The Weave Wearing Black Woman Part 14: The Natural Beauty Black Woman VS The Weave Head Black Woman

natural 3

weave 3

You walk down the streets of Central London, Watford or Luton. You see a black woman walking to your direction. She’s a beautiful woma and she has is pretty, healthy natural hair. She has the good ol’ afro sheen. You say to her “Natural beauty!” as a complement. Then you see another black woman walking your way. She’s a good looking woman, nice body, nice toes, etc. She has that long weave in her hair. Which woman does the black man find attractive? Is the natural beauty with that afro sheen or the weave head black woman? Obviously, if it was me, its goanna be the natural beauty that wins by a long shot.

Every black woman should know that black men prefer natural beauty. They hate it when they see a black woman wearing that weave on her head. And when black men talk about the high level of weave that black women are wearing, the weave wearing hoodrats, they insult them. And the reason why they will insult black men that will talk about the weave that black women are obsessed with is because that black men are actually telling the truth. Now, I’m not attacking black women but I’m a guy that really don’t like the weave, you get me? A black woman can grow her hair very long but, they wanna weave this fake hair that comes from dead people!

I do prefer a black woman with natural hair but the thing is how long a black woman can stay natural? That is thing really because of that trust issue. If a man has a black woman and she becomes natural, he’s goanna start thinking “How long this woman is goanna stay natural?” Because if a black women who use to be a weave head becomes natural, how long is she goanna stay in that natural state? Because everybody in the world knows that black women are wearing this weave just to compete with their arch enemy known as the white woman. Everybody knows that black women are trying to copy the white woman’s hair style. That is the reason why black women are wearing this weave.


As the scraggle daggles cannot defend themselves when thinking black men talk about the weave they are wearing on a very frequent basis, the simps come along and defend their honour. The simps will come after thinking black men when black men not only talk about the weave but talk about the dysfunctional behaviour of the ghetto ratchet black women. As these simps are battling with black men and lose heavily, the ghetto ratchet ebony women these simps are defending are getting pipe down in the bedroom by the bad boys like Cell Block Scrappy, Rum Head Frasier, Knife Man Priest, 50 Calibre Gilly, Six Shooter Derrick and Long Dick 44.

I was thinking, just thinking. If a simp is goanna be with a black woman, which black women he will choose? Is it goanna be the black women with natural hair or the black woman that have weave in her head? Well, he’s not goanna be with the black woman with natural hair. Why is that? Maybe because he has seen his mother wearing that weave sowed in her head or glued in her head, I’m not too sure. These simpish dudes do prefer a woman who is dysfunctional anyway. I know that there are natural black women around but they are coming like a rare sports car that is made in small numbers.

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Natural beauty always wins by a long shot. I guarantee that.

weave 2

God I hate weave!


The Weave Wearing Black Woman Part 13: A Boast Of Confidence For The White Woman

feel your hair

As I saw her taking her hate off, I bet you that these scraggle daggles thinking “I need to rob that hair from that white bitch!”

A white woman walk down the busy streets of Central London on sunny Saturday. She has long wavy blonde hair. Her hair blow through the wind. Every man is watching her, especially black men who are SYSBM. A black woman, nice looking black woman walking her way wearing this weave trying to copy the white woman’s hairstyle. No man is watching her because she is wearing that fake weave that doesn’t match her looks. The strawberry blonde and the weave wearing black woman walk past staring at each other. The weave wearer black woman shows her insecurities and envy because of she can’t grow her hair like the white woman can. And the blonde white sugar walks down the street with her confidence boasted up.

The white women have more confidence within themselves now because of the high level of weave black women are wearing on a very consistent basis. When I walk down the roads especially in Luton, I see black women wearing weave more often then ever. The insecurity is real out there, people. And the thing is that they are not afraid to show their insecurities on display. They have a huge obsession with this weave because of they wanna look like a non black woman and mostly, they wanna look like their arch nemesis known as the white woman. Listen, they have envy with this white woman for years.

When a black man sees a white woman with her hair long wavy hair that grows in her scalp, he will find her attractive. But when he sees a black woman with weave sowed in her hair or been glued in her scalp, he’ll get put off by it. Why? Because it’s not her real hair and the black man will just shake his head and walk away from that shit. Because he doesn’t wanna a weave head black woman. He rather have a natural hair black woman or date a non black woman then a weave head black chick trying to look like a white woman.

First of all, he didn’t need to be so insecure and second of all, I think I know why he’s cheating.

Black men do not find black women attractive nowadays. Why? Is because one of the reasons why that they are wearing this weave and they find it very off putting for them. So black men rather go for woman that embraces natural beauty. I rather have a black woman that is natural. “I’m into that afro sheen ting, you get me?” But these simps are telling guys like me that I should go for a woman like that looks ratchet. Na blud. Whatever weed these simps are smoking, they better stop smoking it because it making them think to say dumb fuckery, you know what I mean?

As these simps say to the weave heads that they are beautiful, thinking black men will be shaking their heads knowing that these simps are trying get some punany from these weave heads. They are very tactical when it comes to these simps but they get played by these weave heads and the weave wearing black woman will go for men like Six Shot Eric, 50 Calibre Gilly, Machete Man Briggy, Des The Drunk, Street Mice and Rum Smuggler Don. They know that the simps are siding with them when thinking black men talk about the dysfunctional of the ratchet black woman. But these weave heads don’t wanna be with the simps whatsoever.

As the white woman no matter if she’s a blonde or a brunette, she will walk down the street with nothing but confidence because the black woman is boasting it with her wearing this weave. Black women are walking streets with these weave and when a black man sees a black woman wearing weave, he starts to think “Why the hell she has that weave in her damn head?” It looks like black women are comfortable wearing this weave when they walk the streets but when they see the white woman with that long wavy natural hair she can grow naturally, they will show their insecure side. And also, jealousy.

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They can walk down the street with all this confidence when they have this weave in their hair, until they see the arch rival, the white woman.


Fake Derriere

fake booty

fake booty 2

You know guys, I don’t mind a big butt. I don’t mind big butts at all. You might as well call me mountain man because I don’t mind climbing a big booty. So big butts is my thing especially a white booty woman, oh baby! I have this magazine called Big Black Butt and I saw a fat Latina named Blazin’ Mami. She has a huge butt, oh yes. Her booty size is a whooping 74 inches. Sorry for being thirsty but I hope you understand me. And there was another Latina known as Diamond from Mercedesbbw and Cristina Lopez from Big Chile Videos from Mexico. When I see them I go “ah mamcita!” But anyway, hoping everyone is doing fine expect these women who are getting these big booty injections and fake butts. And they are paying the price of it. Well, there is a price to get them anyway.

Check this out:

fake booty 4

Right, I have seen so many fake bums recently. There are a number of woman especially black women having these fake butts. Black men use to complain about the weave black women are wearing and black women do wear a lot of weave. They spend over seven billion pounds ever year on weave trying to look a white woman. And now they are spending their money they get from the government just to have butt implants or bum injections. There are some black American women coming back from the Caribbean on wheelchairs after receiving the Brazilian butt lifts.

The insecurity is real when it comes to black women. First, it’s the damn weave that they are addicted too. I have done a series called The Weave Wearing Black Woman when I explained about the weave that black women are wearing. Then you have the breast implants. I know now that black woman having their tits done. And now, we have the fake butt implants or ass shots. I have never seen this type of insecurity in my entire life. How did it come to this fuckery? I really don’t know how it got here and I wish I knew with not only weave the black women are wearing but the breast implants and the fake butts black women are having.

I heard that some women are losing their body parts over this, some have gone blind, I heard that some of the women have died just all because they are spending two thousand dollars just to get their derriere done. Beauty doesn’t have a price but when it comes to the insecure black women, it really does. Black women will go to extreme lengths to be beautiful and they are suffering the consequences getting their batty shots. There is this black woman named Courtney Barnes aka Miss Miami who got rid of her 59 inch batty and now her bottom is 48 inches. She got her booty from the black market and she regretted getting the butt injections.

Here this. The transsexuals are now getting the big booty as well. Yep, the trannies are getting the fake butts also. Right, anyone can live their life. That is none of my business but these transsexuals are fooling heterosexual men and when they tell them that they are a guy, that’s when hell breaks loose. And now they are getting the butt injections and the fake behinds. As these Transvestites walks down the street with their fake booty moving left and right, men are goanna get fooled by them because they wouldn’t know that it’s a trans booty. Oh my goodness!

If a woman wants a big butt, then why can’t she just do squats or eat some cornbread or rice? They don’t need to go to another country and spend two thousand dollars just to get surgery om their butt. There are some men, mostly black men don’t mind the big booty but as long if it’s real, then men like me are all up for that but if the ass is not real and it’s just some fake shit just like the weave black women are wearing on the regular basis, then it’s a non, no. What will happen if you are in bed with the woman who had big booty injections and you’re giving her doggy style position and then her butt cheeks burst while you’re ramming away?

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Let’s make butts real again!

diamond bbw


Black Men Are Finished

feminie black men

feminie black men 2

feminie black men 3

We all know what’s happening with black women. The ratchet black women. Black women wearing weave trying to look like a white woman and lose when they compete with their arch enemy, black women bleaching their skin, embracing single motherhood and that is why they have multiple baby daddies, praying to a man that died on a cross who didn’t say a single thing about slavery, calling their sons they husband which sound very abnormal, getting breed off by worthless black men which they actually prefer, yo blud, there’s so many factors, people! And you know what else? When thinking black men talk about the ratchet behaviour of the scragglies, these simps are coming after thinking black men when they talk about their black queens that they worship.

We have these simps defending these scraggle daggles, siding with them, attacking thinking black men because they have an opinion, coming after black men when they are dating non black women, there are so many fuckery with these simps. I was reading an article called It’s Too Late – The Black Woman’s Image Is Finished by And it’s about the black woman’s image and them wearing bonnets in the street. Yes, we have seen black women wearing it in the street, especially in broad daylight. There was this simp on Twitter and his name is King Keeme. There is a photo of him wearing a bonnet in support of black women. And there are other black men wearing bonnets as well in support for non natural hair black women.

queen keeme

Here’s the link:

Let me tell you something. Black men as a whole is finished. Yes, black men are finished. We see black men killing each other, having children with multiple women, not taking care of their children, having a crabs in a bucket mentality, having feminine characteristics, there is so many things with black man and being feminine is one of them. When scraggles daggles sees a masculine black man, they are throwing daggers at him but when they see a black men that has all the female traits, they will do nothing to him. They actually prefer that more because they wanna see a black man in a feminine state and they look the black masculine, heterosexual male a threat.

Imagine, you walk down the street, enjoying the sun shine, you dress well and you walk past a simp wearing a pink bonnet on his head and he says “I’m giving my full support for my black queens!” I’m will say “Whole on! Why you have that thing on your head, star!? You know that’s for the gyal them? A man can’t wear a ting like that? That’s for women. No blud, no man should wear that. Especially on the road!” Black men are nothing but pink lotion men because they are now they become feminine and the reason for that is because that they were feminized when they were little boys.

And these feminine black men will became henchmen/enforcers and come after SYSBM because they hate it when black men are in relationship or marriage with non black women. The reason why these simps are simping is because they are trying to get some punany rom these ghetto ratchet black women. But they end up getting none because these ghetto hoodrats are giving the pooky to ruffneck dudes like 500 Mag, Rizla P, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Machine Gun Dread, Machette Man Briggy and Des The Drunk. These simps will not get the chance to get the pum pum from these ghetto harridans. No sir, these ghetto harlots will open their legs to the worthless black men that they love, lust and desire.

Black men are finished as a whole and there is nothing that can change that. All black men are good for is being simps who are siding with these ghetto ratchet hoodrats that don’t even like them. They are the last thing on the scraggle daggles mind. The reason why these simps are feminine is because they were raised in a single mother household and they didn’t have a father around. Let me tell you something, if my mum and dad if he was still alive saw me wearing that bonnet in my head, everyone will hear them cursing loud!

feminie black men 4

Look at the dude with the tongue, yo!

feminie black men 5

feminie black men 6

A whole leap of simps are goanna come simping like this!


The Weave Wearing Black Woman Part 8: Natural Beauty Always Wins

natural beauty 3

natural beauty 4

Let me tell you something and I’m goanna make this clear! Natural beauty wins all the time and every time, no question about it. The tacky ass weave can’t even beat natural beauty whatsoever. When a black man sees a black woman wearing weave, he will say “Na blood I don’t want you weave wearing gyal” and date a non black woman. Why? Because black men will refuse to deal with a fake blonde with melanin skin. Black women will spend their money in the hairdressers just to compete with their biggest arch rival known as the white woman but loose in that competition when they try to copy their arch enemy’s hairstyle.

Why would these ghetto gaggers copy the white woman’s hairstyle and natural beauty always win all the time? It doesn’t make fucking sense. These scraggs cannot hate any black man if he’s with a non black woman with the amount of weave these ghetto hoodrats are wearing. If a black woman goes into competition with the white woman’s hairstyle, they will lose on a heartbeat. Black women can’t beat the white woman’s when it comes to her hairstyle.

I see these weave wearing scraggle daggles dissing and disrespecting natural beauty. Why they want to disrespect natural beauty? They should know that black men hate that tacky, fake stringy hair that they are wearing. And when black men talking about black women wearing weaving which is making them lose their hair, they get upset. These hoodrats lose their fucking minds when black men talk about the weave they are wearing. Because black women are trying to look white, especially with when they are wearing that blonde weave.

The reason why black men talk about black women weaving weave because black men, most of the time prefer black natural beauty. I’m one of the black men who prefer natural beauty on a black women but more and more black women are wearing this weave every day and night. I know that there are black women around wearing their natural hair but it’s a few black natural beauties around but there is a huge amount of black women that are wearing weave.

As thinking black men talk about these ghetto ratchet, ghetto gagging scraggly hoodrats wearing weave, these simps, captain save a hoes, ghetto soy boys, pro blacks and oil of olay men will defends these maggles just get that pum pum they are craving for. But at the end these simps won’t get the punany because these scragglies don’t like these foolish and gullible simps that are by their side licking up to them. These ghetto ratchet harridans are in lust for thugs like 357 Jimmy, Ruff Neck Desmond, Rum Smuggler Don, Cell Block Scrappy and Rapid Fire Rasta.

Natural beauty will never ever get defeated. Black women has mocked natural beauty so many times and black men are looking for a woman who is natural and where else to look for a natural stunner in a non black woman. These scraggs has fucked up when they think that weave is better natural beauty and with them obsessing with this fake hair, black men will refuse to deal with black women.

Weave can’t beat natural hair. Natural beauty always wins!



Why I Don’t Talk About The Nails More Then The Weave


As I know that black women are wearing weave like fucking crazy and they love it more then their boyfriend or husband, themselves and their children. But what about the nails though? Well, you see I always talk about black women wearing this fake hair. I always talk about it on The Weave Wearing Black Woman anthology when I explained about black women wearing weave no matter what colour the weave is. But I don’t talk about the finger nails.

Why I don’t talk about the nails is because that the weave is damn right harmful to black women and they are trying to copy the white woman’s look. But people (the simps) say it’s just hair but it’s the white woman’s hair. And the white woman can grow her hair naturally but black women have to go to the hairdressers and spend their money to get the weave sow into their scalp. We know that some non black women have them fake nails obviously, but when you see a black woman, she has the longest weave.

The weave that black women are wearing is making them bald because the weave is eating out their hair. Black men start to look at this and think “This is a sickness that black women have” and basically, black men are right. Black women have a huge sickness in their brain. It’s just truly insecurities that black women have and they are not afraid to show it on display.

Right, I didn’t make this up but here this. A long time ago, YouTuber Lashid4U said on one of her videos that black women that are wearing weave still want black men. I hope she was joking, star! Black women are wearing weave just to look like the white woman known as their biggest ever arch rival and also they are wearing this horse hair because they are trying to snug up a white man. Why would anyone say that black women who wear weave still want a black man while they are wearing this fake ass hair trying to please white supremacy?

There are some black women have some very long fingers nails and I mean long ones like Coco from SWV when she had them long fingernails on the cover of their first album Is About Time in 1992. When I look at them nails, I was wondering “The 1990’s come back again. This is some nostalgia shit!” I thought we moved on from that but I guess was wrong. The music of the 1990’s was great though.

The weave black women are wearing is bothering black men because black men know that black women are wearing this weave just to look like their arch enemy known as the white woman. And when it comes to that long wavy blonde hair, when black women compete with the white woman they lose against their bitter rival. Because black women have to spend money trying to look their arch nemesis that can grow her hair naturally.


Death Of The Natural Black Woman

natural beauty

Could black natural beauty could be a thing of the past?

Natural beauty on a black woman is dying out! There are more and more black women weaving weave and they are wearing it like mad. Even unattractive black women are also wearing weave. I know that there are black women have their natural hair but how long they goanna stay natural? We do see black women walking down the street with their natural hair but it’s a few. But when it comes to the weave wearing black women, it’s a huge majority of them.

Black women spend over seven billion pounds of buying weave every year. Why? Is because that they wanna look like the white woman. They wanna look like their arch enemy so fucking much, they just to compete with her. And when thinking black men talk about black women wearing weave, they go into blind rage because black men are talking nothing but the truth about black women wearing weave trying to look like the white woman, black women’s bitterest rival.

When the black man had enough with black women wearing this weave, he decides to leave black women and date, marry and have children outside his race. Then, black women will go after him calling him all sort of horrible names like sell out, nigger, house nigger, coon, coon ass nigger and so on. But black women will continue to wear this weave and copy the white woman that they claim to hate.

I don’t have any problem with black women. If I want to date a black woman, then I would go and date one but natural beauty is disappearing from black women because of the amount of weave that they are wearing. But they can’t say anything about black men dating non black women as these black women wearing weave just to get a white man. Black women are not afraid to show their insecurities on display and they continue to do so. Real tragic really.


Can’t Flex The White Woman’s Hairstyle


Black women are getting worse and worse, fuck!

I was watching this video on YouTube and it called Becky Is Jealous from Crystal Swirlz. I don’t wanna mention this self hating heifer but what this woman said on her video is nothing but irritating to me. On the 12 minute video, she said that Becky is the quiet basher. She also said that “Becky is jealous that you have went all the way to the top of the food chain and that you finally woke up”. She also said that Becky is like black men. She’s been cuddled and self entitled and spoiled and now that black women are swirling, she’s extremely threatened. Really though? Crystal Swirlz, Cynthia G, the one who got pregnant by the dusty pro black Robert Perkins and Cristelyn Karazin have a huge hatred for black men for no reason but they worship the below average white male known as bottom shelf Brad.


Here this now. You see the white woman that the swirling heifer Crystal Swirlz claims that she’s jealous, well it’s the opposite really. Black women are jealous of the white woman because the white woman can grow her long, wavy, natural blonde hair. Black women can’t flex the white woman’s hairstyle. Black women have to wear weave just to compete with their arch enemy but they lose in that competition when they realise that they can’t compete with the white woman while wearing this weave. And these ghetto hoodrats suffer the consequences of them losing their hair and going bald because the weave is eating their hair out.

When you see a white woman walking down the street, you see wearing a sexy dress, carrying her handbag and has her high heels on. You see her long wavy hair that grow out of her scalp and everyone sees it blows in the wind. When you see a black woman now, she’s dress nice and she’s got all that backside round as a doughnut but she have weave in her hair trying to look like a white woman. You just have to shake your head when us black men sees black women’s insecurities on display and they are not afraid to show it. The white woman can only flex her hairstyle and she can have different type of styles for her hair. Can the black woman match up to her? No way, because she loses every single time when she tries to copy the hairstyle that belongs to her arch nemesis.


When black men sees the black women wearing this weave, black men will lose interest by dating black women, so they decide to move on and date outside their race. Because they do not wanna deal with the black woman’s insecurities every single day when he comes home from work, having dinner with her and laying beside her  because his black partner or wife is imitating the white woman when she is wearing weave. It was Wednesday 30th October 2019 and I was on the 18 bus heading to London Euston Station. I was at Harrow Road and I saw this beauty shop and it was called Freta Hair And Cosmetics. When I saw the weave on display, I said “Bomba Claat!” I saw the door open and I see weave for sale and I just couldn’t shake my head in shame anymore.

A natural black woman is getting harder to find for most black men nowadays. And me, I always want a natural black woman but as I see these ghetto gaggers wearing weave twenty hours a day and seven days a week, I will not put up with this weave wearing madness. Black women spend a lot of money just to look white but that it’s a big fail when black women are wearing this fake hair which is making their hair smell molly. The only black men that will tolerate with this weave wearing nonsense is these simps that will defend these women’s honour and these men cannot wait to have sex with them, raw!



A Natural Black Woman, A Rare Breed

The rareness of a natural black woman


You must be wondering why there is a car here? Well, let me explain!


This is a Mercedes – Benz 300CE 3.4 AMG, made from 1988 to 1991. This rare masterpiece has a 3.4 litre, 6 cylinder engine which puts out 268 break horse power and 243 pounds feet of torque. It goes from 0 – 60 in 5.6 seconds and the top speed is 155 miles per hour. This German beauty has a four speed automatic gearbox and it’s rear wheel drive. The AMG coupe has leather Recardo seats which are one of the greatest cars seats ever made. The AMG Mercedes – Benz looks absolutely imposing. The devilish good looks will charm the living daylights out of you and you will lose your mind with desire when you see it’s voluptuous wheel arches. There are only 25 cars ever made and only available in left hand drive. You must be thinking why are you taking about this Benz? You know that this car is made in small numbers and you will may not see one on the road? Well, that what I see when it comes to the natural black woman.

There are a few natural black women around as I walk down the streets, no matter what location I’m in. Some black women have very short natural hair, but that is fine anyway if a black woman has short natural hair. But there are so many weave wearing black women all over the place and they are wearing different colours of weave from blonde, brunette, black, blue, pink, yellow, brown, red even us black men see black women wearing different colours of weave sowed in their hair. And you wonder the reason why I have done the Weave Wearing Black Women Anthology because black women have self hate issues in them. But then black women have a issue of black men dating the woman they they idolize the most and that is the white woman.

Black women get upset when thinking black men talk about black women wearing weave because black women have insecurities of themselves. When you see a black woman weaving weave, you must be wondering “How can she love herself while copying the hairstyle of the white woman?” But as we see a natural black woman which us black men prefer, we begin to think “How long can she stay natural?” The reason why I said this is because I have seen so many black women go natural and then they go back to wearing weave, regardless of the colour. Its very off putting when a black woman is wearing weave. More and more black men are talking about this weave black women are wearing on their heads. And black women are getting upset when black men talking about black women wearing this weave because they are trying to look white.

When these hoodrat harridans hear that black men are talking about black women wearing weave, they go to the simps and the captain save a hoes, sending them to attack thinking black men when they talk about the huge amount of weave black women love to wear. These ghetto ratchet hoodrats has a huge numbers of simps defending them and use them as attack dogs on black men while these harlots are getting sex down by Pookie, Ray Ray, John John, Rizla P, 357. Johnny, Mac 10, 12 Gauge Mike, Ruff Cut Desmond, Cheddar Street, Roof Top Tray, etc. And these simps don’t even know that these ratchet ghetto gaggers don’t even care about them. And these simps still try to save these worthless whores.

Black women can’t say nothing when they see a black man dating outside his race because black women are copying the white woman who can grow her long, wavy hair out of her own scalp and black women have to buy the fake hair at the hair shop and then use needle and thread to sow the weave in, or glue it. As black women put this yacky weave in their hair, they try to compete with the white women that they hate. If they hate the white woman so much, then why are they trying to copy her hairstyle? A natural black woman is getting more and more of a rare breed. If the black woman is the most beautiful woman in the world, then why is she wearing all that weave then?

This is not natural beauty


This is natural beauty!