They Are Celebrating His Death. For Shame

kevin samuals in suit

We all heard that the well known YouTuber, image consultant and relationship guru Kevin Samuels had suddenly died on Thursdays aged 56. Everyone on Youtube were paying tributes to the man. However, not everyone is paying tribute to Kev. To be honest, there are some jackass people are celebrating the man’s death. And you know who it is? Yep, it’s these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles who are average at best right down to the simps that they don’t wanna be with. Hope everyone is doing well. I’m here with another one of these scraggle daggles and the simps who are in celebration of this man’s death. Lord help us!

This will be unforgettable, real talk!

As I see the ghetto ratchet black women and these simps who are their enforcers celebrating the death of Kevin Samuels, it really goes to show not only how society is now but how some black people really are as a people. The reason why they are celebrating the death of Kevin Samuels is because of his has delivery when he was talking to women who are at average at best that was a high value man and most of the time it black women that calls in on his live streams. Some men do call in but most of the time, it’s black women.

kevin samels and chick

fucking a fat bitch

How did he die? I heard that he died for a cardiac arrest. Some say that he died from a heart attack or he might of token the vaccine which might made him have the heart attack because he looked like he was in good health. I heard that he was with a woman named Ortencia Alcantara who is a 32 year old registered nurse in Atlanta, Georgia. I saw the pictures of her I was thinking she was a cute one. One cute bunny with them them thick brown thighs. I heard the rumours that he died on top of her. Guy, I don’t know if it’s true or not but all I know that he didn’t die alone. I thought that his death was a hoax but then on Friday morning, I went on YouTube and I found out that his death was actually true. I was sad that the man died but the thing that really upset me is when these ghetto gagging scraggle daggles and these simps are celebrating the man’s death. It really goes to show how low these simps and these scraggle daggles are and they are proving it right here.

the girl kevin samuels with

She ain’t bad at all. Matter of fact, she a cute brown bunny!

When the basket ball legend Kobe Bryant died in that helicopter crash in 2020 and his daughter died with him, the ghetto ratchet hoodrats with weave in their hair trying to look like they arch enemy the white woman was celebrating the man’s death. Why? Because he was married to a Latin woman and the man’s money is going to her and the children. And these scraggle daggles feels like his money should go to the so called black community. David Carroll who died, I’m not surprised that they celebrated when he died. And now, they are celebrating the death of this man all because he had an opinion of the harridans bad behaviour.

And these simps who are celebrating the death of this man with the scragglies, these ratchet heifers really don’t want them. They need them as henchmen to come after thinking black men when they talk about the ghetto ratchet hoodrats behaviour but when it comes to love, relationships and marriage, these scraggle daggles are not interested in them. They want the ruff neck dudes like Chopper Man Stoley, Machete Man Briggy, Rum Head Frasier, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta. These will probably think that these harlots will open their legs to them while they are celebrating Kevin Samuels’s death. Not a fucking chance, star!

As I see these black women celebrating the death of Kevin Samuels, it really goes to show that black women don’t care about black men. And you guys must be wondering “Yo Money C, what about thug man them? Do they care about black men who are thuggish, blud?” Well, that’s the men they prefer like Street Mice, Rizla P, Cell Block Scrappy, Corner Boy Ronney, Big Dick Rodney and Fuck All Night Freed. But most of the time, these scraggle daggles don’t care about black men. And they don’t care about the simps, captain save a hoes, ghetto soy boys, black cucks and the oil of olay men.

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kevin in suit 2

Rest In Peace Kevin Samuels!

Oh, one more thing. Actor Dennis Waterman died yesterday aged 74. The actor from Clapham, South London starred in TV shows like New Tricks, Minder and this, The Sweeney!

The opening was just hard!

Rest In Peace Dennis Waterman!


Are The Ratchet Black Women Taking The Good Black Men

ratchet harlot

Getting ready for ratchetness fun!

We all know that the ghetto ratchet black women love the thugs, the worthless men, hopeless men, bum and the unproductive men. They will not fall in love for the good black man whatsoever or fight another woman for his love and affection. If they see a good black man with money, they will try to use him financially but when it comes to the bad boy, these scraggle daggles will go crazy for him. Everybody knows that the thug always get the good girls or good women. However, I do see the good black men with bad girls, or ratchet black women. Hope everyone is doing well. Money Cultural here back with another one and enjoying the sunshine as well. Outside is lovely. Really lovely, damn!

ratchet harlot 3

Here’s the thing right here. Are the ratchet black women taking the good black men? That is the question? There is an article which was written by Blaze Hemingway and it’s called Ratchet Girls Taking All The Good Men which was posted on 15th November 2012 and it’s about are the ratchet honeys are taking the good men away. You see, I have seen black men with ratchet women. I see it all the fucking time blud. I’m from an area where there’s a tone of ratchet women around. And some of my exes are ratchet. Very ratchet.

Here’s the article:

Are the ratchet black women taking the good men away? It seems like they are snatching them away. Why do I think this? Well, when it comes to black men, when they want a woman for a relationship or marriage, they will end up with a black woman that is ratchet. And the reason for that is their mothers is a ratchet woman. So they wanna be with a woman that is like their mums. So they will choose a woman that reminds them as the woman that gave birth to them. Some black men have been raised by ratchet black women and as you see a black man with a black women that is ratchet, you can tell that the has been raised in a ratchet environment.

Oh, black women who are ratchet say to black men, especially when they are young children that they must be with a ratchet black women. So some black men will reject the good black woman which is hard to find nowadays and choose the ratchet honey. Most of the time black men are with black women that are ratchet, some of the athletes are with ratchet black women. And they pay the consequence of being with them.

ratchet harlot 4

But you guys must be wondering “But Money C, ratchet black women prefer the thugs, the criminals, the rogues, type of man them!” Oh yeah that is true. Ratchet black women do go for the thug dudes like Cell Block Scrappy, Street Mice, Ruff Neck Desmond, Corner Boy Ronney, Rum Smuggler Don, Machete Man Briggy, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta. That is mighty, mighty true. So, why the ghetto ratchet black women are with these good black men? If the man is financially stable, then the ratchet black woman will come after him. Will she use him for his money? Well, ratchet black women are well known to be gold diggers.

Being with a ratchet women doesn’t have any benefits. All you will get is nothing but wretchedness and dysfunction. The ratchet women are good for just fun and that’s it. You can’t marry them or be in a relationship with them. But black men are going for women that act like their mothers, their aunts and their grandmothers. If black men raise their standards, then they will not attract these women but as I see black men, they probably like ratchet women more then the rare women known as the good black woman.

ratchet harlot 5

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The looks the the good black men are being scooped up by the ratchet black women.

ratchet harlot 2


No Edges On Hot Pursuit

no edges

car chase

What a crazy chase. It looks a car chase from a television show or a movie. But I hope everyone is doing well. Money Cultural here with one with a crazy scraggly getting chesed by feds!

The female news reporter Gloria Gomez at the end was like “Oh God!”

A woman was arrested for stealing a rental car at the Gainsville area in Florida. Wykeria Stevenson (That first name is so ghetto) was chased by police officers at the Howard Frankland Bridge, weaving in and out of traffic at speeds of a hundred mile per hour. The police did the pit manoeuvre and stopped her before she kills herself or the other drivers on the bridge. As they handcuffed her, she told the cops that she’s pregnant and has mental issues. As she was taken to the county court and she a list of charges, the judge gave her a $25,000 bond and a ankle monitor if she gets released from jail and cannot leave the Florida state with the charges she’s got.

Shout out to Kid Organic for this video.

One hundred miles an hour on the bridge, good grief. She was doing a hundred mile an hour, risking people’s lives on the bridge in. Guy, did you see how narrow the lanes are on the bridge? And also she’s breeding while she was being chased by the Florida police department? Right, here this now, star! When you see a black woman on the news no matter if it’s CNN, Fox News, BBC news, ITV news, Channel 4 News or Sky News, when they do a news report, it’s always a black woman doing some crazy fuckrey. And the way the ratchet black women are like nowadays, this don’t surprise me.

Right, her body is the least of my worries. To be honest, I don’t mind a lot of woman nowadays especially if the woman is from another race. Money Cultural don’t give a fuck! But when you see the mug shot of the speeding scraggle daggle, she has no edges on the side of her head. You see what happens when you put weave in your scalp? You will lose hair. I’m really not surprised that she’s not bald underneath. I’ve done a series called The Weave Wearing Black Woman and I talked about black women wearing this weave trying to compete with the white woman, their biggest and bitterest nemesis. And also, who got this ratchet black woman pregnant? The good black man who is upstanding? No. is it the simp that will defend these ghetto ratchet hoodrats? Not a chance. It’s the thugs that these ratchet scragglies love and adore from Tankera, Rizly Dizly, Street Mice, 357 Jimmy, Rum Smuggler Don, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta.

As she was put in the police car, she said that she was tired. Tired of what? Speeding on the bridge risking other people’s lives including her own? Being ratchet like her female family members? Oh tired of getting dick down under the bed sheets with these thuggish dudes like Corner Boy Ronney, Des The Drunk, Machete Man Brigg, Rum Head Frasier, Cell Block Scrappy and Fuck All Night Fred? We know that a black women never get man handled by the police that much but it does happen. And sometimes black women do get shot dead by the police. But if was a black man getting chased down by them police officers like that, they will rough him up or maybe shoot him dead. Look, what happened to Rodney King in 1991 when he got stopped by police after he was being perused by the LAPD. And when the Los Angeles police officer caught him, they beat the living shit out of him. And it was on tape. And also, they got off in when the cops was taken to trial in 1992. And that spark the riots in LA in 1992.

The car she was driving, I mean stole was a 2017 Nissan Altima. I don’t know if the car had a 2 litre or the 3.5 V6 engine but the cops caught that ratchet lunatic in their V8 Ford saloon cars. Ladies and gentleman, if that crazy broad was driving one of those muscle cars like the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Corvette or a Dodge Charger, you think the police will catch her? Imagine if she was speeding in a Mercedes Benz E63 AMG or the BMW M5? That will be nut. Worse, imagine if she was driving that four wheel drive gorilla, the Audi RS6? The thing has 552 break horse power and 516 pounds feet of torque. If the police ever chase after her in that 4 litre bi turbo V8 chain dog, they’ll struggle to catch her.

When you see a black woman mostly a ratchet black woman, she is doing something crazy which makes you scratch your head and think “What ah gwan ya?”. She’s fighting another woman for a man that has the third woman in the bed, she is killing her children, she is twerking in public, she’s walking in the streets naked, she’s pissing in public, what the hell is going on with black women? What the hell is going on with the American black woman? The black American woman has lost her mind and she has lost it totally. Her head has gone to oblivion and it hasn’t returned since. I always find black American women attractive. I always did. I heard that American black women are the most freakiest women when it comes to the bedroom. But now, is it worth the slice of that black American pie?

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car chase 2

Thank God that no one was hurt or killed during that car chase on the Howard Frankland Bridge. Be careful on the roads people!


SYSBM UK VS Black British Simps

british flag

bad boys 3

eat simp

We all know that there are a huge number of simps in the United States of America. We have the notorious stalker Bareback Fountain, Dr Foolmar Johnson, Shawn James, Simp Boogie Productions, Monty Woodgrain, Derrick Jaxn, Pastor Papi Don, Tariq Nasheed, Bone “Bum” Picker, Clifton Rainey, Tyrone Thompson, Nutward TV, True Semen, Canadian Zone, Ask Nathanial which now call himself The Billionaire Mindset (should change it to simponaire midset), Bother Polight, the names are endless with the simp super league. But what about in the Britain? Is the simping goanna grow in Britain? But hope is everyone coping with the cold in Britain and America as well, so wrap up tight when you walking outside.

The introduction of simp!

In Britain, I heard that 60 per cent of black men are with non black women. It was 55 per cent before but that has gone up by 60, so it’s now gone higher. You must be wondering “60 per cent? Yo, why is it so high blud?” Well, the reason why black men are with non black women in high numbers is because black men have seen the ratchet behaviour with black women for a very long time, so to them it was like “Fuck this” and just abandon ship and let the ship sink down to the ocean. In America, black men with non black women is actually less but that can go up when black American men she the ratchetness of black women.

There is a simpish dudes in the UK and I know. (Not personally, hell with that!) His name is There’s More Hate For Tommy. He’s a muscle bond stalker from Birmingham, West Midlands, England who trolls YouTuber Tommy Sotomayor. There is one video Tommy show everyone on YouTube of this British simp showing his pierced nipples saying “You seeing my nipples Tommy? You seeing my nipples? This fruity shit people but anyway! As black men who are non black women in the UK, there are black British simps coming after them. Why is that? Because these black men who are SYSBM will not be in a relationship with these ghetto ratchet hoodrats these simps love and obey.

There are not a lot of simps in Britain, because that if a black British simp comes after SYSBM just to get sexual attention from these ghetto hoodrats, then SYSBM will light up his ass up big time. They will defend themselves against these simps who will come after them. SYSBM will tear these simpish dudes apart without thinking. The ghetto scraggle daggles will come after SYSBM as well for not dating them and when SYSBM will give them nothing but logic about the hoodrats behaviour, then lose their minds and go crazy. And that’s when they bring the simps in telling them to defend these scragglies.

It seems like the scarggle daggle ghetto hoodrats are just sacrificing these simps to get them slaughtered because they don’t wanna be with a simps. They want the thug like Cell Block Scrappy, 50 Calibre Gilly, Street Mice, Cheddar Street, Machete Man Briggy, Street Boy Ratty and Fuck All Night Freed. The simps should know that these ghetto hoodrats don’t even like them like that. These harridans don’t even care about these simps let alone love them. They like what the simps do and that is defending them but they don’t give them love and affection.

In America, there are tones of simps who are defending these ghetto harridans when thinking black men talk about the ratchetness amongst these scraggs. And they get burned for it when they catch their daggles in bed with Knife Man Priest, Ruff Cut Larry, Thick Dick Tyrone, Rum Smuggler Don, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta. They should know what will happen if they defend these women who are nothing but ratchet. These scraggly daggly women rather open their legs to the thugs or bad boys then the simps who are willing to defend them. And that will be very costly for the simps and the captain save a hoes.

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Simping may not be on the rise but SYSBM UK will be ready to bring in the thunder when these come after them.


You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

black women fighting 2

She’s dragging her by the hair. She’s pulling it like it some rope, damn!

Question. What do you see when you see ratchet black women? You will see them wearing weave trying to copy their arch enemy the white woman, being a single mother, raising children by her own, having an attitude, bleaching her skin, twerking on the internet for free, they curse like sailors, they pray to a white supremist every Sunday and calling him their husband, they put down black men, they feminise their sons when they are young, they twerking in public, they fight another black woman for a man that has another woman in bed, walking down the street naked, they chase after bad boys, worthless men, hopeless men and unproductive men, it’s sees like the list is endless. And there are some simps that saying that this is not true. Yo star, you can make this up. But hoping everyone is doing well. I’m here with another one.

black women fighting 3

The two ghetto chicks ready to trade blows to each other.

You can’t make this stuff. This ain’t no movie, television show, play, novel, radio play and so on. This is real what thinking black men are talking about. But the simps that are defending these ghetto ratchet hoodrats say that this is not true of what thinking black men are saying. I like to know have these simpish dudes watched anything on YouTube with black women fighting for a man that has another woman that he’s pressing under the bedsheets. The evidence is there with ratchet black women who are acting like a fool and these simps, captain save a hoes, black cucks, ghetto soy boys and oil of olay men saying that black men are lying.

Thinking black men talk about the ratchet black women because they see the dysfunctional behaviour with these scraggle daggles. And these simps are attacking them just to defend these ghetto ratchet black women. I see these simps doing this more often then ever. How can anybody defend this sort of behaviour? I was struggling to think why any dude would defend these harridans when they causing any kind of bad behaviour. If someone sees the ratchetness with these ghetto ratchet black women, then they feel like the things that thinking black men are saying about them is true. I see the madness with these ratchet hoodrats myself and I say “Oh God damn!”

One of the ghetto chicks isn’t wearing no knickers. Err, the Basic Instinct thing!

After watching this video, the Jamaican man is trying to stop these scraggle daggles fighting in the streets. All the other men are watching the world wrestling championship match. I understand that he trying to stop these women grappling on the pavement but if he tries to break them up, them two scragglies will end up fighting the man. People must be thinking why black men watch to women fighting in the street or mall and so on is because that they will get attacked by the two black women who were fighting each other. But as these simps see these ratchet black women fighting like this, they will get turned on by it. Me, I just watch them fight really.

All this madness people are seeing with the ratchet black woman is not made up at all. It’s all real. And off course that there are some guys will say not all black women are like this. Yep, that is true. I agree on that but the thing is that we have more and more black women acting like this. And these simps who are defending these ghetto ratchet black women will end up getting betrayed by these harlots as these scragglies don’t like these simps. They prefer the thugs like Rum Head Frasier, Machete Man Briggy, Knife Man Priest, 50 Calibre Gilly and Ruff Cut Larry.

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You really can’t make this stuff up!


The Beta Male Father

Add a heading

Very interesting video but not in this case what I’m talking about. I have a different perspective of something what I’m goanna talk about but hope evryone is doing well. Hold tight North West London.

Right, we all know that the ratchet black women are raising children on their own. We all know that 77 per cent of black women in America are raising children by themselves and in Britain it’s around 49 per cent. I’ve been saying that all the time. And most of the time, these ghetto ratchet women are living off the government. And also they have a simp that are living off the woman and taking care of other men’s children. And these are the simps are coming after SYSBM because there is no way in a million years that thinking black men will date, be in relationship or marry these ghetto ratchet, ghetto gagging hoodrats that they love and obey.

When you see a ratchet woman from the so called black community, everyone knows that she hasn’t had a father growing up. And that is very common in the community. There are so many father homes in the community and it’s in a high percentage. We have so many black women that haven’t grow up with a father in their lives and so does black men as well. If the father died when they were little children, then I’ll understand. However, what about the ratchet black woman and these simpish dudes who was raised with a father in the household. You guys must the thinking “What you mean by that blud? What you mean by that?”

Alright guys, here’s the thing. I know this ratchet girl I know when I use to live in Brent, North West London. The bitch cause havoc for me. And she lived near me as well. I was living in Brenthurst Road and she was living in Denzil Road. And her little brother as well, good God! One evening when I was leaving my sister’s house when she was living in Neasden. I saw her at the bus stop with her mother, her father and her little brother. Me and her was talking (Don’t ask me why I talked to the ratchet broad, please). I saw the father and when I think about it as a man who is now entered in his 40’s who has decoded everything, I was like “That nigah’s feminine blud. Motherfucker’s weak.”

When a girl has a beta male father around her, there’s goanna be a chaotic chick around causing nothing but bullshit with other people and I think she has. I was trying to avoid this chick because I couldn’t stand her and over 20 years later, I still can’t stand her. When you have a father in the household, when the child or children don’t behave and the mother has problems discipline them, that’s when daddy comes in a puts his foot down or put his foot up their asshole, you get me? But when a beta male father is around, it’s the total opposite. He’s not firm towards his daughter or son. I wish I know about this scraggle daggle of North West London. I should off ask questions about her but now I don’t need too.

You guys must be wondering “Yo my G, why does she has a father who is a beta male? This ain’t psychology people but I’ll tell you anyway. When a ratchet black woman sees a man who is strong minded, serious and don’t play around, do you think that she will make him nut inside her and have a child by him? Hell to the no, star! The ratchet woman needs to bring some sort of chaos and the black man who is strong minded will not allow his daughter to be some ratchet individual that will cause fuckery for anyone. So, the ratchet black woman will choose some guy who is nothing but beta. And where I’m from, being beta is a no. no!

As Money Cultural sees the stat of black women in Britain, black British men are not making moves towards them as before. They are not chatting them up and try getting their phone numbers. Black British men are with non black women because they will refuse to tolerate the ratchet black women’s behaviour. The scraggly from North West London have two children one boy and one girl and I hope those kids take the positive route and don’t take up their mother’s ratchetness. I didn’t know that something like this could actually happen because a ratchet black woman comes from a home where the father is absent but I would never, ever thought that a ratchet chick can be raised with a father in the household. Let me tell you something. Black women like her is the reason why 60 per cent of black men in Britain are with non black women.

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The ratchet black women is raising children by their own and everyone knows that. But a ratchet black woman will choose a beta male simp to be a father if she wants to raise them in a two parent household.


Rachet Black Women Remind Me Of My Female Family Members


I know what Chitlins are and I don’t want none thank you very much!

On Friday I’m goanna upload an article of these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles and the simps that are coming after SYSBM. It seems like they have outnumbered us because there are more ratchet hoodrats and simps now but that is on a Friday ladies and gentleman but I wanna talk about the ratchet black women. Yeah, them ones. You see when it comes to the scraggs yeah, they are not afraid to show their ratchetness on display. But not all ratchet black woman are not twerking on the internet for free, fighting in public, fighting another woman for a man that is with the other woman and so on and so on and so. There are ratchet black women that have a rotten, bitter side of them which will pee you off. There are just so much bitterness in these hoodrats and it’s all because of their failures in life. And when it comes to them, I was thinking that “These ratchet women remind me of my female family members!”

You see when a black man sees a ratchet black woman, she reminds him of a female member of his family or female members of his family because remember, there are a lot of black women who are hardcore ratchet and black men see it in their family tree. I have seen it so many times with some of my family members, especially the ones with the weave trying to copy the white woman’s hairstyle. When a black man sees this ratchetness with the women in his family, it puts him in agitating spot. He will get extremely irritated when he sees that bullshit with his female family members. And that is one of the reasons why it’s very difficult for black men to deal with black women when it comes to relationships and marriage.


So, when it comes to dating, relationship and marriage, black men will not choose a black woman. They will go for the non black woman. However, when these ghetto dungles sees a black man with a non black woman, let’s say a white woman the scraggs biggest nemesis, they come after him calling all sort of names. And also try to attack the white woman because the white woman is with the black man. There’s a true story of a black woman who had weave in her scalp come after a black couple with a Saturday night special. Yeah, she was trying to shoot the two of them. So these ghetto ratchet black women will turn violent when they see a non black woman with a black man.

As SYSBM talk about these ghetto ratchet black women who were raised to be dysfunctional, these simps are coming to their aid for these scragglies and go to battle with SYSBM. And as these simps go to war with SYSBM, they get wounded by them because SYSBM will give it to them and I mean give it to them harshly. And worse of all, when the simps comes back to their ratchet queens that they love and adore, they see them with the thugs and the bad boys like Street Mice, Street Man Ratty, 50 Calibre Gilly, Machete Man Briggy and Rum Head Frasier. The simps will lose every single time when it comes to the thuggish dudes like Six Shooter Eric, Longest Dick In Luton Nick and Fuck All Night Freed because these scraggle daggles have love for these men more then these simps.

There are some black men will not go to a family reunions because of the dysfunctional family members they have. And as they see black women acting in a certain way, black men will just back off from that madness the ratchets will bring to them. And when it comes to these simps, they will not be chosen to be husbands or boyfriends at first but they are needed to be the ratchet black women’s enforcers and come after black men who are not dealing with the scraggle daggles. When a black man sees a family member and that member of his family is acting really dysfunctional, he’s goanna say “Hell no, I’m out!”

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When a family member especially a family member acts ratchet, talks loudly, talk about other people and so on, I will say “Shut the fuck up!”