2011 England Riots: A Decade On

bus on fire

Money Cultural here, just remembering ten years ago.

It’s now been ten years since the England riots happened. It’s been a decade since the chaos erupted in the streets of London and everywhere else around the country. I still remember vigorously of the carnage and the destruction I saw when the Londoners destroying stores, shops, setting cars on fire, taking on the police and so on. And this was happening during the recession and that was a horrible time with the job losses, people losing their business, etc.

It all happened when on 4th August 2011 on my 30th birthday; Mark Duggan was shot and killed by armed police at Tottenham Hale, North London. Intelligence suspected that he has a firearm on him. The protest was peaceful when they were outside the police station in Tottenham but then things got extremely chaotic in the evening time when rioters starting taking on the police, throwing things at the cops, breaking into shops, setting cars on fire, I saw a double decker bus on fire, yo people, it was just anarchy.

london riot 2011

london riots 2011 1

My best friend text me about the riot. I was at a church that time and please don’t ask me why. He told me on the phone that there was a riot because a police officer shot and killed an unarmed man. I wasn’t surprised a riot broke out if a police officer shot dead a black man who was unarmed and Mark Duggan is mixed with Irish and Caribbean. Me and him meant to go and watch an international football match between England and Holland at Wembley but that got called off.

Madness in Woolwich, South East London

Not only it happened in Tottenham but it also happened in Hackney, Brixton, Walthamstow, Peckham, Enfield, Battersea, Croydon, Ealing, Barking, Woolwich, Lewisham and East Ham. And from August 8th to 11th there where riots happening in Birmingham, Bristol, Coventry, Derby, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, West Bromwich and Wolverhampton but they were copy cat violence with social media playing that role. After the end of the riots, they were over three thousand arrests and with more then thousands criminal charges issued across England. Five people died when the riots happened and two hundred and five people was injured and most of them where police officers.

It was tragic what happened to Mark Duggan but it was also wrong that people were looting shops and setting cars on fire, even burning down businesses on fire as well. They were destroying their own community, they’re own neighbourhood but the thing is that they were just sending a message. The government weren’t listening. Talking wasn’t working anymore. People in England were completely frustrated of what’s going on in Britain at that time. Something needs to happen. Something really needed to change.


When the riots was over, I went to Ealing, West London and I saw door windows of HMV damaged and then I went to Croydon, South London and I saw the damages of a store. My mind went “Damn!” All this happened because of one man was shot dead by an armed police officer from the Metropolitan police. There was an African man who saw the damage of the store and he said that “This is recession here!” And I agree with the guy. Recession is definitely here. When the riots happened, the police couldn’t even control it. The coppers had no clue what to do. They just couldn’t handle it. They couldn’t handle things.

The England riots will forever be on my mind. I have never seen chaos like that in my life. I remember the Brixton riot in 1995 after a black man named Wayne Douglas who died in police custody. The police said that he died from heart failure but in the inquest of his death that he been held face down and his hands was cuffed from behind in four occasions. The post mortem said that he suffered from heart disease. I was watching the mayhem in South West London on the news and then over fifteen years later I saw the England riots. Even though the chaotic violence end quickly as it started, I will remember the England riots as one of the most violent explosions I have ever seen in this country.

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Just Three Things


What’s up people? Money Cultural here. Just three things I wanna discuss about.

Right, on Tuesday 29th June 2021, England beat Germany by two goals to nil in the second round of the UEFA European Championship. They will progress to the quarter final and will face Ukraine after they beat Sweden to progress in the last eight. Raheem Sterling scores the first goal and then Harry Kane got the second. Both goals came in the second half. I didn’t watch the whole game because I was busy doing something. While I was watching the game while England was leading, I saw this little girl who was a Germany supporter crying her eyes out and her dad was hugging her. When I was on twitter, I saw some of the twits from the England fans and trust me, it made me sick to the stomach.

german yout

german yout 2

german yout 3

german yout 4

Most of the twitter followers thought it was vile, disgusting, disrespectful and disgraceful. To be honest, I’m not surprised of this at all, because I know how some of the people in England act some of the time. The bullshit was very vile but I was really not surprised at this at all. And I think that this is the reason why some football fans don’t back England when it comes to football because of something like this. Good luck to England win the tournament. And as that little German girl, I bet you that revenge is on her mind and she want to serve it cold.

There was a video that my friend sent to me on Whatsapp and there were four Jamaican men who sang a song called no vaccine. Baby Demos father took the vaccine and died from taking the jab. His father drink rum after he took the vaccine. They say he shouldn’t drink but the man drop dead. I heard that there are plenty people died from the vaccine or get an infection from the vaccine. Listen here, this vaccine is nothing but a deadly poison which is killing people and some most of them are the elderly people have taken it. My thing is this. If the vaccine is dangerous which it look like it is, then why they fucking hell they wanna take something which is very dangerous?

There is a video of a man who has taken the vaccine. He places a light bulb on his left arm where he got the jab. As he place the bulb on his arm, the bulb light up. And then there’s another video of a man who took the jab. When he took the vaccine, his Bluetooth came on. And then when he goes to the television and the internet or the wifi just come on, lol! I don’t know if these videos is on YouTube still because they might off taken them down. Listen here, I will never take that damn vaccine. The only needle will go my skin is when I get my next tattoo on my left arm.

afrian women

trinidad & tobago1

As I knew now that there some simps and all of the YouTubers are coming after black men who are looking for foreign women especially foreign black women. They don’t know about dating foreign women or being in relationship with a foreign woman. And most of these fools haven’t even left the country they are in. They even don’t even have a bloody passport for Christ sake. I haven’t had a vacation for nine years now and that was in Jamaica in 2012 because I was busy with all sorts of stuff. My ex girlfriends are not from this country so I know about foreign women.

african women 2

jamaican lady

These guys who are coming against black men who are looking for foreign women, they really don’t know about women from foreign countries. There are some negative traits dealing with foreign women like Jamaican women act like gold diggers but that’s the mentality of the modern woman nowadays. I like foreign women especially black foreign women. Caribbean women is the thing for me if I want a black woman. But the thing is that some of the women in the West Indies women have weave in their hair and skin bleaching but I see this in Jamaica. I only had one black girlfriend in this country and two biracial girlfriends. That is it. If I want a women from Britain, it’s not goanna be a black UK woman.

I was goanna talk about a 60 year old man who got stabbed to death today at Oxford Circus. And this week up at Croydon, South London, a 16 year old kid was fatally stabbed. Yeah man. One school boy got stabbed in front of a school a couple weeks ago outside a school not far where I live.

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