The Damaged Black Man Known As The Simp


I’m talking about the simps again. Yeah, I know. These are the type of fools that are willing to take on or take out thinking black men because they are protecting the ghetto ratchet scarggle daggles that they love so much. But everybody knows that these harridans don’t even like these simps. But I hope everyone is doing well still. My birthday is on Thursday. I’m goanna be 41 years old. People tell me that I don’t look it. I get that all the time. Did you hear about the cycling crash at the Commonwealth Games? I saw one cyclist went over the barrier and few into the crowd. I heard that one person in the crowd got hurt. I hope the cyclists are not suffering for serious or career threating injuries. If one of the cyclist get a career ending injury, that is it.

When a thinking black man talks about the ratchetness amongst black women, there are some black people will say that this man has been hurt by black women, they got their heartbroken by black women and so on. And it’s the ratchet black women and these simps are saying this. Listen here, we all been hurt by someone that never loved us. There was a live stream on YouTube. Quincy 82 and Rap Raven from Black Betterment Broadcast was talking about how to better the so called black community. They had a disagreement and Quincy had enough of him and left the live stream because Rap Raven wasn’t listening to him. These simps never listen to people anyway. When Quincy comes of the live stream, Rap Raven said he’s just suffering from trauma and some sort of pain. Right, what about the simps? Are they suffering from trauma or some pain?

Damaged black men are up on the rise. And who are these black men who are damaged? Yep, it’s these simps who are damaged! You guys must be thinking “What kind of damage your talking about blud?” Well, most of the time it’s physical abuse when they where children. And most of time it’s their mothers who are raising them alone without the fathers who fucked off because they didn’t wanna deal with the mother’s ratchetness, the father wasn’t interested of the child or the father find out that he wasn’t the father of the child when he did that DNA test. And these ratchet mothers are taking their anger out of the boys and beat them because their sons remind them as their fathers when their mothers look at them. The young black girls, they go through it as well.

damaged 2

For instance, Bareback Fountain who use to stalk every single black man on YouTube. He was even stalking me a few times and I have to cheek him numerous times. I was thinking “Yo star! Why this Negro keep stalking me and taking clips of me of my videos.” I was wondering “Why this fool keeps stalking me and other guys on YouTube. This is some narcissistic thing the man is doing!” Then I found out that he was beaten up by his mother when he was a child. His mum use to knock him around when he was young. And that is the reason why he was acting like this on YouTube. He was acting like this all the time. We do have tones a narcissistic people on YouTube. Look at Playmate Tessi who mocked the young girl who got cancer.

Guys, I was so upset when I heard about this!

When a black boy gets beaten by his mother who is raising him by her own, when he grows up, he might become feminine which might possibly happen or he becomes abuse towards black women when he’s in a relationship. He might end up beating up his girlfriend or wife. Look at the rapper and producer Dr. Dre. I gaurentte that he’s been beaten by his mother when he was a young boy. And he grew up to become an man who can’t control himself. That’s why he beat up the R&B singer Michel’le when they had a relationship. And that relationship was damn right toxic. I could never be in a relationship like that. I have been in a toxic relationship before and that was in the year 2000.

What about me? Did I get beaten by my mum when I was little boy? Listen here. When I was little child, I was a rude shit. I was the demon child from hell. Rude, lie, mischievous, misbehaving, I use foul language as well, I was naughty. I was a bad little boy. “And some of them will say “You still are today!” No, I’m not. But anyhow, as you look at these simps who are defending the ghetto ratchet black women, they have been through things when they were young boys. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rap Raven from Black Betterment Broadcast went through the same thing like these simps who are coming after black men who talks about the ratchet black woman.

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Tough one to talk about but I still can’t stand these simps, captain save a hoes, black cucks, ghetto soy boys and these oil of olay men. Frigg them!


Amber Hurt

johnny deep

amber heard

It’s the middle of the year and this year, I have seen the war between Russian and Ukraine, Will Smith slapping Chris Rock in the face during the Oscars because Chris Rock said about Jada Pinkett Smith’s bald head, some simp with black nail varnish attack Dave Chappelle on stage in the Hollywood Bowl and now heard the news that YouTube Kevin Samuels has died. And you know what makes it worse that these ratchet black women are celebrating his death. Hope everyone is doing well. I’m here with another one. I thought that Kevin Samuels’s death was a hoax but it’s actually true. It was confirmed that the man has past away. And black women, they are doing the same things when basket ball legend Koke Bryant died. They are celebrating because Kobe was with a Latin woman. And his daughter died with him as well.

johnny deep and amber heard

We all heard about the news of Johnny Deep and Amber Heard getting a divorce. When the news came in that Amber Heard said was psychically abused by Johnny Deep, everyone went on an up raw. Everybody lost their minds until then they find out that she was the abusive one in the marriage. At first, I was wondering “Yo star! Why did he abuse the gyal? Women love this man like crazy!” He’s a great actor and an Oscar nominated actor also. On the news, I heard that his mother was abusive when he was a child. She was abusive to him, to his father and to his other siblings. So a person no matter if it’s a man or a woman who has been abused or seen abuse in their childhood, they may will end up in an abusive relationship or marriage.

You know men go through violence in relationships, especially in marriages. It’s not like women that go through domestic violence. I don’t know the percentage of men going through abusive relationships but I guarantee that men are going through it just like the women do. There are some women that have punched and kicked their man, especially in public. Them things do happen, even in broad daylight. Yo, there are some ladies that will fuck up their boyfriends or husbands in the street in front of people.

Have I ever been an abusive relationship before? Well, most of the exes are nothing but gold diggers that have narcissistic tendencies and play these mind games that will make a man go elsewhere and move on or cheat with the next woman. I know because I have done that before. But when it comes to psychically abuse, well not really. I was in a relationship with this biracial chick in the year 2000 and she was just using me financially, giving me a bad attitude, her beta male friend who has gay/homosexual characteristics, let me just move on. I have been emotional abuse but not the psychical part. And me and the woman didn’t ever had sex or kissed.

You guys must be asking me “Money C, have you ever seen physical abuse in your childhood?” Yes I have. I have seen my mum and dad fight numerous times. It was a Sunday and my parents were arguing. I was young at the time. Later on in the day, they were still arguing. They he starts to strangled her on the banister upstairs. I didn’t know what the argument was about because I was a kid that time. I don’t know what they were arguing about. She kick his ass on a occasional basic. Right, my mum and my dad has an argument on weekend. This one was in the mid 1990’s. My dad pushes my mum so the woman took the baby pram and hit him with it. My mum told me this when I was a teenager and she told my sisters as well. You could of saw the pram. The woman fuck up the prom. And one of the back wheel was loose.

I hope that Johnny Deep and Amber Heard get the help they need. It was really sad that they broke up but when you in a dangerous relationship, you have to end it and leave that person behind. You’re not goanna take that shit for the person you love who is laying hands on you. Look, these narcissistic people will push your buttons. I know people. I have dealt with them for many years and some of them are my exes. When these people especially the ones you love from family members right down to the man or the woman you love that has these bad mind tendencies, you got to let them go.

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Men go through abuse relationships. And in marriages too!


Did They Reject The Nice Guy

domestic violenece

This is just a short one. But hope everyone is doing well. Busy day, busy week for Money Cultural but what else is new? Nothing much, star.

Damn, he just took her out!

As I watch these day time talk shows, I see these wives and girlfriend that are in an abusive relationships with these men. I see it on the Maury show, Sally Jesse Raphael, Steve Wilkos and so on. As you look at these guys treating these women, you must be thinking that “These guys are bastards!” But there is one thing I like to say. Did these women reject the nice guys before? As I look at it, I’m not too sure. They might have rejected the nice guy because the nice guy is being too nice. The nice guy always get rejected most of the time and it happens very often. But when with these guys who beat their woman or control their women, that’s the men they will go for. Well, some of the woman. I’m not with this domestic violence bullshit and it is a very serious thing but I know that these women wouldn’t mind to have a man who will take them down with one hit or multiple hits.

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domestic violenece 2

I might talk about this next week.


It Does Happen In Jamaica


Not nice to see, people!

Yeah man, this stuff happens in Jamaica. You think that domestic violence is just a British thing or an American thing but it happens in the land when my parents are from. I always wanna talk about this but the man didn’t had the chance to talk about Jamaican men beating up their wives. But I do talk about Jamaican men killing off their women and then killing themselves afterwards. There was a Jamaican solider who killed his wife because she had a next man on the side and then killed himself. That is happening a lot now. It never use to happen before when I was a young boy.

In 2007 when I was in Jamaica, I was walking with my friend up at Ridge in Whitehall and I saw this Jamaican browning, nice looking girl and my friend said hi to her because he knows her. And he told me that her boyfriend is beating her up. I was “What? Seriously though!” The man has a girl that pretty and he’s beating her? Wow! If the man is beating her, then why is she with him? Financial dependency? I’m really not sure.

There are some video clips I have saw on YouTube in 2013. There was one Jamaican man who was fighting his woman in front of a house. I don’t know whose house was it. It might be a friend’s house or a family member’s house. And then I saw another video clip of dude who punched his girlfriend in the car. Her nose was bleeding and he was recording while he was driving. I think they took the video down because I haven’t seen the video on YouTube but I think I know why basically.

You must be wondering why these women continue to stay with some guy who will beat the hell out of her. There are some men that some black women will go for and it’s not the good black man they are going for to marry and have children with. They are going with the worthless dudes that they truly desire, you get me? And as they have an abusive simps, the don’t leave the man. Until the woman has had enough.

I don’t know what is the percentage of domestic violence is in Jamaica but these things do happen. The women should know that they shouldn’t be with a man who is worthless but they end up with them anyway. There are some men that are beating up their girlfriends/wives in Jamaica but they are killing them as well and then kill self as well. Oh yeah, when you domestic violence getting recorded, the fool who is recording it, you can hear the man laughing.

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You Can’t Save Them


Right, I don’t agree with any violent behaviour in a relationship. I don’t care if the man is being violent in the relationship or the woman who is being violent to the man and I have seen women being violent in a relationship but it happens occasionally but let’s focus on the man beating up his woman. The first clip is a black woman who has been abused by a white guy. And the white guy almost killed her and I know that 25 per cent of black women get murdered by their non black boyfriends/husbands. And the other clip is a black woman who has been abused by her boyfriend and she has a child with him. As Steve Wilkos step to him, both men had a confrontation. Steve send him backstage and then he ask his girlfriend why are you with him if he’s abusing you. And then she says to him that she love him. They always say that.

Alright, when a woman says that when she’s with a man who is abusive, violent, aggressive to her and so on, you should step back and leave it be. You can’t save these women. You must be wondering if these guys are so abusive in the relationship or marriage, then why are these women are with these guys for so long. Because these are the men that they love and adore. Like I said, I hate to see violence in a relationship but these women don’t leave these men who are putting them on the ground after one punch and then fuck them on the floor. They like the bad boy, the thug, the worthless man, the hopeless man and the unproductive man, especially in the black community.

I was just wondering that these women who are in these abusive relationships or marriage, did they turn down the nice guy by any chance? How many nice guys that these women have turned down or betrayed or played? They must have hurt the nice guy because he was being too nice, and then be with the man who is willing to beat the shit out of her. You, blud, it’s hard to be the nice guy, star! Because if you play the nice guy roll, the girl will definitely play games with you and you don’t want that, you get me? You will get no love, no affection, no punany, you get nothing in return. But the men that will punch them up, they will get the pum pum! I’ve seen domestic violence when I was young and I saw my mum and dad fighting. My mum fuck him up obviously. My two sisters have been through domestic violence as well. And I know where their exes live also. They better get protection because if they say shit to me, boy they have sealed their fate.

Right, it was the winter last year and I saw my friend in Camberwell Green, South London. He use to live in Harlesden, North West London. It was evening time and me, him and his baby mother/former girlfriend was talking, she was smoking weed and I was drinking. Right, they had a row because that he thinks that she was cheating and he’s thinking that the three children are not his. And he something about her dad and then things got headed. Right, they both was at the passage way and then I heard like a struggle. Then I heard it again, so I was thinking that “Yeah, they are fighting.” So went to the passage way and his baby mother told me that he was trying to take off her trousers. Then he started to beat her up right in front of my eyes. He just beat the shit out of her. I did try to stop him but he just continues to beat her up. When the beating stop, both sit down and talked.

When I was heading home when I was living in Watford, Hertfordshire at that time, he called my phone and he said that are you heading home. And I said yes. And then him and her telling me that they are having sex. Right, here’s the thing, why is he so focus on the gyal them on the street and not thinking about the three kids? And he has other children as well. Why is he saying that the children ain’t his and he knows that he’s was chasing broads, remember, he’s the insecure one and he’s accusing her for sleeping around. Let me tell you something, when a person is accusing you for something you haven’t done, they are the one are doing the dirty on you. And another thing, why can’t he focus on his children instead of chasing one girl to another. When a man has children, he has to change his priorities now. He has to take care of his children financially but the dude is not focusing on his children. He’s mission is punany. If he had no children, then yeah, that will be fine but he has children and he needs to focus them. But let me tell you something, she could off called her brother and her father you know. And if she tells them that he put his hands on her, they would go and beat him up in his flat. And the man can’t call his brother you. His brother can’t defend that you know!

As the time women reach to the thirties and have children with the wrong man, all of a sudden they are looking for the nice guy. But then the nice guy will look at these women and say no way and walks off. And as in the black community, black men see the black women with children, they are saying no way and run off faster then winger on a football team. So, these women have no alterative but to choose the simp and that is the man that these women do not wanna be with because the simp lacks masculinity. Domestic violence is a very serious thing and in the Britain, domestic violence has gone up by 49 per cent. You can’t save these women because when you do, they will go back to the man that is willing to knock them on the floor.

“The only time I will put my hands on my girl is when I bend her over and spank that big booty when she acts like a naughty girl”


Her White Ike Turner


I heard that Crystal Swirls is in a abusive relationship with her white beta male boyfriend who is meth head. You know something. I’m not surprised with this because when a black woman end up with a white man she will end up with a below average individual. When they date a white man, they will go for the bottom shelf Brad, not Nice Guy Nick who is a business manager who makes six figures, drives a Mercedes Benz S500L, has a nice home and so on. But the overweight Crystal Swirls who is a single mother of mix child and the father is not around; she’s in a relationship with a drug addict.

I know that 25 per cent of black women end up dead in an interracial relationship. I have no issue of black women going into a non black relationship, but they end up with the white beta male, a racist white man or a bottom of the barrel Brad. They don’t care if the white man doesn’t have a job, no car, no money, lazy and so on, they got to get this low ranking white man. But it ends sour when the white beta male starts swinging at her. And he doesn’t miss.

You know when a woman says that get out of the relationship if the man gets violent, then why heifer leaves the man? Because of his white skin and she feels that right is right. And the thing is that she’s has a child in that abusive environment. No child shouldn’t be in that situation. You must be thinking what the fuck is she thinking being with a guy with a man like that? Like I said, it’s because of the white skin.

You know something. I think this is some sort of karma of her unnecessary hatred of black men, celebrating the death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant, all of the shit that is now coming back to bite her on her fat behind. I tell you karma, she’s a bitch and this black male hating heifer knows it because what she is getting is a left hook, right hook and the uppercut from her meth head white boyfriend.

But hold up. Crystal Swirls weight 350 pounds, right? Then if she weight that much, then she must can put his meth ass through the wall. She must know how to take the man down. She should know that she can put him on the ground and sit on top him and crack his ribs. Or make sure he can’t breath. You see, the meth head beating her because he wants money for his addiction and she’s not giving it to him. So he’s beating the shit out of her. That is probably the reason.

She has to be like E. Honda. Give that 100 clap move!

Domestic violence is a very serious thing but in this situation, the S.Y.S.B.M will not feel sorry for her because of her anti black man stance. I don’t feel sorry for the heifer at all because of her celebrating the death of Kobe Bryant. Not only her who was in celebration of the death of the basketball legend, the other scraggle daggles celebrated his death as well and his daughter who died along with him as which was really, really sad. Anything happened to these ghetto ratchet hoodrats, I would even care whatsoever.


Glad I’m Not Like These Abusive Simps


As you see these simps beat the holly hell out of their women, you must be wondering why are these simps are beating the living shit out of the women they love? When I walk down the street, I have seen a poster of a woman sitting down on her bed covering her face in complete fear. On the poster, it says abusers work from home as well. We all know why that the abusive simps are fucking up their women. Is because that they seen domestic violence when they were young boys? Have they been through abuse by one of their parents?

In the black community, we have seen so many black boys getting beating by their mother who are raising them with no father in the household. These scraggle daggles relentlessly beat their black sons until these simps grow up and beat their girlfriends or their wives. When I was young, even I was raised in a two parent home, I was getting beatings from my mother. My mum and dad are from Jamaica and in that island, we all know that Jamaican parents won’t hesitate to beat their children.

Right, I thought I was goanna be like these abusive simps who will fuck up their girlfriends face without thinking but I didn’t. I didn’t want to be like these abusive simps who will conflict damage on their women’s face. When I was small, I use to get beatings and when I was a teenager, I throw an attitude at my mum because when you are a teen, you think that you’re grown but every teen thinks like that anyway. But when I was young, I was a rude little shit and use to swear at my mum, especially when I was a teenager.

When I was in a relationship, I thought I was goanna put my hands on my girlfriends. I thought I was goanna give them black eyes, broken noises and busted lips but none of that happened. I was just being the lover man, you get me? But my relationships didn’t last long because my exes were gold diggers and they play too many games.

Here this. If I ever did put my hands on my girlfriends, will they stay with me? If they did, then something is wrong with them mentality. I know that there are some women that do like that kind of thing. It makes you think really. It seems like they don’t want a nice guy. Let me tell you something. It is hard to be nice. If you goanna be the nice guy, then these girls will play games with you and make you look like an idiot. I did an article of Hard To Be Nice.

From the graces of the most high, I’m glad that I haven’t turned into these simps especially the ones who as who put women on a pedestal just to get between their legs. I don’t want to be in a relationship that I could smack down my woman while she in the kitchen baking cookies. The only time I put my hand on her is when I bend her over and spank that ass and nothing else.


The Abusive Simp

abusive simp

Man is ready to give her blows. And in front of the children as well. Damn!

With all of my exes, I have never ever hit them. I only creep on them, well some of them but yo! These black men are beating their women like crazy star, bumboclet! Listen, I don’t like it when a woman get beat down by her man but some of the time, the chick is pushing the man to the limit. These abusive simps are knocking out their women and this is not something new you know. This happens in the so called black community and it happens a lot.

The abusive simps are giving the beating to these black women in terms of jealousy, not cook or clean, not looking after the children, not hearing their man when he calls them, not cooking the food good and so on. In the household with the abusive simp and his black queen, he’s giving her blows because of something she has said or done. I don’t condone domestic violence, but the simp will fuck her up badly, you get me?

So, why the abusive simp is is damaging his woman’s face? Why is he giving her blows to the face of the woman that he loves? Well, if he has been hurt in the past by other women, well everyone have been hurt. If he had an abusive father and he sees him beat his mother up when he was a young boy, then obviously. But there is another reason why. You see, these simps have been raised by single mothers and their mums use to beat the living hell out of them when they were young boys. There is a video in America of a single mother who beat the holy hell out of her son outside the apartment with the belt and you could hear the boy crying and screaming like mad.

And that is the reason why these abusive simps are violent when they get older. Here this. As these abusive simps giving their women black eyes, a broken nose, bust lip, bruised face, cracked ribs and so on, these women will stay with these men regardless how many times these abusive simps fuck them up, they still stay with them. And it’s not only for financial reasons, it’s also that they love them. They loves them after they beat the hell out of them? Wow! It seems like they love the beating that these abusive simps gives them.

My two older sisters have went through that shit when I was young. And I heard that one of my relatives use to beat up his wife. The man use to bust up her lip, bust up her face, he gave her the works. Men like Beat Gyal Darren, Clap Her Down Mark, Fist Her Up Barry and Woman Beater Danny are just putting these women down on the ground with their hands.

It seems like these women prefer these type of men like Pookie, Ray Ray, John John, Corner Boy Ronney, Ruff Neck Desmond, 357 Jimmy, 6 Shooter Derrick, Pimp L, Rizla P, Rapid Fire Rasta and Big Dick Rodney. These women will stay with these men and these abusive simps will kill them in a heartbeat. And you know what makes it worse? When these women have children by these men.

Man is ready to give her a right jab!



What’s On My Mind Part 2


What’s on my mind?? There is a lot of things on my mind but I’m goanna tell just a few things on what in this mind of mine. January 2020 was a very tough month. Yes, it was a very tough fucking month and now January has now come to an end and my head can finally come in peace. But will it though? Because I don’t need no stress whatsoever and I can get easily stressed out when things don’t go my way or there is a compromise. At the end of it, I don’t allow that compromise fuckery around me. I just want to do things straight forward.

I wanna talk about the black manosphere 2.0 and I wanna tell you something about it. It’s dead. It’s completely dead. We have to organise it’s funeral and all of the S.Y.S.B.M crew, the M.G.T.O.W and I.B.M.O.R are invited to see it buried under six feet under. And you know why it happened? Is because of these simps keep bringing these ghetto ratchet hoodrats on their platform and they are making these women take over it. These simps, captain save a hoes, pro blacks, cucks and ghetto soy boys including the oil of olay men are allowing to have these women on their platform all because they want some coochie. Like I said, it’s the simp’s strategy.

Great Britain is coming out of the European Un – Union. LOL! The United Kingdom will come out of the EU after being in that crooked organization for 47 years. When the EU Referendum happened on June 23rd 2016 when the Britain voted for Brexit the remainers think that the country will be worse off but I think that Great Britain will be fine. I voted to leave because the EU just want to live of the UK money just like some gold digger like my exes. And second off all, staying in the EU will make the British people lazy, maybe lazier. You see you know how this white beta males say that the foreigners are coming in the country and taking the jobs away. So if we leave the EU, the white beta males will finally do the jobs that they are complaining about. The Asian man say that on this video on the Guardian on YouTube and I was thinking the same thing as well.

Here his view on 7:12 on this video

I also want to talk about black men chasing punany. Black men are all focused on one thing and that is that sweet fruit what the women has between their legs. Black men nowadays are thinking about what punany they are going to fuck tonight or in the afternoon. Black men are not focused on money but they are thinking about the clit twenty four seven and then don’t have a single dime in their pockets. I have done a article called Chase Money Not Women and I was explaining about black men need to chase money and not chasing women. We are in a go – getters era now everyone is thinking about money. But the broke pocket crew is thinking about this punany hunt. All them so called gyaliss which means in Jamaica a guy who sleep with lots of women and doens’t care about it are mostly broke.

In Jamaica, the men from this beautiful island are killing of the Jamaican women a jealous rage. This is happening a lot now! These men are shooting these women, stabbing them, even chopping their heads off when they find out that their women have another man outside the relationship. Why don’t just leave them and move on to someone else? I understand that you love that person but what happens if that person loves you? Then you move on and find something better. When these Jamaican men slicing these women’s heads off, you must be wondering these Jamaican men must be watching the movie Sleepy Hollow. They are going Sleepy Hollow with these women. They are not playing about at all. They are just slicing their heads off without thinking!

I don’t wanna talk about this but anyway! On Wednesday 29th January 2020, I saw my best fried who I known for over 20 years beat up his baby mother in South East London. I don’t know what is going on with them two but he was accusing her that she was sleeping around and that got her mad. They was arguing for a very long time. His mobile phone was ringing and it some crazy girl that was calling him while he was with his other baby mother during the day. I don’t want to go into it so deep but the girl was calling him was crazy. And when he was with his first baby mother at his flat, the girl was constantly calling him and the baby mother knows that it was some chick calling him. He always chatting to one girl to another. She knew that he had a whole leap of women and then they have a psychical battle and it ended in a beat down. Things calm down when I stop the whole thing. They were talking and I went home. When I was heading home, he called me and we talk a bit. And then I was talking to his baby mother and she told me that they are having sex. But anyway! When that crazy girl was calling him like crazy, it goes to show that he should stop chatting up one girl to another because you will never know who you will be dealing with. All he thinks about is punany and he’s the same age as me but he’s a few months older. When he was talking to the crazy girl, he says that if anything she wants, she can get it. Weed,jewellery, anything. When he was at war with his baby mother, he said that he was a hustler. He just a occasional hustler.

Right, to the so call hustlers. If you want to be a hustler, you have to do it constantly and constantly. Being a hustler is an everyday thing and you have to serve people of what you are selling in the street. You can’t hustle on a occasional basis. Being a hustler is a frequent thing and these so called hustler can’t do it. Let me tell you something. I can be a better hustler then anyone one of them. I can easily make money on the street better then them. I know how to be a hustler on the street corners. I can make add least two hundred pounds in one day by selling weed. They don’t know the hustlers game. You have to be on the same spot and selling what you are selling but the police will be watching you. But these so called hustlers, some of them talk so shit most of the time. But here this. I don’t want to be a hustler.

These mix girls, I really feel sorry for them. They always get beaten up by black women. Some of them get beaten up when they where young girls and the reason why black women are beating up these biracial ladies is because that black women are jealous of them. When they see that light skin girl, the envy just come out like a flash. Look here, there are some fine dark skin chocolate honeys around. I was at Victoria heading to South East London on Wedenesday and there was this fine dark skin honey bunny with natural hair. And them dark legs was just so dangerous. And you know I always say that natural black women is very thing. She is one of the rare black women.

On Sunday 26th January 2020, Kobe Bryant died along side with his daughter. They were both was killed in helicopter crash with other people on board. It was just so sad. I’m a Boston Celtics supporter and when I heard the news about his death, my mind went so many different directions and his daughter died with him also. Oh man! The tributes for Kobe Bryant and his daughter was really nice. Everybody loved him as a player and he was great player also. But here this. You see these ghetto ratchet black women, they are all bitter towards his death. Why? Is because he was married to a non black woman and had a family with her. They can’t be upset if the man don’t wanna date a black women, a ratchet black women matter of fact. When they complain about a black man who is with a non black woman, they continue to wear this weave trying to look like their arch, bitter enemy known as the white woman. They know they can’t compete with the white woman because of her hairstyle. White women can flex their natural long, wavy natural hair and these harridans who love 357 Jimmy, Ruff Neck Desmond, Rizla P, Pimp L, Knife Man Priest, 6 Shooter Derrick, Ganja Smoke and Long Dick 44, they will continue to go bald while they keep wearing these weave on their head.

And finally, a young teenager was stabbed and killed in East Croydon, South East London. It’s another teenager that been murdered and it seems like this issue of knife violence hasn’t been resolved. Last year, just over one hundred people have been stabbed to death and it’s mostly teenagers dying in the streets, black teenagers to be honest. Us thinking black men knows why this is happening. These black boys are being raised in a single mother home and there is no father in the household. These ghetto harridans are producing criminals in these single mother homes and they are making them cause mayhem in the streets. And these mothers don’t care at all but off course, they won’t because they will get they’re government assistance money and not going out there and work.

It has been a very tough month for not only for me but for everyone else. What we need to do is to destress ourselves. We just need to relax and don’t rush into anything. We wanna take things calm now and we don’t anything to bother our minds. I just glad this month is over.


Jamaican Men Ain’t Playing Around Any More


I saw this video on YouTube in November 2018 and it was a Jamaican man who caught his woman cheating with another man in his bedroom. He told the story of his woman getting doggy style by the man with the shine shoes. As the man told the story I hear the man saying “yes” in the background as the man said he heard sex noises in the bedroom. Then the man says that he burst open the door and sees his wife getting the rear entry by the man with the shine shoes. I tell you I didn’t wanted to laugh at the video but I couldn’t hold it much longer. It was a funny video as he told the story of him catching his wife getting rammed from behind by the shine shoes man. I understand that something like this is not funny. It’s not funny for anyone catching their man or their woman cheating especially when they are having sex with another person in your bed but I couldn’t hold it together when the story was told. But I’m so surprised that he didn’t kill the woman or even kill the two of them. And that’s what Jamaican men are doing now.

Here is the video of the man who caught his woman with another man in the bedroom:

These bitches ain’t loyal!

The Jamaican men are not playing around anymore. When the Jamaican woman cheats, the man goes into distress. Tears roll down on their face and starts crying. As the woman get breed by the next dude who will not be there for the child financially and emotionally, the hurt will truly cut deep in the heart but now, it’s a whole different thing now. Everything has now change as Jamaican man is executing these Jamaican women. They use to cry them a river when their Jamaican boo cheats on them but now thing are getting violent. I have said this on my blog Black Men Dating Single Mothers when I said that Jamaican are killing their women. The Jamaican men have had enough now. They’re not messing about any more. Most to the time, these women the men are with; some of them are single mothers. And these men need to stop simping for these below par women. Real men don’t raise another man’s kid. They’re doing a Russell Wilson. Me and my best friend talked about this on Christmas Eve in 2018. I know that single mothers are nothing but whores because I have seen it numerous times and I know that for sure that these women are thirsty sexually and they cannot control their sexual urges.

These women the Jamaican men are with are not good women. They are below average. I know that there are some good Jamaican women around but the men are not going for them. They are not choosing these woman but instead they are going for the wrong woman who has kids with different bums. And if there are good Jamaican women around, where are they? I’m saying this because I have experience with Jamaican women before and four of them are my ex lovers from that beautiful island. But these men will end up with these Jezebels who are nothing but whores. And these women are having sex with another men behind their backs especially with no condom; they are killing the women in a jealous rage. They are taking the machete and slicing their head off and watching their heads spin like a flying saucer. These women Jamaican men are dealing with has one child or has multiple kids and these captain save a hoes including these simpletons are chasing these women is because they want that coochie and that’s what it really is, the Jamaican coochie. I know about because I had it before and it made me walk in the rain sideways.

The reason why this is happening is because these Jamaican men has probably been hurt in the past and with these harlots they are with, they are doing these acts of violence towards them when they snap into jealousy. So this is the reason they are killing them in envious fit because the women are hurting them and taking them for idiots but now everything is not the same anymore. These men who has been scorned in the past in the past, when these women hurt these men they will go on a rampage and all hell will break loose. When me and my best friend saw the picture of the Jamaican woman on the floor with her head sliced off in 2014 was shocking but the harlot who has kids had sex with another man and got pregnant by him, would you be surprised of her man killing her? In the United Kingdom, things like this never do happen because there is a system that will protect the women.

to the Jamaican man. What you need to do is to basically stop dealing with these serfs. These women are not relationship material as well as marriage material. Don’t put yourself into trouble with these women who are not par. You can find a Jamaican woman but you have to be very selective so you better raise your standards. You can’t deal with these women who has these harlot type behaviour and hurt you while you’re in a relationship with them. In the United Kingdom Jamaican men are in relationships with woman better then the women you are chasing. From black, white even Asian women. Come to the United Kingdom because women in the UK love Jamaica men. Throw that charm at them. Give the UK ladies that Jamaican game. Forget them hopeless women who are single mothers and their wretchedness. I do like the women from Jamaica but no, not the women these simps keep chasing. I’m waking you guys up because you can do better then be with these mediocre women. Well guess I have to give you a hot cup of coffee just to wake you up.

Peace Out