wondering why would he do something like this. Everything starts in the home. R. Kelly was sexually abused by his older sister Theresa from 8 to 14 years old. I heard that Theresa sexually abused her other siblings as well. At 10 years old, R. Kelly was also sexually abused by a older man who was a friend of the family. I did an article about Jhonni Blaze who was sexually abused by her mother’s husband and her mother sided with him. If R. Kelly didn’t went through what he went through with Theresa sexually abusing him, then none of this fuckrey he was getting into wouldn’t happen.

The title, oh boy! Love the beat though! 1990’s R&B 😍😍😍😍

Errr guys, I don’t think you will believe me with this one here but I actually met Aaliyah. She visited my school in 1996 and all the year elevens went to the hall and we saw her music video for her second album One In A Million and some of the students was asking her questions and so on. We all got a signed photo from the brown beauty. And in 2000, me a silly fucker gave the autograph picture to my gold digging ex. You guys must be thinking “You’re a fool blud! How can you give her the ting blud? You’re a pum pum!” Yes, Money Cultural knows. I was in love with her. Well, I wasn’t in the end of it because she was playing games with me on regular basis. That is something I will talk about some other time but back to Aaliyah. When I took the signed photo from her, oh gosh! Guys, she so beautiful. She was so stunning. Such a brown skin honey!

Will I still listen to R. Kelly’s music? Yeah, but only occasionally though. He has made some great music over his career and still will be the king of R&B. Well, he’s not on the throne anymore because he’s going to jail for the rest of his life. And some of the celebrates from Jay Z, Jermaine Durpi and all the others flipped on him. But now he’s flipped on them. The man is telling on everybody so he can get a reduced sentence. Let me tell you something, there is a lot of dirt in Holly Weird and there’s so many weirdness around Holly Weird. As you look at the crimes R. Kelly have done, he might not get a life sentence.. The man is ready to break the code of the streets and start to snitch.

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Starting to get into the groove

But this is the jam for me!


Not Doing The Joe Thing

joe thomas

“Tell me what kind of man who treat his woman so cold?” Yes, he treating her wrong which is not a good thing but then the simping comes along and you wanna do the things her man wouldn’t do for her. Well, go ahead and you will see what will happen at the end of it. But I’m hoping everyone is doing well . Hope you guys had a great weekend. Money Cultural here with one of the great songs of the 1990’s and R&B songs during that time was so, so great. I have loads of R&B albums of the 1990’s and they now classic albums but there is one song from 1997 will make you scratch your head if you’re a man or woman.

ladies and gentleman, I cannot do a Joe Thomas. There is no way I’m doing it. When I listen to the lyrics of the classic song All The Things (Your Man Won’t Do), I was like “Na blud.” Let me tell you something right. The reason why I’m not doing a Joe is because that if that woman leave her man for me, she will leave me for someone. Listen, I’m not nice guy. That is something which is very hard to do but simping is prohibited with Money Cultural, you get me star? Nothing is wrong treating a woman good. I have no issues with that but a man who has money need to be careful nowadays because some of these women are on the crafty thing.

On the pre chorus when he sings “I put a string of pearls in your right hand” I was like “Errr — alright bro. I guess that he’s buying her love which love has now a price on it’s head. On the second verse, he sings “I’ll take you out on a night cruise, on a yacht, just can’t lose. When I heard that, I was thinking “This man is serious simpin bruv! Big simp ting!” It’s a great song. One of the most greatest R&B songs of all time but it should not be called a love song. Yes, it’s a simp song but it’s no love song. And if the simp says that he will give her pearls and take her on a night cruise then she’s goanna go back to the man who wasn’t doing them type of things for her.

This is a big tune. New Jack Swing 4 Life!

The thing is this people. What about her man? What about the man she’s there with? Right, if the man is not doing those things because one, he sees her as a gold digging hooch, then maybe I understand. Maybe. And two, if he’s a man that is working and helping her paying the bills and the rent or mortgage if they are living in a house then he’s must be doing something right. If he don’t have the money to buy her pearls to put in her hand and take her on night cruise, then what he suppose to do? Them things are not cheap. And a yacht cost over millions of pounds.

When I watching the video of the song, there are two things I see. The first thing that her man has a ride. A 4×4 ride. It wasn’t no Range Rover V8 but it was something for him to go around with. And he can take his honey anywhere. And the second thing is that he has his flip mobile phone and them mobile phones were off the fucking chain those days! When you see Joe singing the song on the video, if he saying what he was saying in the song, I was wondering where’s the man’s car? Where his ride? Where’s the mobile phone? The man is chatting to the brown sugar on a pay phone and the man has a mobile phone that flips. Right, is he trying to con her just to get them knickers down? Hey, there are some simps will strategize to get the pum pum And I know that the women must be saying “How can you say that? How can you say that blud!?” Look, Money C is just analysing something here which could be a simp move. And there are some simps will try to do a Joe thing but they will get a bad result.

I have no issues of the song from Joe Thomas. It’s one of the R&B greatest hits but listening to the song, I feel like the song is just about simping. Joe Thomas is very good artist. He has a great singing voice and has a number of hits but this song All The Things (Your Man Won’t Do) is like I have to back away from that. I’ll listen to the song. I Love the songs of the 1990’s. It was a very great decade for music but I look at it as a simp song right here. I better listen to E40’s Captain Save A Hoe and Project Pat’s Don’t Save Her. And the song which is taken from the album All That I Am, it’s the first song of the album. Great album though!

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Like this one from his first album.

Let’s stop this simp shit and get ruff neck!