How Is Lockdown Affecting People

london lockdown

It’s like a ghost town, wow!

How lockdown is affecting people? You see, lockdown is affecting people in this country and around in some other countries too. The first lockdown was horrible. It must have lasted for about four or five months or so, I’m not sure. And let’s not forget lockdown 2.0 and the current one, smh! So what is the affects of the three lockdowns? Well, we have seen people losing their jobs, their homes, children can’t go to school and learn, colleges closed, businesses closing down, people doing crazy shit just like what happened in Edmonton, North London in November 11th 2020 when that guy Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire smashed his car into the police station and then set the road on fire because the police threatened him with a big ass £10,000 fine for breaking coronavirus rules.

Here’s my article of the road that was on fire!

This was one of the most craziest thing I have ever seen, my God!

As we had these lockdowns, unemployment has gone up for the first time in over a decade but I know that this country is very well known about unemployment. Look in the 1980’s when unemployment hard hard in Britain. But I know unemployment exited before 1980’s. What about lockdown and mental health? It seems like it has a huge affect as people who suffer from any mental disorder and they are going crazy indoors. I know these lockdowns will drive people crazy but when when someone who is mentality ill, schizophrenic or any kind of mental health condition, it is a huge worry. Since people have lost their jobs since lockdown (the three of them), people are going on the benefits system just to pay rent or mortgage and other bills. I know that some people hate the benefit system and don’t wanna live on it but if anyone needs it if they need help then it’s there.

People are seriously pissed off with the lockdown because there are individuals thinks the government are controlling people. That is why there are so many people protests in Central London recently and the protesters are saying that the coronavirus is nothing but a hoax; the vaccine is extremely dangerous, the government is destroying the economy and so on. During the pandemic or plandemic, there are a number of police officers getting physically assaulted in around the country. Last year, a police officer in West Henden, North West London was assaulted by a man. I don’t know who it was but I know he assaulted a police officer. There are so many incidents of police officers getting assaulted, especially in broad daylight.

Domestic violence has gone up by 45 per cent. But at the end of the day domestic violence always going up. Why is it going up anyhow? Errr, I really don’t to be honest. I don’t have the answer but I know that the abusive simp is beating up his wife or girlfriend. And some have children as well and we all know that it’s not a good environment like this for children. But for some couple, they’re just having sex during lockdown. Trust me star, its fuck galore with these couple. With nobody working because of lockdown, people are having good sex.No, great sex! No matter if they doing it on the bed or on the sofa, people are having a joy of sex. I say there are goanna be so many women breeding, Goddamn!

The lockdown has affected people’s living on a business and also on a personal level. And unemployment is also up the rise, again. But during lockdown, some of the parents are getting to know their kids more; teenagers and their parent are starting to talk more instead of these teenagers roaming the streets causing trouble but knife crime with the youth is still the same after one incident of a anti knife crime film maker was stabbed in Haringey, North London after he was trying retrieve a friend’s stolen mobile phone. I hope that everything is going back to normal but the thing is what kind of normal it will be?


The Road Of Fire

Straight Fire

You know, I always talk about black women’s ratchet behaviour. And they are not afraid to show it in public. And we have these simps that will defend them when thinking black men talk about the scraggle daggles ratchetness. And they are doing that just to get some punany which they don’t get at the end. But, I tell you people, you see the struggle, it rough! Jesus Christ. 2020 is a one crazy year. I thought I saw everything in 2020 but until I saw this last week, I said no I haven’t. This lockdown has made every going crazy. This restriction rules has made people head lose their heads and this situation has prove it, so go get a bottle of wine, get a wine glass out of the kitchen cupboard and have a nice tall one for this madness here. Lord of mercy!

On Wednesday 11th November 2020, 45 year old Adam Pawlowski from Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire crashed his BMW 3 series in a police station in Edmonton, North London in the busy hours of the evening. After he crashed his 3 series Bimmer, the man took it a step further by pouring petrol on to the road and set it into flames. Metropolitan police officers and a pedestrian tackle the man down and the cops arrested him. He was charged for Arson, Criminal Damage and Affray and he will appear in custody at Highbury Corner Court the next day. Nobody was hurt at the scene. The reason why he smashed into the police station and barbecue the road because he was allegedly got fined for £10,000 from breaking coronavirus rules.

They say that he was threatened with the fine but the man was like “Fuck no” and made the man trip out and crashed his car into the police station and light up the road with petrol. I don’t know if the Bimmer was a 318, 320, 323 or a 325 but I know that the man ram the Bavarian saloon car into Edmonton Police Station. Britain went into lockdown on November 2nd for four weeks because of the high deaths of the so called coronavirus and the British public was in complete rage with Prime Minister Boris Johnson who announced the lockdown. We have people who are paying heavy fines. There is a gym owner in Haringay, North London who was fined £67,000 for refusing to close his gym. A bus passenger was fined over £1,700 for not wearing his facemask and a salon owner from Oakenshaw near Bradford was fined £3,000 for refusing to shut down her salon during lockdown. And everyone is losing their minds and their tempers all because of these fines and lockdown restrictions.

Edmonton is very well known as being a rough, ready area and there were numerous crimes in that area especially violent crimes. In 2019 a woman alongside two men was stabbed not far from the police station in broad daylight. The man was arrested for the violent crime. I don’t know why the man stab up the woman. She must off been his woman and she might of been seeing someone else. I don’t know. And there was an incident of a man who chase after another man with a machete. The man must of did something to make the man chase after him with the long iron. But the man from Waltham Cross just crashed his BMW into the police station and set the road on fire was absolutely crazy. When I saw the man and the street was in a blaze, I start to wonder “What the fuck is going on in North London?”

There are numerous attacks towards the police recently. Like the police officer was got hit by a man with a machete after stopping him in Walthamstow, East London during the night time. In Hackney, a police officer who was upon a set up was attacked while he was responding to apparent assault and several men surrounded him. One of them had a baseball bat ready to swing it like he’s the baseball legend Babe Ruth. And in 7th June 2020, Black Live Matter hurled fireworks and fight police officers during a protest in Central London after a peaceful demonstration turned violent. And a police officer was physically assaulted in West Henden, North West London. I understand that the public has a huge lack of confidence for police officers for not doing their job and for us black men, we have a huge resentment of them for stopping black men on the street, racially profiling, and harassing black men and so on but the cops are having a very hard time dealing with this shit.

It’s been a very crazy time when this coronavirus plandemic swing by. We have seen people getting heavy fines which is making people do some of the most craziest shit and this man showed it when he rammed his BMW into the police station and cook up the street. People in Britain are very pissed off when this lockdown came about and it’s affecting businesses around the country. Scenes like this can happen again if people are getting slapped with heavy fines of breaking lockdown rules and not wearing masks in buses and shit. We are goanna see more and more violent scenes like this if people are getting slapped around with heavy fined.


Vaccinating Africa


This is a rant. One serious rant!

Bill Gates is a wicked man; he’s the most wickedest man on the planet ever! He’s a true 666 man. The evil nerd is bringing the vaccine into Africa and the vaccine is nothing but poison. I have never seen anyone like this in my 39 years of my life. Everybody knows that this coronavirus thing was planned and the government are using the African people as lab rats with this mysterious but dangerous vaccine. The Europeans are taking the resources from Africa for many, many years and now they are bringing this shit in Africa.

And you what else, they won’t test the vaccine in Europe but only in Africa? It’s all about money. That’s what it is! It’s all about profit. They don’t care about the African people them or people around the world. Why do they love turning Africa upside down with their diseases over the years? I really like to know. The motherland has been abused so many times by the European government with their crap. And it’s their damn governments that is doing this.

Bill Gates is a wicked man. A real wicked man. Why he wanna bring this dangerous vaccine to Africa and it in other countries? Man, I talk passionate when shit like this happens. How do people know that the vaccine is safe? We know about the government doing some crooked shit and they do it often. But I really wanna know why the hell they are bringing to this lethal antidote into Africa? Why do they always use African people as guinea pigs? They are human beings as well.

Bill Gates is doing this fart because the nerd is losing his fortune. Note to the African, run out Bill Gate’s bomba claat out of Africa! Run out his bomba claat! I’m not African. I was born in North West London, England and my mother and father is Jamaican but they are shagging up Africa too often. Everyone in Africa, run out Bill Gates pussy claat and I mean every fucking one! Run out him pussy!

He’s doing this because he’s losing his fortune. And he’s bringing that fucking shit vaccine which is people don’t know what the fucking hell it is. Run that fuck whole out of the motherland. Listen, there is a Jamaican saying of “Duppy know who fi frighten” which means a ghost knows who goanna frighten and its Bill Gates that duppy is goanna frighten. Yeah man. Everyone around the world, say no to this damn vaccine. There just profiting. That’s all is about.

This is a real serious rant and most of the time on Money Cultural, I explain things what I see in life and the things I have experienced. But this is something I wanna talk about. The man above the sky is watching you know. And it’s Bill Gates that he’s watching. He has something for him. Yeah man, the man in the sky got a surprise in store for him you know. And it’s a big suprise!

They will never leave Africa alone!