The Black Fruit 3: Eaten Cheeks

black fruit 2

First I wanna give a shout out with Kid Orgainc with the YouTube video of when C Boogie Productions did a live stream of his getting his asshole eaten out. And I also wanna give a big shout outs to Verbs2015 with his article about C Boogie, getting his ass eaten out. I thought that I will never do a third instalment of the black fruit but it’s here now. But hope everyone is doing alright. Outside is really cold and raining so when you walking outside, wrap up warm. I need to get some more long coats because I wanna go in winter with style. Winter, here I come with some style. Not expensive though!

Here’s the live stream, people! The story unfolds from 34:10 to 36:30

This is Kid Organic’s video to this

The title name though, lol!

You know I have no issues of anyone sexual orientation and I know you goanna say “You always say that blud!” Yeah I always say that but this one here, oh God! YouTuber C Boogie told a story of him getting drunk. He left the night club with two women and some guy that he didn’t even know. And then he continue to tell the story, he said that a woman turned him around and eat his ass out. I’m not lying people, the Negro said that on his stream blud! And when his asshole was eaten out or finished getting eaten out, his says that he was looking for the condom wrapper if he and the woman had sex. He was looking around the bed if he sees nut on the bed sheet. My goodness! He said his trousers were down as well, I don’t wanna go into detail of what the man has said on his live stream.

Cock Boogie was on Bareback Fountain’s live stream and when I saw bits of it, I was thinking that he’s goanna come after black men who are with non black women. He did a video a long time ago of him getting a whole leap of women. He was saying women was knocking his door wanting to sleep with him because he said that was a handsome man. But now as I see it, I don’t know if I believe this guy. So this is the dom game all about. Getting your ass eaten. There is no way a woman will ever eat a man’s ass out. The only time a woman will eat booty or do anal pleasure is when she’s doing it to another woman. If the woman is like that.

And when he told the story of him getting flipped over by the woman, I didn’t believe that neither. There is no way that a woman will have the strength to flip a guy to his stomach to eat his behind. To be honest, it must of been a man flipped him over and eat his booty out. And I think that more happened that night when his butt cheeks getting munched away. When he said that he was looking for the condom wrapper, the man must off plow C Boogie from behind and walked out the bedroom with the rubber on his private section and took the wrapper with him.

The black manosphere or homosphere kicked out C Boogie after he told the story of him getting eaten out from behind. Here’s the thing. If they kicked C Boogie out of the homosphere, then why they have a suspect dude like Kevin Samuels in the homosphere? (I am not calling it the manosphere. There’s no way!) Kevin Samuels did a live stream and he was talking to a young black male who ask him about how to get women. And Kevin Samuels ask him about his penis size. Everyone on YouTube went in on this. I even did an article about Kevin Samuels ask the young lad about his dick size.

I have no issues of any man who is homosexual. He can do whatever he wants in his life. He can live a certain lifestyle but on this YouTube, there are black men who are showing these homosexual tendencies. We had Kevin Samuals asking a guy is cock size, we had IBMOR BGS saying that he will fuck Kid Organic up the cheeks when they were beefing left, right and centre we has a Charlamagne The God said that he will go down on Tekashi 69, Woke Poofgressive 2.0 confess that he’s gay when he was talking about black men with non black women and now we have the dom game Cock Boogie Productions telling a story about him getting his bum bum eaten out.

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I’m goanna talk about this booty licking stuff. And I heard that R&B singer Faith Evans eat the late rappers The Notorious B.I.G’s crack out! Errr — alright!


Jamaica Has Really Changed

jamaican flag


jamaican trans 2

My mum who is in Jamaica right now called me today while I was on the train heading back home and she says that the man who send the car to her damaged, he said that he will pay for the damage he caused. The fool send the frigging car to St. Thomas, Jamaica damaged and never told the woman. And the man said that he will not fix the car or send the parts to her. The man didn’t take no responsibility of the damage of the Ford Kuga. People, the man ain’t easy. Yep, Friday stress is here. But hope everyone is doing well. Money Cultural is doing alright. If you had a hard week working hard, sit back and have a glass of red wine and chill. If you are looking for a job, just don’t give up until you get one. Jamaican men are coming for some ass now. They are hunting for some backside to slam out.

The Jamaican tranny says “Ah batty excitement round here!” And the taxi man ask the driver if he lean him some money. whole up, your a taxi man and you didn’t pay her — I mean him for sex?

As I see this video, I agree with Dancehall Skilla that Jamaica has really changed. Back in the days when I was young, there was no homosexual or no T – girl in JA. Well, they where homosexuals and Trans women when I was young when I visit to Jamaica but I didn’t see them but now, it seems like Jamaica have changed, big time. We expect this in Europe especially in Britain and also in America but now we are seeing this in the country where my parents are from. Not only we see gay men but there are transsexual women who have becomes ladies of the night. Well, male ladies of the night.

Yeah man, these tings ah gwan in Jamaica, you get me? With all the dancehall songs with anti gay lyrics, the homosexual men, lesbians and the T – girls, they are everywhere. Now, I have no issues with anyone who has a certain lifestyle. I have seen it in Britain as long they don’t bring that fuckery towards me but yo people, everything is different now with the land of wood and water. Not that kind of wood thank you very much! They say that Jamaica is the most homophobic country in the world and I do agree with that with gays, homosexuals and transgender people getting attacked and even killed.

There are so many incidents of people who like the same sex getting attacked because of their sexual orientation. There was a video on YouTube of security guards beating two gay men because they were doing sexual activities in the toilet and everybody was there watching them getting beat down calling them batty boy, batty man fi dead and so on. And there was another YouTube video of a young kid who was beaten to death. I think the two videos have been taken down. There are some young homosexual men cannot go back to their families and also to the community because the people and the community don’t want them there and they will get killed there because of their lifestyle.

I have a niece that is a lesbian. I was heading home to Watford at that time I was living there and she was walking with me. She was going to Dolis Hill tube station heading to Stratford, East London. She was talking about homosexuality to me and I said that “It’s a person’s choice. It someone wanna live their life, so be it.” So she told me that she is a lesbian. She told her mum and her other family members. I didn’t have issue it. To be honest, I had a real feeling that she likes girls because of her mannerism, you get me? My mum knows now and she wasn’t happy about her eating punany. Her girlfriend follows me of Instagram and my niece too.

We have a lot of things in this beautiful island where my family is from. We have we have these young people getting into crime and drugs, poverty, beautiful women and some of them are very ratchet, we have Jamaican men killing off the women and then they kill themselves afterwards and now there are gays and homosexuals in Jamaica. Jamaica is different now with the homosexuality in that island. No matter, I will still visit the country known as Jamaica and I wanna get a Jamaica National Football Shirt, even though I like the Netherlands. You know you see the black women that wear this weave? Well, the transsexual women are wearing it as well. Even Brazilian weave.

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jamaican trans

Yeah man, Jamaica has really, really changed!


The Great Deception

t girl 1

Ready for the worst deception?

This is the worst type of deception ever! I know that men have been deceived by woman and I know that black men have been deceived by scraggly daggle black woman but the here’s the thing. What happens when you find out the woman you are with has a willy? Good God! I have done an article called A Hidden Surprise when I explained about when men find out that the women they are with have the same similar equipment as they have. It’s the trannies deceiving men left, right and centre.

Right, I have no issues of anyone’s lifestyle they are living but there is no way that I wanna go to trannyville. As I watch these Jerry Springer clips and Springer was boom back in the day, I see these guests who are transgender women are confessing to their boyfriends about their gender. As they confess to them, their boyfriends snap and beat up the girlfriends on stage when they discovered that it’s a man. There are over hundreds of episodes of chicks with ding dongs confessing to they’re other that they are not born as a woman.


And there are incidents of men going to the strip clubs, they meet a stripper that they don’t know that they are trans women. A man sees a stripper. They both give the eye on each other. They exchange numbers after they talk while the stripper is giving him the lap dance. They go out on a date. And then they kissed and then the stripper gives the guy oral sex. Later down the line, the man finds out that she is a he. That sounds fucked up don’t it? It come like the movie The Crying Game when the IRA Terrorist find out that the Dill is a man. First of all, you can’t find a woman in a strip club, well a decent one. And second off all, The Crying Game was a great thriller. One of the best ever.

What these transsexuals are doing is extremely dangerous. Why? Because if they tell their man that they were born as a man, the man will conflict damage, you get me? A tranny can’t say that she was born as a man to the love of her life and pay the fucking price for it. Oh man, here this. Right, it was 2015 and I was on Tumblr. I was following this black woman, well I thought it was. Come to find out that the person I was following had a knob. My mind when “Oh my God”! So I unfollowed her quickly. I mean him, sorry guys! Then I saw this brown skin female and she has this red lingerie. When she turned around, come to find out that she has the same thing I have in my pants.

Not only she’s a gold digger but a tranny one!

Your goanna laugh on this one. Right, I was on Badoo. It was a dating website. I saw this Brazilian chick with long jet black hair on the app. At first I was like “Fuck what I’m talking about. A Brazilian. Brazilian Wondering Spider, you poisonous boo you!” I looked at her profile a couple of times but then I saw T Girl. When I look it up of what does it means, it means Trans girl. I just come off her profile quicker then the cartoon character Speedy Gonzalez and put the mobile phone back in my pocket. And then she messages me saying “Hope to get to know you Donovan.” I didn’t apply to the Brazilian tranny. Na, this guy is good!

The T – girl says “But I see all I need to see Jerry!” My goodness!

As when you say to a tranny girl that she’s a man, they disagree on that. If they are born as a man, then they are a man. I can’t tell anyone how to live their life, they can live their life anyway they want but a T – Woman was born as a man, simple as that. They are living their life as a woman but they are a man. And when a man who is in a relationship with a Trans woman and they are saying that their heterosexual, no. If you are a man with a transgender woman, then you are a homosexual. The women goes through the same thing like the men do when they find out their boyfriends are T – Boys as well so women can get deceived also.

The transgender women need to be honest when they meet a man or man apporches them . If the T – girl say that she’s are a transgender after when the man steps to her and chats to her, then the man can walk away. If the Trans woman says that she was born as a man to the man that she deeply in love with, then things will go haywire. So does the Trans boy if he confess to the woman that he was born as a girl. So they need to be honest about who they are as well. I not saying bad about them, but they have to tell people who they are.

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I know about deception but this is the worst type of deception.


Homosexuality In Hip Hop And Gay Rappers


homo flag

Right, I have no issues of any man who is a homosexual. If that is the man’s lifestyle then he can live his life but here this. There is something going on behind the scenes in the hip hop industry. What do I mean by that? There are rappers that are engaging into homosexual activities behind closed doors. Yeah, that is right. These rappers who rap about selling drugs, killing people, being rich, having sex with women are having sex with other men.

You must be saying that “I don’t believe in that fuckery. That shit ain’t true!” Well, that shit is true. Suge Knight, former owner of the record company Death Row Records said that 95 per cent of rappers are homosexual. And he also said that legendary rapper and producer Dr. Dre is gay. I don’t know if Dr. Dre likes men but I know that there are rappers who are engaging into homosexuality.

On YouTube, I have seen videos from YouTubers exposing rappers that are gay. There was a video clip of Lil Wayne kissing Bird Man and there is a picture of them kissing as well. There was a picture of 50 Cent kissing The Game. The picture looks like 50 was whispering in his ear but I don’t know. Listen; there are so many rappers that are having fun in the sheets with other men.

Why is this happening? In the music industry, there is a gay ritul that if you want to get in that $20,000,000 club, then you have to suck a few and have sex with another man. That’s how it goes in the music industry. It’s not only satanic but it’s very disturbing of what they are doing. If a man is gay, then he can live his life but in hip hop, things like this are happening and it’s happening for years now.

There was an interview on VLADTV and this rapper named Daylyt says in the interview that he will have sex with P Diddy. He said that he will fuck the shit out of him. When the tattoo face dude said what he said on that interview, my ears have dropped on the floor. I couldn’t believe what the man said in the VLADTV interview. But I know that P Diddy is gay anyway. There are pictures of him with Rick Ross coming very close for a kiss. And there is another photo of him with Steven Stoute embracing wearing pink polo shirts. I like Polo shirts but not the pink shirts.

There is nothing but weirdness going on in the rap industry. Not only in the hip hop world but in Hollywood as well. I do love Hollywood movies and I hope to see Hollywood one day but there are things going on in the hip hop industry. There is only one question that as I find out there are gay rappers in the closet, will I still listen to their music? Hmmm! Maybe. But I started to listen to reggae music first until I listen to hip hop.


A Hidden Surprise


Right, here is the scenario. You are at the club, rave or a bar and you are having a great time. The music is pumping and you are dancing to the great music. Your having a wonderful night. Then you see a woman sitting down and she is a fine looking woman. One sexy honey, regardless of her race. Not only you are staring at her but she is staring at you and she can’t stop staring at you. You approach her and then you begin to talk to her. You get her phone number and she got yours. The next day you call this woman and you are talking to her on the phone. You ask her out and she says yes. Well, she wants to go out with you anyway.

You and her go out to have dinner or a drink in a bar. At the end of the night, both of you start kissing and you two start saying goodnight to each other. A relationship begins and you are in love with her and she’s in love with you like crazy. You have been dating her for a few weeks now and you want to get intimate with her. You and her head to her home and both of you are ready to get into the bed sheets. She takes her clothes off and she is naked in front of you. Then suddenly, you look below her and you see……is her ding dong. It is the worst nightmare of any man can have when her finds out that the woman he was interested is like Dill in the movie The Crying Game.


These type of situations happens very often now to heterosexual men. They don’t even know the woman they are talking to or starting a relationship with finds out that she a man. And things end up with the man getting very violent towards the tranny or even killing the transgender woman. Its every man’s worse nightmare when he finds out that the woman has got what he has got below him. The reason why things get violent when the man finds out that she’s a man is because that these transsexuals are deceiving them. They are not being honest towards these men.

They can easily fool a man as these transgenders act feminine. They will seduce a man easily but then all hell breaks loose when the man finds out that he has the same thing in common with the tranners. These transsexuals need to be honest to these men when they meet them the first time because they don’t want to suffer the consequences if they fooled the man when he suddenly finds out that she is really a he!

I was watching clips of the Jerry Springer show and I have seen heterosexual men finding out their girlfriends are transsexuals. As they tell the men that they are not born as a woman, there is a fight between a man and the tranny on the stage. There are hundreds of clips on You Tube of tranny confessions on Jerry Springer. I think the reason why that these transgender women come onto the show and confess to the man is because that they will have security protecting them when the man finds out that she’s not a woman but I do see the transvestite fight back on stage with their boyfriends (Well, was their boyfriends as their secret is revealed). And when the boyfriend says that she is a man, the tranny gets upset and says that he’s not a woman. If you are born as a man, you are a man period. I don’t have a problem with another one’s lifestyle however I don’t know why the transsexual women are calling themselves women as they are not naturally born as a woman.


When I see black transsexual women when I’m watching Jerry Springer, the black transgender act like ratchet black women with them wearing weave, having heavy makeup and dressing ratchet like these ghetto hoodrats we see in the street, on YouTube and on daytime television shows like Maury amd so on. All because that they hang around with ratchet black women and some of them have been raised by single black mothers. But here this now, there are some men including black men do like transsexual women. But then, the men will get upset when you call them gay or homosexual when they have sex with a transgender woman. If a man like transgender women, that that is fine. They can whatever they want but you have sex with someone who has the same genitals as you are, then you’re a homosexual male or bisexual.

We have seen celebrates who has been caught with transgender women. The famous one or better yet, the infamous one in 2017 is when R&B singer Bobby Valentino was with a transsexual prostitute and the transgender woman recording him with her or his mobile phone because Bobby didn’t pay the tranny after they had sex. The video went viral on the internet of Bobby Valentino walking out the hotel while the tranny was recording him. When that happened, everyone was talking about it. I want to say this to the transsexual women out there. You have to be honest to the man when he’s approaching you or if you are approaching him. We are not criticising your lifestyle. You can live your life whatever you want but you have to be honest when you are flirting with man.


Even though the Fergus didn’t know about Dill and even though that Dill was a seducer, The Crying Game was a great thriller. One of the best British films ever made!