Jamaican Police They Don’t Play Around



I just heard that there are some gun men got arrested for gun possession in White Hall, St Thomas, Jamaica where my mum and dad was born and raised. And teh rest of my family also. The police find some guns in a house up at Ridge. I have family that live up at ridge and I have two exes living there. I did talk about them on the five part of the steamy miniseries Jamaican Pudding. Two things. The first thing is that, if they have a gun, they have intensions to use it. I don’t know if they are goanna rob or kill people or both. Or sell the guns in case someone wants to buy them, And second, where the bomba claat they get gun from? Where they get nine from? The Jamaican police force, they don’t play. They will shoot a man dead on the spot. They play with guns like they are toys.

The gun crime in Jamaican is now getting way out of hand. And the Jamaican police force is goanna be more ruthless then ever. Well, they need to be now. There is so much killing in that small pretty island where my family come from. We know that the Jamaican police force is the most deadliest in the world but these young boys in JA really don’t care anymore. Every time I hear a news bulletin on the Jamaican news, there’s always a killing. I know that Jamaican men are killing off their wives and girlfriends because they have a side man and kill themselves afterwards but that is not the case here.

Britain has a problem with knife crime. Yesterday, some guy was arrested over a Canary Wharf stabbing on Monday. Knife crime is a huge issue in Britain but in Jamaica they have a huge gun problem with the young people using these guns just shooting people. My mum who said that she doesn’t what is wrong with Jamaica. I was figuring that out myself really with the gun madness in Jamaica. These Jamaican Constabulary Force are ready to go toe to toe with these gun tooting criminals who are willing to use these firearms at anyone, especially at the police.

Who would have thought this would happen. Demoya Hall, 16 years old was shot and killed in Trench Town, Kingston. The young girl was outside of her grandmother’s yard washing dishes and then, gun men on 6pm got in the yard and start shooting. She was shot in the head. later she died in the hospital. And now, the whole community in infuriated because of the gun men did to the girl. And there was another woman that was killed in Trench Town. Lafaine Bent was shot her while she was sitting at her shop. The gun man walked up wearing a mask and shot her multiple times. She was rushed to hospital but later died.

This is wrong. You can’t shoot the gyal like that!

What the hell is going on in Jamaica?

Since what’s going on with the killings in Jammy, the Jamaican police are goanna be more relentless then ever. And those coppers in Jamaica, them feds don’t play. They don’t mess about. I have seen them in action and it’s not nice to see. So these gun men should know that they shouldn’t underestimate these cops. Here this, my cousin is a police officer. Him and the other police offers was in a shootout with some gun man in Montego Bay. The gun man was wanted for killing a couple of police officers. My cousin shot then man dead. He light his ass up. The man had no chance. The gun man is now six feet under.

I really don’t know why these gun men are targeting the women. I really don’t know. I know that the Jamaican men are killing their women if they have a side man. I don’t know if they can’t get women or they have been hurt by women to do this type of fuckery but the thing is that these Jamaican police officers, they are ready to take them on and they are not afraid of these gun men that are running wild. The character Capone in the Jamaican action thriller Third World Cop says “We run tings, ting na run we!” Yeah, Babylon ah run everyting!

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These Jamaican police officers, they really don’t play!