Just A Tactic What Thess Scraggle Daggles And The Simps Use


Don’t you just hate it when someone talks over you?

Right, you’re watching a live stream on YouTube. And you see a YouTuber talking to a scraggle daggle and the scraggly is talking over him. She does it a few times. Or she does it so many times. Then, they both start arguing and then the YouTuber ends it because she was just acting dysfunctional during the live stream. Now, a Youtuber is talking to a simp on a YouTube live stream and he’s talking over him. He does it over and over again. And guess what? The Youtuber cuts him off and doesn’t talk to the simp ever again. We have seen this so many times on YouTube every time when someone is talking to a ghetto ratchet hoodrat and a simp that is defending her honour.

You must be wondering why do they always do that. Why do they always do that shit? I was asking myself that question until I found the answer. The reason why these ghetto hoodrat over talk someone when they are explaining to them is that it’s nothing but a tactic they use so they don’t wanna here the honest truth about something which is something dysfunctional. When someone is being logical, they will talk over them just not here the truth. The simps are like that as well. They are using this tactical method also when a thinking black man is being logical. It goes to show that these simps and the ghetto ratchet hoodrats don’t listen.

When use this horrible tactic, they start a huge argument to the person that they are talking too. I have seen it all the time on YouTube when a simp or a ghetto black woman talk over someone. It’s really frustrating when someone does that when you are explaining something to that ignorant person. You guys must be thinking “What do you it’s a horrible tactic blud? Yo blud, explain that!” It goes to show that the person you are chatting to is not listening. And they refuse to listen also. When someone uses that fuckery towards me, I boil up in a heartbeat. And it’s also disrespectful as well.

Tommy Sotomayor on YouTube has gone through this when a ghetto hoodrat or a simp over talks him every single time when explaining something to them. And then he starts yelling at them when they do that nonsense. And then when things get more heated, he just cuts them off completely and he just goes on a rant afterwards. I don’t know if these ghetto ratchet hoodrats and the simps are narcissistic because I’m not a psychologist but they will upset a person when they over talk to them.

It’s very difficult to talk to these ghetto scraggle daggles. And it’s also difficult to talk to these simps as well. You don’t know how irritating it is to chat to these simps because when SYSBM is talking to them about these scraggle daggles that they are defending, they are not listening to them. These hoodrats don’t even care about these simps that they don’t want to be with. These harridans want the worthless black men like Cell Block Scrappy, Street Mice, 357 Jimmy, Rum Smuggler Don, Whiskey Baron Tony, Weed Man Jake, Full Auto Rob and Rapid Fire Rasta.

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Ratchetness Is Unattractive To Black Men


Black men, do you find this attractive?

The guy on 4:26. New York went in G! 😄😆😅😂🤣

Black men, do you find this attractive? No

Ratchetness is unattractive to black men. I repeat, ratchetness is unattractive to black men. How many videos we see black women being ratchet? There are so many videos of black women being that are ratchet and frankly enjoy it. There are ghetto ratchets who are wearing inappropriate clothing, there are ratchets black women that are wearing all different colours of weave, they twerk in public and don’t care, show they’re bad behaviour on social media, the list goes on and on and on. And when black men who are think minded look at this, they just turn around and walk off in a instant.

When black men see the ratchetness of black women, these women remind them of their female family members. And as they see this with other black women, they are not goanna deal with that ratchet bullshit. So they decide to date non black women and move away from the scraggle daggles that embrace the ratchetness. But the thing is that these ghetto ratchet black women will lose their heads and go in rage mode when they see black men with non black women and calling them names like nigger, house nigger, coon, sell out, sambo and all that nonsense that comes out of their ratchet mouth.

But black men will give these ghetto scarggle daggles nothing but the logical truth of the bad behaviour of these scragglies. As they do that, these scraggs will go to the simps and use them as attack dogs to come after any black man with has a logical mindset. And you know, the worse thing is that these simps will go and defend these ghetto hoodrats. They will be the enforcers/henchmen for the ghetto ratchet harlots and come after black men who talk about the badness of these ghetto scraggs.

But black men who are SYSBM are willing to take on these simps because they are not afraid to take these simps on who don’t have a brain in their thick skull. And when these simps go to battle with SYSBM, they end up losing and they come back emotionally wounded when they take on SYSBM in the battlefield. These simps don’t know what they are getting themselves into. They are taking on intelligent black men who doesn’t think like them and these simps have nothing but weak logic.

As ask they are defending these good for nothing ghetto scarggles, these hoodrats are chasing after the thug, the criminal, the worthless man, the hopeless man and the unproductive man. The men like Colt Five Rounds, 357 Jimmy, Machete Man Briggy, Knife man Priest, Corner Boy Ronney, Rum Smuggler Don, Thick Dick Tyrone and Fuck All Night Freed. The simps will have no chance to get one of these scarggle daggles that they love and honour. They will struggle to get one.

Black men or thinking black men are not attractive to ratchet women. They stay away from that fuckery. Because the problems it will bring for them if they start a relationship with these scraggly women. And these hoodrats don’t mind causing madness towards but these thinking black men will not take shit from these ratchet women. Listen here, it I was with one of these scraggles, you think I’m goanna take any crap from them? You must be out of your mind!


That’s What They Think About

simp logo


Just a short one.

The only thing that simps do think about is sex. Yeah, that is right. You want the proof? Look at these simps who are defending these ghetto scraggle daggles when thinking black men talk about these ghetto ratchet harridans. And these reason why they are coming after thinking black men is that these just wanna have the punany as a rewards when they are in the defence of these ghetto hoodrats who really don’t want them. I have done a article called Sex Addiction Of The Simp when I explain that these simps have a huge sex addiction.

These simps don’t even know that they have a sex impulse disorder and the other thing that they can’t control it. These simps are sex hungry dudes that need help for this sexual addiction that they can’t control and these scraggle daggles know that. But the thing is that these mediocre women are giving the pum pum to 12 Gauge Mike, Rapid Fire Rasta, 357 Jimmy, Long Dick 44, Colt Five Rounds and Fuck All Night Freed. These simps don’t have a chance for these scargglies that they love and adore.

These simps have nothing going on for themselves. They have no goals, an ambition, nothing at all. And they are coming after black men who have an opinion of these scraggle daggles bad behaviour? But I know why they are defending these scraggs just to get some clit. Since 2013, I have seen so many simps and more and more developing. Oh boy!


Black Woman’s Ratchetness


A ghetto ratchet mess, Lord!

The ratchetness with black women continues! Do you know how many videos Tommy Sotomayor has done about ratchet black women. Man, he has done so many videos of black women’s hot mess! He calls black women the longest soap opera because their ratchet behaviour has been going on for a very long time. Listen, ask any black man about black woman’s ratchetness and trust me, your goanna have a long conversation with him. I mean a very long conversation.

If you want to know what a ratchet black woman looks like or also acts like, go look at the women in your family. From your mother, aunts, grandmothers, sisters and female cousins. Just observe what you see in the women of your family. As you see the ratchet behaviour of your family members, it will make you go on cringe modet. And that is the reason why you wanna stay away from your family members.

When thinking black women talk about black women’s dysfunctional behaviour, these simps, ebony cucks, pro black militants, captain save a hoes, ghetto soy boys and oil of olay men are defending these harridans. However, why these simps are not calling these harlots out with their fuckery? Because that these simps are looking for validation when they are defending these hoodrats. Look, basically they want that sweetness between these hoodrat’s legs. Simps like Umar Johnson, Aaron “Bareback” Fountain, Steve The Dean Williams and all of the other simps are siding with these hoodrats just to get some P sleeves. Shout out to Couch Gregg Adams for that! 😂😂😂😂

But like I stated before, these ghetto ratchet hoodrats don’t even like these simps. They are only interested in 357 Jimmy, Street Mice, Rapid Fire Rasta, Cell Block Scrappy, Baby Maker Carl, Corner Boy Ronny, Thick Dick Tyrone and Fuck All Night Fred. You think these simps will compete with them in these hoodrats eyes? Are you kidding me? These harlots will choose these worthless bums over these simps in a heartbeat.

Black women’s ratchetness has continued over the years and things have now gone worse then ever. What do I mean by that? They twerk on social media for free, they wear weave, they bleach their skin, have nasty attitude, having multiple children, raising children by their own, living off on benefits, putting a man on child support, being whorish, being violent, fighting for a next man’s willy and so on!


A Game Of Chess


“If a rival take you on, if inferior, devour him, if equally match take him, if he’s superior, find a weakness. Make sure you have a strategy when you take on your rival.” – Money Cultural

The war between the S.Y.S.B.M and the simps has began. The simposphere is growing rapidly because we have more and more turncoats and these simps are defending these ghetto ratchet hoodrats, ghetto gaggers and these scraggle daggles. These simps, cucks, captain save a hoes, pro blacks, ghetto soy boys and the oil of olay men are attacking S.Y.S.B.M because they will refuse to date, be in a relationship or marry these scraggs who are ratchet, have children, wear blonde weave, getting breed off by worthless black men and so on.

Here this. Going to battle with these simps is like a game of chess. When these simps make the first move, thinking black men make their move. Then the simps makes another move. And the thinking black men make the next move and get the pawns. And also their castle, the queen and the king. The simps don’t get to the other side because they have to protect the king, queen and the castle but it’s very difficult for them to beat the men of the S.Y.S.B.M.

When thinking black men talk about the dysfunctional behaviour of the ratchet black woman, the ghetto hoodrat can’t clap back because it’s nothing but truth that thinking black men are talking about. So she send her enforcer known as the simp to attack thinking black men but he’s got no chance winning the battle against these black men who are intelligent.  Because thinking black men will speak the truth about the scraggle daggles that these simps are defending so it’s a losing war for these simps coming after the S.Y.S.B.M.

These simps are entering into a war that they cannot win because thinking black men, S.Y.S.B.M, M.G.T.O.W and I.M.B.O.R are prepared to take on these simps. They are ready to take them on when these simps are defending these ratchet mediocre black women that doesn’t give a flying fuck for these simps that worship them. As these simps goes into the battle field against these think minded black men, they are losing already when thinking black men are spitting the truth.

And you know what else? These ghetto ratchet harridans are not interested with these simps. These hartlots are in love and in sexual desires with Street Solider Mike, Ruff Neck Desmond, Pimp L,  Dirty Rizly, Cheddar Street, Around The Block Johnny, Rugged D, 6 Shooter Derrick, Ganja Smoke, Gun Fire, Rapid Fire Rasta and Corner Boy Ronney. These succubus hoodrats don’t wanna be with these simps that are saving them. Who the hell these simps think they are? Superman?

As these harridans of the ghetto have their off springs with these worthless peasants, the simps are looking after these children which are not theirs. And they are stepping up to black men and go to war with them. These black men who are intelligent and think minded will devour these simps. This is a war that the simps have started and will never win, ever!