On 9:47, Pink says that this is a really good simptervention of him. But will this guy learn is lesson?

So this guy had the nerve to go back to an woman while she breeding? They broke up and she got pregnant by her ex boyfriend. And when she got pregnant by the dude, the simp decides to come back to her and prepare to take care of another man’s baby? The ex boyfriend’s baby? The audacity of the man! What is he thinking? Pink Book Lessons who made this masterful video said that this is a really good simptervention for him. When I heard that, I went what? I laughed at first when I heard that from her. So I decide to find out what it is because I know about these simp dudes are simping hard for these women who are nothing but below par.

This is the most dangerous Jezebel I even seen, good God!

What is simptervention? Is when a simp begins to educate and develop himself after suffering the consequences of simping. (These are my words.) It’s like a wakeup call for the simp when he finally realise that it’s taking him nowhere. It will take a simp into a disastrous situation when he’s a simping for a woman who is nothing but mediocre. As we have more and more simps around, they are coming after black men who are talking about these scraggle daggles because of the bad, ratchet behaviour. Because they are defending their queens that they love, honour and worship. They will pay the price of simping for these hoes, trust me people.

These simps need to look into themselves and start to think why are they defending these scraggs and get a bad result? There is a reason why and I know what it is. And I think you guys know too. The reason why these simps are defending these worthless scragglies is because they are siding with them just o get some of that punany. These strategic moves are becoming more and more common now and I see it all the time. SYSBM see it as well. They see the tactic that these simps are using just to get some coochie. That is the reason why these simps are defending these women all because they want is that sweet, sweet pum pum they are coming for but they ghetto ratchet hoodrats are throwing the clit to the thugs, the bad boys and the worthless men that they lust for.

They really need to listen now. These simps are getting played left, right and centre because these ghetto ratchet hoodrats don’t wanna be with them. And the simptervention, is really the start of this. What the simps are ding is really, really dangerous, to their heart! Because when these ghetto ratchet scraggly women stabs them in the back, they are goanna feel it star! It’s goanna really fuck them up. They goanna feel the heartache, the pain and the misery when the scraggle daggles kick them to the curb and open their legs to 357 Jimmy, Ruff Neck Desmond, Cell Block Scrapp, Rum Smuggler Don, Whiskey Baron Tony, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta.

Simptember is the month of the simps and these simpish dudes are roaming around the place willing to take care of another man’s child or children. Its step daddy season Brittany Renner call it and these single mothers are looking for a sucker to take care of their children which belongs to a next man. But these simps are preparing to take care of another man’s child and make them as their own kids, shit! I have seen a simp who is in a relationship get breed up by another man and willing to take care of another man’s baby. Can any man live with that? I can’t. It seems like these simps like to be use as doormats.

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Shouts out the Pink Book Lessons for this great video. I kind of put an meaning on that term. These simps, I don’t see them learning. I really. The Simp Super League is evolving.