Black Man The New Black Woman

man in dress

As this man from Willesden who see things, I see that black men have a lot of issues in their heads. Go look on YouTube and see what going on with them. As you look at True Semen, you can see the behaviour on his live streams on YouTube. I remember the time I saw him collapsed on the floor because he was drunk like some drunken man you see on the street. And he also piss himself as well. It was dark comedy moment for everyone when they saw that. As he fall down on the floor once more and didn’t come up and also lying in his own puddle of piss, his wife come and turn off the live stream. I beat you that she’s called the side dude to come over and get between the sheets with her. But I hope everyone is doing well. Money Cultural, straight outta North West London doing fine bringing you another one here, you get me.

When 2pac got out of jail, he went on the rampage when he signed to Death Raw Records.

Right, we all see that black men are robbing each other, killing each other, putting down another black man, showing envy to his fellow brother (No relation), hating on him, being feminine and so on. And also I have seen black men who are coming after black men who are with non black women, i.e white women, Asian woman and Latin women. There is a black women, I think she’s a dating coach for other black women says that 80 per cent of black women have a hatred towards black men. You guys will be saying “But Money C, them black women love a ruff neck dude that live in Harlesden blud!” Yeah, that is true. They love the ruff neck dudes that will get them wet between their legs and throw the punany at them. The hatred these black women have for black men is the same hatred these black men have for other black men. These type of black men who are nothing but feminine. They have these feminine characteristic like the deceased rapper 2pac had. But Pac snapped when it got out of prison and start calling women bitches and hoes! Looking at black men now, it looks like the black man is new black woman.

You guys must be saying “Yo blud! What do you mean by that Money Cultural?” Alright, for example. You see these simps that are coming after SYSBM; these simp dudes are nothing but emotional individuals that can’t handle their emotions. And I know that these simps who are pro blacks that do live streams talking about another black man who is with a non black women or married outside his race. There are some simps who are on the YouTube platform do eight hour live streams chatting about black men having non black girlfriends and wives. Oh Lawd God! Listen here; it seems that these foolish simps really don’t have a life. They have nuthin’ to do you know, star! All they do is talk about other people just like these scraggle daggle talking rotten about somebody. They really need to get a fucking life.

You guys must be wondering “Why black men are acting like this? Why are black men are having these feminine characteristics? How these simps are being emotional like the white beta male?” Well, Money Cultural have the answer right here. When a man has been raised in a single parent home or surrounded by women and there is no man there, he will develop those traits in a heartbeat and it starts from childhood. Those traits will rub off him and when it grows up, he will have those characteristics that are off putting to everyone. And these simps have been raised by ratchet black women and they will they will have these damaging traits that we all see. And when you see a simp who is defending a ghetto ratchet scraggle daggle, you can tell that he has been raised by in a single parent household.

As you look at black men right now, they are finished! We have seen black men doing some bull shit on a regular basis. Guys like me have to light them up because of the dunce crap they are doing. Black men feel like being feminine is good for the scraggly women that they are siding for but it’s truly not. These scraggs want them ruff neck like Strokey, Six Shooter Derrick, Gun Dealer Danny, Chopper Man Stoley and Long Cockey George. A man who is feminine is a real turn off for women. They want a masculine man, not a feminine man who can get easily dominated by the woman when it comes to relationships or marriage. Black men have taken over the role as the black women. They really truly earn it because of their behaviour.

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Black men have really token over the black woman’s place!


Crabs In A Barrel Black Men Are With Dysfuctional Women


Crabs in a barrel dudes are big time haters. And most of them are black men!

Black men have this crabs in a barrel mentality. And none of you guys tell me no! Yo, I has seen it over the years of black men not supporting other black man. They just show envy and hate towards him. Right, when it comes to relationships, what type of women these crabs in the bucket dudes are with? They are with the dysfunctional and the wretched black woman. Yep, they are with the scraggle daggle that looks at them at discuss. Hope everyone is doing well still! I wasn’t goanna upload my article on Friday because it’s goanna be Good Friday and I was thinking about having a day of it but I change my mind. But I’m not slacking like last week, especially on Friday. That day was a waste of time, star!

Yeah, haters goanna hate!

Yo, wha gwan hater? What yah deal with?

Black men who have that crabs in a barrel mentality, they are with black women who are dysfunctional. As you see these simps on YouTube, which type of women they are with? Which type of women they are married too? Not a good woman or a normal woman. They are with a ratchet black women that don’t wanna be with them. Every black person knows that in the so called black community, there are black people who have that carbs in the bucket mentality and it’s mostly black men who have that mentality in their head. They have other mentalities in their head as well and most of the time it’s not positive.

With these crabs in the barrel black men or simps which I call them; there are the ones that come after black men who are with non black women. As they do that just to please their ratchet black queens, they are letting the ratchet women they are with to lead the relationship or be the dominate one while these are being the submissive one. I know you guys will say that “Yo Money C blud, you think the man who is dominating the relationship or marriage is controlling the woman, though?” Well, there are dudes will take things a bit too far like the abusive husbands on the Maury show. I have said this before. I’m not goanna control the chick in the relationship but I’ll never let any woman control me. I see does her own her thing and I do I own thing.

And tell the haters goodnight when you go to bed.

These carbs in the barrel simps are not ambitious, they are not goal driven and they have no dreams. All they thinking about is chasing punany left, right and centre. And there is nothing wrong for a man looking for crotches but there are some udes that have no time for that. They are thinking off how to get this money, this big house, the nice cars, they are just getting their money up and black men really need to think about getting money! But crabs in the barrel simps will go against any black man who is ambitious. And that’s when the black ambitious man and the crabs in the barrel simp will go into battle. However, when the simp goes against the goal driven black man, he will get devoured in a heartbeat. The simp never knows how ruthless the ambitious black man is.

Why these black men have this mentality? When black men where young, some of them didn’t have a father in the household raising them. They just had their mother raising them and also had women around them. And these women have a bitterness towards black men because most of these ratchet black women are feminists. And most of them do also have that crabs in the bucket mentality. I think they have crabs as well because they keep opening their legs with these worthless dusty dudes they are with but’s that’s another story. As these simps see this mentality when they’re young boy, it manifests in their brain and as they get older. These simps have a deep hatred towards other black men. And the hatred, it comes very quick.

These simps who got this mentality have feminine characteristics and these ghetto ratchet hoodrats don’t wanna be with a man that is feminine. They don’t want a good guy or a nice guy neither. They want the thug like 357 Jimmy, Street Mice, Cell Block Scrappy, Scruffy, Machete Man Briggy, Rum Head Frasier, Long Cocky George and Corner Boy Ronney. They don’t even care about these simps whatsoever. They will use these simps are their attack dogs/enforcers when thinking black men talk about the ratchet black women but these don’t men like the simps or the captain save a hoes. They want the rogue type dudes like Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Des The Drunk, Stretchers, Big Dick Rodney and Fuck All Night Freed.

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Black men are finished, just like other men in this world.


Black Men Are Finished

feminie black men

feminie black men 2

feminie black men 3

We all know what’s happening with black women. The ratchet black women. Black women wearing weave trying to look like a white woman and lose when they compete with their arch enemy, black women bleaching their skin, embracing single motherhood and that is why they have multiple baby daddies, praying to a man that died on a cross who didn’t say a single thing about slavery, calling their sons they husband which sound very abnormal, getting breed off by worthless black men which they actually prefer, yo blud, there’s so many factors, people! And you know what else? When thinking black men talk about the ratchet behaviour of the scragglies, these simps are coming after thinking black men when they talk about their black queens that they worship.

We have these simps defending these scraggle daggles, siding with them, attacking thinking black men because they have an opinion, coming after black men when they are dating non black women, there are so many fuckery with these simps. I was reading an article called It’s Too Late – The Black Woman’s Image Is Finished by And it’s about the black woman’s image and them wearing bonnets in the street. Yes, we have seen black women wearing it in the street, especially in broad daylight. There was this simp on Twitter and his name is King Keeme. There is a photo of him wearing a bonnet in support of black women. And there are other black men wearing bonnets as well in support for non natural hair black women.

queen keeme

Here’s the link:

Let me tell you something. Black men as a whole is finished. Yes, black men are finished. We see black men killing each other, having children with multiple women, not taking care of their children, having a crabs in a bucket mentality, having feminine characteristics, there is so many things with black man and being feminine is one of them. When scraggles daggles sees a masculine black man, they are throwing daggers at him but when they see a black men that has all the female traits, they will do nothing to him. They actually prefer that more because they wanna see a black man in a feminine state and they look the black masculine, heterosexual male a threat.

Imagine, you walk down the street, enjoying the sun shine, you dress well and you walk past a simp wearing a pink bonnet on his head and he says “I’m giving my full support for my black queens!” I’m will say “Whole on! Why you have that thing on your head, star!? You know that’s for the gyal them? A man can’t wear a ting like that? That’s for women. No blud, no man should wear that. Especially on the road!” Black men are nothing but pink lotion men because they are now they become feminine and the reason for that is because that they were feminized when they were little boys.

And these feminine black men will became henchmen/enforcers and come after SYSBM because they hate it when black men are in relationship or marriage with non black women. The reason why these simps are simping is because they are trying to get some punany rom these ghetto ratchet black women. But they end up getting none because these ghetto hoodrats are giving the pooky to ruffneck dudes like 500 Mag, Rizla P, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Machine Gun Dread, Machette Man Briggy and Des The Drunk. These simps will not get the chance to get the pum pum from these ghetto harridans. No sir, these ghetto harlots will open their legs to the worthless black men that they love, lust and desire.

Black men are finished as a whole and there is nothing that can change that. All black men are good for is being simps who are siding with these ghetto ratchet hoodrats that don’t even like them. They are the last thing on the scraggle daggles mind. The reason why these simps are feminine is because they were raised in a single mother household and they didn’t have a father around. Let me tell you something, if my mum and dad if he was still alive saw me wearing that bonnet in my head, everyone will hear them cursing loud!

feminie black men 4

Look at the dude with the tongue, yo!

feminie black men 5

feminie black men 6

A whole leap of simps are goanna come simping like this!