Art Of Deception


Brittany Renner (20)

This woman is so correct. And the guy is a clown. How can this simps say that if the average Joe don’t fly a woman out on a vacation, that means his poor? That’s what he means? Most of the time, the average person is making average money. They are not making £50,000 or £100,000 a year. The average man can’t fly any woman out while he’s paying the bills, the mortgage/rent. So, she’s spot on. Average people do average things. And you sees simps like him. They don’t pay the rent, mortgage, bills and so on. Because they are living off the scarggle daggles that they are defending all the time. And these scrags prefer the thugs more then the simps. But with this one here, there is a art which women can master better then men and it deception.

Brittany Renner is an Instagram model who has divorced her husband PJ Washington who is a basketball player for the Charlotte Hornets. He has to pay $200,000 per month on child support. Good grief that is that is £144,194 in British sterling. Most of the time, Brittney deals with men with money like rappers and athletes. She was asked of what is her body count and she said it was 24 and most of them are men with money. And it doesn’t fade her at all in other words it doesn’t bother her. But what bothers me that not only she is not let PJ see his son but she hasn’t regretted using him. So in other words, she was planning this.

I have seen this time and time again of women getting breed up just to get a check every single month for the next 18 years. Or more then that if they have more then one child. She’s a prime example of what I talk about but the thing that really terrifies me that she doesn’t regret using him. She was there for the money and she got the bag, successfully. She literally got the bag. Well, she can get a Birkin Bag and one of them cost about £20,000 or more. And she can get other things as well that cost a bundle with that child support money.

What’s the body count?

Brittany Renner (19)

There is an art of deception and women know how to deceive a man with ease. She can use him if the man has money, lots of money. If she sees a man who does a nine to five job and makes about £300 a week, she can’t use him or manipulate him. But if she sees an athlete or a rapper, then she will pull that magic trick and that is seduction. Now, I don’t mind if a woman is seductive. I don’t mind if a woman comes towards me with that seductive manner and bring that sexiness to me, oh yeah! But the thing is that when a man has lots of money as an athlete does, there is goanna be a woman that will try to use him. And that was her.

PJ Washington should have seen the red flags. But thing is that he didn’t see that the red flag waving in front of his face because of that big booty what that seductive manipulator had. And as he saw the booty that harlot has, she had a chance to trap him, with child support. When it comes to seduction to women, it’s nothing but manipulation. And most of the time gold diggers are doing that fuckery. They won’t use a man that doesn’t have money like a rapper or an athlete. She won’t go for that but she will go for a man that has tones of money. That is not a hard target for her. And what this Brittney saw was an easy target to use PJ Washington.

She is 29 and he’s now 23 and they both got married. I think she knew that this young dude has money and she knew how to trap the young man for his money and that is opening up her legs and let him nut in her. That was her plan. That was her strategy. My question is this. Why did got married at a young age and he’s at his prime playing basketball? He was too young to get married. He should off waited first until he got older. With the dough that he makes a year, he shouldn’t put a ring on a woman’s finger. He’s not really for that step. A man with money should even think about marriage at a young age or marriage at all. He should be a player having one girl to another or in Jamaican, a gyaliss!

Yo yute, what’s your doing?

Hoping this ain’t true

From one basketball player to another. LaMelo Ball’s IG model girlfriend Ana Montana said that she is pregnant with his baby. She’s 32 years old and LaMelo turned 20 on August this year. The thing is this. Why did he breed up the 32 IG model for? The women get breed up by him just to get his money and she’s goanna put him on child support and he has to pay a whole leap of money every single mother because she put him on the dreaded child support. Why these athletes and these rappers are dating these Instagram models and breeding them? That is a dangerous thing these basketball players are doing. And these rappers too. His father LaVar Ball warned his sons about these thots but it seems like they are not listening to their father for some reason.

There are YouTubers say that it’s his fault for not seeing the dangers of this femme fatale. They are may have been some men that warned him not to deal with a woman like her. And now he’s suffering the consequences of being with her or marry her. He’s paying $2,400,000 a year on child support until his son becomes 18 years old. I have told men, especially black men most of the time that to not deal women like Brittney Renner. Now, I’m not telling them anymore because they will not listen to Money Cultural, you get me star!

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You see I have no issues of these Instagram models. I do follow some of them and some of them have the big booties especially the white ones. But if a man what’s a woman, he can’t choose a woman who is a Instagram model. Some of them are gold diggers, thots, has slept around and so on.


This Brittany Renner chick is a woman I don’t deal with. Yeah, she’s a biracial, she’s got curves and a big butt which I don’t mind at all but PJ Washington should off looked at the danger signs when he saw her.


Child Support Nightmare

child support thing

We all have nightmares but none of them come true. However, when it comes to child support; it’s every man’s worse nightmare. And it’s a bigger nightmare for black men as they pay child support the most. And they end up going to jail the most when they’re behind their child support. But I hope everyone is done alright. The weather was baking hot this week in the UK. I have never seen weather this hot in Britain in my entire life but sun is not shining for the guys on child support every single month. Ain’t not sun shine when the money is gone. Good God!

Child support is a nightmare for men, mostly for black men. Its worse then any nightmare you ever dreamed off.  And these scraggle daggles, especially these gold diggers, they are using the child support to support their glamorous lifestyle. They use the child support money for themselves, not for the children and I have been saying that loads of times. There are men that are paying child support for more then one child. That will break the man’s pockets quick time. The man will have no money for himself. But his baby mother will have money because she will get child support from him.

We know that 90 per cent of black men are paying child support. And I know that there some black male celebrities are paying ten thousand, twenty thousand, even thirty thousand pound of child support every single month for 18 years or more. And some of these celebrities go broke because they own so much child support. One time, music producer Stevie J was arrested because he was behind his child support payments. It was around one million dollars. Yep, one mill! There are some black men that have gone to jail just because they were behind their child support.

When a simp goes on child support, he will goes and have another child. And guess what? He was to pay child support for that child as well. There are numerous simps that will be paying child support for the rest of their lives because they have more the one child. These simps will end up broke pocket dudes because they are paying child support for a life time as they have more they one child. If a man is on child support for one child, should he know the deadly consequences of having another child?

I think they do know the dangers of breeding off these scraggles but these dudes are thirsty and they will breed the wrong woman. And when these hoodrats puts the man on child support or more then one man on child support, she’s going on a shopping spree. She’ll get her nails done, hair done; get the most expensive bags, the nicest shoes, the nicest clothes, she will get everything. It’s a money grab for these ghetto hoodrats. That’s all what it is really. And these simps don’t even know that. Well, I don’t know if they do.

You what hurt the most? You know what really burn me the most is when a man finds out that child is not his while he’s paying child support. There are some men out there paying child support and they don’t know that they might not be the father of the child. And also, there are some simps that are taking care of another man’s child and when the relationship is over with him and the scragg, the scraggly woman will put him on child support and make him pay child support for a child that doesn’t has his DNA. Trust me, that fuckery does happen.

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Guys, you need to be careful. Just don’t be silly with your willy!


The White Scraggly

great mom

The child support is dreaded and I mean dreaded. You want proof? Look at how many especially black men who are on this child support. And speaking of black men, there are some black men that are paying child support for more then one child. There is child support in Britain but in the States, the child support culture is a lot larger then the country itself. This white scraggly now, oh wow. She has her six baby daddies on child support and she get $2040 ever single month for her six children. This is £1485 in British sterling. I don’t know who are the fathers are or what colour they are but this white scraggly is making this child support as a hustle.

And you what is shocking also that this woman is advocating women to have multiple baby daddies. Right, I’m not surprised of this shit because I know that these single mothers are using the child support as a hustle and this white scraggly is a prime example. I know that there are some men especially black men that are paying child support and some of them are paying child support for more then one child. And some of them are celebrities, sports stars and so on. The rapper Future, his baby mother is demanding $53,000 a month of child support (that is £38,613). That is a total of $636,000 a year (£463,427). When I heard that I said “Mi bomba claat!”

Right, here is the thing now. What is Future’s baby mother is goanna do with that money? Oh, I know. She’s goanna spend it on Versace, Tommy Hilfiger, LV’s, Giorgio Armani, listen she’s goanna go on a shopping spree on that child support. She will get more money per year on child support then a manger who works in Central London that makes £50,000 to £100,000 a year. These women are hustling the child support system and they are having multiple children just to get on it. Not only that, they’ll get food stamps, housing from the government, welfare and so on.

You must be wondering why these women are becoming baby mothers and having multiple children? You see, these women are strategizing just to get this child support that they desire so much. Because when they find out that this how much they can get from child support especially if they have a whole leap of children, they just plan out how to get the guy between their legs. And if he has a lot of money, then they will have a cunning plan just to get this child support that men are so terrified about.

You know there are some simps that will defend this woman with 6 baby daddies because everyone is goanna talk about this now, mostly on YouTube. Trust me guys I know how these simps are. If they are goanna defend this woman which I know they will, they are planning to live of this woman because of the amount child support she will get every month but I know that these scraggs don’t like these simps at all whatsoever. They don’t like it when these simps are licking up to them. Thinking black men have told these simps not to side with these scraggs but they don’t listen.

Men really need to be careful out there. These scraggs will put them in a dangerous situation and this child support is one of them. Not only these women are hustling the child support system but they are planning to trap a man financially for 18 years and men are going broke over this child support. Their pockets are getting torn apart from this child support they have to pay for their child or children. And you know what is really scary? She’s goanna have baby number 7. She’s goanna have a 7th baby daddy just to get more child support. Terrifying!


Jamaican Men And Child Support

This is too Jamaican men in that pretty island. Stop having children and not being there for them. Why? Because not only these children need their father’s hand to guide them but here this. Child support has landed in Jamaica. Look here now. Having children with multiple women need to be a thing of the past now because this child support system is something not to played with and you will lose easily because this system is siding with the woman and it’s a losing battle with this child support which a lot of men are paying, especially black men.

This absentee father thing has to come to an end big time. Listen, child support will stalk you and tear out your pockets and get your money. I know what the Jamaican men are going through with the men killing the women in that island when the man finds out that the woman is giving the punany away to the next man but when it comes to children, things are different. You can’t be dealing with these scraggle daggles and breed them off. Now, as this child support has landed in Jamaica, these succubus women will end up putting you on it without thinking.

I didn’t say you can’t fuck these harridans. Go have your fun but you have use protection with these Jamaican harlots. I have no issues of Jamaican women because my former lovers are Jamaican but things are not the same anymore. Jamaican men need to be careful because if they don’t, then this child support will absolutely cripple them, financially. Jamaican men need to look what’s going on now because this child support ruthlessly taking the men’s money away. And these women Jamaican men are dealing with are nothing but relentless gold digging harridans that will not only eat out the man financially but will live off the man also.

I wouldn’t even thought that child support will ever come to the country where my parents come from. Jamaican men need to be smart and see what’s the hell is going on. But with this child support, will it stop them breeding one woman to another? I don’t think that will change a thing for these Jamaican simps. All having four, five or even six children with different women may have to come to an end but also these women are letting these simps nut inside them when they open their legs to them. And when they breed, the child support comes faster then a Ferreri F40 doing 200 miles per hour on the road.

It seems like they don’t understand the consequences but as they do, it’s already too late. They are goanna be on the system for the next 18 years and some of them are on the system even longer because they have multiple children. If they know that child support is devastating, then why are having so many children then and not look after them? My late grandfather had 20 children and didn’t took care of them at all. If he was looking down from heaven and see the how lethal child support is, he must be thinking that he dodge a bullet. Well, multiple bullets I mean.

What is making these simps of Jamaica have multiple children and not knowing the serious consequences of these foolish actions? Is it because that they feel like more of a man when having multiple children with multiple women? If it’s that, then I have something to say. The more the person have children, the more harder it is for the person to be a parent. And now they are suffering as child support is crippling them. You know something? It’s much better to have just one child with one woman.



The Dreaded Child Support


Black men are getting broke by this deadly thing called child support. Child support is nothing but detrimental to the ebony man. 95 per cent of black men are paying child support and some black men are paying it for more then one child. There are serious consequences of breeding the wrong woman and black men are paying the financial price by having children with these good for nothing harlots who are the wrong women to breed, let alone marrying or ending up in a relationship with them.

Black men are getting raped financially by this child support because these harridans are putting them on child support and if a he doesn’t pay child support, he can actually go to jail. As you see these professional black athletes, they are paying child support and I’m not talking about $600 a month, these black American athletes are paying $10,000, $20,000 or even $100,000 a month. Yeah that’s right, a month.

The child support black men are paying it is not going to the child or the children. The money is going to the harriet known as their mother and the mother and she is not spending the money on the child, she is spending it on herself. She will spend the money on her nails, on weave trying to look a white woman, basically on anything and plus, she also on the welfare system so she is getting that free money as well.

And sometimes, these harridans don’t have a clean house. Some of the time, the ghetto hoodrat harlot’s household is so dirty, it looks worse then a tip. I have done the blog Breeding The Harridans, and these hoodrat queens will have a dirty house and get breed by these simps. And these simps do not care if the house look worse then Neasden scrapyard, they will still relentlessly burst a nut inside her.

Why there are so much black men paying child support? Three things. One these simps are nothing but thirsty for the coochie when the harridans throw it in front of their faces. Two, they cannot resist the harlot’s seductive behaviour and three, she’s putting him on child support for revenge.

With the revenge thing now, when the relationship between two the black man and the harlot ends, the harriet can’t live that luxurious lifestyle anymore and she shows her a very bitter side so what she does is to hurt him financially so she can live the lavish lifestyle that she want and not only that she wants to hurt his finance but to ruins his life when she puts him on child support until the child is 18 years old.

Some men do put themselves in these bad situations. They have a side piece while they are in a relationship or in a marriage and they burst a nut inside her and get her pregnant. And the side chick will put the man on child support so these simp black men will put themselves in that dangerous predicament because they don’t use protection on these ghetto ratchet women when they sleep with them.

Here this, I have a Jamaican ex girlfriend. She’s a single mother of four children and one of the father of her children is her cousin. If she claims child support for all four of her children, she can get it with no problems whatsoever, so the guy who is with her, he better be careful with her because she can put him on child support quicker then the comic book hero The Flash.

The black woman is like the black widow spider. When the eight legged seductress seduces the male spider, she mates with him and then after that eats him. Then the black widow haves the male spider’s children and sometimes, they black widow makes the young spiders eat the male spider. That is the black woman, but with her, not only she’s alluring him between her legs but she eats him financially. So she is trapping him and sometimes its more then one man she is trapping.

And also, child support is coming to Jamaica and some the men have more then one child, they are goanna end up paying a huge amount of child support and it will hurt their pockets for the men from a beautiful country with such a very high poverty rate.


Hell no, I’m ain’t picking up shit!