Rachet Black Women Remind Me Of My Female Family Members


I know what Chitlins are and I don’t want none thank you very much!

On Friday I’m goanna upload an article of these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles and the simps that are coming after SYSBM. It seems like they have outnumbered us because there are more ratchet hoodrats and simps now but that is on a Friday ladies and gentleman but I wanna talk about the ratchet black women. Yeah, them ones. You see when it comes to the scraggs yeah, they are not afraid to show their ratchetness on display. But not all ratchet black woman are not twerking on the internet for free, fighting in public, fighting another woman for a man that is with the other woman and so on and so on and so. There are ratchet black women that have a rotten, bitter side of them which will pee you off. There are just so much bitterness in these hoodrats and it’s all because of their failures in life. And when it comes to them, I was thinking that “These ratchet women remind me of my female family members!”

You see when a black man sees a ratchet black woman, she reminds him of a female member of his family or female members of his family because remember, there are a lot of black women who are hardcore ratchet and black men see it in their family tree. I have seen it so many times with some of my family members, especially the ones with the weave trying to copy the white woman’s hairstyle. When a black man sees this ratchetness with the women in his family, it puts him in agitating spot. He will get extremely irritated when he sees that bullshit with his female family members. And that is one of the reasons why it’s very difficult for black men to deal with black women when it comes to relationships and marriage.


So, when it comes to dating, relationship and marriage, black men will not choose a black woman. They will go for the non black woman. However, when these ghetto dungles sees a black man with a non black woman, let’s say a white woman the scraggs biggest nemesis, they come after him calling all sort of names. And also try to attack the white woman because the white woman is with the black man. There’s a true story of a black woman who had weave in her scalp come after a black couple with a Saturday night special. Yeah, she was trying to shoot the two of them. So these ghetto ratchet black women will turn violent when they see a non black woman with a black man.

As SYSBM talk about these ghetto ratchet black women who were raised to be dysfunctional, these simps are coming to their aid for these scragglies and go to battle with SYSBM. And as these simps go to war with SYSBM, they get wounded by them because SYSBM will give it to them and I mean give it to them harshly. And worse of all, when the simps comes back to their ratchet queens that they love and adore, they see them with the thugs and the bad boys like Street Mice, Street Man Ratty, 50 Calibre Gilly, Machete Man Briggy and Rum Head Frasier. The simps will lose every single time when it comes to the thuggish dudes like Six Shooter Eric, Longest Dick In Luton Nick and Fuck All Night Freed because these scraggle daggles have love for these men more then these simps.

There are some black men will not go to a family reunions because of the dysfunctional family members they have. And as they see black women acting in a certain way, black men will just back off from that madness the ratchets will bring to them. And when it comes to these simps, they will not be chosen to be husbands or boyfriends at first but they are needed to be the ratchet black women’s enforcers and come after black men who are not dealing with the scraggle daggles. When a black man sees a family member and that member of his family is acting really dysfunctional, he’s goanna say “Hell no, I’m out!”

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When a family member especially a family member acts ratchet, talks loudly, talk about other people and so on, I will say “Shut the fuck up!”


Why Thinking Black Men Stay Away from Ratchet Family Members


Why thinking black men don’t hang around with their family members. There is a reason why black men who are thinking minded don’t hang around with family members. There are some family members that I can’t even stand with their ratchet self. And as I got older, it was like “Na blud. I don’t wanna be in this hyena klan.” Because most of them are ratchet women. Right, the reason why thinking black men don’t hang around with their family members is because that they will not deal with the ratchet behaviour with their family. They will refuse to deal with their wretched behaviour and they will call them out on it.

When thinking black men see the women in their family that act nothing but ratchet, they start to think that these woman act like the women they are avoiding with comes looking for a relationship/marriage. When they see the men in their family, they also start to think that the men act like these simps that will defends these ghetto ratchet scragglies when black men talk about the ratchetness amongst black women. For these simps, they will know about the ratchet behaviour because they see it in their family tree. And they see it a lot. But they say nothing about.

When it comes to ambition and achieving their goals, their family members will not support them. They will hold them down like some crabs in a barrel. So it’s like thinking black men have to kick them to the curb and walk away from them. Ratchet black women and the simps will stop an ambitious black man just because that they never had the drive that they have, however, they have the drive to drag another black man down when he wants to be success. But when comes to a white man who wants to be successful, these ratchet black women and the simps will do nothing to him.

When it comes to children, when thinking black men have kids, they are making sure that their family members will not go near them. For instance, if it’s a boy, the female family members will try to feminise him. And if it’s a girl, they’ll try to corrupt her to make her like them. And the simps, they have no sense anyway. The thinking black man want to raise children in a two parent home and for his family members, they fuck it up. No, they want to fuck it up because they are against the two parent home because they cab get free housing, free money, food stamps which you can’t get in Britain, they get things easy.

During a family reunion, the thinking black man wouldn’t think about coming to one. Because he will not deal with the ratchetness amongst his family members. He will refuse to deal with the ratchet behaviour. I understand that family is important but what happens when the ratchetness is too much? When the thinking black man sees his family members, the women and the men have been raised by a woman. They never had a father around. Well, the scraggles took the father out of the household and replace it when government assistance.

When thinking black men call out the bullshit of these ratchet ghetto hoodrats, these simps are willing to defend them. We all know why they are siding with these good for nothing scraggle daggles just to get some cooch but they should know that these scraggles only wants the simps to defend them. They prefer the worthless men like Street Mice, Dusty Dave, Dirty Mark, Thuggish P and Hoodlum Gravy. Thinking black men knows that these simps are wasting their time saving these ghetto ratchet hoodrats that they have in their family. Because these scraggs don’t like it when these simps lick up to them.


S.Y.S.B.M And Having Dysfunctional Family Members



It’s a S.Y.S.B.M thing, you get me?

S.Y.S.BM, the lifestyle which Mad Bus Driver X has created in 2012 and I discovered it in 2013. Since it was created, a lot of scraggle daggles and simps are attacking it with relentless force. And the reason why they are attacking is because S.Y.S.B.M are not dating their race of women. There is no way that these thinking black men will not be with these women who are ratchet like these scraggle daggles of the hood. But S.Y.S.B.M has another problem. They have another issue and that is them having dysfunctional family members. Believe or not, the S.Y.S.B.M have family members that are ratchet, have wretchedness, shows dysfunctions and so on.

I do have ratchet family members who are unfortunate but that’s on them but as the thinking black man sees ratchetness with the scraggles daggles and the simps in his family, he was like “Fuck that, I’m out!” and walks off without looking back. And most of the time you don’t want to be around with ratchet family members because of their bad behaviour and when you see this, it makes you wanna ghost them.

When I’m around with family members, all I see is ratchetness that will make me wanna fucking vomit. It makes me feel absolutely sick when I see the ratchet behaviour of these harridans in my family. It seems like they love being ratchet and they also criticise people harshly but I’m ready to put them down when they wanna criticise me. As you see these simps attacking S.Y.S.B.M, we all know these captain save a hoes are products of single mother households and most of them are surrounded by ratchet women most of the time.

When I was in my 20s, I hated ratchet black women. I mean I hated these fucking ratchet scraggle daggles like crazy. But when I hit my 30s, I found out why these ratchet harlots act so ratchet on the daily basis. The reason is that act ratchet is because they were raise to be this way. If you have a ratchet woman and she has a child, that child is goanna inherit her ratchet traits. And when they child grows up and has a child, the child will become ratchet as well. S.Y.S.B.M has family members that has wretchedness and that’s why they don’t go to family reunions. They will not go to a family barbecue because their family are rife with ratchetness.

Having dysfunctional family members is very hard to live with because of their ratchet behaviour is very off putting. How can any thinking black man will be in an environment like that? No, he wouldn’t really! The is one of the reasons why black men are with non black women because they don’t want a woman that acts like their mothers, their aunts, their grandmas, their older sisters or female cousins. Because it will be really unhealthy for the man to have a woman that acts like their family members. For thinking back men, it’s all about having standards and having a woman that acts like the women like their family members is a huge no, no.

No thinking black man should be around dysfunctional family members. And plus, you think a dysfunctional family member have a future? No! Do you think that they have ambitions? No! Do you think they have any goals? Fuck no! These are the people that will make another person’s life a living hell and the will not stop until they are dead six feet under. They’re lives will get worse by the second but they will make your life completely hell. They say that miserly loves company and we know what company these ratchet individuals have around and love to be around with. I always have a saying that a fuck up will fuck things up for you.