Jump Into The Gravy Bowl

gravy boat

gold digger and ferrari

You guys must be wondering “Yo, blud! Yo my guy, what do you mean by jump into the gravy boat blud!?” Well, we have more and more gold diggers around. Gold diggers on the left, gold diggers on the right. But there are some women say that there are some men that can be gold diggers too. Yes, I totally are with that there are men that are gold diggers but it’s not like women who are gold diggers, you get me? Men know how to manipulate a woman financially but not like a woman. But hope that everyone is doing fine still. Money C here with another one with the gold diggers diving in man’s pool of money. Lord help us!

I was watching the Sally Jessie Raphael show on YouTube and the show is called She Is Not My Grandmother, She’s My Lover. And the topic of the show talks about older women and older men falling in love with someone half their age and while their family members strongly against it. The first guests or couple where Donna who is 40 years old and Moses who is 20. His 71 year old grandmother, Ursula is against the relationship because he is too young for her. Granny Ursula feels that Donna too old for him and stopping him going to school, or collage. Ursula comes on stage and sits next to her grandson after she was dancing and she talks to Sally about the relationship between Donna and her grandson. And then, when Donna chat to Ursula about how she was being raised, Granny Ursula said to Donna “When my grandson left, you jump into the gravy boat you look at him!” When she said that I went “Say again granny?” So Sally asked Ursula what is the gravy boat? And Ursula explained to Sally “When she look at my grandson, she say ha! That is a sucker with money. Because she knows that she makes a pretty good money.” So that she feels that Donna is after him with the money. I’m not sure if she is after Moses for the money, but I’m not too sure.

Grandma Ursula gives her explanation of the gravy boat on 4:50

I don’t have a problem with a person who is in a relationship with someone who is half their age but when I heard the term jump into the gravy boat, I went “Ay cono!”

As a man who has experiences with gold diggers in my early 20’s, I was thinking that should I change it to the gravy bowl but then I decided not too because it’s a good term for a gold digger when she sees a man who has makes a lot of cream. Cream is another term of money if you don’t understand. But everyone knows about the gold digger’s strategy but there are some suckers out there that don’t know that there are money hungry stragglers who are hunting them down for their paper. I haven’t seen so many gold diggers in my life. I though that the gold digging days will be over but no, it still alive and kicking. And they are hunting these money men down like crazy and these suckers with don’t know that these gold diggers are not coming for their hearts.

When a gold digger is on the hunt for a man, she will not go for a man that doesn’t make much money. If a man make’s five to seven pounds an hour, he’s not goanna be on her radar. He will not be the chosen man for her. But when she sees a man that make six figures, she will gravitate to him because the man who makes one hundred thousand pounds a year has more money then the man who doesn’t make much. The gold digger will leave the man who makes less money to the side and be with the man who makes that six figure sum every year. But the thing is that the six figure man has more then one woman just like her and he sees her as a sex toy and throw her away like a piece of garbage when he’s finished with her. Now, I know that it’s not right to treat a woman in a disrespectful manner but these men will look at these gold diggers as whorish women that belong to the streets and that is the reason why these gold diggers get treated this way.

black gold diggers

In the so called black community, there are a lot of gold diggers around and some are single mothers and raising them by themselves. And most of the time, the get breed up by these bad boy black men. They get breed off by Street Man Ratty, Rum Smuggler Don, Whiskey Baron Tony, Six Shooter Derrick, Long Cock Bobby and Fuck All Night Freed. They ain’t goanna go for the simps like Swag Boy 360, Bareback Fountain, Shawn James, Dr Foolmar Johnson and Woke Poofgressive 2.0. When a scraggle daggle gold digger sees a man with money, she will try to exploit his weakness to use him. When she sees a simp, she will choose him as the final option for a relationship/marriage when the good black men says no to her but she will use the simps as her muscle, her henchman and her enforcer when SYSBM talk about her ratchetness. But when she sees the thugs like Corner Boy Ronney, Street Mice, Rizly Dizly and Thick Dick Tyrone, she feels that he’s the man beyond her wildest dreams.

These gold diggers will go into the man’s pockets, if he has money. Gold diggers are very cunning and extremely strategic when they hunting down for the man that has money. But at the end, they will end up with a broke man with no dough in his pocket. And the broke man will not do anything for her at all. He’s just goanna lay there on her sofa and try to live off her, you know what I mean? A gold digger most of the time will never get a man that has money or has a man that will take care of her. So when she looks into the gravy boat, there is no gravy in there. It’s just empty. To the men out there especially to the suckers. If a gold digger tries to jump into the gravy boat of yours, make sure the gravy is cold! They don’t wanna go in my gravy boat, they’ll get diabetes quick because that gravy I made is salty!

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Gracias, abuela. (Thank you grandma) I was goanna change it but I decide to leave it. This is a good term for it when a gold digger is coming for a man who has money. Jump into the gravy boat, not mine.


Art Of Deception


Brittany Renner (20)

This woman is so correct. And the guy is a clown. How can this simps say that if the average Joe don’t fly a woman out on a vacation, that means his poor? That’s what he means? Most of the time, the average person is making average money. They are not making £50,000 or £100,000 a year. The average man can’t fly any woman out while he’s paying the bills, the mortgage/rent. So, she’s spot on. Average people do average things. And you sees simps like him. They don’t pay the rent, mortgage, bills and so on. Because they are living off the scarggle daggles that they are defending all the time. And these scrags prefer the thugs more then the simps. But with this one here, there is a art which women can master better then men and it deception.

Brittany Renner is an Instagram model who has divorced her husband PJ Washington who is a basketball player for the Charlotte Hornets. He has to pay $200,000 per month on child support. Good grief that is that is £144,194 in British sterling. Most of the time, Brittney deals with men with money like rappers and athletes. She was asked of what is her body count and she said it was 24 and most of them are men with money. And it doesn’t fade her at all in other words it doesn’t bother her. But what bothers me that not only she is not let PJ see his son but she hasn’t regretted using him. So in other words, she was planning this.

I have seen this time and time again of women getting breed up just to get a check every single month for the next 18 years. Or more then that if they have more then one child. She’s a prime example of what I talk about but the thing that really terrifies me that she doesn’t regret using him. She was there for the money and she got the bag, successfully. She literally got the bag. Well, she can get a Birkin Bag and one of them cost about £20,000 or more. And she can get other things as well that cost a bundle with that child support money.

What’s the body count?

Brittany Renner (19)

There is an art of deception and women know how to deceive a man with ease. She can use him if the man has money, lots of money. If she sees a man who does a nine to five job and makes about £300 a week, she can’t use him or manipulate him. But if she sees an athlete or a rapper, then she will pull that magic trick and that is seduction. Now, I don’t mind if a woman is seductive. I don’t mind if a woman comes towards me with that seductive manner and bring that sexiness to me, oh yeah! But the thing is that when a man has lots of money as an athlete does, there is goanna be a woman that will try to use him. And that was her.

PJ Washington should have seen the red flags. But thing is that he didn’t see that the red flag waving in front of his face because of that big booty what that seductive manipulator had. And as he saw the booty that harlot has, she had a chance to trap him, with child support. When it comes to seduction to women, it’s nothing but manipulation. And most of the time gold diggers are doing that fuckery. They won’t use a man that doesn’t have money like a rapper or an athlete. She won’t go for that but she will go for a man that has tones of money. That is not a hard target for her. And what this Brittney saw was an easy target to use PJ Washington.

She is 29 and he’s now 23 and they both got married. I think she knew that this young dude has money and she knew how to trap the young man for his money and that is opening up her legs and let him nut in her. That was her plan. That was her strategy. My question is this. Why did got married at a young age and he’s at his prime playing basketball? He was too young to get married. He should off waited first until he got older. With the dough that he makes a year, he shouldn’t put a ring on a woman’s finger. He’s not really for that step. A man with money should even think about marriage at a young age or marriage at all. He should be a player having one girl to another or in Jamaican, a gyaliss!

Yo yute, what’s your doing?

Hoping this ain’t true

From one basketball player to another. LaMelo Ball’s IG model girlfriend Ana Montana said that she is pregnant with his baby. She’s 32 years old and LaMelo turned 20 on August this year. The thing is this. Why did he breed up the 32 IG model for? The women get breed up by him just to get his money and she’s goanna put him on child support and he has to pay a whole leap of money every single mother because she put him on the dreaded child support. Why these athletes and these rappers are dating these Instagram models and breeding them? That is a dangerous thing these basketball players are doing. And these rappers too. His father LaVar Ball warned his sons about these thots but it seems like they are not listening to their father for some reason.

There are YouTubers say that it’s his fault for not seeing the dangers of this femme fatale. They are may have been some men that warned him not to deal with a woman like her. And now he’s suffering the consequences of being with her or marry her. He’s paying $2,400,000 a year on child support until his son becomes 18 years old. I have told men, especially black men most of the time that to not deal women like Brittney Renner. Now, I’m not telling them anymore because they will not listen to Money Cultural, you get me star!

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You see I have no issues of these Instagram models. I do follow some of them and some of them have the big booties especially the white ones. But if a man what’s a woman, he can’t choose a woman who is a Instagram model. Some of them are gold diggers, thots, has slept around and so on.


This Brittany Renner chick is a woman I don’t deal with. Yeah, she’s a biracial, she’s got curves and a big butt which I don’t mind at all but PJ Washington should off looked at the danger signs when he saw her.